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This is how your work will be evaluated.

Beginning Developing Qualified Exemplary Score

1 2 3 4
Each entry is
Facts recorded
accurate based on
contain inaccurate Facts recorded Facts recorded
information in
information. contain inaccurate are accurate.
websites. More
Research Entries are brief information. There There are less (x4)
than 10 facts
and give only 1 or are less than 5 than 10 facts
recorded. Shows
none of the facts facts recorded. recorded.
effort and thought
through writing.
Summary contains Summary contains
grammar/spelling 5 or more grammar Summary contains
Summary contains
mistakes that are or spelling 3-4 grammar or
2 or less grammar
Written Summary extensive and mistakes. Writing spelling mistakes.
or spelling
Conventions of effect the ability is difficult to Writing is neat and
mistakes. Writing
English and to read. read. Thoughts relatively
is neat and
Grammar Unorganized and are unorganized organized.
thoughts do not and do not flow. Thoughts are
Thoughts flow well.
relate to each Proper journal choppy.
other. formation.
Recording is
Recording is well
interesting but
done and clearly
Facts given about needs to be
masterpiece are presented more
Research is
confusing or clearly. Script is
Chatterpix (or other organized and
unorganized. N/A organized.
technology used) sequenced
Recording does not Sequencing is
logically. Appeals
attract attention choppy. Appeals to
to audience and
of audience. audience and
draws their
draws their
Partners struggle collaborate and
Partners do not
somewhat Partners struggle communicate
work well
Collaboration and throughout the but compromises throughout the
together. Tasks
Communication project. Tasks are are made. Tasks project. Tasks are
are not completed
not completed are shared equally. shared equally with
equally. a growth mindset