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Karen Lipman Boston

Caleb J. Gannon
Stephen C. Smith
Lester F. Wilkinson, Jr.
Leah M. Baldacci
Roger J. Katz
David M. Lipman

Sumner H. Lipman (Of Counsel)

For Immediate Release
Sumner Lipman, Esq.
Office: 207-622-3711
Cell: 207-485-2390


It is announced by Sumner Lipman, attorney with the law firm of Lipman & Katz
that the law firms of Napoli Shkolnik of New York City; Trafton, Matzen, Belleau &
Frenette, and Lipman & Katz have joined together to bring a class action on behalf of the
customers of Central Maine Power Company who have been overcharged.

As a result of our investigation it is estimated that over 97,000 customers of

Central Maine Power Company have been overcharged 50% or more on their utility bills,
and another 200,000 customers have been overcharged up to 50%.

In order to bring relief for these customers and compensation for their
overpayment, the law firms have joined resources to bring a class action on behalf of
customers of Central Maine Power Company who have been overcharged.

Mark Levesque of Scarborough, Maine has been asked to be the class

representative. We expect to be filing a complaint in the Cumberland County Superior
Court on Thursday, July 19, 2018 at 1:00 p.m.

The law firms have been contacted by over 200 people wishing to be included in
the class. In addition, a group has been formed under the leadership of Patrick Milligan
and now under the leadership of Judith Hopkins called “CMP Ratepayers unite” that has
over 4,800 members. These members have joined together to pursue their claims for
having been overcharged by CMP.

If you are a customer of CMP who has been overcharged, you deserve relief.
Many persons have been burdened with bills in excess of $500 per month while others,
some on fixed incomes, have suffered hardships trying to pay these bad bills. There are
people that did not receive bills for months only then to receive a disconnect notice. The
whole situation reflects an organization of chaos with little to no control of their billing
and collection departments. When you contact CMP about an excessive bill there is no
one available in Maine and you have to speak to someone from Texas. This may all well
be a product of a Maine company that was highly respected, now being owned by a
conglomerate owned by Iberdrola SA.

These people deserve an opportunity to be compensated for their harm. Many of

these people paid their bills even though they were unreasonable and excessive so that
their electrical service was not interrupted.