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19 • Issue 9 September 2016


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Alternative Energy
Medical waste hazardous to
U.S. residential solar recycling and waste workers
market booms by MAURA KELLER
The improper management of dis-
carded needles and other sharp medical
devices can pose a health risk to the pub-
lic and waste workers. For example, dis-
carded needles may expose waste
workers to potential needle stick injuries
and potential infection when containers
break open inside garbage trucks or nee-
dles are mistakenly sent to recycling
WHAT’S INSIDE According to Selin Hoboy, vice pres-
ISRI updates paper and ident of legislative and regulatory affairs
electronic plastic scrap at Stericycle, Inc., one of the largest med-
specifications. Page A7 ical waste management companies in the
AF&PA releases paper reports. industry, in the last few years and espe-
Page A10 cially in light of emerging diseases like
Final USDOC duties set on hot- Ebola and now Zika viruses, there has
rolled steel imports. Page A15 been more attention on the proper man-
Inflatable lounger is made from agement of regulated medical waste.
plastic water bottles. Page A17 “Safe management of regulated or
Republic Services and Mas A recent industry shift is occurring in the management of home medical waste.
biohazardous waste is critical from the
Energy unveil latest renewable point of generation at any facility such as
energy project. Page B5 healthcare facilities like clinics, hospitals while regulated medical waste is con- According to Hoboy, regulated med-
Events Calendar 4 and surgical centers,” Hoboy said. “But taminated biological materials. There is ical waste is considered a hazardous
Scrap Metals MarketWatch 15 also in places that many may not think of less emphasis on safe biohazard disposal material under these rules, which dictates
Salvaging Millions 16 as generating regulated medical wastes these days as manufacturing and R&D the wastes are marked, labeled, packaged,
Classified Advertisements 20 such as laboratories, universities, dentists labs unknowingly dispose of exposed documented and transported. This is a
Industry Profile: A Closer Look 22 offices, long term care facilities and even materials that are detrimental to the preemptive regulation, so it must be fol-
Equipment Spotlight B4 tattoo parlors.” environment.” lowed whether you only operate in one
New Product Showcase B6 Hoboy said keeping the emphasis on As Chaudhuri explained, the Envi- state or many, and must be followed even
the proper packaging, transport and treat- ronmental Protection Agency (EPA) if a state has no specific regulations for
Permit No. 353

ment of these materials is key for workers continues to outline the regulations on a medical waste.
Columbia, MO
U.S. Postage


downstream from generation. federal and state level by defining and “Beyond that there are many other
“Environmental services staff, reworking as need be, what is consid- regulations, which are mainly at the state
healthcare waste drivers and treatment ered to be hazardous waste and how it level, that dictate the treatment of regu-
facility operators all have to manage this needs to be managed. The Department lated medical waste,” Hoboy said. “What
material safely to avoid contact and of Transportation also contributes to we mean by that is: what happens to the
potential exposure to life threatening dis- shaping the regulations by managing different types of wastes generated?
eases,” Hoboy said. “As part of their serv- how waste is handled and labeled and by Some states are very specific and strict
ices many regulated medical waste overseeing transportation paperwork. about how the wastes are segregated, sent
service companies provide training and In addition, there are both state and for treatment and then sent to ultimate

information to their customers to ensure federal regulations that impact the disposal. For example, some states
compliance by the generators and keep proper management of regulated med- require that pathological wastes be sepa-
their own employees safe.” ical waste by hospital and medical facil- rated out to be sent for incineration.
Key Regulations ities, as well as by home users who use Other states have very few regulations
When Mass Innovation Labs was syringes and other sharps for their home and may allow regulated medical waste to
building its Kendall Square facility in health care needs. go directly to an authorized landfill –
Cambridge, Massachusetts, the founders At the federal level, the Occupa- although most facilities don’t follow that
decided to implement a cost-effective tional Safety and Health Administration practice.”
approach for reduction of waste disposal. (OSHA) is concerned with the safety of Emerging Trends
Specifically, the company set up a facil- all employees in the environments they One of the major shifts that has been
ity with a main accumulation area for work within. In the case of regulated seen in the industry and the waste indus-
waste that not only allows for proper medical waste, the major hazard associ- try as a whole, is the management of
waste containers, but also for consolida- ated with this waste is blood borne patients and medical waste generated in
tion of waste and fewer shipments, which pathogens, so companies who manage the home environment.
increases the organization’s profitability. this type of waste stream should have an “This is of particular interest to all
“Manufacturing and R&D laborato- Exposure Control Plan and training for waste workers especially in solid waste
ries produce the majority of hazardous their employees. and recycling because often home gener-
waste today, specifically solvent and Also, at the Federal level, the ated wastes are not regulated,” Hoboy

Recycler regulated medical waste,” said Mass

Innovation Labs’ chief executive officer
Department of Transportation Pipeline
Hazardous Materials Safety Administra-
said. “This means patients do not have a
specific plan or mandate on where to put
900 W. South Boundary, Bldg. 6 Amrit Chaudhuri. “Solvent waste is typ- tion regulates the proper transportation things like needles.
Perrysburg, OH 43551-5235 ically expired hazardous chemicals of all hazardous materials. See MEDICAL WASTE, Page 4
American Recycler September 2016, Page A3

MagneGas ReCommunity Recovery Systems files

successfully lawsuit against City of Ann Arbor
processes The city allegedly broke promises to enrich themselves
septic water Resource Recovery Systems, LLC
and FCR, LLC (ReCommunity) filed a
from a fund that the city knew was insuf-
ficient to cover costs of needed repairs.
find solutions, the city started writing
default letters to finalize its termination
MagneGas Corporation, a technol- complaint in federal court against the Instead of paying the shortfall in rev- plan. Recognizing a weakness in its ini-
ogy company that counts among its City of Ann Arbor for damages arising enues and working with ReCommunity tial default notice alleging failure to
inventions a patented process that con- from the city’s wrongful termination of to find a solution to equitably fund obtain approval for the third party recy-
verts renewable and waste liquids into its recycling contract with ReCommu- equipment repairs, the city maximized clables that contributed to the city’s rev-
MagneGas2® fuel, announced that the nity. The filing includes claims that the their profits when market prices were up, enue share, Ann Arbor then stated that
successful results of its recent testing of city breached its contract, broke prom- receiving nearly $3 million since 2011, an incurable default existed based on
its developmental wastewater steriliza- ises relied upon by ReCommunity and and then refused to pay required short- alleged safety violations detected during
tion equipment have moved the com- unjustly enriched themselves at ReCom- fall payments and invest in critical the daily inspections by the city and its
pany a step closer to entering the septic munity’s expense through wrongful equipment when the market was down. consultants – who were directed to find
water treatment market. actions to escape a contract they When City Council members real- problems.
In June and July, MagneGas believed was no longer financially ized in March of 2015 that their costs ReCommunity did address the
deployed its 50 KW mobile sterilization advantageous. Additionally, the city’s related to the site were expected to alleged safety issues immediately and
system at a Florida septic wastewater actions put dozens of employees out of increase by $1 million, the city decided took steps to reduce third party volumes
treatment facility. Initial results of the work, created additional burdens for city to engage in efforts aimed at escaping coming into the facility. ReCommunity
processed samples analyzed by an inde- taxpayers, and ended a vital, popular the contract with ReCommunity and also paid in excess of $550,000 for the
pendent laboratory indicate significant service for its residents. entering into a new one that provided new baler in reliance on city assurances
reductions in pathogens. Additionally, ReCommunity has had a contract less financial risk and greater financial that it would pay a portion of such costs.
these preliminary results indicate reduc- with Ann Arbor to manage the city’s reward to the city. To effect its plan, the Instead, on the day that the baler was
tions in nitrogen, phosphorus, and potas- recycling facility and transfer station city retained a consultant to develop a fully installed and operational at
sium. MagneGas will continue to test at since 1993. Such services included the new contract, continued to default on its ReCommunity’s sole cost, the city com-
this facility during the next few weeks sale of recyclables, and sharing the prof- payment obligations, refused to invest in pleted the final step of its plan and
and will provide a final report to the its from such sales when the revenues critical equipment and initiated a series issued a termination letter giving
waste treatment facility, based on the exceeded operating costs. In 2014, when of inspections designed to find any and ReCommunity one business day to
analysis of the independent laboratory, the worldwide price of oil began to all discrepancies to manufacture a basis vacate the site.
by the end of August. decline, sales revenues for recyclables for terminating the contract. The city’s termination was wrongful
The Florida Department of Environ- also dropped steadily until reaching all- Due to the shortfall in the repair and its conduct constitutes a breach of
mental Protection estimates that one time sustained lows in 2015. The city’s fund, ReCommunity was forced to the contract, and ReCommunity seeks to
third of Florida residents use septic sys- recycling contract included a require- spend over $500,000 in repairs without recover all damages associated with the
tems for disposal of their wastewater. ment that the city pay ReCommunity being reimbursed by the city, including city’s actions.
Septic waste is generally collected and when sale revenues fell short of the constant work on the old baler which Despite the collection interruption
treated by privately owned corporations. amount of ReCommunity’s cost to oper- would break down regularly causing caused by the city, ReCommunity
MagneGas believes that the barriers to ate the site. It also included a require- operational issues, employee turnover, encourages residents to continue their
entering this market will be lower than ment for the city to reimburse and deferred housekeeping. After ignor- longtime commitment toward a sustain-
the municipal government owned ReCommunity’s costs for the repair and ing or rejecting numerous proposals able future and recycle any discarded
sewage treatment facilities. replacement of recycling equipment from ReCommunity to work together to items or materials.


SAT., OCT. 1ST @ 9:30 AM QUEENS (Astoria), NY
ADDRESS: 35-12 19th Ave. Unit 3W, Astoria, New York, 11105 (Next to Con Edison)
2014 Cat 924K(100hrs.), 13 SKID STEERS: (7)2016 Cat 262D, (5)Bobcat S250, Takeuchi,
12 HYDRAULIC EXCAVATORS: 2014 Cat 320E, (3)Cat 320, 2014 Cat 312E, Cat 311,
2014-2012 Cat 308E, 2014 Cat 305E, Cat 303, 2016 Case CX130, 10 LIGHT PLANTS:
(10)2014 Magnums, 3 WELDERS: Multiquip, Miller, Linclon, 2 DUMP TRAILERS: 2012
Spectech(steel), 2005 Spectech(steel), 2 DUMP TRUCKS: Peterbilt, Mack, 3 MASON
DUMP TRUCKS: 2008 Ford F550, 2000 Ford F450, 2002 GMC, 6 ROLLOFF TRUCKS:
2002-2001-1995 Peterbilt(t/a), 2000-1999-1998 Mack, 100 ROLLOFF CONTAINERS:
(1)40, (30)30, (5)25, (28)20, (5)15 (12)10 Yard Boxes, 2 GARBAGE TRUCKS: 1998
Mack(packer), 1993 Mack(packer), TRUCK TRACTORS: 2012 Mack, 4 PICKUP TRUCKS:
2004 Ford(crew cab), 2000-1998 Ford Ranger, 1997 Chevy Dually, 3 VANS & BUSES:
2002 Chevy Bus, 2001 Ford F350, 2005 Dodge Sprinter, 50 SKID STEER ATTACHMENTS.


2013-2012 Ferraris, California Specials (like new, 3-6,000miles) technical assistance
call (919) 595-2907



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Page A4, September 2016 American Recycler

Medical waste “That is because the EPA Clean Air

Act regulations are so strict that it shut
The medical waste management
market is segmented into non-hazardous
■Continued from Page 1 down 98 percent of the incinerators in and hazardous waste. The hazardous
In the past many have been told to the country,” Hoboy said. “Today more waste segment is further categorized into
put them in solid, sturdy containers like waste is treated through alternative tech- infectious and pathological waste,
coffee cans or plastic detergent bottles. nologies, like autoclaving or other sharps, pharmaceuticals, and other med-
877-777-0043 Fax 419-931-0740
But so many people are conditioned that chemical treatment.” ical wastes. The medical waste manage-
those types of containers should go into Prior to 1997 there were over 3,000 ment market, by services, is segmented
the recycling that then those containers incinerators across the country, today into collection, transportation, and stor- Owner, Publisher and Editor
end up at municipal recycling facilities there are only 35 and of those, only about age, treatment and disposal, recycling
or MRFs. 14 are commercially operating facilities. and other services. ESTHER G. FOURNIER
“This has increased the potential for “Why is this significant? Well, it The most recent MarketsandMarkets
needle sticks in the work place for more relates back to the pharmaceutical waste report has found that among various
Editorial Focus Section Editor,
municipal waste facilities which are not issue. So many people or generators services, the treatment and disposal seg- Production and Layout
accustomed to dealing with these types think everything gets burned so it is safer ment is expected to account for the
of materials,” Hoboy said. “We are start- to dispose of this waste in with regulated largest share of the market and expected DAVID FOURNIER, JR.
ing to see more legislation come out medical waste,” Hoboy said. “But with to grow at the highest CAGR to 2020.
around having more take back programs so much of the waste going to facilities The high growth in this segment can be
or needle exchange programs to help like autoclaves which generate waste- attributed to the increasing number of Production and Layout
educate people about the proper manage- water, it creates a problem with the water initiatives taken by government and non- MARY E. HILL
ment of needles and these wastes. It will discharge. Water discharge could have government organizations for the appro- mary@AmericanRecycler.com
take time and will require funding to pharmaceuticals in it. Once the pharma- priate disposal of medical waste.
determine the best strategy for tackling ceuticals are mixed with the regulated In fact, there are several states that Marketing Representatives
this problem.” medical waste, there is no way to sepa- are revisiting their medical waste regula- MARY M. COX
Hoboy said another major issue is rate them out to other containers to send tions or have passed new regulations in maryc@AmericanRecycler.com
pharmaceuticals in the waste stream. them for better destruction process the last few years. For example, Califor- MARY E. HILL
Recent studies showing that pharmaceu- options, like incineration. Ultimately, nia, Colorado, Texas and West Virginia mary@AmericanRecycler.com
ticals and other personal healthcare prod- that is why it will be important to see have all passed new regulations.
ucts are being detected in our waterways. how the federal, state and local regula- “Kansas is considering regulation Circulation Manager
As a result, there has been an effort to tions change as they address the proper changes in their state which has very DONNA L. MCMANUS
better manage disposal of leftover management of pharmaceutical wastes.” minimalistic regulations today,” Hoboy donna@AmericanRecycler.com
medications. Chaudhuri said that recycling of reg- said. “Additionally we are seeing more
“The EPA proposed new regulations ulated medical waste and laboratory plas- movement at the city and county levels Writers and Contributors
for the proper management of hazardous tics is another emerging trend in the of ordinances or regulations, especially
waste pharmaceuticals in the fall of 2015 management of biohazard waste. There as it relates to home generated wastes.” dcurrie@AmericanRecycler.com
and it is anticipated that these regulations are two approaches for managing these What’s more, when the EPA Phar-
will provide the needed direction for waste items. maceutical Waste Management regula- mhenricks@AmericanRecycler.com
pharmaceutical waste disposal,” Hoboy “First, at Mass Innovation Labs we tions are passed, there will be a lot of
said. Additionally, the focus on opioid work with a waste management partner, activity at state levels, too. mkeller@AmericanRecycler.com
abuse has brought prescription medica- Triumvirate Environmental, which owns “While pharmaceuticals are not RON STURGEON
tion misuse into the forefront, which has a facility that recycles regulated medical what we traditionally think of when we rons@rdsinvestments.com
also increased the need to find better dis- waste instead of landfilling or incinera- think of regulated medical wastes – such
posal options, much like the Drug tion,” Chaudhuri said. “In addition, our as needles, or bandages with blood – that Production Offices
Enforcement Administration’s Disposal partner works with a manufacturer to have a biohazard associated with it, it has
900 W South Boundary, Bldg 6
of Controlled Substances regulations create a closed loop solvent connection long been a practice that many pharma- Perrysburg, OH 43551-5235
passed in September 2014. system, which reduces the harmful ceuticals get mixed in with the regulated 877-777-0043 fax 419-931-0740
While many people think that the vapors that are created in lab atmos- medical waste,” Hoboy said. “This tends www.AmericanRecycler.com
healthcare industry still relies on treat- pheres. These advancements allow to get complicated.”
ment through incineration, in actuality biotech companies to maintain a clean Chaudhuri stressed that companies
more than 85 percent of the waste today and healthy atmosphere both in and out need to understand that it is critical to American Recycler is published 12
is sent through an alternative technology of the labs.” create a culture within the lab where times per year, postage paid at
and only about 15 percent is incinerated. Future Impact on the Recycling workers have a basic understanding of Columbia, Missouri.
and Waste Management Industries the impact of waste on-site. “Ensuring
According to MarketsandMarkets, that employees understand the difference SUBSCRIPTIONS: Call our offices
world’s number 2 firm in terms of annu- between hazardous waste, regulated at 877-777-0043 or visit
Events Calendar ally published premium market research medical waste and solid trash is crucial w w w. A m e r i c a n R e c y c l e r. c o m .
US 1 year $48; 2 years $72.
reports, the global medical waste man- in waste management,” Chaudhuri said.
September 12th-14th agement market is expected to reach “Informing lab workers should be the
19th Annual Missouri Recycling
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$13.3 billion by 2020 from $10.3 billion first step in helping facilities and lab
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in 2015, at a compounded annual growth spaces appropriately dispose of
(MORA). Sheraton Hotel, Westport Plaza,
strictly reserved and reproduction in
rate (CAGR) of 5.2 percent from 2015 bio-hazard waste.” whole or in part is prohibited without
St. Louis, Missouri. to 2020.
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American Recycler September 2016, Page A5

