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Police arrested Rep San, a suspect in connection with the stabbing which resulted to the instantaneous death of
one Ryan Asenso, a 3rd year law student and boyfriend of herein accused, inside the New Era College of Law
Library in Quezon City.

The victim, Ryan Asenso was stabbed twice, one in the abdomen and one in the neck. The victim was
pronounced dead on arrival at the New Era Hospital.

Initial investigations indicated that the incident stemmed from constant arguments with the accused, the
victim’s girlfriend, Rep San.

The arrest was made during the incident when the investigators found the murder weapon hidden inside a
plastic bottle placed on top of one of the cubicles near the scene of the crime.

The accused pleaded not guilty during her arraignment. She is now detained in Quezon City Jail. A hearing was
scheduled by the court for the reception of evidence.



CLERK OF COURT: All rise, this court is now in session. Her Honor Judge Bernaldez presiding.


JUDGE: You may be seated. Are all parties present?


CLERK OF COURT: Yes, Your honor.

JUDGE: Call the case

Clerk of Court: For Hearing of the Reception of Evidence, Criminal Case No. Q-08-11088.

People of the Philippines vs. Rep San.

JUDGE: Appearances.

Prosecutor: Good morning, your Honor. Atty. Cristelle Pedrosa appearing as Public Prosecutor.

Defense: Good morning, your Honor, Atty. Jay-Ar Arguelles appearing for the accused.

PAM: Call your witness.

JAY-R: We call on PO2 of the NBI to the witness stand, your Honor.

PAM: Ms. Witness, approach the stand, and Clerk of Court, kindly swear in the witness.

GEM: Yes, your Honor.

(pupunta na ngayon sa harap si Aivy kasama si Gem.)

GEM: Please sit down. (Tapos uupo ngayon si Aivy habang sinasabi ni Gem ung linya niya)

GEM: Ms. Witness, you are placed here on the witness stand before this Honorable Court for the taking
of your testimony with respect to this case. You shall be sworn to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but
the truth.

In other words, you are to be placed under oath. Everything you will say can be used against you
such that in case you breach your sworn oath to tell the truth, you may be held accountable for
civil, criminal and/or administrative liabilities, as the case may be, under our laws. Do you

AIVY: Yes, ma’am.

GEM: Please stand up. Please raise your right hand. Do you solemnly swear to tell the truth, the whole
truth, and nothing but the truth, before this Honorable Court?

Witness: Yes, ma’am.

GEM: You may sit down. Please state your full name and other personal circumstances.

AIVY: I am PO2 Aivy Manigos, 30 years old, single, the Special Investigator of the National Bureau of
Investigation for 7 years, and with address at (state your physical address).

GEM: Your witness, counsel.

CRISTELLE: (paki change to guys kung mali2x pinagsasabi ko ditto)

Your Honor, the testimony of the witness is being offered to prove the following:

First, that she was assigned to handle the investigation of the case of the killing of Ryan Asenso,
the victim in this case;

Second, she was the one who recovered the weapon used for the commission of the crime;

Third, that based on her investigation, the accused in this case Rep San was identified as the
perpetrator of the crime and

Fourth, that she effected the arrest of the accused pursuant to the warrant of arrest issued by the
Honorable Court.
The witness will also identify certain documents and pieces of real evidence, your Honor, and to
prove other matters related to the foregoing.

PAM: Comment on the offer.

JAY-R: Subject to cross, your Honor.

CRISTELLE: Ms. Witness, can you tell us why you are now before this Honorable Court?

AIVEE: I was issued a subpoena by this Honorable Court dated March 28, 2017 to appear in this case of
Rep San, ma’am.

CRISTELLE: Do you know why you were subpoenaed to appear as a witness in this case?

JAY-R: Objection, Calls for a narrative answer.

PAM: Overruled, proceed Ms. Witness.

AIVY: Yes, ma’am. Because I was the one who found the murder weapon ma’am

CRISTELLE: How were you able to discover the weapon used?

AIVY: Shortly after the arrest of Rep San, I found a bloodied plastic bottle on top of one of the cubicles
in the library ma’am.

CRISTELLE: Then what did you do after?

AIVY: I took the plastic bottle and saw a black pen placed inside it ma’am.



JAY-R: (Anong pwedeng objection ni Jay-R ditto?). (Suggestive? Leading?)

PAM: (anong pwedeng warning ang sasabihin ni judge?)

Prosecutor: So are you saying that the pen you found was the weapon used by the accused in stabbing the

Defense: Objection, your Honor. Leading question.

Judge: Sustained.

Prosecutor: Can you describe the plastic bottle and the pen was found therein?
Witness 1: I found a plastic bottle, colored blue, on top of one of the cubicles which is near the scene of the
crime. And inside it is a (point) .5 G-TECH black pen about 5 inches long, ma’am.

Prosecutor: Where is this plastic bottle and the G-TECH pen now, Mr. Witness?

Witness 1: Both the plastic bottle and the pen was handed over to the Forensic Division of the NBI.

