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Balance Campaign

JazzCash brings yet another exciting offer for its Mobile Account customers. All Mobile Account
customers will be provided free minutes (on-net) and SMS if they maintain a minimum level of balance in
their Mobile Accounts. The details of the offer are as below:

Offer Details

Daily Balance Minutes SMS

Rs.1,000 – 1,999 30 30

Rs.2,000 – 2,999 60 60

Rs.3,000 and Above 100 100

A customer who maintains a balance between Rs.1,000-1,999 on a specific day will be eligible to get
30 minutes and 30 SMS after one day
A customer who maintains a balance between Rs.2,000-2,999 on a specific day will be eligible to get
60 minutes and 60 SMS after one day
A customer who maintains a balance equal to or above Rs.3,000 on a specific day will be eligible to
get 100 minutes and 100 SMS after one day

Terms and Conditions

Call set up charges of Rs. 0.20 will be consumed to make calls from the free minutes bundle

Offers are subject to suspension on special occasions at company’s discretion e.g. Eids, Special
Holiday’s etc
Customers meeting the minimum account balance will be given free On-net Minutes and SMS.
Free bundle will be posted to your number one day after you have maintained the required
balance which will be valid till midnight the same day. For example a customer who maintained
Rs 3,000 balance on 1st April will get 100 On-net Minutes and SMS on 3rd April.
Status of a free bundle can be checked by dialing *117*88*2#.
The minutes and SMS are non-transferable.
A customer will stop receiving the incentive if he has not conducted any product transaction in
the last 30 days. After maintaining balance for more than 30 days, customer will stop receiving
free Minutes and SMS; they can become eligible for this by performing a transaction from their
account; after performing transaction they will start getting free Mins and SMS again after one
This offer is valid only for prepaid customers.
Mobile Account Balance Offer is a limited time offer.
Those customers who are subscribed for Bachat Account or JazzCash Beema are not eligible
for this offer.
These free Minutes and SMS will not be valid for use between 6 PM and 9 PM.

These are the 7 Best Mobile Banking Services in

Posted 6 months ago by Rehan Ahmed

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Only 18% of Pakistan’s population (35 million) has access to an internet connection
and major chunk of web traffic, almost 73%, comes from mobile and tablet devices.
Mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) have clearly been the main driving force
behind the country’s recent surge in internet users, which has almost doubled from

Taking note of mobile’s influence over the Pakistani population, a lot of mobile-
wallet options have popped up during the past few years. These services offer
anything from online transactions to quick and easy transfers using NFC to online
bill payments and much more.
Here are 7 mobile wallet services that you can use in Pakistan,

1. EasyPaisa
An EasyPaisa mobile account is an easy to use actual bank account, available for
anyone to access from their own mobile phones at any time.

How to open easypaisa account?

Telenor Subscribers can open an account simply by dialing *786#
Non-Telenor Subscribers can open their account by sending ‘EP<space>CNIC
number’ to 0345-111-3737.
Subscribers will receive a confirmation SMS from 3737 on successful
activation of their Easypaisa Account.
You can also visit any of the Telenor Franchises, Telenor Sales and Service
Centers, Telenor Bank branches or Telenor Bank Sales and Service Centers.
To open your mobile account online, Click here

For more details, you can visit this link .

Mobile Account Features

Bill Payments
Money Transfer
International Home Transfer
Handset Financing
ATM Card
Phone Banking
EasyPaisa app

Download Easypaisa for Android | iOS

EasyPaisa Shop Features

Money Transfer (with higher limits)
Bank Transfer
Bill Payments
International Transfer

Find an easypaisa shop near you

2. JazzCash
An online payment solution from one of Pakistan’s largest mobile operators,
Mobilink, JazzCash also offers mobile wallet services.

How to Open JazzCash mobile account?

JazzCash Mobile Account can be registered on any mobile number by visiting any
Mobilink Microfinance Bank Branch, Jazz Franchise or Business Center and
JazzCash Agents spread across Pakistan.

If you are a biometric-verified customer of Jazz andWarid, you can also self-register
their Mobile Account simply by dialing *786#. Others needs to visit Jazzcash
retailers to open their account.

Mobile Account Features

Deposit Money
Retail Purchase
International Remittance
Mobile Load
Bill Payment
Money Transfer
JazzCash Mobile App

Download JazzCash for Android | iOS

JazzCash Shop Features

Mobile Account Services
Money Transfer
Bill Payment
Find a JazzCash shop near you

3. Zong PayMax
Zong’s mobile wallet solution, PayMax gives you an exciting banking experience. All
your financial transactions are just a few taps away.

How to open Zong Paymax account?

Anyone with an active ZONG SIM registered in their own name can open a Zong
PayMax account by visiting a PayMax shop or Zong outlet.

Mobile account
Local Money Transfer
Utility Bill Payment
Cash Deposit
Cash Withdrawal
Mobile Account Top Up
Retail Payments

Download PayMax for Android

PayMax shops
Find a Zong PayMax Shop near you

4. Keenu Wallet
A digital wallet for your smartphone, Keenu’s payment app lets you make quick and
free transactions from your phone.

