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•.~ GUFI
M . ;,R......
. ;.-.-.--)./.

• : ' Dor,,ilNION OF C A N A D A - ~

, ,



:. . . CHICAGO
}~I -- " Kansas City
~, U N ITE D 5TAT E5


Vol. XIII " F ~ 1 9 4 1 No, 1

A Quarterly Magazine
Annual SUbscription, $1.00 (England 5/- India Rs. 3/- ) Single Copy 25¢
Founded by DR. M. M. SADIQ. Published by SUFI M. R. BENGALEE
56 E. Congress St., Suite 1107. Chicago, Ill., U. S. A.mer.

IIIl!;lllilllllliillllll| ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ . I
The Ahmadiyya Movement
The Ahmadiyya Movement was founded by Hazrat Abroad, the
Promised Messiah and Mahdi and the expected Messenger of all
nations. In the Spirit and power of all the earlier prophets, he came
to serve and re-interpret the final and eternal teaching laid down by
God in t h e H o l y Quran. The MoVement therefore represents the
True and Real Islam and seeks to uplift humanity and to establish
peace throughout the world. Hazrat Ahmad died in 1908, and the
present ,Head of tim Movement is his second successor, Hazrat Mirza
Bashirud-Din Mahmud Ahmad under whose directions the Move-
ment has established Missions in many parts of the world, the
f0[Iowing being the addresses of some of them:
MOSQUE, , ..... Kuni Doma Dori,
63 .M61rose Road, 4 Chonii, 3 Ban
Southfields, Nada Ku, Kobe (Japan)
London.~S. W. 18, MOHAMMAD S H A R I F
England. MALIK,
v/a Milazzo No. 3,
MOVEMENT iN ISLAM Piano, 5, Intenno 22,
Rome (Italy).
Sufi M: R. Bengalee. M.A., MALIK AZIZ AHMAD
56 Congress St., KHAN,
Suite 1107, Petodje, Oedik,
Chicago, Illinois, Gang I, No. 27,
' U . S . . America. Batavia C. (Java).
OF THE SADAR A N J U M A N Lomina Street, 49,
AHMADIYyAH Belgrade.
P. O. Box 418, M. RAMZAN ALl, H, A.
Lagos (S. Nigeria) La Gomunidad
B. W. Africa. Islania Ahnaadia, San Luis,
T H E AHMADIYY'A 2725 Buenos Aires
MOVEMENT. (Argentine)
P. O. Box 554; Nairobi, M. MOHAMMAD IBRAHIM
Kenya Colony, t. Nasir., B.A.
(B. E. Africa). Magyarovszagi
T H E AHMADIYYA Iszlam Mission,
MOVEMENT, VII. Arena-ut, 7.111 2
Mount Karmal, Budepast, Hungary
Haifa (Palestine). THE AHMADIYYA
B.A., E L . B , Gold Coast, West Africa,
Boernerowo K l W a r s z a w y , P. O. Box 39;
No. 18, Telefoniczna Street Salt Pond.
Warsaw (Poland) THE AHMADIYYA
Rose Hill. Mauritius.
ES~7o H. M. H. Esmail, T H E AHMADIY'YA
p. O1 Box/551, MOVEMENT,.
China Buildings, Box No. 305~ G. P. O.,
Hon~kon.~ (China). Perth. W. Australia.
Ilk 51.W ; ' 0 . 1 l ~
i&w~,,.,~.) ¢,,~1,, "./,~.t,?¢'J" 1!!.I() I.IIIIIAiI~_"

• "Pll LEX{I',~ %ND [

T H E ,,,, :~,,r,,,.~.~ i
.. . . ..........

M o S 1.e m Su n rl s e
, , , , ~i , i +i .~, , l i i , l , i i i i i i i i i i i i I l l l l l I I I l l l l l I I I l U l l I I I I I I I I I I l l l l I l l l I " I I I I I l l I I I I l l * l I I I l l l l I I I l l l l I I I I'1111 l i l t I I I I * l I l l I I l l l l l l l l l l l l I I I l l l l l l *l I I I * I I l ~*,


Vol. XIII First Quarter, 1941 No. 1

C o n te n t s
_ . . . . .

":l'ht" : ' I ' , ~ H I ) ,ff .\khar .%.ha i . :,.... ....... -. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ... 2

Vcl'.-~c.~ 1:1-11111 111(. II,dv (.~.)tlr;tll . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . "l
The Sa.vin.~.~ ,ff t h e M;tsier I'r.ldlet Mtth:immad .... +........i ..... 4
l"xcerl,t.< l;r~,t]l the \\-rilingS ~,f I I : i z r ; t t .~lirza (~hul;tm .\hmad . ..... .~
i -
\Vhv 1 I,.ht-vein Islam ......... .;..~.:.. ..:..2 .... . ......... 10
hrisliaHilV Versus .\lhtgs:H - . ..... -. . . . . - ....... ".:;. . . . . . . . . . . 15
I'~l!li,}ln:t and ll:tl)-. .......... - ............ :. " .... ............ 17
I"r:ttlcc ;tlld I It'r F.mpirc . . . ) , . . , , i:: . . . . . . . . . . ......... -.... ........ 20
I.ajlla-lma-Illah .............. .. . . . . . : : ..... " ' : " " L " " "". . . . . ; ...".. 23
"l'ht" .~.It'p-.~ ,Jlht.r.. C ( . n p l c x " . . : . . . . . . . . . . . . ............ - . . . . . . . . . . . ". . . . 2()
; 13" :y l:.ll,~ir I J- . z ~ ' • " : "

;tlt.Nd:tr • • "- . - ~+ - - . ~• . ". . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . '+ " " ,'~2

T H E L I F E OF M U H A M M A D • '
._. by Sufi M. R. Bengalee - - " . .- .

- To" be out shortly. -. . . . . .

Published by
- . . " . The Moslem Sunrise Press
"rH~.: .~t(}.'sz.~.:.~ S U ~ R Z S E rr~:ss . -
"5!; F . C ~ l n u r t . ' : ; ~ " .qtY.Suite 11117.
Chi,-;J~,~. l l l i n . i s . U.S.A. "

lit.ill ]pfllt*ll : " " " " "

1 th, h~.r~.hy " pint-i, nly .vder f,~i" . :¢.o ) h ~ .f th6: b,,ok (m the
l.if,. ,,f Muhamm;id hy Stiff 51. R. Itt.nffa|et.. [ ;intlt, rst:tnd that I ¢.-i[I I,av $~2.0o dus
tht- I*~}sta~, t,, the. mailm:m f,~r e;nch I.,ok t~n',h.r~,d wh*.lith~-|Jt,ok~ ;tri. dt.|i,.'erud to mr..


A(hlr~;~ . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . , ...... :. . . . . . . . .
• • . ."
- , '- ~~. ~ . . .-~."-i~ :-~,i ~ - : . -

' " : ~r' .~ v~.,,./-~ ~.. . ~ " - "

S o m e :Verses F r o m t h e :
.... : : H o l y Q u r a n -. - _ . .

- ' T r a n s l i t e r a t i o n "
. '\ o . . . , " "

hlll;t fl.;'C,khah u i g - s a m a w i t t wal ardhi wa-khtilafillaili .XVallli~l.ll;tl'i

I;i-a vatilli-ulil, all)~H). " "" " "
'.-\lladheeila x':Lzkurtl()(ma-Ilaha q u i v a m a n .wa (ioo(lall .wa ala
innuhihinv :wa-vata-fakl~aroi)na fee Ichalciuis-.~am:twati Wal ardh'.:Ral)-
Ii:illit Illil. k h a | a q t a - h a a z a batila. Subhanak,'a Fa-quina azaba-nnar.
I¢;thb;tti;t lnnaka, lll;[;i ttldk!lililln;ll-ti, f'a-qtlad akhzail~al), wa ilia lizza-
]illl('t'lhq~lllill ;tlISLt.I'~ " " " . - " ~ ,. • • ,

• 'l~al~'tna:l:nnaii;i satui'na mt)nadivan vunadee l i i i m a n i f a n am-

in,,(, l)i-ltal)l)ikum .t'a ;tnialltia -" !~bl)~tlla faghfir: la-na zunubana .xva
l';:lfiil" ;[ill'It[ s a v . v i - a t i n a w a t;iwaft~a ma"-al: al)rac. ] .: -
Ral)l)ana wa =atiu;t ma wa-ad-talla a l a - r u s U l i k a . w a - l a tukhzina
:, wmal quiviunah.".tnfiaka
r • . . . . -
lfi tukhlifUl
.- . . .
(.I. I I4189-I~93)-

. . . . . . T r a n s l a t i o n - -.
• . - f

\'L'ri[v:.:in ilte creation ()f the lieax:t.'ns and t h e . e a r t h and in-tile

:tl(crnatio;i of the -ni.~ht and tht. day. th~.,re are
• "
s~gns- for nletl-O~! under-
ThoSe ;wh;.) veiileml)er (h)d stantlin~, s i t t i n g and (lying d o w n )
hi)on their Sides a n d p0nde-r.over the creation o f the heavens and the
~'~i~1 (and s a y ) : ( ) u r I.,rd. T h o u h a s t n0t created t h i s i n vain. Glory
: h t ~ ' h e e . S a v e u s from t h c c l a a s t i s e m e n t 0f tlie fire.. -.. : :
. - - O u r 1.0rd. wh.limt)ever Thou makest: enter the :fire"him hast-Thou
hr,,ught to disgrace, a n d t . h e r e shall be t~o helpers'for: the ex'il-doers.
()ut= ls()rd: \'t, rilv~ W e heard a c r i e r c a l l i n g unto faith: "Believe.' re2
it: .~'our L o r d . " S o " w e believed: O u r Lord. f o r g i v e us our sins and
remit from us our evil deeds a n d - m a k e us die t h e death of the
ri.~hteoUS.:Our Lord, and g r a n t us t h a t which T h o u hast promised
tl; u s I)y T h y m e s s e n g e r s mid disgrace-us not o n : t h e d a y of R e s u r -
i rection. Verily. thou breakest not the promise ( I I I - t 8 9 - 1 9 . 3 ) -
4 T H/E. M O S L E M S U N R I S E

The Sayings of. the Master

Prophet Muhammad + • .

.lahir rclatc~ that tl~e ll~h' l'r~pht't .-aid: "'FAt+r~ .~.,,I dccd i~.
c h a r i t y . ' : ~ l'ukhal~i ~
.\In'. I l u r a i r ; t h l"chttc.< t h a t t l l t . I I,,lv /h;~q+hct .~:tid: "'l'~>t.ry l~ind
w,,rd i : c h a r i t y . ' " ( l ' U k h a r i }
• 7 . / • + " ° " " - . "
. \ h i t .Mu.~a ~X.qh-ai'I r e : p o r t s l l i a t the l l o h - Prtq~h<+,t ~ k u d : "'Cl~arlty
I... thc d u t y tff cx-crv .~l~.<lt'm ~'' - " . \ r i d if 1(C ihJc+< n~Jt. h n d anvthi]l~:
l,, .~ivc i l l ' c h a r i t y ? ' : i i t q u i r e d th.e c~)ml):Uiii)n.~. ";I.ci h.im t l i e n W ( i r k
with his . w n liand.~ mid 1)t.lictit himsel.f : m d ~ - i v e I(, .tlwr.~.,i,.charit~:.'~ re - -
p l i c d the I li+ly I']:t~l~ht,t. - " b \ n d if hc canH~,~t tn ~ dtJe.-++im~t d ~ ~o?'" ":If.el
him th(.I/l ;lssist 1'1 l~cr.~tm . w h . i s i n ilCed <,-f help.'" " A n d if ht' <l</t'~
n . l d<, t h a t ? ' " - " l . c t him t h e n .bhl ~J.th/.+r.qt~l d~, W!mt is g~,t,d.'" " A u d
if hi. , l , c ~ iI<,t..d~, that:"".: " l . ~ ' t h i m t h e n al~,qtait~ fi-~m~ : d . i n . t ~ - i n j u r y
t..thcr.-. (t,r t h i s t.o i-(. c h c l r i t g ~ ' " l lgiiklt;cl-i) - -." .

. .+\/+h'u I b l f l t a t i m
rclc/tt;~ tirol" t h b q li,l,;: I't'~;l, it't s ,c~kt. ~,f tilt. hell-
" . -- . ../ - .. .

hrc at~d :t..+kc<l lht" In't+tcctl~xl ~+I (,++,d :t~ams! i t : u l + l tttrllt'd ]fi+.+ fact"
like ~nc ;tfraid. .\.~6tiu lIt'++tnt'11ti~llt+'d heIl-lh't', a n d l~ray-t'+il ft~i: G+Jd'.~
l+rc~t¢'cti<~H ;L~;ti~lst it arid turllt'<t his face l i k e ~mt, ali-:lid ;11~<1 s a i d : "
"'Shichl v~mr+Telf a.~;tin~t fire t'vtni t l i . u ~ h W ith+;t 1fit;ct: • ,,f.:datb. f l i t -
if v,,u cafim,t i]nd" it. t h e n w i t h ,a w,+r,l:,+f kiildnt.s-.+" < I;Ul~:hiu-i)
. \ , l u l l a h lhll S:th'm. r e l ~ , r t . q : " \ \ ' h e t ~ + t l i t • I li+]S I?.rr+llhct tir<t' c a m e "
t~ L~h+di11;t. I wt++'nt 1~~ h h u a u d h , , k c d a t hi+ face tqt~+t'h- : t i , l k n e w
t h a t his xx'a+ +0ot tilt' face of.:t false iWOl+het,.. The, first thitL~" h c ' s a i d
xX++l+: "() l~C~q~lt'~-.~lpt+t+a<l-the ' ffrt'tqin~ of l>eact .. ft't+d tht httnff!'y. <l~J
~ ~ . 1 t . 3 ~ u r k i n s f ~ l k , a n d iw:tv :Lt ni~llt w h t ' n ~+tht;l+.< a r t + ap+lcel+, y~ni.
will e n t e r i~ara!list • pt,:tccftil x'~i'" .('l'iy i+udhil
.\++a.~ rt'l:ttt.+< t h : t t tht'-.ll~l.y-15"~>l~ht.t said: . " \ \ ' h t . n + . : t + 31+~slt~tii s.w.~
~.t't'd+'- in his Itel<l.~ :tll<l .~l:~,xx's t:l'~q>.,5.;t11~l-tacit. b i r d s . ;tl-l<l a~+intals f a t
tht'rt+fr,~nt, i t is ¢~nznt.+:?il.-;1+-.c h ; t r i t y +~m lies p a r t . " ? ( l ' u k h + a r i + •
. \ l , u l l u r a i r a h r e p o r t + i h a t tht: l l~ly l'r<q+ht+f.:tskcd. "\\+11<+ ai11<m~
x+,~ti, i.< kei..lfi~1.~++fa+t ' ti~<l:t~:? "~ . " I . " f c p l i t , < l - : \ I m l¢;tkr. . " \ V h t K lit+
fi,ll wc,l tllt-'-l'tlllt'l';tl hit'r, t~+lttx'. + .
=+" "'l.'r+;t.ffaill ; t n s w e r e d ..\hu l;akr.
" \ \ ' h ~ lt;l+ fed the I+-.t'? . . . . l . " s a h l A h l t I+akr tht, t h i r d t i m e . " A n d
w h , + ha+ ) i s i t c d t ht+ +ick: t 0 ! l ; t s ? ~ ' . "'1:" rt.l~lie<l . . - \ b n - l g : t k r . Tht. Hilly
J'r~]~ht,t +<aid : " ( Ira. : w h . has d~mt' a l l thc~t~ .~~-~,+I.d~q.<ls --i~ ~urt. t -
t'nt/.'r l l ; t r a < l i s t - . " : t + 3 1 u . ~ l i m + .... " - - + ' • " ". ' . -. -+
. \ l + u l l u r a i r a h rt.ll+irt+ t h a t tli+~.+ .ll~~Iv + l~r<q+ht, t ~ + t i d : "'t:h,+l + d i v i d e d
I . v c and m e r + v i H t . h u n d r e d liart.~. I l c l+cpt ni.c~.vl n i n e pitrt's with
I l i t n s c l f :tlld .~'t'nt d++wn t h t , rcmainilt,~ <me l>:tri+ Ul~inl.-tllc t'aPtli. I ' t
i + . u t of t h i s p a r t t h a t crt+atftrC~ sh<~xv h+x'tr a n d m 6 r c y u n t o . n e att-
,~tht'r s,~ much-s+~ f h a t +the m a r e r a i s e s . ' u p h . e r - l i o o f It'st s h e sho?ttid
i n j u r e ht'r c++lt." (~lh;kltari l • " - ~. ' ... •
T H E M O S L E M S U N R I S E 5

