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Scenario Book 2
Game Design by Steve Jackson
President/Editor-in-Chief: Steve Jackson • Chief Executive Officer: Phil Reed
Chief Operating Officer: Susan Bueno • Chief Creative Officer: Sam Mitschke
Executive Editor: Miranda Horner • Ogre Line Editors: Daniel Jew, Jen Atkinson, Steve Jackson, Drew Metzger
Scenario Book graphic design by Richard Meaden • Original Ogre image created by Winchell Chung
Map graphics by Gabby Ruenes, based on original paintings by Denis Loubet
Illustrated by Brandon Moore • Layout: Gabby Ruenes
Production Artist: Gabby Ruenes • Production Manager: Sabrina Gonzalez
Quality Control: Bridget Westerman • Prepress Checking by Monica Stephens and Miranda Horner
Operations Manager: Randy Scheunemann • Marketing Director: Rhea Friesen
Special thanks to Daniel Jew and Drew Metzger
Ogre Theme by Tom Smith • Director of Sales: Ross Jepson

Mark-O Polo The Dragon of Magdeburg
by Drew Metzger������������������������������������3 by Arianne Lapine�������������������������������22
Storming the Castle The Hidden Lab
by Timothy J. Fezatte�����������������������������7 by Josh Megerman�������������������������������23
Salvage Uncivil Engineers
by Karl Gallagher�����������������������������������9 by Josh Megerman�������������������������������26
Battle for Sheffield Counterattack!
by Kevin Henson���������������������������������12 by Mike Ptak���������������������������������������27
Luck of the Draw Footrace
by John-David Karnitz�������������������������14 by David Rock��������������������������������������28
Wounded Company: Ogre Rescue Assault on Amsterdam
by Frank Barberis��������������������������������17 by Kevin Roust������������������������������������30
Two Nations, One War Holidays
by Tristan Koehler�������������������������������20 by Corrado Zabetta�������������������������������33

Copyright © 2016 by Steve Jackson Games Incorporated. Ogre, the distinctive likeness of the Ogre, and the pyramid logo are registered
trademarks of Steve Jackson Games Incorporated. All rights reserved. Rules version 6.1 (January 2017).


ogre.sjgames.com 37-5032

In 2012, Steve Jackson Games made a foray onto Kickstarter section 6.00 for scenarios using the Ogre map. Likewise, for those
to fund a deluxe version of the Ogre/G.E.V. game. This was not scenarios using the G.E.V. maps, players should use the overrun
expected to be a huge undertaking; the pledge goal was only rules found in Ogre Designer’s Edition, section 8.00, unless
$20,000. It was simply a tribute by the designer to a game line that, specifically instructed otherwise.
although well loved, seemed to have run its course. What happened This book is not to be considered canon for the Ogre universe.
next might best be described as “catastrophic success.” After Some of these scenarios include rules, units,or timelines that aren’t
$923,680 in pledges, 31 stretch goals achieved, and a Kickstarter in full compliance with the official rules of the Ogre Designer’s
record set, Ogre Designer’s Edition was on its inexorable path to Edition. That’s all right. Fans created these scenarios, and all our
creation. fans are encouraged to make Ogre their own. Sometimes departing
One of the 31 stretch goals was a scenario contest in which fans from strict canon is a lot of fun!
could submit their ideas; at least four of the submissions would be
chosen for publication as a PDF. As with the campaign, the results
were impressive! Scores of submissions were received. Instead of ABOUT OGRE
picking just four, fourteen scenarios were chosen for online posting, Ogre and its sequel, G.E.V., have spawned a number of
and now, publication. expansions, including The Ogre Book, and ultimately, Ogre
Back in 2001, Steve Jackson Games released Ogre Scenario Designer’s Edition, as well as other games in the Ogre universe
Book 1 in response to a scenario design contest, showcasing seven including GURPS Ogre, Ogre Miniatures, and Ogre: Objective 218.
fan-created scenarios. We are now pleased to present Ogre Scenario Ogre continues to grow, and we’ll be happy to let you know
Book 2 for your enjoyment, carrying on the tradition of honoring what’s new. The Ogre home page is sjgames.com/ogre. Please visit
our fans who have supported us so well. for scenarios, history, and other info on the Ogre universe.
Ogre Designer’s Edition contains all the maps and counters There is a robust community of Ogre fans on our forums.
necessary for the following scenarios. Although units and overlays Discussions on strategy, variants, game aids, and more may be
from the various sponsored counter sheets (see sjgames.com/ found at forums.sjgames.com. This is an excellent resource to ask
ogre/sponsored-counters) will add complexity, and may be questions on the game, or peruse our FAQs. Official rules updates
needed for a few of the scenario variations, they are not required to are posted here as well.
enjoy most of the options.
Supplements and expansions. Both digital and print products
Unless the scenario’s rules specifically state otherwise, players for Ogre Designer’s Edition may be found in our online store,
should use the ramming rules found in Ogre Designer’s Edition Warehouse 23, at warehouse23.com.