All you need is a mobile number to register yourself, then transfer some money into
your account through online making or making a cash deposit at the nearest bank
branch and you are good to go.

How to open Keenu wallet account?

Download the app from the link given below and register using your phone.

Mobile Account
Shop at hundreds of stores and outlets with exclusive deals, offers and
Bill Payment
Transfer Money
Request payments from other people

Download Keenu for Android | iOS

5. uPaisa
A UPaisa mobile account is an easy to use actual bank account, available for Ufone
subscribers to access from their own mobile phones at any time.

How to open uPaisa mobile account?

UPaisa Mobile Account can be opened simply by dialing *60# or visiting any Ufone
service center, Ufone franchise, Ubank branches or selected Upaisa Agents along
with your CNIC and Ufone SIM.

Mobile Account
Transfer money to another mobile account
Transfer money to a person (CNIC)
Transfer money to other banks (IBFT)
Pay Utility Bills
Make donations
Make online purchases
Purchase Ufone Supercards

uPaisa Shops
UPaisa transactions

Find a UPaisa shop near you

6. UBL Omni

Customers across Pakistan can now open a basic UBL Omni bank account at any
UBL Omni Dukaan of their choice, whether close to their home or place of work. All
they need is their CNIC and mobile phone number.

How to open ubl omni mobile account?

A UBL Omni account can be opened by visiting a UBL Omni Dukaan with your
original CNIC and initial deposit amount (Rs.100 minimum). You can find more
details by visiting this link .

Mobile account
Scan & Pay (Funds Transfer & Payments to Omni/UBL branch
Accounts/Merchant Accounts via QR
Fund Transfer between your UBL Branch & Omni Account
Send Money to Other Omni Account (with or without Life Insurance)
Send Money to CNIC/Person (with or without Life Insurance
Bill payment
Mobile Top Up
Buy Voucher
Withdraw Cash
Payment of Zakat & Donation
Payment of Online Shopping
Merchant Payments
Pakistan Railway ticket payment
Check Account statement
View Mobile App Transactions
Set nick
View UBL Masterpass transactions
Balance check
View their Account IBAN
Check Account limits

Download UBL Omni for Android

Omni shops
Account Opening
Biometric account opening
Non biometric account opening
Cash Withdrawal
Cash Deposit
Merchant Payments
Instant issuance/re-issuance of Omni Debit Cards
Funds Transfer
Account to Person Transfer (Biometrically/Non Biometrically)
Person to Person Funds Transfer (Send or receive money)
Cash Deposit and Withdrawal to UBL Account
Inter Bank Fund Transfer (IBFT) to other banks’ accounts
Bill Payment (Utility/Postpaid/Broadband)
Railway e-Ticketing
Mobile Voucher / Top up Purchase
Online Shopping payment
Collections / Disbursements
Zakat & Donations
E-Ticketing Payments for transport services
WIZ card re-load
Omni Term Life insurance

Find a UBL Omni shop (Dukaan) near you

7. SimSim
SimSim is a digital wallet solution built by Finja , a Pakistani startup that recently
raised $1.5 million in funding. It promises free real-time payments through an E-
wallet account.

How to open Simsim account?

To create a SimSim account you have to download its app from the Play Store or
Apple AppStore from the link given below.

Once installed, you just have to complete a sign-up form that will ask for your name,
CNIC, father’s name and mother’s name.

Mobile Account Features

ATM Card
Scan & Pay using QR codes
Send money to other SimSim users
Account Management
Bill Payments
Request Money from other SimSim users
Gift Vouchers

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Home > Schedule of Charges

Products/Services Total Fee (incl. FED)

Send Money from CNIC to CNIC Slab-wise charges mentioned below

Receive Money from CNIC Free

Send Money from CNIC to JazzCash Mobile Free


Send Money from CNIC to any Bank Account Slab-wise charges mentioned below

Mobile Account Registration Free

Transactions Mobile Account Limit Enhancement Free
Cash Deposit into Mobile Account Free
JazzCash Agent,
Mobilink Cash Withdrawal from Mobile Account Slab-wise charges mentioned below
Microfinance through JazzCash Agent
Bank Branch or
Utility Bill Payment Free
Jazz Point
Mobile Top-up Free

Passport Fee Payment Rs. 100

Railway Ticket Payment Free

Ticket Payments Free

Cash Deposit into Mobile Account Free

Life Insurance Rs. 300

Health Insurance Rs. 999

Mobile Account Registration Free

Mobile Account Maintenance Charges Free

SMS Alerts For Every Transaction Free

Mobile Account MPIN Creation Free

Mobile Account MPIN Change Free

Access to Mobile Account via USSD/Mobile Free


Balance Enquiry via USSD/Mobile Free

Mini Statement via USSD/Mobile Free

Email Statement via USSD/Mobile Free


Send Money to Another JazzCash Mobile Free


Receive Money from Another JazzCash Free

Mobile Account

Send Money to Another Operator Mobile Slab-wise charges mentioned below


Receive Money from Another Operator Free

Mobile Account

Money Transfer to Any Person’s CNIC Slab-wise charges mentioned below

through Receive Money from CNIC (CNIC to Mobile Free
JazzCash Mobile Account Transfer)
Account Send Money to Any Bank Account Slab-wise charges mentioned below

