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Advocacy Meeting for Expansion of

“Replication Package” of the VAS program to 3 Selected Provinces in

Date: July 19th, 2018

Grant: GAC TB2014

1. Background

Nutrition International (NI; formerly the Micronutrient Initiative) has supported the VAS
program in Indonesia since 2009 in 12 districts of six provinces (North Sumatera, South
Sumatera, West Java, Banten, Riau and West Nusa Tenggara). A coverage evaluation survey
was conducted by NI in 2012 comparing NI-supported and non-NI-supported districts. The
key findings of the survey highlighted that the support that NI was providing to select districts
in improved planning, supply chain and coverage monitoring improved the coverage and
management of the VAS program. On the basis of these findings, NI then worked toward
replicating these processes which were so successful at the district-level, at the provincial
level in the 6 NI-supported provinces during 2012-2016. This “Replication Package” includes
guidance on specifics of micro-planning, budgeting, estimation of VAC stocks, streamlining
the supply chain, recording and reporting including how to use the data to identify low-
coverage districts and plan mop-up activities, monitoring and supervision.

To strengthen government commitment and integrate VAS program with other Maternal, Child
Health and Nutrition programs, in March – October 2017, NI supported MoH to conduct
advocacy meetings to introduce the “Replication Package” of the VAS program (which has
been implemented in six NI supported provinces) to 5 additional non NI provinces (Jambi,
Central Java, Bangka Belitung, West Kalimantan and South Sulawesi). The advocacy efforts
resulted in all five provinces developing action plans to socialize the “Replication Package” of
the VAS program.

NI plans to continue this support to the MOH to carry out similar advocacy meetings in 3
selected Provinces between September and December 2018. In each province, approximately
25-30 participants will be invited to participate. Participants will include:
• Representatives from MoH at national level (staff from the Directorate of
Nutrition, Directorate of Maternal and Child Health).
• Representatives from PHO (staff from Nutrition sub-division, health promotion
sub-division, maternal and child health and pharmacy) from the respective
• Representatives from selected DHO (Nutrition division, health promotion
division, maternal and child health and pharmacy unit) in each PHO.
NI is therefore seeking to hire an agency to support NI to conduct these meetings in the 3
identified provinces.

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2. Objectives
The objective is to organize, and support the NI to facilitate, advocacy meetings for the
expansion of the Replication Package including implementation of QRS (Quality Reporting
System) tools in 3 selected Provinces.

3. Scope of Work
The selected agency will organize the advocacy meetings, be responsible for all logistics, and
facilitate the actual meetings. The activities which need to be carried out are as follows:

3.1. Conduct Preparatory Meeting with MoH and NI

3.1.1. Facilitate preparatory meetings between MoH and NI to plan the tentative dates
of the meetings in each of the 3 selected provinces, prepare detailed agendas,
and determine the resource persons from MoH to facilitate each of the meetings,
and confirm the invitation list.

3.1.2. Provide support to NI for other preparatory work such as obtaining a formal letter
from MoH to inform those identified from Provincial Health Offices (PHO) about
the support from NI and also resource person from MoH to facilitate the meetings.

3.1.3 Arrange all logistics for the meetings such as invitations, banners, venue bookings,
and catering in consultation with MoH and NI.

3.2. Organize and conduct advocacy meetings in the 3 identified Provinces

3.2.1. Organize the meetings in the selected 3 provinces with funding support from
NI. The NI, MoH and PHO will provide technical guidance on how the meetings
need to be conducted. All logistical arrangements for the meetings will need to
be handled by the selected agency.

During the meetings, the resource person from MoH will introduce and give
explanations about the replication package including guidance on specifics of
estimation of VAC stocks, streamlining the supply chain, micro-planning,
budgeting, recording and reporting including how to use the data to identify
low-coverage districts and plan for mop-up activities, monitoring and

To advocate with the provinces to adopt the replication package, a resource

person (PHO staff) from one of the NI supported provinces will share their
experiences in adoption and implementation of the replication package, results
and the strategy as well. An action plan to adopt and implement the replication
package will be developed during the meeting by the 3 identified provinces.

3.2.2. Hire a rapporteur for preparing the minutes of the meeting with MoH and writing
the final report of the meetings. Selection of the rapporteur should be in
consultation with NI.

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4. Qualifications of Agency/institution
• A minimum of 5 year experience of working with NGOs and collaboration with MoH, PHO
and DHO.
• Staff with excellent written and verbal communication skills.
• Demonstrated experience in facilitating meetings/workshops/trainings on health issues
with government.
• Ability to provide an experienced rapporteur to prepare the meeting report
• Experience and exposure to health program in Indonesia. Understanding of the VAS
program in particular will be an added advantage.
• Previous experience working with NI is an asset

5. Time Schedule
The activities will be conducted between September - December 2018.

6. Deliverables
• Minutes of preparatory meeting with MoH and NI which should cover the key highlights
of the discussion, list of participants and agenda of the meeting.
• Meeting agenda
• List of participants for each of the 3 meetings.
• Report on the key highlights of all the meetings including a short summary. Format of the
report will need to be finalized in discussion and agreed with NI.
• Meeting materials (detailed agenda, presentations made during the meetings, copy of the
action plans, copy of VAS guideline and QRS manual)
• Financial report.

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