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Raynaud OF SERGE Ferrière VERY

INTRODUCTION First of all you need to know that above our Lodges, our temples, our Grand
Orients and our Rites, has always been a Universal Address Initiation a Great Universal
Freemasonry or Eastern esoteric, whose Cons:. Sup. compound true Initiates, receives the line
Policy Saints Shrines own Esoteric to transmit then through certain intermediaries more bodies
exoteric. We are sure that most of our Bro. M:. is admire this, they never having heard of such
Address Superior. As for those who know and who keep jealously in his heart to be faithful to his
promise, will produce scandal such disclosure. To observe serenity. We can These new elements
that come to reassure them. All those who like us belong to Sup. Cons:. From Gr. College of Rites,
know that since this has recently Senior Management, in view of the deformation of the true
Spirit Masonic today, has decided to intervene after nearly two centuries of voluntary silence,
and sent the world a X Power with the mission to renew and restore the Sacred Word that
disappears more and more of our Temples, giving place to the ignorance and fanaticism. Of
course there is no question to reveal the name of this Power as its meaning implies, although it
should be entirely unknown, nor is it to give more precise details on the Sublime Agency that
sends. Otherwise if we wanted to, We could not do it, a truly Iniciático silence, preserves all
curious attempt profane world. This Global Management organizes and directs the various secret
societies, at all times has had its ramifications all countries, allowing perpetuate Initiation
Tradition millennia. The origin is lost in the mists of time as we will see in the first chapter, but at
the same time there has been

gradually societies formed and separated from it 13 Page 3 As the Great Masters founders
disappeared. Not there already full of such partnerships with the Central Power Initiator. This is
why symbols are identical in various secret sects. Indeed, the founders have been different, but
above the ritual or dogma that founded and which consecrated themselves, they all came from
the same origins and the same source of the Sanctuaries. Disclose the fact that, strictly
preserving secret until today, it is for cosmic reasons just enter a new era in which much of what
was hidden will be manifested. The decision of the Universal Freemasonry not only responds an
imperative but also and especially by reason of universal. The present work aims to open the
eyes of the H: M:. about many confusing and often obscure points of our Order. We have to
emphasize that this book, as its name suggests, has Color powder and not ignore this fact he will
create some stir in all Masonic media. For this reason we make a point of paramount
importance. The "average" Mason will experience some difficulties in understanding of the first
chapter, but these difficulties will disappear quickly and smoothly as it will only be triggered and
teachings that until now seemed to have received a consecration formal, irrefutable,
intangible ... It is known that all the officers, and even religious teachings Masonic imperiously
argue that civilization, with all its humanitarian and initiatory profit, comes from the East. This is
a serious error of principle, based on appearances misleading and very concerning. It is true that
we can now say that in recent two thousand years the West has lived intellectually and
spiritually based on the East. And the example of the Christian religion is enough. Indeed,
Christianity is a mixture of Zoroastrianism, Brahmanism and Buddhism. The "Roman" Catholic
religion has taken lent to the old Indian Buddhism: the Mass, the rosary, the candles, the
incense, convents, monks, perpetual adoration, the chapels, etc .... of Zoroastrianism (Zend-
Avesta) has taken hell paradise, the devil and guardian angels. It is a doctrine entirely religious
oriental origin. -

14 Page 4 But the East has only been a temporary repository of teachings of Western origin who
were entrusted makeup White tossed the native soil as a result of seizures or terrestrial
cataclysms and took refuge in part, to the East, still in darkness, even at night, even in the brain
dream ... Long after the Eastern peoples have awakened and having been entrusted all Initiation
Tradition, the descendants of old white immigration were reconstituted in ethnological groups in
regions called iranianas and turned to the virgins and ignorant spirit, ancestral lands after have
rested on a spiritually beneficial oblivion. Thus, the West before falling asleep, he conveyed his
wisdom to East on the eve of disappearing civilization. This also naturally leads to the recognition
of the North (or Colleges North) as the source of positive initiatory teaching objective, scientific
and West, while the South should be considered passive, mystical, contemplative and Eastern.
This is a principle that must be admitted after long Masons and time must be made to this entry
warn that ignores this Initiation Truth. Another caveat you need to do is on Hiram. Many indeed
of H:. M:. firmly believe that this is A more or less historical character, but when it is not a
symbol. To be undeceived. After workers spiritual were initiated to build the Temple of Truth,
Hiram was shot many times but always risen. Hiram is Adonis killed by a wild boar, is Pythagoras
proscribed, is Osiris killed by Typhon, Orpheus is torn by drunk, is Jesus crucified by Caiaphas,
Pilate and Judas Iscariot, is finally Jacques (Santiago) de Molay sentenced by a Pope, denounced
by a false brother and burned by order of the King. Naturally this is not one explanation among
many others, because if one that the name of Hiram has a relationship with fire (for not forget
that he smelter, ie working with the metal fire), allegory of death correspond to regeneration or
transmutation by the same element (Fire Domestic!). Thus all whatever symbols always have
interpretations different and explanations which we will analyze in the third chapter are the
most affordable to our plan, because this book is not but a slight appreciation, a kind of
introduction to the manual Masonic esotericism which is in preparation and will comprise 15

Page 5 all the secrets of symbols and the true mechanism Iniciático our institution 1 . Another
observation to make, which ignore the most our brother Masons and confirms once again our
previous statements concerning Higher Management. This is For 120 Rites mentioned by the
author in the second chapter. It is understandable, in view of all these branches have manifested
in one century (from the beginning of the eighteenth early nineteenth) that the Order had been
given the power to declared. It is observed that all that comes to obey an Authority, all these
lodges that are installed to work publicly to denote clarify a Central Organization, a Body
Director who gives a pass to the opening of the Temples of Initiation. It is also evident that
certain individuals have slipped or introduced into the stream and have established on their own
masonries who have not had long life, as it is well understood that all the founders of rites not
were always members of the Corps Director of the Great Brotherhood. The real Grandmasters
are not always those appear clothed with all authority, powers behind representative of the
titles and functions are the patriarchs, True Venerables, Powers, who run the same time all the
rites of the world because they are at the head truly of Universal Freemasonry. To make the
presentation of this book, fully self it is credited, then give a copy of a recent Message to
Congress International des Forces de l'Espirit (Congress International Forces of the Spirit) held in
Paris in May 1949. See, hear and silence are the three requirements that must be observed in
the course of reading the pages that are to follow. * ** 1 Work to be reserved only for members
of the Masonic Institution. 16 Page 6 Venerable MESSAGE AND ILLUSTRIOUS GRAND MASTER
Serge Raynaud de la Ferriere. (Communication read at the International Congress of Forces

Spirit, in Paris on May 25, 1949) Ladies and gentlemen, Members Spiritual Sisters and Brothers,
Great Family Members: THE GLORY OF THE GREAT ARCHITECT OF THE UNIVERSE ... We will allow
us to make a necessary clarification in these times of anxiety and in this place will be deliberated
on spiritual future of the world. The formation of a is lost in the mists of time Fraternity wanted
to raise Human test above the normal human condition. It would be tedious to write the history
of this Always be sought Institution Thinkers and Sages. The tests by which the Order had to
spend confers Today, on behalf of its Martyrs, permission to take the word, and largely involved
in the restoration of Human Principles according to the Will of the Logos. What is known today
under the name of Freemasonry, it must be confessed, has been the subject of conjecture
examination, perhaps in part by adhering misconduct that have not always known to behave as
true H:. M:. and have entered into order rather look there for personal gain without any idea of
the role they should play in the world. Freemasonry is a philanthropic, philosophic and
Institution aimed progressive exercise of beneficence, the Universal Moral study, the analysis of
science and practice of all virtues, but she was often poorly served by the members discussed
their selfish personal interests and well established divisions that are wo Too familiar! 17 Page 7
However, it would be unfair not to discriminate an Order He has only played a great role in
history but has relieved and produced so much misery to the Cause of Humanity elements,
whose value would be obvious quote that has helped safeguard the human species. There are
two kinds of explanations to do: the first for the profane world and the second for the same H:.
M:. The general public usually feels some difficulty when is esoteric, occult or initiation and
"Masonry" immediately sees unspeakable magic, because the people, blind fanaticism,
immediately involves secret association with Freemasonry, and this, for many people, it is
neither more nor less than the source of heinous crimes and infamous practices witchcraft. It is
time for that to change in our century intelligentsia,

far from certain times I prefer not to remember ... Out of dogmatism does not imply precisely
something antireligious .... Mason does not mean atheist, but individual who believes something
more vast, is a being who seeks you study and not to limit their belief to a narrow conception
without philosophical principles, is a investigates subject of spiritual development in order to
Realizing the Royal Lights to become more useful to his brothers without consideration of caste
or confessions humans. Fight with all the energy that has characterized our Big Brothers of old,
our Venerable Masters and Illustrious Protector. It is precisely to act in this way that invited all
the H:. M:. The Masonic Order is divided slowly through century, due to the successive formation
of new rituals, however, what matters the way to honor the Grand Architect of the Universe,
because despite the difference in rituals, we remain equally H:. M:. and lovers of Truth. I have
eaten swallows' nests, favorite Chinese dish, I have liked the Mechoui Saudi, I have found very
good taste in cuckoo North Africa; still taste the Indian cheese Central America and have lunch
with corn arepas Venezuela. All these people had a different nutritional habits. So Masonic same
food can be assimilated by the spirit in form of Scottish Rite, Rite French or Misraïm, etc.. 18
Page 8 It is necessary in order to understand that no irregular Masons they belong to the Rite of
Memphis, be part dela Institution Swedenborg or the York Rite is always be part of that Great
Family anyway is organized by a Steering Superior Esoteric Mandate. It is to this that the World
Council should return all Lodges who have failed not only their with him, but even "cut" also the
sacred bond of Shrines. Finally, remember that certain symbolic journey featured a banner with
the names of four famous philosophers Solon Socrates, Lycurgus and Pythagoras, and instead of
getting lost in a liturgy devalued by misunderstanding, restablescámonos at work to rebuild the
Temple of universal dimensions. Recall our duty and our first under Institution: tolerance. How
can we stay in sectarian our Lodges, in our rites or even our entire Order? This is necessary that
our work exceeds these limits

Freemasonry, we are the first to show our entire liberality coming to the aid of anyone, no
matter their condition, no matter if it is the same Lodge Masons, of the same rite, or even
complete strangers to Freemasonry, but how can we try this superiority with which we do
enforce our Started title? If we open our eyes to the public forgetting the discredit fleet often
about our famous fraternal institution, giving a little value to those who carry the noble title of
H:. M:. I will have carried this Congress our stone in the foundation necessary symbolic of the
first to build temples under columns tolerance and peace. * * ** * Gr Note: Or. Mighty and The
Most Illustrious Grand Master of Raynaud Ferriére also gave a similar message in the banquet
given by the S.: G.: Log:.'s Gr: Or:. New York on December 10, 1949. 19 Page 9 20 Page 10
CHAPTER PREHISTORIC MASONRY (From its origins to 1641) Among the serious and tremendous
obligations assumed in the within the G:. Or:. Univ. and to which we all importance, s located no
less easy to fix, once and for all, the origins our institution, in order to put words to the legends
fantastic to have no initiatory base and open our eyes to certain documents which simply point
the foundation of the first administrative agencies, as the Masonic spirit exists on Earth since
there were men of upright heart, of open intelligence and pure consciousness. Indeed, if we
accept the traditional date of 1641 as the beginning of Masonic activities in the world,
equivalent to say that before the seventeenth century there was no noble aspirations of virtue,
morality, tolerance and what would be most important, there was no INITIATED. That is of course
unacceptable. If 1641 is the earliest date from which part of the story Freemasonry and that you
were able to find searching in files historical, masonic, church or other, one must admit that

was a prior masonic spirit to this date, hence a Prehistoric Masonry. This prehistoric Masonry
some trace back to the time of Adam, which is not out of place as could be tempted to believe it.
Let us explain: Prehistoric Initiation teaches us that the union of two races human (race and race
AD AM) even in the state almost animal, gave birth to the race of AD-AM or Adam was the first
to have an awareness and understanding truly human, which is to say that was the first race was
held on Masonic ideal as regards the improvement and improvement of the individual. This
course s very concerning and we Initiation Tradition provides other more acceptable or more
certain origins. 21 Page 11 For that we need to open a parenthesis in order to a slightly more
detailed foray into prehistoric Initiation. Originally, when the man just out of animality began
performing 2 the world around him, employed a vocabulary primitive that took the cries of
different animals between which lived: bison, elephant, goat, etc.. These onomatopoeic that
were the basis of human language are: AG or OG, AD, AM, AN, AF, AW, AR, AB and AS. One
syllable did not originate in the cries of animals, was the syllable Al degenerated later EL or HEL.
This word was sacred to these men, for represented to them the Divine. So these nine screams
HEL syllable animals are the origin of Western language and private investment and
deformations formed the roots of all languages of mankind. It is known that in prehistory syllabic
investment Western words always indicated an orientation. The construction, phonics, word or
name replaced and in the blink of an eye an entire relationship, a whole long dissertation on a
prehistoric object, geographical, sociological, etc ... These mothers gave ten syllables but since
nine inversions A syllable AL, was always preserved, respected and isolated religiously for every
language, never suffered investment. The nine investments were GA or GO, DA, MA, NA, FA, WA,
RA, BA and SA. However, we must not confuse the investment or

displacement of the syllables of a name to the particular investment one syllable. This is very
important as the investment or displacement of the syllables of a name does not indicate a
Orientalization a dissent, disruption or war separation between two points of alliance, whereas
two investment letters composing a syllable indicates separation, social discrepancy, war,
disunity between two centers, complete separateness of Orientalization and moreover the
abandonment of Western traditions. Take for example the word or G'HEL OG'HEL-AN-AN. The
reference to the name of AN-G'HEL a portion of G'HELAN migrated eastward, indicating that this
portion leaves the parental home for reasons caused by cataclysms or spirit conquest, but not as
a result of social discrepancy or internecine war. Also the ancestral name, patronymic 2
Contents, in the esoteric sense is the sense of understanding, of expansion awareness 22 Page
12 was not changed in the composition of syllables is the order of the syllables of the name that
was only reversed. The AN-G'HEL They migrated to the East were faithful to the traditions
Western, the cult of HEL, the ancestral memories. They are those who returned to the West
under the name of Angle, England (English) with centers AL-AM-AN-DA (German), GO-RA-MANA
(German), GRAN-G'HEL (francs), BUR-G'JEL-AN-DA (Burgos) etc ... It is they who enrumbaron to
historians race "gaelle" when gave birth in the East (Ananké theory). This parenthesis is
necessary to understand what will follow about the origins of Freemasonry and is also valuable
guide for interpret a part of the Bible. Indeed, apparently, the Bible appears entirely reserved to
the history of Jewish-Hebrew-israelito association, but their exegesis, ie, the study of the
interpretation of their books, their symbols, parables and even their totems, undeniably reveals
a compilation of old western memorabilia. Genesis called also the creation of the world, is a
Western work preserved by gaelle, then by Celts 3 . 3 The story of creation (Genesis), which
taken at face value would smile any school of our days, hidden deep symbolic meaning that is
decrypted with

keys. These keys are: 1 ° in the Egyptian symbolism 2nd in all religions of the ancient cycle, 3 ° in
the synthesis of the doctrine of BEGINNING, as results from the comparison of esoteric teaching
from Vedic India to Initiates Christians of the first centuries. The Egyptian priests, Greek authors
tell us, had three ways to express their thoughts. The first was clear and simple, the second
symbolic and figurative and the third sacred hieroglyphic. The same word took at their
convenience, own sense, figurative or transcendent. In ancient sciences and theogonic
cosmogony, the Egyptian priests always used the third way. Their hieroglyphs and corresponding
time three different ways, of which the latter two not could be understood without key. This way
of writing enigmatic and concentrated, is based on a fundamental tenet of the doctrine of
Hermes, whereby one law governing the natural world, the human world and the divine world.
This language, in a concise prodigious, unintelligible to the layman, was a singular eloquence to
the adept, as through a single sign evoked the principles, causes and effects of Radiate divinity of
nature. Thanks to this medium of expression, the adept embraced the three worlds with a single
glance. There is no doubt that Genesis was written in hieroglyphics Egyptians three senses. After
the Babylonian captivity, in the time of Solomon, and Genesis resulted in Phoenician characters,
when Ezra wrote it in Aramaic charactersChaldeans, the Jewish priesthood did not handle
imperfectly without those keys and finally came the Greek translators of the Bible, which had
but a faint idea of the meaning esoteric texts. San Jerónimo despite their serious intentions and
his great spirit, when did after the Latin translation of the Hebrew text, he could not penetrate to
the meaning primitive text and even if he had, would quiet. However, he had news this confused
when he declared: "The most difficult and darkest of the sacred books, Genesis, contains many
secrets as words and every word conceals many! ... "So when Genesis we read in our current
translation does not extract from him more than a sense and lower primary ... 23 Page 13 In the
Edenic times, Genesis (the tree of knowledge of good and evil) was an Initiatory Western science
encyclopedia. Lost and destroyed many times, was rebuilt painfully in uncertain fragments,
Southern by the Celts, the Sa. Earthly cataclysms that shook the West (Sinking of Atlantis, etc..),
Also devastated the Western society most of which migrated eastward Leading the Sciences of
the tree later fell into the empiricism, in sorcery, magic, mythology, etc., etc.. All knowledge
Chaldeans, Egyptians, Indians, Chinese, etc.., were remnants of Western sciences who died in
turn with expiry of the importers. Some priests of the Celts South had been preserved during the
course of their wanderings in the Ta (Africa), much

Edenic of science, but the diluvian periods that surprised, they spread the lot. Some of these
priesthoods was proposed more stubbornly than others rebuild the Edenic documents buried in
the caves located on high mountains to preserve the subsidence. This priesthood was named
after MA-HEL .. MA-SA-SA-I (HEL-I) MO-I-SA ... MOISE (MA water). The word Moses means: race
of HEL-SA collected during water (the flood). That is why legend concerning Moses boy is
abandoned him on the water by his mother and picked up by an Egyptian princess. The Legend
of Mount Sinai (SA-NA-HEL) is a reminder of the Mosaic initiatory missions seeking documents
about the points Highlights escaped flooding. The MA-SA-I had come to rebuild some remains of
Western initiatic science combined under the name G'HELNA-SA ... G'HE-NA-SA .. Genesis is the
book of the Celts South, the Sa, blends, mestizaje, with NA (black). For the Sa, to escape the
domination of the new African elements, grouped important centers after the flood, and to
resist these people who were hostile to the West, had resigned to enter alliances, pairings, the
slaves intermarried in part ... except, however, in their Priesthoods. These alliances contracted
primarily with Hebrew elements (HEL-AB-RA) and Egyptians, were the beginning of the
weakening of Western blood of Sa. And there came a day when they were threatened
extermination by mestizos who wanted their own turn, take mastering Israel groups. 24 Page 14
To discover rebellion attempts to thwart espionage, the MA-SA priesthoods were formed in small
groups that met clandestinely. This was the origin of secret caste MA-SA. The MA-SA priesthoods
had retained the worship of Western traditions, worship Hel, who taught the Hebrews. This is
why the great Hebrew deity named after HEL-AM ... Elohim ... ie: the soul of Hel. Elohim was an
invocation superior to Yahweh 4 . The MA-SA, but gathered the Hebrews hated the cult Snake
totem and totem Calf (the Serpent of brass, Golden Calf). His religious symbol was the Tau and
his totem was symbolized by a bull's horns and a hawk part dela

another. That's what Moses appears in the Hebrew images with art of hair arranged in the form
of two horns. The MA-SA-SA or HEL, mysterious partners clans had composed a series of
conventional gestures, words and signs known only to them, to recognize and avoid the
treacheries and surprises of false brethren MA-SA. The Serpent, the symbol of East trophy hung
on hatred on Triangle North of great ancestors, to which was attached the Tau, was the secret
symbol, a symbol of recognition of new breeds MA-SA, in its mysterious association. But
gradually the MA-SA priests were scattered in the East and its symbol was no longer known but
some breeds too impotent to maintain Western initiatory authority of Moses' time. Later, chased
by white groups Assyrian kings, tried to restore the worship of the MA-SA and rebuild their
initiation secret formulas. They met under the direction of a priest who took the eponymous
name AR-AM, ie meat of AR in IRAN. But the AR-AM ... Iram, they knew all Western traditions.
One of their leaders, for the door of the North (ie secret teachings of Colleges Northern or
Western), was killed at the gates of the East for a false brother ... Later, back in white
associations slow immigration from Asia to the West, and composed mostly 4 Elohim and Elohim
is the plural of AELO name given to the Supreme Being by Hebrews and Chaldeans, which
derives from the root AEL, indicating elevation, strength and expansive power, and that means
God in the universal sense. Hua, ie EL, is in Hebrew, Chaldean, Syriac, Ethiopic and Arabic, one of
the names sacred divinity. 25 Page 15 professional association of (workers, carpenters, weavers,
architects, etc..) sought to revive the science of A-SA and Iran in times of Christian tyranny. But
the old symbols of the time MA-SA Iram and time were no longer included. The Northern
Triangle (symbol for the Pyramids first MA-SA) was mistaken for a corner by these new
initiations. The South Tau (T) was confused with a metal ruler. And the snake hung as a trophy on
the triangle North was confused with a plumb!. After these associations, all these attributes,
whose origin and symbolic significance were unknown to them, but could not be
caste-related instruments that were architects perhaps powerful political groups in ancient
times. Otherwise the Mason word itself indicates corruption MA-SA term. This is how the
Eastern Snake triumphant in its power, symbolized by the snake biting its tail, and whose circle
broken tiles priesthoods, becomes a benevolent thread Lead!. This is how the Tau, Tau ancient
Horus and Anubis Osiris, Tau in this rough and rugged cast iron serving in occasions to bring
down spies and false brethren coming to enter the secret temples, became a placid Cooper
hammer!. And confusion confusion, Snake plumb, and Tau cooper hammer is usually written as
the history of all social institutions, the political and religious humanity. If these sources are not
always historical authenticity from profane angle must nevertheless be accepted by the Masons,
rests upon them as Initiation Tradition. However, for various reasons it seems that the time of
Solomon (1020-962 BC) essential date in the evolution of our institution. Indeed, even assuming
that there was no construction under Solomon Temple and not everything that has been
brought into the symbolic legend of our Institution, the etymology of the name alone reveals to
Solomon Initiates critical data elements and provides unequivocal. Solomon is an eponym that
just as Eulises, Achilles or Orpheus, not only represents a character but also 26 Page 16 caste,
sect, race or age. So the name of Solomon consists of three basic syllables: SOL-OM-ON. On one
side we have the SOL syllable representing the sun, ie the positive pole, science, objectivity, the
West and the column J. De other hand we have the MON syllable in all Semitic languages and
Saxon means the moon, hence the negative pole, religion, mysticism, subjectivity, the East and
column B. These two syllables with its meaning, its polarity and its place in the word indicate
well two schools of thought that exist in the world and its serving essential presence of bases, of
columns and supports a creating lift Temple to God. Such is the meaning of the central syllable
OM (AUM) mantra greeting the divinity. The deep and important symbolism of the name of
Solomon not

it could be abandoned with impunity, it would not hurt to follow insist on its importance. At the
time of Solomon was not the required conditions only for the construction of a material temple
but also and especially for lifting a much larger sanctuary: Temple of Virtue and Wisdom. Thus,
although the institution dates back to the loftiest antiquity, and even pre-history, first known
manifestation was felt in the time of Solomon the son of David, in the construction of the
famous temple in Jerusalem that was entrusted to a team of builders-architects who took the
eponymous name Iram. Needless to say once and for all that Hiram or Iram, the character that
the Bible tells us was but a worker, a teacher smelter, indeed "very skillful in all works of brass"
without certainly at the head of a team of goldsmiths, locksmiths and blacksmiths, but not the
"Grand Master" who speaks of the traditional legend. Returning to the above, the priests of the
Jewish people, were in place at the time of MA-SA-HEL or Moses, retained jealously guard their
purity of blood or white and Western racism as we would say today, the proof lies in the fact that
the priesthood was restricted to one breed: the tribe of Levi .... 5 Ultimately, for preserved from
the threat of extinction, they were forced to become secretive groups that gave birth therefore
the Order of the Essenes. This Order played a major role in the story: it is which occurred
Freemasonry one of its great teachers: Jesus, of whom we shall speak later. 5 Bible, Book of
Numbers, Ch. 3 Vers. 12, 41, 45 and around the cap. 4 27 Page 17 Brotherhood of the Essenes
was not meeting started dealing with trivial matters, practiced severe moral, leading an
exemplary life and always trying to establish the balance. They lived in communities, all
members worked for the common treasury belonging to the Order and each had the right to
worship his idea ... which did not prevent them practice Essenism 6 . His pass was greeting:
"Peace be with you" ... (Pax Vostrum). A category remained celibate and devoted to

higher degrees of initiation, but the other married. Must adding that the unions were not lightly
undertaken, since in this act had an esoteric significance. A three-year trial was required before
it can reach the first grade. Naturally it is necessary to add that the faster evolution Essenes were
vegetarian, ate nothing and drank flavored water from sources ... 7 Thus had numerous rules to
avoid fanaticism East, having its headquarters in Jerusalem 8 But ... also had institutes in
Alexandria and Heliopolis, but with a view to recruiting, as they were but to lesser degrees
Schools ... We need to repeat that Jesus was an Essene, as we think this is definitely settled in
the spirit of all H:. M:. Séanos, however, allowed to mention some very important facts. The
teaching of Christ was similar and consecutive to the Initiatory Colleges teaching. A very
beautiful proof of this There is a scroll found in Alexandria 9 and it is a letter written by the
Superior of the Essene Order in a Bar section 6 Multiple purifications: body by frequent bathing
daily, and spirit meditations and prayers. Its rules also ordered them to use white robes in an
intellectual sphere, exercise hospitality spirit of more democratic and live off the produce of the
land to the exclusion of any trade or industry. 7 With regard to wine, everyone knows that
alcohol is banished from the Initiates. All former or current ceremony where drinks are served in
this genre Iniciático immediately betrays little value in such religion, group or fraternity ... 8 It is
known that the latter belonged to the Northern College of initiatory teaching Western 9 This
precious document was found by a member of the Society of Abyssinia in an abandoned house
in the background of an old library building occupied in distant times by Greek monks (Mount
Athos). This place belonged to the Essene Brotherhood at the beginning of the colony of
Alexandria (contemporary Jesus). This copy has gone to a German Pythagorean society. 28 Page

