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Letter to the rioters

Sub: Opportunities knocking your door.

Dear Mr.Rioter,
With due regards and humble request I would like to
apprise you of the golden opportunities that unfold for
you today.

Finally there is a great demand for you in the Political

market. Local gundas, netas, religious groups must be
searching you like crazy.
Your forefathers minted money in British rule by
making Hindu and Muslims fight. Why shall you forgo
such a great heritage of your ancestors? You made
human blood look cheaper than dirty water when it
flowed in the drains of Ayodhya. What a sadistic
pleasure you guys must have had na.

I have done a market research for you, I know little bit

of SPSS as per my MBA course, so the research says
that you need to target the poor guys and specially the
illiterates, whom you can fool without much effort. But
stay away from educated class these guys might not
entertain you this time, that’s my personal opinion.
Another suggestion, target media, these guys can be of
great help to you, when they can make our heads bow in
shame for CWG, they can do it for this occasion too.
You must also not forget to target some of our
neighbours and their corrupt leadership who think
exactly like you guys. They need power and money just
as you do.

Also thanks for making us aware of what religion we

hold as in day today life people hardly care about what
religion they belong to. In that sense you guys are more
enlightened than some of the most famous spiritual
gurus existing in India.
You people also set benchmarks to the manhood when
you kill innocent kids, females and old ones. You act as
messengers of GOD as you are reducing the burden of
humanity on earth which is actually fighting for
I also charted a small carrier path for you a) Join a
religious local group b) Kill 100 , 200 people c) Rise
high in the corporate ladder or Gundagardi c)blackmail
politicians and business men d) stand for assembly
With little bit of knowledge of finance, I understand
that more risk means more return, but you have a kind
of habit of defying those principles. People who
actually fight in the name of religion get zero return.
However you are able to gain heavy returns by
investing little in them. Thats why I call you the market
Whether it is Ayodhya , or Gujrat or Mumbai you have
always managed to beat the market. I feel pity about the
poor chaps who will again be fooled by you. They will
fight with their own friends with whom they used to
celebrate Eid and Diwali together. But ultimately don’t
let the agenda die. Keep it alive and keep getting the
You are the best Investors world has come across.
Good luck
Thanking you
Cordially yours

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