ExlcerptsFrom The Writings

" " of -~
Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad
' : The Promised Messiah and Mahdi:
- .". i . .i ~ . ( 1 8 . 3 6 - . 1 9 0 8 ) " " :. , :.::.-
: h ::i~h,~"H ~i,:~,-~:,- ~..~.,,p~.:,,.,-.,,~.;,, ~,,,,, h.,, h~..,_;i,-:~ ,i,~,ph~.t
" .'si,/O,]. fi;ollf tlit*i.firs! t~ flat' ]i-t.ql ' firnl anilnn.~hal,:c'n iil"lfis iiecla.
r:flibll ~f ihc clainis: ~,f :t d i v i n e messe¢l~'Cr. I le: n e v e r almn-
,h,nc~lhis claim.q"cx-bi~ in:faCe ~;f :t lhe, u s a n d dan.~-erk arid an
• ;trr;tv~if cletcrrin~" a n d c o t m t c r a c l h ~ forces. Throilu:h m a n y
,,,;m~.. x:(i;.t,-s h c e:Xi~e:,-ie,,c~..il s u c h . t-,:,,,d,lcs a n d ,li "ti~:'~dties a.~
i,,i;t,l~"i;/m :tlt,,Uc'iher ,lesl,air ,,f success. '-Ai~d-thd'sc 'iailv. ~'rc.w "
hu~l i n u h i l d i e d so that p;t|icncc u n d e r .~tich c.h-cumstam'cs Could
. i,,t.l~t,ssibl.v. he o f a n y ;t\':til evcu tO .~.tin a n c . t r i l i l v e n d ; : In

, ii::!',
,,!)I~t~sltl~Jn. :'l'hcx" s~)u~'ht to poison h i m m o r e t h a n once. T h c . v
wh~,.we1:c well:x'vislwrs.l~ec:tmc-ill-di.qp~Jscd, t ~ w a r d h i m . anal

l~itm!phant, it nex~eF o c c u r r e d I o l i i m t h a t h.e s h o t i l i l f i l l . h i s

~r~:asm-y;: or buiM:a lmlaCck or establish a.court~ o r p r o v i d e f o r
. nG;tl plcitsures. : t l e - n e v e r d e s i r e d i'or a n y l i e r s o n a l . g a i n . h i s
- s~,lt, c o n c e r n b e i n R - t h e wel f a r e o f w i d o w s a n d o r p h a n s , t h e p o o r "
and lhc destitute. Indeed. his p e r s o n a l care n e v e r . w e n t l~evoml
;t"fru.~al meal. " - ' . . .
. \ n d : : 1-r~w. admir~tl)l
. . . e hisf.r.:a. .n k n e : s s -.. ~ff .Sl~eeeh
. ~ Bv. ln-eachin t,'._,
-lhe-umtx~ 91 :ll~c God!~eail i n . . t h e . m , , g t u n e q u i v o c a l ~ l e r m s , he
turned.all the .people ~ff:!h.e w o r M . all tribes a n d u a t i o n s , t h a i
w c r c " s l e e p c d ui st!pcrst~l~n aml. i d o l a t r v . . i n t i ~ : h i s ~:nemies.
llv.;tllClll )ling l() w e a n lhi)'~e wllo w e r e l~;tl'~.'~t";t11( (learesf to
: h h u f r , ) m w a y s o.f id()latrv, h c matl~? t h e m :his w()rSt Ol)l)onents.
T h e I~-W.~ cnit'rtai'ncd"f~;elin.u's ,,f"i.gm)itV ( , ) w a r d h i m h c c a u s e l .
he) WaS ." .
a~xi¢)ns i(). d i s e n g a g e t h e m .fm)m t h e t v r a n n . x : of t h e
- 1 ha~)secs a~i(I alsi) I ( ) r e m ( ) v c : . t h c i r evils, lIc fi)rl)a(Ic t h e m
, , hi)ld"lesus Ciu-i.qt:in. c()ntCml)t .anal l~;.rcicc-t h i m as (also..-:
It w a s e m , u ~ h io m a k e t h e m b u r n in.indignation-~ .'q, t h e y
liOc;mie iiercely o p p o s e d to h.i!!l.-ali!l:we!'c I t l l the li.~l¢~;t~t f¢~- •

an Ol)portunitv to lint an end to his life. Similarly. the Chris=

tians had reas~ms t ( ) b e a r r e s e n t m e n t t()ward him. f()r he atz
tacked.their cherished belief that J e s u s w a s (;od or .qon ()f God
and that Christ was the .'qavioilr e)f the world by ~,,irtue of his
death on the t~ross. T h e fire=worshippers and t h e star-
w o r s h i p p e r s were likewise offended with him because h e ex-
horted them to abandon the wors, hip of their false g-Ods at}d
told them that in m o n o t h e i s m a l o n e they • 7 cemld find their sat-
Now. is it t h e r i g h t way, t o f u r t h e r (toe's material interest-s
that one should give an open expression to opinions that are
certain to wound t h e feelings of all sections of the people, break
their h e a r t s . a n t l drive them to-fllrious opposition.? In faL't.
the Prophet inflamed their hearts so much that they thirsted
for his hlood, And, strangi21v enough.>ail this was done l)ef-re
he had .~athered.round him even a h a n d f u l of-Illen o r acquired
even a small m e a s u r e of strength for self-def~nce. :\ worhllv-
wise m a n would certainly hak'e played a dtml)le .~allle in stt~'h
circumstances. If he Would .have declared the faith of SOllle "

Deople to ])e false, he would-l-lave takell care to declare t h e

Iruth o f the: i;uth of certain Others; so that in the evefit of the
- " " ° " ° • I .

f o r m e r opposing h i m he miglat irely upoll the SUl)port ~H the

latter. "]'he Arahs would have surel'~, fallen al t h e feet of the
1)rophet, it~ he had only condescendeti to affirm that their g(,ds,
lint and Uz'za. w e r e t r u e . They. would ha~;e forthwith p ! a c c d
their services at his disposal. I)o amlfitirms ;tiid desiKninK men
ever t'01h)w plans likely to turn their friends int() L'ne~nies'? I)o.
nlell w h o have the. g_reed for e a r t h l y p o w e r ever res()rl to
uJeasures likely to set the whole world aKainstthei!i and [hereby-
e Xl)Ose their l'ife to constant dange r" O n t h e c o n t r a r y t h e )
desire to ga.in the appr0hation o f all classes of m e n s o as to
serve thc4r own interests. `]'o achieve theh" selfisll ~end. t!~ey
w(mld here1, tell the lilaill t r u t h , bu t reKard all 0f them 4o be
in the right. II is cei~tainly not thei.r way t 0 be deeply dyed in
(iod, nor do they eyer believe ili His unity, and g l o r y . . T h e y a r e
the last persons to be i"eady to undei'go trials and difficulties fi,r
the sake of GOd. Like the fowlers they s p r e a d the net just
where the g a m e can be c a u g h t w i t h ease, T h e y follow the line
of leas't resistance and greatest material gain. "Hypocrisy i s
their cult, ilattery their very torture. T o speak honeyed words
to one and all a n d to maintain cordial relations with the go(,d
- THE M O S L E M S U N R I S E 7

imd the wicked alike is the first principle of their life. They
are very', o h l i g i n g t~ the l li'mlus and the Moslems alike. T h e y
are mere time-servers in as much a s they yield to th.e polmla'r
cry and trim their :opinions t0:suit t h e ' w h i m s Of the public
mind. If a man in power Says in broad daylight that it is night.
.-their e.ves will not be slow to see the moon and. the stars in
lieaven.- W h a t connection can such peoPle establish with God,
and what loya!ty can they show t 0 H i m ? And what need have
t!iev tO distnrb the enj0y'ments o f . a n easy-ooing-life on earth
. I~v]nviiiii)ff nnnecessary troubles. ()ne single.lesson have the),
learnt fri}m their teachersMto, fall i n - w i t h the wishes and
opiniims of others a n d n e v e r to risk their earthly, interests by
calling a sl)ade a sl)ade. Right and wrong, true and false, g.ood
and evil., h a v e n o intrinsic !neaning with them: W h o e v e r serves
it) satisfy thcix-greed is in the right, a n d wlaoever fills their thaw
is a n h e i r t() heavenh, 1)liss anti entitled to eterfial life.
..\ study Of the ii~fe-historv-cff. Muhanmiad. t h e seal ()f the
l)rol)liets,ma;~, l)eace and blessings of God he tlpOil him, leaves
al~solutelv no'ro0m for doubt that he was pe-rfeCtl;c S i n c e r e a n d
pure of heart, ever r e a d y t4~.sacrificehis life:for the sake 6f
(;ucl. and quiteindifferent tu e x t e r n a l motives such as hope and
fear. l l e imt his trust Solely"on (;od, and was-so deeply lost
in l-l.im that he took no account whatsoevm, of the dangers to
Which h e would have to ex pose himself and 0 f the sufferings he
.. would have to endure .at the hands Of the, heathen because of
his.'lWc~clainiingthe tmity 9f God. In order to c a r r y - o u t the
;comniaiads ~f his Master. he Silently endured all troubles anti
afflictions, and fulfilled all the conditions of self-exertion, s e i f -
sacritices. and thorough niinistrationin utter disregard of ex-
ternal threats. \.:erily, i say, that the life Of~no other Prophet
iif lhe xi~0rid presents such a c0ml~inati0n.0f hostile f o r c e s s i d e
"by sMe with such.a high degree of patience: and perseverance,
such situations of da.nger in a campai~a against idolatry and
irrdigion ,~ide hv side with Such complete tru.@ iii GtM as we
' lind in the life O-f the l'rophet o f Islam, -'-
..\part from, all-these circumstances; if a man endowed with
reas~m and tOreroon sense retlects over the conditioris of lhe
age in Which the Prophet,. was raised, he will be soon persuaded
that the time was crying foi-a g r d a t a n d prayerful reformer:and
a. heavenly guide. : H i s teachi~ags w e r e as trtie as they were
reasonable. They ' contained i n t h e m all tha{ the age needed.
And hmv fruitful his teachings.proved tO be! Millions of
g T H E M O S L E M S U N R I S E

hea.rls w c r c ~tr;twli I~) I1"11111 aild l i l ; t l i , , ;t ]lc~s~)lii received t h e

imlclilllc i m p r e s s i o n o f Ihc teachiIL~: lhifl (;6d: a h m c is lhe t r u c
,~bieCl ,,f w.rsliip. Tfic I->rophel c a r r i e d the t e a c h i n g in rc.~ard
Io llw way. Io. :al,¢alhm. qlic .qupreni¢ p u r p o s e for w h i c h the
l'rol~he.ts a r e c~mm,fissioned--qc~ s t a g e O f - p e r f e c t i o n which.hz.td
l lCVt.1- l)c 1"~We' b e e n ( c a c h e d i n . t he t finc o f a n y ~lttier I ' r h p h e t :
| •
( f , : \ ~ . \ 1 I1N-I -AI:IM.\ 1)1Y (:~,\. i
- - • . : . - .

.\cc~w~lin.~" i,; l h~ ;I I,JlV O u r a u . ( h , t - i s the itl~sllhltc .Master.

