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MARCH 2018



Catherine Harris and Frederick W. Kagan

Catherine Harris and Frederick W. Kagan


Cover: A soldier in one of the Russian tanks
approaching the Russian border holds their
national flag as they drive through the northern
part of breakaway South Ossetia August 24, 2008.
REUTERS/Denis Sinyakov (GEORGIA)
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Catherine Harris is a Research Analyst on the Russia and Ukraine portfolio at the Institute for the Study of War (ISW).
Her work focuses on the Kremlin’s global objectives, military capabilities, and ongoing campaigns. She is a graduate
of the Hertog War Studies Program. Catherine holds a B.A. in International Relations and Global Studies from the
University of Texas at Austin where she also studied the Russian language.
Frederick W. Kagan is the Robert H. Malott Chair and director of the Critical Threats Project at the American Enterprise
Institute. In 2009, he served in Kabul, Afghanistan on General Stanley McChrystal’s strategic assessment team. He
returned to Afghanistan in 2010, 2011, and 2012 to conduct research for Generals David Petraeus and John Allen. In
July 2011, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Admiral Mike Mullen awarded him the Distinguished Public Service
Award. Previously an associate professor of military history at West Point, Dr. Kagan has a Ph.D. in Russian and Soviet
military history.

The authors would like to thank the incredible combined ISW-CTP teams without whom this report would not have
been possible. We would like to extend our sincere appreciation to ISW President Dr. Kimberly Kagan for her endless
support. We are especially grateful to current and former ISW interns Sean Jones, Jack Ulses, Brad Hanlon, Oliver
Lopez-Gomez, Kirill Abramov, Will Chim and Charles Frattini III for their dedicated research and contribution to this
project. We would also like to thank ISW Development Director Nataliya Bugayova, the ISW Russia-Ukraine Team, and
former ISW analyst Kathleen Weinberger for their guidance, mentorship, and support. Finally, we would like to thank
the operations teams at ISW-CTP particularly Maseh Zarif, Lisa Suchy, Caitlin Forrest, Katie Donnelly, and Caroline
Goodson for helping us bring this report to light.


ISW is a non-partisan, non-profit, public policy research organization. ISW advances an informed understanding of
military affairs through reliable research, trusted analysis, and innovative education. ISW is committed to improving
the nation’s ability to execute military operations and respond to emerging threats in order to achieve U.S. strategic
The Critical Threats Project at the American Enterprise Institute equips policymakers, opinion leaders, and the military
and intelligence communities with detailed and objective open-source analysis of America’s current and emerging
national security challenges. Through daily monitoring, in-depth studies, graphic presentations, private briefings, and
public events, the project is a unique resource for those who need to fully understand the nuance and scale of threats to
America’s security to effectively develop and execute policy.

This order of battle reflects the intended structure and disposition of the Russian ground forces discernible from the
open source at the time of publication. The Kremlin is in the midst of restructuring some of its forces. Some of these
units are likely in an ongoing transition phase from a former unit name and echelon to the unit name and echelon
depicted in this order of battle. The authors developed this order of battle by using open source intelligence to confirm
the existence and locations of the Russian conventional ground force units. The authors focused research and analysis
on all combat units at the regiment-level echelon and larger, with the exception of a few significant battalion-level units.
The authors conducted extensive research to confirm the existence of all maneuver units using Russian and Ukrainian
media, individual social media accounts, and crowdsourcing platforms. All maneuver units are multi-sourced from
open source data. This order of battle does not include all combat support and combat service units in the Russian
ground forces. Some of the combat support and combat service support units in this order of battle do not have multiple
sources. These units are single-sourced from Milkavkaz.com. This order of battle does not include complete data on the
Russian Aerospace Forces, elite Airborne Troops, Special Forces (SPETSNAZ), Russian Navy, Strategic Rocket Forces,
or the National Guard of the Russian Federation.

Amended Acknowledgments on March 10, 2018.

ISW-CTP believes superior strategic insight derives from a fusion of traditional social science research and innovative
technological methods. ISW and CTP recognizes that the analyst of the future must be able to process a wide variety of
information, ranging from personal interviews and historical artifacts to high volume structured data. ISW and CTP
thank its technology partner, Praescient Analytics, for their support in this innovative endeavor. In particular, their
technology and implementation assistance has supported creating many maps and graphics.

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Catherine Harris and Frederick W. Kagan

U.S. leaders and their European allies are unprepared for the ways in which Putin is poised
to wage war in Ukraine and the Baltic. The Russian military is well-positioned to launch
a conventional war in Ukraine and a hybrid war in the Baltic States, the opposite of what
Western leaders seem to be expecting in each theater.
Western leaders are right to be concerned with the KEY FACTS:
threat of a Russian conventional invasion in the
Baltic region. Yet the Russian Armed Forces are much • The Kremlin has re-established multiple
division headquarters along the Russia-
better postured for rapid mechanized intervention
Ukraine border but has not restored any near
in Ukraine. Putin has positioned Russia’s ground
the Baltics
forces around Ukraine in ways which would enable
him to accelerate a conventional maneuver war • There are three mechanized divisions near
from the north and east with speed, if he desired. the Ukrainian border compared to just one
Their presence and capability also support Putin’s airborne division near the Baltic, which would
efforts to coerce and cajole Kyiv. not be optimal for large-scale mechanized
Western leaders are also right to focus on the
hybrid warfare tactics the Kremlin has used in • The Kremlin has deployed ground forces in
pairs of regiments co-located under division
Ukraine in the past, including the use of soldiers headquarters along separate-but-converging
out of uniform, disinformation campaigns, and lines of advance with well-secured rear areas,
the infiltration and commandeering of vigilante all within 50 miles of the Ukrainian border
groups. The Baltic States, however, are vulnerable
to these same tactics. Their vulnerabilities include a • Soviet and Russian maneuver warfare doctrine
disaffected Russian minority, Russia’s ever-present supports the pattern of deployments along the
cyber and information operations, and domestic Ukrainian border, but not along the Baltic
law enforcement and intelligence apparatuses States’ borders, for the conduct of rapid,
unprepared for large-scale destabilization. large-scale mechanized operations

U.S. leaders and American partners in Europe

• Russian military leadership, practice, and
ad hoc deployment along the Baltic borders
should re-evaluate Putin’s current military all suggest Putin is much more likely to
positioning and the weaknesses in Ukraine and pursue a hybrid approach in the Baltic over
the Baltic region that leave these states vulnerable a conventional mechanized invasion, but is
to various forms of attack. They must reconsider readier to conduct a conventional invasion of
what military and non-military tools are required Ukraine
to defend NATO allies and Ukraine against
potential Russian aggression in the likeliest forms
it could take. Western leaders must then compose
an approach to confront the multifarious threats
Russia poses in Europe.