Receive Money from Any Bank Account Free

Receive International Remittance Free

Mobile Top-Up for any operator Free

Utility Bill Payment 3 bills free every month, Rs 20 per bill


Non-Personalized VISA Debit Card (currently Rs. 299

not available)

Personalized VISA Debit Card (incl. Home Rs. 499

Delivery charges)

Cash Withdrawal through Mobilink Bank’s Free


Cash Withdrawal through any other bank’s Slab-wise charges mentioned below

Debit Card PIN Creation / Change Free

Balance Enquiry via 1-Link/M-NET ATM Rs 2.5

Passport Fee Payment Rs. 100

Online Payment Free

QuickPay QR Payments Free

Ticket Payments Free

Life Insurance Rs. 300

Health Insurance Rs. 999

Transactions through JazzCash Agent, Mobilink Bank Branch or Jazz Point

Transactions through JazzCash Agent, Mobilink Bank Branch or Jazz Point

Send Money from CNIC to CNIC:

Transaction Slabs Total Fee (Includes FED)

0 – 1,000 60.00

1,001 – 2,500 120.00

2,501 – 4,000 180.00

4,001 – 6,000 240.00

6,001 – 8,000 300.00

8,001 – 10,000 350.00

10,001 – 13,000 400.00

13,001 – 15,000 450.00

15,001 – 20,000 600.00

20,001 – 25,000 750.00

25,001 – 30,000 900.00

3,0001 – 40,000 1,100.00

40,001 – 50,000 1,300.00

Cash Withdrawal from Mobile Account through JazzCash Agent:

Transaction Slabs Total Fee (Includes FED)

1-200 7.00

201-500 12.00

501-1,000 20.00

1,001-2,500 40.00

2,501-4,000 70.00

4,001-6,000 100.00

6,001-8,000 130.00

8,001-10,000 180.00

10,001-13,000 230.00

13,001-16,000 280.00

16,001-20,000 330.00

20,001-25,000 380.00

25,001-30,000 470.00

30,001-40,000 560.00

40,001-50,000 690.00
Send Money from CNIC to Bank Account:

Transaction Slabs Total Fee (Includes FED & 1-Link Charges)

0 – 1,000 35.00

1,001 – 2,500 50.00

2,501 – 4,000 65.00

4,001 – 6,000 80.00

6,001 – 8,000 90.00

8,001 – 10,000 105.00

10,001 – 13,000 120.00

13,001 – 15,000 130.00

15,001 – 20,000 165.00

20,001 – 25,000 200.00

25,001 – 30,000 250.00

3,0001 – 40,000 325.00

40,001 – 50,000 400.00

Transactions through JazzCash Mobile Account

Send Money from Mobile Account to CNIC:

Transaction Slabs Total Fee (Includes FED)

1 – 1,000 50.00

1,001 – 2,500 100.00

2,501 – 4,000 150.00

4,001 – 6,000 200.00

6,001 – 8,000 250.00

8,001 – 10,000 300.00

10,001 – 13,000 350.00

13,001 – 16,000 400.00

16,001 – 20,000 500.00

20,001 – 25,000 650.00

25,001 – 30,000 800.00

3,0001 – 40,000 900.00

40,001 – 50,000 1,100.00

Send Money from Mobile Account to Bank Account:

Transaction Slabs Total Fee (Includes FED)

1-200 15.00

201-500 15.00

501-1,000 20.00

1,001-2,500 40.00

2,501-4,000 60.00

4,001-6,000 80.00

6,001-8,000 100.00

8,001-10,000 150.00

10,001-13,000 200.00

13,001-16,000 250.00

16,001-20,000 300.00

20,001-25,000 350.00

25,001-30,000 400.00

30,001-40,000 450.00

40,001-50,000 500.00

Cash Withdrawal from Mobile Account through other bank’s ATM:

Transaction Slabs Total Fee (Includes FED & 1-Link Charges)

500 15.00

1,000 20.00

1,500-2,500 30.00

3,000-4,000 50.00

4,500-6,000 70.00

6,500-8,000 90.00

8,500-10,000 110.00

10,500-13,000 130.00

13,500-16,000 140.00

16,500-20,000 160.00

Cash withdrawal charges will be deducted from your Mobile Account. There is no need to pay the
charge in cash to the Agent
Cash deposit into Mobile Account is completely free; no charges are payable to Agent
Transaction limits are applicable
All fees/charges are inclusive of FED


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