Prosecutor: Did you bring the pen that you recovered?

Witness 1: Yes, ma’am. Mr. Lising of the NBI Forensic Division brought the pen.

Prosecutor: Your Honor, may we request for the turn over of the pen

Judge: Okay

--- CRISTELLE get the brown envelop with the pen inside ---

CRISTELLE: Now, I call your attention to Annex A pre-marked in the pre-trial, the weapon found near the
scene of the crime

Prosecutor: If I may open the envelope, Your Honor.

Judge: Go ahead.

CRISTELLE: (reach inside the brown envelope) This has been turned over (hold the pen placed inside a zip
lock), your Honor.

The envelope contains a plastic container with a pen. The plastic container has some markings.
Your Honor. May I just request the envelope be marked as Exhibit B and the plastic container as
Exhibit B-1. Your Honor referred to this object evidence.

May I request for stipulation from counsel for the accused as to the fact that Exhibit B was turned
over by the NBI.

Defense: Conditionally admitted, Your Honor.

Judge: Did we not mark the pen before?

Prosecutor: No. Your Honor because I don’t think it is a practice to mark the pen itself. Your Honor since the
knife might be considered contaminated. (PWEDE BANG I.DELETE TO? I.COCONTEMPT TO

Judge: Proceed.
Prosecutor: PO2 MANIGOS, if you are shown the pen, will you be able to recognize the same?

Witness 1: Yes, ma’am.

Prosecutor: I am showing to you, a plastic bag marked as Exhibit B-1 with a .5 GTECH-PEN therein, what
relation has this pen which you said you recovered and turned over the Forensic Division of the

Witness 1: This was the same pen that I recovered from the accused Rep San while she was arrested inside
the College of Law Library of New Era University, Ma’am

Prosecutor: I think that will be all for the witness.

Judge: Any cross?

Defense: With the kind permission of the Honorable Court.

Judge: Proceed.

Defense: Ms. Witness, we observe that you are relatively young in age. How old are you again?

Prosecution: Objection, answer clearly disclosed previously.

Judge: Sustained.

Defense: How long have you been working for the NBI Ms. Witness?

Witness 1: About 7 years sir.

Defense: When did you start working for the NBI?

Witness 1: In 2010 sir.

Defense: What was your initial position?

Witness 1: (anong previous position mo Aivy)

Defense: What is your current position?

Witness 1: P02 (tama ba?)

Defense: And in that length of service, Ms. Witness, how many times you have handled cases like the instant

Witness 1: I have handled several type of cases sir.

Defense: In the short length of your service, have you encountered a pen used as a weapon?

Witness 1: Uhmm. This is the first time sir.

Defense: Do you think a mere .5 G-TECH pen can kill a person?

Prosecutor: Objection, the question asks for opinion Your Honor.

Judge: Sustained.

Defense: After you found the pen what did you do, if any?

Cristelle: Objection. Chain of custody has been established your Honor. (TAMA BA TO?)

Witness: I have turned over the same to the NBI Forensic Division.

Defense: When did you make the turn-over?

Witness: Immediately after the recovery of the pen sir.

Defense: When?

Witness: It was on February 14, 2017 sir.

Defense: How sure are you that the accused is the owner of this pen?

Witness: I am sure that the accused owns the pen sir because the name of the accused is written on the pen.

Defense: And you immediately concluded that Rep San used it just because her name is written on the pen?

Witness: Everything was based on the statements given by Rep San herself, sir.

Defense: I think that will be all for the witness.

Judge: Any re-direct?

Prosecutor: No re-redirect, your Honor.

Prosecutor: Your honor, we are now ready to formally offer our object evidence orally.

Judge: Okay, Proceed, counsel.

Prosecutor: Thank you, your Honor. We are formally offering our object evidence. Exhibit A a .5 G-TECH
BLACK PEN measuring 5 inches including the BLUE PLASTIC BOTTLE recovered fromone of
the cubicles near the scene of the crime, inside the Library of the New Era College of Law
University, which this Honorable Court now has the custody – to prove that an investigation of the
death of the victim in the abovecaptioned case, Ryan Asenso, was conducted by P02 Aivy Manigos
of the NBI as a result of which, enough evidence was gathered to establish that it was Rep San who
perpetrated the crime charged and also to prove the weapon used in killing the victim.

With the admission of the evidence herein offered, the Prosecution rests its case.

Judge: Order. In the hearing today, the Court notes the presence of the accused Rep San, her counsel Atty.
Cristelle Pedrosa and the Prosecutor, Atty. Jay-R Arguelles.

The prosecution presented its witness in the person of NBI P02 Aivy Manigos and the taking of her
testimony on direct examination was conducted and terminated.

The cross examination of the prosecution witness was also conducted and terminated.

Exhibits A, Exhibit B and Exhibit B-1 are hereby admitted as evidence.

The next schedule of hearing will be on May 11, 2017, Thursday, at 8:30 a.m.

SO ORDERED. (gavel!)