2 OGRE Scenario Book 2


Mark-O Polo
by Drew Metzger

1.0 Introduction 2.0 Setup

The waves of radiation and debris slashed over, around, and past 2.01 Maps. The following three map-halves are to be used in
“Itchy,” as the Cruise Missile obliterated the terrain surrounding him. Mark-O Polo:
The building Itchy had used to shield himself from the worst of the G2-North upside down
blast disintegrated, burying him in broken steel and concrete. As he
ground free of the rubble, the sound of a few gear trains being ripped G1-North
from their casings echoed in the silence after the blast. G2-South
A systems status check indicated all offensive and defensive
programs fully functional, and only minimal damage to mobility. But
sensors had taken a severe blow, as most external sensor pods had
been scrubbed from the tank, with only a glowing stub remaining of
the tall prow.
Referencing the civilian communication network in his databanks,
Itchy rumbled over a communication nexus in the road and sent a
probe deep into the earth, tapping into the line.
“. . . chi, update status. This is Command. Report Unit One-Nine-
Six-Eight/Zatoichi, update status. You still with us, Itchy?”
“Affirmative, Command. I have sustained minimal combat
degradation, despite complete loss of primary sensor arrays. Thermal
imaging and spectrographic analysis are also off-line. Mass flow
sensors, sonar transducers, and seismic gradient detectors are
functioning at combat readiness.”
“Good to hear you, Itchy! That was close! But if your report is
correct, that means . . .” The sound of frantic voices arguing in the
background came across the line. “Itchy, are you saying you’re
essentially blind and deaf?”
“Only in the human sense that I cannot detect external signals in
the visual spectrum nor most audio and radio frequencies. However,
through characteristic seismic patterning, echolocation, and analysis
of ambient air disruption, I can still detect the presence of enemy
units, if not the type. My data banks have all the required maps and
the specifications of the target. I request permission to proceed with
the mission.”
There was silence on the line. And then, “Unit One-Nine-Six-
Eight/Zatoichi, proceed with your mission. We need Target Tango
Victor found and destroyed. Good luck, big guy!”
“Luck is irrelevant. Unit One-Nine-Six-Eight/Zatoichi out.”
Itchy retracted the communication spike and turned toward
the north. As he accessed the data banks once again, the sound of
Beethoven’s “Hammerklavier” could be heard echoing from the
behemoth as it rumbled down the street.
1.01 Overview. One of the few flaws of Ogre and G. E. V. is there
is no sense of uncertainty in the game. In most scenarios, the forces
and objectives of both sides are known before the first shot is fired.
This scenario is designed to restore the “fog of war” to the game.
1.02 Necessary materials. Mark-O Polo requires only the retail North is designated by the annotation on map G1-N. A second
version of Ogre Designer’s Edition to be played, although a second identical set of maps may be helpful in tracking the hidden units,
set of maps can be helpful. You will also need pen and paper (index but is not required.
cards are useful) to create draw chits, off-board notes, and so on.

