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Dear Colleague

The College has been reviewing the job description process within the Wessex Region,
which has in recent times has been dealt with directly through myself. We are now
looking to amend this process and align it with the way we cover the London and
Southern Division job description reviews.

This will mean that all Wessex region job descriptions will now be facilitated through the
London and Southern divisions team at divisionsadmin@rcpsych.ac.uk. To give you a
basic outline of the process:

1. For our internal reference, the Wessex region [Isle of Wight, Solent and Southern
Health NHS] will be referred to as Wessex (eastern).
2. Trusts such as yourself will send the College their job description for approval
3. The College assigns a reference number and confirms this with you
4. They then send it on to a regional rep of the particular job description specialty
(e.g. Forensic, General Adult)
5. The rep returns it to the College with a completed review, within a suggested
turnaround time of 7 working days
6. They then send it on to the Regional Advisor who returns it back to us with
further comments or approval
7. They then send it back to you with either approval or further suggestions for

Please see attached document to give a more detailed overview. The overall process has
a turnaround time of 15 working days as a rough guide. This does depend on the
availability and speediness of our regional reps and advisors.

We would be grateful if you could disseminate the above information to your

colleagues and let me know if I should include anyone else in further

Kind regards

Dr Ramachandra

Any JD queries should be sent to divisionsadmin@rcpsych.ac.uk. This mailbox is

managed by my team: Margot Solomon and Moinul Mannan but any contact should be
done via the email address outlined above.

Do let me know if you have any further queries.

Kind regards


Karla Pryce
London and Southern Division Group Manager

Royal College of Psychiatrists

21 Prescot Street
E1 8BB

T: +44 (0)20 3701 2597

F: +44 (0)20 3701 2761
M: 07545 644 541
W: http://www.rcpsych.ac.uk