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Firelink Lord

Class: Warrior
SL: 160
Vigor:38 (30)
Attunement: 24 (30)
Endurance: 35 (32)
Vitality: 31 (20)
Strength: 40 (40)
Dexterity: 30 (40)
Intelligence: 20 (20)
Faith: 20 (30)
Luck: 11

Right Hand: Lorian's Greatsword +5

Sunlight Straight Sword (for Oath buff)
Left Hand: Pyromancy Flame +10
Cleric Sacred chime +10
Any Crest Shield
Head: Gundyr's Helm (FL HELM)
Chest: Dragonscale Armor (FL ARMOR)
Hands: Lorian's Gauntlets
Legs: Lorian's Greaves
Rings: Ring of Favor, Farron Ring, Havel's Ring, Fire Clutch Ring (OR CHLORANTHY
Items: Estus Flask, Ashen Estus Flask (at least 3)
Spells: Power Within, Tears of Denial

Build Strategy
This Build's main use is to take bosses out as fast as possible. It requires the
Power Within pyromancy for maximum effectiveness. Recast Power Within, as needed,
as well as activating Lorian's Greatsword buff. These 2 buffs stack, achieving 866
AR. In dire situations, below 20% health, the red tearstone ring will activate,
giving you 5 seconds of 1040 AR before you must heal, or die. This build is under
time constraint, but is extrememly effective, even against high fire defense bosses
(i.e. Old Demon King).

Mundane Spellblade

Class: Warrior
SL: 160
Vigor: 30
Attunement: 30
Endurance: 30
Vitality: 26
Strength: 40
Dexterity: 40
Intelligence: 12
Faith: 30
Luck: 11

Build Equipment
Right Hand: Dark Sword +10 (refined), Sunlight Straight Sword (for Oath buff)
Left Hand: Shield of Want/Spirit Tree Crest Shield (whether you prefer Weapon Art
or Parry), Cleric's Sacred Chime +10, Pyromancy Flame +10 (when necessary)
Head: Firelink Helm
Chest: Lorian's Armor
Hands: Lorian's Gauntlets
Legs: Lorian's Leggings
Rings: Ring of Favor, Lingering Dragoncrest ring, Farron Ring, Pontiff's Right Eye
Items: Estus Flask x12, Ashen Estus Flask x3,
Spells: Blessed Weapon, Darkmoon Blade, and Lightning Blade, Carthus Flame Arc
(Only bring 1 weapon buff spells), Carthus Beacon or Power Within, Tears of Denial

Build Strategy
This build's advantage is the continuous abusing of elemental weaknesses because
you have the spellblades with you. Cast Carthus Beacon because it stacks with the
Pontiff's Right Eye effect, follow-up with Power Within for the damage increase.
Also cast Power Within always. Then Deep Protection with that 5% increased AR and
10% Damage reduction. Lastly, the Oath of Sunlight in the Sunlight Straight Sword
for its 10% AR and Damage reduction. You can obliterate bosses and mobs in this
build. It clearly revolves on knowing the elemental weakness of each mobs and
bosses exploiting together the numerous buffs you have.