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1. What is the role of crew supervisor?

Crew Supervisor role are responsible to close monitoring of the ff :
Qualified painters SAEP 316
PPE of Painters must be worn at all times
Equipment’s running condition and calibration validity
Proper barrication and precautions.
Permit to work and Daily Tbt is taken place prior to start activity
Blasting and Painting activity is always carried out by appropriate Rfi and in accordance of Aramco

2. Before Blasting what you have to do ?

Coordinate with QC inspector if the item has been release from mechanical
Temperature must be monitor prior to start ( Steel temp must be atleast 3 degree above dew
point )
Degreasing using water washing to remove grease and other contamination
Blotter test to make sure that the line is free from oil and water moisture
Check the pressure using needle gauge (Minimum 90 psi)

3 . After blasting done what would you do ?

Coordinates QC to witness and check the ff prior to application of primer

Weld spotter and sharp edges

Blast profile (requirements as per data sheet)
Chloride test (Max 40 mg/m2)
Dust Test
Air blowing
4 . What is the requirements humidity ?
Above 85 RH is not acceptable ( only zinc silicate primer is allowed for 95 RH )
5. If the RH is 20 u can paint?
Yes it’s safe for coating application
6. How many hours lapses on blasted surface:
As per standards 4 hrs but we have to depend on how much temp due to high temp 1 to 2 hrs. The
flash rusting may occur.

7. After Blasting and Before Application of Painting what you have to do?
Coordinates with QC if the paints has been inspected and batch cert are in place temperature has been
verify prior to start painting application
Proper mixing of paints (by Mechanical stirrer continues mixing until homogenous, partial mixing are
not allowed)
Stripe coating
Check WFT to reach the required DFT
8. After Painting done what would you do?

Prior to application of next or subsequent make sure visual and dft check has been done
Recoating Interval has been check
Surface abrading ( sand paper )
Water washing prior to proceeding coat

9. How much percentage of thinner to be applied?

As per Aramco standards 2 % but also depend in data sheet

10. During application rain arise and the mangers instruct you to continue what would you do ?

I will stop the activity and explain to my mangers that we cannot violate any Aramco standards
And at the end I will be on trouble not the manager



SAES – H- 001
SAES – H – 002
SAES – H- 004
SAES H- 102V
SAES B – 067