NWRA chapter comments on recycling goals

The Connecticut Chapter of the programs across the country have been recently released waste reduction goals NWRA’s Connecticut members
National Waste and Recycling Associa- challenged by declines in the global is to understand the true economics of and its other 29 chapters nationwide
tion (NWRA) has reviewed the plan commodities markets that threaten the the waste and recycling markets. It is a have also been educating the public
issued by the Connecticut Department economic viability of recycling both complex market. Any plan for waste about the true cost of recycling. There
of Energy and Environmental Protec- for the public sector and private recy- reduction must take into account the is a significant cost to collect recycling
tion (DEEP) and is commenting on ele- cling industry. different costs of various segments at businesses and the curbside, a cost to
ments of the plan based on current “Our industry statewide is on the within the waste stream – for example, sort and package materials in the recy-
challenges facing the recycling markets front lines of helping customers reduce the cost of processing food scraps ver- cling stream so that materials such as
nationally and worldwide. the amount of waste they dispose sus the economics of utilizing waste-to- metal, aluminum, plastics and paper
The plan outlined by DEEP has through source reduction, recycling and energy facilities; fees for the products can be repurposed, and there
laudable goals that the private waste other efforts, however, based on our processing of waste that cannot be are serious problems with contamina-
industry supports – improving the per- real-world experience in the market, diverted; and, of course, the cost of tion of the recycling stream which also
formance of municipal waste pro- the annual savings will be substantially recycling programs. In new emerging increases costs when trash and other
grams; developing new technologies below the $25 million the DEEP is sug- areas for clean energy recovery, such as materials are mixed in with recyclables.
for sorting recyclables; recovering gesting,” commented Mike Paine, food waste, the market is too young to Here in Connecticut, businesses and
energy and materials of value from the NWRA Connecticut chapter chairman make any long term economic assump- residences should be aware of the cost
waste stream; supporting the state’s and chief executive officer of Paine’s, tions. To achieve the goals outlined by of recycling by having that cost as a
existing waste-to-energy disposal Inc. of East Granby. “The DEEPs sav- DEEP, the private waste and recycling separate line item on trash bills.
plants through improved renewable ings projections do not adequately fac- industry in Connecticut has valuable Knowing the cost of recycling, as
energy credit programs; and, fostering tor in the cost of collecting, processing, insights and real-time economic infor- well as using resources such as
an important dialogue about product and managing the new amounts of mation that can help ensure that the NWRA’s www.beginwiththebin.org
design and end-of-product life sustain- recyclables and food scraps and other financial assumptions associated with website to know what can be recycled
ability and recycling. types of organic waste.” these goals are realistic, and as always, are two key elements for driving public
However, the assumption of cost Paine further added, “A key factor our member companies are prepared to support of effective recycling pro-
savings or cost avoidance by increasing for Connecticut residents, municipal provide our insights and perspectives to grams.
recycling as outlined in the plan places officials and business owners to con- help achieve our state’s broader envi-
achieving those goals at risk. Recycling sider when reviewing the DEEPs ronmental goals.”


Call for more information or to schedule a facility

cilityy tour.


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November 9 – 10, 2016 • International Centre, Toronto, ON

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Page A6, September 2016 American Recycler

2016 Recycle-Bowl launched Millercoors

As students, teachers, administra-
tors and staff prepare to head back to
Recycle-Bowl, Keep America
Beautiful’s national K-12 school-based
ized approach is to support a community
or regional school district to use Recy-
releases 2016
school, national nonprofit Keep America
Beautiful (KAB) plans to promote recy-
recycling competition, begins on Octo-
ber 17 and culminates on America Recy-
cle-Bowl as a platform to host and pro-
mote their own local recycling
cling in schools across the nation with
the launch of its 6th Annual Keep Amer-
cles Day, November 15. Registration for
the four week in school competition is
competitions with students leading the
way as the next generation of commu- Report
ica Beautiful Recycle-Bowl. Registra- open to teachers, school administrators, nity stewards. MillerCoors released its 2016 Sus-
tion is open for the fall recycling school facility managers, PTA/PTO and Recyclables recovered during the tainability Report, which provides a
competition at www.Recycle-Bowl.org. other parent groups and local recycling 2015 Recycle-Bowl competition totaled comprehensive review of the company’s
Through participation in Recycle- advocates. Recycle-Bowl registration 3.9 million pounds across 46 U.S. states, 2015 efforts in the areas of alcohol
Bowl and America Recycles Day, the will remain open until October 11, one with Egg Harbor City Community responsibility, environmental steward-
only nationally-recognized day dedi- week before the start of the competition. School, Egg Harbor, New Jersey, ship and community investment.
cated to promoting and celebrating recy- Nearly 700,000 students and teachers crowned as the 2015 champion. Whether MillerCoors 2016 Sustainability
cling in the U.S., KAB is helping from more than 1,265 schools across the a school has an existing recycling pro- Report highlights accomplishments in
communities spotlight recycling on a nation competed in the 2015 Recycle- gram or is looking to launch one, Recy- the areas of Great Times, Great Environ-
local level by educating students and Bowl. cle-Bowl is an excellent way for ment, and Great People and Communi-
community members on how and what New this year, Keep America Beau- teachers, students and facility managers ties. In 2015, the brewer made
to recycle, while providing an array of tiful is equipped to help participating to engage their entire school community significant strides working with college
resources to improve recycling in schools customize the competition in in recycling. alliances to help prevent underage
America. their area. The intent of this hyper-local- access to alcohol at music and sporting
events. The company also partnered with
City of Montgomery acquires recycling facility major manufacturers, NGOs and consul-
tancies to form the California Water
The City of Montgomery and the bankruptcy case and will request that the finance director Barry Crabb met with Action Collaborative (CWAC), a group
Solid Waste Disposal Authority of the terms of the agreement be considered for more than five potential operators over dedicated to protecting regional water-
City of Montgomery, a coalition created approval by the Bankruptcy Court in the past months and will continue meet- sheds. Inside its walls, MillerCoors is
by the city to operate the materials recy- accordance with a schedule and proce- ing with interested parties. Any potential creating opportunities for women to
cling facility (MRF), signed an agree- dures established by the Court. operator must agree to take the facility advance in management through leader-
ment to acquire the MRF and adjacent The agreement also provides the and process recycling without any addi- ship training and mentorship.
lot from current owner and former oper- closing of the purchase will be held tional financial commitments on behalf Additional 2015 sustainability
ator, IREP, for $625,000 and other con- within five business days after the Bank- of the City and Authority. accomplishments include:
sideration. ruptcy Court’s approval of the agree- Opened in April 2014, the MRF •Reducing water usage within its
“Although it’s been a long road, ment. After the allotted time, the spurred from a public-private partner- breweries by more than 128 million
today marks a significant step toward approved purchaser will become the ship with the goal of finding a forward- gallons;
bringing one of the most technologically owner of the facility, together with all thinking and environmentally-conscious •Reducing its water-to-beer ratio
advanced recycling facilities in the related machinery and equipment. solution to Montgomery’s recycling across all direct operations to 3.29:1.00
nation back online,” said Montgomery Per approval and finalization of the needs. Recycling options still exist for – a 2.1 percent reduction from 2014;
Mayor Todd Strange. agreements, city officials plan to find an Montgomery residents while the MRF is •Reducing greenhouse gas emis-
The agreement contemplates that organization capable of resuming opera- offline thanks to private sector partners sions (GHG) by 18 percent compared to
IREP will promptly file a Chapter 11 tions at the facility. City of Montgomery and city services. 2010, a 4.9 percent decrease from 2014.
American Recycler September 2016, Page A7

ISRI updates
paper and
plastic scrap
The Institute of Scrap Recycling
Industries (ISRI) recently disclosed new
specifications published in the Scrap
Specifications Circular 2016.
Included are changes to the paper
specifications and amended electronics
plastics specifications that have been
approved by the ISRI board of directors.
The specifications are as follows:
Paper Specs:
•#58 Sorted Clean News (SCN)
•#56 Sorted Residential Papers
•#54 Mixed Paper (MP)
Baled Specs:
•Baled CRT TV Plastic
•Baled Light Colored CRT Monitor
•Baled Dark Colored CRT Monitor
•Baled Dark Colored Flat Panel
Monitor Plastic
•Baled Dark Colored Printer Plastic
•Baled Light Colored Printer Plastic
•Baled Dark Colored Mixed Elec-
tronics Plastic
•Baled Light Colored Copier Plastic
•Baled Dark Colored Copier Plastic
•Baled Light Colored Mixed Elec-
tronics Plastic
•Baled Mixed Color Electronics
Shredded Specs:
•Shredded CRT TV Plastic
•Shredded Light Colored CRT
Monitor Plastic
•Shredded Dark CRT Monitor
•Shredded Dark Electronics Plastic
•Shredded Light Electronics Plastic
•Shredded Mixed Color Electronics
The following specifications will
be deleted effective December 31,
•News Grades #6, 7, and 8
•Mix Grades #1, 2, and 3
ISRI’s scrap specifications are inter-
nationally recognized guidelines used by
buyers and sellers of recycled materials
and products including nonferrous and
ferrous scrap, glass cullet, paper stock,
plastic, electronics and tire scrap. The
specifications are intended to assist in
the trading of scrap commodities and are
regularly reviewed and updated.

A small boy was sent to bed by his

father. Five minutes later, “Da-ad...”
“I’m thirsty. Can you bring me a drink
of water?”
“No. You had your chance. Lights out.”
Five minutes later, “Da-aaaad...”
“I’m thirsty! Can I please have a
drink of water?”
“I told you NO! If you ask again, I’ll
have to spank you!!”
Five minutes later, “Daaaa-aaaad...
will you bring me a drink of water when
you come to spank me?”
Page A8, September 2016 American Recycler

Partnership enables
Cole Integrated Systems Composite Recycling
works with it’s
Technology Center
Senator Cantwell led the ceremo- bilities of the Port Angeles facility.
nial announcement of historic agree- CRTC will serve as the West Coast
customers to find ments between a Tennessee based “portal” for the Institute, working with
national composites manufacturing other research institutions, industry and
institute, the world’s first facility for more on behalf of The Composites
dependable, safe, product development from recycled Institute. In addition, CRTC will have
carbon, and a Washington based access to world-class level facilities,
college. equipment and partners.
and efficient solutions The agreement establish the Port The Composite Recycling Tech-
Angeles, Washington-based Composite nology Center is the world’s first facil-
Recycling Technology Center (CRTC) ity to divert uncured carbon fiber scrap
for all of their material as a strategic partner and West Coast from the landfill into innovative new
satellite location for the Institute for products. IACMI-The Composites
Advanced Composites Manufacturing Institute, is the fifth Institute in the
handling needs including Innovation (IACMI), and allows Penin- National Network of Manufacturing
sula College to expand their capacity to Innovation, with a focus deployment of
train the composites manufacturing advanced composites in clean energy
recovery of ferrous and workforce of the future. technologies. It’s supported by the US
Stronger than steel and lighter than Department of Energy’s Advanced
aluminum, carbon fiber composites are Manufacturing Office and was created
non-ferrous metals. revolutionizing the aerospace industry. by the federal government to support
But 29 million pounds of composite US manufacturing by accelerating the
scrap end up in U.S. landfills every development and commercial use of
year – a challenge the new partnership composites.
will meet head on. IACMI, CRTC and Peninsula College will support the
Peninsula College leadership signed partnership through its Advanced Man-

Bringing three way collaboration agreements to

develop nationally deployable compos-
ufacturing - Composite Technology
program, including the first-of-its-kind

Industrial ites recycling technologies and train the

advanced composites workforce of the
Composite Recycling Certification, and
hands on Composites Manufacturing

This new partnership will add
CRTC’s expertise in composite recy-
cling to The Composites Institute, and
Lab, to be located in the CRTC facility
at the Port of Port Angeles. The pro-
gram will give students hands-on train-
ing in advanced materials recycling and
serve to broaden the national impact of remanufacturing techniques.
the Institute while expanding the capa-

Servicing Automotive, Aluminum, Steel

and Metals Recycling Industries

John Bertling
US: 739-946-1457
Canada: 905-548-0979




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Page A10, September 2016 American Recycler


AF&PA releases paper reports Solect Energy recognized for
The American Forest & Paper Asso- •June coated free sheet (CFS) paper
ciation released its June paper reports. shipments increased 1 percent compared providing jobs and clean
Containerboard to June 2015. Imports of CFS papers
Containerboard production was 1.2 decreased 21 percent in May with exports
percent lower compared to June 2015. down 8 percent year-over-year. energy in New England
The month-over-month average daily •Uncoated mechanical (UM) paper Developer and installer Solect energy is a renewable resource with
production compared to May 2016 was shipments increased slightly in June, up Energy is among the companies recently great potential to significantly reduce
0.4 percent higher. just less than 1 percent when compared named to an annual and well recognized our nation’s greenhouse gas emissions,
The containerboard operating rate with June 2015, the first year-over-year list of North America’s top solar con- according to the Solar Energy Industries
for June remained flat at 95.6 percent, increase in the past 16 months. Imports of tractors. Solect Energy achieved an over- Association, a national solar industry
while the year-to-date operating rate of UM papers were down 7 percent in May all national rank of 92 out of 500 solar association.
94.5 percent was 1.6 percentage points while exports of UM in May decreased companies, and ranked #1 on the list for Solect Energy employs 60 workers,
lower compared to the first half of 2015. 23 percent compared to the previous year. commercial-scale engineering, procure- who installed 12 megawatts (MW) of
Kraft Paper •Coated mechanical (CM) ship- ment & construction (EPC) solar compa- solar in 2015. Since its founding in
Kraft paper shipments were 137.8 ments in June decreased 19 percent when nies in Massachusetts. 2010, the company has installed more
thousand short tons, 8.5 percent lower compared to June 2015. Imports of CM The Top 500 Solar Contractors List than 32 MW of solar. The company is an
compared to June of last year, which had increased 6 percent in May compared to is developed by Solar Power World mag- industry leader in commercial-scale
the highest shipment volume in 2015. May 2015 with exports down 41 percent. azine to recognize the work completed solar energy, delivering smart solar and
Bleached Kraft paper shipments •Coated mechanical (CM) ship- by solar contractors across the U.S. and energy management solutions that help
increased from 7.0 thousand short tons in ments in March decreased 4 percent Canada. The companies on the list are businesses and organizations reduce
May to 7.7, while unbleached Kraft paper when compared to March 2015. Imports growing the economy, providing jobs energy costs.
decreased from 131.0 to 130.1 thousand of CM decreased 14 percent in February and offering electricity consumers a Solect Energy works amid a bur-
short tons. compared to February 2015. choice about how they get their power. geoning business market. The U.S. solar
Overall, shipments in the first half of Boxboard Report The list was released July 26. market is expected to grow 119 percent
2016 were 2.4 percent lower compared to Total boxboard production “The companies on this year’s list this year, according to global research
the same period in 2015. Total month-end decreased 2.0 percent when compared to exude solar-business brilliance, and they firm GTM Research. While a majority of
inventories decreased from 79.2 to 68.6 June 2015 and decreased 2.4 percent deserve to be recognized not only for solar electricity is produced at large,
thousand short tons. from May. being great companies but also for how utility-scale solar power plants, the
Printing-Writing Paper Report Unbleached Kraft Boxboard produc- their work positively impacts the envi- greatest number of solar jobs is located
According to the report, total print- tion decreased over the same month as ronment,” said Kathie Zipp, managing with companies like Solect Energy.
ing-writing paper shipments decreased 6 last year but increased compared to May. editor of Solar Power World. Solar
percent in June compared to June 2015. Total Solid Bleached Boxboard &
Total printing-writing paper inventory Liner production decreased when com-
increased 2 percent from May levels.
•Uncoated free sheet (UFS) paper
pared to June 2015 and decreased com-
pared to the previous month.
Giant Leap receives grant
shipments decreased 5 percent compared
to June 2015. UFS imports were down 41
percent year-over-year in May with
The production of Recycled
Boxboard decreased compared to June
2015 and decreased when compared to
through SunShot Initiative
Giant Leap Technologies (GLT) has because Digital Glass is area-filling and
exports down 17 percent. the previous month. received a 2 year, $2.2 million coopera- it is not deployed to allow sunlight to fall
tive award from the U.S. Department of between trackers–unlike today’s collec-
Save $$$!!! Save $$$!!! Save $$$!!! Energy SunShot Initiative.
With support from Lawrence Liver-
tors. These features will allow GLT to
overcome the high-cost of today’s solar
more National Laboratory (LLNL) Cen- collectors while further lowering the
QUICK & EASY RECOVERY ter for Engineered Materials and environmental impact of solar energy.
of Manufacturing, the company will Giant Leap Technologies has
develop capillary optics to replace already demonstrated an early-stage and
COPPER & ALUMINUM expensive and wear-prone mechanical
sun trackers with low cost invisibility-
inducing digital glass for solar thermal
physically large prototype. The SunShot
award will allow GLT and LLNL to
refine the design and reduce the size of
and photovoltaic applications – i.e. base- the technology to roughly the thickness
OVER • Strips 110 ft/minute
EARN % for load and peak-load needs. of a car’s windshield, which is practical
20 AN
CLE ER! Digital Glass has the potential to and low-cost. The team will advance
replace today’s sun tracker stations, new techniques in 3D-printing of opto-
• Self feeding sometimes weighting tons each, with microfluidic structures having micron
thin transparent panels using a fraction feature sizes with a manufacturing tech-
of today’s materials, while also drasti- nique that can eventually scale to square
• Easy to maintain cally reducing the area needed for solar meter areas. This is an increase in fabri-
power plants by a factor of 5 to 10 for cation volume of nearly one billion
the same annual energy harvest. This is times what was typical a few years ago.
• Runs on 110 volts
■For more Alternative Energy news, see Page B1