MARCH 2018

U.S. leaders and their European allies are unprepared for the ways in which Putin is poised
to wage war in Ukraine and the Baltic. The Russian military is well-positioned to launch a
short-notice conventional war in Ukraine and a hybrid war in the Baltic States, the opposite
of what Western leaders seem to expect in each theater. NATO leaders increasingly warn of the
threat of a conventional invasion of the Baltic States (or even Western Europe).1 But Russian
ground forces are not deployed or organized to initiate a short-notice conventional war in
that region. They have, however, redeployed and reorganized since 2014 in a way that would
support a rapid mechanized invasion of Ukraine from both north and east, while remaining
well-prepared to conduct a hybrid warfare intervention in the Baltics similar to what they did
in Ukraine after the Maidan Revolution. The United States and its partners should re-evaluate
the most likely Russian courses of action and reconsider the mix of military and non-military
tools required to defend NATO allies and Ukraine from potential Russian aggression.
The current Western discourse about Russia’s Russia remains at war with Ukraine since it
conventional threat to NATO fails to consider illegally annexed Crimea and launched a hybrid-
the perspective of Russian military planners and war campaign to gain control of Eastern Ukraine
the broader Russian context. Several factors shape in 2014. Russia conducted an unconventional
current Russian military thought. Both President operation to seize and secure the strategic peninsula
Vladimir Putin and Chief of the Russian General of Crimea. This operation was a reaction to
Staff Valeriy Gerasimov prefer to use hybrid warfare the unexpected collapse of the government of
rather than conventional invasion to accomplish Russian puppet Viktor Yanukovych and the sudden
their aims because of the lower cost and lower risk exposure of the Russian naval base at Sevastopol
of escalation hybrid warfare offers. Gerasimov to a pro-Western Ukrainian government.3 Putin
published a well-known article in 2013 laying out this then deployed a combination of conventional
preference and approach, which the Russian military forces and special operators to Eastern Ukraine,
has practiced repeatedly since 2008.2 The ostensible having secured Crimea, to undo the results of the
justification for Russian intervention, moreover, is Maidan Revolution by means short of full-scale
the mistreatment of Russian co-nationals in former conventional war. This effort proved only partially
Soviet states — a justification that lends itself much successful. Russian proxies control a portion of
more naturally to pseudo-insurgency and hybrid eastern Ukraine. The Ukrainian government in
intervention than to direct invasion. Russia remains Kyiv remains weak and vulnerable, but is still in
at war with Ukraine, finally, and its military posture the hands of Ukrainians fighting to preserve their
shows how central that fact is to its leadership. independence from Moscow. This ongoing war
Approaching the examination of Russian intentions looms large in the eyes of the senior Russian military
from this framework casts doubt on the likelihood of leadership. Russia’s interests in Ukraine cannot be
a short-notice conventional invasion of the Baltics excluded from consideration in discussions about
in the short term, but instead highlights a number possible Russian threats to the Baltic States or the
of worrisome threats and trends for which NATO is rest of NATO.
not adequately preparing.


The deployment and organization of the Russian indicates that Russia identified problems with
ground forces presented in this order of battle the previous structure while commanding-and-
offers insight into how the General Staff is actually controlling forces in Ukraine and is implementing
thinking about and preparing for future war. improvements accordingly.8
The Soviet and Russian militaries have historically
placed great theoretical emphasis on the problems Gerasimov and Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu
of properly deploying and organizing forces before are reversing a series of reforms that had reduced
a conflict. Soviet military literature on the “initial Russia’s ability to conduct large scale warfare
period of war” is extensive, as is the Soviet corpus (either hybrid or conventional) in order to
of writing about correct organization of forces.4 save money. Russia inherited an unsustainable
Gerasimov was a tank officer by background and a Soviet military structure that manifested in the
graduate of the Armed Forces General Staff Military Russian Armed Forces poor performance in the
Academy (formerly the Frunze General Staff 2008 invasion of Georgia. The Kremlin deployed
Academy).5 It is inconceivable that he did not have a combination of elite airborne troops and
these theories and concerns drilled into him at an conventional ground, air, and naval forces across
early age and throughout his career. He has been the Russo-Georgian border to prevent Georgian
Chief of the General Staff since 2012, and has thus integration with the West.9 Russia subsequently
overseen all the reorganization and redeployment occupied South Ossetia and Abkhazia.10 These
that has occurred since that time. Those changes, operations demonstrated significant failures that
therefore, offer meaningful indications of included command-and-control mistakes and
Gerasimov’s views of the nature of the current and logistical catastrophes that served as the basis for
future wars Russia might have to a large-scale reform initiative.11
fight. The 2008 global economic
downturn also began to pressure
The Russian Armed Forces
Russia is testing new the Russian economy, fueling a
is attempting to transform asymmetric capabilities on desire for cost-savings through
itself into a capable military the Ukrainian battlefield reform of the bloated and
force optimized for large- inefficient Soviet-era military
scale combat as well as hybrid
and in Syria and structure.
warfare. Russian officers are subsequently incorporating
learning from experiences in Russian Defense Minister
them into conventional Anatoly Serdyukov introduced
Ukraine. They are cultivating the
ability to subsume irregular proxy force structures. comprehensive military
forces into Russian command- reforms during his 2008-
and-control structures in order 2012 tenure to address both
to augment the strength and impact of the Russian the weaknesses evident in the Georgian war
Armed Forces.6 Russia is testing new asymmetric and the financial challenges. The Serdyukov
capabilities on the Ukrainian battlefield and in reforms sought to transform the massive Soviet-
Syria and subsequently incorporating them into legacy military organization into an agile, combat-
conventional force structures. The Kremlin is
7 ready force able to mobilize quickly and deploy
simultaneously undertaking a significant effort to expeditionary forces.12 Serdyukov set out to decrease
reconfigure the Russian Armed Forces to improve the size of the Russian Armed Forces from 1.3
management and coordination of forces during million to 1 million by 2016 and reduce the officer
wartime. Russia recently resurrected division and cadre in order to decrease personnel expenses.13
corps echelons in the ground forces organizational He centralized the six preexisting strategic
structure in an effort to relieve Russian commanders commands into four joint strategic commands: the
of overwhelming responsibilities on a large-scale Western, Southern, Central, and Eastern Military
and fast-paced battlefield. This change likely Districts.14 He flattened the military hierarchy by

MARCH 2018

eliminating almost all division echelons in the ability to conduct major military operations.19 The
command structure.I He then rearranged Russian specific locations at which these headquarters were
combat forces into brigade-level units reporting re-established provide insight into the nature of
directly to an Army commander for the most the war the Russian military thought it would most
part.15 The Serdyukov Defense Ministry prioritized likely have to conduct. Unsurprisingly, divisions
the increase in the number of separate brigades to re-emerged on the Russia-Ukraine border as the
function as the primary tactical units.16 These units war with Ukraine has continued.20 It is noteworthy,
were organically equipped with sufficient combat on the other hand, that no ground forces division
support and combat service support elements headquarters was established in the near vicinity
to operate in combat without a higher echelon of the Baltics. It is very easy to over-read this
coordinating support. fact, of course, since the 76th Airborne Division
headquarters remains at Pskov. The posture of
Headquarters play a vital and under-appreciated the mechanized forces on the Baltic periphery,
role in the conduct of military operations. Often nevertheless, contrasts sharply with that of those
portrayed as useless “tail” taking money away from deployed along the Ukrainian border and deserves
valuable “tooth” in Western militaries, headquarters serious consideration.
can actually be the difference between effective
military operations and ugly defeats. A given military An order of battle can only provide by itself insight
commander can only effectively control between into the general concepts and intentions of a
three and five direct subordinates as a general rule.17 military. The information and analysis presented
Outstanding commanders in history (like Napoleon below make no effort to determine the actual size
Bonaparte) have controlled more, but not always of any of the units in the Russian military, either
successfully (as his failed invasion of Russia in personnel or equipment. Even knowing those
demonstrated). The Serdyukov reforms placed sizes, moreover, would provide limited insight into
many more brigades directly under the control of the actual combat power of the forces, since combat
army and military district commanders than they power depends on many factors not discernible
could have hoped to handle in from such data. This report,
combat. The elimination of therefore, makes no effort to
intervening division and corps evaluate the actual scale of the
headquarters saved money, but at The Shoigu-Gerasimov conventional or hybrid threat
the cost of depriving the Russian the Russian Armed Forces pose
ground forces of the ability to
reforms have restored to their neighbors. It highlights
command and control large-scale the division headquarters only the fact that decisions
operations. in many areas, re- about the disposition and
organization of combat forces,
The Russian military establishing in principle especially ground forces, are
establishment resisted and the ability to conduct taken consciously and carefully
criticized the Serdyukov reforms, in all militaries, but especially
providing support for the efforts major military operations.
in the Russian military, and
by Shoigu and Gerasimov to undo should inform our assessments
themII.18 The Shoigu-Gerasimov of the likely intentions of the
reforms have restored the division headquarters Russian high command more than they appear thus
in many areas, re-establishing in principle the far to have done.
I Serdyukov preserved the 18th Machine Gun Artillery Division in the Eastern Military District.

