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This test is due on July 23 before 1 PM. Please email me your exam at famunir37@gmail.com. You
may work with 2-3 partners. Answer every question carefully, using complete sentences. Remember
to use your own words (not just the words from the documentary).
Example: What does George think about cars?
Good answer: George likes cars and thinks they are a great way to have fun
Not a Good answer: I love cars so much! They’re so much fun!
The questions on the exam are from the youtube video: Trip to Uzbekistan, part 2.

In this video, a tourist visits the city of Bukhara (in the country of Uzbekistan). He is accompanied
by an Uzbek guide.
Zoroastrian: ancient religion
Genghis (“Chinggis”) Khan: an ancient conqueror who conquered many parts of Asia
Oasis: a fertile place in the desert where water is found.

1. T F Bukhara is a new city

2. How many architectural monuments are in Bukhara?
3. Why are there so many ponds/pools in Bukhara? Can you swim in them?
4. What does “Bukhara” mean?
5. What is something interesting about the Ismail Samani Mausoleum?
6. What does “kalon” mean? How tall is the kalon minaret?
7. How many buildings are in the Poi-kalon complex? What are they?
8. Why did Genghis Khan not destroy the kalon minaret?
9. Why was the minaret helpful for travelers?
10. What is the best month for buying exotic fruit?
11. What are the three fruits of Paradise?
12. What fruits does the tourist eat?
13. He says the tomatoes are “pure _____”
14. What are the ingredients of pilaf?
15. What is the last step in making pilaf?
16. How long does it take to cook pilaf?
17. What kind of craftwork is Bukhara famous for?
18. What natural materials are used to dye the silk carpets?
19. What is the benefit of using natural dyes?
20. How thin are the silk threads?
21. T F The patterns on the carpets are modern
22. If a girl ______ to weave one ______ she needs to ____ it? Why?
23. How are the girls paid?
24. The carpets seem to change ________ when you look at them from different _______.
25. Who do they find in the middle of the Lyabi Khauz Ensemble? Is he a real person?

Discussion Questions
1. What fruit would you like to buy from the Bukhara bazaar? Why?

2. What is the most interesting thing you learned about Bukhara?

3. Would it be easy to cook pilaf in your home? Why or why not?

Extra Credit/Tambahan Nilai (these questions involve independent research)

What is another famous person from Bukhara (not mentioned in the video)?
What is an interesting fact about Bukhara (not mentioned in the video)?