.]usl ~L.;. s~,nelhut.s:'l le limfisht+ sin: l i e a l s , . sometimes., for-
.~ivcs sin. thai is. I lis l,,XS'er is .supreme 1)o!h wav.q " a c i r c u m -
.Slmwc ncc%s.qilalc~l IU l h c a t l r i l n i t c ~)f .Xlaslc'rship ~r ()Wrier- ....
sh!l,. If I Ic had a l w a y s tnuiisht.~ s i f t . lher.e w o u h l no.1 have.
rt'nlairib, l rely s c c n r i l y : l'~Wllhtli: t~lt Ihe Olhcr h a m ' l . ( ; o d - f r c -
~lUenlly fl~wRiyt's .qiu; ;t]l~l. simlclimt:.s, wiIh a vic~x:, l(, (varli. :tlg~i
l n m i : h e s s i n . . ~ lha! Ihc i g i , , r m n ul:,l n f i ~ h t t i t k c ' a w~[rilill~
mid mi.~hl l u r n i~,'l l ini. S a y s lhe I1,~15- (...)uran i!l l h c - v c r s c :
"'\Vhalcvt, r :~f afl]ictiou bcfitlls v-u: i s Ihc r e s u h ~ff Votlr
-cvil acfi,ms: ( ; - d fitrgive.~ lllanv s i u s ~ a m l lhUfisht:s simle':.
. \ ~ a i n . ill lhc stone c h a p / o r lhcre:is fhe verse:. " . .
" 3 ; , , u r (;,,d is Ilic' (;(,,1 wh,, ~tCCCl,l~ r c iciitaficc fi',,,,I lli'~
svrvitnls, an,l I',,r~:ivcs d w m lhe.ir dvil aclioils'"., l..t:sl atiV~nC
bt: inisicd-l~v ihe fact thai Ilit~i-C i s i n t h e I loIv'( ) u r a n also the °-


"'.\ In;In ~{iill.x ~lf :cx'cn a..~'rain ~ll" m i s c h i e f shall lie pun-
ishcd fi,r i l . " i l OllRl'll l~i b c - r e m c m b e r e d th~tl t h e r e i s m~ con-
Irmlicti~,l, in:this a n d the ~ t h c r rib's/:: fiw "'mi:;chic f'" h e r e m e a n s
Inischit*f l]i;tl, is-lwrsistcd in :'fr~,m |}li.. d~fin.~ ~if w h i c h one does
m~t ~lesisl. a n d - ~ f .which 'one d~,cs.m~t repent.: T h e w~,rd u~;ed
h e r e t h e r c f , n'c i s : ( n t i s c l f i c f ) ;~ml m~t ( s i n ) . that it m i g h t apl)ear
lha! whal is Hlc;ml lierc js s~lmc mi'schievtnis at'! w h i c h ol~e does
m n desist lr~.n. : ( ) l h c r w i s e . | h c whole oi'.lllc l ! , l y (.)um~n- is
full o f r e f e r e n c e s to thc"ct'fcct t h a t siti can lit., f o ! g i v e n pro-
viiled ~,lie ¢.XlWeSsc.s re.~-rtq ! i~CpClils; ,lot's no! p e r S i s t i n the sin
;tn~l '~Imrl'ormS lsliqhfttr/i.c.,
. . . . ; t"
asks for for~-ivem.ss. (h;~l l::tther
h~xc. th,~sc ~xh~ r('pelll~ t~lll" l i e SaYs in"tlle I:i,lv ()llr;ill:
"'( ;0~1 :\hlfi.~laly -I.ves th~sc wlaq rellt.i)l, a s.alg~, lh~sew.tll~
m a k e an el'l'~w! to clcansc lht:llisclvcs ~)1 sin. 111 st l~wl. il is
a g a i n s t tlat::tli(-incal'tril,tHc ,ff f,,'~'ivenc:ss fiw ti;~,l t,~ punisti
,"very sin, for l.lc is lhc .Xla.-;lcr; ll!ll, lu~wevcr, like a .Xla.~istratc.
;is. in the v e r y fil'Sl t'llitlfl0r !ll" lhc [ hil.v ( )ur;tn l i e i'alls 1 liul:
/ - .
T H E M O S L E M S U N R I S E 9

>Jr ( laste,)when Vie sa,-s:

God is:the M a s t e r \ V h o dispenses r e w a r d and Imnishnlent.
it is evident that no IIUl.Slel" Call .lie l n a s t e r unless he wiehls
auth()ritv ill r e s p e c t ()f l)()th the asl)eCtS of the relation of
niaslel'Sl~lil ). Ihat is. he may.l)unish ()l" fol-eg()l)unishlnen t j u s t a s
he l)lcases. '
. \ n d elst'where (;()(1 says" " =
..... - "
"1 a w a i d l m n i s h m e n t o n h in Si)ecial c a s e s : . l lmnish w h o m -
s o e v e r ] l)lease, I)ut My .'xler~-v r e a c h e s ()tit. t~ all t h i n k s . " A g a i n
m S u r a h Al-.Iml:an ( h M has" tauKh:t h i s s e r v a n t s tlais,l)ra~'er.',
L o r d ! : Iorgtve tlS Ol11- slns and ollr trespasses.. It ~s
,)bvious t h a t i f ( ; o d had n()t h e e n the F'orgiver Of siil~,~ - H e
woiilil', fi(Jt h a v e tau.Rlit s u c h ;t-PraY~ r. . ;\g-ain, in .%urah-i-
Ilaqarali, t 6 w a r d t h e end.: (~()d 1}as t a u g h t t h e f . l l o w i n g
• 1)rayer" • . . . . . . .
- " L o r d ; do not take u s to accotmt for o u r failure, on a c c o u n t
0 f : o u r for,~et fulness t~;do ,,o0d" n o r m n i s h u s l f o r the evil
tlaingS w h i c h : w e have d o n e u n i n t e n t i o n a l l y e - u n d e r a / m i s -
,q)prehensi(m" do not. m a k e us carry- the lmrden. W h i c h we can-
not carl;y; f()rgive us. an(! f()l-g-ive-otlr sills, a n d h a v e m e r c y
upon uS.'). H e r e t()0. l:herefi)re, G o d " l i a s tatight t h e s a m e
lwayer.--that we shouhl ask for f o r g i v e n e s s for 0m" sills, t)f
I lira -\.Rain in Surali . \ l . - l m r a n :
" " • •
. .. . • ' -. " . a

" \ V h e n ' those people c o m m i t a n y shalneles s act, or w r 6 n g

themselves, alid then; in that State r e l n e m b e r G0d A h n i g h t y
an(l.ask h)r,e,.ix;eness for their sins o f H i m . and, d o not l)er.~ist,
in sin. (iod Will requite them, a n d will forgive their Sin."
T h e r e f o r e , - i t is e v i d e n t f r o m all-these verses, t h a t j u s t , a s
-(.;od is the Master, t h a t i s , He imrilshes-if He s,) pleasesi So
:ilso He isman s M a s t e r i n the sensiz t h a t l I e forgives sin if He
so) pleases: for.. "'mastershil)" w()uld I)e 1)r(wed onh- if the mas-
let is free to do both t h e s e t h i n g s . . N ~ ) , r a t h e r , t h e r e is a n o t h e r
.- Verse clearer t h a n a l l these verses, and t h a t is-this"
() P e o l ) l e ! . w h o have i)een . e , u i l t v o f e x t r a v a g a n c e ; :that is.
~xho h a v e sinned, d O . n o t d e s l ) a i r ()t. . G . . o d . ;s- m e r c y. , God will
"forgive all the sins, .that is, it ~s not 1)ey0nd Hinl to ieta sinner
go w i t h o u t p u n i s h m e n t " for, H e is his M a s t e r ; a n d the m a s t e r
. h a s a l l powers.
• '
T h i s is the P()werful a n d M e r c i f u l God re-
' *) • )

vealed to us h v the H o f v Ore'an v,:hich r e l a t e s to u/~ a c c o u n t s of.

the a t t r i i m t e s ' o f Merc,;: a n d F o r g i v e n e s s Of.that Being. ,
(CH:\.qtIM-\I-MA .~RIFAT)

W h y :I Believe in Islam
(133' Hazrat Mirza Basbiruddin Mabmud,
Kbalifat-ul-Masib, Head of the Abmadiyya Movement)

h a x e b c c u askctl t o state w h y 1 1)elievc in Islam. i\\÷heii ]

1)ut lhe questit)n tt) myself, the ~'el)l_v1 rcceiveil w a s . f o r t h e
s a m e r e a s o n f o r Which I 1)elicvt~ in a n y t h i n g else, t h a t is to say.
l)eCatlSC it is t h e t r u t h . A n . n ' e ilet~tilcd r e l ) l ~ w 0 u h l l)c tlJat ~n
m y view the (:cnlral , h ) c t r i n c ~ ( ) f ~tll religions is fhc cXistcncie '
,,f" (;i),l a m l m a n ' s relati()ushil) ~i.ith F[ilia. s ( ) t h a t the rcliffion
lla;tt can succeed i n cstal)lishinff n t r u e rclati,mshi I) 1)clwccH
(;0(1 a n d mall mus( t)e true:, a n , l : t h e t r u t h ()f :t failh-is stHclv
:l suflicicn.t r e a s o n for 1)clicvinff in it. ....
I s l a m claims that the c r c a l o r o f l.his : u n i v e r s e . i.~ .t l i v i n g
( h),l a n d t h a t l I c r e v e a l s I l imsel f t ( ) l t i s c r e a t u r e s in I lais.agc
in lhc s;tnlC .mzumcr in w h i c h i-lc used Io rcx'cal I l i m s c l f in
a.k"cs l):[sl T h i s c l a i m can l')c t e s t e d i . t w o wa\-s. (;od m a y
c i l h c r llmllil'csl Ills signs (lircct f(Jr a seeker afl~'r f i l m . ()i-w'c-
m:tv c()mc t,)liclicvc in God l)v st t . l v i i l g the life ()f ;t l)crso.
1- whelm (;~)(1 has r e v e a l e d l-liinsclf. ~.\s~1)v (he g'l'aCe ,):-f (;()(l
1 hal)pen I~) he ,)no o l - t h o s c l)et:l)lc li) wh()nl Go(l h a s q)n m a n y
~,ccasi()ns aml in a SUl)er-natm-al w a y revealed ] limscl f; 1 stan~l -
ill l~cc~l o f iio furll'icr rcas01i f()r 1)clicvinffin lhc Irutta ()f Isl;tlil
lh;tn lhal 1 h;tv(3 CXl)cricn.cc(1 the trut:h ()f~lsl;tlll ill m y (,wu
1 It'l'.'-;( )! I. . . . -. . :

l:,,r the 1)cnelil _!)f l)Col)lc w h o h a v e h;t(l n,) siinil;tr CXl)eri-

cncc,, h()wt~Vei'~ I l)rocced, to relate the ,g'l;~11n(Is Wrllicll, in ad(li-
t . ) u t ( ) m y l)er~,)nal exl)cricnce, h a r t ' l)ccll-lhc t'itUSc ()l~ i ) l V
1)clicving in Islam.
l"irsl. 1 I)elicvc in I ' l a l l l fc)r lhe ? l'ca~;tin tliat il ('ioc~'m)t "
c( nn l)cl me It) accct)t a I! th,)st" n . t t tcrs the s m n ti)tal .,ff w h i c h is
called ReligiOn m e r e l y (,n atlthority. 1)ut f u r n i s h e s c,)nviricing
ar.~'tuucnts:.in SUl)l,(,rt i)|" iLs d()ctrincs. T h e existe~acc o f God
and the nattwc-()f i-lis attril)utcs, angels, l)raver a)),l i t s c f f e c t s .
1)ivine d c c r c c s a ) . l t h e i r sl)tatyre, worsl.fi 1) a~{d ils n e e d , D i v i n e :
l.;tw a n d ils l)enelits, r e v e l a t i o n a n d its iml),)rtancc. r c s u r r e c -
lion a n d the life a f t e r (leath. h e a v e n a n d hell---with rcgar(l:t(,
c v c r v ,me ,)f these. Islam h a s ffivci-~ detailed CXldanalions :tnd

la;ts established their trttth x~'itll strong arguments t¢) the satis-
(:teflonof the human mind. • Islam. there fore. furnishes me not
,adv.with a•faith but also wi:th a certainty of knowledge which
s;!t[sfies my intellect and comPelsilit to admit the.need of reli-
~econdly. 'i believe in Islam as .it ¢loes nol base itself only
I t i l , l , n experiences,lf people wh~, have l,assed.awav b u t i m ' i t ~
i ever3 bodk: :to a personal expe ricnce of t h a t w h i c h it teaches
and guarantees.- It claims that ever¢ truth can in some rammer
41r the other be put to the test in/fits very wiwld, and it Ihus
~;ttisfies my reason.-
T!airdlv;' I helieve ii, islam aS it ;cacheslthat there can l,e ,m
c,,ntJict b~.:tween t h e w o r d of (;od and the work of f;oCL and thus
rcs~,l;,'e~ tlae.sttIJpused c0nflicr between science and religion. It
d(les 1101 ;tSk ine .to ~gnore the laws of nature and to believe iH
Ihiug's which are contrary to them. On the.c0ntrary, it exhorts
Hw Ic, siudv the laws ~f nature and t o derive benefit from
ihcnl: [t ;teaches tile that, as. revelation comes ~rom G o d and
l i e als, is tlac Creator of the uni~'erse, there can .be no contlict
bciwet;n thatwhicl¢ he does a n d that Which H e says. It invites .. o

c . thercfore, i1~ order to tmderstand l-Its reve!atioll, to study .

1 Its w~,rl<, and in <,rder to realize the si~aificancc ~f l Its work

,, stn¢Iv i l l s w~,rd, and Ihtls satisfies m.v intellectual .vearninff.
I:cml:tlilv.l I~elieve in Islam as it does nc~t ~;eek to crush illX-
i|.itu|-al dc-.;ir6s I~ut guides ilae111 alon ff right channelsl. I t d~cs
II,,1, h v itlt(~ether crushill.~ rex; desiredl reduce m cI to, a stone;
~l,i~: d~es i~. h.v le~tving them tu~Coi]trolled and tmrestraiiied, rc-
dut-c me t~, it;l ;mimal; lint, like ;m expert iri'i~ati~m engineer
Wla~ Imrn:esses miconti-olled 'waters ~tnd con~:erts the nil into irri-
.~,t!i0~ t-haimels, therel)) ~ , bringing l)rosl~erity to waste ai-eas.
• il c~mvcrts.mx: natural desires by proper cont¢ol and guidance
im~ high mm'al qualities. :It does not say to me, G]~d has given
x,iu a 1.x-inglieart but ~?orliids vou-:tO select a lifecompanion.
i n - l l i a l l-te hag endowed You {~"hhthe ;Sense of: taste and the
t';!i~ac:ity" .t~ appreciate ~ood: food b u t h a s forbidden you fro|||
eating, sucl~ food.: On t°he contraLv. :it teaches me to lox~e in a
pure.and l~roper'way which would ensure through my progeny
' the- . 1 ~er
. I ~etuation of all m 3,, . . good - resolves
.: - ~ - - ~It
. . . . pernfits~ me
. . . . . . .t o u s e
" uo~cl food; l i n t w i t h i n l~r0per ]inuts; lest I shouhl eat:m~ hll
;rod re.x-neighl~our should ,~o hungry. B y thus converting my
..'.~mtural.. desires:" "into hL..h% mo~--,tl qu.t!tt . """~es ~t" •sat~she.~" " my
• "r -. ,

- ".7 ,
12 T H E M O S L E M S U N R I S E "..

°l:ifthh" I believe in Islam for the reason that it has deal!