II Commander of the elite Russian Airborne Troops (VDV) Lieutenant-General Vladimir Shamanov refused to implement the Serdyukov reforms and
preserved the division-regiment structure in the VDV.

[“VDV: not to reduce but to strengthen”] Interfax. May 27, 2009. http://www.interfax.ru/russia/81948; McDermott, Roger. “Russia’s Airborne Forces Await
Fresh Reform.” Jamestown Foundation. May 8, 2012. https://jamestown.org/program/russias-airborne-forces-await-fresh-reform/


Russia’s Western Military District (WMD) miles from Ukraine. The 20th Combined-Arms
is responsible for confronting NATO and Army thus controls six combat regiments within
maintaining Russian influence in former Soviet a short drive of Ukraine on axes that could lead
space, with a particular focus on Ukraine and rapidly toward Kyiv, Kharkiv, and into Luhansk.
protecting the Russian exclave of Kaliningrad The Kremlin could also deploy two mechanized
between Poland and Lithuania. The WMD has infantry battalions located in Transnistria, Moldova
the most combat units of any military district. It to attack Odessa, Ukraine from the northwest.
includes the 1st Guards Tank Army and the 20th The four regiments of the 150th Motorized Rifle
and 6th Combined-Arms Armies concentrated Division of the 8th Combined-Arms Army at
near Moscow, Saint Petersburg, and the Ukrainian Rostov in the Southern Military District are also
and Belarusian borders respectively. The WMD 20-30 miles from the Ukrainian border and could
also commands the Russian ground forces in readily support still another axis of advance along
Transnistria, Moldova ostensibly performing a the northern coast of the Sea of Azov. The separate
peace-keeping mission.21 The Kremlin leverages reconnaissance brigade under the 22nd Corps in
this small force to sustain Russian influence in Crimea could also push north into central Ukraine
Moldova and threaten the southwestern border of to support. These forces together pose a significant
Ukraine. The Kremlin also maintains significant conventional threat to Ukraine, disposed under
military power in Kaliningrad. Russia recently multiple operational-level headquarters that could
deployed strategic air and sea weapons platforms to plan and conduct simultaneous mechanized thrusts
the exclave.22 It aims to maintain sufficient ground along several axes. Such an attack would accord well
forces to defend Kaliningrad in the event of a large- with Soviet operational art, which emphasizes the
scale war in the European theater and to pose a imperative of presenting the enemy with multiple
threat to Lithuania or Poland. dilemmas simultaneously and in sequence.24

The 20th Combined-Arms Army and its The Russian ground forces disposition near the
subordinate divisions are likely responsible Baltics suggests no such intent to conduct large-
for supporting Russia’s efforts in Ukraine and scale conventional mechanized operations.
Belarus. The headquarters of this army moved in The General Staff did not resurrect any division
2015 from Nizhny Novgorod (over 480 miles from formations in the 6th Combined-Arms Army
the nearest border) to Voronezh, roughly 120 miles during the counter-reform effort, although
from Ukraine.23 This move was likely intended to one division headquarters — the 76th Guards Air
facilitate logistical and combat support for Russia’s Assault Division — was never dissolved and remains
ongoing invasion of Eastern Ukraine. The army in Pskov (about 20 miles from Estonia) with its
controls two divisions. The 3rd Motorized Rifle three airborne regiments. The 6th Army includes
Division is headquartered with one regiment at two separate motorized rifle brigades, one at Luga
Boguchar, about 45 miles from the eastern Ukrainian (about 70 miles from Estonia) and the other at
border, and commands two other regiments at Kamenka (north of St. Petersburg and around 140
Valuiki, fewer than 20 miles from Ukraine. The miles from Estonia). The Kaliningrad exclave has
144th Motorized Rifle Division generally faces one motorized rifle regiment, one motorized rifle
Belarus, with its headquarters and one regiment brigade, and a naval infantry brigade with a corps
at Yelnya, about 60 miles from the Belarusian headquarters about 50 miles from the Lithuanian
border, and two regiments at Klintsy, less than 30 border.

MARCH 2018
Russian Order of Battle
Russian Armed Forces Deployed Around Ukraine
Russian Armed Forces Deployed Around Ukraine

228 144
182 144

488 144


752 3 252 3
Kyiv 237 3




People’s Republic
Donetsk 103 150

People’s Republic

Rostov on Don

Mariupol III
III 102 150
Odessa 68 150
163 150 102




Sevastopol 127 22
Constanta X

810 BSF

Russian Western Military District

Russian Southern Military District

Russian-Pro-Russian Separatist

BSF=Black Sea Fleet


The Russian Armed Forces clearly could The Russian Armed Forces could, therefore,
concentrate significant combat power against conduct a conventional attack on the Baltics,
the Baltic States if they chose to, but their forces but their posture suggests they are pursuing a
are not currently well-arrayed for a major short- hybrid approach. The ground forces deployments
notice conventional attack. Current dispositions around the periphery of Ukraine give an indication
put three motorized rifle brigades, one motorized of what preparations for a short-notice mechanized
regiment, and three airborne regiments within invasion might look like — pairs of regiments co-
close proximity to the Baltic States. These forces located under distinct headquarters along separate
could attack along three axes (via northern Estonia, but converging lines of advance with well-secured
from Pskov toward Latvia or to the north, and from rear-areas, all within 50 miles of the border. This
Kaliningrad into Lithuania) if the objective were the disposition looks nothing like the ad hockery that
reconquest of all three Baltic states at once. Such an would be required for a mechanized invasion of
attack would leave the Kaliningrad exclave defended the Baltic States. The air assault division, separate
only by a naval infantry brigade and expose the motorized rifle brigades, and heavy SPETSNAZ
two units attacking Lithuania to counter-attacks presence near the Baltics, however, offers a much
from their flanks and rear or isolation from their more suitable platform for hybrid warfare.26 The
base. The large amount of strategically-important initial operations in Ukraine were undertaken by
equipment in Kaliningrad makes it very unlikely SPETSNAZ and air assault forces, supplemented
that the General Staff would risk losing the exclave only later by regular motorized rifle units and tank
in this fashion. The command arrangements would units, and those sparingly.27 The separate brigade
leave the maneuver of two separate motorized rifle near the Estonian border has a robust combat service
brigades under the direct control of the 6th Army, the support structure that would allow it to parcel out its
maneuver of one motorized regiment and one motor troops and support them individually much better
rifle brigade under the control of the 11th Corps in than a regiment functioning as part of a division
Kaliningrad — while the 76th Air Assault Division would be able to do.28 The absence of mechanized
falls under the separate command of the Air Assault division headquarters, moreover, suggests that the
Forces — a service distinct from the ground forces.25 General Staff is not contemplating a complex multi-
The 1st Tank Army near Moscow and elements of axis conventional advance, which the 76th Air Assault
the 144th Motorized Rifle Division from the 20th Division headquarters would likely be unsuited to
Combined-Arms Army could certainly reinforce, command-and-control.IV That division would be
but the command arrangements would be quite well-suited to oversee a hybrid campaign, however,
muddled — combat elements from as many as three coordinated with the 6th Combined-Arms Army
armies and one separate corps could be operating headquarters just outside of St. Petersburg. For
in the area of responsibility of the 6th Combined- all these reasons, the disposition and organization
Arms Army. The movement of reinforcements of Russian ground forces in the Western Military
from elsewhere in the Western Military District, District strongly suggest that the General Staff is
moreover, would take time, giving NATO advanced thinking about possible conventional warfare in
warning of what might be comingIII. Ukraine, presumably if its hybrid warfare approach

III A major study produced by the RAND Corporation in 2016 played out a variation of this scenario, positing an agglomeration of individual battalions from
many brigades across the Western Military District in a few weeks to stage a conventional mechanized attack on the Baltics. The command arrangements
involved in any such undertaking would be breathtakingly contorted and in violation of all kinds of basic maneuver warfare principles of Russian and Soviet
operational art. The General Staff may think of undertaking this approach, but it is very unlikely.

