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Transaction Codes for VMS

Customizing for VMS

Transaction Code Description

Number Ranges

OVELO2 Define number ranges for internal vehicle number

OVELO3 Define number ranges for action control determination

OVELO8 Define number ranges for determination of configuration change profile


OVELO19 Define VMS roles

OVELO7 Assign own dialog messages

Vehicle Search

OVELO27 Define sharing levels

OVELO18 Define vehicle search areas

OVELOVSRINIT Initialize category maintenance

OVELO20 Define vehicle categories

OVELO21 Assign roles and vehicle categories

OVELOTREX Define fields for TREX download

OVELO29 Define search views

SES_ADMIN Search Engine Service: Administration

Control Data

OVELO1 Define actions

OVELO12 Define vehicle status

OVELO5 Define external status

OVELO13 Determine availability

OVELOL Define vehicle locations

OVELO14 Define vehicle usage

OVELO11 Define action controls and actions matrices

OVELO00 Define global VMS parameters

OVELO30 Define calculation sheet profile

Message Determination

OVELOM04 Define field catalog for messages

OVELOM01 Maintain condition tables

OVELOM11 Define access sequences

OVELOM21 Define message types

OVELOM31 Define message determination schema/procedure

OVELOM41 Assign message determination schema/procedure to plant


OVELO6 Enter technical data for actions

OVELO4 Define additional data for vehicle

Master Data

Transaction Code Description

Material Master Record

MM01, MM02 Create and change material master records for vehicle models

Classification System, Variant Configuration

CT04 Create and change vehicle characteristics with characteristic values

CL04 Create, change classes

CU50 and CL30N Group characteristics on interface

CU41, CU42 Create, change configuration profiles

CU01, CU02 Create, change relationship and object dependencies


VK11, VK12 Create and change variant conditions in SD

MEK1, MEK2 Create and change variant conditions in MM

Business Partner

XK01, XK02 Create, change vendor (creditor) centrally

XD01, XD02 Create, change customer (debtor) centrally

Vehicle Management System (VMS)

To find the VMS transactions, choose Logistics  Logistics
Execution  Vehicle Management System from the SAP Easy
Access screen.

Transaction Code Description

VELO Vehicle Manager

VELOM Status monitor for the vehicle IDoc

VELOMCS Assign models to calculation sheet profile

VELOUM Define used-vehicle models

VELOMNR Models with user-defined number ranges

VELONR Define number ranges for vehicle models

VELOCM Configuration mapping

VELOMMAP Assign vehicles to characteristics of used-vehicle configuration

Basic Data

VELORM Assign vehicle models to VMS role

VELORO Assign organizational data to VMS role

VELORU Assign VMS roles to user

VELOS Define action control determination

VELOC Define sales campaigns

VELOP Define configuration change profiles

VELOPR Analyze configuration change profiles

VELOOBJC Add object characteristics to a configuration

VELOK Define message condition records

VELOBWC Assign class characteristics to BW characteristics

Reports for Administrators

VELOV Define variants for actions in batch

VELOB Perform actions in a batch

VELOAS Assign vehicles to sales documents in batch

VELOR Update reservation queue

VELOE Correct incorrect vehicle statuses

VELOP01 Log: status monitor for vehicle IDoc (not in menu)

VELOP02 Log: update reservation queue (not in menu)

VELOP03 Log: action execution in Vehicle Manager (not in menu)

SLG2 Application log: delete expired logs (not in menu)

VELOARSL Set/delete archiving indicator

VELOARDI Display archived vehicles