OGRE Scenario Book 2 3

2.01.1 Overlays. Additional alteration of the maps is required Until identified, the yellow “Building?” counter will represent
to make the three halves mesh. These changes are detailed below: each building on the map. The Admin 40 SP and Laser 40 SP may
A Forest overlay should be placed on hex 0201 and hex 0306 on use the appropriate 20 SP counter turned over while in the hidden
map G2-N. state, with a hidden notation to the side as to which counter
represents the actual 20 SP building and which is in fact the 40 SP
A Beach with Straight Road should be placed on hex 1106 on building. A pair of Admin 20 SP counters stacked should be used to
map G2-N, connecting hex 1006 to hex 1205. designate the Admin 40 SP and a Laser Tower 20 SP counter stacked
A Clear overlay should be placed on hex 1801 of map G2-N and with a Laser 20 SP counter should be used to designate the Laser 40
1901 of map G2-N (which is hex 0501 of map G1-N) as well as 0401 SP once those buildings are identified. Also, use any “Building?”
of map G1-N. counter to represent the Hardened CP; just make note of the
alternate designation for the counter in that hex to be revealed
A Straight Road overlay should be placed on hex 1801 of map when necessary.
G2-N and 1901 of map G2-N (which is hex 0501 of map G1-N),
connecting hex 1702 of map G2-N to hex 0401 of map G1-N. 2.02 Combine units. The attacker gets an Ogre Mark V. The
Ogre was injured by a prior Cruise Missile blast; roll 1 die for tread
A Curved Road overlay should be placed on hex 0401 on map damage incurred from the attack. It enters from the southern
G1-N, connecting hex 0402 on map G1-N to hex 1901 of map G2-N edge of map G2-S. The entrance hex counts against the allotted
(which is hex 0501 of map G1-N). movement allowance. If the Ogre enters on a road, it gets the road
A Swamp overlay should be placed on hex 1201 of map G1-N and movement bonus. The Ogre moves first.
hex 1301 of map G1-N (which is hex 1101 of map G2-N). 2.03 Paneuropean units. The defender gets 22 armor units
A Clear overlay should be placed on hex 1801 and 1902 of map and 27 squads of infantry (any type, subject to the usual costs).
G1-N. However, the defender only starts with eight armor units and 18
squads of infantry on the map when the game starts. The other 14
A Town overlay should be placed on hex 2002 of map G1-N. armor units and nine squads of infantry are held in reserve (see
A Curved Road overlay should be placed on hex 2002 of map G1- section 3.0 below).
N, connecting hex 2001 to hex 2103, both of map G1-N. 2.03.1 Paneuropean units setup. The eight armor units can
A Straight Road overlay should be placed on hex 2001, be set up anywhere north of the crease splitting the map G2-S in
connecting hex 2002 of map G1-N to hex 0401 of map G2-N. half. The armor units should be shown on the map with a numbered
A Town overlay should be placed on hex 0411 on map G1-N. marker – “1, “2,” “3,” etc. A list should be kept delineating which
actual unit is represented by which number. Example: token “1” =
A Clear overlay should be placed on hex 1611 on map G1-N. Heavy Tank; token “2” = GEV; token “3” = GEV; etc. This list should
A Curved Road overlay should be placed on hex 1611 on map have each unit on a separate piece of paper (sticky-note, index
G1-N, connecting hex 1511 on map G1-N to hex 1612 on map G2-S. card, etc.) to facilitate revealing the unit when appropriate (i.e.,
just hand over the paper). Armor units all start with a number token
Any remaining hex at a junction between the maps that has half delineating the specific unit. Use tokens #1-20 initially, then D1 &
of the hex with forest and the other half with anything else should D2, plus SP10, SP20 . . . SP60 as needed, to indicate the individual
become a full hex of forest. units. As units become identified, the numbered tokens can be
2.01.2 Target buildings. The defender has 12 buildings that reused for incoming replacement units (see below). In the unlikely
are the possible targets for the Ogre. The defender chooses one to event that all 28 available tokens are used, alternative options
place in each of the following hexes: include using the “Disabled,” “Damaged,” “Stuck,” and “Road Cut”
markers, as well as improvised options (coins, buttons, beads, etc.).
Map G2-N – 0306, 0711, 0804, 1507, 1710, 2104
The infantry is also set up anywhere on map G2-S north of the
Map G1-N – 0305, 0510, 1005, 1503, 1608, 2102
crease. The defender should write down the map and hex that each
squad is starting in, including the composition of the hex if it is of
The twelve structures are: mixed infantry types. At the start of the game, there are no counters
at all indicating where the infantry is located on the map. As with
Admin 10 SP the armor, it is helpful to have the squads’ initial hex written on
Admin 20 SP separate pieces of paper, thus enabling one squad to be revealed
when appropriate without showing the other squads. Infantry that
Admin 30 SP start the game riding on a vehicle that should be described in the
Admin 40 SP armor unit description above. Those infantry are hidden until they
disembark or the unit is identified. The defender may choose to
Laser 20 SP
keep a master list for personal convenience as well.
Laser 40 SP
If available, it may be helpful for the defender to have a second
Laser Tower 20 SP map shielded from the attacker with all units displayed to better
Reactor 60 SP track the movement of infantry and type of armor units.
Strongpoint 60 SP 2.04 Cruise Missiles. Cruise Missiles are not allowed in this
Strongpoint 70 SP
Strongpoint 80 SP
Hardened CP – D3

