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Sunlight Shores Country Club

Board of Trustee Meeting Agenda

6:30 pm at SSCC Clubhouse
July 18, 2018
SSCC Clubhouse
2705 Evening Glory Court
Clinton, WA 98236



1. Welcome and open for Community Members to address the Board

a. Members who wish to address the Board will have a 5 minute time limit. This is so the
Board can attend to the business on the agenda.
2. Review of 6-27-18 Board Meeting Minutes
3. Treasurer’s Report – May and June Financial Statements
a. Aging report (summary only)
b. Procedure for contacting Edwards and Assoc. to minimize costs
c. Signatories and Secretary of State update
4. Shoreline Project Update
a. SSCC Landowner’s Agreement
5. CP&G Committee Report
a. Experiment to heat pool
b. Buying vs. Renting Propane Tank from Vanderyacht
c. Release form to allow renters to use the pool
6. New Business
a. New computers for Treasurer and Secretary
7. Schedule the next Board Meeting