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Reference Guide Icon Definition/Details of Icon’s use

For Add Allergy. Click to add an allergy.
Add Order. Click to add an order.
For assistance, contact the PowerPlan. Indicates a PowerPlan or
Customer Service Center at an order placed as part of a PowerPlan
3-7272 (PCPC) Indicates a care set orderable.
Proposed Order, do not act upon until
MD signs and Icon disappears
Active and Inactive Orders. A check
mark indicates active.
Order Details Not Complete.
Launches the dose calculator
Nurse Order Review is required
Denotes that this order is a
This learning material and its source file is prescription.
licensed to Medical Center, Navicent Health for Indicates that physician cosign is
internal use in support of end-user & project team required.
learning. It may be modified, edited, &
Indicates that the physician refused to
reproduced for internal use with no restrictions.
The original document & any subsequent
modified versions of the document may not be Indicates the order has not been
sold or distributed to 3rd parties without express reviewed by a pharmacist.
written permission of Cerner Corp. Updated Indicates that a pharmacist has rejected
09/25/2014 by CT Order has reached its stop date & time.
Documented Medications by History or
For more training options, visit
Home Meds. NOT orders until
Hover over “For Health Care Professionals” converted by MD
and choose “EHR education, Training and Active Med orders in PowerChart
Support”. Review the Nursing Staff Folder Hard Stop Renewal -medication has
defined stop time.
Order Modification-- order was
modified. May require further research
as to what changes were made
Indicates Pharmacy Comment attached
to order. Click to view. On CM device,
tap & hold med, click “COMMENTS” to
Indicates a clinician communication
comment is attached Click to view. On
CM device, tap & hold med, click
“COMMENTS” to review
I & O Volume icon (CareMobile), click to
change or update volumes PRN
Discontinued Medication
Remember Computer Technology DOES
NOT replace Verbal communication!

POWERCHART BASICS PATIENT NOTE: 1) If error noted, do not immediately review, after
Items are corrected THEN Review to clear them from the
Access List (PAL) column. 2) Column should be empty at the end of the shift
 Used as “To Do” List for the day
 Click on Patient Access Button at anytime to return to Review Orders from PAL
this view  Only use this process after reviewing in PowerOrders at
beginning of shift
Patient List View  Double-Click eyeglass iconReview as instructed
 Click to select patients for your CUSTOM list PowerOrder Screen Review section above

Add Existing Patients to Custom List Complete NON-Med Reminder on PAL

 Patient ListHighlight patientHold down CTRL on To prevent opening tasks you do not wish to open, DO NOT
keyboard Click additional ptsLet go of CTRL click “Quick Chart” or “Chart” buttons with all items checked
ButtonRIGHT Click BLUE areaHover over “Add to  To chart task as done:
a Patient List”Choose your NameClick OKGo Double-Click Heart IconFind specific task you wish to
back to Patient Access List ButtonClick “X minutes complete RIGHT-click itChoose CHART
ago” button DETAILScomplete required itemsSign
 If task is not performed:
Manually Add Patient to Custom List RIGHT-click taskchoose CHART NOT DONEenter
 In a “Custom” List Go to Add Patient IconEnter FIN # reason (ex. duplicate, NPO, etc.)Sign
Double Click encounter in lower box  To reschedule a task:
 If did not work, is unit list displayed instead of list with RIGHT-clickchoose “RESCHEDULE THIS
your name on it? If so, see “Changing Displayed List on TASK”enter future timeenter reason for the
the PAL” below then repeat 1st step rescheduleSign
NOTE: complete ALL tasks scheduled on your shift
Remove Patient from Custom List BEFORE end of shift and heart will disappear (unless others
 In Custom ListHighlight patientClick Remove left undone tasks)
Patient Icon
Change Displayed Dates on Tabs
Changing the Displayed List on the PAL
 RIGHT click on “Encounter Specific” Banner Choose  Where ever banner displayed, Right-Click Date
“Change Patient List”Click desired unit listClick OK /TimeChoose Change Search CriteriaEnter
(may need to establish relationship) desired date or other criteriaClick OK

SBAR Ad Hoc Charting

 Use as Adjunct to Patient Handoff Report during shift  Inside Patient Chart, click Ad Hoc IconDouble click
report desired form Change performed as
necessaryComplete details in EACH section shown
Patient Name Banner on Left side of the formSign
 Viewable inside a Patient Chart
 If T-20 beside their name identifies a patients who has a Results Review
personal case manager to reduce visits & readmissions  Used for reviewing Documented Data such as Nursing
Doc, Lab/Rad Results, Transcribed Docs, Blood
Review Orders from PowerOrders Screen
Cultures, and “other” Flow sheets
 ALWAYS DO this process at beginning of shift!!