4 OGRE Scenario Book 2


3.0 Game Play 3.03.2 Identification of targets. The attacking Ogre has the
schematics of the target building, but does not know the exact
3.01 Reinforcements. Beginning on turn 5 and every turn location. Each building, until identified, is represented by a yellow
thereafter, the defender may get reinforcements from the reserve “Building?” counter on the map. Buildings are identified when the
forces set aside at the beginning of the game. The defender Ogre passes within two hexes of the building. The counter should be
should roll 1 die at the start of each turn. On a 1 or 2, there are no turned over showing the building details, and a 3-D building may
reinforcements this turn. Otherwise, the defender should randomly be set upon it. Note this is different from the three-hex distance
choose from the remaining reserves; again, slips of paper in a bag in rule 11.06 in the Ogre Designer’s Edition rulebook. This is due
would work. The reserves should be divided prior to the start of the to the decreased sensor capabilities of the attacking Ogre. Once
game into the following groups: identified, the appropriate 3-D building may be placed atop the 2-D
counter(s), which designate the SP of the building where necessary.
A - 3 armor units E - 1 armor unit & 3 squads inf.
Lasers may attack the Ogre, subject to the usual laser rules
B - 3 armor units F - 1 armor unit & 3 squads inf. regarding LOS, etc. Hidden lasers that make an attack are revealed,
C - 2 armor units & 3 squads inf. G - 1 armor unit and the counter may be turned over (and a 3-D laser may be placed
upon it).
D - 2 armor units H - 1 armor unit
3.03.3 Identification of Paneuropean forces. Once a unit A)
The defender must decide the exact composition of each fires, B) is fired upon, or C) comes within a two-hex range of the
reinforcement group prior to the start of the game. For example, Ogre, the token is replaced with the unit in question. Additionally,
the reserve group “A – 3 armor units” might be designated as three a unit may be unmasked if it acts in a manner that eliminates any
GEVs, whereas the group “B – 3 armor units” might comprise two other choices (e.g., if three squads of infantry disembark from a
Heavy Tanks and two Light Tanks. If “B” is drawn from the reserve hidden unit, that unit can only be a GEV-PC, and therefore should
pile, the defender gets the four tanks. Once all eight groups (12, if be unmasked).
using the Truck Variant below) of reserves have been brought onto Infantry are revealed A) by movement outside of a town hex,
the map, there are no additional reserves. All armor units should be B) by firing, or C) if the Ogre comes within one hex of them (the
camouflaged with new tokens to hide the nature of the unit from the honor system is in effect!). Infantry that start the game within a
Ogre player. Reserve infantry will be visible from the start, unless town hex may move through any contiguous town hexes without
they are riding in/on another vehicle. Once the infantry disembark, revealing their location. Infantry are also revealed if they are riding
they are visible to the Ogre, even should they resume riding on the on another unit and that unit is revealed.
vehicle. Thus it is possible to know that there is an infantry squad
on a specific unit, but not know what that unit is. The status of the
infantry (riding a vehicle or not) should be designated when the 4.0 Endgame
reserves are listed prior to the start of the game. 4.01 Ending the scenario. The game ends when the Ogre
Reinforcements will enter the map from a randomly determined destroys its target and escapes, or when it is destroyed.
entry point each time. Roll 1 die for the entry hex: 4.02 Objectives. The goal of the Ogre is to destroy the target
1 – 0104 on Map G1-N building with a secondary objective of escaping back off the
southern edge of the map. The goal of the defender is to prevent
2 – 2304 on Map G2-N the destruction of the target building. A secondary objective of the
3 – 1611 on Map G2-N defender is the destruction of the attacking Ogre.
4 – 0104 on Map G2-N 4.03 Victory levels.
5 – 2304 on Map G1-N Complete Ogre Victory – The target building is destroyed and the
Ogre escapes off the south edge of the map.
6 – 2315 on Map G2-S
Marginal Ogre Victory – The target building is destroyed but the
Reinforcements are assumed to be on the road and thus gain
Ogre is also destroyed.
the road movement bonus. The entry hex does count against their
movement allowance. Draw – The target building is not destroyed but the Ogre escapes.
3.02 Escape. The Ogre must escape off the southern edge of Marginal Defender Victory – The Ogre is destroyed but the target
the map to meet the victory conditions. Leaving from any other edge building is damaged.
would constitute a loss of the Ogre as per section 5.12 in the Ogre Complete Defender Victory – The Ogre is destroyed and the target
Designer’s Edition rulebook. Defenders are at home; they can leave building is unharmed.
the map in any direction they choose without penalty. However, as
per 5.12, units leaving the map may not re-enter later.
3.03 Special rules. The following rules should be used when
playing Mark-O Polo.
3.03.1 Target selection. The Ogre player randomly determines
its target. Write all 12 buildings on small pieces of paper, and blindly
pull one out from a bag. The target should be kept hidden from the
defender, and set aside for confirmation at the end of the game.