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in American Recycler.
American Recycler September 2016, Page A11

Companies are caught Recycling electronics to help
exporting electronic waste farmers eliminates e-waste
Basel Action Network (BAN), countries of Thailand, Taiwan, and China
released a new report following a two year (Mainland and Hong Kong). Six of these Partnership aids farmers with disabilities
study that involved placing electronic GPS were part of Dell, Inc.’s Reconnect part- After being paralyzed from the waist accessible barn where he raises 600 calves
tracking devices into old hazardous elec- nership with Goodwill. down, Russell Boseck of Villisca, Iowa, a year.
tronic equipment such as printers and Instead of being recycled in the U.S. wasn’t sure he’d be able to work as a “We are celebrating our 10th year of
computer monitors, and then watching as their customers were promised, these farmer again. But, thanks to an electronic recycling technology to help farmers with
where they travelled across the globe. devices were exported in violation of recycling partnership between Sodexo, a special needs be independent and remain
The report, the first to be released Dell’s policies, and were likely illegal leader in quality of life services, and East- active in farming. Our funds support the
from the project is entitled Disconnect: under the laws of the importing countries. erseals, Boseck received a grant that lets purchase of assistive equipment and
Goodwill and Dell Exporting the Public’s “Goodwill and Dell, have had strong him continue making a living doing the devices, which can make an empowering
E-waste to Developing Countries, and is reputations for social and environmental farm work he loves so much. difference for a farmer with a physical
released in conjunction with the airing of a responsibility. Our findings, however, The grant is one of the benefits farm- impairment,” said Brenda Fuller, vice
PBS NewHour segment entitled The Cir- shake the foundations of that public trust, ers like Boseck and the environment are president and associate general counsel for
cuit, as well as an MIT interactive website and cry out for the implementation of reaping from the Sodexo-Easterseals part- Sodexo and program coordinator. “Behind
which graphically shows the overall move- immediate reform when it comes to e- nership. the Sodexo-Easterseals recycling effort are
ment of the tracked devices. waste management,” said Puckett. Since 2007, Sodexo employees have Sodexo volunteers motivated by a desire to
Instead of being recycled, 32.5 per- As part of the study, BAN travelled to collected used cell phones, laptops, digital help agricultural workers who are at the
cent of these devices were exported over- the locations where the Goodwill and Dell cameras, video game consoles and printer heart of what we do in providing food
seas on container ships. Most of them and other trackers ended up, even retriev- cartridges from their jobs, homes and local services and improving quality of life. It
went to Asia and were traded in likely vio- ing one of them. Most arrived in the rural communities. The items are shipped to all begins with the farmer,” Fuller said.
lation of the laws of the importing coun- mainland border area, New Territories in recyclers and Sodexo donates the proceeds The program’s benefits are not lim-
tries. Of the 149 trackers delivered to Hong Kong. In this area the devices to the Easterseals Rural Solutions grant ited to helping farmers – Sodexo also is
recyclers, 39 percent were exported. arrived at many informal, outdoor junk- program. able to reduce its carbon footprint by recy-
“Unfortunately, we are seeing consid- yards. These unpermitted facilities This program gives grants to farmers cling the technology items used by the
erable backsliding in the electronics indus- exposed illegal immigrant laborers and the with disabilities or other health conditions company’s employees daily. To date, the
try today compared to just a few years environment as the workers smash equip- to purchase or modify farm equipment to program has prevented 102 tons of elec-
ago,” said BAN executive director Jim ment releasing toxic mercury from the address their mobility challenges. During tronics from entering the solid waste
Puckett. “Meanwhile, these exports LCD monitors or toxic toners from the the program’s 10 years, more than 78 stream – the equivalent of removing 1,179
deprive our own nation of green jobs and printers. farmers in 14 states have received grants cars from the road per year or providing
make it difficult for responsible electronics BAN intends to continue the use of from Sodexo totaling $80,000. Boseck electricity to 721 households for one full
recyclers to compete and survive.” tracking technology, as they believe its use used the money to build a wheelchair- year.
As a particular focus of the study and will play a pivotal role in holding an errant
the Disconnect report, 46 of the 200 and troubled electronics recycling industry A woman was taking an afternoon he said. That evening, the man came
tracker-planted electronic devices were to account. They will also make this serv- nap. When she woke up, she told her home with a small package and gave it
delivered to Goodwill Industries stores ice available to other civil society organi- husband, “I just dreamed that you gave to his wife. Delighted, she opened it to
across the U.S. Seven of these later zations, governments, as well as large me a diamond necklace. What do you find a book entitled, “The Meaning of
reported their whereabouts in the Asian enterprises. think it means?” “You'll know tonight,” Dreams.”

Taylor Machinery Corp. BEKA lets you

606 521 6432 Lancaster, KY
606-521-6432 step up to auto-lube,
Cans are forced into the high impact chamber where water, dirt, sand and paper are exhausted clear before ONE STEP
they arrive at the scale. Accommodates can flattener/blowers and densifiers, regardless of make & model!
Conveyor with magnetic separator
High impact separation chamber
Digital scale The BEKA modular design makes it easy to walk
Handles all large beverage containers before you run with a complete auto-lube system.
Scales can be used to weigh other nonferrous ŗ Start with a single-point grease circuit to
items simplify manual service for hard-to-reach zerks
Adjustable height ŗ Add additional circuits later for complete
Layout is reversible for any floor arrangement single-point servicing
Stop paying for water, dirt, sand, paper, etc. ŗ Upgrade to a fully automated pump and
Clean cans before they go to the scale! U.S. PATENTED reservoir for precise, continuous greasing
Find out why industries are choosing today’s
RD-16 S
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Magnetic separator
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MSD 2500R Shear

Shear was recently hard-surfaced.


Lightly used optical sort system in great condition. E-scrap, plastic,
non-ferrous, muni waste, etc. $65,000
Page A14, September 2016 American Recycler

Steel imports decline 9 percent in June June 2016
Based on preliminary Census Bureau
data, the American Iron and Steel Institute U.S. IMPORTS OF FINISHED STEEL MILL PRODUCTS shipments of
BY COUNTRY OF ORIGIN (Thousands of Net Tons)
(AISI) reported that the U.S. imported a
total of 2,630,000 net tons (NT) of steel in JUN MAY 2016 2015 % Change 2016 steel decrease
June 2016, including 2,218,000 NT of fin- 2016 2016 Annualized Full Year Annual vs. 2015 The American Iron and Steel Insti-
ished steel (down 8.6 percent and up 6.3 SOUTH KOREA 334 352 3,846 4,854 -20.8% tute (AISI) reported that for the month
percent, respectively, vs. May final data). TURKEY 196 147 2,390 2,823 -15.3% of June 2016, U.S. steel mills shipped
Year to date (YTD) through 6 months JAPAN 145 119 1,711 2,259 -24.3% 7,628,953 net tons, a 0.4 percent
of 2016 total and finished steel imports are 122 125 1,218 1,515 -19.6% decrease from the 7,661,979 net tons
15,516,000 and 12,773,000 NT, both down shipped in the previous month, May
BRAZIL 67 95 990 1,437 -31.1%
29 percent vs. the same period in 2015. 2016, and a 1.7 percent decrease from
Key finished steel products with a CHINA 67 73 901 2,374 -62.1% the 7,758,087 net tons shipped in June
significant import increase in June com- TAIWAN 94 74 782 1,205 -35.1% 2015.
pared to May are sheets and strip all other All Others 1,193 1,102 13,708 15,026 -8.8% Shipments year to date in 2016 are
metallic coatings (up 44 percent), reinforc- TOTAL 2,218 2,087 25,545 31,493 -18.9% 44,138,403 net tons, a 0.4 percent
ing bars (up 39 percent), line pipe (up 26 increase vs. 2015 shipments of
percent), plates in coils (up 19 percent), South Korea (334,000 NT, down 5 percent offshore suppliers were South Korea 43,980,293 net tons for six months.
heavy structural shapes (up 19 percent), from May final), Turkey (196,000 NT up (1,923,000 NT, down 37 percent), Turkey A comparison of June 2016 ship-
cold rolled sheets (up 14 percent), hot 33 percent), Japan (145,000 NT, up 23 (1,195,000 NT, down 26 percent), Japan ments to the previous month shows the
rolled bars (up 13 percent) and tin plate percent), Germany (122,000 NT, down 2 (855,000 NT, down 31 percent), Germany following changes: hot dipped galva-
(up 12 percent). percent) and Taiwan (94,000 NT, up 27 (609,000 NT, down 26 percent) and Brazil nized sheets and strip, up 2 percent; cold
In June, the largest volumes of off- percent). (495,000 NT, down 28 percent). rolled sheets, up 2 percent and hot rolled
shore finished steel imports were from For 6 months of 2016, the largest sheets, down 1 percent.

Steel import permit applications increase for July 2016

Based on the Commerce Depart- Import permit tonnage for finished Finished steel imports with large In July, the largest finished steel
ment’s most recent Steel Import Monitor- steel in July was 2,439,000 NT, up 10 per- increases in July permits vs. the June pre- import permit applications for offshore
ing and Analysis (SIMA) data, the cent from the preliminary imports total of liminary included standard rails (up 54 countries were for South Korea (up 27 per-
American Iron and Steel Institute (AISI) 2,218,000 NT in June. For the first 7 percent), reinforcing bars (up 45 percent), cent from June preliminary), Turkey (up
reported that steel import permit applica- months of 2016, total and finished steel plates in coils (up 41 percent), oil country 51 percent), Japan (up 33 percent) and Tai-
tions for the month of July totaled imports were 18,713,000 NT and goods (up 41 percent), tin free steel (up 40 wan (up 50 percent). Through the first 7
3,198,000 net tons (NT). This was a 7 per- 15,211,000 NT, down 25 percent and 26 percent), hot rolled sheets (up 36 percent), months of 2016, the largest offshore sup-
cent increase from the 2,978,000 permit percent, from the same period in 2015. cut lengths plates (up 21 percent), cold pliers were South Korea (down 30 percent
tons recorded in June and a 22 percent The estimated finished steel import market rolled sheets (up 19 percent) and hot rolled from the same period in 2015) and Turkey
increase from the June preliminary share in July was 27 percent and is 25 per- bars (up 12 percent). (1,491,000 NT, down 20 percent).
imports total of 2,630,000 NT. cent year to date (YTD).
American Recycler September 2016, Page A15

Final USDOC duties set on hot-rolled steel imports
The United Steelworkers said next up is USITC ruling on imports from seven countries
The United Steelworkers (USW) Korea, the Netherlands, Turkey and the of what lost income of this magnitude According to the USDOC fact
told their union members at 16 steel United Kingdom with violating interna- means to real people, real families.” sheet, the final determination on
facilities that the U.S. Department of tional trade laws by improperly subsi- He told the trade commission that antidumping (AD) and countervailing
Commerce (USDOC) made the right dizing their steel producers and by retirees are barely hanging on to pen- (CVD) duties for hot-rolled steel
call on a final determination issued late dumping hot-rolled steel at below mar- sions and health care benefits. “We have exports by producers in each country
Friday for duties on hot-rolled steel ket prices in the U.S. market. to stop the bleeding.” are:
imports from seven countries. The USW said all that remains in Steelworkers and iron ore miners •Australia – 29.37 percent (AD)
“The Commerce Department’s the hot-rolled steel product case is the have been devastated by surging •Brazil – 33.14 to 34.28 percent
final ruling was anxiously awaited by final ruling of the U.S. International imports of hot-rolled, cold-rolled and (AD); 11.09 to 11.30 percent (CVD)
steelworkers and steel companies for the Trade Commission (USITC) on the corrosion-resistant flat steel products •Japan – 4.99 to 7.51 percent (AD)
past year of the investigation,” said injury investigation following last that are all in the final stages of separate •Korea – 3.89 to 9.49 percent (AD);
USW international president Leo W. week’s hearing. USW International Vice trade case enforcement actions. More 3.89 to 57.04 percent (CVD)
Gerard. “It levels the playing field with president Tom Conway expressed confi- than 19,000 ongoing layoffs in the steel •Netherlands – 3.73 percent (AD)
imports to provide fair and sustainable dence the six commissioners will vote sector states have resulted from idled •Turkey – 3.66 to 7.15 percent
market prices for American steel, a criti- an affirmative ruling early next month to facilities. (AD); .34 (de minimis) to 6.01 percent
cal step in restoring balance to the mar- complete the investigation. Many of these steelworkers and (CVD)
ket.” Testifying at the trade commission iron ore miners have exhausted unem- •United Kingdom – 33.06 percent
He further stated: “The hot-rolled hearing with a dozen steelworkers pres- ployment eligibility, challenging food (AD)
steel trade case and others like it are ent from Pennsylvania and Ohio, Con- banks to meet rising demand and threat- The USITC final injury determina-
vital to saving steel jobs and our com- way emphasized the enforcement action ening home foreclosures. The Granite tion for hot-rolled steel must be made
munities. But they’re only part of the by the U.S. is about national and eco- City steel works of U.S. Steel Corp. in by September 19, 2016. The duties
solution. Chinese excess steel overca- nomic security. He pointedly asked: “Do Illinois has been idled since last year announced by the government will then
pacity is causing terrible injury world- we want to be dependent on imported with 2,000 workers, along with miners remain in place for five years for
wide and remains a long-term threat. steel because there are no American on Minnesota’s iron range. imports from the seven countries.
“In America, we must reignite steelworkers left?” The affected steel states include: The six steel corporations that filed
demand by rebuilding the nation’s fail- In his testimony, Conway high- Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, Minnesota, the petition are: AK Steel Corp., Ohio;
ing infrastructure and manufacturing lighted frightening data from a govern- Pennsylvania, Alabama, and Kentucky. ArcelorMittal USA LLC, Illinois;
growth with our own steel in order to ment report published in the first Hot-rolled steel is used in automotive Nucor Corporation, North Carolina;
compete in a global economy.” quarter of this year. “One figure jumped applications, pipe, tubing, transporta- SSAB Enterprises, LLC, Illinois; Steel
The trade case, filed by six U.S. out,” he declared. “Steelworker wages tion equipment, appliances, heavy Dynamics, Inc., Indiana and U.S. Steel
steel companies last August, charged are almost $50 million less than they machinery, machine parts and nonresi- Corp., Pennsylvania.
producers in Australia, Brazil, Japan, were in the first quarter of 2015. Think dential construction.

Timken declares quarterly dividend Q: Is Google male or female?