 Click Results Review SectionClick Desired Tab for
 Enter patient chartGo to PowerOrders/Orders
needed resultsDouble-click the result to view ALL
Menuclick “Orders for Nurse Review” Button (bottom
details of the result.
of screen)
 Non-CPOE orders: compare each order to paper History Menu
orders, if correct, click Review.  Used for reviewing previous charts and documents
 CPOE Orders:
No written order exists, this is “noting” orders; always
use nursing knowledge and skill to evaluate safety of
order. Notify pharmacy or MD if ever in question.
Using Navigator in Results Review Area  Full Medication Reconciliation must be completed on
 In Results Review Menu click desired Flow sheet Admission, Transfer to different level of care, and at
TabLocate Navigator View windowClick Blue Discharge.
“Section” Button to bring desired items into view  In Medication List Menu, if Home Med List has been
updated, a green check will display:
Change Filters in Results Review Section

 Click on the Results Review section then desired Flow  If Not, a Blue exclamation will display:
sheet TabClick Table, Group, or List
Table Filter:
Date & time across top, item to LEFT (best for one point
in time) IMPORTANT: Before starting, please see important
Group Filter: notes below:
Date & time down side, item across top (best for seeing  NOTE: DO ALL steps before doing Admission
trends) Assessment
List Filter: (STEP 1) Set up Patient Preferred Pharmacy:
Reads like a book & shows reference ranges for lab
values  Click . If not visible click drop down
arrow at end row where “AdHoc” Button is.
Print Reports  Search screen displays-Preferred Pharmacy is not set
 In chart, click Task (top LEFT of screen)Click up. Verify w/ patient where prescriptions should go.
ReportsClick desired report(s), Enter Printer  Enter city/state where they want to pick up
Namechoose Print prescriptionsenter pharmacy nameclick search
 Right click pharmacy choose “add”
View Orders or Quality Measure Plans  Click Patient Preferred Tab, default pharmacy is at top
 PowerOrders MenuClick desired Plan/Order  If more than one pharmacy listed, to change default
Category in View WindowOrders on right sideUse pharmacy, right-clickchoose “set as default”
Filter pull down menu at top of section to sort active
vs.DCd, completed, etc. (STEP 2) Checking for Insurance Plans:
 In PowerOrders Menu, click on Button
Entering Allergy Data
NOTE: Must always address Medication Allergies even if Click on Click OKrefresh screen
has another type of allergy
 To enter that there are no allergies of any kind, click the (STEP 3) Import Pharmacy History & Update
NKA button at top of Allergy Sectionenter info Home Meds Already Listed:
sourceclick OK  In PowerOrders Menu, click on
 To enter that the patient has no Medication allergies but click ImportClick if this displays.
is allergic to another substance, click NKMA
 Adjust filter on External History to desired
buttonenter info sourceclick OK then follow steps timeframe
below to enter allergy  Left side-Pharmacy history of filled Rx (if their pharmacy
 To enter any allergy: Select Allergies MenuRight
subscribes to SureScripts)
Click in white boxChose add new-drug allergy (or  Right side-“Document Medications by Hx” screen.