Alexandria, and those few years after the death of the Lord 10 . This correspondence was
addressed to the Essene Brotherhood of Egypt to treat a related point with the rumors about
Jesus of Nazareth. In this Essene manuscript, described the High Dignitary Jesus' childhood
devoted to this mission from its lowest age (Insiders know the reason for this), all the details are
there content about your education in the Order, evolution and life retirement and study. After
leaving the College when Iniciático reached the Masters, the consecration of the last test (the
water) was given by John the Baptist. The Venerable Order adds that Jesus did not act after more
that within the Essene line instructions and had the permission for all acts performed. This letter
from Elder of the Essenes is very important because she recounts not only that Jesus was a
Brother of the Order, but also "Dear brother of our community." Later Superior adds: "It was an
Enlightened Master and an expert in the healing art as they are always our superiors ... "The
Great Therapist also knew that Jesus, Chosen of the Almighty, was sent by Him to teach during
his lifetime the Kingdom of Heaven. " The Essenes of Alexandria soon became convinced that the
Divine Master was a member of the Order, as it followed the rules using the signs of recognition
and that as High Originally did not come by any sect, although certain virtues practiced and
certain ways of teaching that left no doubt when also recognized the pass word: Peace be with
you (Indicative of Colleges North). Recognition by the same Superior that Jesus did not need for
authorization to act as he did, is also very important, and the fact that the Master Nazareanizara
11 is fully compliant with the rule. Namely 10 According to the esoteric doctrine, Jesus lived
roughly 40 years after the crucifixion. You down from the cross after 6 or 7 hours, is scientifically
found that the Christ had not died, as executed in the same conditions gave the last gasp 3, 4 or
5 days later. Transported to place insurance magnetized, curing, etc.., had to devote to teaching
disciples Order only. This theory is defended by the most eminent occultists some historians, and
serious researchers, including Prof. Ernest Bosc. 11 A Nazario (coming Nazareen word), is a
traveler therapist. Jesus

only prefer independent living (he nazareanizó) but the Initiates know their conduct , had
accepted the mission and since then should work isolated not to drag the Order to this end that
He had accepted Him alone. 29 Page 19 very clear to those familiar with the hierarchical process
and Mechanism of Initiation. As for Jesus, we need to do also very important clarification, and
perhaps distasteful to many, as regard to spelling. Christian scholars do not ignore the need to
write Jhesu with "H" (mother of command letter is also in the Monograms): But it is also
necessary to delete the S, for otherwise it would link to a vulgar Divine Nazarene sect. Indeed, if
we analyze this name in the light of Initiation found that prehistoric Celts migrated southward
elements (Sa) forming the HEL-SA centers (started taking an eponym) later were a village of OG-
SA-HEL (HEL-the children of SA) the J'HEL ... JHE-SA-SA ... Jhesu. * ** After the Essenes, and apart
from the philosophical schools of Greece (Pythagoras, Socrates, etc ...) any secret institution
important first appeared to the Middle Ages and it was in the time of the Crusades, when the
Knights which emerged Temple, which is described in the supplementary part of this book. It is
almost certain that the Templars received its name from the Introduction to Oriental which
voluntarily joined wanting rebuild the Temple spiritual (invisible) after receiving indications from
the builders of the Temple of Solomon (visible in Jerusalem) 12 As often happens in such cases,
the foundation is due to a very small number of peers of the same character ideal. Under
Beaudoin, King of Jerusalem, two French knights Hugo Payns or Payens and Geoffroy Saint-Omer
arrived in the Holy Land 12 That's why your first home was established on Mount Morish. 30
Page 20 intended to perform useful work, decided to devote himself to the defense

routes that led to Jerusalem dangerous gorges. This protection seemed possible joining other
knights and so convinced seven comrades and plan for their risky made them take an oath of
mutual fidelity. It is naturally difficult to attribute all the qualities as important that rendered his
order. However it seems very likely some of them very distinguished spirits were aware Christian
Hermeticism, architecture and traditions of initiatory groups Companions . They soon were
thickened their ranks by knights and chaplains of different nations, men holders teachings and
quite rich symbolism, as well as monks builders started. A first lesson is offered to us already: the
founders were 9. We know the preference of the Pythagoreans and Kabbalists by Æneid, located
in celtismo the bardismo and Fathers of the Church, which also met a symbolic teaching
continuation of paganism. We have no need to dwell on the Masons importance should be given
to its cult San Juan, and Johannism doctrine which has the reputation of having professed. We
also think that it is useless to cite the details too known, prompting the Pope on one side and
the other royals, to persecute and suppress the Order of the Temple: confiscate their property
and fear of their influence, were the major mobile. The bloody they suffered persecution, forced
the Templars to expatriate or reenter other religious orders. However, some survivors groups
deserve mentioned as the Templars themselves transformed into Knights of Christ in Portugal
13 . One or the other of chivalry created neo-Templars of who said that in the eighteenth allied
with Freemasonry where admitted with high grades, they retain the garments and keeping with
intentions of revenge ... hatred against evil King and weak Pope, cause misery. However, the
survival of the Templars is fully on stream in Freemasonry; are just some general symbols and
rituals. 13 Although it was a continuation of the Templars, the initiatory character of this order
was void, yet was forgotten awareness work with feeling universal. It was rebuild the Order, in its
religious line and nothing else. 31

Page 21 Most of the medieval scholars doubt the continuation of the Order in Masonic rites and
especially the value documents that retain on file. It is undeniable that certain teachings left the
Templars refugees, which makes it possible supporters were grouped in secret societies and
whose followers soon established rites where memories of the famous Cavalry remained as
base. But peer associations merge in is one thing, and introduce Templar symbols and teachings
is another. In a word the affiliation of H:. M:. with the Templars is completely relative thing;
refuse to admit transmission Regular Freemasonry Temple. However, certain rituals have
received a portion of the Initiation heritage, but it is necessary to take the origins of
Freemasonry long before the militia of Christ. Naturally this is not to deny the existence of
certain Knights in current time, since the problem of the Order of the Temple is no more that a
reference in the Universal Freemasonry. In addition to the Order of the Templars is the
Fraternity's important throughout the Middle Ages, most other sects or associations or initiation
and occult least equally saw the light before traditional date of 1641. First come the professional
corporations (Builders, weavers, masons, etc ...) with the intention of maintain their professional
secrets and prerogatives formed in compact groups and almost impenetrable, whose learning
demanded many years of perseverance and fidelity. For even during the religious revival of the
work was not questioned by anyone. Such was the origin of the fellowship. The branch building
cathedrals where the FrancOperative masonry (masons, builders, architects, etc.). always
possessed the highest initiatory tradition, was the only request studies on almost all trades 14 .
teachers this Brotherhood had a traditional and Iniciático Knowing that came from three main
sources: 1. Fraternities created by migrants from the East. Two. Workers brought to Europe by
the Templars, and Three. In the past, rich in teaching artisans bisantinos traditional than you
might think. 14 Vitruvius in his "Treatise on Architecture" which he dedicated to the emperor
Augustus required historical architect not only technical knowledge, but also knowledge in
mathematics, natural philosophy, history, music, and astrology!. -
32 Page 22 Thus the Free-Masonry was the camaraderie of the Masters Freemasons cathedrals.
This strong partnership was part transmission of traditional hermetic and later introduced
geometry and sacred numbers, symbols and rituals of work and sense of tools, to what is called
the Blue or Symbolic Masonry. Also note in passing some sects and rites formed before the
official birth of the F:. M:. In 1135 (!) Was founded in Stockholm SWEDISH RITE comprising
Grades nine, the last of the Initiate of San Andrés. Had are also three Honorary Degrees, the last
of which was to Reigning Master. We soon BROTHERS OF THE ROSE CROSS (German) who
founded the Palestine Order in coming year 1188. This Order was amended in 1378 by Christian
and Rosencreutz dissolved in 1798. The STRICT ENFORCEMENT was founded in 1312 by Pedro
Aumont, who was known as the Grand Master of the Templar four branches that survived after
the dissolution of the Order of the Templars. In 1482 we find the Platonic Academy in Warsaw
founded by Marsileo Ficint. Anyway, chronologically the last of the major sects hidden, created
prior to the formal foundation of Masonry is the RITE OF THE BROTHERS OF JUAN who was
inaugurated on 24 June 1535 and aims to be the F:. M:. of contemporary Christianity. Using
certain files has been achieved laboriously traced its founding to 1440!. Regarding F:. M:.
Initiation, which is mainly due interest us, comes from regular transmissions Hermetists
Renaissance and the eighteenth century, heirs of the guardians of the Patricia primordial
tradition, going back one far from the another as we have just seen. Among its founders, no
longer spokesmen transmitters but this universal tradition of various hermetic currents:
Pythagorean, cabalistic, mitríaca, syncretistic, coeastern, Christian, etc ... Thus, from the depths
of time, the Brotherhood has emerged Initiation waving here and there spiritual values and
giving free rein to the freedoms that are the guarantee of the dignity of man. The Great Family
time wisely obeyed the Hierarchy and the Wise Spiritual Instructors who ran the Shrines, and all
other cliques or Arcane Schools. In this way, the progress and 33

Page 23 peace among men were warranty for this world government Initiates, we should not
forget that it was these same Initiates who made the greatness of past ages that were also they
who built the most beautiful cathedrals in Europe. However, it has always been a Fraternity
Initiation central power, which has been mixed gradually with systems corporate, religious and
philosophical. Transmitting a part of your esotericism retracted whenever alluded to true
mysteries delivered but not only started, which very prudence always tried to form a College, but
preferred to give the hidden assets to a single element rather than disclose sacred to any
individuals teaching. However, the Supreme Grand Council was always the safeguarded, official
secrecy, keeping the VERB, appointing its members, giving impetus to some groups to that,
although weak, always burn there on a initiatory fire, and keeping the spirit in the midst of some
secret societies, which without being entirely under his authority, yet because of his living
influence ... * ** 34 Page 24 CHAPTER TWO HISTORICAL MASONRY (From 1641 to the present)
We do not intend to make a current or history Freemasonry, as can be found in any textbook;
spent above the corresponding elementary learner to noted only events that were designed to
"protect" autonomy of certain egocentric personalities, or even very often because of lack of
knowledge by moving away from the real sources. We have seen that until the mid-seventeenth
century the movement remained hidden, just from time to time footprint is captured an
organism or a character which confirms transmission Initiation of secular tradition emanating
from Saints and Shrines Secrets kept in centers. Certain branches of Freemasonry stand out
however, as the we have seen, long before the historic date admitted as Mason Franc beginning
of the movement. THUS the rite of the Order of the HUMANITARIAN CITY KNIGHTS OF SANTA

15 is manifested in three periods: (!) first before David, the second in the 118 and third in 1313.
In 1782 it was officially allied to Gr:. Or:. From France! Seems rather to be anyway Fellow
builders of the Temple 16 , giving keys to those who were later the Templars, and once these
latter were dissolved by the Companions established a hidden reformed continuation Templar
organization. Not Initiation have been revealed but some elements, the Gr. Or:. In France at the
time of this merger is in serious disrepute. However, it is a fact that has always been at least A
representative of the Supreme constantly prepared to address ensure the true tradition to
perpetuate that teachings of the Elders. Although recognition generally accepted date the
foundation of the first Lodges in 1641, tangible evidence 15 Also called the Knights of Christ and
of the Temple of Solomon and Gentlemen the Holy Sepulchre. 16 Heirs themselves oldest
Initiations as we have seen in the preceding chapter. 35 Page 25 you are registered for the 1655-
1670 F:. M:. Kilwinning that according to tradition had been founded in 1128 (!) 17 . But the Rite
of ANCIENT FREE MASONS AND ENGLAND ACCEPTED that opens June 24, 1717 outside a lodge
according to the rules agreed with the civil authorities. This rite included seven degrees and
worked regularly giving to the men of the moral possibility of Initiation. In 1720 John Toland
opened RITE SOCRATIC was an association Pantheists hidden. In 1721, the system SWEDENBORG
came to put a value mystic foundation Toland. This had eight degrees of Freemasonry which the
last. Kadosh, was conferred as more suited to elements of spiritual realization that so-called
"teachers in Kabbalah. " In 1783 the Marquis de Thon founded the Rite in Paris. RAMSAY Baron
created a Freemasonry in France in 1728

who took his name and worked with three degrees of which Finally had the title of Knight of the
Temple. The RITE OF CHAPTERS IRISH was established in 1730. This year 1730 opens OF
FREEMASONRY ADOPTION which was not recognized by the Gr. Or:. France but 1774. In 1739
formed a religious order in Silesia Fran-Masonic usually called RITE OF THE CONGREGATION OF
MORAVIA BROTHERS (also called the Order of the Grain Mustard) THE RITE OF ILLUMINATED
manifested in 1745 accordance with the manual of Swedenborg. In 1747 E. Estuard based on
formed with three degrees (1747). Also in the same year in Italy worth mentioning RITE LOS
XEROPHAGISTAS, ie, that they do not eat but bread and fruits. 17 It would be necessary to add to
this information the RITE OF DRESDEN REFURBISHED a branch of the Strict Observance, which
was founded in 1755 with seven degrees, being the Finally the Knight 36 Page 26 In 1748
SCOTTISH RITE (also called the Old Niece) is in addition to the different branches of Masonry
nine degrees, of which the last was Menatzchims. It is in 1812 that the Gr. Or:. It outlawed the
rite. SCOTTISH RITE In 1750 another subsidiary of the Mother Lodge of Marseille (France) is
formed with 18 degrees of initiation. The ENGLISH PRIMITIVE RITE declared in 1751, his last
grade, the ninth, is the Knight of the East. Founded in 1752 in Paris Chambonet DELA RITE
ORDER HAPPINESS. Comprised four degrees of which the last Contra was - Admiral. The same
year in Paris and always the Rite of Sob forms. Cons:. the SUBLIME LODGE MOTHER OF
EXCELLENT THE GREAT FRENCH GLOBE, whose merger with Gr. Log:. It ago in 1772. Bonneville
Knight opens in Paris on November 24 1754 the CHAPTER OF CLERMONT. At its foundation was
six degrees, but later were increased.

The Rite of the ELECT Coens (they are also called clerical) had Pascalis Martinez as Gr. Com:. In
1754. The RITE OF DRESDEN RENOVATED having birth 1755 is only a branch of the Order of the
Strict Observance. In 1758 was founded in Paris Masonry Heredon or better PERFECTION of
twenty-five degrees, it is the first time appear as high levels. PRIMITIVE SCOTTISH RITE has three
categories: first in Paris in 1758 constituted twenty-five degrees initiation, the second is based in
Narbonne (France) to ten degrees only, and the third in Namur (Belgium), the ninth of February
1770, but the thirty-three degrees do not appear in 1818. MODERN FRENCH RITE makes its
appearance in Paris 1761. It was constituted on December 24, 1772 and proclaimed on March 9,
1773 by Gr. Or:. France under the G obedience. M:. French Freemasonry, Felipe d Orleans, Duke
of Chartres. In 1774, eager to find a formula that harmonize heterogeneous doctrines scattered
mottled set of degrees (generally practiced without another formula that whim, leading to the
worst abuses) the Gr. Or:. He commissioned a committee of the most distinguished Masons,
among whom included: Bacon of Chivalry, Count Stroganof, Baron 37 Page 27 Toussaint and
others conduct a detailed study and a review of all known systems to develop a new compound
rite the fewest possible degrees. However, this committee view the extent of the issue, quit his
job and suggested to Gr. East delete all grade levels. This proposal was accepted by Gr. East as
seen in his circular of 3 August 1777 to all Lodges of their jurisdiction in declaring that the future
but would not recognize the first three degrees of symbolism. This decision did not last in the
face of tenacious passion that professed by high grades, which increased instead of decreasing,
and in view prestige and consideration was given to those who were covered with them and thus
laid the Masons obedience a sort of inferiority, the Gr. East abrogated the agreement, and It
tempering its rigor, restored the original seven degrees. These fall into two categories: Blue
Degrees and Symbolic, and the High Degrees, as follows: a) Blue and Symbolic Degrees: 1)
Apprentice, 2) Fellow; 3) Master b) Upper Grades: 4) Chosen, 5) Scottish; 6) Knight East; 7) Rosa

In 1762, founded in Paris Pirlet the Rite of SOB. CONS:. OF KNIGHTS OF THE EAST, fifteen
degrees. In Russia is one born in 1765 under the name Freemasonry MALesino, initially with
three degrees and then nine new; the tenth and final degree is called Gr. Priest of the Temple. In
1766 in Marburg, Rock-Cruces reformed, taking the name of SCHROEDER MASONRY and
seriously practice and Magic Alchemy. Juan Guillermo known Ellenberger with the name of
ZINNENDORF founded in 1766 one was Freemasonry in Sweden professed by the Gr. LOG:.
Germany. This rite is decomposed into three categories: a) Blue Masonry (San Juan grades): 1)
Apprentice 2) Partner, 3) Master b) Masonry Incarnate: 4) Apprentice Scottish, 5) Master Scottish
c) Chapter: 6) Favorite San Juan, 7) Brother Elected The same year, 1766, Baron Tschoudy
founded in Paris the Rite of the Blazing Star ORDER ten degrees. Also the same year, the Rite of
the ORDER OF BLACK BROTHERS merges with the Academy True M:. 38 Page 28 The RITE OF
INITIATION OF PRIESTS forms in Berlin in 1767 with seven degrees of which the latter is the
Prophet or SAPHENATH PANCAH. In 1767 was formed in Prussia Rite ORDER OF ARCHITECTS OF
AFRICA. The same year B. Chastanier founded in London RITE OF Theosophists ILLUMINATED.
Also, in the same year, takes place by a split in the The creation of the Strict Observance Rite of
clerics ENFORCEMENT. In 1768 JG Schrepfer founded in Leipzig (Germany) A Mas. Asking the
suicide thirty-five year!. In northeastern Europe appears in the 1770 Rite of ACADEMY OF THE
WISE (formed by the Parisian Lodge San John of Scotland County Venay). In 1771 he founded his
Masonic association MESMER to teach magnetism. In Paris in 1773 Truth Researchers are
grouped Masonic taking the name of RITE OF Philalethes.

The same year the RITE OF BROTHER ENOCH opens with four degrees, the last architect. The Rite
of Gr. Or:. of bouillon that works even in Holland, disappeared in 1774. That same year he
founded the Scottish Rite Bruneteau PHILOSOPHICAL of Log:. Mother of France. Also in 1774
Weiller creates RITE OF NATIONAL FRANCE will be accepted by the Gr. Or:. of France in 1776 In
1776 he founded a Baron Tschoudy SCOTTISH RITE REFORMADO that bore his name his name as
its previous foundation (Order of the Blazing Star). Included ten degrees. That same year Joseph
Pernety form the Rite of ILUMINADOS OF AVIGNON nine degrees which is the supreme knight of
the Golden Fleece Boileau, in 1776, copying the Hermetic Initiation and Montpelier Paris forms a
group he calls SCOTTISH RITE Philosophical, including, apart from the first three degrees
traditional base, the following ten grades: grade 4 is Sun Knight, Knight of the Phoenix 5, 6
Sublime Philosopher 7 Iris Knight, True Mason 8, 9 Knight of the Argonauts 10 Knight of the
Golden Fleece, 11 Gran Inspector Started May, 12 Grand Inspector or Great Scots and the
Sublime 13 39 Page 29 Shining Ring Master. This is very similar to Rito Rito Tight Montpelier. In
1777 the Jesuits of Scotland conceived the idea of imitating the F:. M:. and are grouped under
the name of Royal Arch (better known under the YORK RITE name where the capital was
corporations of Freemasons of England). This ritual consists of four degrees, a figure that
dominates his regime and is of Votes of the Society of Jesus. These grades are: 1) Past-Master 2)
Mark-Master 3) Super Excellent Mason 4) Holy Royal Arch In Latin rite consists of the following
nine grades: 1) Apprentice 2) partner 3) Master 4) Past-Master 5) Mark-Master 6) Super
Excellent Master

7) Royal Arch 8) Real Master 9) Master Elect Formed in 1777 in Paris the Rite of ORDER
PERSEVERANCE. The following year 1778, Sellner founds a subsidiary of Gr. Log:. Royal York at
Berlin and the Freemasons will meet under the RITE FESSLER name. Of the three grades that
were in his foundation, it will later nine degrees. The same year, in Montpelier (France), of sets
Venaisin Rite ACADEMY OF TRUE MASONS. Had six degrees of which the last was Knight Golden
Fleece Also in 1778, New York was formed in the RITE OF EAST STAR is Freemasonry of Adoption.
In Lyon (France), 1778 n one Mangourit organized Freemasonry under the name of RITE OF THE
ELECT OF TRUTH with fourteen degrees of which is the One Supreme Truth. In 1778, Pernety
that have already founded a Masonic rite Avignon in 1770, established the RITE OF MONTPELIER
HERMETICO in this city, with its forty-five degrees. In 1779, Joseph Balsamo, called Cagliostro
founded his famous EGYPTIAN RITE, which was a kind of freemasonry of adoption, with 40 Page
30 the three fundamental degrees where it was mainly to follow Initiations not only to the
knowledge of the priests in the pyramids, but also profess magic, astrologies, etc.. The April 19,
1780 opening of a Lodge RITE OF Philadelphes of Narbonne (France). Originally this Rite
comprised six degrees of which the last was the Prince of Jerusalem. Then he added another
four degrees for a total ten and to finish with the title of Rosa Cruz del Gran Rosario. The same
year (1780), for a split of the Rosicrucians, they are grouped under the title MEN AND BROTHERS
It started ASIA whose upper level was Priest Real or True Brother Rosa Cruz. Also at the same
time in Copenhagen Baron Bulou RITE DANES founded the five degrees of which the latter is
Examined Master. Mesmer in Paris founded in 1782 HARMONY Freemasonry UNIVERSAL. More
or less at the same time, the Rite of Gr is formed. CHAPTER GENERAL OF FRANCE.

In 1782, also, the Rite ORDER disappears public THE STRICT ENFORCEMENT had been born with
Pierre Aumont. Apart from the Order of Christ who is the regrouping of the Templars emigrants
is the Strict Observance the only institution that maintained some relations with the famous
cavalry. However, it was not real then the Templars, but supporters wanted to respect the
institution of Temple; strict compliance with the rules was limited mainly to regard to the
principles rather than the actual initiation. Without But we must recognize that the followers of
Pedro de Aumont much appreciated in the ritual, as well as education, in order to disciples
worthy of the heroic brotherhood. Seven degrees Staggered adherents of reconstruction
Denoting temple finally Eques Professus, the importance of pure knowledge, mystic rather than
symbolic. The order Strict Observance is to some extent as a model of fraternal institution,
because the Order of Christ was rather reconstruction of a part of the Cavalry of the Temple, but
in his religious state, while the Strict Observance it was rather in the esoteric dogma. Thanks to
some elements after the dissolution of the Order in 1782 continued to meet in small secret
groups, and not as Lodges, a part of the Templar institution has been protected. 41 Page 31 In
1783 was founded in Germany RITE eclectic had thirteen basic degrees. It is in 1784 where
Federer is formed RITE GRINDING (also named Rite of the Knights of the St.) City. The May 24,
1785, Gerbier opens METRO CHAPTERPOLITANO OF FRANCE, with nine sets of nine grades each
and the title of the first degree is eightieth Knight Balance. Towards the end of 1786 is when it
appears in the famous France Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite, which was later formed in
Scotland in 1846. This branch of Freemasonry has taken is of great importance by the most
exoterically, ie over the opening widely its doors to the profane world. It is so popular for many
neophytes it represents not only a ritual but Freemasonry whole!. The public at large and not
ignore his thirty-three degrees have passed into everyday language. Adding to the Scottish Rite
Ancient and Accepted titles was adopted in France, parodying what happened in England in
1739, when Gr. East proceeded to review the severe high grades

reducing them to number four. Three variants are distinguished in the Scottish Rite: a) The
philosophical Scottish Rite with 18 degrees b) The primitive Scottish Rite with 25 degrees c) The
Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of 33 degrees. The latter is the most widespread is detailed
as follows: a) Symbolic Degrees 4) Apprentice 5) Companion 6) Teacher b) Chapter Degrees
(embodied Freemasonry) 4) Secret Master 5) Perfect Master 6) Secretary Lingerie 7) Provost and
Judge 8) Intendant of the Building 9) Master Elect of Nine 10) Master Elect of Fifteen 11) Sublime
Knight Elected 12) Grand Master Architect 13) Grand Master of the Royal Arch 14) Grand Elect
Perfect or Holy Dome and Sublime Mason 15) Knight of the East or of the Sword 42 Page 32 16)
Prince of Jerusalem 17) Knight of the East and West 18) Sovereign Prince, Rosa Cruz or Rosa
Caballero Cruz c) Philosophical Degrees (Black Freemasonry) 19) Grand High Priest of the
Heavenly Jerusalem or Sublime Scottish 20) Venerable Grand Master of the regular Lodges 21) or
Prussian Knight Patriarch Noachites 22) Prince of Lebanon or Royal Arch Knight 23) Chief of the
Tabernacle 24) Prince of the Tabernacle 25) Knight of the Brazen Serpent 26) Prince of Grace or
Scottish Trinitarian 27) Commander of the Temple 28) Knight of the Sun 29) Great Scottish San
Andrés 30) Grand Elect Knight Kadosh or Aguila Black and White.

