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World Grammar Day – Plurals Dice Game

Level (CEFR) A1 (Teens and adult learners)

GSE Learning Can use '​there​' + 'be' to express presence/absence (GSE 27)
Objectives Can use regular nouns in the plural form (GSE 24)
Can use common irregular nouns in the plural form (GSE 25)

Time 15–20 minutes

Preparation for the activity

Write the following words on the board:

animal – sheep – horse

Elicit the plural forms from the students. Remind them that for many words we add ​s​, but some
words are irregular. Remind them as well that sometimes the pronunciation of the plural
changes (horse > horses /Iz/).


Show students the board game and divide them into groups of four.
Read the rules with the class and clarify the game by rolling the dice and producing some model

Each group will need a dice and counters.

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mouse box

photo nurse

cup tree

house idea

coat child potato sheep animal man girl glass egg

pen fish

dog woman sandwich boy plate horse shoe cell dress


baby store

window person

car ticket

taxi bus


Choose what color you are and put your counter on the start square.

Roll the dice and move your counter.

If you roll one, make a sentence with ​There’s a/an...
If you roll a different number, make a sentence with ​There are (two)...

If you make an incorrect sentence, go back six squares.

The winner is the first person to return to their start square.

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