add new- other)Type drug/substance name into  Review all data already listed on the right side of the
Search Field on leftclick SearchDouble-click screen
substance in lower left windowVerify correct category
 Pt still on med & details are unchanged: right click
on right (drug, food, etc.)On left side, Select reaction med choose “add/modify compliance”enter
typeType reaction into Search boxClick compliance info. ALWAYS document last dose DATE
SearchDouble-click reaction in windowComplete and TIME even if estimate.
other pertinent infoClick OK  Patient no longer prescribed a med or the details of
the RX have changed: right-click itchoose
MED RECONCILIATION “Complete”. If this option is not available choose
IMPORTANT: FOLLOW Step-by-Step: Data must be “DC/Cancel” and enter a reason
correct; MD/Provider will use to write orders and  If a mistake was made when entering med: if not yet
prescriptions. In Non-CPOE Areas print Med Summary- signed (drug name displays black) right-click choose
Admission report for MD to review &sign.
“Remove” ; if signed (drug name displays blue), right
click itchoose “void”
 Now review Rx Meds on the left side of the screen:
 Rx with were filled but are not listed in the  When finished with History, Uncheck the
Document Medications by History (on the right).
 Discuss with patient, to add click the scroll icon
 Click after medication details and
 Highlight med under
compliance are entered on all medications.
header (on right) to complete details
 Complete compliance on Compliance tab IVIEW DOCUMENTATION
. ALWAYS document DATE & TIME of last dose even if Helps:
estimate.  Icon Key- in IVIEW window: click Optionsclick Show
 Click the drop down arrow to return to list Legend
 If item is Blue, reference material is available, click blue
to see
(STEP 4) Enter New Home Medications not on When do I have to document?
either side  At assumption of care document a full assessment
 This could include OTC or samples, or meds from a
 When patient status changes or new information is
pharmacy not subscribing to SureScripts such as VA or
RAFB etc.  Per unit protocol or as ordered by MD
 Click (top left)Type drug name in “Search”  Per acuity re-assessment Policy using Review of
field Systems section & any additional Bands necessary to
 Choose appropriate med/dosagechoose closest describe changes.
match if order sentences display (any fields can be  Once per shift, review every section on the D.O.N.E.
changed later) Band for required assessments or mandatory
 Don’t enter all details now; that will be done after all documentation
med names are chosen. Continue to Search meds until
all have been entered (without hitting “DONE” Insert a performed on time
button)  Click insert Date and Time icon, or right click on a time,
 When all med names are found, then click DONE choose “insert Date and Time”Enter date/ timeHit
 Highlight first drug with a SINGLE click on the drug ENTER
 Update/add info by clicking in the boxes for Dose,
Route, Frequency and PRN if applicable To document a lot of things
 Click the next med and repeat from  until all  Insert the “performed on time” column
medication information data is entered.  On the Left Menu, click each desired section
 NOTE: If unable to find medications, use MicroMedex  Double-Click on the time at the top of the column
for spelling! If still cannot find, CONTACT Pharmacy at  Enter data; use “Tab” or “Enter” button on to skip items
3-1435. Do not Free Text drug without first contacting PRN
pharmacy!! Activate a specific section
 If patient does not know name of medication and not in  Double-click in the blue section header under time
Pharmacy History, type “Misc Medication” into “Search” column
 Click , enter med description (ex. Conditional Logic
“little blue pill for BP”)  Look for conditional logic Icons which denote
 Enter other available details, when entering compliance, prerequisite questions if something seems to be
in the first pull down menu choose “Investigating”, enter missing
comment such as “husband to bring pill bottle”
 ALWAYS enter Compliance Info on all MEDS: Customizing the View
Enter Status, Information Source & last dose date/time,  Items such as Ostomy data may be hidden, Click the
estimate if necessary. Use CTRL key to enter like icon.
details: Example-If half of pills taken today at breakfast,  Place a check mark by section or individual item to
hold down CTRL key and click each med taken at display
breakfast enter today at 8:00am
necessaryClick OKDocument applicable data
Sign documentation sign
 Sign documentation into chart with the checkmark icon.