d) Grades Sublime (white masonry) 31) Grand Inspector Inquisitor Commander 32) Sublime
Prince of the Royal Secret 33) Sovereign Grand Inspector General In 1787 the Company opened
in Sweden exegetical (the Greek exegeomai: I explain) Philosophical Association is needed also
considered as a Masonic rite. The same year he founded the Baron Tschoudy ADONHIRAMITE in
France thirteen degrees. Also 1787, Dr. Bahrdt form the RITE OF THE UNION GERMAN was called
The Twenty and was dissolved in 1790. In 1790 the Rite of BUND TUNGEND emerged in Berlin
German. In 1800, Frederick of Nassau in France encourages PERSIAN RITE PHILOSOPHICAL
whose seventh and final grade is Venerable Grand Elect. In early 1801 the Rite of HOLY ORDER
OF Is founded by sophistical Cuvalier Trie in Paris whose third and final grade shall be a Member
of the Great Mysteries. It is in Italy where the EGYPTIAN RITE appears in 1805 O JUDAIC, better
known under the name of Mizraim. This branch of Freemasonry says traced from Adam himself,
but would only in the sense that the rite was custodian of certain mysteries Egypt and hereby
have received initiatory teachings highest antiquity. Certain files Gr. Or:. just trace their 43 Page
33 foundation in 1814, by three brothers Bedarride. Provided, there were no representatives of
the Holy Shrines Esoteric (World Council Instructors) and in this as in Freemasonry other, but this
does not mean that the whole Rite is attributed similar quality. The Rite Misraïm with ninety
degrees (symbolic 1 to 33) philosophical from 34 to 66, Mystics 67 to 77, 78 to hermetic 90)
offers a long initiatory asaz scale to delineate categories of individuals, but instead retains a
teaching symbolism is very significant because it is about more Ancient Mysteries the other rites.
His ritual system is well presented especially as it relates to the values esoteric. Until 1806 the
rite called ORDER OF CHRIST tested imposed in France, Templar Masons who came from a
Portuguese adventurer, and was copied from the King Dionysius. (Portugal, 1318) The Rite
ORDER TEMPLE who had given birth the Order of the Strict Observance at the time of its

hidden, only manifests in April 1808. The system in its degrees was established as follows: House
of Initiation: 1) Started 2) Originally the Interior 3) Adept 4) Adept East 5) Great Adept San Juan
Aguila Negra House Postulate 6) Applicant or Adept of the Order of the Pelican Perfect Convent
7) Escudero 8) Knight or Guard Interior Levita, (the first of these last two grades is a preparation
for the next and both are the degree of philosophical Kadosch). In 1810 under the leadership of
OF HOSPICE OF PARIS FRANCE (Colina del Monte Tabor). This type of adoption Freemasonry was
divided into two classes: small and great mysteries. The final grade, the 7th is Teacher Moralist
and Philosopher Grandmaster. In 1813 the English Rite of ANTIQUE MASONS is created FREE
AND ACCEPTED IN ENGLAND with four degrees of the last of which was the title of the Supreme
Royal Arch Mason. As this rite was originally formed in 1717 and, not 44 Page 34 understand
very well the need for a new creation, and let immediately assume that the order did not work in
the course of the century XVIII, so that there was a solemn opening of the top Lodges
nineteenth. In 1816 some friends of Napoleon had gathered in Freemasonry under the name
RITE NOAQUITES DES FRANCAIS. In 1839 Marconis and Moutet in France into activity the old
Called Oriental Rite of Memphis with 97 degrees. At first it consisted of 91 degrees, but soon
added 92, other innovators changing the previous two classifications the number rose to 95,
today has 97. More generous and more broader fraternal spirit in the sense that many other
systems, the Memphis recognized and acknowledged their degrees to all other Masons, no
matter what the rite without exception. Comprising 93 degrees, divided into three sets and in
seven classes. The first series is divided into three classes and comprises from 35 to 68. Third
Also in two classes, the degree 69 to 92. This last class is devoted

the study: high philosophy, religious myths of all ages of mankind, the development of the
mystical and transcendental part of the Freemasonry, as well as philosophical studies supported
by arduous and daring to be ... * * * Thus, Freemasonry has been divided gradually into practice
different than they have been far from constructive be interested, and even more, these various
rites are not all yet. Naturally the Directorate of Universal Freemasonry has been contingent in
the events, and as they constituted new rites slid more and more serious elements and almost
bit undesirable, also separating the lodges of the central power. Apart from the rites which we
have given list, it is still necessary add RITE ALEJANDRINO that was specially formed to to respect
the basics of astronomy education, he has often RITE ISIACO qualified by devotion to the phallus
that was practiced there related to the mysteries of Isis. It is not really possible in the limited
space of this little book refer to the legend of Horus and whole Osirian mythology. There is also
the AMERICAN RITE with three classes Initiations: Manual, scientific and philosophical. No talk of
Freemasonry Androgynous (seudomasonería that meets all rites), or the OLD RITE has not had
good direction. 45 Page 35 By the way we name the RITE ANTIQUE REFURBISHED (Variant of the
French model), practiced in Belgium and the Netherlands, the RITE OF EONS (which is mostly
based on the teaching of Zoroaster and practice of astrology), the Kabbalistic Rite, which has
ceased to exist (counted among its members Schroeder, M. Pascalis, Schoepfer, etc.). Chivalry
that the RITE has featured in England, Germany and the United States, the RITE CLERICAL;
CHRISTIAN RITE, also called Order of St. Joaquin, the MENSCHEITBUND formed in Germany by
Krause, in China TIEN-FOE-WHE (Association of Heaven and Earth) is a Freemasonry barely
exceeded the national framework; Scotland Chapter OLD ABERDEEN charlatanism is but a
practice, the Rite of Chapter KNIGHTS OF GOLDEN FLEECE, with five degrees of which the last
was for the title of Knight of the Argonauts and was extended to six degrees after taking the last
the title of Knight of the Golden Fleece, the RITE OF CELESTE
MARTIN, whose seventh and last grade is the Sage. The RITE OF SAN MARTIN (formed by Luis
Claudio Marquis St. Martin was a reformed Scottishness which merged after the co of the Strict
Observance. He was ten degrees in origin being the Finally Kadosch. This rite, also called
martinism, (no I confused with all martinistas societies that emerged at last nineteenth and even
the twentieth) has passed in secret while that of the Strict Observance. There is still a limited
number of matinistas who are true masters, as the true Rosicrucians, which are currently five in
the world (not Speak naturally Grade 18 º Scottish Rite A:. YA:.) And who need not confuse with
all members of these associations propaganda, more or less noisy, demanding that the Ancient
Egyptian Initiation, and even more, the Tibetan! .. being simply Book publishing companies,
supported by membership fees too credulous, who are content with some monographs
instructions vaguely occult initiatory degrees offered correspondence and change fund and
checks! ... The Rite Freemasonry ZODIAC is a twelve degrees following the evolution of signs:
Ram, Bull, Twins, Crab, Lion, Virgin, Scale, Scorpion, Centaur, Goat, Waterboy and Fish. In Italy
the Rite ACADEMY OF ELDER was dissolved quickly. 46 Page 36 Other Masonic branches without
knowing the preponderance of our current great rites have been working quietly on the
improvement of mankind. We can cite: ACADEMY OF TEACHERS OF SUBLIME RING LIGHT, the
ANONYMOUS composed of seventy-two members, all Kabbalists, grouped into three sections of
24 and of which Gr:. M:. is entitled Tajo, and resides in Spain. There are also: the RITE OF EONS
(Zoroastrian system); SIBLINGS Manichaean (professed doctrine of Manes in Italy in the
eighteenth) century, the ILLUMINATED SIGN, the Rite the INVISIBLE (professing atheism and
suicide (!) what is incompatible with Freemasonry), the RITE OF WIZARDS (in Florence), the RITE

PITAGORAS, works with three degrees, the RITE HAITIAN that comprised three degrees at first,
but was later modified, the RITE Jesuit who is not exactly known for the Mas. Univ., But
nevertheless has had its influence mainly on RITE OF CHOSEN Coens, we have mentioned in
passing. You will still need to add the MEXICAN NATIONAL RITE works with thirty-three degrees
being the last Grand Inspector General of the Order, the Orphic Rite is merely a Free
congregation that operates without legal authorization, the RITE SCOTTISH GRINDING five
degrees, the latter being secrets divided into three degrees, the RITE YATRICO (eighteenth
century) who has only a single degree: Cos (capital of the island of that name, homeland of
Hippocrates). We could even extend the list, without orders or philosophical co-Masonic, but
have quoted some rituals to give an idea of the vast enterprise it is today Freemasonry. From all
this it is necessary to draw a lesson: if instead of inaugurate a new rite on each occasion, to
which surely no have missed reasons, had attempted a synthesis of centralization forces working
for the development of the lodges, we would truly begun rebuilding the Temple. Surely we are
now in possession of materials for this reconstruction, but like many Gr. Log:. have taken a
excessive administrative autonomy, it seems that raises a difficulty each overture, the venerable
G:. M:. is 47 Page 37 have become captains of ships who do not want to respect the
international law of maritime navigation .... In short, you need to understand once and for all
that there is More:. Irregular; belong to a Rite or another is always to hand Much of this anyway
Family is organized by a Senior Management with Esoteric Mandate, as Freemasonry is a secret
only as it is teaching, has authority only as it is their esoteric and has autonomy is only as about
his administration, but beyond this, there is a mission humanitarian that all Masons know: the
practice of good works, the study of universal morality, the analysis of science and the arts, and
the practice of all the virtues. Then then we are no longer limited because the F:. M:. But the
Otherwise it all moves that incorporated fulfilling a civilizing mission in the world moral aspect,
fraternal, social and humanitarian fully in the universal sense.

Formerly, Freemasonry consists of Initiates, ie by citizens of the world, was the surest guarantee
of charity of virtue and free thought. It was a social structure sheltered from persecution,
injustice and distress. The right to asylum and relief were their traditions safer. Their rites were
neither speculative nor imbued with lyricism but a hieratic character in its broadest sense
creator. The end of the great universal family were actually a supernationalism world, whose
citizenship was subject to principles moral and spiritual values, which are also to be cosmic also
eternal Persons. There is concern a definition Freemasonry Today. No one pretends that it is a
religion, but some claim it is a political faction! Beware!, Unless we wanted free thought to be a
religious sense, or also we want to make Freemasonry a extrapolitical body. In Actually, we
should be the inspiration and safeguard sovereignty office in the greatest human sense. The true
Mason as free man who is a citizen of the world, but this does not prevent belonging to race,
clan, religion, political party, or nationality of their choice. Moreover, the respect due to the
established authority requires this citizen of the world an attitude dignified and cooperative with
the established powers and with all individuals. Do you keep the Masons of today these
principles? 48 Page 38 Ever We are an example of these qualities that formed the greatness of
the prehistoric ages and the strength of the Sanctuaries esoteric old? We are far from believing!
That is why at this crucial moment in history and coated the authority has given us, we launched
a cry of alarm turn, led to the Brethren. MM.: Masonry, the true Freemasonry, because the spirit
universal, which daily anxiety in marasmus and oblivion deformation, calls you to all H:. D:. L:. V:.
By acting on your behalf, do not aspire to usurp any right or improperly attribute to qualities.
Why not admit the Truth? The Fellowship has failed preserve their sacred mission and has
deformed his Initiation becomes a simple symbolic legend and a lyricism without results. His
intervention in human affairs during the history, were evidenced at the beginning of time high

civilizational and spiritual significance, but soon fell into a morass of lawsuits and discouraging
antagonisms. Their struggles against the monarchy on the one hand and against the papacy on
the other, pretending to impose any authoritarian power gives an example of absolute autocracy
and excessive violence execrable able to get a whole view. We must warn our present and
serious emergency history, which started to be true we can not associate ourselves with such
degradation of Masonic principles, limitations or dark marking the decline that has fallen in the
human soul. Here the Because of our intervention and the reasons for our action restoration of
the true Masonic spirit. Prefer not there are grounds that motivated this intervention. If
Freemasonry had not abandoned their traditions secular since the eighteenth century as a result
of improper "Mass recruitment of so-called English lodges" and if there I could realize sooner he
undertook the false path, the Council Superior, that despite all appearances, sailing on the future
of its exoteric representation in the world, would not now obliged to restore the true Masonic
spirit in its original purity. Where is the true Masonic spirit of those who exclude members of
their lodges, because they belong to their race or their own rites? How not worry constraints
and deformations Masonic spirit, when we see so apocarse moral 49 Page 39 complacent and
postulates disappear under constant commitments? Most Masons today have arrogated
ostentatious titles symbolic degrees, whose fantastic lyricism leads to the distressing lack of
virtue and true dignity: pride, ambition and selfishness are the basic expressions of the great
majority of which make Freemasonry a very poor display sacred symbolism of our predecessors,
those Initiates the great shrines of antiquity. We think that Freemasonry has committed enough
lyricism to now as its liberal action is indispensable for peace and salvation of mankind, must
incarnate again effectively and tangible symbols meaning and essence of their ideals. Masonry is
hidden tie that binds one big family: all those who have realized the freedom of the soul, which
They have become knights of the spirit. Masonry must respond to vital human imperatives and
must serve

designs of the universal soul, because otherwise it would be a vulgar association idle disguised
idealists. We gets the exact meaning of the concept of Masonic Initiation and transform into
Apostles and gentlemen of universal service, the precise intention of giving free rein to the
power and glory of the verb spiritual. If all true H:. M:., And those who do not are more than
potentially would realize that we are not dealing with a single ideological confusion or a dispute
between authoritarian groups, unconditionally would work with us, because in this case they
serve no propaganda or group, but to the human species whole and all the designs of the Great
Architect of the Universe. This is the spirit on which our virtues are erected and the we want a
general mobilization. * ** 50 Page 40 CHAPTER THREE SYMBOLISM AND ESOTERISMO Over the
ocean of life what would that be the reason helm, if passion is the driver? This part of
Freemasonry is no more than that he has suffered alterations. And, of course, well known that
the spirit of fraternity and restore consciousness Eternal Word are far from being applied in our
current lodges, whereas the individual policy of each rite and its external expressions themselves
are show very clearly. With the same symbolism is observed. Assuming that you have not
completely forgotten the meaning esoteric of each symbol, which is most often the case, we are
now forced to settle trivial explanations disconcerting. It is pathetic to note the lack of
preparation of our brothers that happen in life as vulgar "Quidams," since the lower Apprentice
should be distinguished for his scholarship, in addition to its light and how they act in their circle
spirit. If we stop passing on a part of the definition of Freemasonry says: "site whose members
strive to practice all virtues ... "we have amaze to see Bro. M:. drinking, smoking, and swayed by
all the passions, and not understood how many banquets become true sessions gluttony and
drunkenness! .... We will see later the significance of these Masonic banquet should be held with
the highest
mysticism. But we return to our point: we do not insist on behavior should reveal the H:. M:. in
everyday life in order to give a example the profane world, but even on a minimum of
knowledge to proclaim and demonstrate the superiority of one member of an initiatory society.
The crude stone should be nothing more than a pebble thick abandoned at the entrance of the
temple, nor a symbol which just a slight hint is given, it is necessary to work it. 51 Page 41
Corresponds to teach the Apprentice Teacher beginning with the elementary symbols, without
rooting the Initiation Tradition content to perpetuate this kind of theatrical performance our
lodges, is therefore needed Workshops, local true of learning, restarting with fervor and sincerity
(Graph I). The symbols in simpler appearance stored deep truths, a special teaching, a tradition
to respect and lessons to be learned. We see, for example, that the three points well graphics
known, occur much more than the basic data is We teach in small lodges courts. We must know
they allude to the open bar: the head and the tips of the compass, the first representing the sun,
spiritual source, illuminating and giver of life, and the latter representing the two polarities that
exist in the universe. The three points can also aspire to following qualities: expansion -
concentration - stability. They are three people who do not drive but God also represent
faculties: reason, memory and will, or force, matter and motion, or even action, resistance and
work. Moreover, it is the assets, liabilities and the intermediary in terms of thought and action.
We know Naturally they also hide in the eyes of the profane, the triangle, in this regard we note
that the Trinósofo is prerogative of the French Rite. The first side of the triangle is for the
Apprentice, is the kingdom mineral (symbol Tub.) The second side is for the partner, is the plant
kingdom (Symbol Sch.) The third side is for the Master, is the animal kingdom (symbol M:. B:.) It
would be obvious comment on the mineral kingdom corresponding to the first grade when the
stone is still, in the second grade, generation of the body is very distinct from the "G" Blazing
Star, vegetation appears, finally, in the third grade, the

Maestro comes to animate the whole. This development is related to the famous axiom of
occultism: Know-Want-Dare-Callar. In effect, in the same manner that the three faces of the
pyramid resting on a common base, the axiom rests with: The word corresponds to Apprentice
Saber with physical evidence Will The word corresponds to partner with evidence moral. 52 Page
42 53 Page 43 54 Page 44 Application of Rules Trinosóficas. An altar: The snake coiled twelve
times, holding Cup of Eternity (Sacred Urn). Twelve rings are reptile emblem years and
philosophical movement of the sun in the zodiac. Vortex is also the philosophical and the natural
form of Alma potentially within the physical body. On the table is registered a reference to
Perpetua Amphora: "Offer you already in release (Jah)," currency is Rite derived Serapis. The Cup
(the Sacred Glass is the symbol of Aquarius) rests on a significant Sword, as Exodus, Chapter IV,
verses 3 and 4, which are explained in detail in the book The initiatory centers by the same
author of The Series Great posts. This representation derived from the Chaldean symbolism,
explains very well the work of transmutation (snake crawling life to be transformed in stock
Heights, in the fresh air where reigns the Eagle), which is very significant as expression of the
zodiac sign of Scorpio (the double constellation Reptile-Eagle) is equivalent Kundalini yogis. 55
Page 45 The word corresponds Dare Master with tests intellectuals. And all three have a
common must: Callar All M. M:. must update his Masters three lessons: a first with the idea of
political morality, following the example of the Iram craftsman Corps of Engineers, a second
lesson, with the idea scientific morality, consistent with the role of the sun in its action on the
creating nature and the seasons, which would be the image of God creating spirits, related by
election of grace with

stars, that would be different possible manifestations of Divinity, a third lesson with the idea of
moral philosophy, the Divinity, a third lesson with the idea of moral philosophy, according the
legitimacy of claims, meditating about good and evil, to fight for the establishment of a scientific
Theocracy. Oh, how often M!:. M:. not only are satisfied with the first lesson, but also deform
such that point become a common policy! ... 18 Returning to the triangle, base of the pyramid,
we must say that rising to the unit vertex form applied to number four occult axiom just quoted,
thus symbolizing the common work of the three base grades for ONE Fin, an ideal, a duty. The
triangle also features the four elements listed as follows: very easily retained by the first four
digits in German: ein, zwey, drey, fri. EIN: always forward, ebb and flow, evolution, ie the air.
ZWEY: (in Hun, zweig) means seed, fertility, designates the Earth and producing fertile mother.
DREY: (Sleds Greek) newts, trident emblem Neptune sea water. FRI: The fire, according to
Plutarch, was to be the last revealed. 18 By MORAL POLITICS means a moral that can be applied
to all, and a virtue inherent in the governance of public affairs. (Politikos, the Greek polis, city).
However, the French sociologist says Cousin: the real policy rests on the knowledge of human
nature. 56 Page 46 If we analyze the trinities, be too numerous, that is why simply cite the
Trimurti Hindu Theology: SHIVA BRAHMA-VISHMU-which is respectively Creation, Preservation
and Destruction, ie the earth, water and fire, all concurring elements air element that the Yoga is
the highest and leads to the ether, then to the mental universe, and finally to the Absolute
elements. But it may be necessary to give a brief explanation: Seven centers are the commands
of the human machine: the endocrine glands are visible levers; plexus (called chakras in Sanskrit)
are his witnesses in the astral. Naturally know that the astral body interpenetrates the physical

Consequently, seven fluidic centers (the astral body) also manifest in the flesh vehicle. A subtle
force, a vital power, magnetic current, called kundalini in Sanskrit, is latent in each individual
state, and certain exercises rhythmic breathing with the help of special positions (Asanas),
humans get to put in current action special (Sukshma) that heat the central canal, and kundalini
rising in center of the body illuminates the different centers (chakras) to the point transmute the
physical forces in spiritual power. Often symbolized with a serpent coiled kundalini on itself and
rising as a result of certain postures body, mental concentration and diverse knowledge of the
mechanism, so that the system is valid. At all times and in all religions, has been aware of this
force that is necessary develop, and all practices, whether individual (yoga: word Sanskrit which
means union - Communion - Fusion, naturally the sense of personal self with the Universal
Consciousness), or whether collective (mass, environment created by various sessions, etc..)
consecrate the function of this inner strength that rises to over centers. Cane seven knots of
Chinese scholars, the Bacchic thyrsus (Rod terminated pineapple representing inner fire ), cane
Pythagorean, the staff of the Templars, the arch bishop of Catholic bishops, etc ... are other
symbolic expressions of kundalini, regenerative power of fire in action, power human
electromagnetic forces transmuting individual looking for its improvement. In this search for
balance between the microcosm and the macrocosm (Yoga), are characterized three states
Divinity (Brahma the creator, Vishnu the sustainer and Shiva the 57 Page 47 destructor) for the
three times of respiration: inspiration, retention, termination, symbolizing the ternary and
trilogismos. Yoga helps science still in its practices refinement, with prayers (mantras),
incantations, articulating at certain times and in certain tones harmonic modulations, as one
ritual. All these words of the Yogi are considered sacred, the most current is AUM (as in many
early Mantras; AUM MANI PADME HUM ...) We have seen in Chapter I the two currents: positive
- negative and solar-lunar, joined by the word AUM (OM often written!) in the name of Solomon
(SOLOM-MON: Sol-AUM-moon), which means the active force of science and passive core
philosophy, gathered by the will of the being who seeks

by this spell (the mantra) rise above the customary conditions. In terms Mas. We say that the
union of the two columns (J:. YB.) work directed by Lodge (Master), comes to support the
Universal Temple to which all aspire M:. M:. This also includes the meaning of colors (Red and
white) on the banner of the Templars: red cross on malt white background, ie wisdom and love
for the Regeneration Universal , also being the symbols of the two operations Alchemy Capital:
Solve-coagulated. Therefore, the triangle supported by columns is the Divine image; thirteen
rays emerge from there: four on each side (Quaternary of elements containing ternary
proceeding at its apex the sublime denoting unity ray emanating from trilogismo), whose
projection from star to star allowed 3,060,000 calculate the hidden worlds. The eye in the center
of the traditional triangle, demand more explanation that "the presence of God everywhere."
The two eyes face are the two foci of the ellipse, which is itself the eye one of the supreme head,
this unique three halos eye must be placed in a triangle. The two eyes of the flesh lack
importance next to the eye of the spirit, which requires no duplicitous as face. This eye of Shiva
(agna-chakra), the outgrowth of the pituitary, is that of clairvoyance, the Atlanteans gland
increased in such so that gave birth to the legend of the Cyclops. For all these legendary symbols
of the study suggest Zohar (the holy book in which are the main legends copiladas Masonic)
tradition. Reviews of Rabbi Ben Schimeon Jochai, are numerous regarding Siphra-Dzeniutha
(Theogony of the Zohar) 19 19 The Idra Suta-(1 part or Great Symbol) and symposium (Part 2)
are very recommended for analysis of H:. M:. 58 Page 48 59 Page 49 The symbols of our two
columns are copious; bastaríanos meditate on: Macroprosopus: the great creative hypothesis
(Arish - Anphin) and Microprosopopeia: restricted hypothesis (Seir - Anphin or figure low). The
light or intelligence (this clearly!) Manifested by 32 satellite and

Here we touch the delicate problem of Scottishness in his error Supreme Council 33: In Lodge no
real grade 33, but only in the honorific sense, there are 32 living Buddhas (HUTULKTUS), who are
the representatives of the 32 pathways Wisdom, consisting of ten and twenty Sefiros unions
form the Tree of Kabbalah. The Sefiros are emanations, not divine hypostasis. These are the
foundation of the world of divine ideas are the ideas for it which God's thought is creative
principle, ten attributes through which the G:. A:. D:. U:. It reveals a part of its essence
inaccessible. The divine science of Kabbalah teaches that the species corresponds to Archetype
is expressed as CORONA - WISDOM - SOVEREIGN PRUDENCE (the two columns on the
frontispiece), and likewise the relationships that exist only between Sefiros are: Ehyeh (I Am or
IOD) JEHOVAH (Es or IAH) ELOHIM (Swearing, oath or IOHA) EL.I. (Powerful) SADAY (enough by
itself). ELOHA (path of glory) STARS (armies of angels) ELOHIM HOSTS (command armies).
ELOHIM ELCHAI (living God), (The primary route). ADONAY, Lord (the pathway called kingdom).
You need to define the system of Sefiros resting on a aritmológico mechanism: "The abstraction
of 2 in 12 resulting in 10 "; are general ideas, which in a philosophical expression of Divine
Manifestation, should be arranged on a dodecagon, but which are expressible by only 10,
because the absence of 2 other ways deprives intellectual representation, since a of them is the
idea of First Cause and the other of Creation which in turn shows the existence inconceivable.
The Sefiros therefore listed in ten, in the care of ENSOPH (ie AIN-SOPH, the Unknowable) and is
classified as follows: 1) KETHER (the supreme crown) 2) Chochmah (supreme wisdom) 60 Page
50 3) Binah (intelligence) 4) CHESED (mercy)

5) Pechad (fear) 6) Tiphereth (Beauty) 7) nizah (victory) 8) HOD (Glory) 9) Yesod (foundation) 10)
Malkuth (the kingdom) We shall not dwell more on the subject of Sefiros, which must be known
of all M:. M:. Moreover, as this book goes Mas to all. in general, those who have not reached
Chapter Degrees may study more thoroughly the time Science of Kabbalah (particularly from
Grade 15). Let therefore the question of the 32 routes, which shows that the grade 33 does not
rest on a initiatory tradition, or true or esoteric scientific bases, but purely administrative or
honorable. For this reason should not be allowed but one grade 33 by Temple!. Say a word about
the 30 degree Scottish Rite A:. and A:. (Is know that this degree means Holy Kabbalah instructor)
In HAIOTH - HAKODESCH, hierarchy above human souls, we find the following levels: Los Angeles
The Archangels Principalities The Virtues The Powers The Dominions The Thrones The Cherubim
The Angels Denominated " " " " " " " " AISCHIM Beni-Elohim ELOHIM Malakim THARSCHISIM

SERAPHIM Categories, then, are nine in number ( Lore) . Appealing to number 9, we know how
the energies have to act, but not how to work. However, coming to his figurative representation
with enneagon construction (which is wise) and requires the knowledge of hyperbole, it does
see the legitimacy of the aspect energy, we understand his action and then number 9 appears in
the mode energy . At this time, the constructions based on the nonagon, also acquired this
mode and so if the polygon with 18 sides but no balance in their energetics generally gives rise
to polygons 36 to 72 sides, representing best energy distributions. Hence derive: 61 Page 51 a)
the 36 deans (the Zodiac, 12 signs in addition to their 30 degrees, is also divided into portions of
10 degrees, which is one third of sign). The deans were deified by the Egyptians and the Greeks,
because of its superior action. b) 72 Geniuses, also considered under divine for the same reason.
Let us open a parenthesis to say that St. Jerome (who knew the Gnosis and Kabbalah),
intentionally introduced interpolations in the Bible, which lay hidden from the eyes of the
esoteric teaching. St. Jerome's translation, called the Vulgate, was poured from Hebrew and
ranked Version 70, which would be more fairly of the 72 Rabbis. Dispense with comments to
clarify these 72 David verses (most of which are not in the Bible!), and relate each to a Genio ...
These forces cosmic, called Higher Intelligences, have been personified by this fact, with a
respective number, and every sacred verse corresponds a personification established by the
Cabbala, which removed as follows: The Hebrew text of verses 19, 20 and 21 of Chapter XIV of
Exodus, is composed of 72 Hebrew letters each. Taking each case these three esoteric verses
expressed in three lines, is follows the following rule: take the first letter of the 19 ° and 20 °
starting from the left, then the first letter of the 20th starting from the right. These first three
letters indicate the attribute of genius. Continuing with the same method until the end, get the
72 attributes of the divine virtues. It remains add at the end, the three syllables of subfijo IAH O
EL to form 72 magical names of three syllables each, containing in itself God's name (Vehuiah,
Jeliel, etc..) 20