. 1 . 1

lalrly and I~vingly nbt only with mc but with the whole w~wld:
11 leaches me n . t only t~) dischar.~e ,ifv duti/es tmvard n i v s d f
bul insists up!m my dealing fairly with every m h e r Imr.4on and
Ihin/4. and has fitrnished.me with l)roper.~uidance for this
Imrpt~sc. l : o r insi:ance, it draws attention t o the ri.~'hts of
parents and the duties which children ~wc t~ their parents. I t
,j . .~ . .

admomshcs chddren t~)behave obediently and t e n d e r h tmvard

their imre:nts, and has inade.the latter heirs t~, that which the
fiwmer may leave. ()n the other hand. it enjoins love and a.ffec-
lion .t!p~m thc parents tiff- their children and inlposes lq~on them.
Ihc duty Of Iwinginff up their c h i l d r e n well. t r a i n i n g t h e m in
good qualities and looking after their health, and has also made
t|'leln heirs l~, their parents. Similarly, it enjoins thehesl rela-
tionship between husband alld wife. and requires each to have
due consideration fro" the needs and desires of the other a n d
that the)-should behave affecti~mateh-tmvarcl each other. This
was ira! beautifully by the l-Ioly F¢;uiule r o f Islam .w}ien he
said---".-/ persou who ill-tredts his wife d u r i n g l h c d a y :and.
loz,t;s her at nightacta" io complete conti'adiction o1 lhc /;can/~'
of human natttrc.'" -
1-]76a l~.s o s a i d . "'The best of:you arc those
. - . ,

zt'ho treat lheH" ¢u~'es best. : Again he said. "'bl'onmtt L~"fmu.iilc.

like ~.lhts.<aild me{t shOul.d, thereforel Ifca) women will} dclii:acv
amt Icndcrttcss. as lh'c.v 7could handle art artich" made o.f cjhta's~;"
Islam has laid special stress upon the education and training
uf girls. The Holy l'rophet laas said. ~%4 pcr~'ott who to:ittgs
his dam.lhler up ~,~711a;td yiz'es .h.cl" a good traiuiml and: edm"a L
timt thereby earns pamldLw.:' Isl,etm has m a d e daughfers the
heirs 0f,their parents aiong"wit,h sons.
Again it has laid dmvn fair rules for tht/ guidance of the
rulers and the ruled, tt says t~ the rulers that t h e authority
vested in them is 1i01 t h e i r in-ix.ate lwOpertv b u t is a {rust an¢l
that they should discharffe the ~d)ligations o f that trust t o t h e
uttermost like upright and honest., people and should c a r r y on
government in consultatidn with .the people. It says to" thee
ruled, the prover to choose wmr rulers has been bcstmved UliOn
• .;-,;'{ F ! " ;y . " , .-.- -,. .-.::"
~,';':,as; ":,~i]t t sttfc~"l~e°sl)a~}'Iv}t'{u,t,s(~x°t;];lintgh~i:ll~',',:it
deserve it. and after vesting- this autho{-itv in them ~:~mshoul{l.
give them your fulle.gt co-operation a(ul shohld'not rebel-
against:them, for if w m d . so. wm are merely seeking to de-
molish that which vi;ur own ha]lds .have l m i l { . .

It:haS also regulated the rights and duties of t h e employer

;tn(l the employed. " I t s a y s to the emPloYer, you m u s t render
l,) the w o r k m a n his full due even before his perspiration is
~ l r y o n hi~; body a n d should not look down upon those who
work for you, for the.+ are y o u r brothers whose care has been
cntrtisted .to (;-ou 1)v (~od and who a r e the true SUl)I)orters Of

.~our l)rbsperity. You should, t h e r e f o r e , not be so foolish as

to) seek t o destroy that which c o n s t i t u t e s your own SUl)l)ort
:tml the basis of y o u f power. I t says to the w o r k m a n , when
x()u aide e n g a g e d to execute a piece of w o r k for-somehody." you
shouhl discharge y o u r ohligation honestly and with due care
a n d diligence. ':
It says to those who have beeli e n d o w e d with almndance ()f
physical h e a l t h l and s t r e n g t h t h a t they sho.nld not behave
~q)pressivel.v t o w a r d the-weak nor tgeat contemptuously those
:who suffer f r o m some physical :defect or. blemish: for these
, )ught. to excite" o n e ' s pity r a t h e r t h a n ones' contempt."
t t says to the wealthy, you ha;,:e 1)een charged with duty of
h,okinff" a f t e r t h e poor ail/1 von must set aside o n e - f o r t i e t h of
your .4ubstance every year so that it m a y be employed in the
i:elief of p o v e r t y and d i s t r e s s a n d f o r ? t h e a d v a n c e m e n t of
'those who lack the means Of advancement.. It teaches t h e m not
to enhan('e the disahilities o)?the l)oOr i)y lending money to them
(,n i n i c i - e s t lmt-.tO hell) them with free gifts, and free loans.
" pointi)lg out tha! w~3alth is not given to a ' m a n st) that he m a y
spend his lifc in h l x u r v and r i o t o u s living, hut that h e should
use it for the iailv~int:ement.of the w h o l e o f h u m a n i t y anti
Should thus deserve the best r e w a r d . h e r e and h e r a f t e r . (3n the
,)ther=haml, i t als() t e a c h e s . t o t h e p o o r n o t to'look With envv
and Ionging!upoli that which h a s been given to o t h e r peol)lc.
as these feelings gradually d a r k e n : t h e mind and disalJle a per-
scm from. d e v e l o p i n g such gooil qualities as he has himself been
entl()wcd with~ It, therefore, ex.horts the l)oor to (le~;'ote their
a t t e n t i o n t o w a r d deveh)l)in,~ such talents as God has bestowed
•til)(m them. so that they sh()nld l)rogress a l o n g 1)eneficent lines.
It directs G()veruments to affor(l, facilities, f(w the l)oor sections
()f t.he commtmit;;; f o r such. a d v a n c e m e n t , a n d not t() 1)ermit
a l l wealth ;tn~(! 1)o(ver to I)e Concentrate(l in a f e w hands.
it reminds thos6 Wlmse ances(()rs h a d ,-ttta'nedl digqaitv,, . aml
h()m)tn" as the. result ()f noble e f f o r t s that ii is: the]i- d u t y t()
maintain that d i ~ t i t y fred that h o n o u r witii their own noble
: efforts, and it w a r n s them against h)okin-" down nl)t)n ()thers

wh() have ll~)t I)ecn liles.~e(l ill the s a n w way, as (h)d-has m a d e

all m a n k i n d equal. It rcnlin(ls l h e | n . l h a ! (;thl. wh() h a d - b e '
st()xvcd ;ihege honorers Ulu)n Ihcm. c a n ])csl()xx g r e a t e r honcnu's
tlp(m olhcrs~ and that i l . l h c v n|is||sc.tlie p)sili(,n 1¢). which they
h;tvc I)etUi c allccl/.anfl tralls.e,lCSs ;t.~'aill~l t h,)Sc w l l o have. not
been siilfilarh- e n d o w e d they will be lavin~ the fi,unda;tions ()f
- o

ful nrc I ransk"l:csslon S agaillSt themselves b.v t h()se wh() arc now
tranls.g'ressed a ~ a i n s t . The.~~- shOuhl. Iherefiwe. take no) prhle
in lW(~claill]in.t?,' their:cJwn great|less. Ira! sh~)lnhl lake pridi.,.in
helping o t h e r s to Ilec(Jme great, flit t r u c / t e a ! | l e S S I.)eh,ngson!y
Io him w h o a ries to r;fise fallen 1H-(,thers.tc) greatness.
~lslaln l e a c h e s / t h a t n~)nati()l|-shol|hlti-a||sg'rcss against a.il=
()tiler n a t i o n , n()r sh()tl](l onb s t a t e tranSg'l-eSs ag';lin.gt a n o t h e r .
but t h a t nations a n d st;tles sh()uhl c(i()i)erate with each other
l()r I)ic l iUrl)()sc"of a d v a n c i n g tlae,'i|llel'ests ()f the whole ()(
hunlanitx-. I t fi)|'Ifids st)rile n~tti,)im.~ ail(i .~lilte.~ aud i n(livhli~als
from u n h i n g - W h h . e a c h ()ther in ()r(ler t() c()nSl)n'e.a~';tmst
()ther nations ()r .qates ()r in(livi(hlals. ()n the ()ther h a n d i t
- / - ° . . . . . . . . . . • " *,. • . •

le;lcIleS I]I;11 ll~ltl()llS illld stat(.'s and m d l v t ( h | a l s sh()(thl ,cove-

/ • / °

l];tllt wilh each ()ther h) 1-estraln eaH! o t h e r fr()nl aggTessi(m

and t() co-()l)erale w h h < c a ( h ~'~lhcr in ,ldVailchL~ those t h a t arc
In sho|:t, i thld that Isl:i]!~ l)r()vi(les c()n(]iti()n.~-()f peace and
c()nlfi)rt f~)l" me and all (hose who m a y wish It) tread t h e l)ath
l)rescril)ed lie it. wlfi)ever.thev | n a y l)e.-Whatever they m a y l)e
• a n d Wherever t h e y m a y l)e. 'In 'wf~ate('er i)()siti,)nl i)lacemv-
self I lind that :islafil is equally ust.'l[iil a|l(I 1)Cnelicia] f()r rile
a|ld l~line. -f()r my neighl)()l~rs, f~)r l)e()l)]e w h i ) n ! I i(1() n()t. l,:n()w
and have not even heard ()f, f(.)r men and I()r 3v()niel.l. f()r t i l e
a.~ed ;l~l~ll for the youn.~, for the einiflovcrs a n d f~w the e m -
phLved, lot ihe ( i c h a n d f(w lhc 1)()or, f(w ,~lT:al nati()lls.'an.d f(~l-
.,qnall. f~)r Jn,tcl~ilal'i()ll;ilist. ";, and f()v nalir)itali.~ts~: and lh;tl il
estal)lishes a sure anil certain relati(inshi I) bet ween n)e a n d ni.v-
.Xlaker, 1 believe in, it and how i n d e e d . c o u l d I give it ill) and
;lCCel)l a]tylhin.~" t'].~c in iIfi.i)lace.

" A Mighty Prophecy .... " " :

Let the w h o l e world bear w i t n e s s that 1 prophesy in the name of the Lord of
the e a r t h ' a n d the heaven that. H e will spread m y f o l l o w e r s in all countries and
make them o v e r c o m e every other people by reasons and arguments. Tl~e days are
approaching, nay, are v e r y near Jwhen the religion ( I S L A M ) i p r e a c h e d b y me will
be.the only religion th/~t Will" he regarded with. h o n o r upon the f a c e o~ the earth:
T h e A l m i g h t y God w i l l b l e s s this r e l i g i o n ( I S L A M ) and this system in a w o n d e r - .
ful manner, and w i l l destroy e v e r y o n e who thinks of d e s t r o y i n g it. T h e victory
which it ( I S L A M ) will Rain will be a lasting victory. and its supremacy will
:ontinue to the end of d a y s . - - ( H a z r a t Ahma'd.)

Christianity iVersus A t h e i S m
\\'e Will all athnit-that our iJrand of dem0cl-acv had its be-
,:inning in the lmmanitarial~ism associated with Christianity.
ilere in A m e r i c a this s~)urce of .e,oo(t-fell0wshil~ has been
h i g h h deveh)l)ed.
..\fier the lirst \V,,rld \\:a," w c made extraor, linarv efforts
m reclaim t h e : w a r - t o r n nations. H u n d r e d s of millions were
.Slienl. by" o u r Citizens t h r 0 u g h the Red. Cross. g o v e r n m e n t a l
ae'encies and iiidividual beneficence, and. it x'Hll indeed be a
. tr'~i.~edyl i f We h,sc:this trend t,/war d b e t t e r t.hings.
:It is irideed a ,~rim inhtunan admission, I m t l ) r u t a i ; m l con-
scienccless force is nmv rtilinff the world. The idea that.good
will itiway-s 1;r~:.vail is lmrc sopt~istry unless it is associated with
suflicicnt in!clliffence t~ acquire the fiirce Weeded tO dominate
• llireatcnin,~ c|ne|-ge!icies. .
: l t h a s |)Celi stated (m iltllllel'OtlS occasi()ll-'-;.that the British
I~cgan to ln-epat-e !five years tc~0.1ate. -They: began to train for
" w;trfarCbtit a Sh'ort t [ m e b e f o r e they w e r e t3ompeliCd to face
this h r u t a l e~nlllicl. A n d lh~ sttl'fering, they have had to cn-
dtire, the h t m d r e d s and thousands of lives :they have lost is
the pcnah v'fin" their indifference a n d neglect.
- o : . -

And' we c a n bc-hlamed f(n-similarl m i s t a k e s - - i n fact we are

l c s s p r e l n t r e d -lhan f h e v We,-e. f:)ur officials like t . blow a n d
hluster, lint ahmK comes S e c r e t a r y i~f W a i - Stims~m. who r e -
cently t ~ l d us wt: had~only-65()iilanes and thal our arnlv, is
° . . ,

.m, hi.~'ger and l~rolmlflvn(~ hettei- than Ht~Iland s w a r machine


\ \ " c h i v e mm'Cd n o n c h c a l a n t h .alone, our wax. entirely i.~nof

inff the necessitY RH: prt~lecting the wealth and t h e. . liberties
tlial wc-ha'i'e:eniovcd fen+ m<n-e than a.cmltu!-v and a:half. \ \ e
arc caichin.~ tlpat~a m a d p a c e . L e t uslhcipe'we will be +able to
lW~tect~oU|'selqeswhen the time cinnes. But do not place t+~¢~
,nueiacrcdi..nCe in ttie limdatol-v Statements-of the COm,nc~nta -
| ~ r s on :the screen when airlil/tnes. 7tanks. alid o.ther military-.
eqn.ilmlentTis presented in brilliant array-. : - . -
Nm{. lhe f|~llc|we|-s c~f: Ch|-~stianl teaehi||gs are ¢~pen to t h e -
same criticism in the .~ame .degree as- thelotticials of l(n.~land
and cmr 0{vn C(,tlllll'V. " They d o n u t seem to realize in anx= way

, . . . - , . -

that this war is a threat to Christianity. They: have mad(.-

little o r n o e f f 6 r t t o d e v e l o p a r a c e 0 f s t r o n g f i ~ h t i n ~ m e n to
meet this direful emergenc.v. . . . .
Through~ut m V ~'ntire history as a health entht|siast I have
deplored t h e neglect, of health buildlng by l~eop!e everywhere,
and [, have damned the l)rudish eoncel)ti()n of the. l)tidv as-an
evil which religious i)eoplesho~(!~-f cliscardl - "
l-titler hates anything assc)ci:ai~d with the Chr.istian religion.
The l),)wc;r ()f Muss01in~ is prol)al~lvlon the wane, and alth~)ugh
his nation is deep in the faith Of Catholicism. he is ostracizing
the Jews and his sympathies seem to be x~'ith the governmental
system maintained b y Hitler.
Christianity is at the crossroads. :\-hnight.v (;od cannot
make |||istakes: the natural .law for which l-|e is responsilJle
continues With grim merciless tenacity.
The period of this generation is p~erhal)s little, more than a.
drop in the bucket in time s .~reat arena.. That grifi~ la~,. "the
littest survive," is relentless, it cannot he changed.
To be good is desirable, I)t'lt a sympathetic and w i n n i n g smile
would hardh" subjugate a roaring lit~n. And the brute force
that is n0W ])acked hv the intelligence of modern science can
only be destroyed l)v sim!lar powers in g r e a t e r proi~ortions.
( )ur g,~vernment is noW ¢l~in~ everything posfible to 1:emedy
past errors.- BUt Christianity.. which we find in Protestantism.
Catholicism. and all the various isms l)as:ed on Bil)lical-teach~
in~s. should begin at once to train men and WiJmen to meet
t h e critical emecgencies that m a ~ not be so far away.
All respect has been 10st f o r human-lix-es. In war-torn
l~urope people are being slattghtered by-the h u n d r e d s of thou-

sands with seeming nonchalance. ~,_Lawlessness. arrogant, vic-

iotis, biut;fl beyond all .conception. must 1)e met, and destroyed.
\ \ ' e shouhl 1)e prepar.eil to- face:these unspeakal)le h 0 r r 6 r s .
A radio commentator recently said where our enemies have
one plane w/." will h a v e ten: where ibex: have one ship v~'e will
have t e n . . \ \ ' h e r e will we get .them : - - -
F . v e n if we could surf)ass their ships and planes .tenfold.
many ~years would be required to or,~anize such a huge otltput.
Even unthinkhm.e, audiences Will 110| swallow such n~nscnse. "
. - 1 3 e r n a r r Mac fadd~en
. . (l,il)ertv .~lagazine..~lart:h 22, 1941)
. Copyright, 1941; l)v ".\laCfadden I"tfl~lications. Inc