A: Female, because it doesn’t let you finish a sentence before making a suggestion.
The board of directors of The This marks the 377th consecutive
Timken Company, a global leader in quarterly dividend paid on the common
bearings, declared a quarterly cash divi-
dend of $.26 per share. The dividend is
payable on September 2, 2016, to
shares of the company since The
Timken Company joined the New York
Stock Exchange in 1922, one of the
PROFITS with the
shareholders of record as of August 15,
longest-running dividend records
among NYSE-listed companies. most efficient sweat furnace!
With a US Furnace’s
MAX-4000 Hi Efficiency
Sweat Furnace,
get the lowest fuel cost per lb
to process than any other
furnace manufacturer —
The lowest melt loss rate than
any other manufacturer —
Commodity Zone 1 Zone 2 Zone 3 Zone 4 Zone 5
#1 Bushelings per gross ton $185.00 $200.00 $230.00 $260.00 $271.00
#1 Bundles per gross ton 187.00 210.00 230.00 260.00 265.00
installation, training & service. FULL EPA
Plate and Structural per gross ton 215.00 210.00 185.00 250.00 246.00 compliance
#1 & 2 Mixed Steel per gross ton 184.00 185.00 190.00 230.00 231.00
Shredder Bundles (tin) per gross ton 150.00 170.00 165.00 195.00 235.00
Crushed Auto Bodies per gross ton 150.00 170.00 165.00 195.00 235.00
Steel Turnings per gross ton 94.00 95.00 125.00 149.00 157.00
#1 Copper per pound 1.97 1.95 2.01 2.12 2.10
#2 Copper per pound 1.82 1.80 1.95 2.00 1.88
Aluminum Cans per pound .55 .57 .56 .55 .54

Auto Radiators per pound 1.37 1.40 1.44 1.52 1.49
• Permit assistance available.

Aluminum Core Radiators per pound .53 .52 .54 .54 .55
Heater Cores per pound 1.05 1.10 1.10 1.19 1.29 • Built for years of continued service.
Stainless Steel per pound .47 .45 .52 .54 .54
• Large hearth opening for
All prices are expressed in USD. Printed as a reader service only.
automotive scrap.
DISCLAIMER: American Recycler (AR) collects pricing and other information from experienced buyers, sellers and facilitators of scrap metal transactions
throughout the industry. All figures are believed to be reliable and represent approximate pricing based on information obtained by AR (if applicable) prior to
publication. Factors such as grades, quality, volumes and other considerations will invariably affect actual transaction prices. Figures shown may not be con- • New technology burner and
sistent with pricing for commodities associated with a futures market. While the objective is to provide credible information, there is always a chance for human
error or unforeseen circumstances leading to error or omission. As such, AR is not responsible for the accuracy or completeness of the information provided,
or for outcomes arising from use of this information. American Recycler disclaims any liability to any person or entity for loss or damage resulting from errors
control systems. www. RecyclingFurnaces .com
or omissions, including those resulting from negligence of AR, its employees, agents or other representatives.
Page A16, September 2016 American Recycler

ISRI adds bumper plastics Auto parts manufacturer
specification to circular faces $3.42 million in fines
The Institute of Scrap Recycling centers or automobile dismantlers. The U.S. Department of Labor’s supervisor had identified the safety issue
Industries (ISRI) board of directors Contamination: The following Occupational Safety and Health Admin- two hours prior to the injury, and failed
recently approved the addition of an auto parts must be removed from the bumper istration issued 57 citations for safety to place the equipment out of service.
bumper plastics specification to the plas- cover: head lamps, tail lamps, grills, violations to Sunfield Inc., an Ohio auto The injured worker had been on the job
tics specifications listed in the Scrap emblems, rub strips, reflectors and any parts’ manufacturer. The agency has also just six months.
Specifications Circular. other components attached to the bumper. proposed the company pay more than •On February 18, 2016, a full time
The specification is as follows: Everything attached to the bumper cover $3.42 million in total fines for its failure 58 year old Sunfield employee had to
Name: Post Consumer TPO Plastic should be removed before baling. to disconnect machinery from a power undergo surgical amputation of his right
Automotive Bumper Covers Contamination should be limited to supply and prevent sudden movement arm above the elbow after his arm was
Description: This grade consists of small metal parts such as clips, bolts and before maintenance and service, and to crushed as he removed scrap on a
painted auto bumper covers removed screws. train workers in how to operate machine robotic press line. Investigators again
from motor vehicles. No TPU or RIM Plastic allowed. presses safely and to service and main- found that the machine’s danger zone
Product: Post-Consumer Auto Part General: Refer to the “General tain them. did not have adequate safe guards to pre-
Source: Post-Consumer material Information” section for more infor- The fines assessed are one of the vent employees from coming in contact
generated by collision or refurbishment mation. largest OSHA penalties ever filed with operating machine parts. He had
against a company in the automotive been on the job for just a year.

Salvaging Millions
parts industry. Prior to these inspections, Sunfield
Federal investigators inspected Sun- had an extensive history of OSHA viola-
field’s Hebron plant after two workers tions. Since 1997, 16 of 20 inspections
suffered severe injuries in separate inci- conducted found multiple violations.
by Ron Sturgeon dents in January and February 2016. The In total, the agency has issued 118
Autosalvageconsultant.com facility has an extensive history of fed- citations that have addressed numerous
eral safety violations dating back 20 machine hazards similar to those cited
Tools for success – Have a sense of urgency years. The company, which investigators today and resulted in 90 serious, eight
found to have a high rate of employee willful and five repeated violations to the
The first article in this series listed month last year. Shine your mental turnover, supplies parts for several major company, which has repeatedly assured
more than 25 tactics to increase your “flashlight” on several items that are Japanese and domestic automakers. OSHA that it would address the unsafe
business success, all of them based on either up or down, and march right out OSHA issued citations for 46 egre- conditions.
my experience. of your office to that department. Get gious willful, 2 willful, 1 repeated and 8 OSHA found that the company did
There is no substitute for an details. Ask the accounting department serious safety violations with penalties not take the necessary steps to protect its
extreme sense of urgency. Don’t wait to to explain why utility bills doubled last totaling $3,426,900 to Sunfield. The workers from being injured by moving
do it, do it now! Delegate it! Make it month, and why brokered parts sales are agency also placed the company in machine parts. It did not prevent
happen! You already know intuitively off 30 percent for the last 3 months. OSHA’s Severe Violator Enforcement machines from unintentionally starting
that no matter how fast you move in the Schedule a meeting tomorrow with Program for failure to address these when workers were performing service
world of business it’s not fast enough. the sales staff to discuss how to increase safety hazards. Most of the violations and maintenance such as clearing scrap,
Practice the urgency every day. Be brokered parts sales. Figure out who is involve lack of machine safety proce- and also failed to provide adequate
tireless; make sure everyone around you leaving all the fans on in the shop, dures which expose workers to amputa- safety mechanisms such as guards, lock-
knows that you always wanted it yester- install thermostats on the HVAC system tion, lacerations and other injuries. ing devices and other procedures to pre-
day. Their sense of urgency leverages on that cuts it off at night. OSHA investigation found: vent contact with those moving parts.
yours. Why wait months to get a new Now smile and go back to work. •On January 6, 2016, a 22 year old These types of violations are among the
marketing design? Do it this week. Why You have had an impact on this male temporary worker employed by the most frequently cited by OSHA and
wait to shake down the reason for high month’s sales, the month right after the staffing agency, Employers Overload, often result in death or permanent dis-
expenses in your service department? statement you studied. If you don’t get suffered multiple lacerations and a frac- ability.
Do it today, get started, ask someone for your statement until later in the month, tured right elbow, while removing scrap The agency also found multiple
all the metrics and reports for your or even the next month, then delay from a blanking press after operating electrical safety violations including
review by this Thursday! reviewing it, then procrastinate on tak- machine parts caught his arm because lack of personal protective equipment,
Make sure that you delegate effec- ing steps, won’t likely impact things for safety light curtains were not operating workers exposed to “live” electrical
tively, as there are many tasks that you many months. So you will only make a correctly. OSHA’s investigation found a parts, and use of damaged equipment.
may not need to do at all, or have others difference maybe three times per year.

gather information so you can make a Imagine how fast things will change if
decision. One item that speeds innova- you shine that flashlight on just two Call Shaughnessy
tion and improvement is a weekly meet- items per month. That’s 24 initiatives All 50+ Canada: 800-549-0490
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your organization. is, where you check and shine
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Multiple Management
of your competitors. How do you do cacy of your buyer’s purchases? How
that? It’s simple; insist on your prelimi- about metrics that measure how quickly HARRIS Guillotine Shear 1100T
Mid 1990s, under $195k. Large cache of spare
nary financial statements absolutely no
later than the 10th. Ignore those that tell
the inventory turns? Do you know that it
has been proven repeatedly that pur-
opportunities available: parts
t included. See pic in DADE Capital's ad!
you it’s not possible, we had to close the chases that do the best in the first month SITE / GENERAL Looking for power unit for
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sure it shows the prior 12 months (so it profits. Put the system in place now and in recycling/scrap, AL/CAN DENSIFIERS (4) and
covers 13 months, including the same start meeting with the buyer regularly, at FL/Blowers, Recond. call for details!
month last year). Study it for changes, least monthly. Do it today. industrial/production ****Looking for rebuildable al/can
comparing to the prior month and same environment densifiers & flattener/blowers****
is highly desired. CP200 Al-Can Flattener
Remember, only you can make BUSINESS GREAT! Blower Reconditioned. Call.
This article was provided by autosalvageconsultant.com, which was formed in 2001 by Learn more/apply online:
Mayfran steel belt conveyors 60”w.
recyclers for recyclers, to help them improve their businesses. www.pullapart.com/careers/ Immaculate. $45,900.
American Recycler September 2016, Page A17

Dr Pepper Snapple Group Inflatable lounger is made
brings recycling to more parks from plastic water bottles
A significant grant, made possible cleaning up parks and other shared
by Dr Pepper Snapple Group in collabo- spaces and reducing the strain on land-
ration with Keep America Beautiful will fills,” said Vicki Draughn, vice president
help keep parks clean. of corporate affairs for Dr Pepper Snap-
The Dr Pepper Snapple Group/Keep ple Group. “Our partnership with Keep
America Beautiful Park Recycling Bin America Beautiful puts more recycling
Grant Program provides funding for 900 bins in more cities within reach of more
new recycling bins in public parks consumers who are on-the-go, helping
across the country in 2016, making recy- tackle both of those challenges.”
cling more accessible for Americans The lack of away-from-home recy-
enjoying the outdoors. cling opportunities is reflected in a
Now in its fourth year, the public recent national survey by Keep America
park recycling grant program has Beautiful to understand where people
awarded more than 3,400 recycling bins normally recycle. While 92 percent said
to Keep America Beautiful affiliates, they recycled at home, only 19 percent
local governments and other community indicated that they typically recycle in
organizations across 28 states to expand public parks. Additional research con-
the availability of recycling. This invest- ducted by Keep America Beautiful indi-
ment in recycling infrastructure has cated only 12 percent of surveyed public
improved recycling accessibility and locations had recycling infrastructure in
convenience in a variety of park settings, place to recover the containers. The Dr
including neighborhood and larger Pepper Snapple Group/Keep America Eagles Nest Outfitters, creators of ligently constructed; it comes with a
regional parks, beaches, athletic fields Beautiful Park Recycling Bin Grant Pro- packable camping hammocks and other custom carrying case and stakes, and
and walking trails. gram is designed to address the obstacle outdoor accessories, has teamed up with when not in use, packs to a conveniently
This year, applicants who invested of overcoming a lack of recycling con- Unifi, Inc.’s Repreve® recycled fiber small size of less than 30 inches long.
local funds to purchase additional recy- venience. brand to launch the Eno Billow™ air When inflated, the lounger is comfort-
cling bins beyond those being awarded In addition to improving recycling lounge, the only inflatable lounger made ably sized at nearly 7 feet long.
via grant were given preference in the opportunities, the grant program will with recycled plastic water bottles. Repreve is used in a variety of auto,
review process, and those who didn’t make additional funds available to Keep Repreve collaborates with various outdoor, home and apparel products by
receive a bin grant this year qualified for America Beautiful community-based brands to help make their products bet- some of the world’s most recognized
discount pricing. Through the bin grants affiliates or other grant recipients who ter for the environment. Each Billow Air brands, including The North Face, Vol-
as well as these local investment incen- commit to conducting a Litter Index in Lounge is made with Repreve, using 16 com, Haggar and more. Since the intro-
tives and discounts, there will be more conjunction with the grant to help study plastic water bottles. duction of Repreve, Unifi has recycled
than 1,000 new recycling bins in parks the effects of the recycling bins on Key features of the lounger include and transformed more than four billion
and other public spaces this year. reducing litter in the immediate areas of triple-stitched nylon and dual-layer con- plastic bottles into Repreve-based
“We’re taking aim at two challenges the bins. struction for enhanced durability. The products.
that communities face nationwide – Billow Air Lounge is portable and intel-
Page A18, September 2016 American Recycler

Waste Management reports strong earnings Texas Army
Waste Management, Inc. released
their financial results for its quarter
waste diversion technology companies
to their fair value.
•Internal revenue growth from yield
for collection and disposal operations
National Guard
ended June 30, 2016.
Revenues for the second quarter of
Key highlights:
•Overall revenue increased by 3.3
was 2.6 percent, up 90 basis points from
the second quarter of 2015.
wins challenge
2016 were $3.43 billion compared with percent, or $110 million. The revenue •Traditional solid waste business The U.S. Environmental Protection
$3.32 billion for the same 2015 period. increase was driven by positive yield internal revenue growth from volume Agency (EPA) has recognized the Texas
Net income for the quarter was $287 and volume in the company’s collection was positive 0.8 percent in the second Army National Guard as a national winner
million, or $0.64 per diluted share, com- and disposal business of $98 million. quarter of 2016. Total company internal in the Federal Green Challenge, an event
pared with net income of $274 million, Acquisitions, net of divestitures, also revenue growth from volume was 0.4 that encourages federal facilities to reduce
or $0.60 per diluted share, for the sec- contributed $52 million of revenue percent in the second quarter, with lower the government’s environmental impact.
ond quarter of 2015. On an as-adjusted growth to the current quarter. These recycling volumes accounting for the 40 The guard nearly doubled the amount
basis, excluding certain items, net increases were partially offset by $24 basis point difference. of waste diverted for recycling at construc-
income was $329 million, or $0.74 per million in lower fuel surcharge revenue, •Average recycling commodity tion projects across Texas, saving over
diluted share, in the second quarter of $10 million in foreign currency fluctua- prices increased 2.3 percent in the sec- $155,000 in waste disposal fees.
2016 compared with $306 million, or tions, and $5 million in lower recycling ond quarter of 2016 from the prior year The guard won the national Federal
$0.67 per diluted share, in the second revenues. period. Recycling volumes declined 2.9 Green Challenge in the waste category by
quarter of 2015. •Core price, which consists of price percent in the second quarter. Results in increasing the amount of material from
The company’s as-adjusted second increases net of rollbacks and fees, other the company’s recycling line of business construction projects diverted for recycling
quarter 2016 results exclude $0.10 per than the company’s fuel surcharge, was improved by more than $0.01 per diluted instead of disposal. In total, recycled mate-
diluted share of non-cash charges related 4.9 percent, up from 4.1 percent in the share when compared to the prior year rial went from 1,762.8 tons in 2014 to
to the write-down of investments in second quarter of 2015. period. 3,506 tons in 2015 for a 98.8 percent
increase, saving $157,849 in waste dis-
Republic Services reports second quarter results posal fees. Regional administrator Curry
presented the award at the recent Federal
Republic Services, Inc. reported net comparable 2015 period. On an adjusted Second quarter financial highlights Facilities Training Symposium, hosted by
income of $180.8 million, or $0.52 per basis, net income for the 6 months ended include: EPA to update federal government agen-
diluted share, for the three months ended June 30, 2016, was $356.7 million, or •Second quarter revenue growth from cies on environmental regulations and
June 30, 2016, versus $190.3 million, or $1.03 per diluted share. average yield was 2 percent and volumes compliance.
$0.54 per diluted share, for the compara- “Our second quarter results continue increased 0.5 percent. Regional award winners for Region 6
ble 2015 period. Excluding certain to demonstrate the stability and pre- •Core price increased revenues by were also recognized at the symposium.
expenses, on an adjusted basis, net income dictability of our business, and the 3.1 percent, which consisted of 4.1 percent These included the Veterans Administra-
for the three months ended June 30, 2016, strength of our operating model,” said in the open market and 1.5 percent in the tion Sam Rayburn Memorial Veterans
was $189.5 million, or $0.55 per diluted Donald W. Slager, president and chief restricted portion of the business. Center in Bonham, Texas; Office of Natu-
share. executive officer. “Strong pricing perform- •Second quarter adjusted diluted EPS ral Resources Revenue in Farmers Branch,
For the six months ended June 30, ance, positive volume growth and contri- was $0.55 per share and was in line with Texas; General Services Administration
2016, net income was $337.4 million, or butions from our strategic initiatives keep the company’s expectations. Casey Courthouse in Houston, Texas, and
$0.98 per diluted share, versus $362.7 mil- us well positioned to achieve our full year •Cost of operations as a percentage of Federal Service Center in Fort Worth,
lion, or $1.03 per diluted share, for the financial guidance.” revenue decreased to 61.3 percent result- Texas; Drug Enforcement Agency El Paso
ing in 20 basis points of gross margin Intelligence Center in El Paso, Texas; and
expansion. Veterans Affairs Health Care Services in
Republic continues to increase cash Albuquerque, New Mexico.
returns to shareholders, and its board of The Federal Green Challenge is a
directors approved $.02 increase in the national effort under EPA’s Sustainable
quarterly dividend. The quarterly dividend Materials Management Program, chal-
of $0.32 per share for shareholders of lenging EPA and other agencies to lead by
record on October 3, 2016, will be paid on example in reducing the federal
October 14, 2016. government’s environmental impact.

