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Pagayon, Marshall Nicolane S. Dr.

Gremilda Igloso
BTTE – AET 4A Field Studies

Narrative Report on Student Teaching (PIE 14)

I was assigned to exercise my student teaching in Bachelor of Technology Major

in Automotive Engineering Technology at College of Industrial Education under the
Supervision of Prof. Edgardo Dula. I handled the 2nd year section B together with my
fellow classmate Mr. Jemar Denaga for the Monday and Wednesday 7am to 11am

On our first day, Prof. Dula introduced us in his class and said that we are the
one who is taking care of them and teaching them for the rest of the semester. I
introduce myself first by sharing what batch of automotive student I am before, what are
my previous jobs before and so on and so forth. We also asked the students to
introduce themselves to be more familiar with them too. After we introduced ourselves,
Prof. Dula gives us the syllabus which indicates the topic that we are going to discuss
for the class.

Me and Mr. Denaga divided the topic so as we can be more well prepared when
we are about to execute the discussion.

When the first day of the discussion is executed by me, it was so intense. I feel
nervous on how I can handle each of the students. Luckily, the students are very
cooperative and very attentive when I discuss something. As day goes by, speaking in
front of the crowd became almost normal. The pressure and nervous gets lessen and
the deliberation of specific topic became natural.

Aside from discussion, we also conducted some practical activities and exam, we
also gave them assignment and specific task to present like reporting in class and
performing graded practical exam. Throughout the days we bonded great. They treated
us like their professor. The professional distance is observed between us, their student
teacher and them as our student.

The overwhelming experience of acting like a real teacher, talking and educating
someone makes a great impact for me and gives me unparalleled happiness. By
undergoing PIE 14 motivates me more to be more eager to be a educator someday.

Overall, undergoing PIE 14 serves me to be more ready when the time comes for
me to be officially a educator. This experience also gives me a clue on how to improve
more specially on teaching and handling a class someday. Thank you.
First time to Instruct (Little bit Nervous)
Practical Activity / Examination (Individual)

Practical Activity / Examination (Groupings)

Final Demonstration (February 23, 2018)
Topic: Starter Motor (Disassembly and Assembly)

Administering Midterm Examination