Ethiopia And Italy

. . . . . . By Eugene Lennhoff
t - • , . °

: h i the inountanls o f Ethiopia: the muffled heat of. w a r : d r u m s

i s a g a i n h e a r d in the night, Calling" u p o n the t r i b e s once m o r e
t / r i s e . a g a i n s t t h m r l t a h a n Opln'essors. T h e d r u m s a r e also
[ (J" ~ , " .

heard on the n e i g h h o r i n g f r o n t i e r s ' o f Ken x-l[ C o h m y and of

i h e :.\ngh,- F.gyptian Su,lan. w h e r e thou.4ands o f F:thiopians.
w h o would n o t - s u b m i t to the Italian invaders, tled aml f o u n d
refuge. In c o m m a n d today o f t h e s e revolting l'~thiopians is
(;eneral Ras T i f r a u r i B i d [ h i . f o r m e r minister - . f war. who
;tlIcl-. ii~e fall t~f A d d i s : \ b a l m . in 1936. fifll'~m'ed l - m p e r o r
H a l l e Selassie into exile, and escaped to .[erusalem. T h e old
• war-tlag c~f t h e . " L i o n of .ludah" has hem~ raised again, and it
snalJs in the hot : \ f r i c a n wind. ( H a l l e Selassie has r e t u r n e d
t~, h i s : c o t m t r v . ) . - . .
l:oul: y e a r s haxie passed .since .Mussolini i n c o r p o r a t e d
. . t . ~ ° . . ** "

I..thmlna into his "'l'_mlm-e bv a ruthless a t t a c k on an u n a r m e d

pc~q~le. Nevertheless, t h e c t m n t r v has never, heen pamfied.
"l'he Italians have shown their ineptitude its colonizers. Call-
in.~" themselves ";lfi0neers "" and p u r v e y o r s o f civilization to
I-thiolfia, nevertheless the)" soon d e m o n s t r a t e d t h a t they had
m, i n t e r e s t in the fate o f the natives, and their only interest
i n i h e c o u n t r y was to e x t r a c t : e v e n m o r e wealth t h a n I'.'thiopia
•p~,ssesses. B e f o r e the 1)uce fell u p i m t h e cotmtry. Without a n y
declaration o f war, he p r o m i s e d his peolfle " m 0 u n t a i n s : o f gold"
in r~..turn for t h e i r . w a r e f f o r t . He lied, o f c~-mrse, since Ethio-
lfia . c~mtains not a fraction o f t h e r e w a r d s that he p r o m i s e d
hiS:imbli c a n d ' h i s legions. :ks O n e consequence o f Italian
disappointment o v e r t h e n o n - e x i s t e n t r e w a r d s . Italian officials
aml ol'tii:ers who w e r e sent to a d m i n i s t e r t h e c o u n t r y institttted . - .

a reg-ime o f t e r r o r . ......
In the beginning', the natives did not helieve a n y resistance
. . ~ - . . ~ . . . .

possihle; m vmw ol M u s s o h m s w e a p o n s which, they. sltw on

cvdrv side. But the I t a l i a n s continued their t e r r o r i s t tactics.
not believing the natives Were r e a d v to sulmd.t, and t h e y shot
" a good m a n y o f the tribal ieiiders." T h e a d m i i a i s t r a t o r s ' c o u h l
m,t he induced to m a k e w i s e concessions I o religious t r a d i t i o n s
18 T H E M O S L E M S U N . R I S E

(Jr" the vari{ms tribes ;,t'id nationalities...\ll l'~thioI)ians wl'i<) h a d

l)cen xcst6d with any a u t h o r i t y and were respected bv theii-
l)C()l)lc, wmsc rel)laccd with Italians. men who ha(1 not t h c s l i g h t -
cst kn()wle(I.~'c ()f the lan.~tta~c, no respect f(;r Igthit)l)ian-lrit(li -
li(ms, and n() interest in the lcml)cramenl and c h a r a c t e r of the
eiKht million s<mls lhev were SUlq)Osed to.r:ule.
.Methodically. the invaders destr0ved all the ()hi ccnmnercial
1)ractices anil dep()sed the native t r ; t d c r s a n d merchants, w h o
alone tmderst0(nl+ the inti:ic'aci/es of t'~thiopian, economy.
]:av<)redmerchants from Rome. +Milan +and-l.egh(;rn, wh'o were
1)ermitted j to monopolize the entire. Imsiness o f the c()nqucred
iiati0n, were confronted with. {!ne!}ding difficulties. Instead of
findinff tliemsel~(es in a ln)Sttum to e x p o r t l~.thiopian 1)roducts.
lhe{ qvere c(mll)elled to in{l)c)rt e n o r m o u s quantitie.-; <)fKoods
Ir<,m thc:.~lotlier Country. T h e s e . i m p o r t s had {o b e s o l d at
cxh()rl)ilatit 1)rices. since, the haulage cost was Otmsiderablc.
The cost o f livinv,- rose to m m n d u r a b l e lex:els.
: Natives were c-xclu(led by tlic: Italian administrat<)rs from
all ,l)ul)lic Win'ks. T h e si)hli<:rs an<t t h o u s a n d s <if Ititlian labor-
ers. who had been told they wcmhl enjoy countless a d v a n t a g e s
as citizens of ti~e conquering country, found themselves:forced
t<) build roads.-administration Imjhlings. lmrracks, etc. ¢)nL~
consequence of lhe exclusion ?)f natives f r 0 n ) t h i s proKrant o:}
l,ublic ,,",rks was ni,t /itiiv t,, In:cod i:esentm<mt and b~tternt)ss '
anicm.v the nativt:s, l it;l to%~t.' Ihe I t}tlia;ls 10so "l}restige" in {lad
eves J<tl" +lhe i r i b e s . ,\cc()tTdii;g" it)IIR'I tindjz)g's of a French
xx~'riter..lerome "rhacaud. the Ethiopians began to call+ the,
Italians "'white slaves'" because ;:hey saw l h e ; n u n d e r t a k e all
the menial labor.
D u r i n g t h e f, lt;r Years ,, f Italian oCeUlmticm, they suc:Cc4eded
brilliantly in 6he ~l(reclion: they iufited all gT(mlJS, races and
. . - / * . • . o

Ird)es mr() one Imrnm.,, h,ttled. Fhe o r d e r and securRv in

Ethiolfia• of+wlait'l}
/ . / /
. ' .
.'-' "
anH" xC:hich
: "
.. "
+tl holllC beheved to !)c a +lacf, were n()n!+)re thai1 ;i h o l h m
1)rctcnsc. R e p o r t s came fr{)nl nlany ImCt~ 0fl +F-tlii01fia +.that
Ihe nalivt'.tctl+lmr .was da]l~'crot;sh" +icar+rev<)h -
Moti()n l)icturcs and newsl)al)cr l)hot<i.<.aTal)hs, disch-)sing na-
tives l)articil)ating with Italian officials in <)l)Serx:ing nali()lial
h(:,lidays, aie now re,31ized • t()1)e nothmo-
" "m6rc than tmadul-
terate(l l).rol{ag:anda. T h e truth is t h a t the coutitrv is in such
an unsettled stale th;tt n() Italian:at nig'ht (lares t()xerHurc • . . . ..
T H E M O S L E M S U N R I S E 19

.,lit in truck or auto. I¢vc.nin I)r()a,l dayl~ght, most vehicles are

~rmed with machine guns.
\Vhen questioned a s t o tH'is Unrest. Italians in Ethiopia at-
tribute the reason t()"'l)andit tril)es" which, they ad(l. have al-
u:avs existed in the country and cann~)t 1)e "l).acil~ed'" over night.
And th;tt retest 1)e admit'ted. But during, the. .veals c)f Ifaile
>classic's rule.the native auth()rities kcl)t these bandits in check.
"['he I.)resentunresf and :native uprisings Can onh" 1)e explained
hv the facl that:they are led nt)t by )an¢hts alone but hv
r~:hels. 71"hc()utl)reaks Wei:e ()n tile is{crease even before halv's
tqlll'V !111() the War last June, The 100,00() Italian tr()ol)s tc)-
.~:eth'er with the 15()/)00 n'ativc- tr()0ps a r e incal)al)ieo f Staml)~
i,,~" ,)t,i the .uueH!~. tactics of these rebels. ) A n d perhaps o f
m()rt: imp0rt'ance,/thev also seem helpless t() brin,;" a. halt tt)
tht. s,nugglh~g of arms ~tci~oss the frontiers 0f Ethiopia.
.~ince the ( l a y Italy entered the w a r an(l stabl)ed France in
the back. unrest thr(~)ugh-the colony has increased en()rm0ush"
It is 1)lain that almost in every..~ection the tribes are organizing
t() a l t a r \ their ()i)l)ress()rs at a given s i f f n a l : ()nO o f the first
Wh() has g()ne over t() the rel)els: was .R~tS A b b a b a Lagarais.
)',)r iIcr-l)olice, c h i e f of Addis Al)al)a. who l)rornptl.v answered
zhe summ()ns o f (;eneral Ras T i f r a u r i Biddti. He has l)r0ve(l
himsell it res()urceful ~uerilla leailer~ i n t l~e district of Ank=
,il)i~U-. ~vhere he-is .ictiv~'. uprisino-s b r e a k out:with monotonous
r¢'Kularitv. There is a h i g h p r i c e on :his head. Buti~HI of the
Italian Army in .l~thi()l)ia has 1)een mml)le t() Catch him.
• ('l'hc fi)re.~oing article w a s l)ul)lished ili " T h e IAvinK :\.~'e."
i I"el)rual'V. 1()41. t'mdcr the titltL'' l-lhit)l)ia ()ia Fir-ink ,)f R'c~v()l't.'' )

- by Sufi M. R. Bengalee
T o be out s h o r t l y . .
• " ' " " " " " Published. by '..
The Moslem Sunrise Press - "

"I']I I': M O S I . F M .'gUNRISI.~. I'IlFZ.',.IS " "

-"q I']. (~T~)n'.~r('~.-~ .~,l~..~tlit(. • I lilT.
('hl;'al~o..Illin,)is. U . S . A . " ' : " "
(;(*hi Icm'~.n : " : i ): "'~
I d o h e ~ . l . v " I ) l ; ~ e m y x)rd~.~- f o r .'-I) ~'s'- ) f t h i ' ' b . k tt hi-
"Lift. ,,f M u h n m m ; . I h y .%11t] M. a . l ' t - ) l g a h ' ( ' . I ~ndet.stamt thlll'.l w i l l p a y $2.01) plu.-,
rht. i . ) ~ ; t . ~ t , t i ; . t h , - ) n ; H l m a t ; f . r " ( u u . h . I . ) o k :;*-ilt,r;,(I w h e n th*. I , , . * k c . . a r , - d e l l v t . r e ~ l ~'o rn~.:.
" Frt y rot r~. . . -' " " ' "

. - . -

Addrt.~.s ...... .; . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

France And Her Empire

\Vhal i, f u t u r e a w a i t s F r a n c e ' s Moslem. F m l f i r e - - t h i s is the
questioll Which is being asked try-day t h r o u g h o u ! the Islamic
World. T h e Italian d e m a n d s on F r a n c e will. it is realized,
have consequences ,.the u l t i m a t e end t,f .which Cannot vet be
frilly realized.
F:rancc's Y,loslem l:.miJire e x l e n d s to Over t h o u s a n d s - f miles
in N o r t h e r n .\fri[-a and in the .near East. Mortice0. -\lgeria,
Tunis, F r e n c h Somaliland. S y r i a and Lebancm : t h e s e arc s , m e
~f the colonies which have r e m a i n e d in the past loyally" a t :
tached to F r a n c e in spite of m a n y bitter c o u t m w e r s i c s re,~ard-
ing political rights - f their respective peoples ~,is-a-.vis the I m -
perial ( ; o v e r n m e n t . " : • " . :'.
Morocco. a F r e n c h }'rtJtecttJrate u n d 6 r the direct rule of [he
S u l t a n of Morocc¢~ js situated in the e x t r e m e N o r t h \ V e s t Of
the - \ f r i c a n P e n i n s u l a . I t is tree of the ( ) l d B a r b a r y States
inhabited by a m a r t i a l race. It has an area of over 231.000.
square miles and a l~Oln|lation t}f t}ver six a n d :.1 half millitm
•M o r o c c o
T h e A r a b s . f Morocco a l t h o u g h thcx: have frtm| time to t i m e
raised revolt a f f a i n s t t h e F r e n c h adlffinisl~raticm ha.re .~:ener:
ally ahvavs s h o w n p r e f e r e n c e s 'to ] : r e n c h . r u l e - o v e r t h a t of
an~" e f t t h e T o f a l i t a r i a n P o w e r . T h e S u l t a n of Mort~cco has
" . 1

| c r e a m e d loyal t- F r a n c e u n d e r the severest c i r c u m s t a n c e s

and w h a t e v e r m a y have bccn the reaction ~f his Subjects as it
result o f different political icleak it m a y be Said that even
the. semblance ofl l)emocratic (-~overnment that ];rance gave
to t h e m in their cot|i]trv hits resulted in .~real political c,n~
sciot|sness a m t m f f ' t h e pe(~l)le i
Algeria in t h e . \ V e s t cJf 3hw~cco and t h e NOrth of S a h a r a
Desert hits r e m a i n e d a i m , s t as a part of F r a n c e since ct)tisti-
tutionallv she is a F r e n c h pr()vince. It has an area t)f over
222.000 square nfiles an(1 a l)()I)ulati(-)n r)f ()ver six a n d a
half million .i)eople.
Tunis. also one of t h e B a r b a r v States. has been fi)r st)me.
time past a F r e n c h regency'~ Ii: has an area ~of tifty d a 0 t | s a n d
S(lUare miles n()t-~including t h e S a h a r a districts w h i c h arc
] - •

l,roperly allotted-to Algeria. and a population ,ff about two

and a q.uarter million.
The dispute-between Italy a n d F r a n c e which has n,,w
ultimately resulted in the l,ossilflc disintegration Of the French
I-hnpire grew. actually over the French occupation of Tunisia.
in the year 1904. Pi-evious t o t h i s . France had.promised Italy
that she did not i n t e n d to occupy these territories which possess
a large number Of Italian emigrants. T h e F r e n c h occupation
,;f Tunisia has. remained since 1904 as an eye=sore to the
Italian hnl,erialisrfl~ There is no doubt, that its possession
:-wmdd ffivc considerable strategic adwmtages to Italy.
. . . . Tunisia " " -- . :

So far as q'unisia is c,mcerned, the dislmtel between France

and Italy. in thepast, has fieen between t w o hnperialist Powers
in which the :\rabs have not all received ;mv consideration.
While Italy has ayidly desired posseSsitm" of Tunisia on ac-
e, rant of strategic.reasons, she has a!so looked w i t h covetous
eVeS on p a r t : o f the F r e n c h M a n d a t e d territ0r,~: in the N e a r
East namely Syria a n d L e b a n o n . . S v r l a was f o r m e r l y a villa-
vet of : \ s i a t i c ;FUrkey. I t has a n a r e w o f 60,000 square mites
i t n d a polmlation of nearly, three million l!eople. The State
I c~l.Syria with its (:apital at Damascus is mostly A r a b . f r o m
i .ll!e ethnological .point of view a n d Moslem from the religious
l.fint of view, It contains, however, various kinds of minor-
itics both• ethnological and religious. This h a s provided con-
siderablc raw material for French exploitation and a k i n d of
lifth cohnmt activity which has been utilized:by Italian Im-
perialism for f0.ineiiting discontent, inside t h e cotmtry. A s a
result 0f_this, rehttion between .~vria and France have b e e n
• strained for a long time. " " "


In Lebanon, or t h e (ireater Lebanon. which. F r a n c e has

.created by including parts of .qyl:ia p r o p e r in order to pros-
ecute sticcessf.ully her policy of divide et imperia, t h e m a j o r i t y
. f people is Christian anti .the minority, is . M o s l e m . This
" n,inoritv h a s b e e n afraid of the independ'ence acizorded t o the
peolile o f-Lebanon on-account o f fears of polkicalopplaessiota.
It may b e remembered that as soon-as the treaty of Beirut
.granting independence to Lebanese was Imblished some y e a r s
ago the[ M o s l e m s O f Beirut and Tripoli i m m e d i a i e l v rose in
22 T H E M O S L i M S U N R I S E

rebellion. D r u i z e s . T u r k s ' a n d o t h e r g r o u p s hax;e a l l - a d d e d ro.

this coni'usion. . .
'What wHlbe the ultimate fate of Syria and Lebanon.as als0
o f M g r o c c 0 , : U g e r i a a n d T u n i s . iff f a c e Of F r e n c h c a p i t u l a t i o n ,
t i m e a h m e will tell. . -
• . .... (:lT'hi~ . M e s s e n g e r liy"l.l"...%.)

