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Telecommunication & Networking Training Course

Telecom Scope :

India's telecommunication network is the second largest in the world by number of telephone
users & Internet user-base. As per Microsoft report India will emerge as a leading player in the
virtual world by having 700 million internet users of the 4.7 billion global users by 2025. The Indian
telecom sector is expected to witness fast growth in the next few years. The Government of India
also plans to auction the 5G spectrum in bands like 3,300 MHz and 3,400 MHz to promote initiatives
like Internet of Things (IoT), machine-to-machine communications, instant high definition video
transfer as well as its Smart Cities initiative.
According to London-based telecom trade body GSMA, the telecom sector accounted for 6.5% of
India's GDP in 2015 and supported direct employment for 2.2 million people in the country. GSMA
estimates telecom sector will contribute 14.5 lakh cr. to the economy and support 3 million direct
jobs and 2 million indirect jobs by 2020. People, corporations and governments are actively seeking
telecom professionals with in-depth knowledge to design, manage and secure networks and
telecommunications systems.

What We Provide :

We at Procognition: C-DET (Center for Development in Engineering &

Technology) provide Procognition Certified Telecom Professional (PCTP) a JOB oriented Telecom
Training Course and will allow you to gain the proficient skills and knowledge to be an Expert in
global telecommunications field. These programs have provided employment opportunities to
thousands of graduates across India. The courses are Industry endorsed designed and updated
constantly after understanding the needs of the industry. Industry experts contribute towards
building this syllabus, so that students are technically qualified & prepared to face the actual Job
requirements from the very beginning of their telecom career.

Job Opportunities For Fresher`s:

❯ Network Administrator / Engineer
❯ RF Engineer
❯ Drive Test Engineer
❯ NOC Engineer
❯ Customer Support Engineer
❯ Telecom Operations & Maintenance Engineer Telecom
❯ Infrastructure Installation & maintenance Engineer
❯ Telecom Network Planning & Optimization
❯ Telecom Transmission Network
❯ System Engineer

Course Content :
Module I :
Transmission Fundamentals -
■ Multiplexing Technique
■ Multiple Access Techniques
■ Coding Theory
■ Intro To Digital Switching
■ SS7
■ Transmission Media
■ Optical Fiber Communication
■ Optical Splicing
■ Optical Testing & Measurement
■ Basics of WDM
■ DWDM & CWDM Architecture
■ FTTH & PON Technology

Module II :
Mobile Communication Components
And Maintenance -
■ Antenna Basics
■ Components
■ Mobile Identities
■ Call Roaming and Processing
■ Drive Test

Module III :
Networking -
■ Network Models
■ Network Cabling
■ Network Components
■ Network Topologies & Types
■ Networking Protocols For Communication
■ Internet Protocols
■ Router
■ Switch
■ Access Control List
■ Network Address Translator
■ WAN Technologies
■ Virtual Private Network

Eligibility -
■ Engineering Graduates(Electronics & Telecom)
■ Engineering Diplomas(Electronics & Telecom)
Duration -
■ 3 Months

Interview Techniques -
■ Softskill Training & Grooming
■ Resume Writing
■ Technical Aptitude
■ Group Discussion & Mock Interview.