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Teamwork Feats

These feats take effect when in combat with an ally who also has the same feat. Some feats may
seem to belong to other classes of feats, but this is because of the difficulty in classing some feats.
Feat Prerequisites Benefits
+5 bonus on level checks to overcome spell
Allied Spellcaster WIS 36
Brutal Grappler --- Damage a target while grappling
Combat Empathy Symbiar Fighter Increased buffs and abilities while connected with
With Partner character(s) your symbiar partner
— +5 bonus to DEF
— +5 bonus on combat maneuver checks
Ensemble Perform 5 ranks Nearby performers can aid your perform checks
Lookout — Act in surprise round if ally can act
Outflank ATK 48 Gain +5 bonus on attack rolls when flanking
Paired Opportunists — +5 bonus on attacks of opportunity
Deal +6 points of precision damage with melee
Precise Strike MIN 36, ATK 36
Shield Wall Shield Proficiency Increase your shield bonus to DEF by +5
Shielded Caster — +5 bonus on concentration checks
Swap Places — Switch places with an adjacent ally