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Curiculum Vitae

Full Name : Putu Gede Partha Wijaya

Place/Date of Birth : Dili, 26 September 1998
Sex : Male
Marital Status : Single
Nationality : Indonesia
Height : 170 cm
Weight : 70 kg
Religion : Hindu
Address : Jl. Nangka Utara, Gang Garuda No. 10X
Telephone Number : 085339902697
Email Address : parthawijaya6@gmail.com
Position Address : Nurse
Education :
1. College : Sekolah Tinggi Ilmu Kesehatan Wira Medika Bali
2. High School : SMAN 1 Susut
3. Secondary School : SMPN 1 Bangli
4. Elementary School : SDN 2 Apuan
Experience :
1. PLKK stage I in VK Ponek Bangli Hospital
Hobby : Play Music

Bangli, 20 November 2017

(Putu Gede Partha Wijaya)

Interview Conversation

Prospective worker : Good afternoon sir, nice to meet you.

Interviewer : Good afternoon, please sit down.
Prospective workers : Thank you, sir.
Interviewer : Is it true you are Mr. Partha?
Prospective worker : Yes, I am Partha.
Interviewer : Introduce my name Kevin, Staff Personnel at this hospital.
Previously can you introduce yourself?
Prospective workers : Yes sir, my name is Partha Wijaya, I am a graduate of STIKes
Wira Medika PPNI Bali and currently I live in Bangli
Interviewer : How long have you spent your education at STIKes Wira
Medika PPNI Bali?
Prospective worker : I am educating at STIKes Wira Medika PPNI Bali for 5 years.
Interviewer : What motivation do you want to work in this agency?
Prospective workers : I want to help others in need and this is a profession that has
been my dream since childhood.
Interviewer : What do you know about this hospital agency?
Prospective workers : This hospital is a prestigious hospital institution. But I applied
for work to this agency not because I wanted to be seen, but
because I was interested in the workings applied by this agency.
In addition, I am also interested in the qualifications and good
actries obtained by this agency.
Interviewer : What do you know about a nurse?
Prospective worker : From my college days, I have understood what the rights and
obligations of a nurse well, such as the emergence of open
nurse professionalism, which must provide the information
needed by the patient whether requested or not. A nurse must
also be able to provide an honest and accurate explanation. In
addition, a nurse must provide sufficient time while caring for
the patient, so that the patient is not disappointed with the
services already provided and the nurse must also have a great
interest to help.
Interviewer : I think this is enough, in 3 days I will inform the decision.
Prospective workers : Well sir, thank you for the time and also the opportunity. I wait
for confirmation from you.
Job Application Letter
Bangli, 20th November 2017
Attention to:
Mr./Mrs. Human Resources Department

Dear Sir/Madam
On this good opportunity, I would like to apply at your company for the
cardiothoracic nurse. My complete name is Putu Gede Partha Wijaya, I am male, single and
19 years old. I have just graduated from STIKes Wira Medika PPNI Bali from the faculty of

My personality as a hard worker and want to learn more type of person. I will be very
appreciated if you could give in opportunity to work in your company.

Herewith I enclose my curriculum vitae, which will give details of my qualification.I

hope my qualifications and working experiences could be your consideration and look
forward to your reply.

Sincerely yours,

Putu Gede Partha Wijaya

Phone: 085339902697