I¢I-i'()RT UNRI£ST AGAINST VICHY in near East Areas

Cairo. M a / ' c h 14. ( U P ) A refiable sc)urce said. t o n i g h t
t h a t r e l ) o r t s ( ) f s e r i o u s u n r e s t in F r e n c h N e a r E a s t e r n posses-
simms m a y lead to " w i d e r develolmaents. "'
..\cc0rding-. to this source,, r e s e n t m e n t a g a i n s t the \ i c l w g o v -
e r n m e n t is g r o w i n g s t e a d i h in SYria a n d L e b a n ( m , • " :
T h e Vichv g o v e r n i n c n t w a s said to be held responsible fiw
t m s a t i s f a c t o r v , c o n d i t i o n s in the F r e n c h p o s s e s s i o n s a n d it wa.C
c l a i m e d that the .Free l;.rench m o v e m e n t .is q u i c k l y gain.in.~
ffr~mnd despite th0 e f f o r t s o f F r e n c h 0fticials.i
T h i s s(,urcc said Ihitl the l " r e n c h t e r r i t o r i e s htck miJSt ~,f l h c
essential lW()ducts n e c e s s a r y fiw e x i s t e n c e , . "
T h e ~mh" a l m n d a n t SUlq.;ly in S y r i a w a s said to bC .;t Stock
,)1 w h e a t "ln).t lhc a b s e n c e ()l" .~aso"linc h a s h i n d e r e d its,.dis/ri-
lmli(m ln- cripplilig lhe tra||spoi-t ..situaliori; ..... . -.
It w a s said l h a t t i l e s i f u a l i ( m - h a i ! .qT(n/,:nW()rse dl.lC i(, il
(lrouRqlt which killed i)ff 4(t t o 3 0 1)er cent o f t h e c a t t l e herd[.<
c a | | s i n g scri(ms m e a t Shortage.g.[ " - " "" .
\'ichy. March 14,--(Ul))--The. ];'r;e.nch g6ver||-|i|enf a ( l -
m i t t e d t(mig.ht t h a i d i s o v d c | ' s ]'I~.LX' C l ) l".( ) k e. n out m ' " " anal
" ".l-,ewut "
o t h e r laig'e toWllS ill .%vria as a resilll[ it i~ sai(I. ) ) f a n i n c r e a s e
it) b r e a d l w j c e s . . . " -. .:.
• ! (Chica~() l)aih" News4~-;-March 14. 1941 )
• _ ,: . : . " . . . " . "[ " " .." .

-. ,-:(;od moz;('a{ in a ,tVstcrioua" zea3,. • . '. - . , ..

•: H i s a * o ' d e r s to p e r f o r m : , . . -
- : . H e p l a n t s H i s f o o t s t e p s ill IIst"a'cu.:: . : ' . i.:, -
;i ~:: . 4 n d r i d e s l i p o n
. the storm. : ";- " i) ii :.i
. . • ~ D e e p h !. , t n j a t h o m a b l e m i n e S . :i[~:- "-r .~'. " "

:/ i: : > r O f n e v e r - f a i l i n r j , skill, --,.. :¢ :::~ ( . :: :

• ' , : [ I q e t r e a s , , ! ' e s n p H i s briyhtdesi.q~.l.i;, ::71' .• i "
" - ~ A , d 'wm'k.s H i s : .7ovel'e[yii w i l l . - : : .
' : . . :v . ,
. . - . --l't" 11haul l. ozep(u'.. •

The LadieS' Society
In order t~ at~conipiish a hi:ghcr s t a n d a r d o f ii fejforwomen
and-tO raise their educational status, l lazrat Mirza Bashirml-
"din ..Mahnnul .\hmad. the in-esent head Of the ,.\hmadivVa:,
•( ~ m m l u n i t v . .(.)ailian. l'uniab. India..- foumled a great move-
ment ~vhicia.has-madc n.iable pr.6gress. In 1923.-.he ih-ganized
:l clul~ f~ll: wl,mcn which bec;{me nati~,nally-knmvn as the tL.ajna.
l,.n;t-lllah--'{TheNocietv o f t h e *laids of (;Od.'"
"l'ht~, real W~n-k ¢if <lissenlinating education alllOtlff the
w,itnCii ilf this I~rward znm'enmnt-had started hmg before.the
Cltdl w;ts fornmllv set-up, in the lleg'inning, the: pel's{m. Chiellv
,-CSlff,nsil,lc f , , , - i . , a n s i a t i n g : i n t , , aCtilm this" ,i,ililc scheme 0f the
h,,iy leiider: W a s h i s dcceaseil c{ing~n'-t d l a z i ' a t :\niatui H a w
,,fblessed Ilielll~lrv; She {(;as a natui'alteacher and she did last-
iiiff WCll-k ill Ih~.' t-ailSe ill feillale, edut'ati(in. 5he ellCOtlFa,~ed
W,-IlliC'il I'.rOlli every-ll{ii-1 ,if lho towiiof ()adian,ill Cillne to. her
lil~lliC, Where slle Would- leacli theinhow lo re~{d;ilid write, i~
s : w , : k i l i l . o r llJ devehql any ci'eali{'e ialeiil Which they chose.
.<-he shmved exlreille ldlldiiess to all and .~rceied every lille With
:i smile] There waS_l~ieVel- ;LliV discrinlinal ion. s.;he bellied kill who
st,ughl her assistance ;xvith th-elessindustl'v.- But .'he was unahle
" I,J c~mlliletc liei" mlblc, work :is <lieaiii clainled h e ( t o ~ soon.
\\~hen the-I.~ajna Clull was-ft!rnially ~lr.~;tnized. Hazral
.\lal'vanl. the wif.e i;f.the: lllesseil leader, xv;t~i;se|l:c,ecl a s t h e
-ht'ad" ~:if the s~,eiet{-.not .nit- in ()adian. but also in all parts ill
lhe W<ll'.hl xvhel'c J~ajna ~t-as estai]lished. Several inembers were
allp!linted tl:l cc!llecttke lnqmthly dues wl;lile ~lliei-s wcre selected
itt"ll'l;[ke thel"eli{ii;tselilleel-llill.~ t h e w o r k ; " " - .. -
• " " P h { ' - l n } e s i d e n t ;lif e a c h h wal organizatiimi is elet'teil b'v t h e
men.lliels, litlil the rules ~mtl lel4tilaticms which ape si)ni [6 a l l
eslablished units iif .this society, are lnade in Oadian. the hea/1-
qua,'te,'s. "File ineeiings are:called t,' order i,,---the loCai l,resi-
dent_ and each-nlember is rciluesteiI to r¢cite..verses from the
1Rlly-:(~ura.n. :iiOel:llS;:llassages froni val-ious holy books, and:to
r e a d a n y original articles thathav/e been written llv any ~f the
women. N e w idi}as lln hmv t,;:i enlai-~e the.{'ircle [ i f e~lilcati0n
. .. . : -

amonu, women are also often discussed. The club maintains ;t

large libr~uv ~¢h~ch-cimt.ains many. religious and academic
books fiw the purl)oSe of-enablin.~ adolese~znt girls t¢~ prepare
for their degrees; ./.
A fter~th6 Imsmess meetinK the a tiention i.s. directed to th('
handiwcnk. The intel~est in this work has been greatly stimu-
lated and the results have been amazing. Sewing. knitting, eni-
broidering, ~r~)cfi~'t-ing,/-am~ s i)inning are taughtl to all lneml)ers
1)y-COml)etent instructors. I~.verv i)Cl"SOn,however, is freely per-
mitted to specialize in any" tb{pe of work She desires~ Those wire
are interes.ted in sewing produce all kinds ~f costumes, linens.
and fancy sewing. Many memhers firefer the dollm;ikin'K de-
partment. They make maKnificenl dolls which t h e y (lress in
I)eauliful sai'ies and varjous other costumes tiaai al-C typical ol]
India. q;hc dolls are s~J cleverly'/modelcd that everyone.admires
diem and the chihh-en are }!elighted to plax~ with them,
The Women;who are interested in kn(tiing fashion brig'ht
attractive garments as well as decorative articles for ihe honle..
At the end of the year tht~v~have a colorful display ~f unique
baby suitsi iitile d]'esseS aiid lionnet:s as well as ~in ;trray~of
scarves a n d a fg-hans/. . . . . .
The embr0iderinK-:del~arlment is ahvavs vci-v intercstin.~.
The women .vie/w-ilh o n e another :to work:intricate designs.
hoth with l)eails anil varie~a.tecl Colored tlaread's:0n black Velvet
rihhon. Thi,s trimming is used to dectwate the. sarles w h i c h are
,~enerallv w o r n throuKhout India lW women of'all creeds. "File
veil Wl~ich fi,,'ms a l,aft[of the .Moslem w,,nmn's dress is often
trimnled with ,black velx et iw else siime c~ther.~equallv decorative
horder. " "
l)ue to t h e t r a i n i n K encouraged by i Laina.. Crocheting-has
become;:a hi g ~hlv . . ,level~ 1 fed
. . .art
. . "the xv0me;1
• . . .niake
. . nianv
. . - Such:
articles as: liedspreads, curtains, :and dresses. I'Sv t h e older
Women a spiniaing" and we;iving division has:been, added. I--Iere
many l)ea:utifui rugs, lmskets,?bedSlweads, et:ceiera are made.
In the' Oadian chapter there is a blind woman wlli~ has woven
many rugs o f tmusual design: . •
Each year, a bazaar is held in Oadian for tile l)urpose of
displaying all the best handiwork Wlaich has been: made: dtlrhlg
the ~,'ea/" by all the chapters..i~ttention is also given to any
ei-eative work or a n y Other n~-~teworthV acconal)lishnient WhiCil
I.aina has sponsored durilJgthe vlear. "f'hiS eXhibiti6n is ustiailv:

}w[(l I()r (hrce days (lurin.~" C h l = i s t n m s w e e k an~l m e m b e r s ~,f thi:

>,,cietv I'r()ln all .()ver lhe w()rhl a r e invite(l I(, a t l e n d . If the
' .~r,,Ul)S a r c not t o i ) far d i s t a n l . (lele~-ates a r e sent t(, s u p e r v i s e
lhc ~lib;l)lax:. ~)1" articles I'l"(illl the.h)cal ch,ll)ters; T h i s ()ccasion
i,tlifies ihc 7 vitr{(itlS Chitl)lers. ft)l'.tlie (lele.e.'ates take llack il, tlieir
h,,lnes new illcas, new ru e s o r a n y chitn~es in the reguhtti()ns
},( the- .%,ciely- w h k ' l i tt!e l e a d i n g oificials h£tve.decreed.
.\11 ()f lhe articles (in exhil)ili(in al:e f()l-sale. ()nlv w()nlen
" +1"Ill the Inllhlm.~
;tie" alhilillc " " " aiid they are ctl~trRed a sniall .fee.
~l\'hent, ver. {lit article is s(llil lhe llrcd]t '(ill.tl!C.. jtenl is R'iven t()
ihc l;;t ilia .%,cietv"x~ lille the.()i'i.~inal t'(isl 01" the :inalerial"is re-
iui'.,e(ll,, the ih)l"l()i"si; lhat she will 1.1eal)le h) iiuv. iliore nlate-
I'iii]"ii'l iHqler.lll t'()llliil.tlc' ]lel- W O l k . " "-
,- Ii .lllll.gl lie reineillllerell .ih;tt the ]al'~er llilr.tioll.01 i h 0
.l,i'l>lhs art, {]iSiriiiuied ;iii{oii~,- ihel)o()r: The cluli often lllellares
:, ,lhi,ier li, which the ol;i)lial'l chihireli itre invite, I] <'ind ihr(;ue:li-
,iut lhe Cear |liis"orR'mlizaii,m itt(c, lillits i(,;sui>l)lx- {:he local
-,)l: llhana.~e, wii h. ch ii h h i7. 1)t.dd hiff. and <it her necessai-V i-hhl~s.
Tll~" l.TtinTt Si,Ciet v i s n , i w : fi,u,~,l i|i all 1)ari.s ,l f {fie. w,.,rhl:
"Phi.;-w,;/-k i'.~ alqii ca~q-iC(i {,n .in.-SeX-erai-cilies , ; f . t h e [7'nite, I
Slates, ti;iillclv. ?('-hicaq<ii KalisJts: City. i'ittslJtirgh. Clevelan(I.
llldlitiia )l)lis; l+)avt~)n, and Y<)tin.~stown. Ill tliese cities the 'e(lu-
c:,lilm,tl W,:Trk is ,:eCC'i,:i,i~.C<,nsiilei-abh.,atic,,thm.
"l'lw iiie.iiilicrs al't.; taking" a k{'C:n hltere.~t in this win'k. Tliev
l;ay .lhcqr tnc)nthlv dues re,RulaliV; and i!1¢';," -Often 7shiny t h e i r
~i=aliitid{~ liv .in;tkiilff. {4aerit]CeS which arealili(ist lievond tl'ieit~
l)l)wei-..'kle0tingsare:held at (lefinirC. lilnes in lll'del-7 t0 .illlprove
•tlieir: W,,rk. T h e childreli W|ili a r e 1)r0q-ressii.i,~ ral)idlv a r e
" lallglii ti.)?read ,.\rai;iC ail(1 they-arC, a l s o givi~.n inst rtlCi((lii ili
lshiiiiic law. They iil;e 111)%1"al)ie t{)r'eche versc.'s from the-l-lillx-
()lil'ilil Vel'V w e l l ] : ::.::;: ": " ; :.-; :.'- .. :: "
• [.;till;t is fificeiivears i,hl. l m t l f it CiintiniieDt0.11rl-)a(ien the
actix'i/ics-f,wt he W{i~Tlcii:,~.f the futui-e; as Well its it. h a s d(me: for
31,)slcm, w~)nlen (; f t h i s ffenei-atiOn., i tl will t rulv ;fulfill .the n6i)le.
.liUrlil,se for wliiCh-.,it i{x:as 7iw.~anizcd... " IL.I??. i: i;-;,::.:

The Step,Mother Complex

By i
E l l e n D o v e r " " " " "

r stood in the City Zoo, idh" ~bserviilg the Stmdav visitors.

