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Renown Feats (for Deities/Avatars/etc.

These feats represent a character's renown or notoriety. While these feats can be used by any
character measure their renown, it only has a practical application in terms of game-play mechanics
with Deity races. Though renown could play into the role-playing aspect. Normally, it is the DM's job
to keep track of renown for the party, but players with Deity races, specifically, need to keep track of it
themselves. Some feats may seem to belong to other classes of feats, but this is because of the difficulty
in classing some feats.
Feat Prerequisites Benefits
Unheard of -- Few know who you are or knows you exist
Rumored 1,000 renown Tales of you and your deeds move slowly
Heard of 50,000 renown You are mentioned often in taverns
Known 100,000 renown People may recognize you on the streets
Well-known 300,000 renown Most will recognize you on the streets
Renowned/Notorious 600,000 renown Everyone knows of you
Revered/Feared 1,000,000 renown Everyone recognizes your status as a deity