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Affidavit – on Rs.

50/- Stamp Paper

Abdul Wali Khan University, Mardan
1. On the admission to the privilege of being a student Mr./Miss. _____________________ S/D/O of
Mr. _____________________ do solemnly undertake to abide by the following code of conduct.
1.1 I have never been an undergraduate student of Abdul Wali Khan University Mardan.
1.2 I have never been dropped-out from Abdul Wali Khan University Mardan.
1.3 I have never been expelled from Abdul Wali Khan University Mardan or any other academic institution.
1.4 I am not presently a student of any academic institution.
1.5 I am not currently employed.
1.6 That during my stay in the university, I shall diligently apply myself wholeheartedly to acquire knowledge and develop the
skills necessary for the application and advancement of the field of study in which I am enrolled.
1.7 I shall participate fully and whole heartedly in sports, games, extra curricular activities as would be compatible with my traits
and aptitudes.
1.8 I shall have a minimum attendance of 75% attendance in order to qualify for examinations provided that the period spent by me
in hospital, jail or custody my be condoned on merit for this purpose.
1.9 That I shall maintain identity as a student of the university wearing of the gown and / or badge as may be prescribed by the
1.10 That I shall never use violence or treat of violence or pressure, and in any disputes with other all means and methods shall only
be log recursion, petition, appeal, revision, review and other legal and peaceful methods for the settlement of difference and
1.11 That in my disputes, if any, with fellow students or teachers or employees of the university, I shall accept the judgment of the
authorities constituted by the University Decision or settlement of the wrong doers.
1.12 That I accept all previsions of the statues, regulations and rules in enforced in the university of the statues Regulations and rules
as my hereafter be framed by the appropriate authorities of the university.
2. Further, I undertake the refrain from.
2.1 Doing anything which may cause injury or insult to the Head of the Institute, teachers, officer, and other staff of the institution.
2.2 Holding a gathering, or meeting, or taking out procession in any part of university campus other then areas specified for the
2.3 Indulging in any kind of unfair means, malpractice in examinations, and coercions by any means.
2.4 Allowing or abetting the entry to the premises of university or expelled students, Anti Social elements or other groups whose
presence on the campus could cause conflict amongst the students.
2.5 Bringing into the campus, consuming or encouraging conception of alcohol products, during the narcotics and indulging in acts
of moral aptitude.
2.6 Bringing or keeping any type of weapons within the university premises.
2.7 Using or occupying any room or part of any building of the institution without lawful authority.
2.8 Damaging university property, including building, equipments, vehicles etc in any manner.
2.9 Distributing and assisting in distribution, displaying, pasting of any type of printed, published or hand written material without
prior permission of the Vice Chancellor.
2.10 All such acts and deeds as might bring disgrace and bad name of the university,
2.11 In case of any violation of the undertaking mentioned above from 2.1 to 2.10 shall be liable to the punishment including, fine,
rustication, explosion, police case or any legal proceeding under law of the land.
Part-II I hereby undertake that.
a. The degree , certificates, documents submitted by me for the purpose of admission in the Abdul Wali Khan University, Mardan
are attested copies or original and genuine and are not forged, by any means.
b. In case of revelation or discovery at any stage, of take degree, certificate, documents, I shall stand expelled from Abdul Wali
Khan University, Mardan and shall be liable to legal action leading to imprisonment as provided in the law and I shall also
stand disqualified to seek admission in any university of Pakistan.
Part-III I hereby undertake, if admitted, that:
(i) I shall not indulge in politics, of any kind.
(ii) That in case I indulge in politics, violating the above undertaking, I be expelled from the university without any further
notices, and I will have no right to challenge the decision of the university in any way or will not pressurize the University
authorities by extraneous influence.
Place: _____________________
Dated: _____________________ Signature of the Applicant in presence of

Witness-1 Witness-2
Signature: _____________________ Signature: _____________________
Name: _____________________ Name: _____________________
CNIC N0: _____________________ CNIC N0: _____________________
Address: _____________________ Address: _____________________
_____________________ _____________________

Declaration by parents / guardian

I ___________________ S/D/O ___________________ CNIC No ________________________ Adult, residence of
__________________ religion __________________ do hereby state on solemn affirmation that I bind my self responsible to the
declaration signed by my son/ daughter/ward submitted as above to the university by him/her.

Signature of Parent / Guardian of the candidate

Relation ___________ CNIC No.______________________.
Solemnly affirmed / accepted before me on this day of _______________ by Mr./Mrs _____________ who is
identified by Mr/Mrs________________________ is personally known to me.

Signature of Oath Commissioner

(Notary Public, Name and Seal)

Countersigned by first class magistrate.

Name: _______________________
Seal: _______________________