20 1. Vehuiah 17. Lomish 33. Lesbiah Two. Jeliel 18. Galiel 34. Cavakiah Three. Sirael 19. LEUVIAH
35. Manadel April. Elemiah 20. Rahaliah 36. Arriel May. Mahasiah 21. Nolchael 37. Haamiah 6.
Jesale 22. Zeirriel 38. Vehael 7. Achiah 23. Malahel 39. Zeazel 8. Gachatel 24. Hamiah 40.
Sehaliah 9. Rasiel 25. Nithaiah 41. Ariel 10. Aladiah 26. Haariah 42. Asaliah 11. Laviah 27. Jerathel
43. Michel 12. Nahaiah 28. Seofiah 44. Veshuel 13. Zezael 29. Reifiel 45. Daniel 14. Mobael 30.
LECABEL 46. Kahaziah 15. Hariel 31. Vasariah 47. Immamiah

16. Ackamiah 32. Zehniah 48. Nansel 62 Page 52 Quoting step-YANG YINN or Chinese zodiac
resting equally over 8 characters. The mysterious symbolism is noted this number but would be
too long to explain why 8 characters only, then 10, to get to dodecanal zodiac know. Figures with
scattered rays, for calls koua Chinese, were invented in the fourth millennium BC. The Koua, as
expressed above are in number of 8, Chinese combined 2 by 2, getting 64 figures, which form
the basis of all penetration of becoming. These are: 49. Nithael 57. Zaahel 65. Zabamiah 50.
Mehabiah 58. Anavel 66. Haial 51. Poyel 59. Nehiel 67. Mumiah 52. Nemamiah 60. Damabiah 68.
Ezael 53. Zehiael 61. Menachel 69. Sabuiah 54. Harel 62. Esael 70. Habrel 55. Misrael 63. Sabuiah
71. Michael 56. Uniabel 64. Vechel 72. Veraliah 63 Page 53 3 complete lines: KIEN (meaning Sky)
3 sectioned stripes: KHOUEN (meaning Earth)

1 division sectioned between two complete stripes: LI (Fire) One complete stripe between two
sectioned stripes: KHAN (Water) 1 sectional line (toward the center and two full: Touei (the
Pantano) 2 full stripes (towards the center) and a sectional: Souen (the Air) 2 sectioned stripes
(towards the center) and complete: Tschen (Lightning) One full line (towards the center) and two
severed: KEN (the Mountain) The full figure of the Tree of the Kabbalah include numerous
symbols, in which for example, the central sun (Tiphereth), 8-way split, the Saber (with number
9) they will manifest in different planes (8 x 9 = 72) The 72 Names of God rests, first, on a vine
(GEFEN PORIACH: the fruiting vine), because this tree with that agencies adorned temple
multiplies easily. (The Scriptures especially mentioning him tied to the people of Israel). The olive
tree is also represented, because it symbolizes the planets (in Genesis it says that the G:. A:. D:.
U:. established therein their celestial candleholders, so the dove brought Noah a small olive
branch), and is known to us all the stars advertised. Just as the action of the planets in men is
enshrined exclusively to lower things (the release above Zodiac offers the escape of the physical,
material, or influences) and also provides a permanent green olive tree in their leaves, which fall
to be reborn other (similar process to that characterizes humanas0 generations. The olive tree is
rooted at ground image that tells us that the stars have only a superficial influence, to which we
can escape by transmutation (including work from 18 of Rito Grado A Scottish. and k.). However,
to perform this transmutation, there predispositions to study, and for this reason is Astrology
Basic to his teaching. The apple (representing the Zodiac) has 12 signs (Solomon said: "My
partner is females between what apple is between other wild trees " 21 . It should be noted that
the celestial girdle 21 Song of Songs, Chapter II, verse 3 64 Page 54 Zodiac is rich in the noblest
constellations, though beyond

this symbolic side, the signs do not reach the same value. The palm tree, which represents a
letter YOD symbolizes Divinity, and can be compared to a point, because of its unity and infinite
simplicity 22 These four trees (the vine, olive, apple and palm) arranged on the sides of the Tree
of the Kabbalah, representing the four letters of the Divine Name (IEVE), the four animals tied to
Cart Ezekiel, the four major constellations (Aquarius, Taurus, Leo, Scorpio), the four rivers of
Paradise of Eden. 22 The profile has a curved palm certain mathematicians have examined and
thoroughly, it is the logarithmic curve. This line has been adopted by principle of economy, as
the plant in this way, with minimum of material better resists the ravages of wind. Engineers,
after laborious calculus applications, have shown that the curve log is the most compelling for
building beam profile. 65 Page 55 The palm, the first letter of God's name: Yod, is the first
feature to be drawn to write any letter, which clearly demonstrates the Divine origin of all things.
This first point characterizes man, because he, the beginning and end of creation 23 . The sign of
the Water Bearer, symbolizing Ganimedo - science - is the sign of the Son of Man, who tells us in
Matthew chapter XXIV, verse 30. The first river of Paradise (Genesis, chapter II) is PHISON The
vine symbolizes the second letter of the name of God: HE. This letter, so that its value is HE = 5
can not be added to any other but herself to add 10 (5 +5 = 10) that number perfect which is
known to represent the Divine and therefore YOD It is the tenth letter of the Hebrew alphabet,
in the same way that the vine and pear is "multiply" and spread everywhere. The vine represents
the side of the sign of the Lion, for LEON means light God, and, therefore, Our Lord Jesus Christ
should be the victor of LEON Tribe of Judah (Gen IV). The second river of Paradise is GIHON The
olive tree represents the third letter, ie VAU, which means a pin, like pin the sacred Temple. This
is the symbol Light likeness of planets, created to show the changes and alterations can be made
in the sublunary world of Generation (G:.). The representation of the sign is Taurus the bull,

that strength, symbolizes nourishment, as Solomon says in the Chapter XIV, verse 4 of Proverbs.
The third river is Tigris Paradise (subtle and light). The apple is the symbol of love and represents
the fourth letter the Divine Name. The eagle, which appears in the latter space is a word that
implies SAWN 24 . The signs contained in this room tree intersect, encroach, and even eliminate
the action of the planets. This is a first explanation of the transformation of physical forces in
psychic forces, passions in Ideal, etc ..., that is, free will in action. 23 Genesis: Chapter I: Psalms,
chapter V, verse 7. 24 Aramaic means radical n'sar logs, and also has the sense of Nazareno,
which explains the legend of the Carpenter's Son to Jesus of Nazareth, or rather, that Jesus of
Nazareth to be the Master Jhesu you made. (El Eagle, symbol of transmutation, is the sign of the
higher expression of Scorpion, sawing, cutting, or finish with the material world in order to make
the spiritual) realization. 66 Page 56 The fourth river is called Paradise PHERAT (fruiting). To be
precise from the point of view of the Kabbalah, in order to help memory to lay foundation of
study points crucial, it is necessary to mention here the early teachings of Arbatel 25 . In Isajoge
in the third septenary, see aphorism XVI that is very interesting, but before we quote the
passage XV aphorism: "Strive to understand everything you undertake with the help of God
"(repeated here Arbatel their first lessons: DEO DUCE, Degree Initiation and FERRO COMMITTEE
second grade). The Magician who knows the Laws of Nature, has such power over beings, that
every act of thought necessarily takes place; but on the other hand, the great danger of this
power is evident in the Famous Key: "Any failure, any negligence can be fatal." APHORISM XVI of
Magic arbatel. Seven are own offices or powers of the spirits whom God has entrusted the
machine direction of the world. Its visible celestial bodies are: Aratron, BETHOR, Phaleg, OCH,
Hagith, OPHIEL,

Phul (in Olympic parlance). Each presides over 490 years. Bethor He ruled until 430, Phaleg of
430-920, ruled Och until 1410, Hagith until 1900, and now we are in the Ophiel cycle that will
last until 2390. Aratron about Saturday and Saturn BETHOR governs what is attributed to Jupiter
Phaleg runs things Mars OCH dominates everything is the Sun Hagith governs all properties of
Venus OPHIEL relates to things of Mercury Phul governs the attributes of the Moon 25 Arbatel is
the Revealer of Truth, the Producer of the Mysteries, he has Quaternary materialized Law of
God, but the revelation is very hidden expression for the ignorant, insidious and deceptive as the
Demons. Its name symbolizes, also, the angel who takes care of the matter, the Prince of the four
cardinal points. This is the Access to Knowledge (The Magic Arbatel). Everything is Magic, and it
is eternal. God gave it to Abraham, came to Moses and Jesus spoke of it to his disciples, and all
the Sons of God have known. This is the Ancient Pneumatics. This knowledge is contained in 9
volumes (which are divided into three ternary, each having three qualities), with Septenary
seven aphorisms. The first volume is ISAJOGE (Book of Laws Magic, the 2nd is the Magic
Microcosmic and 3rd. It's the Olympic Magic, the 4th is the Magic Hesiod, the 5th is Magic
Sibilina, the 6th is the Pythagorean Magic, the 7th is the Magic Apollonian, the 8th. Hermetic
magic is, and the 9th is Magic Prophetic (the knowledge base of Initiation). 67 Page 57 This
partly explains the symbolism of the seven steps located in the East in some rituals. Other rites
only have five steps to be crossed to reach the chair of the Venerable Master. (These are the five
steps according to the colors Planetary: Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Venus and Mercury. The Sun and
the Moon are represented by the two pillars placed at the entrance Temple). It is well known the
role of the planetary system Freemasonry, because even in your calendar system used different
from the profane world, on the basis, whether cosmic or calculations, an astronomical calendar.
The Gr. Log:. England has adopted the computation of the Age Christ. Scottish, Irish, American,
French, Belgian,

Dutch and German, are based on the Calendar of Light. (El Mizraim rite in four years has
increased the computation). The Knights of the Sun (28th grade), and was not allowed any
computing year by 7 zeroes. For H:. M:. England, Scotland, Ireland and the United States, the first
of January of the year 5844 Luz corresponds to the first of January 1844. The French rite ago
Masonic year starting on March. A Scottish Rite. and A:. uses the Hebrew calendar whose
months are called Lunas. When the Constitution was enacted, this varying timescales presented
in follows: Mas month. year 5844 Number of days Correspondence with the Gregorian Calendar
Teveth SHEVAT ADAR Veadar 30 days 29 days 30 days 29 days 30 days 29 days 30 days 29 days 29
days 29 days 30 days 30 days 30 days March 21, 1844 April 20 May 19 June 18 July 17

August 10 September 14 Oct. 14 November 12 December 11 January 9 February 8 March 10 * **

68 Page 58 Chance is an unknown progression and time a sequence of numbers. Chance and
forming the future time, must serve in the cabalistic calculations find the end of an event, or
future of a destination . Regardless of all the explanations about astrology, which is the basic
study of Freemasonry, say, however, two words about the symbolism of the Zodiac. Although not
quite accept the current definition of F historians. M:. "Fusion of Judaism and Kabbalah
Neoplatonic Christianity ", Freemasonry must teach kabbalah and as magic, astrology, etc.. An
esoteric institution such as our Order can not ignore the slightest knowledge human, and
especially when it is a matter typically Initiation. The symbolism of the Zodiac require many
volumes, but Briefly we can say that this band of 17 degrees in the sky rests on the ecliptic,
which has an inclination of 23 ½ degrees on the celestial Ecuador, and is divided into 12 equal
parts, Signs called, of 30 degrees each. Zodiac signs are symbolic representations of the 12 major
constellations, which apparently runs the sun in its movement translational 26 . The sol transits
apparently through signs, at a rate of degree or so per day, as follows: In the Lamb, March 21 to
April 20 27 In del Toro, April 21 to May 20

26 The difference between astronomy and astrology lies in the use of the system heliocentric or
geocentric, respectively. Knowing that the sun occupies the center of this universe, calculations,
however, are easier geocentrically considered, ie, pretending that the earth was at the center
and the sun and all its planetary courtship revolved around our globe. With Based on this
working hypothesis the ancients wrote their works started, which has served to say that the old
"saw" the earth as the center of Universe!. 27 We know that the first of January is the beginning
of the secular year. Calendar Masonic begins during an astronomical phenomenon in Equinox
spring, March 21, sometimes 20, depending on the year. This event has deeper meaning, and
especially more scientific, because the length of the night has exactly the same number of hours
a day, this is the real beginning of the year. 69 Page 59 The Twins, May 21 to June 21 The Crab,
June 22 to July 22 The Lion, July 23 to August 22 In the Virgin, from 23 August to 22 September
In the Balance, September 23 to October 23 In the Scorpio, October 24 to November 22 In
Archer, from 23 November to 21 December In the Goat, December 22 to January 20 In the Water
Bearer, January 21 to February 20 In Fishes, 21 February to 20 March. The sun and ends at 365 ¼
days, the heavenly 360 degree, returning to the starting point of the trail sign to fulfill a new
annual cycle. Similarly, all the planets circulating about this band, no only at different latitudes,
but at different speeds, So if the Moon spends 28 days to fulfill its route, Mercury delay 88 days
to travel the zodiac and spends 225 Venus, Mars makes a revolution in 687 days, Jupiter made in
12 years, Saturn's complete in 29 ½ years, Uranus 84, Neptune 164 years Pluto 248 years. These
different rates of produce aspectaciones planets (the value of the angle between two points),
and when these are at a distance of 30 degrees from each other, are said to be in semisextile, 60
degrees when they are sextile, 45 degrees are semi-square, a 90 degree quadrature are 120
degrees are in trine, 135 degrees are sesqui-square, 150 degrees are

quinconcio, 180 degrees are in opposition, and it is said that two stars are in conjunction when
they are in the same length. Each planet, as well as each sign possesses a special cosmo
influence - biological, which is not a vague phenomenon, as Nor are discovered random features.
For example, the sign Lamb prints a dynamism that never prints the sign Cancer a native of the
latter. Same thing happens with influences of the planets. If the Sun mark months to go through
each of the twelve major divisions of the celestial wheel, also has another motion Pointing the
great Eras. Indeed, to go to the track sign rate of one degree per day, in round figures (59
minutes each arcsec), you can not return to the same place every year in the moment, for this
reason, in 1949 the Astro - King entered the sign Lamb on March 20 at 10 hrs. 48 m. 51s.pm,
instant precise equinox, while in 1950, the Sun entered the 70 Page 60 sign Cordero at 4 hrs.
35m. 26 sam, 21 March. This Always check the equinox occurs when the Sun, apparently passes
through the point where the ecliptic cuts to Ecuador celeste, which never happens at the same
time each year. This difference is due to different cosmic movements that would be long to
explain, however, is a phenomenon known as the Precession of the Equinoxes. This prolonged
movement, by which our system Solar 50 seconds every year arc moves, results in the Great Year
of Plato, 25,920 years. This period is divided into 12 cycles of 2,160 years (time it takes the Sun
to traverse a sign, in its retrograde motion), which corresponds to the these Great Ages: The
ERAS. We note then, that while the sun walked by the sign del Toro, the time was come that
religions taken as this animal emblem (the ox Apis, the Winged Bull, the Minotaur, etc ...). When
crossing the zodiac 2,160 times to mark the years, the Sun has retrograded somewhat at each
turn, as explained before then, every 72 years to lose ONE GRADE will penetrate necessarily in
the preceding sign, ie the Lamb. In that when Moses came down from Mount Sinai to preach no
longer was necessary to worship the Golden Berro (Age Toro had completed), and then began
the Age of the sacrifice of the Lamb. Are well known all symbols of antiquity doing allusion to
this great era. At the time of the birth of Jhesu of Nazareth, the Sun entered

be governed by the constellation of Pisces, and consequently there appeared a certain number
of symbols associated with this animal. Moreover, the early Christians took the fish as
acknowledgment. With the year 1948, has begun a major new cycles in the history of mankind,
the sun, leaving the sign of the Fish enters the constellation of the Water Bearer: is this the
Aquarian Age. This age 200 years or so, will be characterized by the inherent properties of this
sign: brotherhood, cooperation, union, merger, desire for knowledge. The very symbolism of this
sign (the two wavy lines), and also will characterize Scientific and Philosophy, the Concrete and
Abstract, the two polarities again found in all things and that the H:. M:. know well. Finally, this is
the build was like our two columns. The Age of Aquarius should signal the regeneration of our
Institution, complete separateness of the Age of Pisces, with its 71 Page 61 fanaticism. The New
Age offers all the possibilities for return to the great eternal Persons principles. The twelve
zodiacal signs are related very closely, with the celebrated twelve tribes, as follows: RUBEN:
SIMEON: LEVI: JUDAH: DAN: NEFTALI: The Balance The Scorpion The Archer The Goat The
Waterboy Fishes GAD: ASAR: ISACAR: GEBULON: JOSE: BENJAMIN: The Lamb El Toro The Twins El

The Lion The Virgin Thus, nothing is by chance, particularly in the sky, where the G:. A:. D:. U:.
gives lessons to his eternal Humanity. The four elements that make up the Self: Ground
(skeleton, solid) materials, water (fluids, blood), air (gaseous element, breathing), fire
(temperature) are found in nature, in whose bosom evolve. In the Zodiac, these elements are
well balanced. In the early years, when the Sun will begin symbolic path track, dynamism comes
naturally to be represented by the element of fire, in the sign of the Lamb. In all things the
project first conceived the idea, desire, will fire action, the heat of the company. Later, the sign of
the Bull, which represents the earth element, comes to symbolize the balance of this part of the
Zodiac: Calm, serenity, frequently, the bedrock of this area characterizing the specific purpose
intended. After conceiving a project, and the idea to be achieved (earth) are needed aid and
favorable circumstances find in the air element. The third sign, Gemini, is governed by the air.
And for this reason we represent two people, "Union is Strength", one helping the other.
Following this indispensable cooperation in life we have to having difficulties, anger, tests that
characterize the water element. (The sea that prevents cross from one continent to another, and
forcing the man to use his cunning and artifice avail ...) Is Crab, address the water element. The
four elements mentioned above, represented for the first four signs, continue to manifest in next
four, and so on, to go to form a quaternary trine in its components. 72 Page 62 FIRE: (1) The
Lamb (cardinal sign), (5) the Lion (fixed), (9) the Goalkeeper (mutable) EARTH: (2) El Toro (fixed),
(6) Lady (mutable), (10) the male Goat (cardinal) AIR: (3) The Twins (mutable), (7) Balance
(cardinal), (11) the Waterboy (fixed) WATER: (4) Crab (cardinal), (8) Scorpio (fixed), (12) the Fish
(mutable). Automatically return to the beginning of the chapter for

mention the four elements in Hebrew: nar, work, Hasui, ma, which refer to four words: Know,
Will, Dare, Callar , the famous axiom symbolized by the four fixed signs of the Zodiac: The
Waterboy, the Bull, the Lion and the Scorpion. These four signs are the points Sky important
because they mark the position of the four royal star Aldebaran (Ojo del Toro), Regulus (the Lion
Heart) Antares (Heart of the Scorpion) and Fomalhaut (Mouth of the Southern Fish). But the
symbolism goes further. The great monument of esoteric the Giza plateau is not, in any way, an
architecture any. This sphinx is a combination of Initiations Egyptian, reason holds a human head
( the Water Bearer ), an body Toro , legs and tail of León . This fabulous animal has wings, also to
represent the transmutation of the Scorpion in Aguila 28 . These great constellations
represented on the Sphinx denote the full value of the symbolic synthesis: AGUADOR (Science -
Philosophy), AIR (Nar), SABER (Truth Mystery) TORO (Patience), LAND (Trab) WANT (by Justice
sacrifice). LEON (Love - Nobility), FIRE (Hasui), OSE (Because of the faith) SCORPIO
(Transmutation), WATER (Ma), SILENT (on reality of dogma). 28 The adept who was brought in
front of the Sphinx, knew well the three signs Zodiacal (Waterboy, Toro y León), but it was in vain
to try to recognize the fourth fixed sign of Traditional Astrology. Only those who were sufficiently
initiated into Esoteric Astrology could answer the mysterious sign of Scorpio was represented by
its highest octave, the Eagle, and according to the explanation of this transformation was when
you were authorized to enter through the gate placed between the legs of stone animal, and go
to meditation chamber (on the head), where two large eyes were fixed on the new Disciple.
Sphinx's eyes are empty outside and look inside head: Mystery of introspection. 73 Page 63 74
Page 64 With the above example of the Rite Esc. A:. and A:. it can be shown For all other
branches of Masonry, demonstrating all form a well experienced by all H disability.

M:.), To fully realize the great mysteries. All ancient teachings, which is the repository of the F:.
M:., Are but of a lower order, which does not mean that the Institution does not have the true
principles and not bearing high symbols, but they were never put into effect in lodges, which
have become too exoteric, and are very easily accessible to the layman 29 . Members of
Freemasonry must be seriously selected. For this reason, the Management of the Mas. Univ. no
longer transmits its true teachings, but the esoteric lodges (M groups. M:. Working directly
under the orders hidden), composed solely of members and well prepared Aside from all the
different rites. These H:. M:> are those that made truly (represented in the figure by the center 6
meeting two symbolic reptiles praise: Science - Philosophy, Positive - Negative, etc ...) are those
who know the real meaning of the 2 columns, and which are the point of union between them ...
Moreover, the same direction with their Patriarchs started is represented here by Aguila (head),
the High Spheres, the Empyrean world about Celeste. So the command no Aguila is only one
emblem of the eighteenth century, with their meanings known in the Upper Gr. (More:. Blanca),
but goes back to the ancient times. NOT is perhaps the Eagle flying animal that to a great height,
carries its young on the back to preserve and wounds that could cause them shots human? ... If
these teachings on the Kabbalah, astrology, etc.., Are as disclosed in sparsely Log:. is because the
Gr. M:. know very well they are no longer available to M:. modern, who very often only go to the
Temple with the intention of talking about their personal matters. However, the renovation has
been done, and today has been not only relive these sacred sciences blooms again but true
brotherhood, which is You can reposition the Jewel Initiation. Initiation, which is spoken today is
therefore not in short but a prelude. It is somewhat of a hidden disclosure more esoteric
teaching will be given a bit later. This 29 In the eighteenth century in England, the recruitment
was done, no matter what class means. 75 Page 65 The Eagle of Transmutation and the two
snakes. The seven centers (Chakras) that

must be enlightened to transform the material and physical strength (the command Scorpion in
the mud) in spiritual and psychic power (the symbol of the Eagle in esoteric) areas. Also an
example of the scale of degrees that one must ascend to the secrets of the Scottish Rite A:. and
A:. 1) Neophyte. 2) Symbolic Degrees. 3) Chapter Degrees. 4) Philosophical Degrees. 5) Sublime
degrees. 6) Esoteric Degrees. 7) Great Initiation. 76 Page 66 Initiation airtight box exceeds the
knowledge usual, following the same system, we are only mention here in order to leave some
things unwritten be studied, such as some signs, some steps to take, or some ordinary graphs. It
is a fact that the current Masonic notions are ordinarily misunderstood, that they try to teach
others ... Indeed, there are rituals, and traditional symbols of our Institution, a beautiful lesson
to learn. To raise again Freemasonry is necessary, first, that the scale of 33 degrees is rebuilt on
its true basis and at its full value, and that study all the materials inherent in each grade. Is there,
perhaps, many 12 degrees to know the principles of architecture? (Its title is Gr. M:. Architect).
Are the 30 Masters in Kabbalah? (This is the meaning of the Hebrew word Kadosh) ... Many H:.
M:. who know astrology? (Essential, however, from the degree 8 ° and in particular 12 ° and 14 °)
... You can not build anything on the land effectively without being Commander of the stars, ie,
holder of astrology 30 . As we saw in the first chapter, and demanded Vitruve real architects, not
only in these skills but tamben in philosophy, and especially in astrology 31 Let us mention in
passing the founding charter of Gr. Log:. of the Astrological Humanistic Masonic Order:
"Manifesto of foundation, dated to September 6, 1917 (0hrs. 19mins. At midday). Signed by AE
Thierens and HM D'Agremont. Big Brands and Landmarks in our house, are determined as
follows: 1. (The Lion). Creator Has a Universal Principle. Two. (The Scorpion). His Being is
immanent Essence of Life. Three. (The Water Bearer). Appears in Universal Interdependence.
April. (The Bull). Cause of Universal Harmony Act. May. (The Lion). Man is at the center of the
Universal Life.

