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Product Design Specification

Method: Pugh’s
Product Brief: To design and develop a product that will aid
recent ex-smokers in understanding the improvement quitting
cigarettes has made to their everyday health.
It should also be used as a way to encourage smokers to quit by
increasing awareness of the affects of smoking has on their health.
It will ultimately prevent ex-smokers from beginning to smoke
cigarettes again.
Introduction: The product that this PDS will relate to is one that
I aim to create from the ideation and the early stages of my
development. As it stands the desired product to be developed is
to be relatively small, ergonomic and contains an angled slope to
visualize progression. It’s to be around 12 cm in length and 5cm
high. It’s to contain touch screen capabilities, to display Co2 and
lung capacity results from an inbuilt of detachable product.

• It’s expected that the product have the ability to be used as
an average of once daily, up to five times daily.
• It must complete all tests attached onto the device in less
than 45 seconds from when the user blows into the device.
This allows some time to analyze the results after all the
users breath has been exhaled.
• The touch screen must withstand frequent tapping of the
hand and some misuse.
• Needs to contain a durable but easy to grip handle with easy
to grip and tear resistant properties, Polyisoprene rubber is
the primary choice as it comprehends these properties. (CES
EduPack 2013)
• The housing of the device absolutely has to be stiff and rigid
to securely house components to allow frequent use, it
should also be light for portability and provide electrical
insulation. Phenolics are the primary choice to provide this
wear and tear resistivity. (CES EduPack 2013)
• The internal tubing must be able to withstand pressures of
over 20kPa to withstand the estimated maximum force a
human can exert from their lungs for short periods.

• The product as a whole needs to withstand and be functional

in temperatures from ±5°C 0 to 35°C for prolonged
periods of times.
• To withstand outside conditions the components in
the housing need to be sealed to remain functional in
humidity’s up to 70%.
• The product (protected by the housing) must be
shower proof.
• The components must be protected from shock to
withstand a fall from the 95th person percentile head
height, 190cm (Halls, 2008).
• Housing strength must be high to withstand a
moderately large degree of abuse.
• The internal pipework must remain sealed to prevent
interference from environmental conditions.
• The housing should be UV protected. The internal
battery (lithium iron) must be stable for long periods
of time, 1 year minimum.
Life in Service
• Expected life cycle of 5 years with standard use being
20 minutes per day.
• The product is expected to run for 3 months average
use without needing to change batteries (unless
rechargeable are applied.
• Mouth piece is to last an individual 3 months before
• Lung tube must last at least 3 months before
• Battery must be stored in separate (easily accessed)
area to the rest of the components.
• Priority of access should be given to those
components that sustain the most use.
• Mouth piece and lung tube must be fitted using
simple sealed thread mechanism.
• Internal parts will be accessed with the use of fine
groove attached using micro screws (Micro
screwdriver) (“Apple Macbook Pro”).
• Upon mass production spares of the following
parts will be made available 1) Lung Tubes 2)
Mouth piece 3) Micro Screws 4) Rubber grips.
• All maintenance must me made simple enough for
a single person to complete.
Target production cost
• It’s expected that the product could cost £100.00 to
generate 3D prototype.
• To comply with the user requirements, the product
during mass manufacture must cost less that £50.00.
Potential competing products…
• Bedford Scientific breath Co2 Monitor range –
[moderate risk] Uses Co2 sensor to monitor the
level of co2 in a person from smoking. (Bedford
Scientific, 2013)
• Vitalograph Lung Age - [high risk] measures
users flow and digital lung volume and acts as a
motivational tool to health and smoking.
• ULTRABREATHE lung breathing exerciser
adjustable resistance – [low risk] primary
function is to exercise lung muscles. (Amazon)
• Mini Wrights Peak Flow Meter (Standard Eu) –
[moderate risk] offers cost effective tubular
method to accurately measure lung volume.