Casella Waste Systems reports

increased revenues
Casella Waste Systems, Inc., a million, up $1.0 million, or 0.7 percent,
regional solid waste, recycling and from the same period in 2015, with rev-
resource management services company, enue growth mainly driven by robust col-
reported its financial results for the 3 lection, disposal and recycling commodity
month period ended June 30, 2016. The pricing, the acquisition of three transfer
company also increased its Adjusted stations, and higher volumes in the organ-
EBITDA guidance and reaffirmed its rev- ics line-of-business, partially offset by
enue and free cash flow guidance for the lower landfill and low margin trans-
year ending December 31, 2016. portation volumes.
Highlights include: Net income attributable to common
•Revenues were $144.7 million for stockholders was $5.2 million or $0.12 per
the quarter, up $1.0 million, or 0.7 percent, diluted common share for the quarter,
from the same period in 2015. compared to net income attributable to
•Net income was $5.2 million for the common stockholders of $1.0 million, or
quarter, an improvement of $4.2 million $0.03 per diluted common share for the
from the same period in 2015. same period in 2015. The current quarter
•Adjusted EBITDA was $34.8 mil- included a $0.6 million loss on debt extin-
lion for the quarter, an improvement of guishment related to the redemption,
$4.1 million, or 13.3 percent, from the repurchase and permanent retirement of
same period in 2015. $15.5 million of our 7.75 percent Senior
•Overall solid waste pricing for the Subordinated Notes due 2019, while the
quarter was up 3.5 percent, mainly driven same quarter last year included a $0.7 mil-
by strong collection pricing up 4.8 percent. lion gain on the divestiture of non-strategic
For the quarter, revenues were $144.7 collection routes.
Here today, tomorrow
and years to come
for your recycling
equipment needs.



R.M. Johnson Co. • Annandale, Minnesota

800-328-3613 | 320-274-3594 | Fax: 320-274-3859
EZCrusher.com | davev@ezcrusher.com
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Material Handlers
Classified Text Classifieds
$65 for up to 50 words.
Display Classifieds
$70 per column inch depth,
ADVERTISEMENTS Add $1 each additional word. 2.5” width.


—Always Available— MASTERCARD, VISA and DISCOVER.

UPGRADE TO A FEATURED CLASSIFIED AND ADD 1 COLOR + 1st POSITION! 2011 Cat M318D MH - 6,910 hours, hydraulic cab,
A/C, 36 ft. max reach, MH boom & stick, outriggers
x 4 with Cat grapple w/360° rotation. Call for price.

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Complete fluid removal in less than 5 minutes! with this Eastern PA Construction and
Demolition Landfill Site and Permit.
With over 60 acres of permitted construc-
tion and demolition landfill area, the new
owner can be in operation in a few
months. Strategically located at the 2009 Liebherr A934C MH - 8,000 hrs., hydraulic cab,
intersection of several major interstate A/C, MH boom & stick, gen set, grapple, blade, and
transportation routes near Philadelphia NEW solid tires.
and New Yo ork City, the business is
permitted and ready to construct and
operate RIGHT NOW. This special 1,500
ton per day permit can be built and ready
for operation at a lower cost than almost
The Enviro-Rack is the most any other site in the region. Act now,
superior auto fluid removal before someone else becomes the
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BETH@ster nerconsulting.com
Auto Recycling Balers
Used Racking VA

ster nerconsulting.com
for Salvage Vehicles
TWO FEEDER YARDS FOR SALE in 2011 Cat 325D MH – Hydraulic cab, gen set, A/C, 51
Northwestern Pennsylvania, both close to ft. reach, MH boom and stick with grapple.
I-80, 15 miles apart, lots of support equip- Call For Price!
ment and inventory, looking for offers over
$2 million. Partial financing considered.
Fax for details: 814-772-9735. E-mail:
Each rack holds 6 vehicles. dfk.amr@gmail.com.
Made in the USA in 2013.
Racks can easily be RECYCLING PLANT FOR LEASE in
disassembled for transport. North Alabama, approximately 17 acres
with (2) 4,000 sq.ft. buildings, set up for
scales, great area. Call Gary at 256-653-


owner is ready to retire. Yard includes 5.8
acres with 3 industrial buildings consisting 2007 Cat 325DL - 5,900 hours, equipped with a zero
hour REBUILT Genesis GXP400R mobile shear with 360°
of 17,490 sq.ft. Equipment and inventory rotation. Call For Price!
included. $1.4 million, negotiable. For
details, e-mail scrapyard78@gmail.com. 800-225-0623
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Located in Elgin, IL. (vehicles not incl.) well-known, located in Southeast Iowa,
new 70’ scale, E-Z car crusher, E-Z tin
800-232-5564 x310 baler, CASE track hoe, CASE W20 wheel
loader with foam-filled tires, 2005 Interna- NEED CASH? TURN YOUR USED
tional 9200i semi, newer high side scrap EQUIPMENT INTO CASH by selling it in
hauling trailer, much more equipment, American Recycler’s Classifieds

NEXT DEADLINE September 19 approximately 550 vehicles, buildings on 5 Section. Call 877-777-0043 or visit
to 6 acres in great location. Contact AmericanRecycler.com to place your ad
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Material Handlers Miscellaneous Miscellaneous

EQUIPMENT NEW! 3/4-yard 4-tine orange peel grapple
with 15-ton 360° rotator. Show floor model
INTERNATIONAL for sale, SPECIAL PRICE: $18,800. Please
call Moley Magnetics at 716-434-4023 or • 400hp Pallmann Model
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Hi-efficiency, new technology. • 100mm & 120mm Erema
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Gen-sets & Rotating Grapples.
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A Closer Look by Donna Currie

EPA selects new deputy
regional administrator
The Environmental Protection
Agency (EPA) has selected Edward H.
Bunting Magnetics names
new product manager
Bunting Magnetics Co. has
appointed Andrew Blubaugh as its prod-
Chu as the new deputy regional admin- uct manager over metal detection.
istrator for EPA Region 7 in Lenexa, Blubaugh will manage the growth and
Columbus McKinnon Corp. Kansas. EPA Region 7 encompasses profitability of the company’s line of
Charlie Astafan • 800-848-1071 Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska and metal detection products by supporting
nine tribal nations. the company’s sales team, identifying
Charlie Astafan, general manager at Columbus McKinnon Corp., said that he’s Chu has almost 30 years of experi- new markets and customers, improving
been in the recycling machinery manufacturing industry pretty much all of his adult ence in environmental and energy policy. the product and enhancing the accompa-
life. After college, he started working for a company that made recycling equipment He has served in critical senior roles nying service and warranty programs.
in upstate New York, near where he lived. He worked his way up from selling parts to within EPA and at the White House Based in Newton, Kansas, Blubaugh
selling equipment before Columbus McKinnon made him an offer to move to Florida Council on Environmental Quality. draws on nearly 10 years of experience in
to work for them. He’s worked for them ever since. Most recently, Chu was the assis- manufacturing in a variety of positions.
Columbus McKinnon is a 140 year old company that was looking to diversify tant regional administrator for the Most recently, he was production man-
and enter new markets when they made their first tire shredder in 1982. “There was a Pacific Northwest and Alaska Region ager in charge of sales and operations at
tire fire in Canada,” Astafan said, “that got a lot of attention.” It gave them the idea to (Region 10), serving 4 states and 271 Kincaid Equipment, a manufacturer of
get into manufacturing equipment for the recycling business. federally recognized tribes. He also agricultural equipment for the seed
To get started, the company bought a patent and designed one of the first turn- served as the assistant regional admin- research industry, where he excelled in
key tire shredders that could handle a whole tire and chop it into two inch square istrator for the Southeast Region managing the operations and product
pieces. (Region 4). development process while driving sales
Astafan explained that they design shredders “to make a product instead of for Prior to public service, Chu spent growth and customer development.
disposal.” The first product was a supplemental fuel product for the cement industry. seven years as an energy and environ-
Tire rubber is an ideal product for cement kilns, he said, because those kilns burn very ment consultant.
hot for a very long time. JWC appoints Greg Guard
While some people think that burning tires must be bad for the environment, to SVP of global sales
Astafan said, “Tire chips are a petroleum-based product and they burn very clean.” Petersen Industries names JWC Environmental has promoted
He said that the concrete industry has a closed-loop system, since the small new dealer in Georgia Greg Guard to senior vice president of
amount of ash left after burning is added to the cement. The wire from the tires, Petersen Industries, Inc., manufac- global sales. In this newly created posi-
turned into small particles during the burning process, is actually beneficial for the turer of grapple trucks and waste collec- tion, Guard will be responsible for
concrete. tion systems, has named Environmental directing JWC’s global sales initiatives
While fuel was the original use for recycled tires, there are now a number of Products of Georgia as their exclusive and strategies.
other uses. Tire shred can also be used as a lightweight fill for landfill cover as well as dealer in the state of Georgia. JWC’s global sales organization,
landfill construction, where it performs better than stone. Environmental Products of Florida which includes more than 100 distribu-
Tires can be used to make decorative mulch when it’s cut to .5 to .75” pieces and Corporation dba Environmental Prod- tors and representative firms, will con-
colored. Used tires play a big part in artificial turf sports fields – it offers great ucts of Georgia, began business in tinue to be supported out of JWC
drainage when combined with silica sand that goes under the turf. Florida in 2001 and acquired the fran- facilities in the U.S., Canada, the United
The material is also used in an asphalt rubber product which has advantages over chise in Georgia in 2010. The Georgia Kingdom and China. JWC’s global sales
traditional asphalt, since it’s flexible and won’t crack due to temperature-related location operates a 30,000 sq.ft. 12-bay leaders for Europe, Asia and the
expansion and contraction. facility in Atlanta. Americas will report to Guard.
From that first tire shredder the company built, the line has expanded to include
machines that can shred, make rubber mulch or make crumb rubber. The company is
expanding into more generalized and hybrid shredders that can shred plastics and
light metals as well as rubber. Astafan explained that the shredders are ideal for mate-
rials that are abrasive, since the shredder knives can be replaced when they are worn. PLEASE, PLEASE
Astafan said that the company decided to diversify because “there are only so
many tires out there,” but the list of other waste materials that could benefit from
shredding is nearly endless. “We’ve been in one segment of the industry,” he said.
“We’re stepping out.”
The shredders that the company makes have a similar “core” but the machines
are customized for particular customers’ needs. “We built a test lab to test and demo,”
Astafan said. Customers can send some of their material for a test-shred and the prod-
uct is sent back for their inspection. “It’s fun shredding thing up,” Astafan said, but it
also helps the company customize the shredder so the customer gets the product they
Astafan said that the difficult part of the industry is “getting people to accept
recycled materials.” Although people are interested in being green, “I see what our
customers go through.” When someone sees a pile of shredded tires or a pile of metal
at a scrap yard, they don’t see it as a product – they see it as waste material. “We’re
processors of usable material,” Astafan said. “It has a value. It’s a raw material.”
He said that the recycling industry is not a junk or waste business. Instead, his

There are MUCH better

customers “take things that are at the end of their life and create a new life.”
In order for that “new life” to happen, the material needs to be “a consistent
state” so it’s the right size and so that products that are made from multiple materials
can be separated efficiently.
“How do we create these systems?” Astafan asked. “That’s the cool part.” He
said that he would like to find “really hard things to do where we can create a niche”
ways to get new business.
just like they did with the tire industry. “The hard-to-do things…those are the fun
things.” Go on inside, put your feet up
He said that the question is, “Where is that next difficult application that other and give us a call. We’ll design the
companies have failed at that we can succeed in?”
While he’s helping customers in the U.S. with their recycling needs, he’s also ads for you, for free. Now that’s value.
very proud to sell machinery in 25 other countries and “put the American flag in other

parts of the world.” He said, “It’s a lot of work, a lot of travel, and a lot of sacrifice,”
but it has also allowed him to create business relationships and make friends all over FREE OVER
the world. “People are pretty good all over the world,” he said. AD 34,000
“People aren’t that different.” DESIGN www.AmericanRecycler.com READERS
American Recycler September 2016, Page A23

Republic Services elects Terex expands Fuchs Morbark’s leader, James WM names James C. Fish,
Handley and Kirk to board material handler line Shoemaker, to retire Jr. as new president
Republic Services, Inc. disclosed Terex Corporation continues to Morbark, LLC president, James W. Waste Management, Inc. has
that service company and industrial serv- implement a series of moves to better Shoemaker Jr., has retired after 13 years appointed James C. Fish, Jr. to the position
ices and chemicals executive Thomas W. position its Fuchs material handler busi- with the company. of president, reporting to David Steiner,
Handley and oil and gas executive Jen- ness for expansion and sales growth. Morbark was acquired by Stellex the company’s chief executive officer. Fish
nifer M. Kirk have been elected to its The Fuchs line also transitioned to Capital Management in March of this retains his existing role as chief financial
board of directors. Republic’s board now the Terex Material Processing segment, year. Shoemaker started working with officer while the company conducts a
consists of 12 total members, including which is a better strategic fit for the busi- Stellex in September 2015 and agreed to search to fill that role.
11 independent directors. ness within the broader Terex portfolio. stay on as president to assist with the The new chief financial officer will
Tom Handley serves as president and Accelerated investment in Fuchs’ transition. Shoemaker will stay involved report to Fish, who will maintain his
chief operating officer for Ecolab, Inc., has resulted in multiple announcements with Morbark in a consulting capacity. responsibility for all financial affairs for
responsible for providing leadership, of new models and model upgrades. Two Shoemaker joined Morbark in 2003 Waste Management, including treasury,
management and strategic counsel. Eco- completely new model class designs as director of operations before being audit, accounting, financial planning, tax
lab, a $13.5 billion company, delivers recently introduced, the Fuchs® promoted to vice president of operations and investor relations. He will also con-
solutions and on-site service to promote MHL390 F and MHL370 F, give cus- and then appointed president in 2011. tinue to oversee the information technol-
safe food, maintain clean environments, tomers more material handling options Involved in local industry associa- ogy group and several of the company’s
optimize water and energy use and for a wider variety of applications. tions, Shoemaker is a founder and the growth areas, including strategic business
improve operational efficiencies for busi- Fuchs also introduced upgrades to its president of the Central Michigan Manu- development and the company’s organic
nesses around the world. Handley serves popular MHL320 F handler, designed as facturers Association, and a member of: growth group.
on Republic Services’ Management the perfect entry level unit for recycling, •Middle Michigan Development Fish joined Waste Management in
Development and Compensation Com- waste and small scrap operations who Corporation board of directors. 2001. Prior to becoming chief financial
mittee and the Nominating and Corporate need the high lift capacities, efficient sort- •Central Michigan University officer, he held several key positions with
Governance Committee. ing capabilities and fast trailer School of Engineering advisory board. the company, including senior vice presi-
Jennifer Kirk is vice president, con- loading/unloading. •Eastern Michigan University Col- dent for the company’s Eastern group, area
troller and principal accounting officer of lege of Technology Dean’s advisory vice president for Pennsylvania and West
Occidental Petroleum Corporation, the board. Virginia, market area general manager for
third largest U.S. oil and gas company Hyundai names Vicha •Greater Gratiot Industry/education Massachusetts and Rhode Island, vice
based on market capitalization with oil district sales manager roundtable. president of price management and direc-
and gas, midstream and chemical Hyundai Construction Equipment •The Rogers Group board of tor of financial planning and analysis.
operations in the United States, Middle Americas has appointed David Vicha as directors. Before joining Waste Management,
East and Latin America. She is responsi- district sales manager, supporting the com- In May, for his efforts, dedication Fish held finance or revenue management
ble for the direct oversight of all company pany’s authorized dealers throughout and issue advocacy for the manufactur- positions at Westex, a Yellow-Roadway
financial activities, including financial Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, Kansas, ing industry, Shoemaker was honored subsidiary; Trans World Airlines; and
reporting, accounting, compliance and Oklahoma, Arkansas and parts of with the 2016 John G. Thodis Michigan America West Airlines. He began his pro-
internal controls. She is an accredited Louisiana and Missouri. Manufacturer of the Year Award recipi- fessional career at KPMG Peat Marwick.
petroleum accountant with 20 years of A graduate of North Dakota State ent for Large Tier Companies by the Fish earned a Bachelor of Science in
experience. Kirk serves on the Republic University, with a degree in business Michigan Manufacturers Association. accounting from Arizona State University
Services’ Audit Committee and the Sus- administration, Vicha has 21 years of Shoemaker will continue and an MBA in finance from the Univer-
tainability & Corporate Responsibility experience in retail management with the his work with industry and civic sity of Chicago. He is also a Certified
Committee. past five years in the equipment industry. organizations. Public Accountant.

