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Who : Prof. DR (HC). Ing. Dr. Sc. Mult.

Bacharuddin Jusuf Habibie

Where : Parepare, South Sulawesi Province
When : June 25, 1936

Event 1 : Habibie has shown intelligence and high spirits on science and
technology, particularly physics. For six months, he enrolled at the Mechanical
Engineering Institute of Technology Bandung (ITB), and continued to Rhenisch
Wesfalische Tehnische Hochscule - Germany in 1955.

Event 2 : With financed by his mother, RA Tuti Marini Puspowardoyo, young

Habibie spent 10 years to complete the study of S-1 to S-3 in Aachen-Germany.

Event 3 : Habibie mengeluti field of aircraft design and construction at the

Faculty of Mechanical Engineering

Event 4 : During the five years of study in Germany Habibie finally earned his
diploma Dilpom-Ingenenieur or technique (note: diploma engineering in Germany
is generally equated with a degree Master/S2 in other countries) with summa cum

Event 5 : Habibie continued doctoral program after marrying his high school
friend, Mrs. Hasri Ainun Besari in 1962.

Event 6 : In 1965, Habibie S-3 completed his studies and received his PhD
Ingenieur (Doctor of Engineering) with a GPA summa cum laude.

Event 7 : After graduation, BJ Habibie worked at Messerschmitt-Bolkow-

Blohm MBB or Hamburg (1965-1969 as Head of Research and Development on
Aircraft structure of the analysis, and then served as Head of the Division of
Methods and Technology in industrial commercial and military aircraft in MBB
(1969 - 1973).
Event 8 : four years later, he was believed to be the Vice President and
Director of Technology at MBB period 1973-1978 and a Senior Penasihast
technology to the Board of Directors MBB (1978).

Event 9 : Before entering the age of 40 years, Habibie was very brilliant career,
especially in the design and construction of aircraft.

Event 10 : Habibie contributed various research results and a number of

theories for science and technology in the field of Thermodynamics, Construction
and Aerodynamics. Several theoretical formulations known in the aircraft as
"Habibie Factor", "Habibie Theorem" and "Habibie Method".

Event 11 : In 1968, BJ Habibie has invited a number of engineers to work on

the German aircraft industry.

Event 12 : when (the late) President Soeharto send Ibnu Sutowo to persuade
Germany to meet while Habibie returned to Indonesia, BJ Habibie immediately
willing and leaving office, position and high prestige in Germany.

Event 13 : In 1974 at the age of 38 years, BJ Habibie return to their homeland.

Event 14 : Despite of the years 1974-1978, Habibie was often home to go to
Germany because they served as Vice President and Director of Technology at

Event 15 : Habibie began to really focus after he fired a high position in the
German MBB Aircraft Company in 1978.

Event 16 : from 1978 to 1997, he was appointed Minister of State for

Research and Technology (Research and Technology) as well as serving as
Chairman of the Agency for the Assessment and Application of Technology (BPPT).

Event 17 : Habibie was also appointed as Chairman of the National Research

Council and various other positions.
Event 18 : He pushed a leap in the development strategy of agrarian jump
straight to the advanced industrial countries.

Event 19 : in 1989, Suharto gave "power" over the Habibie Habibie by giving
confidence to lead strategic industries such as Pindad, PAL, and PT IPTN.

Event 20 : Habibie plunged into administration not because of the money or

power per se, but rather the feeling of "thank you" to the state and people of
Indonesia and also to his parents.

Event 21 : on March 11, 1998, Habibie was elected as Vice President for-7
through the General Assembly.

Event 22 : The rupiah plummeted from Rp 2,000 per U.S. dollar to Rp 12,000
per dollar's. Foreign debt maturities so that swell due to the depreciation of the

Event 23 : on May 12, 1998, public outrage erupted, especially among activists
and students in the New Order government.