Inactivating a Dynamic Group item:
Right Click the Labeled name of the itemChoose
Associate a monitor (if available in your unit):
 Associate screen automatically displays on 1st sign-in
to chart. Or to manually launch, click Associate Monitor
icon . Auto-entered Medication Volumes:
 Select the correct unit/room number to assign NOTE: IVPB, IVP, NGT/GT/JT, and PO meds the volume
monitorClick the Associate button and answer “YES” will automatically document into I&O
to warning question.
To set a Default I&O Time Frame:
Disassociate a patient from monitor:  Click Customize View Iconclick preferences
 Manually click Highlight patient’s nameChoose TabSelect Default Time Scale Pull Down
“Disassociate”answer the warning question YES Menuchoose desired timeframeOK
Activation of a Field to enter totals:
Expand and collapse a section:  Double-click the individual white boxes under correct
 Choose the triangles next to the section header time column to enter totalSign
Entering IV Drip Totals (after Begin Bag is done):
NOTE: Document only Primary Infusion totals from the
Adding Narrative Annotations/Notes pump
 Clear IV Pump to obtain total In correct time column
NOTE: Only use narratives if no place exists in IVIEW to
document needed data on correct drug, double click white box enter
 Create time columnsingle click on time Click
Action Icon (top left just below the IVIEW Entering IV Drip Totals if drip was started in Non-eMAR
Banner)Click Add Annotation or Flag area (ex. Surgery or Cath Lab):
AnnotationName note add Comment  SIGN  Check Pump for totalIn correct time column on
correct drug, double click white box BEGIN BAG
How to read attached comments screen displays, click on “Infuse” at top of screenBe
 Hover icon or right-clickchoose “View sure lower right of screen says “Infuse” Enter
Comment” amountFill in required informationSign
Modifying, Un-charting, or Adding additional results
Document critical values:
 Right Click itemto Add Additional Result, Modify, Un-
NOTE: DO NOT utilize “add comment” function for this
chart, or Add Comment)Click SIGN
 QuickView Bandclick Critical Result/Other MD
Communication Sectioncomplete Critical Results  DEPARTING HOME:
section  Click Depart Button
 Click Pencil Icons of desired/ required sections
Modify documentation o Follow-up-Use to enter instructions for any appts
 Right click incorrect itemChoose Modifyenter made for patient or inform when they should make
correct data sign their own appts. Always check the MD Discharge
Form/Orders to include all items the MD is
Fix errors (wrong patient documentation) requesting. Every patient should have at least one
 Highlight and drag across 10-12 incorrect itemsRight- follow-up item
click “BLACK” area Click Un-Chart enter o Patient Education-Use to enter patient specific
reasonSign education r/t condition/diagnosis. At least 1 is
required. Use “More” button for Patient Specific
Creating Dynamic Group item: Education Resources
 SINGLE Click the icon Click in blue header just o Med Leaflet-Use to give medication instructions for
created Enter label data, scroll down if any new medications the patient is going home on.
o Discharge Instructions-Use to enter patient care NOTE: Patient MUST have email address to complete this
items such as diet, bathing, driving, CHF, update process
Home Med List, etc. be sure all instructions desired  Click buttonClick IQ Health
by MD are included.