Well,, then yyou know that efficient aluminnum pprocessingg all
comes down too preparation.

Industrial manuufacturing operations and scrap metal yards

around the worrld rely on SSI shredders too process, liberate,
densify and preepare metal materials for sorting, delacquering
systems and fuurnaces. From baled UBCs, sheet, taint tabor,
slitter balls, coiils and siding to HRB bales, wheels, extrusions
and radiators, SSI’s patented low-sppeed, high-torque
technologies provide efficient solutions for f metal size and
volume reduction for recycling and remeltiing.

To discover how to maximize your metal processing, check

out our video at go.ssiworld.com/alumiinum
Of course, we alw
a ays start with that first critical
c question...


SSI Shredding Systeems, Inc.

www..ssiwoorld.com | saless@ssiwoorld.com | +1-503-682-33633 See everyy imaginable thingg being shreedded at www..waatchittshreed.com


U.S. residential solar market booms


While the U.S. market share of the At its core, a

solar industry declined in the early single solar panel is
2000s, the residential solar market is comprised of many
booming once again. According to the smaller photo-
Solar Energy Industries Association, voltaic cells linked
there’s been a 50 percent annual growth together. In each
of the solar market in 2015 alone, and cell, two pieces of
analysts are projecting a 50 percent net oppositely charged
growth courtesy of the Federal Solar semi-conducting
Investment Tax Credit being extended materials, typically
through 2023. made of silicon,
Additionally, according to Stacee are sandwiched
Flanagan, business development man- together to create
ager of solar utility services at Allcon- an electric field.
nect, the price of installing a solar Th e n e g a t iv ely
panel system has dropped by over 70 charged material
percent since 2006, in part because of absorbs photons
the Department of Energy’s SunShot (units of light
Initiative. energy from the
“Created to help re-establish sun) as they hit the
American technological and market cell. Once enough
leadership, improve the nation’s energy ph o t o n s are
independence and strengthen U.S. eco- absorbed, the nega-
nomic competitiveness while fighting t iv e l y c h a r g e d
climate change, the SunShot Initiative material will
is now running forcefully toward its release an electron
goal of reducing the cost of solar power into the electric
by 75 percent from 2010 to 2020,” field. This electron
Flanagan said. is then attracted to metal conductive planting 64,000 trees or removing 525 financing, but has been adopted by
And, as a result, in the first quarter plates at the sides of the cell, which vehicles off the road for a year.” businesses on a large scale nonethe-
of 2016, the U.S. hit a milestone of one move the electrons into wires to While Legend Solar is doing well, less.
million solar installations. With the sci- become free-flowing energy. This others are struggling. Here’s why: As Fallon explained, the average
entific research, policy support, and energy feeds into established grids, and Power companies won’t give credits to price of a completed commercial pho-
monetary backing of the federal gov- is what we use as electricity. customers for their own generated tovoltaic (PV) project has dropped by
ernment, the U.S. is forecasted to hit 2 “The reason some solar companies power, which is a highly debated issue. nearly 30 percent in the past 3 years
million total solar installs by 2018. are struggling today and some are actu- “Nevada is currently in the midst alone, according to SEIA. Top corpora-
“The status of the solar industry is ally closing is that the federal govern- of a net metering battle, which is why tions like Walmart, IKEA and Macy’s
strong, financially sound, and growing ment, at the start of their support, many of the solar companies working are taking advantage of this opportunity.
continually, said Todd Verk, vice presi- offered actual cash incentives of 30 there have either pulled out altogether, “The leading 25 corporate solar
dent of sales at Green Solar Technolo- percent, which helped the consumers or have been forced to lay off employ- users in the U.S. installed more than
gies. “I look at the solar industry here afford to make the purchase and to ees,” Perkins said. “Renewable energy 907MW of solar capacity as of August
in the U.S. as somewhat like an aggres- finance less money, giving them lower will become the primary source of 2015. Businesses are embracing solar,
sive startup company. The main goal is payments while paying to own the sys- power. It will take time, but as faster not only to show a commitment to sus-
to obtain the most market share, while tem,” Verk said. “With the government technology increases, coupled with tainability, but to cut costs from their
growing your personal brand, and con- changing their incentive to tax credits, education, it’s only a matter of time.” electricity bills,” Fallon said.
tinually adding revenue by changing there are a high percentage of con- Consumer and Business Response With a wide range of financing
strategies on a regular basis to get more sumers who do not qualify for the tax The affordability of renewable options, customers can now purchase
positive attention.” credit based on fixed income, not pay- energy and sustainability goals coupled or lease their solar system for little to
According to Verk, solar power ing into income tax, etc. – therefore with local, federal and state incentives no upfront cost, and then pay for their
manufacturers are coming and going, reducing the amount of potential clients have attracted wide interest in installing electricity at rates lower than what
some acquired by others, but all trying available. Also, with local and national solar across the residential, commercial their utility offers. In states like New
to better their engineering and operat- lenders requiring more stringent stipu- and utility sectors. Jersey, you receive credits for the
ing efficiency while attempting to lations, it is harder to get customers “Solar can provide cleaner energy renewable energy you produce. You
reduce cost and gain profits. approved for the financing.” and significantly cut electricity costs,” can sell these credits to businesses who
“As component prices continue to According to Shane Perkins, co- Fallon said. “The extension of the fed- are not meeting their renewable energy
fall, solar is becoming increasingly cost owner and co-founder of Legend Solar eral Investment Tax Credit has also requirements.
effective,” said Ashley Fallon, senior in St. George, Utah, a dealer for Sun- made solar more appealing to potential What’s more, the sustainability
marketing manager at UGE, a provider Power, rooftop solar customers and customers, along with many other aspect is not to be overlooked. Each
of comprehensive renewable energy businesses want to install solar as a renewable energy credits and incen- year the amount of solar installed at
solutions. “Meanwhile, pressures from way to be socially responsible first. tives, like the SREC program in New U.S. corporations and businesses are
climate change are making energy Saving money is the added bonus. Jersey. Consumers can sell credits they enough to offset 890,000 metric tons
sourced from renewable, clean sources “So far in 2016, as of June 30, receive from producing renewable of carbon dioxide emissions.
a crucial part of a more sustainable Legend Solar has installed 3,215 kilo- energy, or the surplus of energy itself.” “As countries look to keep global
future. This is driving individuals, busi- watts worth of solar panels in homes In the residential sector, standard- temperatures from rising above two
nesses, states and nations to rely on and businesses,” Perkins said. “That ized projects with reproducible returns degrees Celsius, using renewable
solar for a clean and affordable energy amount of solar power offsets about have ensured continued and growing energy will be a key way to cut emis-
solution, ensuring its continued rapid four million pounds of carbon dioxide investments in solar. The commercial sions. A more sustainable future
growth.” emissions each year, equivalent to sector has struggled to see the same See RESIDENTIAL SOLAR, Page B7
Page B2, September 2016 Alternative Energy www.AmericanRecycler.com

VLS Energy Clinic receives E.ON and Digital Realty to

grant for solar development procure energy from
for Energy and the Environment (IEE) yield both environmental and economic Colbeck’s Corner Wind Farm
The Energy Clinic at the Institute develop local clean energy projects that

at Vermont Law School announced an benefits. The clinic’s clients include the E.ON Climate & Renewables “Data centers are the backbone of
$80,000 grant from The John Merck Vermont Natural Resources Council, North America, LLC (E.ON) and Digi- today’s digital economy and Digital
Fund, enabling faculty and student cli- Randolph Community Solar, Vermont tal Realty, a global provider of data Realty joins a growing list of compa-
nicians to expand their community Farmers Food Center, New Hampshire center, colocation and interconnection nies procuring utility-scale renewable
solar work throughout New England. Sustainable Energy Association, and solutions, disclosed a long term agree- energy for the first time to create a sus-
The grant, which covers a 12 the VLS Sustainability Committee. At ment to procure energy from the tainable digital infrastructure,” said
month period, funds a new staff attor- VLS, the Energy Clinic helped procure Colbeck’s Corner Wind Farm. The Hervé Touati, managing director at the
ney and allows the clinic to increase net-metering credits from a local, 500- agreement allows Digital Realty to Rocky Mountain Institute and leader of
advocacy efforts, community technical kilowatt solar photovoltaic system to offset 100 percent of its U.S. coloca- the Business Renewables Center. “This
assistance, and training and peer sup- meet over half of the school’s electric tion and interconnection energy foot- agreement leads directly to more devel-
port. These initiatives will help the energy requirement while reducing its print. opment of new wind capacity. It is
region scale up its transition to locally carbon footprint. “This collaboration with Digital deals like this that pave the way for
developed, clean energy and provide a The Institute for Energy and the Realty allows us to bring clean energy other corporations to follow and scale
model for the rest of the nation. Environment at Vermont Law School to power the very things making our up their own renewable energy
The Energy Clinic has hired Jean- serves as a center for energy policy lives digital,” said Patrick Woodson, procurement.”
nie Oliver LLM’13, an alumna and for- research with an advanced curriculum chairman of E.ON North America. A team of nearly 240 construction
mer global energy fellow who returns focused on the energy policy of the Colbeck’s Corner is a 200.48 workers completed the Colbeck’s Cor-
to VLS after serving as special counsel future. IEE research associates are megawatt wind farm located in Carson ner project, and 16 personnel, including
for the Vermont Department of Public selected from students in the energy and Gray counties, 37 miles east of skilled technicians, are stationed on site
Service, where she focused on solar-sit- and environmental programs at Ver- Amarillo, Texas. Colbeck’s Corner has day-to-day. During the next 25 years,
ing issues. mont Law School, top-ranked in the 112 GE 1.79-100 turbines that can cre- Colbeck’s Corner is projected to gener-
The Energy Clinic takes a commu- nation for environmental law. ate enough electricity to power approx- ate more than $32 million in property
nity-minded approach by helping locals imately 64,000 homes. E.ON has taxes for Carson and Gray counties.
developed more than three gigawatts of This additional revenue will support
HOW TO SELL YOUR PRODUCTS wind projects in the United States since essential county services and local
2005. schools.

u don
don’tt advertis
advertise? SolarEdge Technologies
WHY NOT? reports record revenues
Reasons you may not have advertised: SolarEdge Technologies, Inc., a GAAP operating expenses were
global leader in PV inverters, power $21.2 million for fiscal Q4 2016, con-
Reason #1 - We don’t have the money right now. Things are slow. optimizers, and module-level monitor- sistent with $21.0 million, from the
Reason #2 - We only have regional customers - not national ones. ing services, shared its financial results prior quarter and an increase from
Reason #3 - We can’t afford to hire a marketing company. for the fiscal fourth quarter and year $16.4 million in fiscal Q4 2015.
ended June 30, 2016. GAAP operating income was
Reason #4 - We do advertise, but haven’t in American Recycler. “Our fiscal 2016 results demon- $17.9 million for fiscal Q4 2016, down
strate consistent and strong execution from $19.7 million in the prior quarter
Reasons you should advertise: with record revenues and 51 percent and up from $11.9 million in fiscal Q4
annual growth. We maintain our prof- 2015.
#1 - Advertising is the fastest way to increase your cash flow. Then itability and continue to generate cash GAAP net income was $17.3 mil-
your advertising budget will increase as income grows. flow from our operations, quarter over lion for fiscal Q4 2016, down from
This is the single most important time of your business cycle in quarter. While this quarter is character- $20.8 million in the prior quarter and
which to advertise. Get out there and demand attention. It won’t ized by a general slowdown in the resi- up from $9.3 million in fiscal Q4 2015.
walk in your door on it’s own!
dential U.S market, we were able to Non-GAAP net income was $19.9
compensate with increased sales in million for fiscal Q4 2016, a decrease
#2 - Are you truly limited by location? Or have you not considered other geographic regions in which we from $23.3 million in the prior quarter
expanding your business? If you truly are limited in your reach, sell,” said Guy Sella, founder, chairman and an increase from $13.8 million in
remember American Recycler offers insert distribution, by state, and chief executive officer of fiscal Q4 2015.
at a very affordable rate. SolarEdge. GAAP net diluted earnings per
Some businesses never think about why they don’t sell to more locations. The company reported revenues of share (EPS) was $0.39 for fiscal Q4
They don’t remember that they just didn’t have the reach to get to those $124.8 million for fiscal Q4 2016, a 2016, down from $0.47 in the prior
potential buyers back when they first opened, but there’s really nothing decrease of 0.4 percent from the prior quarter and up from $0.21 in fiscal Q4
stopping them from expanding their market and selling more now!
quarter and increase of 26.8 percent 2015.
from fiscal Q4 2015. Non-GAAP net diluted EPS was
#3 - Full service is provided free at American Recycler! You CAN advertise, GAAP gross margin reached 31.4 $0.44 for fiscal Q4 2016, a decrease
effectively, using our graphic design staff. Just e-mail your basic information percent for fiscal Q4 2016, down from $0.51 in the prior quarter and an
and photos to see a no-obligation ad proof. slightly from 32.5 percent in the prior increase from $0.31 in fiscal Q4 2015.
The thought of finding, screening and hiring an ad agency can be a bit quarter and up from 28.7 percent in fis- As of June 30, 2016, cash, cash
intimidating when you haven’t done it before. This and the thought of the bills cal Q4 2015. equivalents, restricted cash and mar-
generated by professional marketers can stop some companies from Non-GAAP gross margin was 31.6 ketable securities totaled $186.6 mil-
advertising at all. Skip all that - advertise in American Recycler and
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percent for fiscal Q4 2016, down lion, compared to $172.2 million on
slightly from 32.7 percent in the prior March 31, 2016. As of June 30, 2016,
quarter and up from 28.9 percent in fis- the company did not have any debt.
#4 - American Recycler has the lowest advertising cost per subscriber.
cal Q4 2015.
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www.AmericanRecycler.com Alternative Energy September 2016, Page B3