Shlapak, David A. and Johnson, Michael. “Reinforcing Deterrence on NATO’s Eastern Flank.” RAND Corporation. 2016. https://www.rand.org/pubs/

IV A light infantry division generally prepares and trains for a different kind of operation from that on which a mechanized force focuses. Mechanized units
generally think in terms of faster movement over greater distances than do light infantry, and also consider the problems of coordinating all arms (armor,
infantry, and artillery) more comprehensively than forces (like airborne troops) that have limited amounts of armor. The 76th could be an exceptional
formation with a staff committed to thinking through and preparing for the task of commanding-and-controlling large-scale mechanized warfare, but
there is no evidence to suggest that it is — whereas it and its subordinate units have performed well in the traditional tasks and kind of combat for which an
airborne unit is well-suited.

MARCH 2018

fails or it becomes necessary to accelerate Ukraine’s motorized rifle brigades in Vladikavkaz and
defeat, and hybrid war in the Baltics. Dagestan. The Kremlin announced in February 2018
plans to reform these separate
Russia’s Southern Military motorized brigades into divisions
District (SMD) is likely throughout the year.30 The 58th
responsible for supporting The initial operations in Army also oversees Russia’s
the ongoing war in Ukraine, military base in the disputed
intimidating Georgia and Ukraine were undertaken
territory of South Ossetia whose
possibly Turkey, and containing by SPETSNAZ and leadership commands a separate
instability in the Caucasus. The air assault forces, reconnaissance brigade in
Southern Military District plays Russia’s North Ossetia. The 58th
an important role in Russia’s supplemented only later Army’s mission is most likely
operations in Ukraine. It would by regular motorized rifle to threaten Georgia, support
likely share with the Western
Military District responsibility
units and tank units, and operations against Islamist
insurgents throughout the
for defeating Ukrainian forces those sparingly. region, and provide a rapid and
in the event of significant crushing response to any new
escalation, as we have seen. The outbreak of rebellion. These
Russian Defense Ministry announced the creation two armies together, however, currently put nine
of the 8th Combined-Arms Army in spring 2017 regiments/brigades in or near the Caucasus — a
and established its headquarters in Rostov Oblast force strong enough to daunt and possibly attack
less than 70 miles from the Ukraine border.29 The Georgia or Azerbaijan, or even Turkey if they were
new army is configured to engage in conventional concentrated. They could be used in particular to
combat operations. It controls one separate deter hostile action against Russia’s ally, Armenia,
motorized rifle brigade and the 150th Motorized Rifle where a Russian airbase operates with little ground
Division with four combat-experienced regiments forces coverV.
beneath it (two motorized rifle and two tank). The
separate motorized rifle brigade is deployed well The Central Military District (CMD) projects
to the rear in Volgograd. The SMD commander is power into Central Asia and protects vital
also responsible for integrating Russian forces with military industrial facilities. It is comprised
military proxies in South Ossetia and Abkhazia to of two Combined-Arms Armies, the 2nd and the
expand the reach of the Russian military and sustain 41st, positioned along the Kazakh border and near
sufficient influence over Georgia. The SMD retains the tri-border area of Kazakhstan, China, and
a significant presence in the historically unstable Mongolia, respectively. The 41st Combined-Arms
North Caucasus region, with two combined- Army controls the recently-resurrected 90th Guards
arms armies (the 49 near Stavropol and the
Tank Division in Chebarkul, Chelyabinsk Oblast.
58 in Vladikavkaz). The 49 Combined-Arms
th th
This division likely serves to protect critical military
Army consists of two motorized rifle brigades infrastructure including underground nuclear
and a separate SPETSNAZ regiment in the North facilities reported to exist in the Ural Mountains.31
Caucasus, which could swing west toward Crimea, The 41st Army also commands maneuver regiments
northwest toward Rostov and eastern Ukraine, stationed in Tajikistan. The Kremlin disposed one
or south into the Caucasus as required. The 58th of these regiments near the Afghanistan-Tajikistan
Combined-Arms Army controls the 42 Motorized
border likely in response to increasing concerns
Rifle Division whose three regiments are deployed of Central Asian militants crossing the border and
in ever-problematic Chechnya, as well as separate threatening Russian domestic security. The Central
V Russia’s 102nd base in Armenia contains three motor rifle battalions and a tank battalion.

[“Southern Military District.”]. Milkavkaz. June 6, 2017. http://milkavkaz.com/index.php/voorujonnie-cili-racii/vo-cv/u-vo


Military District can also supply reinforcements enough to withstand a Chinese attack in force or,
to the Eastern or the Western Military Districts in in all likelihood, even to mount a meaningful
the event of a major war in either of these theaters, counter-offensive to disrupt a Chinese attack on
although the distances are daunting (a thousand any of the others. The concentration of forces near
miles to the eastern border of Ukraine and 1,200 Vladivostok places them in a salient exposed to
miles to China). The Kremlin is engaged in an isolation by a Chinese thrust toward the Pacific. It
ongoing effort to build out infrastructure and does not appear that the General Staff is seriously
transportation networks within the CMD to fulfill considering or preparing for a land war with
this requirement.32 China (with good reason). The Kremlin is instead
managing the Chinese threat by equipping all the
The Eastern Military District (EMD) is missile brigades in the Eastern Military District with
responsible for protecting Russian security nuclear-capable Iskander medium range ballistic
interests along its Chinese and Korean borders in missiles.33 The Kremlin also placed the 68th Corps
addition to supporting Russian claims to disputed on the Sakhalin Islands to reinforce its claim to the
islands in the Pacific Ocean. The Eastern Military territory amid ongoing territorial disputes with
District commander oversees four combined-arms Japan.34
armies. Their deployment suggests that the Kremlin
identifies the area near the Korean peninsula and The Northern Fleet/Arctic District reflects
Vladivostok as the Asian theater in which it must Russia’s ambitions to build out and militarize
be prepared to fight a significant conventional war the Arctic region in the long-term. The Russian
in the near term. The 5th Combined-Arms Army MoD created this joint strategic command in 2014
in Ussuriysk, Primorsky Krai, approximately 155 and tasked it with protecting Russian interests in
miles away from the Russia-North Korea 10 mile the Arctic region.35 The two separate motor rifle
land border, commands four separate motor rifle brigades under the 14th Corps constitute the primary
brigades out of the nine total mechanized brigades striking force. The Kremlin retains few conventional
in the military district. This army surely also has the ground forces in the Arctic. The Kremlin will likely
responsibility of defending Vladivostok, by far the position these forces to protect key infrastructure
most important city in Russia’s far east, against any such as the joint Chinese-Russian Ice Silk Road
possible Chinese attack (although its four brigades project aimed at developing the Northern Sea Route
stand little chance on their own of stopping the as a shipping route.36 Russia will likely continue to
People’s Liberation Army). The other combined- increase the number of ground forces in the Arctic
arms armies in this district command at most two region as such projects progress in the future.
separate motor rifle brigades each. None is strong

