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Section: 12Y1-TECH-4
Group Name: WONDER5
Instructor: Ms. Paulyn Ann C. Silvestre, RPm

Approved Topic and Variables:

“Teenagers’ Preferences Regarding Disclosures about Personal Matters, Whether They Open Up with
Their Friends”

Teenagers have their own way of expressing their thoughts. Teenagers have a wide diversity of feelings,
as it is a stage where they are curious of the outside world, and everyone differs with their personal
experiences. The researchers want to know whom they prefer to share their thoughts with, and what the
possible factors that affects their preference of disclosure.
Independent Variable:
Teenagers, ranging from 14-25 years old
Dependent Variable:
Preferences according to whom they open up to

Proposed Research Title: “Teenager's preferences regarding disclosure about personal matters,
whether they open with their friends.”

Purpose of the Study:

The purpose of this study is to evaluate young people if they are comfortable to open their
personal matter with their friends and why the other can't open to their friends regarding about their
personal matter. The researcher aims to know the difference of being open to a friend regarding
disclosure about personal matters.

Significance of the Study:

The researchers, parents, and future researchers will benefit to this study. For the researchers, it
will give them a chance to overview the feelings of teen agers when they open to their friends that might
serve as understanding and knowledge. For the parents, the study will serve as the instrument in
understanding their child feelings and struggles which enlighten them to give the support that their life
in the fullest; and lastly for the future researchers, it will be a help for them to use this research as
reference or research materials.
Date Submitted: June 29, 2018