RegistrationType Medical Center into Facility
o Skip Discharge to another Facility
o Nursing Doc Discharge Disposition-Used to enter Name click ellipses Choose Medical Center
final nursing narrative note as well as any required of Central GA (or other as applicable)Click
items at discharge such as POLST. OKEnter Patient’s email Address & desired 4 digit
 Click that the Patient Understands instructions PINClick OK
 If patient requests electronic discharge instructions you
MUST do the PM Conversation (see next section). CAREMOBILE AND E MAR
 Select Print to print the first ½ of the D/C instructions NOTE: All Tasks MUST be documented as either done or
 Click Save/Close Not Done/Not Given
 Click TasksReports
 Select these to print the other ½ of the instructions CareMobile Device Documentation
always print 2 copies of DC Meds, one for Pt, one for
hard Chart To reboot the HANDHELD DEVICE:
 Hold the CTRL key & SFT keys down together until
screen goes blankRelease both buttons, allow home
 Before taking to patient, verify Pt. Name and FIN screen to load
number on each sheet to avoid wrong patient receiving Calibrate the HANDHELD DEVICE
data  Tap CalibrateTap Align ScreenTap in center of +
 Have patient sign the Signature sheets, keep & place in sign as it moves until Align Screen returnsTap OK in
the hard chart with copy of the Discharge Pt Meds upper right
report. Go over verbally and give all instructions to
patient. To pick organization (Not necessary very often):
DEPARTING TO ANOTHER FACILITY:  Sign InChoose Tasks MenuChoose Pick
OrganizationScroll to Medical Center of Central
 Click Depart Button GeorgiaClick “Select”
 Click Pencil Icon on Depart to Another Facility
Section. The first 4 sections are not needed To Set Location on the Handheld device:
 In special instructions, do not remove any information in  Choose Tasks MenuChoose List MaintenanceTap
the field that was entered by another clinician unless “edit” in upper boxClick the “M” on the Hard Keys
information is inappropriate to D/C situation. Add details until the first MCCG is highlighted blueClick the “M”
of any non-assessment or non-medication information one more time, allow to load (may take a
that the facility might need to know (include follow up minute)Type first Letter of the Unit you are adding
appts they need to make). (ex: M for M4)Click small minus sign in box beside
 Complete all other applicable fieldsSign the unit nameScroll to find unit name and click on it
with the stylusChoose SELECT buttonHit OK, then
 Complete Nursing Doc Discharge Disposition -Used
hit OK again
to enter final nursing narrative note as well as any
required items at discharge such as POLST. To display your Custom List:
 Click Save/Close  Choose the Task MenuChoose List
 Click TasksReports MaintenanceTap on “edit” in lower boxPlace a
 Select these 3 reports, print 2 copies (one for chart check by your name, click OK, then OK againFrom
and one to go with patient). the unit list screen, click Mobile Location
buttonCheck your nameClick OK
To document Pain/Temp responses:
 A Chart copy is still required, HIM can print unless  On Handheld: Go to the Scheduled patient care
middle of night when MR/Unit Sec. must print folderSelect the Pain Response TaskScan patient
 Send POLST with patient (RED clear folder in the hard armbandComplete appropriate fieldssign
chart) To get additional information on any drug:
 Tap and hold the drug and choose Order Info
To go back to Pt List after selecting a patient: To document Pain/Temp responses:
 On PAL, open HeartsLocate Pain/Temp TaskRight
 Tap Patient List Icon in the upper Right corner of
screen Click choose Chart DetailsComplete FormSign
 In eMAROpen PAIN/TEMP task boxComplete
To Mark medications as GIVEN formSign
NOTE: DO NOT just bypass alerts. Read all
carefully. To Un-chart/Modify or Add Comments to items:
 Locate charted itemRight-ClickSelect desired
 Click Patients NameChoose pull down arrow and tap
actionIf pull down menu is present, choose
correct folderPull meds listed and take to patient’s
roomScan Patient ArmbandScan each med appropriate responseAdd Comments as
barcode and complete details of mandatory fields
(highlighted pink)complete I&O information if To reschedule 1-2 tasks only:
necessary using +/- iconSAVEAdminister NOTE: DOES NOT adjust timing of all additional
MedGo to the “To Be Signed” folderSign doses so should only safely adjust tasks to times
To mark as NOT GIVEN viewable on MAR
 Right click red, blue task boxesChoose Reschedule
 Tap to open Med (bypass scan alert)select NOT
GIVENEnter Reason & appropriate this taskEnter new due timeEnter reasonClick
CommentSaveSign OK

To remove an unsigned med after scanning: To reschedule all current & future tasks:
 INTRANETFORMS and OrdersetsAll FORMS
 Go to the To BE Signed folderTap and HOLD the
ListMMedication Action Request, print form
drugChoose the Remove option
 Place patient sticker in Lower Right Enter Med
To change I & O totals: nameIndicate new schedule & starting dose