MARCH 2018

U.S. policymakers must recognize that the U.S. and NATO mechanized battalions will be
Kremlin will not likely deploy conventional forces insufficient to defend the Baltics against the
as its initial form of aggression in the Baltics. hybrid threat. The Baltic States must focus, rather,
It will rather employ a combination of subversive on addressing the disaffection among their Russian
tactics before it accepts the full costs associated minority, observing and countering Russian
with conventional combat. Russia demonstrated cyber and information operations, strengthening
this timing and phasing during the initial irregular their domestic intelligence and law enforcement
invasion of Eastern Ukraine and subsequent apparatus, preparing crowd-control and gendarme
deployment of ground units to combat. The flurry capabilities, and various other things needed to
of concern over the possibility of a Russian invasion recognize the earliest signs of an escalation in
of the Baltics launched by the 2016 RAND study Russia’s hybrid war and divert or defuse it before
generated a positive initial response — the stationing it can destabilize the state. The increasing fixation
of mechanized battalions in the Baltic States. But on defending against a conventional invasion
the flurry is reaching a crescendo that threatens to is more likely to obstruct than to assist with this
drown out consideration of more likely and more effort because it reinforces a natural tendency
dangerous Russian courses of action that additional in any state to want to see the threat as external
conventional deployments in the Baltics would not rather than internal. The measures that would be
adequately address. required to defuse tensions within ethnic Russian
minorities would also be politically unpopular in
Gerasimov’s writings, Russian practice, and the the Baltic States, so displacing the threat to Russian
deployment of Russian forces along the Baltic mechanized forces strengthens the arguments for
borders all suggest that Moscow is much more refusing to undertake them.
likely to pursue a hybrid-war approach than to
launch a conventional mechanized invasion. The The focus on a possible conventional invasion of
Ukraine playbook is available for all to see — Russian the Baltics, moreover, may blind us to the risks
propaganda and agents play on disaffected Russian of a conventional invasion of Ukraine and a
minorities sufficiently to cause unrest; “little hybrid invasion of the Baltics. Whereas all the talk
green men” out of uniform but drawn from the about the threat to the Baltics has come to turn on
SPETSNAZ and airborne forces conventional threats, discussions
show up in small numbers but of Ukraine focus on the hybrid
with high-end equipment and threat. Yet the Russian ground
skills; “volunteers” who are Putin and the General forces are well-positioned to
actually drawn from combat units conduct a very short-notice
blend into local “insurgent” and
Staff are working hard mechanized assault on Ukraine
vigilante groups, turning them to create options in all against which Kyiv’s military likely
into militias more or less under forms of warfare, while stands little chance — particularly
Moscow’s control; and only at the if the conventional invasion were
end, if needed, small numbers
continuing to demonstrate accompanied by an escalation in
of mechanized troops enter a preference for low-cost the hybrid war in Ukraine’s east,
to “defend” the “oppressed” approaches. a distraction from the direction
Russian minority. of Moldova, and Russian-
fueled political unrest in Kyiv


itself. The U.S., NATO, and Kyiv must take this Over-investing in conventional deterrence and
conventional threat seriously, yet none of the public defense can lead to ignoring hybrid threats that
discussions about the assistance Ukraine might need could achieve equally devastating effects. Ignoring
have addressed it. the conventional threat, on the other hand, could
leave U.S. allies and partners open to rapid decisive
Russian offensive conventional military operations thrusts. The U.S. and NATO must compose
remain unlikely in the near- to mid-term, themselves to a balanced approach to dealing with
nevertheless. Russia is a poor country — its economy the multifarious threats posed by Moscow and
is roughly the size of Italy’s on a bigger population avoid the oscillations between confidence and fear
and a vast territory — and conventional warfare is that have hitherto characterized the discussion of
exceedingly expensive. That is why Putin has opted Russian military power.
for hybrid warfare whenever possible  — it is the
manner of fighting best suited to the brilliant poor.

The West would be foolish to over-focus on any

one form of possible future war with Russia. Putin
and the General Staff are working hard to create
options in all forms of warfare, while continuing to
demonstrate a preference for low-cost approaches.

Western Military District • 51st Logistics Brigade –
Saint Petersburg, Leningrad Oblast
General-Colonel Andrei Valerievich • 30th Engineering Regiment –
Kerro Village, Leningrad Oblast
Kartapolov – Saint Petersburg, Leningrad
Oblast37 • 6th Separate CBRN Regiment –
Sapernoye, Leningrad Oblast
6th Combined Arms Army – General-Major 20th Guards Combined Arms Army –
Andrei Vladimirovich Kuzmenko – Agalatovo, General-Major Alexander Peryazev –
Leningrad Oblast38 Voronezh, Voronezh Oblast44
• 138th Separate Motor Rifle Brigade –
Kamenka, Leningrad Oblast 39 • 3rd Motor Rifle Division –
Boguchar, Voronezh Oblast 45

• 25th Separate Motor Rifle Brigade –

Luga, Leningrad Oblast 40 • 752nd Motor Rifle Regiment –
Valuiki, Belgorod Oblast 46

• 9th Separate Guards Artillery Brigade –

Luga, Leningrad Oblast 41 • 252nd Motor Rifle Regiment –
Boguchar, Voronezh Oblast 47

• 5th Anti-aircraft Missile Brigade –

Lomonsov, Leningrad Oblast 42 • 237th Guards Tank Regiment –
Valuiki, Belgorod Oblast 48

• 26th Missile Brigade –

Luga, Leningrad Oblast 43 • 99th Self-propelled Artillery Regiment –
Boguchar, Voronezh Oblast 49

• 95th Command Brigade –

Gorelovo, Leningrad Oblast
• 1143rd Anti-aircraft Missile Regiment –
Belgorod Oblast 50

• 132nd Signals Brigade –

Agalatovo, Leningrad Oblast
• 84th Separate Reconnaissance Battalion –
Valuiki, Belgorod Oblast 51

MARCH 2018

• 337th Separate Engineer Battalion –

Boguchar, Voronezh Oblast 52
• 211th Separate Engineering Battalion –
Kalininets, Moscow Oblast
• 692nd Separate Communications Battalion
– Valuiki, Belgorod Oblast 53
• 47th Separate Communications Battalion –
Kalininets, Moscow Oblast
• 911th Separate Logistics Battalion –
Boguchar, Voronezh Oblast 54
• 1063rd Separate Logistics Battalion –
Kalininets, Moscow Oblast
• 144th Motor Rifle Division –
Yelnya, Smolensk Oblast 55
• 4th Guards Tank Division – Colonel Oleg
Tulinov – Naro-Fominsk, Moscow Oblast 71

• 488th Motor Rifle Regiment –

Klintsy, Bryansk Oblast 56
• 12th Guards Tank Regiment –
Naro-Fominsk, Moscow Oblast 72

• 182nd Motor Rifle Regiment –

Klintsy, Bryansk Oblast 57
• 13th Guards Tank Regiment –
Naro-Fominsk, Moscow Oblast 73

• 228th Tank Regiment –

Yelnya, Smolensk Oblast 58
• 423rd Motor Rifle Regiment –
Naro-Fominsk, Moscow Oblast 74

• 856th Self-propelled Artillery Regiment –

Pochep, Bryansk Oblast 59
• 275th Self-propelled Artillery Regiment –
Naro-Fominsk, Moscow Oblast 75