Sumitomo Corporation TruStar Energy contracted

invests in Brazilian biomass to build and maintain CNG
fuel manufacturing business station in Long Beach
Sumitomo Corporation signed a tied to the fact that we are using its TruStar Energy, a developer of com- 2600 Temple Avenue, is projected to be
contract to acquire up to 20 percent of residual byproduct as a raw material. pressed natural gas (CNG) fueling sta- completed by TruStar Energy in
Cosan Biomassa S.A., a subsidiary of This provides a unique sustainability tions, was awarded the contract to build November 2016.
the world’s largest sugar and ethanol condition when compared to other bio- and maintain the first CNG fueling sta- The city awarded the CNG fueling
company, Cosan S.A. Industria e Comer- mass sources in the world,” said Yoshi- tion for Long Beach, California. station contract to TruStar Energy
cio and producer of sugarcane pellets for nobu Kusano, general manager, Biomass The new CNG station supports the because of the company’s aggressive
power generation, subject to the prior Business, Sumitomo Corporation.” city’s commitment to using cleaner, hands on approach that results in sta-
approval of anti-trust authorities in some Cosan Biomassa has developed a safer and domestically produced fuels tions being completed on time and on
jurisdictions. fuel pellet made from sugarcane residues for its vehicles. Long Beach, which is in budget. TruStar Energy will also main-
Biomass is a renewable energy such as bagasse from the sugar mill and midst of shifting from liquefied natural tain and service the station under a long-
source such as solar, wind and small- straw left over in the sugarcane field. gas to CNG for its fleets, currently has term maintenance agreement.
scale hydro power that provides cleaner, Cosan built a large-scale production 24 CNG-fueled vehicles. Over the next 6 The station will have 100 time fill
sustainable energy. Such investments in plant (annual capacity 175,000 tons) for years, the city plans to acquire an addi- posts, three 200 HP Ariel compressors,
renewable energy are increasingly the first time in the world last Septem- tional 307 CNG vehicles. packaged by ANGI, and a PSB gas
important with Japan’s commitment to ber, which began a commercial produc- “Using alternative fuels for our dryer. The time fill system will allow the
reduce its greenhouse gas emission by tion in December 2015. refuse trucks and street sweepers is an city to plan more efficiently and to store
26 percent by 2030 as part of the Paris Through the participation of Sumit- important part of the City of Long more fuel in vehicles, keeping vehicle
Climate Treaty. omo, Cosan Biomassa will increase its Beach’s commitment to more environ- downtime to a minimum.
“Brazil is already among the largest exports to Japan and Europe along with mentally sustainable city services for CNG is insulated from the price
producers and exporters of agricultural increased domestic sales. There is a residents,” said Oliver Cruz, fuel opera- volatility of diesel and gas resulting
commodities in the world. Pelletized potential of 45 million tons per year of tions program officer for Long Beach. from international conflicts and events,
biomass is a new commodity being cre- sugarcane pellets from the farms in Sao “Compressed natural gas is cost effec- which in recent years have been respon-
ated to serve the low carbon economy,” Paulo state alone. With this abundant tive and cleaner than other fuels, and sible for dramatic price fluctuations for
said Mark Lyra, Cosan Biomassa chief availability, the venture would aim for 2 safer than liquefied natural gas.” those fuels. As for the environment,
executive officer. “By making use of million tons by 2025, and as much as 8 The city’s fleet was recognized as CNG-powered engines are clean and
sugarcane residues and benefiting from million tons in the future, subject to the 12th best government fleet in the quiet; produce 30 percent less green-
the economic and environmental advan- future growth of the market as well as a U.S. for 2016 by Government Fleet house gases; and do not need the costly
tages that the shift to rail logistics brings satisfactory return. Magazine, and was ranked the No. 1 exhaust after-treatment devices and
to the game, Brazil is positioned to Sumitomo Corporation regards bio- North American Government Green diesel exhaust fluids required for diesel
become the Saudi Arabia of renewable mass energy as a promising source of Fleet in 2008. engines. Natural gas engines also have
energy.” renewable energy, and started importing The CNG station, which will be an average of 80 to 90 percent lower
“By the year 2030, we foresee that biomass fuel for power generation to located at the city’s fleet services lot at noise decibel level than diesel engines.
Japan will consume as much as 10 mil- Japan in 2008. In addition, Sumitomo’s
lion tons of pelletized biomass, the subsidiary, Summit Energy Corporation,
majority of which would come from
overseas. Renewable energy including
has been managing a biomass power
plant and plans to build more. Sumitomo
Ecoplexus to develop solar
biomass will play a prominent role in
our power generation sector by that
has been in search of competitive and
sustainable resources outside of Japan to
installations in California
time. We believe a relevant portion of supplement domestic biomass resources Ecoplexus Inc., a developer of solar electricity annually. That is enough to
this demand will be met by agricultural and to step into the European market, photovoltaic systems, disclosed a 25 annually power almost 2,000 house-
waste, particularly sugarcane biomass where the bulk of fuel pellet demands MW DC portfolio of projects across holds, or offset roughly 21,000 metric
pellets produced in Brazil. Sugarcane’s exist. California. The projects are a combina- tons of carbon dioxide.
productivity and abundant availability is tion of carport and ground-mounted The first seven MW will be com-
installations, connecting behind-the- pleted in August 2015, while the remain-
Bafalis named CEO of PHG Energy meter at a number of state facilities. The
generating systems will power the facili-
ing projects are scheduled to complete
construction in the spring of 2017. The
Greg Bafalis has been named CEO founded biodiesel producer Clean Earth ties, offset greenhouse gas emissions and on-site facilities include state hospitals,
of PHG Energy, a company that’s devel- Fuels, raising $168 million in funding reduce energy costs. military bases and a variety of other
oping waste-to-energy and solar systems (in part from Goldman Sachs) and grow- The portfolio will provide approxi- facilities.
in Antioch, Tennessee. ing the venture to $250 million in rev- mately 30.5 gigawatt-hours of clean
PHG is owned by the same family enues in less than three years. Since
that runs regional Caterpillar dealer then, he has run two other companies
Thompson Machinery, with decades of and for the past year run an investment American Weigh Scales, Inc.
experience in the energy and clean fund to buy small businesses in the Norcross, GA
technology sectors. A decade ago, he Houston area.

Call John Monaghan, CPA, CVA for

your expert financial advice.
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Page B4, September 2016 Alternative Energy www.AmericanRecycler.com

N Waste-to-Energy
by MARY M. COX Columbus McKinnon Corporation (CM) produces a
maryc@americanrecycler.com wide range of tire shredders “known worldwide for produc-
The waste-to-energy (WTE) market continues to trun- ing clean cut, consistently sized chips for alternative fuel CH4 Biogas
dle along, whether involving the organic or man-made for the cement industry, paper pulp mills, electric generat- Connie Chronister
materials, found in waste. Landfill and fossil fuel usage also ing facilities and waste-to-energy plants,” said Charlie 800-331-0183
continue, but become less pragmatic with every year that Astafan, general manager. The company recently delivered www.cleanburn.com
passes. Meanwhile, WTE options continue to broaden on a one of their systems to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia where
Columbus McKinnon Corp.
global scale. it will produce tire derived fuel for a large manufacturer of
Charlie Astafan
cement. CM has also developed a line of hybrid shear
shredders for the reduction and recycling of other wastes. 941-751-2238
The line consists of shredders from 10 to 250 h.p. with feed www.cmshredders.com
openings as small as 30” x 18” and up to 90” x 46”. The ECO Green Equipment, USA
wide range of machinery can be used to process numerous Brad Swenson
types of waste to alternative fuels or other recycling 801-758-7620
applications. www.ecogreenequipment.com
This hybrid line of shredders is offered with traditional
one piece shear knives or CM’s patented replaceable knife Granutech Saturn Systems
inserts. This proprietary knife system has been used in Greg Wright
CM’s tire shredding machines for the past 35 years. The 877-582-7800
high quality steel found in tires requires that knives be www.granutech.com
made of a high grade of hardened tool steel to effectively Kagi Heating Supplies & Mfg.
cut the steel wires cleanly. Tom Kagi
Since 1981, the company has manufactured over 400 888-866-5244
machines specifically for tire recycling and their systems
are in 26 countries and 5 continents. This same technology
Columbus McKinnon Corp. can be used for other high wear applications in the general Komar Industries, Inc.
waste and recycling industries. The knives come in numer- Mark Koenig
ous sizes and configurations, depending on the application. 614-836-2366
They can be rotated and sharpened numerous times for www.komarindustries.com
multiple uses and that can result in a significant cost reduc-
tion. CM can also retrofit existing machines with this knife Lindner America
technology. Andreas Schwartz
Komar Systems are utilized to efficiently process and 919-783-7719
feed bio fuels, MSW/RDF, hazardous, medical and radioac- www.l-rt.us
tive waste streams. “The Komar Industries continuous plug Metso
feed processors have been proven over the last 30 years in Dorthe Larsen
some of the most demanding waste stream applications and 011 45 2023 4533
are available in sizes from 200 lbs. per hour to in excess of www.metso.com
25 tons per hour in a single feed systems. Feed systems can
be stacked together to meet higher throughput demands,” SSI Shredding Systems, Inc.
stated Mark Koenig, president. Terri Ward
He added, “The unique ability of the patented Komar 503-682-3633
feed systems to generate a moving plug of material that iso- www.ssiworld.com
Komar Industries, Inc. lates the feeder from whatever it is feeding in conjunction Untha Shredding American, Inc.
with the ability to infinitely adjust the continuous feed rate
Bernhard Martinz
make it the ideal for today’s emerging waste-to-energy
technologies, including: gasification, pyrolysis and plasma
energy systems and more.” www.untha-american.com
Komar Systems provide sizing, blending and feeding Vecoplan, LLC
while in a controlled atmosphere and can handle feedstock Kim A. James
in nearly any form from loose to baled. The continuous 336-861-6070
feedstock delivery system eliminates free air entering the www.vecoplanllc.com
gasifier making downstream gas cleaning and control much
simpler. Warren & Baerg Mfg.
Komar, an American design and manufacturing com- Randy Baerg
pany with waste preparation and continuous feed systems 559-591-6790
all over the world, holds over 140 U.S. and foreign patents www.warrenbaerg.com
in material processing technology. Weima America
SSI Shredding Systems, Inc. is a leading U.S. manu- Madison Burt
facturer of low-speed, high-torque shredding technology 888-440-7170
for waste-to-energy and alternative fuel applications. Since www.weimaamerica.com
SSI Shredding Systems, Inc. See WASTE-TO-ENERGY, Page B6

ECO Green
G Giant Produces upp to 30 tons/hrr.
No Wonder
o ll d a Gi
It’s Called Giant.
Request a Free Quote. V
Properly Sized Tire Shreds at Lowest Production Cost per Toon!
USA 1-801-438-6340 V
12 Cutting Edges per Kniffe Insert. Fast Knife Replacement.
ecogreenequipment.com V
Free-standing or Configured in a Module System for TDF Production.
www.AmericanRecycler.com Alternative Energy September 2016, Page B5

Collaboration Republic Services and Mas Energy

has high hopes
for hydrogen- unveil latest renewable energy project
powered transit Facilities capable of powering over 15,000 households and one
Sumitomo Corporation together of the largest landfill-gas-to-energy portfolios in Georgia
with Sumitomo Corporation of Ameri-
cas (SC Group) shared their Strategic Republic Services, Inc. and Mas
Collaboration Agreement with US Energy, LLC unveiled a new renewable
Hybrid to support their desire to grow energy project serving Metro Atlanta.
its fuel cell production business The innovative project involves landfill
through the expansion of fuel cell stack gas-to-energy facilities at three area
production capacity for commercial landfills, located in the cities of Buford,
production. SC Group will play an inte- Griffin and Winder. Together, these
gral role in the project by coordinating facilities are capable of generating 24.1
the discussions with OEMs through megawatts of electricity, or enough
their extensive business network. renewable energy to power 15,665
US Hybrid, together with their households.
Fuel Cell division, US FuelCell, has Landfill gas-to-energy projects like
more than 26 years of experience in these involve capturing methane, a
fuel cell balance of plant components byproduct of the normal decomposition
and vehicle development and deploy- of waste, from the subsurface and rout-
ment. US FuelCell develops and manu- ing the methane to a series of engines.
factures new technologies and These engines convert the methane into
transportation products. electricity, which can be distributed to
“Fuel cell vehicles offer high the local power grid.
energy efficiency, no tailpipe emissions According to the U.S. Environmen-
and full vehicle functionality, including tal Protection Agency, 3 mW of renew- would otherwise be emitted by the use homes, or every household in the city
the normal driving range, fast fueling able energy generated by landfill of over 132 million gallons of gasoline. of Atlanta.
and a potential path to sustainable gas-to-energy projects is equal to pre- Nationwide, Republic Services Other partners participating in the
transportation. We respect Japanese venting the carbon emissions emitted companies send landfill gas to 69 land- latest renewable energy project include
automakers as a leader in commercial- by the use 16.6 million gallons of gaso- fill gas-to-energy projects, which taken Georgia Power, I Squared Capital,
izing fuel cell passenger vehicles, and line. Based upon calculations, this proj- together generate enough renewable Crowder Construction Company and
we consider our new freeze-capable, ect prevents carbon emissions that energy to power more than 250,000 Nixon Energy.
fuel cell powertrains to be a game-
changer for the equally important mar-
ket segments of medium and heavy Duke Energy Renewables completes wind project
duty trucks for freight movement and The 426th turbine of the Los Vien- Vestas supplied 100 V110-2.0 MW The facility was constructed by
buses for public transit,” said Abas tos wind power projects is now serving turbines for Los Vientos IV and will Wanzek Construction. Amshore US
Goodarzi, president of US Hybrid. customers near the Rio Grande in Starr service the project under a three-year Wind provided development support
SC Group has studied hydrogen as County, Texas. operations and maintenance agreement. for the project.
a clean energy source, including how It marks the completion of Los
fuel cell technologies can be applied to Vientos IV, the last of the five area
cars. In Japan, the development of fuel projects to begin operation.
cell technology has already been incor- Duke Energy has installed more
porated into passenger cars. than 1,500 MW of wind energy in
Through this research, SC Group Texas, more than double its owned
has recognized the need to develop this wind capacity in other states combined.
clean energy technology for greater “Four years ago, we first began
infrastructure needs, specifically apply- capturing the winds off the gulf with
ing it to public transportation. Reaching Los Vientos I and II in Willacy
this agreement with US Hybrid will be County,” said Rob Caldwell, president,
an important next step in developing Duke Energy Renewables and Distrib-
this technology, whose fuel cell appli- uted Energy Technology. “Since then,
cation to public transit had been evalu- we’ve brought three other Los Vientos
ated as one of the closest to the wind projects on line, delivering 900
commercialization through demonstra- MW of clean energy to South Texas.
tion projects in California, Hawaii, The Los Vientos projects generate
Ohio and Michigan. the majority of their power during the
can challe
day, when customer demand is greatest.
s poun ds of be
mprove collected over 19 e cans
that the te Second place in
to Ball
honors went Ohio.
Findlay plant pounds of
Austin Energy is purchasing the
team expects improve American Corpora

power and associated renewable energy

Corporation’s 38,364
n asphalt will s, there- Rexam’s North, Illinois, received top This plant recycled g to

e cans, equatin the
ulation qualitie life for Office in
Chicago American Can aluminum beverag plus
the 2015 Great Challenge $17,400 raiseddonation to
a longer service of the honors in ) Industry more than all for
dition, at the Roundup (GACR 61,000 pounds $1,000 prize money,
integrating by recycling more than their choice. i
xpects that use gas beverag e cans. ge, a charity of Rome plant
greenho m Challen ation’s
reduce of aluminu Industry Ball Corpor by recyclin
asphalt man- The GACR Can Manufacturers Georgia took third place m beverag

credits from the 200-MW Los Vientos

ated during few of the
se are only
a sponsor ed by the d and recycled pounds of aluminu
$4,000 f
by the ÉTS Institute (CMI), collecte e cans, rais- 10,199and raising more than
y under study of beverag s cans
193,213 pounds for local charitie Indus
is pleased to ing more than $85,000 charity. s the GACR
of Montréal CMI sponsor y to promote awa
this applied across the U.S. raised
th ÉTS in e recycle d ’s recyclin g efforts
As the Challenge
environ mental bene
s. the
ect to integratmaterials as Rexam local charitie ness around cans. The 2
$24,500 for y received an addi- g aluminum than 40 fa

IV wind farm under a 25-year agree-

post consum to nearly of recyclin
components - winner, the compan to charity. d more
lly-friendly Challenge involveplants and corpo
l perform $2,000 to donate an Can Roundup ng
struction materia stration. tional Americ ties, includi
ority for our
Admini “The Great es to be a great offices.
and green- g contest continu show our U.S. can manufa
h climate change of actions, recyclinnity for our industry to to recy- Participating Hold
is BCNA, Crown
requires a range opportu how easy it ers are Rexam Corporation, as we
ls with recycled local communities value in aluminum,”
new materia We are t Inc. and Ball r comp
and the inheren h, president and the two aluminum suppliefacilities

ment, increasing its total output pur-

ng avenue.
ery promisi support and test cle Marbac Beverag e Alcoa. The
l said Claude and local sc
ffer financia new materials,” e officer, Rexam pleasure Novelis r with their
y out these al chief executiv a. “It is our ner togethe organizatio
City of Montré North Americ can makers, suppli- charities and other e an
Lionel Perez, charge Can with fellow recycling messag
member in

a positive
committee des to team local charities to set do busi- spread the
Commission and nities we community. the
ructures, the governance and ers in the commu team at back to their incepti on,
Électriques, ental relations. example of the entire Since its
in. On behalf ge has recycle

chased from Duke Energy Renewables

y and governm its new asphalt ness the manufactur- Industry Challen of al
like to thank across our than 7 million pounds
plans on testing Rexam, I’d office teams $7
test slabs in
ing plant andparticipated this year
and g to more thanthe c
n Montréal cans, equatin s around
industry that aluminum bev- raised for charitie
r the

slag crushe
position y-
continue to the most environmentall
can as the world.”
glass. erage beverage package in
silver bearing
er bullion and revenue friendly

to more than 665 MW.

new silver coming
on of the sales in
ka- -Max…
s will increase made its first ship-
y the
The Compan produced by
o-lube that

of silver in early October

efining process ns of the glass slag

Due to limitatio replaced, and previ-
er, which was g capability, the com-
ack of screenin of glass that will be
has a backlog shipment and sale.

er the backlog
hed and sized process the uncrushed
nics plans
first quarter
of 2016.
s slag in the is processed, the refin-
be processed
as it is
from the get-
From the minute money
you getyour
saves you time after year
it, Beka-M
. Then it goes
ax auto-lube
longer and
more Los Vientos IV is located approxi-
glass slag will a smelter for year

mately 35 miles northwest of McAllen,

shipped to dependably tched to your
oduced and systems ma
about the • Complete tion
e. crusher uses fast,easy installa
The new glass the crusher
that machines for j a pho
aly just
ways p
space as suppor t
me amount
and provide
s a signifi- • Expert tech nts w ith built-in sur
being replaced crushing capacity. The mponenents
on of , but • Heavy-duty environ ments
ant expansi has high capacityin the for harsh work choosing

near Rio Grande City.

creening machine installed industries are
and has been crusher. Each Find out why systems.
s compact ilt auto-lube
area as the today’s best-bu
same work state of the art dust collec- email us
machine has
dust emissio
ns 62.7461 or
to prevent Call 1.888.8 e.com.
tion system being operated. at info@beka-lub
when they are

A 1.888.862.74
ww w.w.