6. (The Scorpion). From it derives the Creative Power). 30 The Rosaico (. Mas: Germany) system
required perfect knowledge of the planetary science. The Hermetic Order of the Golden
Alborada (Hermetic Order of the Golden Drawn), founded in Keighley in 1887, but does not
admit members after establishing their horoscopes. Mizraim Rite, not only deals Astrology
widely, but included among its members astrologers most eminent (Log:. Arco Iris). 31 True
rosacrucres (part of their tradition has entered the institution More:.) Have always had
renowned astrologers: Robert Fludd, Lilly, etc.. 77 Page 67 7. (The Water Bearer). Humanity is a
fraternity. 8. (The Bull). Has the Power of Wisdom and Force Beauty. The book begins with its
constitution 12 Principles of F:. M:. I. Free-Masonry is an abstraction II. His being is Universal. III.
Its activity unites the Partial to Universal, and the outer life the inner life. Etc. Etc. .. " Let us not
forget the great importance should be given to the phrases of the rituals, such as on hours : from
noon to midnight 32 . In this regard, the sun at noon is on the cusp of the house astrological X
(Midheaven), which is related to the domain Business, social status, occupation, the situation in
general. The astro passes immediately to the Ninth House, the philosophy, the influence
spiritual. Perceived as immediately, the proximity between astrological symbols and phrases
initiatory Thus, the profane man X in the House, the neophyte passes IX (of Spirituality), then the
Sun reaching the eighth house (the death, and also the reincarnation) characterizes the M:.
leaving the material plane, then dies first birth in the upper plane, the House VII (Union, the
Association, any idea of tie and approach towards a ideal) love means that Bro. M:. feels for his
Brothers to cooperate in the cause of humanity, the House VI (which is the service, health and
test) shows that no waiting reward but instead, acknowledges the difficulties and stands ready to
undergo testing, in House V creation is born, and cycle ends on IV (Fund of Heaven), one of the
end of all things (that the Sun travels at midnight). Finally, it is known that the initiation step
consists of a lower to a higher state, and need to be considered so the rhythm of human life
against the great activities from heaven by this reason that in the Temple 33 the guard takes the
West to 32 From midnight to noon is the active period of the day, is the period Yang of China
(the Jinn period from noon to midnight, is passive). The Yoga exercises are begun before the end
of the first half day to Like the Taoists also advised the exciting part before noon. 33 Temple in
Etruscan means universe. It is well known that a lodge is the representation of the sky. 78 Page
68 close the Lodge in the same way the sun when the day closes lies in the West 34 . Let's add
that to even be admitted to the initiation, when the layman is stripped of all metals, not only for
demonstrate that all that is invaluable to the vulgar world lacks value to him, but also because
each corresponds to a metal planet 35 And this telluric condensation could impoverish fluids.
That's when the man reached for his renunciation more release and awakens better Initiation. 34
As Zoroaster was not receiving his disciples but from noon Also the F:. M:. opens its work on the
passive part of the day. 35 Sun: Golden Moon: Silver. Mercury: Brass. Venus: Copper, Mars: Iron.
Jupiter: Tin. Saturn: Lead. Uranus: Platinum 79 Page 69 The will is free will whereby the weight
balance is Obviously, all symbols should be clarified, but it be beyond the scope of this little
book, which describes only

briefly some Masonic attributes. Let explanations currents, but even so we did not even delve
into the entirely esoteric 36 . The lace apron 37 Tied around the waist, symbolizing protective
circle of magicians Altos 38 they will operate. Also cut all ties with the secular world, the rope,
often reproduced in the pictures of the lodges, showing the H:. M:. its ligation with the
institution, the defense of the Order until death and memory of the martyrs who have fought for
the freedom of Human Rights ... Masonry is also a beautiful example and doctrine ceremonial
and dramatically conveys the secret of regeneration the soul. For this reason, it is divided into
two parts: Mas. speculative and More:. operational. Occurs where the Mas. is speculative in
Temple, for it only a symbol of the human organism. The Mas. operation consists of a series of
spiritual activities that made in the physical and psychic organism (transmutation that must
operate). The gavel (the will), chisel (the trial), the square (the matter) and compass (spirit) are
all common symbols on which has already been much 39 . however, the squad 36 A
comprehensive study of this subject will be in our TREATY MASONIC ESOTERISMO we have in
preparation. 37 The ritual begins with the placement of the apron, which preserves the rough of
the research. 38 The original French text reads: Magistes ie those who practice magic
Ceremonial and Work, not to be confused with magicien that are jugglers, illusionists, theater
artists witchcraft or any kind of low. The Mages (Wizards) correspond to the Initiates in the
Masters. This explanation is necessary because in Castilian has lost its fundamental meaning,
and yet appropriate word exists. 39 The main tools are the tools of stone carvers, builders, etc ...
I think that has made both builders Age Media, however, in the spiritual order is Moral

Universal. The Gavel is the oldest found in the tomb of a Pharaoh Egyptian Dynasty XVIII century
(170 0y.o.) BC 80 Page 70 and compass, to say something unprecedented about these symbols as
known, offer interesting particularities related to its equivalence with the principles they
represent. With the help of a compass we all know represents the spirit, is plotted not only the
circumference, which is the graphical representation of And the infinite universe but also with
the same opening compass can build on this circle an equilateral triangle. Not insist on the value
it has for us this figure geometric, but especially call attention to the fact that We have thus
divided into three equal circumference arcs, with a value of 120 each, which is equivalent in
astronomy a harmonious appearance. By contrast, the square symbolizing material, is
constituted by an angle of 90 °, which in astronomy equivalent to a dissonant aspect. The rough
stone is needed for styling the stone cubic, attracts our attention, not the workmanship
symbolizing improvement to be attained (abandonment of the passions, loss of atavism, etc ...),
but by the graph in which we will stop for a moment. The mallet, chisel and square, are the
attributes of Ap. And Each of these tools has a symbolic interpretation, which corresponds to the
qualities called for in this first grade. The gavel is the strength of the energy needed for the work
to be controlled, and chisel, symbolizing intelligence, helps direct actions. The rough stone
gradually takes shape, thanks to the Beats chisel gavel on the size (is directed will for the
reason). The squad features righteousness necessary to man social reforms that ambition and
elevated ideals. The Ap. Comes from a dark world and enters the luminous universe; this new
clarity in your existence is Knowledge. The G to appears to Partner, is the initial of Gnosis (Divine
Science) 40 Geometry as it is, and it gives you a greater chance to polish stone. Finally, the
Master studies the different projections of these symbols. The cube, split or broken into six sides
and they extended on a surface has a shape of a cross, which immediately reminds us with his
arms the action of the four elements, each other, and the four states of matter. These four arms
of the cross also symbolizes the four corners

Celestial (cardinal points), the four lunar phases, the four 40 This letter is the initial of God in
English, German, Swedish, Japanese, etc.., And Genius also, Genesis, and many other attributes.
81 Page 71 Man temperaments (sanguine, bilious, lymphatic, nervous) the four royal stars
marking in ancient Egypt beginning of the seasons, etc ... The cubic stone is the symbol of the
adept on domain elements and beings (salamanders to fire, for Gnomes Earth, Sylphs and
Sylphides for air and for water Ondinas). The four extremities of the cross also represent the
objects indispensable for magical operations: the rod, the sword, the pantacle and cup 41 . The
two main paths of the cross, are the sword and scepter (powerful symbols of higher degrees),
but even here means the horizontal and vertical matter spirit. Finally, this is a philosophical
synthesis, which involves a willingness to act boldly for improvement (is the weight placed in the
balance of free will). Destiny is not a thing immutable, because otherwise there would be
responsibility, so it is need to KNOW that the designs of the G:. A:. D:. U:. are impenetrable, but
we have a freedom to act in either sense, we need to WANT to any spiritual food price; uS
necessary OSE in the effort with full knowledge of the difficult path that must be traveled to
reach Initiation, and finally, you need to SHUT UP about indispensably teachings and meditate
before decisions. The Bible, the universal key, is an esoteric monument offers, or prophecies, or
basic instructions for the occultism and Initiation in general. The four big words quoted in many
occasions, are benchmarks for deep meditations, and found in this holy book passages
corresponding to the choices that we must learn. KNOW that all things are in a thesis, and
antithetical Review; consult for this the Epistle to the Hebrews, Chapter V, 41 This is in-game and
in-game tarot of Spanish letters is a derivation of that with its four series: coins, cups, swords
and clubs. 82

Page 72 versículo2, San Marcos, Chapter VIII, verse 30; First Epistle the Thessalonians, Chapter V,
Verses 4-5 WANT to make a decision, take as an ideal defined in Luke XIV, verses 26-27, San Juan
VIII, verse 31. OSE change concepts, take a free philosophy prejudice and above all dogmas
established; OSE extinguish these atavistic to contemplate a vast universe, adhering to the
teachings of St. Matthew XVI, verses 24-26. Remember that Peter denied his Master three times,
as we refer John, Chapter XIII, verse 38 SILENT about the true light, too strong for the world
without preparation: Luke XIV, verses 28-29. The H:. M:. should know that there need to die, not
only in sham (the will and the whole ritual is not an empty comedy), it is necessary to completely
transform. For Initiation requires that the Mas. change your life, and it does not it is only
necessary to be practiced within certain lodges rules, but put them into everyday life, the work
taught in workshops should be practiced in the outside world. Just after NECESSARY RENACER
death. (See in this regard the Gospel All of John Chapter III, in particular reflect on the verses 3
and 5, which is the water and the spirit, ie the elements air and water signs Scorpio and the
Water Bearer, in the Verse 6 speaks of meat, earth and fire, and substance heat; born again,
Verse 7 says, or transmute . The Verses 12 and 14 speak of the serpent of Moses on which back
then, when we speak of the Great Arcanum). It is essential to understand the Bible 42 must be
taken more by the spirit than the letter, almost all of it is symbolic, figurative or hieroglyphic.
Some names of people, places, etc.., Are singlemind alchemical, magical, astrological or
Initiatory representations. For example, Isaiah means Medicine of the Philosophers (see Chapter
46 of Isaiah, "You send a worker") 43 . JEREMIAH mean Marrow of Sacred issue. DANIEL (fifth
son of Jacob) means Spirit of God. 42 The Bible and all other holy books, the Koran, Talmud,
Popol Vuh, Upanishad, etc ... are works that should be read according to their keys, failing not
found there but a moralist literature, or social code, and nothing more ... 43

In Ostervald version is written (chapter LVI, verse 6): "... they paid a goldsmith ... " 83 Page 73
This was done to hide even more, which was already evening in the Pentateuch. In this regard,
we have already seen in the first chapter, the value of eponyms, which in no way come to deny
the legendary characters, but add a real sense history, facts and philosophical importance. The
three traditional spelling Masonic points, would lack value if only serve to ensure, to the reading
of the profane, certain words, and this is the belief of most of the M:.! ... The historicist tradition
wants the Gr. Or:. France would have been the that for the first time he had used in 1774 and
gave the meaning: Wisdom - Strength - Beauty. However, it is a mistake to believe that symbols
are modern, as well as Freemasonry attributed to this same medieval times, where the
historians want to take ... By the way, the Templars had a predilection towards number 3 (Each
knight had three horses, received three detentions, etc ...) likewise, the numbers 6, 7, 8, 9, 12
and 13 were for them a similar importance. You need to realize that the symbol of the Trinity is
much older, and notes from antiquity: birth, life and death, as well as youth, maturity and old
age. The three points, then, come from a more ancient symbolism; back to the time when the
Wise Schools were represented by these points and were recognized as the North just point up
and two points at the base, with an apex upwards, as well as those belonging to the South
identified with the point down and two points of the base upwards. It is necessary to preserve
this symmetry that points ∴ equivalent to the triangle of Colleges North, so corresponds to the
positive polarity, the Western teaching (Column J ∴, and which is opposite to the points ∪
characterizing triangle corresponding to the Lunar South aspect) to Initiation Eastern passivity
(column B ∪ ). In another point must be at right angles., hiding the bracket and rules the
universal construction, when s located below the Masonic language words. With respect to the
number, recall that only the odd are sacred 44 , naturally, about 3 of the manifestations are
inexhaustible (aspects of Sol: aurora,

meridian, twilight, human states: physical, astral, divine, etc ...) 44 Do not forget, to illustrate this
statement, which is taught by symmetries found only in beings endowed with life. The inorganic
matter is not present but symmetries of even order. 84 Page 74 5 is representative of the Son of
Man, is the Star 5 points characterizing the man with outstretched arms and legs apart,
traditional five planets accompanying two luminaries, etc ... / 7 represents the seven planetary
angels and all other meanings we already know (seven main colors of the rainbow, seven musical
notes, seven planes of evolution, etc ...). Seven is also the number of holes we have in the head
and requires great meditation to understand (make) all mystery ... With regard to the number
seven, call further attention to the sacred word of the first degree of the French Rite, which is
the singular of the sacred word of seventh grade 45 . Immediately warns the circuit and the
relationship between these two Masonic degrees. The Thodol Bardo (Tibetan holy book) is based
on the number symbolic 49 square sacred number 7. This figure has been long time for sacred
arias and other races. His role in the revelations San Juan well illustrated, and the notion of
considered holy seventh day, gives us the reason why it has been consecrated to the Eternal. 3, 5
and 7 are permanently as the foundation of But numerology., as being encrypted symbols of the
three early grades correspond to truths that are Initiatory explained in due time. 9 is the number
of the generation of the seed and reincarnation (requires 9 months of gestation before birth),
solvent serves all numbers without ever associating or by any amount or by multiplication. Thus
we have: 9x1=9 9 x 2 = 18: 1 + 8 = 9 9 x 3 = 27 2 + 7 = 9 9 x 4 = 36 3 + 6 = 9 9 x 5 = 45: 4 + 5 = 9 9 x
6 = 54: 5 + 4 = 9 9 x 7 = 63 6 + 3 = 9

9 x 8 = 72: 7 + 2 = 9 9 x 9 = 81: 8 + 1 = 9 45 Note in passing a big mistake Mas instructors. who

instituted the same sacred word in the first degree of the French Rite and the second A Scottish
Rite. and A: .. So that if J pronounce the sacred word. The H:. M:. French think that this is a
Trainee, when in fact it is a Fellow Scottish Rite, and inversely with the sacred word happens B:.!
85 Page 75 We can also obtain: 1111111101 123456789 x 9 = 9 2222222202 123456789 x 18 =
18 1 + 8 = 9 3333333303 123456789 x 27 = 27 2 + 7 = 9 4444444404 123456789 x 36 = 36 3 + 6 =
9 5555555505 123456789 x 45 = 45 4 + 5 = 9 123456789 x 54 = 6666666606: 54 5 + 4 = 9
7777777707 123456789 x 63 = 63 6 + 3 = 9 123456789 x 72 = 8888888808: 72 7 + 2 = 9
123456789 x 81 = 9999999909: 81 8 + 1 = 9 Regarding the number 12 is obvious mention as
exponent of the Zodiac, of the Apostles, of the Tribes of Israel. For number 24 (representing the
media-signs Astrology), we turn to Revelation chapter IV, verses 4-7, where mention of the 24
Elders of the 7 lamps, and the 4 animals (24 Geniuses hours a day - in Persia, Izzids 7 planets and
constellations ... 4 large) A number of religious forgot the important part of the science of
numbers. The cirstianismo, for example, should have with a Mystery School, since its founder
was a Great Initiated in the mysteries Essenes (in accordance with school Pythagoras and the
secret schools of India). St. John himself, in his writings gives proof that the Master Hierophant
Jhesu was well versed in the ancient Arcana and I was familiar with the ritual of the Egyptian
cults. San Mateo was Master of Basilides, the immortal Egyptian sage who founded with Simon
Magus in the Church of San Pedro, Gnosticism (the system more complete Christian mysticism
that existed ever). During the early Christian era in Rome, Christianity I was in close contact with
Mithraism (philosophy of fire in Persia) and it was from there that derived most of the rituals
and ceremonies of primitive Christianity. Therefore, every priest Christianity, every minister of
the Gospel, an anatomist should be a physiologist, an astronomer, a philosopher and a

Pythagoras attached great importance to the numbers 7 and 10 that 7 is the sum of 3 and 4,
which means the union of man with Divinity. 7, which represents the law of evolution, is the
figure of followers of the Great Initiations and expresses the full realization of all things in 7
degrees. 10, formed by the addition of first four digits together (1 + 2 + 3 + 4 = 10) is a number
perfect and divine, because it combines all the principles evolved meeting a new unit. 86 Page
76 As a small example purely intellectual order, we we allow to present some mathematical
curiosities. There quadratic relationship between numbers 13 and 16. In effect, the 16 is 256
square of the sum of numbers gives 13, and the square of 13 is added 169 whose numbers gives
16 ... The only numbers that are perfect cubes: 1, 8 and 27, are also equal to the sum of the
figures in the cube: 1 3 =1 8 3 = 512 = 5 +1 +2 = 8 27 3 = 19683 = 1 + 9 + 6 + 8 + 3 = 27 17, 28 and
26, without being perfect cubes present nonetheless identical properties in relation to the sum
of the digits of its cube. It's called the perfect number having the property of being equal to the
sum of divisors each other. The first six numbers are perfect the following: 6, 28, 496, 8128,
8589869056 33550336 and therefore in effect: 6=1+2+3 28 = 1 + 2 + 4 + 7 + 14 496 = 1 + 2 + 4 +
8 + 16 + 31 + 124 + 248 etc. ... etc. ... To end this symbolic numerology, we quote the number
142857 magical than having multiplied always presents the same figures that compose it.
142857 142857 142857 142857 142857

142857 142857 142857 X X X X X X X X 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 = = = = = = = = 285714 428571 571428

714285 857142 999999 1142856 1285713 (The numbers are the same, but in progressive order)
"" "" "" "" " "" "" "" "" " "" "" "" "" " "" "" "" "" " Striking peculiarity! (7 has disappeared, but it has
been broken down into 6 and 1) (4 has disappeared, but it has been broken down into 3 and 1)
In the same way that you can verify oddities 142857 shows the number multiplying by 11, 12,
13, 15, 16, 18, etc. ...... That is why it is included among the cabalistic numbers
mathematics. The tiled floor of the lodges, with their famous white squares and black, has
another very different meanings to good and evil, or at the light and darkness. This black and
white floor, represents only solar effect which manifests itself in the solar effect which manifests
itself in the neophyte after it has been bathed in lunar fluids, as this opposition says the simple
color tones and the opposite is say, the ends, the contrasts of existence, even the illusion of 87
Page 77 life, then, in hindsight, the temple floor presents aspects different that there have been
drawn. Speaking of prospects, also try to progressions material covering a multitude of
attributes. Consider for example, the level of vibrations, which is I tabulated in exact
mathematical progressions, starting with 2 (Low expression containing the odd and even),
following a ascending order until the penetrating rays of thousands of oscillations second, that
these oscillations are always multiples of the first figure: 2. Since the lowest sound wave may
perceive human to the higher regions reaching 9,223,372,036,854,775,808 oscillations, which
may be mental waves correspond to one law retains identical frequency relationships in a
mathematical progression, whose principles were enunciated by the sages: 1st. 3rd. 4th to 15th
From 16th the 25th From 26th to 31 º 32 º 47 º 48th 49th 50 51 º 60 º 61 º 63 º rank: rank:

rank: rank: rank: rank: rank: rank: rank: rank: rank: rank: rank: rank: rank: rank: rank: 2 8 16
Waves perceptible 32,768 by the human ear 65,356 sound waves imperceptible 33,554,432 for
man 67108864 Electric Waves 2,147,483,648 known Electromagnetic waves 4,294,967,296
140,737,488,355,328 unknown 281.474,976,710,656: light waves 562,949,953,421,312: infra-
red waves 1,125,899,906,842,624: ultraviolet waves 2,251,799,813,685,248 Regions
1,152,921,504,606,846,976 unknown 2,305,843,009,213,693,952: X-ray
9,223,372,036,854,775,808: mental waves (?) The grade 64 correspond to
18,446,744,073,709,551,616 waves, which makes us think immediately in the total grain wheat,
legend symbolic chess game, should have been paid to the inventor of this game to meet your
demand. Recall briefly legend to distract an Indian Prince who had lost battle his idolized son, a
poor and modest Brahamin called 88 Page 78 Lahur Sessa, came to offer a game of his own
invention which consisted a large board divided into 64 equal squares, on which evolved a king,
a queen and her subjects. The King could not deliver

battle without the cooperation of all its parts to lower around, such was the rule of this game
that provides Lahur Sessa Prince, while a judicious praise. Prince experienced such pleasure with
this game, which gave the Brahamin which he establishes his reward. This was content to
respond to allocate a grain of wheat for the first square of dash, two in the second, four in the
third, and so on sexagésimacuarta box to always doubled, and I were you given the total sum.
The prince immediately ordered meet demand so modest in appearance, but having been made
calculation, he fell on his face when his treasurer came to inform you that the total amounted to:
18,446,744,073,709,551,615 (Number of 20 digits that is subtracting one unit to the
sexagésimacuarta power of 2: 18,446,744,073,709,551,616 least 1 18,446,744,073,709,551,615)
and to produce that amount of wheat would have been necessary I plant for more than a whole
century India, including area occupied cities, so this amount should Lahur deliver Sessa,
amounted to a mountain that has as basis the capital of the kingdom and was a hundred times
higher than the Himalayas. It says that the king did not keep a grudge the Brahamin this second
lesson, and immediately appointed his prime minister. A Iniciático mystery of great importance,
is enclosed the dispute (the unit is subtracted) between the two truly astronomical numbers: the
sixty-fourth grade vibration and the total of sixty-four squares of chess. (64 by reduction equals 6
plus four equals 10, which is in turn equal to 1 plus 0 equals 1. The sum of squares is equal to 64
2080, which is equal to 2 + 0 + 0 + 8 = 10, ie one more than 0 equal to 1. That is, by reducing is
equal to unity subtracted from: 18,446,774,073,709,551,616). It would too coincidental that this
was a random event occurring on especially if we reflect on the two colors of the pieces in the
game (black and white, positive and negative pole, the sun and moon), and the black and white
squares on the board, who played with a singular purpose the tiled floor of our temples ... The
principle which has been mentioned, whether or not discernible to our sensitivity, remain
identical. Thus, a vibrating string 89 Page 79 produces a number of transverse vibrations by
second, which is in inverse proportion to its length, in proportion

the square root of its tension, and inversely proportional to the root square of the density, which
allows, by knowing such factors make rope with the desired colors. There are the same
relationships between numbers and elements chemicals, everything is governed by the same
laws, whether the system planetarium or the diatonic system. With respect to the mathematical
relationships 46 , it is necessary Originally mention Zoroaster, who had a table in front of the 46
By provision left by the M:. V:. Gr:. Master, Dr. Serge Raynaud de la Ferriére to M:. V:. D:. FERRIZ
D. O., include ... "these items esotericism XXII Aquarian internal, as you work I like to see
published in some parties to test the understanding of the lesson Disciple of the Master,
including it in the black book of the F:. M:., Because they seem to really Initiatory important
these thoughts, as a testimony of personal application work offered by the Master to his
disciples. " (Communication of M:. V. Gr. Maestre, dated March 11, 1957 E:. V., At 20 of the Fish
Year of the E IX. A:.) The laws of relationship between numbers can be between the numeral
value, secret value (VS) value squared, cubed value by decomposition, addition, subtraction,
reduction, theosophical addition, partition, investment, circular permutation, synthesis, ligation,
expansion, restriction, mutation, male and female symmetrical readings, sexualization and
recombination. By notárica, themoura, cyclical affiliation and multiples, submultiples, etc. I - The
number by subtraction or addition make the difference between two numbers, numeral
indicates the value that meets or separates (the ratio or difference between 2701 and 2812 is
111, for example). II - Taking into account the training process all secret value that is manifested
in the overall training process (paleontogénesis and taquigénesis), we can establish that: All
genetically proceeds previous number and therefore resulting in its meaning. III - The secret
value of a number and the secret value of another secret value is equal to synthesis number (if
any), as in the case of the VS 48 enclosing the array of 38 and 29 through the sum of their
respective secret values. IV - The secret value invested secret value linked to another number
equals the value secret of another number, if any, as in the case of the secret value of 33
polarized 165 and is linked to 3, which is the secret value of 2, gives 1653 which is the secret
value of 57. V - Factors of a number are factors relating to the secret value. We note that 29 x 5
equals 145, the secret value is Bereshith. VI - Taking the case of 5, which makes the square AIN-
SOPH action, and that the bucket action makes Kether, in the passage from the unknowable,
Number cubed action makes it manifested. VII - The reduction (also called addition)
Theosophical a number is the sum of their numbers reaching the fewest gravitation. (166 is
equal to 1 plus 6 plus 6 what

is 13 which is equal to 1 plus 3). VIII - The expansion of a number is inserting a zero in the center,
and thus they are still interspersed symmetrically around the center, zeros, alternating between
remaining figures. The constraint, on the contrary, is removing the zeros also symmetrically. The
zeros have no value determined in esotericism but in the arithmetic manipulations, since "zero
externality is the symbol of a null and impassable to the bosom of Being "below. 90 Page 80
waterfall of the Nile, which were recorded numerical progressions symmetrically so that each
value and always result and combination of its precedents. This famous progression called
Pyramid of Zoroaster, is constructed in the following order: 1 12 123 1234 12345 123456
1234567 12345678 123456789 x8+ x8+ x8+ x8+ x8+ x8+ x8+ x8+ x8+ 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 = = = =

= = = = = 9 98 987 9876 98765 987654 9876543 98765432 987654321 IX - The cyclical affiliation,
if any, is composed of: number: secret value: secret value expanding number: number
expanding. In other words: N VS VS N. Exp N. in Exp For example: 23 276 2070 6203, ie 23 has its
secret value is 276, its expansion is 203, which is a secret value 20706, which in turn is 276
symmetrical expansion. X - The investment of a total mark their opposition, as in the case of 18
and 81 or 38 and 83 XI - Mutation is the inversion of a part of a number such as 465 in the
example of which becomes 456 XII - Ligation is to form a single number as two numbers without
adding them, as in the case of the ligation of 30 and 95 that resolves 3095 (MEM open
Quabbalah). XIII - The decomposition of a number can be done by removing any one or more of
their figures, empelando all or part for a relationship, but that relationship will be greater when
the similarity with the number is complete. Decomposing 10 and 26106 have 266 (266 is the first
value of the word skies produced by 38 times 7). In 6216 (value 111 Secret of the Divine Trinity).
26106 is also the secret value of 228 (product of 38 6, "the seal of the organization and
conduct"). XIV - Circular permutation is the sum of possible permutations of the same number.
Example: 785 over 857 over 578 over 758 over 875 over 587 equivalent added 4440 444. XV -
The direct reading is symmetric by adding the figures from the ends of a number, invested with
the central figures of the number. (6216, read 66 plus 12) XVI - The direct male reading is adding
the first part, the second part of n number figures (6216, read 62 plus 16). XVII - The male
reverse reading is alternately adding the digits of a number (6216, reading 61 m 26) XVIII - The
open reading women is reversed by adding together the first part with the Part of the digits of a
number. (6216, read 26 plus 16). XIX - The female reader is closed by adding together the first
part, the second part inverted figures of a number (6216, 61 reading 62 more)