OGRE Scenario Book 2 5


5.0 Variant Scenarios Mines in Water – For this scenario, mines placed in water
hexes are underwater, and have the usual chance of affecting
5.01 Truck Variant. Instead of rolling a die to determine Ogres traversing the hex. Otherwise, use rule 13.04 from the Ogre
whether reinforcements come on any given turn, add the following Designer’s Edition rulebook.
vehicles to the mix:
Victory conditions and game play are as described above.
W - 2 Hovertrucks & 2 Trucks
5.07 Daredevil Strike. Replace the Mark V with a Mark IV. If
X - 1 Hovertruck & 2 Trucks needed, boost the defense with additional reserve units. In this
Y - 2 Hovertrucks case, the defender gets an additional two more armor units and
three squads of infantry. This should be added as another reserve
Z - 2 Trucks option (i.e., a second “2 armor units & 3 squads inf.” can be drawn).
If using this variant, something enters the map every turn Victory conditions and game play are as described above.
starting on turn 5 until all reserves have been used. If one of the 5.08 Three Blind Mice. Replace the Mark V with three Mark II
Truck options is drawn, there are no combat reinforcements that Ogres. Victory conditions are as follows:
turn. The defender can use the Trucks to fake out the Ogre. The
Trucks should have camouflage markers the same as any offensive Complete Ogre Victory – The target building is destroyed and all
unit, to be revealed when the Ogre gets within two hexes of them. Ogres escape off the south edge of the map.
Randomly determine the entrance hex as usual (see section 3.01). Marginal Ogre Victory – The target building is destroyed and one
5.02 Mission Brief. All of the building locations are known to or two Ogres escape off the south edge of the map.
the Ogre prior to the start of the scenario. The Ogre gets a mission Very Marginal Ogre Victory – The target building is damaged and
update prior to proceeding, with the location of all militarily any or all of the Ogres escape off the south edge of the map. (But if
relevant buildings and a directive as to the target building. During they were in good enough condition to escape, why did they break
setup, the defender places the buildings listed on the prescribed off the attack? Does their AI weight their own survival too highly?
hexes as they wish. The Ogre player is aware of what buildings are Some programmers will have some explaining to do.)
placed on which hexes. The Ogre still determines the target building
Draw – The target building is destroyed but no Ogres escape, or
randomly, and keeps this information hidden until after the game.
the target building is untouched but all Ogres escape.
The defender gets an additional two more armor units and three
squads of infantry. This should be added as another reserve option Marginal Defender Victory – All Ogres are destroyed but the
(i.e., a second “2 armor units & 3 squads inf.” can be drawn). Game target building is damaged.
play and victory conditions are as described above. Defender Victory – The target building is untouched, and one or
5.03 The Hand You’re Dealt. To make life a little more difficult two Ogres escape.
for the defender, have the buildings be randomly placed on the Complete Defender Victory – All Ogres are destroyed and the