• 1259th Anti-aircraft Missile Regiment • 49th Anti-aircraft Missile Brigade –

• 1281st Separate Anti-Tank Battalion – Smolensk, Smolensk Oblast 76

Yelnya, Smolensk Oblast 60

• 538th Guards Anti-aircraft Missile
• 148th Separate Reconnaissance Battalion – Regiment – Naro-Fominsk, Moscow Oblast
Smolensk, Smolensk Oblast • 137th Separate Reconnaissance Battalion –
• 686th Separate Communications Battalion Naro-Fominsk, Moscow Oblast
– Smolensk, Smolensk Oblast • 413th Separate Communications Battalion
• 295th Separate Logistics Battalion – Yelnya, – Naro-Fominsk, Moscow Oblast
Smolensk Oblast • 330th Separate Engineering Battalion –
• 448th Missile Brigade – Kursk, Kursk Oblast 61 Naro-Fominsk, Moscow Oblast
• 9th Command Brigade – Voronezh, • 1088th Separate Logistics Battalion –
Naro-Fominsk, Moscow Oblast
Voronezh Oblast
1st Guards Tank Army – Lieutenant-General Alexei • 165th Separate Medical Battalion –
Naro-Fominsk, Moscow Oblast
Avdeev – Bakovka and Odintsovo, Moscow Oblast62
• 27th Separate Motor Rifle Brigade –
• 2nd Guards Motor Rifle Division – Mosrentgen, Moscow Oblast 77

Kalininets, Moscow Oblast 63

• 6th Separate Tank Brigade –
• 1st Guards Motor Rifle Regiment – Dzerzhinsk, Nizhny Novgorod Oblast 78

Kalininets, Moscow Oblast 64

• 112th Missile Brigade – Shuya,
• 15th Guards Motor Rifle Regiment – Ivanovo Oblast79

Kalininets, Moscow Oblast 65

• 288th Artillery Brigade – Mulino,
• 1st Tank Regiment – Kalininets, Nizhny Novgorod Oblast 80

Moscow Oblast 66
• 53rd Anti-aircraft Missile Brigade –
• 147th Guards Self-propelled Artillery Marshala Zhukova, Kursk Oblast
Regiment – Kalininets, Moscow Oblast 67
• 96th Separate Reconnaissance Brigade –
• 1117th Anti-aircraft Missile Regiment – Sormovo, Nizhny Novgorod Oblast 81

Golitsyno, Moscow Oblast 68

• 60th Command Intelligence Brigade –
• 1174th Separate Antitank Battalion – Naro-Fominsk, Moscow Oblast
Kalininets, Moscow Oblast 69
• 69th Separate Logistics Brigade –
• 136th Separate Reconnaissance Battalion –
Kalininets, Moscow Oblast 70
Dzerzhinsk, Nizhny Novgorod Oblast


Baltic Sea Fleet – Vice-Admiral Aleksander • 291st Guards Motor Rifle Regiment –
Borzoi, Chechnya 101
Mikhailovich Nosatov – Kaliningrad Oblast82

• 11th Army Corps – General Major Yuri • 50th Guards Self-propelled Artillery
Regiment – Shali, Chechnya 102
Yarovitsky – Kaliningrad, Kaliningrad
Oblast83 • 1203rd Anti-aircraft Missile Regiment –

7th Guards Separate Motor Rifle Regiment
– Kaliningrad, Kaliningrad Oblast84 • 19th Separate Motor Rifle Brigade –
Vladikavkaz, North Ossetia* VI103

79th Guards Separate Motor Rifle Brigade
– Gusev, Kaliningrad Oblast85 • 136th Guards Motor Rifle Brigade –
Buynaksk, Dagestan* 104

244th Guards Artillery Brigade –
Kaliningrad, Kaliningrad Oblast86 • 4th Guards Base – Tskhinvali, South Ossetia,
Georgia 105

152nd Guards Missile Brigade –
Chernyakhovsk, Kaliningrad Oblast87 • 100th Separate Reconnaissance Brigade –
Mozdok, North Ossetia 106

22nd Anti-Aircraft Missile Regiment –
Kaliningrad, Kaliningrad Oblast88 • 12th Missile Brigade – Mozdok,
North Ossetia 107

• 336th Naval Infantry Brigade – Baltiysk,

• 291st Artillery Brigade –
Kaliningrad Oblast89
Troistkaya, Ingusthetia 108

• 202nd Separate Anti-aircraft Missile Brigade

– Naro-Fominsk, Moscow Oblast90 • 67th Anti-aircraft Missile Brigade –
Vladikavkaz, North Ossetia 109

• 79th Guards Reactive Artillery Brigade –

Tver, Tver Oblast91 49th Combined Arms Army – General-Major
• 45th Artillery Brigade –
Tambov, Tambov Oblast92
Sergei Mikhailovich Sevrukov – Stavropol,
Stavropol Krai110
• Operative Group of the Russian Armed
Forces in Transnistria, Moldova – Tiraspol,
• 205th Motor Rifle Brigade –
Budennovsk, Stavropol Krai 111

Transnistria, Moldova93

82nd Motor Rifle Battalion94
• 34th Separate Motor Rifle Brigade
(Mountain) – Storozhevaya, Karachaevo –

113th Motor Rifle Battalion95 Cherkess Republic112

540th Command Battalion • 25th Separate Spetsnaz Regiment –
Stavropol, Stavropol Krai113
• 227th Artillery Brigade – Maikop,
Republic of Adygea114
Southern Military District
• 1st Guards Missile Brigade – Molkino,
Kransodar Krai
Colonel-General Aleksandr Dvornikov –
Rostov-on-Don, Rostov Oblast96 • 90th Anti-aircraft Missile Brigade –
Afipsky, Kransodar Krai
58th Combined Arms Army – General-Major
Evgeny Nikiforov – Vladikavkaz, North Ossetia97
• 66th Command Brigade –
Stavropol, Stavropol Krai115

• 42nd Motor Rifle Division – Major General • 7th Military Base – Gudauta,
Abkhazia, Georgia116
Sergei Minenkov – Chechnya 98

• 70th Guards Motor Rifle Regiment –

Shali, Chechnya 99
8th Combined Arms Army – Major-General Sergei
Kuzovlev – Novocherkassk, Rostov Oblast117
• 71st Guards Motor Rifle Regiment –
Kalinovskaya, Chechnya 100 • 150th Motor Rifle Division –
Novocherkassk, Rostov Oblast 118

* The 19th and 136th Separate Motor Rifle Brigades will be reformed into divisions throughout 2018, according to a Russian MoD source.

