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24/10/13 Lexmark United States Main Drive Motor Installation Tip


Main Drive Motor Installation Tip Document ID:TE558

Lexmark M5155 Lexmark M5163 Lexmark M5163dn

Lexmark M5170 Lexmark MS710 Lexmark MS711 Lexmark MS810
Lexmark MS810de Lexmark MS811 Lexmark MS812 Lexmark MS812de
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Lexmark XM7163 Lexmark XM7170

40X7594; Main drive module failure; Preventing motor overheat;

Audience: ‘Lexm ark and Partners’ only below

Technical Service Bulletin Problem Description

4063 – xxx
Machine Type/Model
7463 – xxx
Possible early failure
Date Created 08/27/2013 of the Main drive motor
due to overheating
Last Updated 09/16/2013
Safety Issue? No
Code Update? No Solution
Engineering Change? No
Remove the black tape
New Parts? No covering the motor
Old Parts Status n/a before installing.
Voltage: 120/240 All
Serial No. Range All


This service tip is essential whenever you are replacing the Main drive motor (PN: 40X7594) of the
following Lexmark single-function and multi-function devices: MS71x, MS81x, M5155, M5163, M5170,
MX71x, MX81x, XM5163, XM5170, XM71xx.

Remove the black tape before installing

https://support.lexmark.com/index?pmv=print&page=content&locale=en&productCode=&segment=SUPPORT&clearQuestion=Y&userlocale=EN_US&id=… 1/2
24/10/13 Lexmark United States Main Drive Motor Installation Tip

The Main drive motor, with field replaceable unit (FRU) part number 40X7594, comes with a black tape
covering the motor should you order it from Lexmark Parts Center. This black tape prevents any foreign
material from getting into the motor through the air vents. See image below.

Click Image to Enlarge

IMPORTANT! Do not forget to remove the black tape before installing the Main drive motor into the printer.
Leaving the tape on will block the air vents, causing the motor to run hotter during printing process and may
consequently lead to early failure.

Additional information

Make sure to keep the front door closed when installing the Main drive motor to prevent breaking the left-
side front door hinge pivot. Please see Technical Service Bulletin: TE510 for more information.

If necessary, refer to the printer’s Service Manual for more a detailed removal/replacement procedure. If
further assistance is required, contact your next level of support or Lexmark Technical Support.

https://support.lexmark.com/index?pmv=print&page=content&locale=en&productCode=&segment=SUPPORT&clearQuestion=Y&userlocale=EN_US&id=… 2/2

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