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Magic Feats

Magic feats are skill and abilities that can be learned that can improve and/or vary the effects of
spells through the expenditure of bonus mana when casting. Generally, bonus mana will increase a
spell's potency or power. Listed below are examples of other ways a mage may learn to alter their spells
(in Feat form because they are learned skills and not just pumping mana into a spell to beef it up).
Some feats may seem to belong to other classes of feats, but this is because of the difficulty in classing
some feats.
Feat Mana Cost Benefits
Aura Lens Change -- Ability to change aura lenses quickly
Bouncing Spell +10 Redirect a spell that had no effect on initial target
Spell with the acid or fire descriptor deals extra
Burning Spell +10
damage the next round
Spell with the sonic descriptor gains a debilitating
Concussive Spell +5
concussive effect
Dazing Spell +5 Daze creature with spell damage
Target of spell must make concentration check to
Disruptive Spell +10
cast a spell in the next round
Echoing Spell +15 Cast a spell a second time
Ectoplasmic Spell +10 Spell fully affects incorporeal and ethereal creatures
Inflict energy damage instead of regular spell
Elemental Spell +10
Empower Spell +10 Increase spell variables by 50%
Enlarge Spell +10 Double spell range
Extend Spell +10 Double spell duration
Spell with the fire, light, or electricity descriptor
Flaring Spell +5
dazzles creatures it affects
Focused Spell +5 Increase save DC of spell for one target in a group
Gaoblin Magic Can only be learned Ability to attune an Aura to a specific element to
Attunement from Gaoblins enhance spells from the same elemental spell-circle
Lingering Spell +5 Instantaneous area effect spell lasts for 1 round
Maximize Spell +15 Maximize spell variables
Persistent Spell +10 Creatures who saved against a spell must save again
Piercing Spell +10 Ignores 5 points of S. Def
Preferred Spell + , Spellcraft 5 ranks Spontaneously cast a specific spell
Quicken Spell +15 Cast spell as a swift action
Spell with the cold descriptor also entangles
Rime Spell +5
creatures if the spell damages them
Selective Spell + , Spellcraft 10 ranks Exclude targets from an area effect spell
Sickening Spell +5 Sicken creature with spell damage
Affected spell’s death effects and energy drain affect
Thanatopic Spell +15, Spellcraft 10 ranks
Thundering Spell +5 Deafen creature with spell damage
Toppling Spell +5 Spell with the force descriptor knocks targets prone

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