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Directions : Match the meaning and functions in Column A with the terms in Column B. Write
only the letter of your answer.

1. It is used to hold water or any liquid solution used in a. water
cleaning. b. waste container
2. It is a cleaning tool commonly used to scoop the dirt and c. glove
wastes on the floor. d. baking soda
3. It is used to remove the contaminants of any tool and e. vacuum cleaner
equipment. f. broom
4. They are devices used to achieve a task but not g. tools
consumed during the process. h. Scrubbing Foam
5. An implement for sweeping. I. dustpan
6. A device which uses an air pump. bucket
7. It is also known as bicarbonate soda.
8. It is a garment which covers the whole, hand.
9. It is a bin for refuses and wastes .
10. It is the universal solvent.


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