U.S. - L U B R

It was actually a woman who made

the discovery of electricity happen.
With just ONE call to The real story was that Ben Franklin
American Recycler News, was laying in bed with his wife one
night, leaned over and whispered some-
you’ll get the equivalent thing in her ear.
of an entire sales force. She told him to go fly a kite. The rest is
Page B6, September 2016 Alternative Energy www.AmericanRecycler.com

NEW PRODUCT SHOWCASE Waste-to-energy ■Continued from Page B4

1980, SSI has supplied hundreds of keenest on our Quad technology,” said
systems worldwide for generating Ward.
CAT 816K LANDFILL COMPACTOR energy from a broad range of waste That’s because economic, political
MADE FOR OPTIMUM COMPACTION streams – including municipal, indus- and regulatory conditions here differ
The new Cat 816K landfill compactor builds on the trial, hazardous waste, tires, mill waste, greatly from Europe, where large-scale
established performance, durability and reliability that wood and other organics. RDF plants are gaining acceptance. Most
the model 816 has demonstrated since 1972. “There is a growing diversity of fuel processors here have to handle com-
The new K Series model, designed with heavy-duty conversion technologies – mass burn, mercial and industrial waste streams,
main structures that support multiple life cycles, features
RDF, gasification, pyrolysis, anaerobic making specific blends of high Btu value
a fuel-efficient Cat C7.1 ACERT™ engine, single-lever
steering, pressurized cab and wheel/tip options that pro- digestion, etc. – and plant sizes ranging materials cost-competitive.
vide extended service life. from 1-2tph to over 100tph, so there’s no “The Quad is by far the most capa-
Caterpillar Available Cat COMPACT Technologies, such as com- one size fits all system when it comes to ble, robust and flexible of fuel-production
501 SW Jefferson Street paction control, further enhance compaction perform- shredding,” said SSI’s solid waste sales machines. Compared to alternative low-
Peoria, IL 61614 USA ance and consistency by providing accurate compaction manager, Terri Ward. speed, high-torque technologies it oper-
888-614-4328 values and 3D mapping. With extensive in-house design, ates at lower rpm, higher torque and
www.caterpillar.com engineering and applications expertise, lower inertia, allowing it to shred most
SSI is able to address each customer’s metals or instantly stop and reverse itself
KEYTROLLER OFFERS THE MOST unique application with systems known
for high-performance, low-maintenance,
on heavy, non-shreddable metals to pre-
vent damaging cutters or the drive train. It
ACCURATE HYDRAULIC SCALE and on-line reliability. SSI offers one of also generates less friction, heat and dust,
The Precise Hi-Accuracy Forklift Scale offers weighing the broadest product line-ups available. allowing it to process low melt plastics,
precision nearly as accurate as carriage or fork load cell From the massive PRI-MAX® primary adhesives and to operate without dust col-
scales, but at half the cost.
The scale is equipped with a 4.3” color LCD touch-
reducers, flexible Dual-Shear®, Tri- lection equipment, in most cases. It does-
screen and solenoid operated bypass module, enabling Shear™ and Quad® shear shredders, to the n’t require an extensive pre-processing
it to achieve the highest accuracy reading of any Uni-Shear® rotary grinders, they can pro- line including pre-shredding, pre-sorting
hydraulic scale on the market. The accuracy rate is .2% vide a robust, stand-alone shredder or a or air-density separation to protect it from
of the rated load (10 lbs. in a 5,000 lb. load). combination of technologies within a damage.”
Keytroller, LLC Users can conveniently remove the SD card to extract larger processing line. SSI has always been strong on drive
3907 W. Martin Luther King weighing data or insert a USB stick to extract data. “Our PRI-MAX primary reduction technology, building both hydraulic and
Tampa, Florida 33614 shredders are designed to process high electric drive shredders and patenting
813-877-4500 volumes of unsorted or bulky wastes into their SSP – Severe Shock Protection™
manageable sizes without over-shredding, torque coupling. We also developed the
keeping O&M costs low. This allows variable-speed electric SmartDrive® tech-
ELECTROSTATIC SEPARATION waste-to-energy facilities competing for nology years before other manufacturers
waste volumes to diversify beyond MSW, sought to acquire similar capabilities,”
SYSTEM OFFERED BY REDOMA bringing in oversized or industrial wastes Ward stated.
Redoma Recycling AB has expanded its product that can’t otherwise be accepted into the As with all of their product lines, SSI
range with a cost-efficient Electrostatic Separation Sys-
tem (ESS), available in six different sizes depending on
main pit, as they would block the main uses the drive that suits the application.
capacity requirement. The ESS can separate residual feed system, result in incomplete com- As a stand-alone, industrial waste-to-
fine copper from the plastic with close to 100 percent bustion, or jam the downstream metal fuels shredder, they offer the proprietary,
purity. recovery system,” said Ward. high-performance TopFuel™ drive that
The capacity of the ESS ranges from 150 to 1,350 With an increasing interest in high- allows them to process whole bales, rolls,
kg/h. This corresponds to an infeed capacity of mixed volume mixed waste processing facilities and slabs of material with maximum
Redoma Recycling AB copper cable of 250 to 2,200 kg/h, which covers the that include energy recovery, PRI-MAX torque and fast overload reversing. As
Kaglinge Kvarnvag 5 whole range of Redoma’s cable recycling plants. Larger is also an ideal first step to pre-condition soon as the bale is broken up, the Quad
Oxie, Sweden electrostatic separators with capacity up to 2,000 kg/h and liberate material prior to separation can go to maximum rpm and focus on
+46 40 31 22 30 are also available.
and recovery of recyclables, organics or sizing, as torque is no longer needed.
RDF feedstock in large-scale MRFs. PRI- SSI is able to utilize a single, stand-
MAX serves as a high capacity bag- alone machine to produce up to 15 to
SP INDUSTRIES LAUNCHES NEW breaker, but doesn’t require extensive 20tph of quality material for cement kilns
pre-sorting. At the same time, it doesn’t or gasification. As a secondary shredder,
ROLO BOX DUMPER damage high-value commodities the way production rates are even higher, as the
SP Industries offers the ROLO Box Dumper – a
heavy capacity production dumper used extensively in
more traditional shredders do. The PRI- shredder can be optimized to use more of
auto parts production, forging facilities, recycling opera- MAX product line ranges from as little as the available horsepower for speed than
tions, distribution centers, food processing and waste 5 to 10 tons per hour to over 100 tons per torque. Smaller units are available as
handling. With a dump angle of 135°, this box dumper is hour. well.
ideal for carts, bins and cans, efficiently handling scrap SSI also offers a number of While SSI inventories a number of
metals, metal chips, corrugated materials and hospital approaches for secondary shredding to its best-selling shredders, most customers
waste. Material can be emptied from the ROLO Box reach spec sizes down to 1-2” minus, hav- prefer a purpose-built system, tailored to
SP Industries Inc. Dumper directly into production, into smaller containers, ing used all of its 1, 2, 3 and 4-shaft their operational needs. Depending on
2982 Jefferson Road onto a sorting tray, table or conveyor. shredders for engineered fuel projects, complexity, this can take anywhere from
Hopkins, MI 49328 The dumper has a structural steel frame and high-
depending on the material and production two to four months to manufacture, up
www.sp-industries.com tensile steel pivot shaft.
269-793-3232 rate required. However, “for producing to a week for transportation, and a
alternative fuel in the U.S., I’m probably week or two for installation.

REDESIGNS HOOKLIFT LINE 3 out of 4 people will read this headline,
Stellar Industries, Inc. released the redesigned
20,000 lb. capacity hooklift line that has been upgraded but only 1 of 4 continue reading.
and is lighter than the previous version. The Stellar®
20,000 lb. capacity hooklift is a truck-mounted hydraulic
system that is capable of interchanging various bodies. Information like this impacts the
Incorporated into the redesign of the hooklifts is the
use of a plunger valve. This device stops jib movement
effectiveness of your advertising dollars.
when the hooklift is in dump mode. The plunger valve
Stellar Industries, Inc. replaces the original rotary valve, which required main-
tenance. Without the need to monitor and adjust a rotary
Creativity and Experience in Ad Design A
190 State Street
Garner, IA 50438 valve, there is less maintenance required over the life of Are Offered Free to Advertisers
800-321-3741 the hooklift.
www.stellarindustries.com in American Recycler. 877-777-0043
www.AmericanRecycler.com Alternative Energy September 2016, Page B7

Veolia chosen to
raise performance
Subsidies keep wind energy afloat
State subsidies to renewable investor-owned utilities that have not tive Renewable Energy Zones (CREZ)
Veolia recently signed a five year energy give an unfair advantage to unbundled, retail electric providers in – areas with a surplus of wind energy
contract with Lowell Energy AD, man- more expensive and inefficient sources deregulated areas, and municipal utili- that could be transported – and to fund
aged by Sustainable Partners (SPART) of energy, while requiring taxpayers ties and electric cooperatives that offer the construction of transmission lines
of Grand Rapids, Michigan, for the and ratepayers to pick up the tab, warns customer choice. through an estimated additional fee of
operations and maintenance of its a new report from the National Center •The Energy Policy Act of 1992 $6 dollars a month on consumer’s
Lowell Energy anaerobic digester. for Policy Analysis. created Production Tax Credits (PTC), future electric bills.
Commissioned in 2015, the Low- In Texas, the wind energy industry a federal government subsidy of $23 “States should allow the market to
ell Energy biogas-to-electricity facility is thriving – largely due to government per megawatt hour (MWh) of wind determine the best, most efficient, and
has sought to maximize its 800KW influence. production. most reliable sources of energy,” said
power output capacity. Under the con- •A mandated Renewable Portfolio •A provision in the Texas Tax John McDonald, author of the report
tract, Veolia is charged with improving Standard (RPS) requires Texas retail Code exempts new renewable energy and a research associate with the
performance of the anaerobic diges- electricity markets to obtain 10,000 facilities from property taxes. National Center for Policy Analysis.
tion system to increase biogas and MW of energy from renewable sources •The Texas legislature passed a $7 “Maybe with the progress of technol-
power output. in 2025, a goal which was surpassed in billion bill allowing the Texas Public ogy, renewable energy will become the
2009. These “retail entities” include Utility Commission to create Competi- best source of energy.”

Residential solar ■Continued from Page B1

support the advancements we’ve made
in technology and science, we will see
of copper per megawatt of peak
depends on consumers and businesses passed, the utilities present in the state, the furthered success of renewables.” However, international policies
using cleaner energy,” Fallon said. “The or the state’s unique adaptability to According to Strong, recently the and trade agreements can both impact
reason a few solar companies are strug- solar – but there’s a lesson in every Obama administration announced a and inform the U.S. solar industry.
gling is largely due to some deficien- state’s solar accomplishments and huge solar plan called the Clean Energy Energy regulation talks from a recent
cies in financing with a plethora of efforts. Savings for All Initiative, which aims to meeting on the Transatlantic Trade and
untapped opportunities in the industry. For example, California’s solar bring one GW of solar capacity to com- Investment Partnership drew concerns
In the commercial sector, there is such power production recently toppled their munities, veterans, and low- and mod- that establishing common energy regu-
high demand for large scale projects, last record high, reaching nearly twice erate-income families by 2020. lation standards with the E.U. could
particularly those that will attract con- the amount produced in mid-2014. “The White House also announced undermine U.S. efficiency efforts and
tinued financing, and many companies “However, California’s grid is an the Solar Training Network, to be deter the use of clean energy in the
have not yet established the appropriate example of the nation’s challenges in administered by the Solar Foundation, power grid.
bandwidth or financial wherewithal to transitioning to clean energy – the state which will foster the growth of solar “The U.K. lost one third of its
take these on with success. As a result, has been relying on power plants burn- employees, some of whom are joining solar jobs in the last year and a similar
particularly in the commercial sector, ing natural gas to fill the gap of time solar after being downsized from the percentage of businesses expect to
companies struggle to receive the between when the sun fades and wind oil and gas industry,” Strong said. downsize in the coming year, some-
financing they need. In residential hasn’t yet hit, and the grid doesn’t “Less sensationally but of enormous thing that one report suggests is largely
solar, it’s difficult for smaller compa- always have room for all the energy it’s importance, in December 2015, Con- due to government subsidy cuts,”
nies to get new projects and grow receiving from the rapid expansion of gress passed the multi-year extension Strong said.
because of key players in the sector solar plants,” said Zolaikha Strong, of the investment tax credit (ITC) Fallon indicated that if you want to
who already hold a majority of market director of sustainable energy at the which will continue to fuel the growth be on the forefront of impacting
share.” Copper Development Association. of the solar energy industries for years change in our energy system, go
The solar industry is not without its “Many operators are now discussing a to come.” renewable. Last year clean energy
share of challenges. Jacob Bayer, senior multistate market, which would both In fact, the Solar Energy Industries investments outpaced gas and coal, 2 to
energy consultant at Luminext Incorpo- help the state meet its renewable energy Association says the ITC extension 1. According to the International
rated, said that solar needs to learn how targets – 33 percent by 2020 and 50 will result in the solar energy adding Renewable Energy Agency, 8.1 million
to “play nice” with utilities. percent by 2030 – as well as further 220,000 new jobs and lead to more people worldwide are now employed
“Until the day when battery tech- push down already dropping renewable than $133 billion in new, private sector by the renewable energy industry, with
nology becomes cheap enough for energy costs.” investment in the U.S. economy by the solar PV sector as the largest
everyone to declare grid independence, The federal ITC was extended to 2020. The ITC will also benefit the employer. Meanwhile fossil fuel jobs
solar needs to work together with utili- 2021, to offer continued financial ben- copper industry (and many other key are down 14 percent.
ties on smart integration,” Bayer said. efits to those installing solar. “Should industries in the nation’s economy that “Even utilities and traditional
“Another reason why solar might not be Obama’s Clean Power Plan and stricter are involved in solar production) since energy companies are investing in
implemented today on a wider scale is standards for emissions be put into copper is a key component of PV sys- renewables. Renewables offer clean,
the fact that a decade ago it wasn’t even action over the coming years, even tems, increasing the efficiency and reli- abundant, and now more affordable
remotely as cheap as it is today. Now reluctant states and businesses will ability of photovoltaic cells and energy,” Fallon said. “As this industry
that prices are favorable, I think it’s have to start looking toward solar and modules. A well-designed photovoltaic grows, companies have the opportunity
moving as fast as it can in a market other renewable energy solutions,” plant uses approximately 9,000 pounds to grow with it, or to fall behind.”
already saturated with other energy Fallon said.
giants.” One of the major challenges for the

Down the Road solar industry is financing. Commercial
According to a report by solar has not yet accessed the same
Bloomberg Energy Finance, $7.8 tril- range of financing options that helped
lion will be invested in renewables by
2040, $3.4 trillion of which will go to
solar. By 2027, it will be cheaper to
the residential sector explode. As the
market consolidates, it will open oppor-
tunities for commercial solar to take on
build wind and solar plants than to run a larger scale of projects and lock in To be included in the spotlight,
existing coal and gas generators. more consistent financing, producing a you must manufacture the UPCOMING TOPICS
“There’s no “if” about it anymore,” virtuous cycle of market stimulation.
Fallon said. “As solar becomes wide- “Solar is currently being imple- equipment featured. We require OCT Catalytic Converter
spread, the energy landscape will mented on a wide scale, across the a company name, contact Shears
change to accommodate it.” globe. It will continue to grow in scale person, telephone number and, NOV Primary Reduction
As Fallon explained, some solar as the price for solar falls, technology if applicable, a website address.
companies are struggling however; this improves, and the demand for cleaner DEC Metal Shredders
is not a matter of lacking demand or energy becomes more firm,” Fallon
loss of government support. Every year, said. “However, as with any new and To be listed in the appropriate JAN Truck Scales
more states are adopting policies to rapidly growing technology, it takes spotlight, please call 877-777-0043. FEB Plastic Granulators
support and incentivize the use of time for perspectives and politics to
renewable energy. catch up. We understand the benefits
States vary hugely in their solar sit- and importance of renewable energy. American Recycler is not responsible for non-inclusion of manufacturers and their equipment.
Manufacturers are to contact American Recycler to ensure their company is listed in the Equipment Spotlight.
uations – either because of incentives As we continue to adopt policies that
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Equipment For Sale 2012 SIERRA
on DADECapital.com!
Good condition.
Fully operational.
Only 4,500 hours.



DADE Capital Corp.
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NEW Hardened Rotors with Inserts
NEW Shafts • NEW Bearings
NEW Seals • NEW Knives
Reconditioned Dodge Box
Reconditioned 2-speed Gear Box
Rebuilt 300HP Motor