 Click iconChange the volumes in the “lower” timeScan to pharmacy Verify request completed
I&O Flow Sheet columns
To document a dose of a drug previously
To add diluents volume: documented as not given:
 Click on the iconPick the drug used in the  Right Click drug nameclick Additional
“diluents” fieldIn the volumes field document the DoseDocument informationAdd comment as
amount used to dilute drugSAVEcontinue appropriateSIGN
documenting Med
To document Infusion Volume OP & Med Obs:
To sign off of HANDHELD DEVICE:  Click IV Pole Icon check box of MedEnter Start
 Touch word “Workflow” choose EXIT Date/TimeEnter Stop Date/Timeenter volume
eMAR View on the PC
Mark medications as GIVEN ORDER ENTRY:
 MAR MenuSelect the red, blue or green boxes under Important DO & DO NOT’s
correct time columnComplete all mandatory fields  DO STAY ON Phone with Provider while entering TO’s,
(pink areas). Validate dosages, volumes and ALERTS will fire &they must be addressed by provider
administration timesSIGN with checkmark in upper  DO use correct FIN Encounter for patient
Left corner  DO enter/review Dosing Weights before ANY
To Mark medications as NOT GIVEN Medication order is placed
 MAR MenuOpen med, Place check in Not Given  DO use the Dosing Calculator for Weight Based
boxEnter reason & Comment if needed meds
 ALWAYS comment if choose N/A or Nurse  Do Not Use any field labeled “Special Instructions” for
JudgmentSIGN Med orders. Pharmacists DO NOT see it! Use Order
Comments Tab
To clean up undocumented tasks due to downtime  NEVER adjust a pre-programmed 1x dose medication
 Right click red or blue task box under correct time order to multiple doses. Doing so will place a stop time
columnChoose “Chart not Done”Choose “Task of TODAY & NOW resulting in patient NOT receiving
Clean Up”, enter Downtime see paper MAR as a the ordered med.
Clinical Decision Support Alerts  Check box to select all desired orders
 Read Alerts carefully, “Decision Support” Screens  Click ellipsis to choose different order sentence
provide Important Alerts/Warnings R/T Allergy details
Interaction or Dangerous Drug Interaction  To modifyselect orderright clickchoose ”Modify”
 When Entering Override reasons change the filter in the change detailsClick to close details screen
Lower Right of the Screen to “Apply only to required  When done selecting/deselecting orders, click
interactions” so you do not apply this reason to lesser Click
alerts that are hidden from view  Orders missing details display Click
complete Yellow details and items
with asteriskrepeat until button dithersSign
Place Planned Orders Using a PowerPlan
CPOE Pharmacy Verification Note: These steps only work if Plan has
 Unverified drugs show above Icon. Every order should Button Should be done by Provider only if orders
be verified by a pharmacist before 1st dose is given. If are not to be carried out immediately
deemed urgent or emergent, system will allow drug to  Complete steps as if placing active PowerPlan but stop
be documented. at 
 Complete all incomplete details Click SIGN
 In the View Window, Plan will be in planned status.
CPOE MD Co-Sign & Communication Type
 TO/VO entered electronically on behalf of a Provider
must be co-signed electronically. Do not count for Initiating Orders-Planned Status
Meaningful Use (MU)  PowerOrders Menu in View window click on the
 Signed Paper Order used when a paper order is written plan Click Check Alerts to determine if any alerts are
and signed by the Provider. Does not count for MU not verified by Provider, then look for incomplete orders
 Protocol Order used for MEC approved Protocols. Use if either found, notify provider for
only if dependent clinician can initiate without any instructionschoose Initiatechoose Orders for
Provider input whatsoever. Electronically co-signed. signatureSIGN
Does not count for MU
 Electronically Written used for initiating PowerPlans Ordering SubPhases within PowerPlans
planed by Provider or when referencing a previous  A subphase is a grouping of orders in a PowerPlan
CPOE order such as repeat INR for heparin drips if identified by double yellow icon
original CPOE order specifies when to collect. Not co-  Place a check in the box and it will expand the
signed & doesn’t count for MU subphase
 Paper TO/VO is used if clinician took order but cannot  To go back to the original Plan, click:
enter electronically. Cosigned on paper. Does not count
for MU button at the bottom of the orders
Or - On Left “View Window” Click original plan
Place Individual (one-off) Order name
 PowerOrders MenuClick +AddType key word in
Search FieldChoose from top 15 (or hit ENTER to
see all)Select order with no icons beside it (if
prompted, click sentence then OK)Click Done IV Fluid Order Differences
Verify Details of order (If missing data a blue X will IMPORTANT: Do Not Use any field labeled “Special
display)If necessary Add Comments in Comments Instructions. Pharmacists will not see data entered there!