XX - Notárica is the method of collecting the corresponding letters or numbers taking them from
different places of a word. XXI - Thermoura is the method to do permutations between the
letters of a word or their corresponding numbers, to obtain a value. XXII - And all these
numerical manipulations together. Based on the Mystery of Numbers (Psychological Purposes,
booklets II and III). 91 Page 81 The checkered floor of the lodges, is not only the expression of
the most diverse forces of the opposing views that converge amid al. The temple, but also
mathematical progressions as we just saw, for there Bear in mind that judgment that says the G:.
A:. D:. U:. geometrizes ... One of the hidden symbols within these bi-colored pictures, is what
many have taken as talismans and you really are called magic squares. 47 These pictures are now
accepted day for science, requiring occasionally go to them for find certain mathematical
solutions. Since ancient times they had in true ownership of solving arithmetic problems and
equally more hidden from other applications. Not go into the art of these magic boxes; simply
mention these esoteric symbols without explain the different methods to build or decrypt.
(Work to be done in the lodge). The magic squares have different functions, of which the
principal is undoubtedly serve as key interpretations. It is in Indeed a good screen, which placed
these numbers in some Fashion can be replaced by letters, forming words or Initiatory phrases.
The H:. M:. know this job. Let's say the first four frames, namely: Saturn totaling 15, the sum of
34 Jupiter, the Mars that sum 65 and the sum of the Sun 111. June 1 8 July 5 3 September 2 4
Saturn 4 14 15 1 9 June 7, 12

5 11 10 8 16 February 3, 13 Jupiter 47 Indeed, magic squares, by the magnetism that can deploy
talismans serve the more so, as they can be made up in metal relative to the date of birth,
observing the planetary influence. The Sun: gold. Moon: silver. Mars iron. Venus: copper.
Mercury: brass. Jupiter: tin. Saturn lead. In these works executed during crescent moon, when
the astro ranks corresponding sign etc ... the electromagnetic load value cumulative effective.
Moreover, no one has seriously proven otherwise ... 92 Page 82 November 24 7 20 3 4 12 25 8
16 17 5 13 21 9 Oct. 18 1 14 22 23 6 19 2 15 Mars 6 32 March 34 35 1 7 November 27, 28 8

30 19 14 16 15 23 24 18 20 22 21 17 13 25 October 29 9 December 26 36 May 33 4 2 31 Sol It is

well known that these pictures add vertical, horizontal or diagonally, the same value. Besides
pictures like Venus totaling 175, that of Mercury 266 and the sum of the Moon 369 sum, there
are also many other pictures that can solve a multitude of unknowns. These magical boxes that
can be represented by Symmetric tiling of our lodges, they also are robust in sound
measurement. Indeed, numerology is all directly related to the notes music and can be different
pictures tabular interval diatonic, encrypted with notations in their relations in the seven worlds.
As an example we quote thirds, fifths, sevenths and décimotercios: SOL SI 1 2 3 RE MI FA 5 6 7 LA

7 8 SI DO RE 3 4 5 FA SOL LA 7 8 9 Thirds and Fifths 93 Page 83 SOL LA SI DO RE MI FA 1 2 3 4 5 6

7 LA SI DO RE MI FA SW L 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

SI DO RE MI FA SOL 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 DO RE MI FA SOL LA SI 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 RE MI FA SOL LA SI DO 5 6 7

8 9 10 11 MI FA SOL LA SI

DO RE 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 FA SOL SI DO RE MI 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 RE MI FA SOL LA SI DO 5 6 7 8 9 10
11 MI FA SOL LA SI DO RE 6 6 7
8 9 11 12 FA SOL SI DO RE MI 7 7 8 9 11 12 13 SOL LA SI DO RE MI FA 8 8 9 11 12 13 14 LA SI DO
RE MI FA SOL 9 9 11 12 13 14 15 SI

DO RE MI FA SOL LA 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 DO RE MI FA SOL LA SI 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 Seventh

and Decimotercios The names of the musical notes come from the first stanza of the Hymn of
San Juan Bautista: UT quent laxis Resonare fibris MIra gestorum FAmuli tuorum Solve polluti
Labile reatum ... The name of the seventh note was taken from the fourth verse of this stanza
begins: Ionannes Sancte ... whose initial note with SI was formed. 94 Page 84 The French are the
only ones who have kept these names DO, and other countries completely changed the

musical. Here are some equivalences. SPANISH FRANCES ITALIANO ENGLISH ALEMAN 12. DO 11.
F G A H 5.SI Bb Bb SI bemolle B flat B (In German, in this

only case, yes Bb lacks suffixes. April. Flat Bémol Bemolle Flat ... "It is in German that to add this
syllable letter of each note, for eg for Ces Do flat Diese 3.Sostenido Sostenuto Sharp ... is (added
this syllable to mean sustained; Dis Re sustain). Two. Higher Majeur Maggiore Mayor Dur 1. Less
Mineour Minore Minor Moll We understand now that being all vibration: numbers, notes, colors
and planetary influences are in close related. The ancients left us computing systems concerning
different frequencies, which allow a planet to be expressed in numbers or The formula
expressed in heart 95 Page 85 define a color to a planet. Of course these relationships are well
known in magic and Freemasonry you can not ignore is the top also manifested in stones,
animals, names, perfumes, symbols, etc.. Esoteric research knowledge demand more varied and
mostly immediate understanding of the relationships and laws of correspondence between the
different elements of the

Kabbalah, astrology, magic, architecture, music, etc ... synthesis, to establish the correlation
between the various domains of science, art and philosophy. Everything is closely linked to the
world, and Mason sucking build the universal church can not ignore any of the forms, spaces, or
for any ideas. All graphics can be poured in formula, and any algebraic equation expressed by a
body or a solid surface. Volumes more or less eccentric shapes, are able also concretize
relationships and wise ideas. In this particular mathematical paragraph, we are forced allude to
the great problem of squaring the circle. We consider obvious the well-known solution of a
regular polygon of twelve thousand (12,000) sides, which gives a close approximation to the
value of π = 3.14.1592742, which is an ideal solution based on principles Geometric. However, it
is closer to the truth another solution recently discovered by a mathematician from South
America. Circumference ABCD is drawn with any radius, which take as conditional unit. In this
figure is plotted another concentric A 'B' C 'D' circle with a radius equal to the first circle plus one
tenth the diameter AC, ie 10 ' AC AO C O + = after the RS tangent outlined in C and becomes
rotate the OC line 'with O as a center, until it obtains a length I - i, equal to one tenth of h - Kes
that between the tangent R S and the point h. This distance will be measured RS perpendicular
to the tangent point We thus unknown "h" that has sought to draw the line b - h that graphically
solves a side of the square the circle given. (Jaime Udeman, "Transcendental Problems"). To re-
address issues of concordance between different things, first mention Pythagoras, who medical
diagnostic applied average numbers. His method consisted of the compilation of the letters with
their respective values, weekdays, Ruling Planets of the day, etc ... that a system -

96 Page 86 comparative, indicating the medicinal uses and alchemists, combinations of products.
Addition characteristics and importance of the disease and remedies used, the resulting
guidance was to be followed and means to be used to find the solution of the problem. The
Pythagorean Paradigm can adapt to different languages and opens a vast horizon occultism. Our
role is confined to cite the study items without entering the domain of applications. Nothing is
random and constructions of temples in the real physical world and 97 Page 87 material require
knowledge other than architecture. In Indeed, a place where men must meet to rise in special
conditions, requires a particular magnetism studied, and as for the analysis of such appeals by
vibrations a psychic, occult and spiritual reasons, it is necessary to achieve the Traditional gifts
resting on the mystical realities and Initiation, so that through the style and symbols reflect ideas
and forces of ancient wisdom, and transmit their lessons to future generations, through the line
of form number, etc. * ** 98 Page 88 The arquométro is the instrument of evocation of the past,
necessary for the construction in the present, as a means synthesis and regeneration throughout
the intelligentsia future. A system that can not only meet all matches, but also serves to decode
the mythologies, legends, religious, etc.., by a method Architectural, meeting in the presence of
all the possibilities Eastern traditions to continue, western, Semitic or arias ... It is known that the
true initiation is not transmitted but lip heard. However, there is a precision instrument
particular that

experimentally restored to the universal revelation. This system is archaeometry, science is truly
higher, because to deal with any kind of problems data that soar again to true wisdom, offering,
even the possibility of such corrections often necessary in the history of education men. All our
intended period of progress, is but an atrocious black point in all ages. It is an affront to the
wisdom, our entire modern period in most studies sages are merely preliminary, can hardly
serve as a basis for minimum universal law. Successive imitation of nonsense disfigured pagan
education to reach the antisocial, and from primary school to higher learning that last name,
report a truly insignificant graduation, not enough to be a matter of higher education, and for
that reason observed wherever the same banal mentality ... Only education differs slightly in
homes where born first spiritual, but if it is then restricted religious instruction for all the
outright indoctrination. Consequently it is necessary to resort to occult societies, esoteric
centers better prepared to find people, but often they are astray in a litter of pseudo-theories.
Pythagoras, who had been the prophet as Teachers Oshi (in Sais), Hon-OPHI (Heliopolis), a
Nazarath (Babylon), to GheberZharothosh (in Persia), and Nepal to the first College Pandit Sacred
to Brahma, knew hide Iniciático Saber in his teachings currents, but for those who can
understand, he clarifies 99 Page 89 patriarchal truths, because it is a pious pilgrim college
eternal. His revelation is clear when he says: "Human reason has itself but a mere guess value.
Science and Wisdom belong to the Divine and we can only be aware of them according to our
degree of openness. " We could not quote without mentioning their Pythagorean Golden Verses:
"Ascribe legal homage to the gods of the nations and keep swearing to its rightful God ... "
Protosíntesis, unique and universal source, the first two verses Greek sage, constitute a creed to
G:. A:. D:. U:., With its deep esoteric meaning. Different ethnic cults derived from the universal
religion, not reveal the great truth but to the elements and better prepared in no case later than
thirty years. All this is summarized in the

Lysis mentioned in the second verse: "Respect the diversity of religions, the power and purpose
of the name, Orc and be faithful to the one universal religion, which received your oath .... " It is
time to talk about archaeometry, synthesis science wanted to address just now. This
centralization of knowledge, from the broadest antiquity to our modern times, has been the
secret depths of a few initiates. It is true that to address it is needs serious technical and
philosophical training, not forgetting lexical minimal baggage. However, its current
implementation becomes possible with the use of a work tool for all paths, artistic, literary or
religious compositions. The Arqueometre is an instrument which served the old to set all
esoteric religions myths. In the canon of ancient art in its various manifestations architectural,
musical, poetic or theogonic. It is the sky that speaks: every star, every constellation, it becomes
a letter or phrase or an enlightened divine name with new irradiation, ancient traditions of all
peoples. As tracing instrument has, however, the advantage of if every guild of craftsmen have
their own tools well defined, however it is for all purposes is the key sound measurement and
provides painters colors, while the shapes of the architect. Not be verified with him 100 Page 90
preset instructions, but to investigate how to make expressions arise according to a defined
method, builds nothing, but presents the principles abide wish to undertake which such or
paths. The mainly arts resets its synthesis, readjusting the expression of the true sources. Give
the key to the successive religious and scientific antique adaptations. Allows the architect build
forms under a name, an idea, a certain color, respecting the vibrations emanating from a curve
harmonics, because they correspond to a planetary influence related to the source of revelation.
It is the instrument of evocation of the past, required for in this construction as a means of
synthesis and regeneration the entire intelligentsia in the future. It is well understood that, as all
comes from the One,

there is a law that directs each line and why each graph, each drawing, each sculpture, to refer
to a symbol, an idea primary, a spirit, as a glimpse of a genius. It has been precisely the
composition without rules that has promoted degeneration of Art, the abandonment of these
codes has deformed the sculpture, painting, music and literature, materialistic phases exempt
from discipline, as artistic expression, in any mode must be a manifestation of G:. A:. D:. U:. We
must restore the sacred art is the vivid expression of Word. Whether it be the creative Word,
incarnate or resurrected, He is the existence of eternal life, and this life turn across the synergy
of divine wisdom, all the energy of divine love is the existence of life with his royal sovereign gift
of grace. His laws direct are not abstract, they are living, are the Beings created, existing and
subsisting. Thus, it is easy to see that a symbol changes has suffered because the Arqueometre is
represented as a planisphere especially, expressing us a graph of the science of cosmological and
morphological correspondences, based on the word and their equivalents. Naturally this science
can be applied to all trades cosmetic, however, the synthesis has been represented monumental
by religious building which is going to devote a paragraph. Harmonic promotions laws, forms and
music are the same. Thus, a sacred object, a column church are the same. Thus, a sacred object,
a column 101 Page 91 church, a lodge of Initiation, a temple in its entirety, require metric
synthesis that evokes the name to which the amounts aspiration, the symbol, the gift, the ideal,
etc .... Everything emanates from the Great All and all acts is to reintegrate involution and
evolution ... follow this inspire - expiry of the Cosmos, is to work in harmony with the supreme
law. Mission M:. M:. this is enforcing this criterion. From a ceramic or glass, to a monument,
nothing constructed without containing the teachings of Gr. M:. and no proclaim every line and
form, Gloria G:. A:. D:. U:. Respect for tradition is the best proof of a discipline freely consented,
related purest aspirations. The desire for improvement can be tempting but no thanks to Great
Instructors example, our I:. Patriarchs. From the gate we cross to get us into the light

true, to the ground where we come to kneel to what we offer up better in everything must
Iniciático path be in harmony with the divine emanations, everything should project magnetic
rays and even minor lines, colors, reliefs, etc.., should help create the atmosphere. In a word, we
refer to the absolute necessity of having archaeometric knowledge, both to address the lesser
degree whatever the ritual to become Gr. M:., Which demand a constructive reason for our
qualities of architects, our prestige in relation to the work. Therefore, it can not believe that
Freemasonry is an organization that distributes securities without for this deeply examine the
state of consciousness Individuals that do not correspond to the level in question. Mathematics,
geometry, physics and astronomy play a great role for those who want to reform the world:
there are solid foundations, concrete previously set in the material world, prior to developing a
better spiritual universe ... It is certainly in the upper grades where more specifically are
encouraged to study them in order to instruct the H:. Minors. Already Grade 30 made mention
of the important Scottishness in esoteric knowledge 48 , however, before reaching high degrees
all H:. M:. notion must have, at least, of the 48 Those who have already found the mysteries
revealed in the Ha-Kadoshak Barith, go to San Lucas VIII, vers. 27, 28, 29 and 30. (Note that
nothing has been marked at random: in this If the chapters and verses of the Gospel: Chapter
VIII VIII corresponds to the house, called the mystery in astrology, as the sign of the zodiac VIII,
scorpion, corresponds to the Transmutation: 27 and 28 are lunar and numbers 29 and 30 are
monthly) numbers. 102 Page 92 existence of all these things, even when they have a full
knowledge of them. The Arqueometre item is a translation of the verb, as, color, fragrance, taste
and resonance. It is a synthesis of form contained circular divided into concentric zones
containing correspondences of names, letters, notes, zodiac, planets, alphabets (Wattam,
Hebrew, Latin, Samaritan, Chaldean, Assyrian) vibrations in correspondence as a metric pattern
reform sound measurement and can serve rule for proportions aesthetic graphics drawn.
Primary, yellow, red, blue, colors are distributed in
trine within the circle, so that the white color is theoretically always existing at 180 ° opposite to
each of these three colors, thus resulting in this way, three hundred sixty nuances defined and
each is identified by a number of order to quickly discover its exact composition. By Of course,
the relationship of music are there registered under inversely proportional to the standard
physical method of measurement current: (D flat) = 100,000 or 1 meter, the figure 100,000 = 625
x 160). The layout of a form, whatever it is, becomes thus a key expression of a universal canon.
That is, with under a single name or a single idea (also by color or sound) it becomes possible to
obtain a picture, a graph, entire building, with the exact proportions of width, height, etc..,
whether it be an aesthetic monument construction religious, etc.. With a reverse procedure is
also suited to Literature colors, shapes, etc ... This intimate concatenation words, ideas, ancient
sciences, symbolic studies, allows, in lack of documentation or files, rebuild any religion,
philosophy or legend, with a play on a paper or foil, the constitution of the sky. Once I discovered
the numerical value of words matters little confusion of languages, the letters are preserved in
this way forces original, ie the sacred idea (MA in Arqueometre is equal to 40, and closure, and
several oriental languages Vattan want say: WATER, inversely, in the west end of the Incas
pronounced ATL 49 to mean the same element, expression arqueométricamente worth 40). All
that matters is the intrinsic value and only the final outcome. 49 This code comes from the
formation of the Atlantic, which comes from Atlantis (land midst of the waters), not the time of
the continent, but of the seven islands that formed the world in that period. 103 Page 93
Moreover, how do we interpret the constructions whose instruction is given in the Bible (Exodus
Chapter XXV, XXVI, XXVII.; Ezekiel cap. XII; Reyes cap. VI) If the calculations are not proficient
archaeometric? Here are some cases: In the Exodus, chap. XXV, vers. 10, said: "They shall make
an ark of acacia wood (acacia) whose length shall be two cubits and a half ", which gives the
note B flat (and all its

correspondences), so all this should be interpreted description. In a passage from Ezekiel, chap.
XII see 8 indicates that the As cane which the angel would be to measure the temple was six
cubits, the total number of divisions of the choir was 24, 6 x 24 = 144, the length of the rod,. 144
x 500 (in verse 15 comes to 500 measures this rod) = 72,000. Now this number is obtained equal
to the note G, ie, the octave of the musical scale divided between 144,000, yet here is
correlation, but chose not extend the definitions. The study should be done in archaeometry
lodge and we will not extend his analysis here. To end this chapter we will say a word about the
Great Arcane, ay! As often ignored in lodges, because of the low Instructors knowledge. It is in
the Bible (Exodus, Ch. IV, vers. 3 and 4) where it has been extracted the important basis of this
graph. Morality rests primarily in the act of transforming organic and inorganic, by extension,
immaterial material in objective and subjective. This is equivalent to Masonic saying that laws
should not remain in a state of projects, the lessons learned from the Gr. M:. should be put in
practice in daily life. In this symbol, what has been called Corona Ecclesiastical Institution is the
same, the lower part, where the hand holds the sword, it is the neophyte (the candidate,
applicant) in the circle, at the junction of the two tails snakes, the candidate begins truly to
belong to the Order, and if we list the grades according to the Scottish Rite A:. and A:. (Often
using for exotericism and explanations for all examples) 50 then we have: In the first period
(after the handle) intersecting with circle manifest the three basic degrees: Apprentice, 50 We
could make subdivisions graduation regarding any ritual, the which, however, are reduced to the
same basic proportions. Frequently alluded to the Scottish Rite. and A:., because it symbolizes
Masonry Current typical. 104 Page 94 Fellow and Master degrees or are symbolic, above, in the
smaller inner circle center, we see a branch of arms truncated forming a cross, the emblem of
the Chapter degrees, in the center of the large circle that forms entire Ecclesiastical Corona are

philosophical located degrees, those grades that was performed the true light, are the authentic
instructors and finally, in the center the second smaller inner circle, the point of intersection
represents administrative levels, which are 31 and 32. The sublime grade 33, Initiation by its
importance, should be characterized by some 105 Page 95 particularity; occupies the binding
site between the two heads of the snakes, symbol of the Divine spark, which arises from the two
major universal polarity. Let us look to the outside of the large circle in the highest, is find a
stylized flower lis, symbol of trinity governs the institution. Is esoteric command, which we have
already mentioned, and which in turn is located below an upper point powerful symbol of
directors. The central dividing line is very important because they show darkness and light, as we
have defined in the description of pavement lodges. Both in the shaded area as part of clarity,
the Cross is formed by the action of the four elements, in order to remember the famous axiom:
What is above is like what is Down to the miracle of the Worlds is met. The outline medium form
a X (the cross of St. Andrew), which is the Greek curette KHI, initial KONE (gold) of KRUSOS (pot)
and KRONOS (time), three Greek words on the basis of alchemy. It is the triple mystery of the
Great Hermetic Work. Note that two triangles are formed identically: one with the tip up on the
dark side: is aspiration of the material world to G:. A:. D:. U:,. Clear on the other side with the tip
down: is the spiritual decline in aid of a portion of humanity with the cherished ideal. With the
horizontal line, as the bottom circle diameter, pierced by the sword, which is the base of the
triangle whose top is the center of the large circle while the height of a truncated pyramid
(formed by the diameter and the lines continue the triangle), it becomes apparent the Masonic
work before being met and finish in this world (dark side). In the same figure the upper circle
appears as a cone truncated open, enclosed in a circle, to remember the mysteries of raising, in
fact, is the projection plane of a solid geometrically mysterious whose esotericism is known for
the Initiates. It is well known that the circle represents the magical protection traditional
knowledge and is kept secret.

The two snakes (two columns), the senses and reason are SOLVE-COAGULA of magic; dispersion
qualities and condensation are in the occult, the foundation of all meditations before a job
either. 106 Page 96 This asset - liability is intuition and analysis, all H:. M:. must perform to their
salary increases. Overlook all explanations about the sword ... that are the domain of our Order
however, call attention to the fact that this dick which the Bible speaks in Exodus, it is also the
subtle force whereby adherents may rise. This central power (Kundalini) goes through the
various neuro-fluidic centers (Chakras) to be light, it is necessary to live the initiatory degrees, for
the simple receive degrees fact is not evidence of evolution. Therefore, there are seven major
states (seven chakras): 1. Handle with hand represents understanding Two. The intersection of
the two snakes: the entrance to the trail Initiation. Three. The cross in the middle of the bottom
circle: participation in building a better world. April. The center of the large circle: the instruction
to mankind. May. The cross in the middle of the upper circle: the organization Initiation 6. The
meeting of the two heads: spiritual realization. 7. The top opening: Reintegration (or Universal
Address). Naturally, you can once again be used here the axiom SABER (in the early grades),
WANT to take part in the Great Reconstruction work, OSE show people your ignorance, but
regarding the Initiation SHUT Organization, In order to avoid distortions, not only committed by
the world profane, but also by inexperienced young followers who are left drag even by
appearances. This leads us to speak of the plexus, ie, points sensitive and nervo-fluidic our body,
as related with planetary influences. First, is the plane Saturnian (corresponding to the sacred
plexus Muladhara) symbol physical testing of physical evidence, vital struggles of mortal laws,
etc., which is the characteristic of the profane and neophyte is still attached to it. In the second
center (intercept of the two tails snakes) H being the neophyte reaches. M:. and Jupiter (symbol
of personality), who characterizes it. Assumes a position, enters the

Ecclesiastical Corona; admission to the institution has been a decision important in his life, he
has imposed his personality, that likewise corresponds to Saturn: the death, however, is must
live, even more, to revive. These two planets are related to the first word KNOW. 107 Page 97
Then, the third corresponds to the solar plexus center: Manipurachakra, is one where you learn
the mysteries, attempts to transmutation, is the word WANT and is the planet Mars who
governs. Accepting the importance of all Initiation adept at climbing Path to conquer the fourth
CENTRO, one that corresponds to cardiac plexus led by Venus, symbol of love (which is why the
heart is mentioned, when it comes to feelings or effects ...) and belongs to the word OSE, is
achieved here delimitation of darkness and light ... darkness is required for to emphasize the
Clarity ... darkness is necessary as substratum of light, evil is the foundation of good. Here
explain the obscurities of the Bible and the secret of the temples. Of this dualism born enigmatic
dogmas of Zoroaster, expressed in Hormuz, the face of Light, and Ahriman the head obscura.
Mastery of the elements is then updated, Bro. M:. is the degree to which it is imperative to be
instructed, it becomes necessary universal love. This horizontal line called Throne of Justice just
involves the abandonment of personality and sympathy individually. From this line is the celestial
harmony (zone of clarity) and is necessary to penetrate a pure heart. Here of course, the
knowledge is essential, so that the degree A Scottish Rite. and A:. is so important, in fact, defines
what material from the spiritual, control of the qualities, expertise of science, etc.. 51 . Anyway,
coming to join the fifth center in clarity, in full understanding, the word SILENT. She does
understand the need for well-targeted education on pain of disastrous consequences. The M:.
here acquire all the knowledge of the importance of secrecy, is the center for the pharyngeal
plexus ruled by Mercury, symbol of the word (which amounts to confirm the importance of
Knowing what to say, or Knowing what must Callar). Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Venus and Mercury
are represented in lodge the steps, as we have said, the last step,

symbolized by Mercury, expresses very well, we repeat, that before reaching the Venerable chair
is necessary to measure their words. Mercury is the messenger of the gods and thus should be
the last stand to climb. 51 The black and white strip of Kadosh, remember this limit arcane
center: the domain of the two planes, the midpoint between the dark part and the light ... 108
Page 98 The last degree of the graph is the 33rd., Or representation sublime and for this reason
is that the number of its holders must be limited: it is indeed a unique position, it can sitial be
here for many. Spiritual realization not encompasses communities (many are called but few are
chosen) and symbols living of this Center are more than limited. The polarities are back, and this
time no longer queues as before, but the two-headed snakes (the head's intelligence). These two
snake heads, where the fluid that escapes rises to M:. the supreme state, means the balance of
the two ways: reasoned and intuitive, the two principles, objective and subjective, science and
philosophy. This part of the symbolism corresponds to the High Mountain 52 to which relief can
be given, for what is shown in graph, exists in concrete form (highlighted graphically) for
Initiates. Indeed, the latter center (taken in the esoteric sense, it is beyond the secret address) as
in the case of the first center that is located at the bottom of the graph of the Crown
Ecclesiastical (which actually corresponds to the second, then the symbol Grip still belongs to the
secular world), are in a similar position and both located on the circumference, and demonstrate
Universality of the Order is the true Catholic group, but understood here in its proper sense.
Indeed, etymologically means a partnership Catholic that would bring together individuals from
all corners of the world without regardless of race or religion, which meets only Masonic
Institution, which is the only accepted in their midst individuals of any nature, without limitation
or confessional belief, because their purpose is not of particular interest, but unification of rights
with respect to the hierarchy, for more

glory of G:. A:. D:. U:. * * * 52 The mountain represented symbolically elevated ideas is Horeb,
Sinai, Zion, Mount Tabor, Calvary, Olympus, Parnassus, the Vatican, which are the while ideas
and allegories. Is a high mountain where he was taken Hiram's body ... 109 Page 99 CONCLUSION
We arrived here at the end of this work. We do not believe there many Masons who know the
varied and inordenados topics Here we have addressed, and which are but the ABC of
Freemasonry. Some will say, and rightly, that apart from the explanations of Use subsequent to
its advance in degrees, or other allusions metaphorical and empty that they have made in their
workshops, have never been treated the same subject in the lodge. Here is precisely the
expected answer type in 99% of cases. And it is precisely against this state of things that rebels
our consciousness. It seems that fate has bitter against our unfortunate Order, and not content
with seeing his spirit warped by pride and ambition has led her to submerge in irony and
ignorance nonsense, in the sterility of "White Nights"! It is necessary to restore the universal
Freemasonry their dimensional primitive virtues and powers. It is imperative to re-establish
Magic Word and the deeply spiritual nature of the Esoteric initiation as the primary basis and as
the splendor of the s emancipated soul. It is unacceptable that a Freemason, worthy of this title,
is deliver their services, and let chain alcohol and the snuff. It is unfortunate that a Mason eat
meat, so their atrophying intellectual faculties, and spiritual, and thereby animalice. This is
intolerable that a Mason Initiatory flying their prerogatives to serve their economic or political
interests. It is scandalous that the Most of our initiatory banquet ending in orgies abject, thus
calling into question the condition required the recipient: "Healthy body, healthy mind" 53 . But
it is, above all, 53 It is the formula of acceptance of a layman to the ranks of the institution.

