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GRADE 1 to 12 School MUÑOZ NATIONAL HIGH SCHOOL-Annex Grade Level 11 Checked by: Noted:


LOG Teaching Dates and Time July16-20, 2017- Week 7 Quarter FIRST
(HUMSS_11:00-12:00) Semester FIRST Head Teacher I Principal III


July 16, 2018 July 17, 2018 July 18, 2018 July 19, 2018 July 20, 2018
I. OBJECTIVES Objectives must be met over the week and connected to the curriculum standards. To meet the objectives necessary procedures must be followed and if needed, additional lessons,
exercises, and remedial activities may be done for developing content knowledge and competencies. These are assessed using Formative Assessment strategies. Valuing objectives
support the learning of content and competencies and enable children to find significance and joy in learning the lessons. Weekly objectives shall be derived from the curriculum guides.
The learners should be able to: (1) Explain the development of one’s self and others as a product of socialization and enculturation (2) Identify the context, content, processes, and consequences of
enculturation and socialization

A. Content Standard How individuals learn culture and How individuals learn culture and Teacher’s preparation, Lesson planning, How individuals learn culture How individuals learn culture
become competent members of become competent members of Checking, and Recording of Students and become competent and become competent
society. society. output members of society. members of society.
B. Performance Standard Identify norms and values to be Identify norms and values to be Identify norms and values to be Identify norms and values to
observed in interacting with others observed in interacting with others observed in interacting with be observed in interacting
in society and the consequences in society and the consequences of others in society and the with others in society and
of ignoring these rules. ignoring these rules. consequences of ignoring these the consequences of
rules. ignoring these rules.
C. Learning Explain the development of one’s Explain the development of one’s Identify the context, content, Identify the context, content,
Competency/Objectives self and others as a product of self and others as a product of processes, and consequences processes, and
socialization and enculturation. socialization and enculturation. of enculturation and consequences of
Write the LC code for each. socialization. enculturation and
UCSP11/12BMS-Ig-15 UCSP11/12BMS-Ig-15 socialization.
UCSP11/12BMS-Ig-16 UCSP11/12BMS-Ig-16
II. CONTENT Content is what the lesson is all about. It pertains to the subject matter that the teacher aims to teach in the CG, the content can be tackled in a week or two.
Enculturation/ Socialization Enculturation/ Socialization Conformity and deviance Conformity and deviance
A. References Understanding Culture Society Understanding Culture Society and Understanding Culture Society Understanding Culture
and Politics Politics and Politics Society and Politics
1. Teacher’s Guide pages
2. Learner’s Materials pages Pages 37-40 Pages 37-40 Pages 41-46 Pages 41-46
3. Curriculum Guide
4. Additional Materials from
Learning Resource
B. Other Learning Resource
A. Reviewing previous lesson or Review the previous lesson Continuation of the lesson Review the previous lesson

presenting the new lesson
B. Establishing a purpose for the Activity 1 DOS and DON’Ts What is Socialization? Teacher ask the students about their What is Human rights and Dignity?
lesson ideas in the following:
Let students revisit their past experiences
and research on the norms and values of What is conformity?
their family, community, municipality and What is Deviance?

Social DO DON’Ts
Environment S

Process Questions:

1. Are there similarities between

your experiences and
observations and those of your
2. In your family, who gives
guidance on proper decorum
and other family traditions?
3. In your community or
neighbourhood, who defines
standards of what is
acceptable or not?
4. In your municipality/city and
country, who determines what
is moral and immoral, and what
is legal and illegal?
5. Was there an instance when
you did what you shouldn’t as
prescribed by “authorities”?
How did they react?
C. Presenting The world and I Functions of socialization Distinguished between the different Discuss the different kinds of rights
examples/Instances of the This activity is related to activity no. 1. types of conformity: people enjoy in a democratic
Teachers will ask the students to look  Personality and Role 1. Compliance society, namely:
new lesson back on their childhood. The focus of this Development – it is through the 2. Internalization
activity is their interaction/socialization process of socialization that we 3. Identification
with their families, relatives, neighbours, develop our sense of identity 4. Ingratiation 1. Natural Rights
and godparents, and belongingness 2. Constitutional Rights
 Skills Development and Functions of deviance 3. Statutory Rights
Training – the much-needed 4. Civil Rights
social skills such as 5. Economic Rights
communication, interpersonal, 6. Political Rights
and occupational are

Family  Values Formation – individuals
are influenced or engulfed by
the prevailing values of social
groups and society.
ME Relatives  Social Integration and
Adjustment – the socialization
process allows us to fit –in an
organized way of life being
Godparent accustomed including cultural
 Social Control and Stability –
integration to society binds
Process Question:
individuals to the control
mechanism set forth by
1. How did your family take care
society’s norms with regard to
of you as a child?
acceptable social relationships
2. What role did your relatives
and social behavior.
play in your upbringing?
3. How did your neighbours
interact with you as a child? To
Social Structure , Roles
what extent did they socialize
with your family?
4. Do you personally know your
godparents? How did your
parents choose your
5. What roles did your
godparents play in your
D. Discussing new concepts and What are the context, content, processes Importance of socialization Forms of Deviance
practicing new skills # 1 and consequences of the socialization of Agents of socialization
Filipino children?
E. Discussing new concepts and Social structure
practicing new skills # 2 Roles

F. Developing mastery How do magkapitbahay help one another? What is the Most Common Type Why is social conformity important in
(leads to Formative of Social Interaction? society?
Assessment 3)
G. Finding practical application of If women are working, how can they easily How does socialization help in the What are the important
concepts and skills in daily find someone to take care of their development of individuals to become a responsibilities that we need to
children? productive member of society? perform or play to contribute in the
living development of our country?
H. Making generalizations and How does the Filipino community affect The agents of socialization guide every In today’s modern society, what form of How do we protect our human
abstractions about the lesson the development of Filipino children as individual in understanding what is social control is applicable or effective rights?
members of society? happening in our society. People learn to in resolving criminality?
determine what is proper, right or wrong,
appropriate and inappropriate.
I. Evaluating learning Short quiz Quiz Essay Quiz
J. Additional activities for
application or remediation
VI. REFLECTION Reflect on your teaching and assess yourself as a teacher. Think about your students’ progress this week. What works? What else needs to be done to help the students learn? Identify what help your instructional
supervisors can provide for you so when you meet them, you can ask them relevant questions.
A. No. of learners who earned
80% in the evaluation
B. No. of learners who require
additional activities for
remediation who scored below
C. Did the remedial lessons
work? No. of learners who
have caught up with the
D. No. of learners who continue
to require remediation
E. Which of my teaching
strategies worked well? Why
did these work?
F. What difficulties did I
encounter which my principal
or supervisor can help me
G. What innovation or localized
materials did I use/discover
which I wish to share with
other teachers?

Prepared by:

Teacher II, SHS
Muñoz National High School-Annex