Tab Click Sign  Details of the IV Fluid order may need to be entered.
 Yellow Fields are Mandatory
Place Active Orders Using a PowerPlan  Any Comments or parameters you wish to
 “PowerOrders”/“Orders” MenuClick +AddType key communicate, should be entered on “Order Comments
word in “Search” FieldSingle-Click desired “Tab
PowerPlan/Order with beside itClick “Done” to see  To modify IV drip ratesright clickchoose
order entry screens & details. Modifyenter new rateSign
 Yellow Sticky Notes are informational & cannot be
changed). Evidence based links display this icon Entering a CareSet
 Uncheck pre-checked order if NOT desired  Select the +Add button on the PowerOrders
SectionType Order to be entered in Search
fieldSingle-Click Order Set with this icon Modify an Order
Click/unclick boxes as per MDComplete order  Do NOT Modify Orders, Right clickchoose
details as in “entering orders” section aboveclick Cancel/Reorder
OKClick DoneSIGN
Entering Details on Multiple Items
Favorites Folder  Any time the same details need to be entered on
 PowerOrders/Orders MenuClick +AddSearch multiple items, hold down CTRL key on keyboard, click
desired orderenter all order details you want all itemsenter detail
savedRight click order name beside
Printing Requisitions
iconchoose “add to Favorites”
 Click on PowerOrders SectionRIGHT Click on
 To make Sub Folders within Favorites, click
Itemscroll down to PrintClick Reprint
name folder (example below):
RequisitionVerify printer namechoose Print

 To Access FavoritesPowerOrders/Ordersclick NOTE: Medical Problems entered using PMHx Grid on
+Addclick Yellow Starclick folder name admission. Do not Rank or alter “Medical” (System, System)
Per Kilogram Meds and Dosing Calculator  Use the lower “Problems” Box onlyclick +ADDtype
 Auto fires whenever a per kilo med sentence is selected problem into Search Field hit <enter>Double click
 A Weight is required before a weight-based med order desired problemRank for today & set onset dateBe
is placed. sure RN or LPN is chosen correctlyClick OK
 “Missing data” warning is related to missing Actual  To Inactivate a Chronic Problemright clickchoose
Weight, or missing Serum Creatinine, these must be Modifychange Status Field to Inactive
entered to continue  To Resolve a onetime problem right clickchoose
 Other Missing data can be bypassed if necessary by Modifychange Status Field to Resolved
clicking Apply Dose or Apply Standard Dose were  Prioritize top 3 problems each shift and leave others
applicable unranked
Modifications & Correction of Errors  Clean up problems on Admission and on Discharge
 If order is not yet signed, right click and remove or
modify details VTE QUALITY MEASURE:
 If order is in “Completed” or “In-Process” Status, NO  Every Inpatient should have the VTE Quality Measure
corrections or modifications should occur Initiated!!