MARCH 2018

• 102nd Motor Rifle Regiment –

Persianovka, Rostov Oblast 119

• 103rd Motor Rifle Regiment – Central Military District

Kadamovskiy, Rostov Oblast 120

• 68th Tank Regiment – Persianovka,

Rostov Oblast121
Lieutenant General Alexander Lapin –
Yekaterinburg, Sverdlovsk Oblast139
• 163rd Tank Regiment – Kuzminsky,
Rostov Oblast122 2nd Guards Combined Arms Army – Major-General
Gennady Zhidko – Samara, Samara Oblast140
• 933rd Anti-aircraft Missile Regiment –
Millerovo, Rostov Oblast 123
• 30th Separate Motor Rifle Brigade –
• 381st Self-propelled Artillery Regiment – Roshchinsky, Samara Oblast 141

Rostov on Don, Rostov Oblast 124

• 15th Separate Motor Rifle Brigade –
• 20th Separate Guards Motor Rifle Brigade – Roshchinsky, Samara Oblast 142

Volgograd, Volgograd Oblast 125

• 21st Separate Guards Motor Rifle Brigade –
• 102nd Military Base – Yerevan and Totskoye, Orenburg Oblast 143

Gyumri, Armenia 126

• 92nd Missile Brigade – Totskoye,
• 988th Anti-aircraft Missile Regiment – Orenburg Oblast 144

Gyumri, Armenia 127

• 385th Guards Artillery Brigade –
• 439th Guards Reactive Artillery Brigade – Totskoye, Orenburg Oblast 145

Znamensk, Astrakhan Oblast 128

• 950th Reactive Artillery Regiment –
• 77th Anti-aircraft Missile Brigade – Totskoye-2, Orenburg Oblast 146

Korenovsk, Kransodar Krai • 297th Anti-aircraft Missile Brigade –

• 28th Separate RBCN Brigade – Leonidovka, Penza Oblast 147

Kamyshin, Volgograd Oblast • 2nd CBRN Brigade – Samara, Samara Oblast

• 11th Separate Guards Engineering Brigade –
Kamensk-Shakhtinsky, Rostov Oblast
• 91st Command Brigade – Samara,
Samara Oblast
Black Sea Fleet – Admiral Aleksandr Viktorovich • 71st Communications Brigade –
Kalinovka, Samara Oblast
Vitko – Sevastopol, Crimea, Ukraine129

• 22nd Army Corps – Simferopol, Crimea, • 105th Separate Logistics Brigade –

Samara, Samara Oblast
Ukraine 130

41st Combined Arms Army – Major-General Aleksei

• 127th Separate Reconnaissance Brigade –
Sevastopol, Crimea, Ukraine 131 Vladimirovich Zavizon – Novosibirsk, Novosibirsk
• 15th Separate Coastal Rocket Artillery
Brigade – Sevastopol, Crimea, Ukraine 132
• 90th Guards Tank Division –
• 126th Separate Coastal Defense Brigade – Chebarkul, Chelyabinsk Oblast 149

Perevalne, Crimea, Ukraine 133

• 239th Tank Regiment –
• 8th Artillery Regiment – Simferopol and Cherbakul, Chelyabinsk Oblast 150

Perevalne, Crimea, Ukraine 134

• 6th Tank Regiment –
• 810th Naval Infantry Brigade – Cherbakul, Chelyabinsk Oblast 151

Sevastopol, Crimea, Ukraine 135

• 80th Tank Regiment –
Cherbakul, Chelyabinsk Oblast 152
Caspian Flotilla – Rear-Admiral Sergei Mihailovich
Pinchuk – Astrakhan, Astrakhan Oblast136 • 228th Motor Rifle Regiment –
Yekaterinburg, Sverdlovsk Oblast 153

• 414th Naval Infantry Battalion –

Kaspiysk, Republic of Dagestan 137 • 400th Self-propelled Artillery Regiment –
Cherbakul, Chelyabinsk Oblast
• 727th Naval Infantry Battalion –
Astrakhan, Astrakhan Oblast 138 • 33rd Communications Brigade –

Cherbakul, Chelyabinsk Oblast • 59th Separate Motor Rifle Brigade –

35th Separate Guards Motor Rifle Brigade – Sergeevka, Primorsky Krai 171

Aleisk, Alta Krai154 • 57th Separate Guards Motor Rifle Brigade –

55th Separate Motor (Mountain) Rifle Bikin, Khabarovsk Krai 172

Brigade– Kyzyl, Tuva Republic155 • 60th Separate Motor Rifle Brigade –

74th Separate Guards Motor Rifle Brigade – Kamen-Rivolov, Primorsky Krai 173

Yurga, Kemerovo Oblast156 • 20th Guards Missile Brigade –

201st Military Base – Dushanbe, Tajikistan157 Spassk-Dalny, Primorsky Krai 174

149th Guards Motor Rifle Regiment – • 305th Artillery Brigade – Ussuriysk,
Primorsky Krai 175
Dushanbe, Tajikistan158

92nd Motor Rifle Regiment – • 8th Anti-aircraft Missile Bridge –
Ussuriysk, Primorsky Krai 176
Dushanbe, Tajikistan159

191st Separate Motor Rifle Regiment – • 25th CBRN Regiment – Sergeevka,
Primorsky Krai 177
Qurghonteppa, Tajikistan160

119th Missile Brigade – Elanskiy, • 80th Command Brigade – Ussuriysk,
Primorsky Krai
Sverdolovsk Oblast161

120th Guards Artillery Brigade – • 101st Separate Logistics Brigade –
Ussuriysk, Primorsky Krai
Yurga, Kemerovo Oblast162

61st Anti-aircraft Missile Brigade –
Biysk, Altai Krai163
35th Combined Arms Army – Major-General
Sergei Cherbotaev – Belogorsk, Amur Oblast178

10th CBRN Regiment – Topchikha,
Alta Krai164 • 64th Separate Motor Rifle Brigade – Knyaze-
Volonskoe, Khabarovsk Krai 179

35th Command Brigade –
Kochenevo, Novosibirsk Oblast165 • 38th Separate Guards Motor Rifle Brigade –
Belogorsk, Amur Oblast 180

106th Separate Logistics Brigade –
Yurga, Kemerovo Oblast166 • 69th Separate Covering Brigade – Babstovo
Village, Jewish Autonomous Oblast 181

28th Anti-aircraft Missile Brigade –
Mirny, Kirovsk Oblast167 • 71st Anti-aircraft Missile Brigade –
Srednebeloye, Amur Oblast 182

29th Separate CBRN Brigade –
Yekaterinburg, Sverdlovsk Oblast • 107th Missile Brigade – Birobidzhan, Jewish
Autonomous Oblast 183

232nd Reactive Artillery Brigade –
Shelekhov, Kurgansk Oblast • 165th Artillery Brigade – Nikosolskoe Village,
Amur Oblast 184

179th Command Brigade –
Yekaterinburg, Sverdlovsk Oblast • 35th CBRN Regiment – Belogorsk, Amur

• 54th
Command Brigade – Belogorsk, Amur
Eastern Military District
• 103rd Separate Logistics Brigade – Belogorsk,
Amur Oblast 187

Colonel-General Alexander Zhuravlev – 36th Combined Arms Army – Major-General

Khabarovsk, Khabarovsk Krai168 Mikhail Nosulev – Ulan-Ude, Buryatia Republic188
5th Combined Arms Army – Ussuriysk, Primorsky
Krai – Lieutenant General Aleksei Nikolaevich • 5th Separate Guards Tank Brigade –
Ulan-Ude, Buriyatia 189
• 37th Separate Guards Motor Rifle Brigade –
• 70th Separate Guards Motor Rifle Brigade – Kyakhta, Buriyatia 190

Barabash, Primorsky Krai 170

• 30th Artillery Brigade – Ulan-Ude, Buriyatia 191

MARCH 2018

• 35th Anti-aircraft Missile Brigade –

Ulan-Ude, Buriyatia 192
Pacific Fleet – Admiral Vladimir Ivanovich Korolev
– Vladivostok, Primorsky Krai207
• 103rd Missile Brigade – Ulan-Ude, Buriyatia 193

• 155th Separate Naval Infantry Brigade –

• 26th CRBN Regiment – Onokhoye Village,
Vladivostok, Primorsky Krai 208

• 75th Command Brigade – Sosnovii Bor,

• 40th Separate Naval Infantry Brigade –
Petropavlosk-Kamchatskiy, Kamchatka Krai 209
Ulan-Ude, Buriyatia 194

