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Ci: 17.951.809

The definition of values are principles that allow us to guide our behavior in order to perform as
people, but in the actual world everything about values has change, we can see how we are losing
slowly and how the new generations are not capable of recognize them.

Is so evident how respect is one of the most forgiven of all of them, we can show it especially
in the social networks, it has been one of the places where the lack of respect towards the ideas
and opinions of others has become more evident. insults and ridicule are the most seen, without
thinking about the feelings of those affected.

On the other hand, another thing that we find in social networks are the increase of more and
more images and comments, which despite being close to all the viewers, have little prudence.

Nudes, obscene words are often offered to the public without any kind of censorship.

We also evidenced how there is a lack of cooperativity towards others, which generates great
impact in today's society. the selfishness and the poor importance about the other's people
problems led us to the progressive deterioration of our country.

In our country since the beginning of the decadence of the economy have broken much of the
values as a result of despair to achieve the survival of beings, however this is not justified.

Scams, thefts and safety violations have become daily in the community which disrespects
multiple values like honesty, respect and responsibility.

Likewise, the absence of humility has attacked the conscience of the minority that is slightly
above others, either in economic or educational, this can cause xenophobia and humiliation in
the population, creating an environment of discord.

This is the pattern that the new generations follow, without if it is worn out or if it is correct, and
this entails all the consequences that fracture society and deteriorate the most fundamental

However, it could be said that despite the lose of values, there are still people who conserve
and cultivate them.
And the answers are exposed, are we lost all of ours values? Or they are just confused
between all the innovations in technology, culture and others, maybe is time start to solve it, but
the principal thing we need to do is rescue the little thing we still have, and teach the new
generations how to fulfill them to improve our future.

There is still respect for others, prudence, honesty we must continue in the search and education
of all of them.

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