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2915-00 Equipment Operator 1 - Hours to be determined Knox County | Knoxville, TN 3 Ridges Golf Course -Maintenance Open Until: May 1, 2018 at 11:59 PM EST Status: Accepting Applications Details: Salary: $9.00 per hour ae Va Share this job ther ifournation epee: Fenoymertintne 5? er yout com oo pan ys ne ‘Eater ch an ee ce, Sono wean eae get ye copied aye gi ‘radusteSoheak ‘ett tae coun Sur orwe eae cmc dye pti “eae toot ‘ape ei Sree oo ‘Sey ee coco saree conn erm ‘nner esac Tecetomern Mane court ty pet gate comps Dyes ‘ect ny onl compe epee, tang ft at uy you br hi oh