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SK Malaybalay and LYDC Meeting

Officers Only
July 14, 2018
Liga ng Barangay, Malaybalay City, Bukidnon

UN aligned: Safe Space

- UN description of safe space. Safe space, main point is that youth not to be intimidated by
the society. Subdivided into three: civic, public and digital.
- Focused on social inclusion especially on ethnicity.

Suggested theme from LYDO:

“Safe Space for Youth: Space for Environmental and Cultural Revolution”

Theme Suggestion/Discussion:

1. Accepting the youth role in the changes of country

2. Malaybalay is a city within the forest. Youth in the city must be proactive in the preservation of
the environment
3. LYDO to map Malaybalay online

Agreed Theme:

“Safe Space for Youth: Environmental and Cultural Revolution”

Program Flow:

1. Keynote Speakers:
a. (Tentative) Malcolm Flores, but open for suggestions, depende sa availability ni Malcolm
2. Intermission Number:
a. Youth Fest 2017 champion (From an IP school: IP band and IP dances) Luyongan IP
3. Activity (Part II)
a. Suggested activities outside freedom park:
i. Tree planting (task given to schools to plant within the nearest forest). To
coordinate with DepEd. Role of SK is to facilitate the district schools joining the
activity, SK to document the activity. Video documentation to present in Aug 12.
b. Competitions:
i. A person may submit to any or all of the competitions
ii. Corner activities:
1. Soil-painting clinic
2. Face painting clinic
3. Tribal dance clinic
4. Photo booth c/o devcom
5. Unified booth for all districts (to be taken up by the SK)
iii. Mechanics of the competitions:
a. Campaign video: 2-3 minutes, to create screening committee and create
video technicalities (aspects and quality). Submit story line and story board
b. Campaign poster making: materials to be shouldered by the participants.
Use ¼ size illustration board, oil pastels, length is 2hrs, one (1) participant
per barangay
c. Campaign Short Jingle: focused on the advocacy, 3-5 minutes jingle, with
may or may not have a musical background. Criteria: 30% originality
d. Campaign Plan: output is hardcopy. Identify thematic areas under
environment and culture. Environment (Pollution, preservation and
conservation) culture: (awareness and sensitivity, inclusiveness,
a. Size: A4
b. Packaged in short folder
c. Font: Times New Roman, 12’
d. Table of Contents: single-page
e. Sequencing: plan, video, poster making, jingle
f. If questions arise, may call the participants
g. All entries i-screen
h. Screening Committee- Xtus
i. Communications and Promotions- Barangay
j. Sponsorship – Tatay
k. Secretariat (attendance, certi)- BukSU-USG
l. Documentation- CYDC
m. Parade in-charge, Facilitate sa program flow and floor plan- SIC
n. Emcee- Pama and Pipong
o. Hall Prep- Gugma
p. Technical- Xtus
q. Program Director (overall)- SK Fed (note: clean as you go ang values)
r. Polo shirt – for the TWG only
s. Food- Religious and Frat/Sor
t. Marshalls- MATI Student Affairs
u. Medics – REACT, CDMU

iv. Parade prizes – 5k, 3k, 2k

v. Parade judge: Ganly and team
vi. Campaign plan prizes: 5k, 3k, 2k
vii. Prizes for the most: 3k
Program Flow

Estimated Time Activity In-charge

Part I (Opening)
6:00 Assembly Parade
-8:00 AM Presentation of Participants
8:01- 8:16AM Mass Dance Luyongan IP School
(Hulaw-hulaw Song)
8:17- 8: 27 AM Opening Preliminaries
Invocation PWD Malaybalay
Pambansang Awit PWD Malaybalay
Bukidnon Hymn BNHS
(Binukid Version)
8:28-8:33 AM Opening Remarks SK Fed President
Hon. Dave Julian A.
Balore (Brgy. Mapulo)
8:34-8:44 AM Video Presentation
(SK Chairman
8:45- 8:50 AM Short Message Tatay
sir meong
8:51- 9:06 AM Intermission Number Luyongan IP School
9:07- 9:37 AM Key Note Address
9:38 AM- 9: 48 AM Creative Modern SK Chairmen per
Dance district
12:00 nn Lunch Break
Part II (Simultaneous Events)
10:25 AM
Competition Campaign Video
Campaign Poster
Campaign Jingle
Campaign Plan
Sideline Events Soil Painting
Face Painting
Cultural Dance Clinic
Photo Exhibit CYDC
Booth by district SK
Activity outside Tree Planting/Clean- Schools per district
Freedom Park up Dive video
Part III (Closing)
5:00 PM
Kabataan Song
-Campaign Video
-Campaign Poster
-Campaign Jingle
Closing Message LYDC
Dante A. Damit
BukSU-SSC President