• POWERbreathe Classic Medium Resistance –
[moderate risk] made use of snorkel like
mouthpiece. (Amazon)
• Spirometer Digital Electronic w/ USB Internal
Memory and Software Suite – [high risk] very
compact digital device to measure lung flow with
computer connectivity. (Amazon)
Potentially conflicting patents…
• “Lung Capacity Training Fish Tank” (杨丽,
• “Testing Device for Lung Capacity” (崔仙伟,
• “A new lung capacity tester” (孙秀娟, 2013)
• “Mobile terminal possessing lung capacity
detection function” (冯仕谨, 2011)
• “Mobile Terminal with function of measuring
lung capacity” (徐晓林, 2008)
• “Apparatus capable of accurately measuring lung
capacity” (韩洪波, 2003)
• “Lung capacity measurer” (杨洪君, 2003)
• “Measurement of lung air capacity” (Mark, 1996)
• “Recreational smoking monitor system for use in
occupied spaces” (Christopher E. Engelmann,
• “Body-worn monitor for measuring respiration
rate” (Matt Banet, 2009)
• “Method and apparatus for Co2 evaluation”
(Hornick, 2009)
• Portable Carbon Dioxide monitor (John A.
Culver, 1992)
• For countries outside of the EU shipping shall be the
appropriate option in order to send large quantities at
a more cost effective rate.
• Within the EU airmail will be ideal for smaller
quantities to provide speed and flexibility.
• Throughout the UK Lorry and carrier direct postage
should be provided.
• All packaging must be compact enough to be defined
as a “small package” 45x35x8cm or 35x25x16cm for
cost effectiveness (Royal Mail, 2014)
• All components and packaging material combined
must weigh less than 2kg to be defined as a “small
package” (Royal Mail, 2014)
• It is vitally important that packaging contains strong
shock resistance capabilities to withstand and protect
the internal delicate components from the harsh
lugging around in freight.
• Packing should stop any wear and tear from
happening as will occur without.
• Guestimate 200,000 units/year of housing and
connectors on mass production.
• Guestimate 250,000 units/year of standardized touch
screen on mass production.
• Guestimate 500,000+ units/year of attachable
mouthpieces on mass production.
• Guestimate 225,000 units/year of lung tube on mass
• The housing will more than likely be manufactured
using UK injection molding facilities. The part will
have to be produced out of 2 or 3 separate pieces to
be bonded together. Alternatively rotational molding
could be implemented although the thread will still
have to be tapped after forming.
• The housing is constrained massively due to over
tapers and grooves making traditional molding
techniques impossible. The only option is to create
the thread after forming.
• The screen shall be standardized and likely produced
by offshore manufacturing plants such as china due to
cost effective supplies and a much higher ability in
terms of machinery.
• Needs to be easily held in a single hand to the 5th to
95th percentile range and be suitable for use by left
and right-handed people.
• Must not be longer than 15cm or wider than 6cm to
allow the device to fit comfortably in a bag (hand bag
for example) and to not to obstruct movement or
appearance if was to be clipped to a belt.
• Based on initial user feedback, it is absolutely essential
that the device remain small enough to be reasonably
discreet. Filing to do so could result in users being put
off using the device in public.
• As previously advised under the “packing” category
sticking to this smaller size will also massively reduce
shipping cost.
• There is to be a minable amount of components in
the device, therefore the housing material should be
both lightweight but also malleable.
• Completed device must weigh absolutely no more
than a max weight of 500 grams for portability and
transportation costs.
• Primarily an appeal to 18-22 year olds but will be
suitable to all ages.
• The younger user wants a modern look and therefore
must aim for this.
• To contain good amount of colour’s such as
orange/red to provide sense of calming and also
provide good market appeal to ‘buy’ based on a report
carried out by “Flymo”.
• Ideally the product should have appealing glossy
upper areas of the product and matt/rougher lower
areas to provide further grip and support to the user.
• The shape should provide a sense of ‘climbing to the
highest peak’ look/feel to provide users with a sense
of achievement and progression.
• Feedback in informal talks suggested the requirement
of the product-looking simple to use with easy to read
graphs and progression results.
• For the outer shell a thin wall is required to increase
lightness of product, therefore a thermoset (Phenolics)
plastic should be used.
• Providing the lifecycle of the product is high, recyclability of
the product can be substituted.
• The housing has to provide an insulating factor in all areas.
• The tubing plastic absolutely needs to be air proof.
• Must be particularly malleable to provide shock resistance.