• 102nd Separate Logistics Brigade –

• 520th Separate Coastal Missile Artillery
Brigade – Petropavlosk-Kamchatskiy,
Sosnovy Bor, Buriyatia 195
Kamchatka Krai210
29th Combined Arms Army – Major-General
Yevgeny Poplavsky – Chita, Zabaykalsky Krai196
• 72nd Separate Coastal Missile Regiment –
Petropavlosk-Kamchatskiy, Kamchatka Krai

• 36th Separate Guards Motor Rifle Brigade –

Borzya, Zabaykalsky Krai 197
Northern Fleet and Arctic Joint
• 200th Artillery Brigade – Gorny,
Zabaykalsky Krai 198 Strategic Command
• 3rd
Missile Brigade – Chita, Zabaykalsky
199 Vice-Admiral Nikolay Yevmenov –
• 140th Anti-aircraft Missile Brigade –
Domna Village, Zabaykalsky Krai 200
Severomorsk, Murmansk Oblast211
Northern Fleet – Vice Admiral Nikolay Yevmenov –
• 19th CRBN Regiment – Gorny
Village, Zabaykalsky Krai
Severomorsk, Murmansk Oblast212

• 104th Separate Logistics Brigade – • 61st Separate Naval Infantry Brigade –

Sputnik, Murmansk Oblast 213
Chita, Zabaykalsky Krai 201

68th Army Corps – Major General Dmitry • 536th Separate Coastal Missile Brigade –
Guba Olenya, Murmansk Oblast 214

Glushenkov – Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, Sakhalin

Oblast202 • 14th Army Corps – Murmansk, Murmansk
Oblast 215

• 18th Machine Gun Artillery Division – Iturup,

Kuril Islands203
• 200th Separate Motor Rifle Brigade –
Luostari, Murmansk Oblast 216

• 46th Machine Gun Artillery Regiment –

Kunashir, Kuril Islands 204
• 80th Separate Arctic Motor Rifle Brigade –
Alakurtti, Murmansk Oblast 217

• 49th Machine Gun Artillery Regiment –

Iturup, Kuril Islands 205

• 39th Separate Motor Rifle Brigade – South

Sakhalinsk, Sakhalin Oblast 206

Russian Mi

Russian Military Districts

Northern Fleet and Arctic

Joint Strategic Command

Western Military

Southern Military Central Military

District District
Order of Battle MARCH 2018

ilitary Districts

Eastern Military District

Russian Orde
Russian Army He
Russian Army Headquarters

Northern Fleet
Joint Strategic Command


Baltic Sea

Fleet 6

St. Petersburg



XXXX Nizhny
20 Yekaterinburg


Crimea (Ukraine) XXXX

Black Sea Caspian Flotilla
Sevastopol XXXX
Stavropol Krai
XXXX Vladikavkaz

er of Battle
eadquarters MARCH 2018







36 29 35


Map © Free Vector Maps.com, with ISW Modifications


Russian Order of Battle Russian Order of Battle

Full Key on Page 40

Colonel-General Andrei

Baltic Sea
6 20


3 144 11


138 752 448 7 336


25 252 182 9 79

9 237 228 244


5 152
99 856
26 1143 1259

95 84 148

132 337 1281


51 692 686


30 911 295

MARCH 2018

Valerievich Kartapolov



2 4


1 12 27 202


15 13 6 79
SF 45
1 423 96

III III Operational Group

X Transnistria
147 275 II
III X 82
1117 49
II III 113
1174 538 53

136 137 60


211 413 69
47 330




Western Military District Order of Battle
Western Military District
Russian Exclave
of Kaliningrad

336 BF
138 6
79 11

7 11


25 6
St. Petersburg



228 144
Belarus III
Moscow X
Smolensk SF
Operational Group 488 144
96 1

Deployed Illegally
in Moldova III X
182 144 6 1
113 Ukraine 1 2 15 2 1 2
III Boguchar
12 4 13 4 423 4
752 3
237 3 X 27 1

252 3

Division and Corps Commands


3 20 144 20 2 1

BF = Baltic Sea Fleet
4 1 11 BF

Map © Free Vector Maps.com, with ISW Modifications

MARCH 2018
Russian Order of Battle
Southern Military DistrictSouthern Military District X

20 8

Crimea, Ukraine III

X 102 150 III

127 22 103 150
68 150

163 150

Ukraine Volgograd

810 BSF



25 49
SF 58 II
727 CF
34 49

414 CF
Russian Forces 205 49
Russian Forces Illegally Deployed
Deployed in Georgia
58 III
in Armenia Base III X
4 58 III 291 42
Base 70 42 136 58
102 Base 71 42
7 49
Division and Corps Commands

42 58 150 8 22 BSF

CF = Caspian Flotilla BSF = Black Sea Fleet

Map © Free Vector Maps.com, with ISW Modifications


Russian Order of Battle Order of Battle
Full Key on Page 40

Southern Military


58 49 8


42 150

70 19 20
205 102
71 136 34 103
291 4 25
50 SF 227 163
100 X
1203 X 933
X 381
291 OPS

MARCH 2018

Aleksandr Dvornikov

Black Sea Caspian
102 Fleet Flotilla

988 414 439
SF 727 77
127 810 X
126 X


Russian Order of Battle

Russian Order of Battle

Full Key on Page 40

Central Military District

Lieutenant General Alexander Lapin


2 41


30 90 35 28
15 55 29
X 239 X X
21 74 232
X 6 X
III Base
92 201 179
X 80 III
385 149
950 92
297 191
X 33
X 119
X 120
X 61



MARCH 2018

Central Military District

Russian Order of Battle
Central Military District

201 Base
149 41

92 41
191 41

Omsk Novosibirsk
228 90 X
30 2
41 41
X 6 90 239 90

Kazakhstan X
15 2 X III
21 2 80 90
China 74 41
35 41

Division and Corps Commands


90 41

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Russian Order of Battle Order of Battle
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5 35 36 29 68 Fleet


70 64 5 36 155
18 39
59 38 40
37 200

57 69 30 3 46 520

60 71 35 140 49 72

20 107 103 19

305 165 26 104


8 35

25 54 102

80 103


Eastern Military District MARCH 2018

Russian Order of Battle

Eastern Military District


40 PF

39 68

5 36 III

49 18

38 35 X

69 35 China X 64 35

60 5 III

X Mongolia X Vladivostok X
46 18
57 5 59 5
37 36
North Korea
36 29 X

155 PF 70 5 Japan

Division and Corps Commands:

PF = Pacific Fleet


18 68

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Russian Order of Battle

Russian Order of Battle
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Northern Fleet and Arctic Joint Strategic Command

Vice Admiral Nikolay Yevmenov

14 Fleet


200 61

80 536

MARCH 2018

Northern Fleet and Arctic Joint Strategic Command

Northern Fleet and Arctic Joint Strategic Command

61 NF

Norway 200 14

80 14



Saint Petersburg

Division and Corps Commands:



NF-Northern Fleet

Map © Free Vector Maps.com, with ISW Modifications


Russian Order of Battle Order of Battle


Indicates Combat Unit

Infantry Missile

Motor Rifle Antiaircraft-air Missile

Mountain Infantry CBRN

Mountain Motor Rifle Base Military Base

Naval Infantry Communications

Tank Command and Control

SF Special Forces (SPETSNAZ) Engineer

Artillery Logistics

Reactive Artillery Medical

Self-Propelled Artillery Anti-Tank Artillery

MARCH 2018

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%D0%B1%D1%80%D0%B8%D0%B3%D0%B0%D0%B4%D0 granitse_s_ukrainoyi_na_bazah_v_valuyikah_i_boguchare_tehniku; [“3rd
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MARCH 2018

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MARCH 2018

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MARCH 2018

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MARCH 2018

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