it is known that physical defects, the defects, mental imbalance, the powers Incomplete preclude
the possibility of an Initiation that requires perfect balance, in order that the recipient is opened
to all the fumes, and Similarly, we know that the neophyte must be a chalice to receive this
transmission of power, which he applied to the Master for the disclosure of initiatory knowledge.
It has often been discussed on the subject of banquets. Indeed it is a rite practiced by the
ancients, but which has lost its true value. For example, among the Essenes, the novice-
candidate remains in the fasting state for several days prior to initiation, and once recently
promoted, had the 110 Page 100 unacceptable to have lost a precious time in explaining
circumlocutions to exhaustion of a ritual that is not understood, and a children's symbolism. The
occult sciences in all they cover, they should present no real mystery to Mason. It is also
unacceptable that in our lodges ignore astrology, yoga, magnetism, magic, alchemy,
archaeometry, and all other branches of sacred science, exclusive to Saints Saramas of sacred
science, exclusive to Saints Shrines since antiquity. It is urgent that a regenerating and quickening
wind will blow between our columns, and come to sweep the dust of our head and back
precursor powder is a sign of our mummification. It would be interesting to dwell a bit on the
ideas fundamental kabbalistic, which define how well the approach problems, but this is beyond
the scope of this small exposure, especially since we are nearing the end. However, we should
mention a small example of philosophy synthetic. In the Holy Kabbalah, the Truth is called the
EMETH Hebrew word composed of the first and the last letter alphabet (Aleph and Tau),
gathered together by the "average" letter (Mem). Truth can not be but only ONE, the intricacies
are numerous. We would like to make these appointments because we want to show it belongs
to the category of francmasónica instruction. Compass, whose two legs are joined at the top, is a
magnificent symbol of creation, and expresses the first attributes G:. A:. D:. U:., At the time when
speaking of the beginning of the creation (Genesis. chapter I, verse 3) it says: "Let there be light
please ... "and we could realize that the biblical quote mentions

of: "HE SAID ..." Then, we have the right to ask: A God who speaks? The Who said this, because
after all, the Divinity could not express, as yet nothing had created. This is where it becomes
necessary to perceive the movement of the Cabbalistas, because they have said it is Elohim who
"does" all this and speak to their direct attributes (the supreme splendor): right to come and sit
at the table, which was served in a banquet his honor. (Grape juice fermented completely
vegetarian foods, is was abundant food, but healthy and natural). The ancients make the offering
and apply the great parable: "Lunch in the same table "... 111 Page 101 Sefiros intellectuals are
the Jehovah of the right and the Lord of left. To LIGHT (as for everything else) is necessary to
bring the two polarities. Indeed, to transform ONE two must bridge the gap between the two,
with a third touch one to the other ... Likewise and further clarifies the mystery with compass,
here symbolizes the mem. Then circle plotted the instrument, is a perfect symbol of created
universe: the manifest world. (We know that the Absolute symbolized by just a point). Thus, two
lines start from the same point as for a triangle, diverge until a third will join them (Elohim is
with the two aspects of Jehovah) Would be too long to analyze in this way the line, circle,
triangle, ellipse, parabola, like all other curves widened, whose equations can colacionarse with
those found for the word EMETH, which is thus a Perfect G emblem. A:. D:. U:. * * * 112 Page
102 Another issue that must be addressed is certainly that of Great examples inherited from our
grandparents, but by do it in this case to go back to antiquity. Those examples serve not only for
but for all Masonic Initiation branches of activities in decline today. Thus we know that EL
ARTIFEX of the ancients was not only the man who exercised an art or a craft, but also that art or

that profession which itself represented something else, because everything it rested on real
principles. Its activities, which depended Always deep principles, only transformed following a
certain direction, rather than being reduced to a occupation so material, as in our days. The
most ordinary acts of life always are of a character religious, taking this statement in a correct
meaning is say, in the true and natural sense, ie with the idea of mission accomplished, and we
must understand, as domain consciousness that operates acts as a mechanical rather than
unconscious ... Hence in the Hindu doctrine, we find a word we better understand this notion
does work correctly deployed, as the term is swadharma compliance each being of an activity
under its own nature. It is precisely their lack denoting the failure of secular conception.
Fellowship or brotherhood of craftsmen officials, is beside edifying on this topic, because it is not
just a fraternity corporate, not a vulgar working group, but rather those two aspects with even
much higher idea, as corresponds exactly to what is related to EL ARTIFEX. Antique artisan guild
officers lost in the mists of time. Generally said that dates back to the time construction of
Solomon's temple. Indeed, the files teach us certain facts as ceremonies, various scenes,
characters, listed as a witness. To cleavage time, this was the usual Mosaic Initiation, and which
very few corporations of artisans have preserved. Hence arise monasteries, halls of science and
the arts. We found a San Benito and San Bonifacio, who built a class especially monks who
occupied the work of art. In the eleventh and twelfth centuries the art was dislodged, and fell
from the monks the laity, but the example of his predecessors helped the 113 Page 103 continue
this fellowship lay on identical rules: maximum oral expressed most often by symbols Geometric
and which communicated only to initiates. The life they should be religious, quiet, honest,
exemplary ... After a long time, these craftsmen were still in possession of Royal Initiation and
this character is easy to find, just in the fact of the two major festivals celebrated on the solstices
(San Juan, San Juan and summer, winter). These two phases of

zodiac cycle were designated in this way, after Christianity, but actually originated in Janus (name
of which comes the name of the month January - enero, january-, and has placed as the
beginning of the year). Not dwell in Janus with its two faces, which apparently a look at the past
and the other the future. The Brotherhood could not disappear, despite the French Law of 2 May
1791, which abolished the "jurandes" the maestrazgos and all privileges of the old regime, and
made also disappears official corporation, instead of reforming their abuses. The Act 14 June
1791, passed by the Constituent Assembly, barely reached lay confraternities dormant during
the reign of the clubs Jacobins who distrusted anything that had a idea of independence. The
decline was felt only in the late nineteenth century (in 1848 they were still in full force), but after
1870 all companies adhered to one of the following organizations: The Federation of Guilds
(1874) which became Fraternities Union (1889), A Duty Societies, and Responsibility of Freedom.
It is true that was slowly disappearing true Initiation sense of these groups, and was the only
corporate system and its exoteric. However, there remained always in working class
communities, some elements INITIATED, then the true hidden meaning is well preserved by
some teachers. Furthermore, it is not necessary to believe that only the corporation of architects
were esoteric knowledge. For example, the locksmiths taking a problem for the realization bolt-
type: in effect, it was to transport certain names figures, ie, take the numerical value of sacred
words establish measures and foremost, this required a symbol, which has always been at the
core of Initiation, well above the construction material itself. 114 Page 104 Thus, the bolt - type
comprised of: 1) The numerical value of the Hebrew name Iehovah (26) 2) The numerical value
of the Hebrew man ADAM (45) 3) The numerical value of the Patriarch Enoch (84) 4) The
numerical value of the term LaT ("hide") (39) In sum, we reason as follows: 45 plus 39 equals 84,
over 84, giving a total of 168. And this number is precisely the result of the sum of odd numbers
between 3 and 26.

In addition it should be noted, moreover, that the number 3 is the expression divine, and 26 is
the numerical value of the sacred word IEVE. Then 3 plus 5 plus 7 plus 9 plus 11 plus 13 plus 15
plus 17 plus 19 plus 23 plus 25 equals 168. And if we add 360 to 168 (the degrees of the circle,
expressing I manifested universe, we get 528, which symbolizes the term: MaPhTachH, that is
precisely a key. 528 plus 532 equals 4. The number 4 is important because not only means the 4
points cardinal, the 4 major constellations, the 4 elements, 4 seasons of life, or 4 moon phases,
etc ... but also represents the fourth letter of the Hebrew alphabet, DALETH. But this symbolism
of the letter D also has its significance because daleth is the UNION, in the sense of the
Macrocosm and Microcosm meeting, link between external and internal, in the Hebrew
purposes, as for the Chinese in their alphabetical parallelism: a threshold! 532 is the
combination of solar cycle 28 and a lunar cycle 19 years old. Like this: key threshold and
characterize the equilibrium (in balance), similarly to BeTheCel equals 532, and, behold is felt all
the deep science of the ancient rabbis. But alas, all this gradually lost the true doctrines of the
past were forgotten, and F:. M:. After the Constitution of 1717, was lost in humanitarian
conceptions and all came to be "outside". But instead it has preserved the rituals that even in
the hands of the most conservative sects, have expired after a certain time. We know for
example that Padmasambhana (the founder of Lamaism in Thibet) imported from India apart
from Buddhism Tantric, custom and ritual voluntary intoxication, which existed, moreover, in
Tibetan Shamanism, but it was Outlaw and, moreover, in Tibetan Shamanism, but it was
proscribed by the reformer Tsongkhapa in the fourteenth century. These excesses were not
tolerated at any of the initiations worthy this name. 115 Page 105 As you can see real chaos
reigned within the Freemasonry (grades 33 well known this mission to reign "order" amid the
"chaos") both from the esoteric point of view as from the administrative, and still have to add
the theme of your humanitarian mission, so often confused with anticlericalism. We touch here
a problem of two pontificates. After appearance of the Messiah Jesus, time is divided into two
periods on the Salvador victim atoning (ie, the Era has just happened), and
time of Christ the King, the Messiah and shiny wash insults (Golden Age is announced). Holy
books Announce papacy for each of these times: the time there is the spirit of Pedro who came
through their successors (the popes of Rome), until the day that the expansion of Holy Spirit will
be felt and John begin his ministry of love and will live in the soul of the new potatoes. The
pontificate of Peter must finish as the coming of the Son of Man, the return of Christ Glorious,
the current Universal Messiah coincides with the period (the New Age, the Aquarian Age
symbolized by the sign of the Water Bearer, the Sign of the Son of Man). Naturally the great eras
not end brutally, there always a transition period, the end of an era is introduced into the
beginning of the new, and the manifestation and makes us feel, but after two or three decades
sometimes. Also, a new Christ is not immediately recognized by ALL, but are their disciples
gradually do recognize the coming of this Messiah, symbolizing the dawn of a new Era. The
pontificate of John corresponds to replantation or manifestation of Tradition, as announced by
the cycle Revelation (descended from the heavenly Jerusalem on earth). It you can read in the
Gospel of John (Chapter XIII, vers. 21 to 26) Peter has to resort to Juan and later (Chapter XIX,
verse 26.) you can see all the importance that the Master gives John his disciple preferred.
Finally, in the same Gospel, Chapter XXI, vers. 18, it reappears when Peter is old and another is
presented. These obviously Peter's Church, which will place a new papal sovereignty. Verses 20
and 21 denote very well that two disciples should have a major role, and the next verse, 22 gives
the conclusive idea. There are therefore two heads, one for the exoteric church and the other for
exoteric temple. Peter apparent leader, the man of faith, and John Head secret, the man of
science. The two of them leave their successors, shall be a public movement leaders, other
dignitaries of the Preferred Community. 116 Page 106 * * * Often been confused with the
initiatory writings political pamphlets. There is an example in Divine Comedy Dante Alighieri,
some have believed to see in her written texts for member of a defeated party! ...

The term brother often appears in Dante's pen, in Chapter XVIII, the "Paradise", he also speaks
of the signs of recognition of touching, as well as "DI" and "L" draw angels and are the initials of
the motto: Diligent Justitiam employed in Freemasonry. In "Purgatorio" (Ch. VIII) Dante gives
three steps to the judgment ... The language is very meaningful to those familiar with the
lodges .... The embrace of San Peter Dante in Chapter XXIV of "paradise" greatly resembles Wise
way hugging the Rosicrucian Chapter. And so Also, some other details that allude to the
provisions Temple, in particular the three steps of the seat of the state Venerable, the symbolism
of the three-year apprentice, the three virtues: Wisdom - Strength - Beauty, etc ... In Canto IX
"Purgatory", he needs to climb three steps (white, green and red), and those colors of the Italian
flag (which has a Masonic origin to Like the flag of Mexico), are the same lining the bottom of
the Lodge of the 26th degree of Scottish Trinitarian. Allusions to travel, the grades achieved, and
a multitude of symbols and emblems, witness the Initiation value of the work of Dante Alighieri.
Besides writing the same way as the succession: Hell -Purgatory-Paradise, offers with the
decrease os obstacles in Masonic travel, as it approaches the goal. The Masonic mode hides
under simple words initials followed by periods, is used often by author Divine Comedy, who
often makes regarding the degree 18 of the Scottish very frequently, for example in the chapter
on Paradise, XXXI song, which begins: "In the form of a white rose presented itself to my view
the Holy Militia, in which the Christ marries his blood "... In song and song XXIV XXV the author
speaks of the pelican, allusions to rise ... lost word frequently appears the term valley and the
convents words, councils, the 117 Page 107 Sons of the Widow knew well, in addition to
references to the major symbols of 30th grade (eagle, ladder, etc ...). The examples are
numerous and do not want to emphasize each who may reread this wonderful work. We only
allusions to reflect on the need to deepen much more in the Initiation documentation. Initiation
can not only be transmitted through an organization regularly constituted, but must also be in its
condition of Light to be transmitted, in effect, there must be something that will

to be given to the followers. It is not enough that an institution is said Initiation to have any
power; teaching is required, the while providing a spiritual power in succession, order to ensure
this traditional chain. The rite itself offers no value if it is not understood or simply understood in
its real sense, the essential elements of a ceremony rely on the use of a mechanism, which
should become one Master to have Initiation feature one, because otherwise falling into a
Regular movement, which would be as valid as if it had little been made by an ordinary layman.
The religious rite requires ordination, and one who has not received this ordination although do
well whatever he wants, observe the same rules and put all of your best intentions, this does not
do you any good, because the result will never come. The spiritual influence is the basis of all the
initiatic transmissions, and the operator does not use forms rituals rather than as a point of
support, as in the rites of a sort by all lower aspects, such as the simple ceremonial magic, which
is not involved almost nothing "spiritual". Without But it is essential to have psychic resources;
production of a true effect is conditioned in many cases to certain transmission and even the
most vulgar shows us that witchcraft field witch never dies without having transmitted his secret
(his gift, his power). We know how important it is for the Christian churches apostolic succession,
which is easily understood. Churches Protestants, who do not support the priestly functions have
deleted almost all the rites, or retain only some simple way of Memorial drills (which lack of
effectiveness). This is known discussion that has arisen with regard to the Anglican church, and it
is interesting that the same theosophist when they wanted to be their Liberal Catholic Church,
sought to all make a regular "apostolic succession." 118 Page 108 In short, even perfect
knowledge of a ritual, whether it has been I obtained outside regular conditions, is entirely
devoid of any value. For example, to expose the point simplicity, we will take as a rite model
reduces to a simple expression, ie the pronunciation of a formula. Tradition Hindu Mantras
provides that when making only imitating movements and the sound from the mouth of a Guru
has no effect, mantra that said has not been quickened by the influence spiritual, which must be
designed to serve as a vehicle. In this

regard, it should be noted that in India no disciple can sit in front of the face Guru, to avoid the
action of prana, which is attached to the breath of the voice, to be exercised very directly, does
not produce a shock too violent risks that could cause psychic and even physical. This is also one
of the explanations used in the placement of chairs and seats in the lodges, and unfortunately
most of the present Brethren Masons are far from suspecting. * * * 119 Page 109 All initiatory
transmission proceeds more or less directly from spiritual centers, spiritual centers together,
united them same to the supreme center, which retains the deposit Primordial tradition. An
initiatory organization can not proceed directly from supreme center, but the secondary centers,
as in all organization has a hierarchy that allows for elements much more evolved, the
evolutionary state represented by the organization to which she belongs. These elements are
used in a way of true Initiation Transmission bases for which no can be done in this case but very
slowly. In other words, certain Officers with very Initiations above, can be introduced into
organizations called Initiation and only occupy positions of a lower order, say side, to watch and
infiltrate slowly the True Tradition Esoteric. It is the mission of some great masters, to be well
incorporated within certain movements with the same title the other members. The goal of
every organization is the same, but their Tradition participation in the demonstrations
accompanied own time and place, which results in their differentiation exterior. Unfortunately,
these various drafts have had several sometimes unpleasant consequences, as they have
affected the internal same movement. As we have seen, among the members a secondary
center, arrives to have someone who has actually a personal embodiment of a higher degree
than in the one placed, as have been granted, however, another well below its evolution, and
sometimes can only work very hard, for lack of authority of degree. The existence of this overlap
is one of the reasons why the study of organizations Initiation is, of course, so hard in his breast,
that members

most of the mechanism not only ignored but also its own situation. Thus, it is understood that in
some occasions, elements not belong to such organizations (understood in the sense coated
organization legal form), may preside in some cases, training, organization or administration of
similar institutions. Here is the true meaning that the Freemasonry has always had about these
higher 120 Page 110 unknown . Only in this way is that true Tradition has been able to survive,
despite the disruption of certain Initiatory fraternities or secret societies, and the chain is
Initiation, rotates on its exoteric in its ostensible organization existing remains anyway, thanks to
these Individualities exceptional. This often occurs during periods when civilization almost
completely lost its spirituality, and then goals Iniciático order are more hidden than usual. It's a
shame to see how the authors of the seventeenth century and rituals XVIII, suppressed the
essential parts of the Tradition, and value ignoring him pass, only what they transmitted found
"them" interesting, but without going to know what it was exactly, these naive and truly left the
party esoteric, just because they were in embarrassing situation clear language to translate this
cabalistic hand, or literature Initiation rabbínica simply. It is painful not comment more often in
the lodges, the interesting parallels between the G:. A:. D:. U:. And the Ain-Soph the Zohar,
which on the other hand, some claim why has been plagiarized ... The identification of one of
the meanings of the H lost word of praise. M:., It is sorprendente with Shem-haMphorash. The
popular three points are summarized in the Yod, the which generates all the letters of the
Hebrew alphabet, according to the Sepher Iet-Zirah and Zohar. Colors also honor the F:. M:. Such
as for example the white, green, red and mostly black, are in clear relation to the attributes of
the Holy Qabbalah Zephyrs. There also correspondence between the same numbers and the
same groups luminaries, in 72 of the 15th chandeliers old grade, also remember the 72 angels of
the table Shem-ha-Mphorash developed, and also the Great name 72 letters. The predilection by
the numbers 3, 5, 7, 9 and even in the Zohar and rituals F:. M:., Is surely not a finding random ...

There are also symbols Mas. (And the Qabbalistas) in the works of the great Arab and Persian
Sufis. It is especially painful to see how even with the knowledge of the symbols, numerous
brothers Mas., do not practice the teaching given through the attributes of the lodges, which
thus not more than simple decorations! ... 121 Page 111 Let's say a word also about the two
columns are DOS because their knowledge immediately suggests the binary, then is the
generator of the Act, is the number of Gnosis, which we a glimpse of esotericism or first letter G
by Estrella Burning as elementary explanation given in the second degree. We have seen in the
chapter on symbolism, the two columns represent the polarities: positive and negative (the solar
nadi and mole), for nothing can be derived without these two forces of production: the idea of
creation and realization. These two columns were outside the door main temple of Solomon,
cabbalísticamente explain the mysteries of antagonism is also balanced in the Universe two
forces that keep it in balance (attraction and repulsion). These forces exist both for physics to
philosophy. The struggle between Eros and Anteros, the struggle of Jacob with the Angel, are
many other representations of this mystery, which is equally symbolized in the Caduceus
Hermanubis, and Shopping Osiris and the two Angels. Black and white, as well as the two
columns, they immediately think of the pavement Workshops will also be checked seriously to
learn all the symbolic scope, which usually can not understand until the 30 degree Scottish Rite.
We have quoted also the Blazing Star, which can deduce something interesting, we must bring to
memory the Tarot, she has in the game Modern Bright Star title, a title that expresses the great
Mystery of the Secret Doctrine of the Rosicrucians, while symbolizes the primeval astrology,
which is a branch of the Holy Qabbalah. Recall that the star should always be placed with point
up and represented the man, his head just to the top of the star, and the four points
representing outstretched limbs. However, if the tip is placed down, then represents subversion
intellectual, the triumph of evil (the Goat of the Sabbath witches). The

G In the midst of this staff, it means the first Gnosis and GENERATION, the two sacred words
Qabbalah old. It is also the Grand Architect, as the star shows quite clearly the letter A. Well, all
it indicates that the science of the stars is very important in the initiation, the Astrology alas, and
very often forgotten in the work of the lodges. So many things have been similarly abandoned by
M:. Current, so you missed the true meaning of Masonic mission. Often the temple but not for a
simple name, instead of having all its qualities, in fact, the 122 Page 112 Sanctuary should be
glorified in the real presence of G:. A:. D:. U:., And therefore is not the only paraphrased ritual
where necessary, but a very special atmosphere. The Masonic ritual claims to be a covered in
any communication with the outside, as well as monitor to be started and take only between a
multitude of precautions, almost magical, this is just to give respect Rites, dating back many
millennia. When all preliminaries this regard have been completed, the Master gives the blows
repeated two Wardens. A call to this GADU, Spirit Superior, descends amidst a religious silence
and can not forget this invisible presence to respect and, above all, recalling the reason for this
meeting ... If Initiation taught to "read and write" (as they say rituals) is to decipher the sacred
texts, and it is not only superficially clarify the spirit, making fall the band ignorance, as there is a
much deeper symbol in fulfillment of this system. In first grade need to learn to THINK, in the
second degree formula exists "Perpendicular to move from Level "... allowing thereafter
participate in the proceedings. The perpendicular supports plummet down itself incites
Meditation itself ... great to have the opportunity to analyze However, further, detailing, and
when staff work is finished, then, is necessarily to be added to end the partnership,
characterized by the level, which is a symbol of equality (in ALL the same plane). The free-mason
or builder, you can not learn anything from the symbols that are presented, but is prepared to
assimilate. A simple ritual is not enough to transmute an individuality accept this idea and above
all, keep a close eye this transmutation. That transformation, that build intellectually, is what

the strict application of strict rules. These rules obviously occur in the Order during initiation.
The apprentice receives the first letter of the sacred word, but it is He must provide the second
to be awarded the third! ... You are given two symbols: the recipient must have penetrated
something, and understand first, because otherwise it waste your time on proudly flaunt a TITLE,
without the less progress in its evolution. Fortunately the real Initiates, gradually prepared in
even amid the ignorant masses, and it is true that little bit of a 123 Page 113 F regeneration. M:.
Has taken place so that the institution responsive to the needs arise. In alchemy, the subject
blackened (sadly, denigrated, maligned) in its putrefaction (EARTH element), then take different
nuances sublimation (element AIR) is bleached by boiling (Water element), and finally gets to
red for exaltation (FIRE element). Not only is it necessary to follow this ritual in order to preserve
the true Tradition of the Elders, but also be impregnated with these processes and participate
entirely in this transformation, which was well studied by Rosicrucians of Yesteryear. The Sacred
Fire of Freemasonry burned for more than 2,000 years in the sanctuaries of Egypt, where the
true Mysteries were revealed. On the one hand was Ozymandias, famous monarch, who I did
surround the tomb of Menes with ornate golden circle 7 precious stones, around which was built
a passageway, with In order to observe this gallery circular in advance of the Sun Day day,
circumscribing the degrees of the Zodiac. Also, it was Maerce who instructed the gymnosophists
on the banks of the Ganges, and its Zoroaster founded his part sequel to Magi in Persia; symbols
eponyms or not, is always the tradition that continues. Well David advised his son Solomon, raise
a Temple to the glory of G:. A:. D:. U:., And also take in the sublime mysteries Start Goddess Isis.
It is a real detriment to this original Initiation hardly be and understood, not even preserved
today. Well, verbi grace be deleted delivery Etangi 54 is nothing more than place everyone on a
pedestal of equality, on the other hand that vestment symbolized purity and whiteness Wisdom.

delivery Tunic, Layer, has always been a important ceremonial, and the Templars, among others,
surrendered therefore a great honor, as the garment will always carry this the emblem of the
initiates. Likewise, the use of incense not nevertheless remains, in good time, in many lodges, is
not only respect the old ritual, but an indispensable caution to transform the atmosphere is a
purification while emanation, which provides better Vibration hue. 54 White robe that Dadoga
(Sublime Venerable with the 9 presiding Patriarchs Mysteries of Isis) gave the Disciple in the
Egyptian sanctuaries. This ceremony is still observed by certain rites, which are wary of real
Initiation old 124 Page 114 After several centuries of silence during which the civilization
stagnated and Freemasonry also slept in a profound indolence, it again showed signs of life at
the time of the Crusades, it must be recognized that previously was brought India to Asia Minor,
and thence to Europe apparatus that period. Do not lose sight of the very popular term LODGE
comes from Sanskrit Loka meaning: World. It is known in fact that the world is a lodge and
workshops are part of this universal lodge. In Persia, Johan is the word which has been extracted
end of the lodge, and she means the world. Indeed, the mysteries that have been revealed are
simply the world, the problems that men have always posed, the explanations that are always
identical for all Ages. But M also. is the continuation of the Mysteries of antiquity, and Hence
they divide into smaller mysteries and Mysteries Seniors . The first is the revelation of the human
sciences (the Thesis), while the latter are the Sacred Science (the Synthesis). Symbolic degrees
intermediaries are occult studies (The antithesis) and the old Initiation (whose ultimate goal was
the Matesis) is subdivided into 7 degrees conserved in many rituals. CHILDREN MYSTERIES 1st.
Grade: Thalmedimitas symbolic title: Wisdom. Grade 2: Heberimitas symbolic title: the Force.
3rd grade: Mourechimitas symbolic title: Funerals. Major Mysteries 4th grade: Bherimitas
symbolic title: Vengeance (passions human). Grade 5: Nescheritas symbolic title: Emancipation.