 PowerOrders MenuLocate VIEW windowLook for
Completing an Order “Suggested Plans”expand (click +)Click VTE
Note: Do this if part of a serial order is been completed Quality MeasureClick AcceptClick Orders for
already (ex. EKG x 3, 1 is complete & 2 are outstanding, Signature SIGN
MD writes to DC EKG’s)  Documentation of the SCD is done in IVIEW in DONE
 RIGHT-click the order you wish to completeSelect band, be sure to document as soon as placed since this
Complete from the menuClick Orders for Signature is a timed measure
Cancelling Orders  PowerOrders MenuLocate VIEW window
Note: Do this if no part of the order has been  Locate Quality Measures section under Plans header
started/performed  If SCIP Measure is “planned”, click itchoose
 Click the Quick Discontinue Check Box beside order “Initiate”Click Orders For Signature Sign
Enter MD nameEnter Date, Time and Type of  If measure is not displayed added it
communication  Click +Add on PowerOrdersType “Quality” into the
 Choose OKIf prompted, select cancel reasonClick Find field
additional checkboxes if other orders are also being  Appears as PowerPlan (DO NOT use any labeled
DC’dClick Orders for Signature Button SIGN Subphase in this step), use only these items:

 Highlight SCIP Measure so it turns Blue

 MUST click subphase HERE then click  Default  Adding Sticky Note to PAL
 While in the PAL,RIGHT-Click on
 Click “Initiate” ButtonClick Orders for
SignatureSignClick Minutes ago button to refresh Select Select
Select Select Type
OTHER QUALITY MEASURES (CAP, CP/AMI, SN in header fieldSelect Click (icon
STROKE , CHF): may take a few minutes to display)
 PowerOrders MenuLocate the VIEW window  Default  Customize PowerOrders
 Locate Quality Measures section under Plans header  Click PowerOrders SectionBe Sure filter is set to
 If Measure is “planned”, click itclick “Initiate” All Active Orders, EXCEPT Quick Med or EC
buttonClick Orders For Signature Sign employees will choose All orders 5 days backClick
 If measure is not displayed add it Highlight all items in the LEFT
 Click +Add on PowerOrdersType “Quality” into the columnClick ADD> buttonIn RIGHT column move
Find field
by highlighting item then click or to move up or
 Appears as PowerPlan (DO NOT use any labeled
down use the following order:
Subphase in this step), use only these items:

 Highlight desired Measure so it turns BlueClick  Change the “Then By” Menu to EncounterChange
DoneClick “Initiate” ButtonClick Orders for the “Sort Orders By” Menu to Order NameClick
SignatureClick SignClick Minutes ago button to “Ascending” checked and click OK
refresh  Default  Customize Medication List
 Click Medication List SectionClick
 Default  Expand Tool Bars Move all items in Left Window to the Right
windowIn RIGHT column move by highlighting item
 LEFT Click & hold the small light gray “dots” icon at
the top of the screen directly to the LEFT of then click or to move up or down use the
following order:
buttonDrag DOWN and to the LEFT
MarginThere should now be 2/3 rows of Buttons and
the button should be visible on the lower set
toward the right.
NOTE: this will now be the default view
 Select Sort Orders by “Order Name”, Click Ascending
 Default  Create Custom List on PAL
buttonGroup Orders by “Venue”, Then by
 From the Patient Access List (PAL) RIGHT Click Unit “Encounter”Choose “OK”
Name List
 Default  MAR Summary
Choose “Change Patient  Click MAR Summary MenuRIGHT Click Clinical
List”Choose NEW at the bottom of the pop up Range BarChoose Change DefaultsChange
screenChoose CUSTOM then NEXTType the Column Time to q12hr and change Each day begins to
name of your list (ex. Jane’s Custom List)Choose whatever time your shift beginsClick OK, then
FINISH YESNote yellow column contains the current date
NOTE: You only have to create ONE list for yourself it and time
will always be there for you in the future  RIGHT Click Clinical Range BarChoose Change
 Default  Setting Default Shift PropertiesClick OPTIONS TabChange “no
 From the PAL Click the OPTIONS Menu at top of pending doses” to “all pending doses”Select all
screen while in the Patient Access List view boxes and choose OK/Apply then YES
(PAL)Choose SET DEFAULTSSelect appropriate
shiftClick APPLY then OK.
NOTE: prevents having to choose your shift every time