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PRACTICE: (Sound waves) [speed of sound wave in air =340 ms-1]

1. SLG09Q28 Ultrasonic waves sent fron a transmitter to

the seabed to measure the depth of the sea.

A 0.147 s
B 0.294 s
C 0.312 s
D 0.278 s

What is the wave phenomenon involved? 6. MLK102Q27 Diagram shows sound waves from a
A Refraction piano.
B Reflection
C Diffraction
D Interference

2. PNG10Q33 What happens to the frequency and

loudness of sound waves when it is reflected? Which of the following statements is true?
Frequency Loudness A P has a higher pitch than Q
A Unchanged Decreases B Q has a higer pitch than R
B Increases Decreases C R has the highest pitch
C Unchanged Increases D P, Q and R have the same pitch
D Increases Unchanged
7. PHG10Q33 Diagram shows a ship is sending out a
pulse of ultrasound to the seabed. If the reflected
3. SLG10Q34 Diagram 21 shows a house at the bottom
ultrasound is received 0.36 s later, what is the depth of
of a hill receiving radio waves from a transmission station.
the sea? [Assume the speed of sound in sea water =
1500 ms-1].

This phenomenon happens because the radio waves is

A reflection A 8.3 m
B refraction B 270 m
C diffraction C 540 m
D interference D 4166 m

4. KL10Q33 Diagram shows a climber starts a stopwatch 8. MLK09Q38 Ultrasonic waves are transmitted by a
as he shouts. He hears an echo from the opposite side of hydrophone from a boat to the seabed. The echoes of
the valley after 1.0 s. the ultrasonic waves are received by the detector on the
boat 0.02 s after the transmission. The speed of
ultrasonic waves in the sea water is 4200 ms-1.

The sound travels at 340 ms-1. What is the width of the

A 85 m
B 170 m What is the depth, D of the sea?
C 340 m A 29 m
D 680 m B 42 m
C 60 m
5. MLK101Q31 What is the time interval between the boy D 84 m
shouting and hearing the echo?