Grade 6: Great Initiates, symbolic title: Autopsy (Crowning). Grade 7: Equivalent to Master of the
Great Work (Paramount Chief). With regard to the so-called "degrees", there is obviously many
things to mention first of all that great inconsistency in that there is this plurality of degrees in
Freemasonry, which is due naturally to the existence of various rites, all too incoherent ... The
three basic degrees, we must admit it, are the only you might have the authority of tradition and
are universally recognized. Correspond to the actual state of evolution, in way, and you can not
see otherwise evolution profane to perfection (the Master). No clutch, it is often difficult 125
Page 115 To delineate the subdivisions of consciousness, or simply spiritual elevation subdivision
to another, so as a way of Consequently, there have been such various categories for "Degrees".
For example, the 33 degrees of the Scottish Rite A:. and A:. (Which they are currently used as
typical of the F:. M:.) Is 33 stages of a scale all the initiatory life, but on purpose scale, it is fully
MAKE symbolism Complete these steps ... This leads to think about the famous scale mystique
that is fortunately an instrument to raise this temple that the Freemasonry is build on Wisdom
and Virtue. It is a pure oblation to the Creator, such elevation of thought and could conceive as
Pascal, Bossuet, Fenelon and many others great thinkers: here's the duty of a Mason. Purified of
all vices, polishing all mistakes, he proceeds to search for TRUTH and study everything that can
better mankind. Mysticism Scale also consists of two beams with 7 steps, it symbolizes all 7
liberal arts on the one hand and the 7 other virtues. The bar on the left (the trivium and
cuatrivium) characterizes with its steps: The ASTRONOMY, which should be the subject of special
study lodge. It is the movement of the stars, the history and philosophy planetary macrocosm
that can not be ignored by those Teachers who want to indulge in the microcosm ... The MUSIC
55 , is mostly studied for its relationship with chords sound and vibration theories. Each note 55
The composer Mozart was a big brother Mason, and even when death snatched too early (he
died on December 5, 1791 at the age of 36 years), has made famous works for the institution.
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, is primarily the author of the Masonic Funeral Ode, composition for
orchestra, written in memory of Bro. M:., Jorge Duque Augusto de Mecklenbourg Strelitz and
Count of Galantha Esterhazu Francisco. Praise of Friendship is a sung text inspired by a H:. M:.
Emmanuel Schikannede (author of the libretto of The Magic Flute). Mit uns Lasst geschlungen
haesnden is a hymn to universal brotherhood, which was adopted in 1946 as the Austrian
National Anthem. Die Freude (text: Joy, Queen of the Elders) is also a masonic poem, the which
put ma in December 1767. It is a small aria with accompaniment piano and words of JP Uz, that
Mozart dedicated to the daughter of Dr. Joseph Wolf (1724-1778), in recognition for having been
her savior during epidemic smallpox in Vienna. Or Helliges Band is the ritual hymn of H:. M:.,
Composition dates from 1772, but the formal adoption at the Viennese lodge for Charity, just
comes from December 14, 1948. 126 Page 116 emits a tone, which can be correlated with a
color or some useful way to be known in the constructions of the When I was first violin in the
orchestra of SE Colloredo, composed two works 20 years later were the subject of the Magic
Flute: Thamos King of Egypt and Symphony in E-flat. The author of this mystical-philosophical
drama that unfolds in an Egyptian environment is Baron TP Gebler, high Austrian official and
famous H:. M:. The score had instructed the CW Gluck (also H. M:.) who agreed to review the
composition of the JT Sattler (also H. M:.) but dissatisfied Gluck Knight, Baron turned to Mozart.
This work is very symbolic, especially the second piece in DO-Retail (3 flats 3 large 3-note chords)
and the fifth for his musical Triades; her was a great success in 1779, and Mozart resumes
Artwork to adopt a new script, taken from a French piece of Lemierre A.: Lanaza or Widow of
Malabar. After traveling for 10 years, fixed his abode in Mannheim, where he became friendship
with the Weber family (Constance, the third daughter became the wife of Mozart). Otto von
Gemmingen Knight, lawyer and notorious H Heidelberg. M:. It was Mozart who put in contact
with the French lodges. In mid-eighteenth-century Paris, the M:. created concert fans (Later
Concert Olympic Lodge), and instructed Joseph Haydn (who he joined in February 1785 the
Viennese Lodge, Concord True), a series 10 symphonies for orchestra, which later became the
Parisians Symphonies, the which the most famous is the 85th (Queen). Semiramis, which is a
melodrama set to music by Mozart in Mannheim, when

collaborated with Herr von Gemmingen in the theatrical field, in this same time appeared: Deir
Seele Weltalls dees, Masonic cantata. On January 7, 1785, Mozart is exalted to the second
degree in Lodge Charity, being the great Master Baron Otto Von Gemmingen, who was Some
years ago the founder of this lodge. It was in this period that Mozart wrote a number of works
for wind instruments. The Adagio clarinets, bass and bassoon, and the Adagio for two clarinets
and three low (in B-flat) date from the last years of his life. This composition is very symbolic for
Initiates, because that noise is heard Masonic mallets. His father, Leopold Mozart, worked as
seriously in the Brotherhood, the April 6 1885 he earned his second degree, and 22 of the same
month the third grade. It was in Introduction to the occasion of this second degree, Wolfgang
Amadeus Mozart composed the melody Gessellenreise (Canto partner in the two-tone flats,
symbolically chosen). Mozart also composed the Cantata Die Maurerfreude (Joy of Masons) in
honor Ignaz von Born Sage (Gr:. M:. L:. A true Concordia), and with which Mozart himself was
received in August 1791 by his brethren of the Lodge A Truth and Union, upon arrival to Prague
for the premiere of his opera La Clemencia di Tito. Finally the composition of the Funeral Ode,
dated November 1785 and musical motif begins with the words expressing ET Mortus EST in
Coronation Mass. At this time the Emperor Joseph II reorganized the Lodges Viennese, the
January 14, 1786, Mozart wrote four songs for chorus and piano accompaniment, to celebrate
the fusion of the lodges with name: A Newly Crowned Hope, and then his great works teachers,
concerts, symphonies, sonatas, quartets, operas: The Marriage, Don Juan, Cosi fan Tutte and The
Magic Flute, this magnum opus to great Initiates. 127 Page 117 temples or any building, as well
as knowledge of the analogy symbols. GEOMETRY, about which is almost obvious insist, given
the apparent interest in, understanding that provides this science is huge and Masonic lessons
are learned from their problems and their immeasurable. The ARITHMETIC, not only as a science
of numbers, but question of mathematics, as elements of the Numerology and symbolic
calculations. LOGIC for the search for truth, the natural logic teaches us to think precisely and
artificial logic that gives us the way to communicate our thoughts in order. In all fraternities or
orders, this study is timely and fixed carefully, so that the dialectic of members is excellent.

The Rhetoric, or the art of speaking well, is left aside with frequently in the lodge work, and yet
have much importance for mastery, not simply to "cultivate flowers of rhetoric "! ... Or at least
have the elements for recognized at the lexical garden. The GRAMMAR, which is the way to write
and express correct their thinking, is part of this baggage finally indispensable for Bro. M:. Before
ending remains to mention a word about the famous philosophical cross, drawn in a circle of 360
degrees, being It consists of 12 equal sectors, representing the 12 signs zodiac and the 12
months of the year. We see also in this cross: the 4 seasons, lunar phases 4 and day and night
the two halves of the circle area, thereby delineating the hours day and evening hours. Life
Principle, which corresponds to AIR, is the first essential element for our development side is
Eastern (spring symbolizes the element air eastward); towards the top of the cross we see the
FIRE element, which is He characterized Alma, is the symbol of the creator element Universe
(the strong summer heat). To the West, the part of world that contains more humidity and that
this cross corresponds to the WATER element (which comes to characterize the same fall time),
which demonstrates that the Earth has needed this liquid sky, like mankind requires liquid
semen for production ... the north is symbolized EARTH (s winter), this essential element forming
portion item 128 Page 118 for the rest of being, so this part is down (the merely cross their
cardinal directions follow the same Zodiac movement, contrary to the views geographical,
showing up north: south is here up, as the sun at noon is on your meridian and the base
represents the north, which is the sky background in astrology). Northern Earth is much less
populated than all other parts, is for men to learn to meditate on death, to which each must
undergo. It is the dream of the night ... At the center of the cross, the Blazing Star is a delta
between. Outside of the cross, there is another symbolizing the lunar months 28 days 2 hours 17
minutes and 36 seconds (that Islam is still in today). She called the Cross and Hammer has the
number 13, linking you to that 12 will then: 1312 (date also symbolic, especially since the demise
of the Templars), number
3 shows symbolic degrees: 2 plus 1 equals 3, which is the number of apprentice, 3 plus 2 equals
5, which is the symbolic age of the partner, 3 plus 2 plus 2 equals 7, which is the emblem of the
Master. Words But of all grades. They are well contained in the Cross Symbolic. It is known that
the pass word of Ap. means possession worldly, and is also the name of the Son of Lamech.
Word Sacred Comp. means perseverance in good, and is contained in the 4 elements of the cross
in the middle is the pass word of this grade, which means numerous as the ears of corn (is the
description of the propagation of the followers of the Order). A similar cross contains the degree
of Master, and their eight angles form the sacred word, which many believed to have be applied
to the death of Irma, since it means: meat separated from the bones! ... The pass word of this
grade ago allusion to those who escaped persecution. We can, however, proceed with all the
details of this cross, which allows analysis of each grade with the words corresponding. However,
it is desirable to provide it reflect on the role of each Masonic degree. Too often the H:. M:. lose
sight of the need for a relentless work for something useful, and not be isolated into a silence
anti-Initiation. In this respect the ceremonial of the second degree is very significant provided
that does not simply a ceremony without the spirit of the sacred. 129 Page 119 So when the two
Rangers have repeated ad introduction, the Venerable given five strokes of a gavel, followed by
grade battery and pronounce the Proclamation (all H:. remain standing and order, and the new
Initiate is placed between columns. "To the Glory of G:. A:. D:. U:., To proclaim now always H:> ...
as partner (second degree of the Order) and I I invite you, Bro. H:. mine, to recognize in that
capacity and to provide assistance and protection you need. To me, Bro. H:. mine. " (The sign and
the battery level and all H ago. H:. Imitate). Then the Venerable says, "Come, my brother, to
receive the commitment of the eternal covenant that unites us "(and gives the kiss of peace).
The new partner giving thanks to Ven. and Workshop members. When the Great Expert raises 5
allegorical bleachers

new partner , gives the following explanation: The first step symbolizes patience , virtue is that
we gives the ability to support any period in which we find, and is the mother of indulgence, so
necessary in each one of the situations of life. The sweet and patient man interested worldwide.
You have to train you for a universal moral and perfect your soul, in order that all the actions of
your life be consecrated to sustain society, promulgation of good deeds and the welfare of your
fellow man. The second step symbolizes moderation , which is the virtue that govern and
regulate our passions. Indeed it is by prudence we hold our desires, our efforts and actions
within boundaries that shape towards goodness. Moderation is the hallmark of a calm spirit as
well as the source of the greatest blessings we can enjoy themselves here on Earth. Could it be
disenchanted every day who can count and mention a thought or a generous action, made the
day before? Or that being all Love pours around a real affection, friendship, cuddling, and then
harvest the seed he has sown? For him, Bro. mine, the life will be prolonged sleep of
enchantment. The third step symbolizes prudence. It is a virtue is to foresee all the
consequences of taking a step, or leaning for or against something, and the reasons that
encouraged to do so or to avoid the difficulties that can be found to act in certain ways, the
means to be employed for 130 Page 120 ensure success. Wisdom demands that the purposes
are weighed, the media, the chain of consequences, risks, opportunities, barriers and outcome;
prudence, finally, Invoked we have to relegate all you can do damage. There to sow the world
the word prudence, teach your similar to perfect the useful arts, love one another and give a
some light to those who are perishing along the paths of vice, instruct ignorant and solace to
those who suffer. The fourth step symbolizes modesty . This virtue is not misuse the talents and
virtues, not judge too favorably to ourselves because it offends our similar. Alone is capable of
disarming modesty envy. All be really outgoing, must gird itself for understanding human
weakness, resist the impulse of self-love self-centered, Hate brings consequences, the virtuous
man should want the good opinion of his fellows, and walk away for these purposes if with his
arrogance, his pride, his presumption, and vanity, could

afflict humans who aspires to deserve love. The Modesty is a virtue worthy of admiration, is a
kind of varnish that either enhances this natural talent, or acquired Modesty is for virtue, so the
veil for beauty. The fifth step symbolizes the sweetness , state of mind and the heart that gives
us when we receive moderation offenses, making us the obstacles that patients have to
experience, reassured by the diseases we suffer. The sweetness is manifest through the
circumspection with which talk and we spread, as well as accompanying decency all movements.
It is the opposite of irritation, anger, of violence. Predisposes to charity and universal
benevolence, and in short, it is useful to fix all tumultuous passions and irascible the soul;
predisposes us to be more sociable and friendly. H When the moral faculties are developed.
mine, the reason increases and blessings path becomes longer and easier. Penetrate all these
truths, and I will give you more affordable account the moral sense that enclose 5 iconic travel
you have just meet now. The path we have followed and ushers the end of life, like the sun in
your eyes symbolizes each day. The crude stone should be polished their deformities. Trabajad,
Work now and always to perfect your soul and your body with affection and attractive sense of
an artist in love with His Work. " It then GLORIFICATION WORK. In this Temple is instantly radiant
light, incense 131 Page 121 burns on Ara oaths, and the Grand Master of Ceremonies leads to
new Initiate to the Junior Warden, who gives him a crown made of wheat ears (symbol of
wealth) grapes (emblem of warmth) and tulips (which characterize the emulation), and then
adds: "Peace to all in this world under the Masonic Law! Today we come to this mystical Temple
To crown the work that provides the bread And meets the needs of all humanity. In this vast
Universe: Oh! Sublime Architect You want to raise our tiny nature. Abundance and profits are the
reward of labor; Blessed be the job ... and Gloria Workers! ... " 132

Page 122 But ah! Many Lodges in no longer respects ancient ceremony with all its sacred items.
Multitude of Bro. M:. they have not understood all the philosophical depth of the ritual, still
ignoring it is essential seriously meditate on each word in every attitude, etc ... Each Masonic
degree itself represents a life, a work, an ideal, and while that's not been consummated, it is not
may be eligible for a salary increase ... The H:. M:. sincere, not You can aspire to move from one
grade to another superior, if not previously has done completely the degree to which it belongs.
Understood this requires a long meditation, after studying While this degree, which is frequently
taken as a esoteric and just moral sense, but almost never in Initiation. The real value, the real
sense, it is almost always forgotten. The first three grades are directly related to the architecture
and the symbolism of the death of Hiram. NO, however, no need to stick to the simple lesson,
even philosophical, emanating in those grades, but also have sufficient documentation to
respond to art, very difficult to build. The 4th grade recommended discretion, and is a huge
mission to live the fourth word of the famous axiom: Know - Will - Dare - Callar ... The 5th grade
symbolizes misfortune of ignorance, and would practice not to exceed this level too quickly, and
take other work to think seriously about the true meaning of that symbol for the H:. M:. Before
being exalted higher, Carefully check your statement and also monitor their development of
virtue. To this extent, and are the high problems and says in effect that the Perfect Master knows
circle and square. The 6th grade notes the risks of a proud curiosity, and 7th is dedicated to
justice, which also requires the qualities that are often ignored, otherwise the new promoted.
The 8th grade invites the spirit of the order, but also demand special knowledge of sociology and
the ability to overcome difficult problems of organization. 133 Page 123 The 9th, 10th and 11th
grades, leading to think moral world. (The same dignitaries constituting Chapter Rosa Cruz, are
what give these middle grades).

Year 12 is like a stepping stone to the great progress indispensable to be made at this point and
he is studying three forms of architecture (civil, naval and military). The 13th penetration
encourages and requires especially documentation of foreign affairs of the Order. The 14th
represents relation to the unit and must prevail here idea of sacrifice, in order that in the H
grade 15. You can actually attend to their own, it is the symbol of heroism which characterizes
this stage combat. The 16th degree does expect a reward of merit, but then he has to show
them palpably. In the 17th grade, working for the meeting of the Elders and propagation of
doctrines, so it is a very difficult degree, since it involves a huge dose of psychology. Finally, the
18th grade is so beautiful way, that most of H: during this period do not aspire to go beyond this
level. Deep peace, as stated in this degree, and in fact corresponds to the lighter than expected,
is the state of wisdom that no longer is affected by the outside world. This is how members this
chapter Rosa - Cruz should worry about all of the transformation of physical forces in psychic
powers. It is in this to be made next to the Great Transmutation, symbolized by famous INRI,
which we've talked enough. The 18th grade is effectively abandoning all passions, abstaining
from all vices, is the perfection of the individual, who has become MAN in every sense of the
word, and it is in such Christos sense that this word was also awarded the Knights Rosa - Cruces.
The insignia of this degree are very significant: the pelican chicks and providing water in the
Mystical Rose on the Cross ... This stage teaches virtue, philanthropy and naturally deep
philosophy, but it is especially here where performed the Great Work of Spiritual Alchemy. The
19 degrees is what is symbolized by a square tower, suggests that the righteousness of the
customs, wisdom and regularity of the Laws. The 20th, demands absolute self Master ad vitam
tata announced that a continuation of the previous grade and confirms the Masonic pontificate
that involves knowledge perfect to direct the work. 134 Page 124 The grade 21 º corresponds to
austerity and meditation. The 22nd is where you take the time to trace the works necessary for
reconstruction, it requires for this period
great knowledge of geometry and materials, both in that material and philosophical. These have
a great firmness and good organizing skills. Grades 23 and 24 ° are related to moral Pontificate
about which much could be said, but for the restricted framework This short analysis, it would
be too long. These warning periods do object to superstitions, which should be studied
thoroughly in order to debug the legends and give a Healthy and pure disciples of Light Power.
The grade 25 is referring to the mythological grass (the vid), which is the emblem of wisdom,
mastery of the passions with the analysis of the consequences, to give strength and vigor to
which are entrusted with a responsibility here. The famous INRI Reappears with the name of
Moses. Metaphor is also studied a snake which Moses made up at Camp the Israelites. This
passage from Exodus, chap. IV, vers. 3 and 4, it is rich in teaching, as we have seen 56 . The 26th
grade scores Transportamiento the Third Heaven, ie the region where men, by the nobility of
their feelings and lights that project, meet above their prejudices. The VERITAS word orna this
degree and its members are precisely the Brothers of Truth (the third signal makes call: Elai beni
Emeth ). The 27th degree, is closely linked with the history of the Templars, and the study of
Gnosticism is here also very important because this degree is to conserve precious doctrines
Egypt and its correlation with the high initiatic teachings Zoroaster, as well as the fundamentals
of the Essenes. The aphorism of the sacred word is more significant at this stage once, in which
the allegorical axiom INRI also takes all its meaning. The 28th is somewhat like a higher grade
repetition 14 °, ie, the higher octave of work that could not be Initiates demanded, without
having gone through the great degree of transmutation is the 18th. The arts and sciences are
honoring to this extent, it is the constant work to improve the 56 Check the second book of the
series "The Big Messages" of mUy Venerable Grand Master Serge Raynaud de la Ferriere, which
exposed the graphical and philosophical explanations are given mechanism and esotericism
system to be employed for the benefit of that particular spiritual evolution. 135 Page 125

intellectual work as necessary to provide a possibility balanced teaching about all dogmas. Also
this step is a step off where you talk at length about the study of nature, through microscopes
and telescopes. Unfortunately this grade has also suffered numerous and repeated deformation,
and even in the ritual are flagrant anomalies. Many lodges, for a long time, no practice, for
example, the ceremonial presentation with touching for that range, and pronouncing the words
Alpha and Omega. The fact that this practice is not already in use, obscures one stroke values
that bore a deep symbolism. The answer to be given is still discussed before the announcement
of the sacred word: many lodges do Abrag respond, however, the Convention of Lausanne held
in 1875, was passed to stop this degree had to respond Gadol , the announcement of the sacred
word. All this is provided pitiful, because there really is a serious reason for using rituals in this or
that word. The degree requires 29 º extraordinary scientific training, since it leads to the degree
of Perfect Master in Kabbalah (the Knight Kadosh grade 30 º). At this level is therefore requires a
saving preparation, equitable solution to the problem Masonic. The review covers the issues of
higher education, stands for physical, moral and intellectual levels. Since the ritual is very
complicated in this period: seven signs three touching and different general appeal. The grade 30
grade is full of severity, is the step of Purified. His title of "nec plus ultra" indicates very well that
There is nothing beyond that really is the last degree. The Assembly named after Senate
dignitaries addressed the work of Areopagus, and confer the degrees below 19 º to 30 º. In a
way, it is the last stage of evolution, for the other three degrees, are intended rather to a feeling
of honorificación. The 30th grade is the ceremonial Perfect Teacher and its symbol is the Holy
Qabbalah, teaching has the perfect knowledge. Instructor - Superior in cabbalística doctrine
Here is the exact title for this grade I corresponds to the last Masonic period. There is no
doctrine that is not included here because Man or Holy-Holy-Purified as KADOSH means is one
who teaches the highest doctrines of both the abstract and of the concrete, its domain is the
Knowledge. Nothing should escape his knowledge and H:. M:. should not accept this degree
without having absolute knowledge of the Secret Sciences and Sciences 136

Page 126 University. Titled both the secular world and in fields esoteric, Knight Kadosh is
providing documentation necessary for lifting the masonic scale. It's like "God I want "as the
emblem of the white flag, crossed by two green stripes. The Initiate at this stage is like a real
living library, nothing is strange or philosophy or physics, astrology adding your archaeometric
Saber, knowledge of the sacred languages due to the translation of ancient texts both, as
symbols or hieroglyphs of patriarchal worldviews. This is where we must summon the
continuation of small analysis of the mystical ladder, which had begun to talk about 7 liberal arts,
represented by the crossbar from the left this symbolic ladder, known as the Kadosh. Both this
mysterious ladder stringers are called Eloah and Ohed Ohed Kerobo, that is, love of God and love
of neighbor. The right bar (Deum Amans) has seven steps as so many virtues to be practiced and
taught: TZEDAKAB (Justice): Compliance with laws and accordance with the actions SCHOR-
LABAN (Purity): moral chastity, required for improvement MATHOK (Sweetness): Education and
reflection to be fortify the Master. EMONUANAH (Faith): Vigor Soul provides the verve and
strength of spirit to the Initiation elevation. AMAL-Saggi (Work): The ability to apply all remedies
against pain. SABBAL (Load): Do not be affected by the acts of the sentimentality GHEMUL-
BINAH-THEBUNAK (Prudence): Provides force to achieve the set goal, includes circumspection in
words and acts, prescribes the use of the virtues, the study of science and universal morality. It is
unnecessary to give the details of the last three degrees symbolize the White Masonry, which, as
its name implies, and not considered within the dynamic effort of the preceding degrees; she
has this EXPERIENCE (somewhat true Matesis mode). Until the 30th degree, the Master fight all
forms and all the verve that can characterize a H:. M:. It is the job of all their powers to climb the
ladder Initiation, which is reached in the rank of Knight of the White Eagle and Black, regent of
the 137

Page 127 two worlds: the visible and the invisible. The two heads of the eagle Masonic not
represent the two hemispheres in which Institution must preach, but Darkness and Light which
must get to know, are the two poles of Magic, the power to acquire, not to abuse but to
eliminate the partners in the struggle against negative forces. The 30th grade is the limit of these
struggles, the These grades correspond to the use of the experience that has obtained for these
efforts, and the knowledge is acquired then by the Way of Conducting and not by study
intellectual. After the symbolic degrees (first 3 degrees), the Chapter degrees (4 ° to 18 °), the
philosophical degrees (19 º to 30 °), we are in the presence of the top two grades (three upper
grades). The Grand Inquisitor 31 grade, especially for monitors that not abuse exists and must
ensure that the laws are executed Masonic correctly. Sublime Prince of the Royal Secret, 32nd
degree, used in their signals passing between the words, the word Shaddai, with which Flashing
their depth knowledge of the Word. We have already addressed the issue of these Logos
(Hebrew Shaddai). Unfortunately, as always, these terms during the time, have suffered
deformation even in the way of writing aye, and is just the orthographic form assumes a
significance capital for the values that need to agree. Shadai, with guamétrico value of 316, is
the Shva Vattan-DHA, is the Vedic Swadha, Isho assimilated to Jesus, who does VERB. Shadai,
also called small Shadai has value 314, which corresponds to 3.14 of course universal formula Pi,
expressing the ratio of the diameter with the circumference. It is in somehow the key to finding
what this unknowable mystery of creation, symbolized in its manifestation by the circle. Shadai
(Shin-Dalet-Yod) is the protection of the Israelites, is pantacle as a universal, divine wind that
accompanies them. Finally, the joint response of the sacred words, 32nd degree initiates bring
out his magic Saber, through Name one interpolarización daily deal. The mention of Prophets of
Geniuses, etc.. Attest that all branches of Knowledge not are secrets to H:. M:., Who have
reached this state. The Grand Inspector General of the 33rd degree, remains the largest respect
for Jacques de Molay. The same battery in this degree, is 138 Page 128

ing eleven strokes, which are made in a way that recalls the date was sentenced last Grand
Master of the Worshipful Templars. The Grand Inspector is received by the Pod. Sob. Great
Commander (which is the First High Dignitary of the Supreme Council of the 33 who will ask the
sacred word, and confirm that G only. A:. U:. you can understand it. The event is severe, the
newly admitted gained the top step, has seen all Masonry and meet the Master. In addition, it
must demonstrate that its heart no longer flinches. Finally, the last three are rather honorary
degrees, is the Initiation crown, the recognized supreme authority, the last step of this esoteric
rise divided into 33 degrees, which represent all the possibilities of life, all the steep slope the
Shining Path that leads man from darkness to the sublime glow of improvement. It is a long way,
the stage of the passion to virtue is the way of the ignorance to knowledge, is the cavalcade
begins in the world layman to conclude in Initiation, in every sense of the word; that in virtue of
which the stone becomes gold, because it has understood the reality of the universal world.
With his face to the eternity, the Initiate thinks only contemplate the wonders of Cosmos and
live in the blessing of the G:. A:. D:. U:. Completed in the Summer Solstice 1949, E:. V:. * * * End
of the Black Book of Freemasonry