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3 SSS pensioners prior to March 4, 1995:

1. Employed 4.3.1 SSS permanent total disability pensioners;

1.1 Government Sector 4.3.2 SSS death/survivorship pensioners;

1.2 Private Sector
4.4 SSS old-age retirees/pensioners;
2. Individually-Paying
4.5 Uniformed members of the AFP, PNP, BFP and BJMP
2.1Self-Employed who have reached the compulsory age of retirement on
 All self-employed professionals or after June 24, 1997, being the effectivity date of RA
 Partners and single proprietors of businesses 8291 which excluded said individuals in the compulsory
 Actors and actresses, directors, scriptwriters and membership of the GSIS;
news correspondents who do not fall within the
4.6 Retirees and pensioners who are members of the
definition of the term “employee”
 Professional athletes, coaches, trainers and
jockeys, and 4.7 Retirees who are members of Constitutional
 Individual farmers and fisherfolks Commissions and other constitutional offices;

2.2 Land-based OFWs 4.8 Former employees of the government and/or

private sectors who have accumulated/paid at least
2.3 Privately sponsored/employed to include
employers/employees of international organizations 120 monthly premium contributions as provided for by
and law but separated from employment before reaching
sixty (60) years old and thereafter have reached age
foreign governments based in the Philippines sixty (60);
2.4 Others including but not limited to the following: 4.9 Former employees of the government and/or
 Individuals who are separated from employment private sectors who were separated from employment
 Parents who are not qualified as legal dependents, without completing 120 monthly premium
indigents or retirees/pensioners contributions but continued to pay their premium
 Children who are not qualified as legal dependents PhilHealth IRR 2004 11 payment as individually-paying
 Unemployed persons who are not qualified as members (IPM) until completion of the required 120
indigents monthly premium contributions and have reached age
 Citizens of the Philippines residing in other countries sixty (60) as provided for by law;
 Citizens of other countries residing and/or working in
the Philippines 4.10 Individually-paying members (IPM), including SSS
self-employed and voluntary members, who continued
3. Enrolled Indigents paying premium contributions to PhilHealth, have
reached age sixty (60) and have met the required 120
4. Retiree-Members
monthly premium contributions as provided for by law;
4.1 Old-age retirees and pensioners of the GSIS, and
including uniformed and non-uniformed personnel of
4.11 Retired underground mine workers who have
the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP), Philippine reached the age of retirement as provided for by law
National Police (PNP), Bureau of Fire and have met the minimum required premium
Protection (BFP) and the Bureau of Jail Management
and Penology (BJMP) who have reached the

compulsory age of retirement before June 24, 1997, and

retirees under Presidential Decree 408;

4.2 GSIS disability pensioners prior to March 4, 1995;