An adorable little live-year-old, S ( l u e e z i n g - h e r laddy s hand.
gazed into a lion's cage. I ler In'own eyes were full of fear.
T h e vicious animal paced back a n d f o r t h . Suddenly the: li,n
gave a hind roar. The chihl •grabbed her daddy '=s leg, both a r m s
clinging to, that sturdy refuge{ and I h e a r d ' h e r scared little
rome ask, I addv l)addv, is tlaat a stepmother,
M e m m v reverted t o my mvn protected childhood. To the
lm-elv mother w h o had lint ,he to bed each)fight, tucking soft
blankets under my chim pressing warm-lips t~:mine, her'hm'
voice m u r m u r in g "M other's bai)v-~--e~m- a n d w a r m - - sleep

Busy its she Was, sheahvi~ys laad time t~.J put a fl-6sh i:ed
rose on the kitchen table with my mid-afternoon glass of milk"
and she 0ften took a SlfiCy br0wn ginger-bread fi'~ml the oven
just at the time I came honie from school, h s tangy odor.pene-
trated the hallway; and. as I reached the kitC!len d~)or she'd
• " " Ginger-bread
.... , is 1)ettef w h e n " 11 ~ IS
" warm. 1 . 6 t ' s have a
piece, With some lmtter." . . . . . -

She was ~Tathdr a firm liers~m though,-witli a sense ol" jusl

discipline. 1 rememl)er the day she took me by the a l ' l i l and led
me, kicking=and crvillg, into lhe Jm!kins' lmme, where ~,e both
stoodbcfin'e 31rs. Jenkins. Mother's cahn voicedid not falier,
and her quiet words shamed ine into silence: " I ' m son'v, Mrs.
Jenkins, thai F.llen took y o u r eggs. BUt she has In-ought yc)u.
twenty cents from hei" tin bank to pay for them. And she will
wash your back fence--it realh- is a mess w h e r e she and Jim-
,nv Abbott t h r e w the C.~ -,~,~
.%.. "

And she was rather dil~lomatic sureh- : f o r When. at ti ftcen, ]
I slipped out through the window and {~;ent tu.ihe Melbou{nc
dance, which Igaiherhad forbidden, it Was laer Wisdom that pi-'e-
vented a tragic crisis. I overheard h e r s a y , t o t : a t h e r i " B u t
Ellen is t o o m a t u r e t o Whip. Use yot.w h e a d " lZather: finally

i n , m o u n t e d my. l m n i s h m e n t . ~ )u are not to .,,to to a show for

tu(~ m(mths. Is that u n d e r s t o o d ?"
es. F a t h e r . "
" A n d if ] h e a l i d y't)ui: g o i n g to one, I'll '"
But M o t h e r ' s w(wds 1)rokc into his threat. "l:.llen is o n h e r
h!mor, a n d h e r h o n o r can i)e relied tli)on. She g a v e VOU h e r
i w,mfise t o o b e y i!l t h i s : :.<,he will l<eep h e r lwonaise. '~"
; \ n d I did.
l . o o k i n g t h r o u ~ l i t h o s e ir~,n b a r s . . a t t h e s n a r l i n g lion,
an,l i'ealizing t h a t I was seeing t h e r e one chl d s conception ol
a s t e l m l o t h e r , a q u e e r s e n s e of q u e s t i o n i n g " t l a s h e d o v e r m e
--because t h e beloved mother, w h o s e m e m o r i e s I: recalled,
was not m y o w n m o t h e r - - s h e w a s m y step-mother.
My astotfishmen-t, at this ch!hl. • 's Conception. w a s e m p h a -
sized w]aen a g r a c i o u s lady joined the y o u n g s t e r a n d h e r daddy.
The chiM eagerly took .the lady's h a n d . j a b b e r i n g " M u m m v .
.Xlm.mny. w e f e d t : h e monkey.'" ~
• A n d I r e a l i z e d t h a t t h e fantastic picture of a step.
mother did not come f r o m t h e child's personal experience.
W h a t then, Was the source o f the distorted conception?
What-is in the background of a n y child's m e n t a l picture of
a step'-mother ?
T h e build-up probably lies largely in the stories, the
funnies, the m o v i e s w h i c h we grown:ups use to entertain
our tots . . . . .
When• we tell t h e m a story, and i n t r o d u c e an ogre., don't
.we o f t e n m a k e t h a t o g r e a toothless h a g of a step-mother?
i And w h e n we see a movie w i t h an u g l y old witch, quite likely
the witch is also a step-mother. M a n y o f o u r otherwise
beautiful stories introduce the villainess as a wicked step-
mother, plotting to put poison into the candy. :
" A n d whc~ 0f us does n~Jt lltlllClllale (till" c o n v e r s a t i o n wi!h
such a.~e-<~hl r e m a r k s a.~ " < h e t r e a t s h i m like ,~ step-child.
J u s t a little ridicuhms, isn't it. t h a t w e c a n , t be m o r e
,riginal ~ A n d t h a t we, so u n t h i n k i n g l y , lmild within otiF chil-
di-en s u c h al~surd c o n c e p t i o n s ? Because these C o n c e p t i o n s d 0
:prodtice a d v e r s e - p s y c h o l 0 g i c a l reactions. R e a c t i o n s t h a t m a y
potentially i n j u r e o u r mvn chidren. • .
\ V h a t . do you SUl~pose. wotfld b e the r e a c t i o n o f t h a t Sweet
chihl xvho l o o k e d u p o n the li0ni i f a f e w v/~ars later, she were to

have a SlClHll~Jlher.? ('an't von.in!a.~inc .htu" fear. her menial

4h't.ac].her eni~Jli~Jna]upsc!- IN'especlive of h ~ w excellent a
m m h c r lhc step-nl.lher mi~'ht be..lhe chihl w~,uld, have roan'a"
c~1111iclin.~ rUacli.ns as a carrv-.vev fi-.m her llabxqic~.~lini-
lWeSsi-ns, lCeactic~ns tlutl c~u[,'l c;inse h e r Ic, lie r e.~,ni.ful: and
mGJudent. I,~eacti~ns l|l;tl nli/h!-lwe;~-em h.er ever ad.instin~
t~, tile itew rbl,'tti,nslail~. . . . . ..
: ¢)r .,s.'Ul,l,ilSethat ,,he ,,f/h~.'r future lllavmates has a step-
m,,Iher., lma.~'ine the inll,Vcssil,ns she w0nhl tr;tn~mh ii, .their
nnllu;tl Q'iends-.-I~, lhe -elill);ll'l';ts.';lli~.'li[ 4ii" delrimelit . ~ 1 lhi:
l,]a.x m;ue. \Vhisl~erings. lh:it t)tiCil S(.'t ;l step-claihl allart .fr.n
her gTOUll ;iS h~.~h!.~"'ili "l~el'eni':: llct-;tnse s h e is Iinder lhe sup.
1 . , s e d l v me;tit lic'~h.'dl ~ f H.,Slt"ll~ill(;lhcl" ISll'[ h rather :t ci'ucl
/ y "

in.iusll¢c I~,r chihh'e~.wh,, hitve's.lelHni~lhersl~ ft.el ilacm.~eivcs~

,,bjects ~,1 lhis llcculi;tr ilh.v? \Vhal mu.si it dt;.l~l lheir lWide
;tll~] sell'~-i-CSllt.t-I-:" - • ... . ...
.\1i~1 II'ic. s(;urcel (,1" this "seltill,.~ ;t]);lrl" usu;dl.v :lies hi
n~flhh]~" m~n'e lan.~illh, illD.n llle llnihlqG~--h.f S l C l H n m h e r . p l - ~ l l -
a~:~lld;i. 1! is sclH~,~ilb;ise~l . n I'aci. " " ' "
I wcll rcmemhcr incidcms i n / n v ~(x'n early life w h e n Such
• . . . ¢

l~uihl-ul~S c~uhl have Iw~uRllt phil~ul results. :1 remC' llliei" wllell.

.\uilt l'leltx', in h e r well meanin.~ wax:. [.(~()l~.me ~n llcr knee 16
"qwcal,: the n ew~;': :is. she cfille~i~il 'd,h~"-wi ied' le~tr~ from her
kn,ldh- bluel eves. on lhe c~l'ilc't- ~.'-.her st'i ff whitc-.allri~m as she
said..,"sf~lu lliltlr;cl!ihl. Ne~xl x,,.c'el¢-;mtflher w0m.an is c~lmilig
I¢., la[,:ex:~m-ln¢~ther':s iflzice, h'iju m u s t . m i n d h e r , and treatTher
well. N¢,w lel',s ~-,-~;m,l p;tel¢ a~v;iyy,~in-:m,~lilef's .~~,il dishes.
s . she w~ln'l he I~re;ikin" t|iem up.'" l)e:n'. Aunt l,ctlv'" never
realized ilie in~.-i,nsistencv ~f l~e.r::xx:in'd.~.-nor the ic.lfllictin~
wonder they a n , u s e d i n m)-childi~;h nlind. :1 Wish .\t.mt Be-I!x
mi~hl h;~;e lived t . see lhe e.xcellcnt m - t h e r . t h i s "'other w0-
man". l)riived. I li)l.)~i..lhe ki'ndni:.~S.~ff-her intelli~em unddrStan(l-
in~' and lhc. c;u-e wHh which she preser-ved"mv i)wi~ m o l h c r s
1)ers()nal treasures lhal lmi.e,'h! have lhem laterin life.- l wish
l()() t h a i L\unt llel'lv mi.~'llt have ()vcrhear(I Wh;t[ nlv n e w
n l ( ) t h e l s a i d h ) m e ~)n,lc xxctl..s I,tiel ,ll|cl ~ ~ ,)
li~w. had used tluise.,s;uue- xv~rds-. ."Takin--,.s x'~ltn m~it her'.~., i,~F,<, .....,_."
'~he said l.l~lil~hig-in ~I vs.;.~hher's presence, but .lh;t[ ni.~hl a:ftec
re~tdhi~" Inv 1)edth{ie si~li'v she siiid sh~Wlv 71~nllserlclilslx .... I']ilon~
wheii tliilsiders sitv/thili,.c-s like .~[rs.7;tliei" nli~illi~lnt~d ,i~ld{iv;
• T H E M O S L E M S U N R I S E 2 9

,tl,(JUl my t a k i n g you!" n . ) t h c r ' s place d ( ) y ( ) u think that you and

-.l ran h e l p each o t h e r , an(I disre.~ar(I t h e m ]'. Y o u see. dear. M rs.
..<:d)eb fias a wr(m.~ .i(lca al)oul that: I ' m n o t t a k i n K y o u r
m,)lher's l)lacc : | ' m jusL iilling my oWn.l)lai:e. N() one else will
cvci;, lake y o u r mc)ther's l)laee---nq,r v~)ur (laddv~s t)lace: N o one
else xx'ill e(~er iak~ y o u r ldaCe, n o r m~:placc: .1)e\rause no one else
ever.lal~eg, another's-place, lr.achpcrs~m -c~.l.ii fill o n l + h e r o w n
lilace. Y o u r me)thee had h e r place, w h i c h s h e filled as h)tiR as
slle l i v e d . . \ n d ia(,w] n o o n e else cai) il)(,ssil)ly Iill it. YOu m u s t
rc(llelllber t h a t . . , \ n ( l (()u m u s t keep the (111t..nl()l'-V
• . . . . .= . . ). .
() f v()tlr m()tht r
, . *

cl!-)se: t() .v().u: l.hat i s the incest t h m ~ you ever can (I()---I()
c h e r i s h h e r . m e m o r y , aml the t]-easm-e she left Vt)u. I di) not
even walil_to, lake v()ur, m()lher's |)]ace~ ].-;A]en.; Y o u see [ h a v e
),v ();,vn l)lace in life. all(l it is m y ()wn i)lace t h a t I w i s h t o fill.
Y,,u see. d a d d y and I /m(l:vou ar~---m)W one family, in i)m-
ti0me :. a n d eacZh<if us has (]tn" ()wn l)la'cein Our. h o m e . - l)ad([v
has h i s n i c h e , . a s t h e father.-+ I ll+tx:e m y n + c h e a s t h e m o t h e r .
And v()u ha('e V()Ill- liit'llt': as <)tie chil(1---'" - • '
Nee(lless tO .~a:v . .l h. a t. h e r sense ()f juS/iCc.:her .g - e l l e l - ( l S l t V"
;,), F sin rei'fl v eglal)lished h e r scctirelv iil her ()wn- l)laCe .
; . . . . - • .

lhlI if my chihlh()oil c()nCel)tions had included it congh)m-

oration ()f s u c h iml)ressi(inS~,as, m a n y Chihlish m i n d s d() have,
,uathere d il',)m freiluent r e m a r k s ; sti)ries itnd m o v i e s l)orli-ay -
' iliK dra.~'on-lil,~e,S{el)-motllei's.- ] w(:)n(ler What w(iuhl h a v e 1)een
(.he O u t c o m e . IZx;en :my stel)-moi:her'S.~racious :at tit tide m i g h t
h a v e been tmavail:inq-) :'i[lid lhe .(ml('(ime miE-htlhavel)een nh)st
s "t i ' a . ~',i c ~ - - i ' O l " . Stel)~m()lher. ;tli(l f()l"
lilt_' , f()r m y
F;ttl e .
1 .1" " " . . . . . . . " "

: \Vhv is i( t h a l w e ehle]:s r(mlintie l().iml)ress this a g e - w o r n

nLvth Ul)()n ()ur chihlren ? : \ \ e reafize h()w es'sential it is f o r an_v
chihl, h a v i n ~ a stel)-m0th(Sr. It) accel)t -the hew relati()llshi I) in
, a h a r m o n i o u s m a n n e r ::and vet l)k- s6me :freaklshltrait in h m n a n
-i~atiire.. o u r o w n acii()ns r(~i(ier t h a t aCc(51)titnce inlli()ssil)li~ in
all t()() m a n y casesF ()in- o w n v&)¢tl.~ ar(z o f t e n conducive t() e()ii-
" " ~ " * " * :,k " " • " " " ' - " "