• A flexible hinge ‘may’ be necessary, if this is the case
flexibility of the material should be considered.
• Metal should be avoided due to increased weight and
conductivity & occasional corrosion.
• As stated in the above “Performance” category, the
proposed material for the handle grip should be
Polyisoprene to provide comfort to a very large band of
Product life span
• The product was expected to remain useful for 3
years, by which time technology will have evolved and
possibly outdated the product.
• The life of the product should remain useable for the
3 years but run to the best of its functionality
including battery efficiency for an absolute minimum
of 3 months.
Standards & Specifications
• Should comply with European and British standards.
• Must be visually lit up but not to an amount that
could cause strain to the user, but enough to allow the
product to appear bright.
• Needs to be curved/rounded in every corner & edge
to provide comfiest feel and increase safety by
reduction of sharp edges.
• The lower half should be textured to provide a sense
of quality and care to the user.
• The upper half should be smooth to the touch.
• Button operating toughness should be a firm but easy
push that can be comfortably held down for a long
period of time.
• The user hugely needs to see their cost saving from
not using cigarettes.
• The user needs to have motivation/be motivated to
quit smoking.
• The user needs to be able to visually see positive
• The user needs the option to take the device with
• The user needs the device to be quick and easy to use.
• The user wants the device to be stylish.
• The user wants the device to help encourage them to
quit using several methods.
• The user wants the device to be sturdy and strong.
Quality and Reliability
• Technical drawings of all product parts should be
provided to “BS 888”
• Regarding all breathing apparatus the product must
comply to “BS EN ISO 10651”.
• Plastic degradation of housing should be simulated in
a laboratory scale test as required by “BS EN ISO
• Plastic piping system needs to be checked for leaks
between fittings and mechanical joints to ensure
quality as required under “BS EN ISO 3459”
Shelf life (storage)
• Must have a shelf life of at least one year.
• Metal screen housing must be non-corrosive in case
of moisture or humidity contact.
• Seals and gaskets for lung tube will need replacing
after 1 year and spares will be made available.
• During mass scale manufacture 1 part in every 100
will need to be tested.
• Testing of the air pressure in which the internal
tubing can withstand should be required.
• A test rig that makes use of an air compressor would
be created.
• A strength test for the outer shell should be carried
out to test its structural ability and at what point the
part will fail.
• The completed product must comply with CE & BSI
marking standards.
• Product must contain safety label warning of small
parts upon mass manufacture and advise the dangers
with the degree of misuse.
• Clear and concise operating instructions must be
• Lack of finances impacts the ability of the product to
be developed and produced to its full capability.
• We are also very limited in terms of large-scale
manufacture in the UK as manufacturing companies
do not have the flexibility.
Market constraints
• Official figures say that there is 2 in every 3 smokers
trying to quit relapse which means the device is
ultimately limited to 2.508 Million people per year.
• The amount of smokers remains in massive decline.
Political and social implications
• The market in the UK for this product is generally
stable and I expect it to remain this way for years even
with decline.
• In less developed countries the product may not be as
welcome as smoking is viewed as a strong socializing
aid, and even occasionally used to purchase goods.
• The thought of trying to quit smoking in the UK and
the rest of the world could impact the user as
(although views are steadily changing) people can see
it as an ‘un-cool’ thing to attempt.
• Politically the product should be massively supported.
• The device remains its own units and its only external
contact is to a power USB supply.
• There is potential for a wireless charging method
using inductive coupling.
• Transformers will probably be required to lower the
mains power output to the required standard.
• Maintenance instructions would need to be provided
for attachment of the mouthpiece, attachment of the
lung capacity tube, replacement of seals, and battery
replacement where necessary.
• Touch screen operating instructions should also be
• Technical requirements such as the ‘45 seconds’ time
to process results should be provided.
• Appropriate end of life disposal documents should be
made clear.
• Housing is not to be recyclable due to its properties
being thermoset but the lifecycle of the product
should be high priority.
• The mouthpiece should to some degree be partly
recyclable or biodegradable.
• The electronics and battery in the device should have
the ability to be broken down for recycle, or disposed
if at electrical disposal points in the UK.
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