Ilic! w i t h i n - t i l e child s s e n s n ~ v e mlerl)retat~()ns. ( ) u r o w n at-

(iiuile creates, in | h e clfihlls mind: a s t e l ) - m 0 t h e r Complex:
I)o. w e l ) a S s thi.s l)rol)aq~anda on-1o ()ill- chihlren because . . . . .
~ye ()tirseives l!ave a similar:ct)ml)lex, in the 1)ackgrotmd o:f o u r
,)wn m i m l s , - a s :a'. earryLoVer f r o m ourehild~-!o(xl ? O r m a y b e
l-)ecaus(: such i)r(/l)aKanda niakes a g 0 0 d st()rv.? O r mavl)e~th'ere
hlrks ifi lhe b a c k g r o m ) d Of o u r motherht)()d a sort ()f iealot/sv

: 283809B

that l)ronq)ts us to g u a r d our l)osition a s m o t h e r s ? I s i t that

we c a n n o t bear t o thinl¢ tif o u r . o w n chihh-en, w h o m we have
given life a n d f()r wh(ml we toil and sltcrifice, as e v e r giving
to a n o t h e r - w o m a n a s t e p - m o t h e r their ol)edience, loyalty
an(l love? I)() we feel that wouhl he treas()h t() us its mothers.:
I)o we Seek .to l)uihl a wall ()f i)roiecti()n artimld o u r own I)OSi-
t ion, its n a t u r a l mothers, 1)y: t e a c h i n g o u r children this. subtle,
but vicious, prol)aganda: about stel)ymotl3crs ? Is it possible-that
sqch jeah)usy can 1)e behind ()ui:attitude ? If tcue. it is not v e r y
COml)limentarx" to the qualitv"of, t h e - m o t h e r h o 0 d which we
.~eek to l)rotec[ d o you think'?
W e admit .that"the spirit o f true motherhood is not re-
Stricted to those o f u s who bear children. True motherhood
is an attribute of the heart and personality of woman, Many-
women w h o bear no children have i t . S o m e w o m e n who bear
children are failures as mothers, just as .some step-mothers
are flops. N o doubt mothers of both types, step-mothers and
natural mothers,-fall into classifications--of good, Bad, and
indifferent-; and the percentage of good, bad; and indifferent
runs about equal among the Steps and the' Naturals. I be-
lieve, when we are honest as to the cause behind the failure of
many step-mothers, we must a d m i t that the fault is not al-
ways with the step-mother: T h e fault is just as likely to be
with the step-child. And when the fault does l i e with the
step-child;it is often because the child has absorbed the. trite
propaganda and developed a step-mother complex.
Perhal)s he) One ()f us. w h o aye laatural mothers, e v e r ex-
l)ect ol'l~ children t 9 h a v e a stel)-mother. \Ve s h r i n k f r o m .that
1)ossil)ility for m a n y rea.~)ns :~ and .l)acify i()ur:,;eh-es w i t h - t h e
(hought.lhatlsucla calamity will n e v e r hal)i)elr.lo t;s. But death
is just as likeh" to come to slF. i t S l o nly neighbor, A n ( l m v hus-
1)and would 1)e just as hell)lcss.-under such loss. as m;¢ neigh-
1)or's hushand. : \ n d v e s - - I must even .admit that he is hu:
man. too. just like otlaer.menl l l e w o t i l d naturally, i n t h e
~:ourseof time. I)e ju.~t its a n x i o u s l() have a n o t h e r h o m e and
w i f e - - a s o t h e r men are.
It is a c a l a m i t y for a n y c h i l d tO) lose a m o t h e r ; .I f mv Child
should meet Such calamit'v, t h a t within itself would he suflicient
loss for her to u n d e r g o . I f she should, later, 1)e incapable of
accei)ting a step-mother' s h e m i g h t have. t h a t would I)e a sec-
. - . . •

ond calamity.

~o I .~incerelv ])refei that m y Child's conception a n d train-

il~:;: i)e such as would detinitelv.. a i d h e r to m a k e a congenial
:tclmstment. undel Such C,)nditions. H e r h o m e w o u l d be m o r e
1 • . . • -

sa,isfyin~, h e r life richer, if she could meet such-a s i t u a t i o n un-

;~/cai(l, c()urageously~ e v e n .~raciously~
B e l i e v i n g this. then w h y should I jeol)ardize t h a t l)otential
vclationshi I) 1)y 1)ugal)oos that wr)uld l)()ison m y l c h i i d ' s helief
, m d . t / t i l u d e a b o u t StelHnotliers? -
- . )~

M y o w n child ." hal)lfiness w()uld i)e m o r e complete, h e r

life m(,re nearly n o r m a l , if she c()uhl give t() h e r new m()ther
illc s a m e affection a n d c o n s i d e r a t i o n ; the s a m e alle~iance a n d
• h,vali'v'that she gives to ine~. ; \ n d the fact t h a t she couhl .~ive
s,, m u c h to a stel)-mother Wt)uhl detract not one w h i t f r o m all
.,hc'mi.~ht feel for me.
S u r e l y t h e g r e a t e s t p r i v i l e g e of a l l m o t h e r h o o d is t o de-
v e l o p . t h e child t o t h e fulIe.st d e g r e e ; and, if d e a t h s h o u l d pre-
vent m y fulfilling t h a t task, I s h o u l d r i g h t l y feel a d e e p g r a t -
itude t o a n o t h e r w o m a n w h o m i g h t c o m p l e t e it. H e r t a s k
w o u l d n o t be easy. S h e w o u l d of n e c e s s i t y be a g e n e r o u s per-
son: o t h e r w i s e s h e w o u l d n o t t a k e u p o n h e r s e l f t h e sacrifices
t h a t isuch a t a s k d e m a n d s . S h e w o u l d .l)r()l)ahly be an u n s e l -
fish. 1)ecs()n " else w h y wc)uld s h e ,~ive L)f hei~self t,) a n ( ) t h e r
w,,mafi's chihl : S h e ~nig-ht e v e n b e a o-0()(1 Sl)ort. m a y b e : else
why w , ) u l d she place h e r s e l f in s() l)recarious a 1)t)siti-n.
N() (l()uht S h e w o u l d n e e d - ~ t o do h e r task with h o n o r
,~ is a s i t u a t i o n . f r e e f r o m l)reconceived l)re~iudice and a child
wtiose open milid ha(l not absorl)ed the stel)-mother complex.
In short, just a,.~ood break. W h y not give it-to h e r ? - - ( T a l e e n
t'r,m The. Ar.o~,eml)cr 1940 issuc of "'I'ou amI l'our ChUd).

Preparedness A Means for'iMaintenance of Peace

Islam emphasises the importance o f preparedness-for war as a
means for the maintenance of peace. So long as diverse governments
exist in the world there willalways be apprehension of war. Unless
yotr:are fully prepared for self-defence, a perfidious enemy may, tak-
ing advantage of your weakness and unpreparedness, be tempted to
attack you. So, Islam dos not allow a Moslem ~.State tO Offer tempta-
tion to other nations to make war upon it, relying upon its neglected
defences. A Moslem nation must therefore ever be fully prepared for
Ahmadiyyat or The True Islam
Published in 1924.

Calendar of-the War-

. .+ • -

1939 . :\'o~'. 22-1h','. 8 - 7 ( ; r c e k s

. capture K.-
Xcpt. I-: < ~ e r , . ; m y i n c a d 6 ~ I . ' . h u u t . " r i t z a . P . r t o F . d d a . a n d . Ar~yr< k a s t r , i
I .. from retrcatim( Italians.
N,'pt. 3-~Chaml)erlai!~: and l);dadiel . . . . :~
:llllltlllllC(" tl~ciu" n a t i , m s a r c a t W a r w i t h - D c i ' . 9 2 ] - - B r i t i s h o t T c n s i v c . ] dx-i'/'c~
(~ertll;/n~ °. . : •.. Italian++ , m r , , f E g- v. p t . i n t , I .. i b v a .

.'i,'l't. 17 R u s s i a i n v a d c s ' P o l a f i d . . " +. - " " ' i -+ " " "

.,'[!rt+ 27-:lh;l;m,lsu ienders-u,W.n- " "
,liti.m,llv. " : :-." " + " . '.: ~ " .l+,J.'5-F,:b..'(+~-l]'ritisl]takd .Iktrdi:t.
.\'++~ .ltl.+ll,..,-h13~ J<J41)-~.l,tus~,,+lqn- I,?l~ruk..!)eFn;F-;,nd '!!opgas~...
,,ish-war. ". .. - : ':" + .:.. i:: . .l,n+]" l l ~ - ; ~ k ; ( m a n ~ . S t u k a s ; i , I It: Ix"
•. -.': " :" : " . +- '? .! + . i n M e i l i t e ~ - t - ~ n ' e a n . . : ; : ].-.. . -
" ...... : : '19,10'* "" ~!~ ' " 'i .:" J a ~ t ] 2 i ) ' H i t . l c r ~ m i t l *lus..,di iimvcf

." -
-- .+.1'
" +7- -~~'+2C .. s.l +; ;.t .; . f. . + . i~;.]-,]12~
:• fi',(:tl;i:ir' tiftil w - *h - ' ( i "
t m:ii" " "

J ) ~ J l l t l l a F k . and'-~orw-ii~
:++ <-'.
+ -~.~llie)+ w i t i ; : - "
+'* ," .+-. "
+ +~:/, :+ , i - +
I'I" + l.t:---l'l;|ll¢'ll
b _ .:+-.-::
+.-: ++: ::
l]llurs Wllll
-:.. +lllls +
d r a w ~l.[tel'+lln.gtlt~¢e~,Sflll I n t e r v e t l t i,IL .+ +lini +;+.tl i , ; . t . , ; , - : " - ....
• .llav tlI-Junc 2~G+2l-manv: 0 . , ; e r i - u n ~ " ,~ ;+...+ ~-, .,~+i . . . . : L / :: ] ."
~+ "~ "" " "~ t+" "~ " : ¢ r." ~ : • "" . , l*t't~. 14--llltl+.'1" t'iilllt'l"; Wltl! I ll",t-
' l'+l~Igllltll "tiIL'',-~,~tnl?rl~llltlg' ~IIRI IAt X+~ + ' r~ "+ - +- + v + • '~'
• " " • . ~ ~'e" + r ] ~I;|$" • rt+llllCr at I,L'I+L'II[L'S+~;I{IL'II. • -
• t'llll)OU1+~ Sl)+tt (lele,'tts.+Hltll'-
-,m ~ 111 + . . . . . • ,- . ++ . , ' .~- . '

' f i f t h s : ~,t" I H Z + F is .+ e+fict,at~'d l'r/,m : 1:,.1,]

I+J-iSL-LAS "l~recat,ti<:m -i,.a+ +.t
• :: - . . + • .... - .lal}anese attaclL-Allsti';tlian.tro, q~+ ; t l t '
" .d l t l l+i " " ' , . , . ,' . . " .... - .
IU-- :1(~ I~." t + llOI "~" " XV;II" ++l~;lln.~l -
s e n t t4) Sin",'il)h,,re--;i:;d"';u;pr/+'wlw"
• ~. .t,.,~ , +. , + . • ~*
-. ,,,+ - • " ' It" "t "il'O Itllllt+d ' . "

J:otf 1 4 - 2 4 + - - ( ; c r n t a n s ++CUp+" l J a r i s ." .+l:,'l,:17++-+Turkey :a Itt ltulgayia ;m-

I c. l.a.m. . " . 1 ~-+ I t Y l I l I ( ~"F i I I l d ": I ' l"' ; l l l t ' ¢ "
|+¢CI~IIIL'S n m ~.c i : l' r~Ct f . f r i e m. l ~:h i l ~ • .:- . .

at-cbpis Gehnanand .
. I t a l i a n - r m i q i c. ," . . . +.

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What is Islam?
Islam is the religion which is wrongly tailed Mohammedanism
1. Islam means:
(1) Peace~
(2.) Resignation .
The sig'nificance of the name Islana is the attainment of a l i f e of
perfect peace, and eternal happiness through complete resignation to
the Will of God.
2. Absolutely uncompromising monotheism is the central teaching
of Islam. "La-Ilaha,. Illailah l~Iuhammadur-RasuluUa." "There i s none
worthy of worship but one and the only God (Allah), who possesses all
excellences, and Muhammad is His propheL" This is the most important
doctrine of Islam..Furthermore, Islam helps us to establish a perma-
nent relationship with God and to realize Him during our earthly life
as our Helper in all our affairs and undertakings.
3. Islam requires belief in all the prophets and spiritual guides in-
cluding Abraham, Moses, Jesus, Krishna, Budha and Confucius. Islam
represents the completion o f the mission of all the prophets from the
earliest dawn o f history: that in fact all the prophets of God came with
one and the same mission. Thus Islam establishes peace between all
4. The Quran, the Moslem Scripture---the w o r d o f God w a s re-
~;ealed to :the Master-prophet l~fuhammad over thirteen hundred years
ago and has been preserved intact without t h e slightest change. There
are millions and millions of Moslems.who know the whole Book by
heart. It is an inexhaustible mine of spiritual truths which satisfy the
needs of all peoples of all countrieS.
5. T h e establishment of truedemocracy, and Universal brotherhood
without a n y discrimination of caste, creed, colou/" o r country is the
unique and unrivalled distinction o f Islam, Islam has not only propounded
but fulfilled and realized the splendid principles of democracy in t h e
actual life and action o f human society.
6. Following are a few Of the specific peculiarities of Islam:
(a) Liberation of women by establishing the equality of both sexes.
" :safe-guardlng their rights and liberties and raising their status.
(b) Absolute veto on all intoxicants.
(c) Solution of economic problems.
(d) T h e furnlshln.g of humanity with the noblest practical ethics.
(e) The promotion of science and education.
7. Following are some of the obligatory, duties of Islam:
(a) Daily prayers.
(b) Fasting in the month of Ramadan.
(e) Fixed almsglving and charity.
(d) Pilgrimage once in one's lifetlme,.provided circumstances allow.
8. According to Islam life after death is the continuation of l i f e
on earth. Heaven and H e l l b e g i n right f r o m here. Heaven is eternal
an~i eVerlastin.~, while Hell is only temporary. Hell is as a hospital
treatment f o r ' t h e htiman soul which, as soon a s it iS cured, goes to
Heaven. Heaven is the attainment of a llfe of eveHasfin~ progress a n d
complete j'oy and: happiness through union with..G°d and by the develop-
ment of the fine spiritual qualities and the lmhma.ed capacities that have
been implanted in man.
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Islam, Arabic and Persian

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The Muslim Prayer Book.. .50

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Extracts from the Holy Q u r a n and the Sayings of the

HolyPr0phet Muhammad.... ................. 1.25
Muhammad, the Liberator-of Women . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 25
,, - . .

The T o m b Of JeSus.. .15

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