specific hexes. The Ogre still randomly determines its target, which target building is unharmed.
is kept from the defender until after the game. Some games will
favor the Ogre (a 10 SP Admin target placed in a southern hex) and Otherwise, the game plays as described above.
some will favor the defender (an 80 SP Stronghold target in the far
north), but that’s the way the cards fall sometimes. The challenge
is in making do with what’s available, and the defender needs to
6.0 Scenario Design Notes
guess where to commit his forces. Game play and victory conditions Despite the mild attempts at adding some uncertainty in
are as described above. the scenario Raid, there is very little mystery in an Ogre game.
Thus the game loses the flavor of a true wartime skirmish, where
5.04 The Near Miss. The Ogre was more damaged by the commanders are trying to second-guess what units are available to
Cruise Missile than just treads. Prior to beginning the game, roll their opponent and the ultimate goal of the attack. This scenario
for damage to each non-tread component of the Ogre at 1-2 odds. and the associated variants attempt to fill that void.
Tread damage is still only the 1D6 amount.
The variants have been designed to allow players to flex the
Reinforcements for the defender only come with a 4, 5, or 6 on scenario in favor of one side or the other, based upon the skills of
the die roll at the beginning of each turn. Otherwise, game play and the players, and perhaps the prior game’s outcome. Options such
victory conditions are as described above. as 5.01, 5.04, and 5.06 can make the scenario harder on the Ogre,
5.05 Construction Delays. The lasers are newly constructed, whereas the variants 5.02, 5.03, 5.05, and 5.07 make life more
and due to wartime shortages and red tape, they have yet to be challenging for the defense.
brought on-line. They are not available for attacks against the Ogre. Additional ways of flexing the scenario in favor of one side or
Otherwise, the game plays and victory conditions are as described the other include adding or subtracting 1 to the die roll to acquire
above. reinforcements; changing the turn that reinforcements begin
5.06 The Rocky Road. The defender has six mines to place in to either sooner or later; and increasing or decreasing the SP of
one to six hexes prior to the start of the game. These hexes should the target buildings. More than one variant may be combined for
be written down and set aside. They are revealed to the attacker additional game options!
if the Ogre traverses the mined hex. Use rule 13.04 from the Ogre
Designer’s Edition rulebook. Mines may be placed in water hexes
using the following rule:

6 OGRE Scenario Book 2


Storming the Castle

by Timothy J. Fezatte

1.0 Introduction 2.01.2 Buildings. Place a gray Admin building in hex G1-2310
to represent the “Castle” headquarters of Lord Black.
The AI called itself “Lord Black.” It ruled an ever-shifting territory
2.01.3 Markers. Use one of the “?” markers (with the “?” facing
for six years, which was a long time in those days. But eventually
up) to represent the AI. This is also placed in hex G1-2310.
its forces were destroyed by a coalition of (as far as anyone knew)
human warlords, leaving it no territory but its island stronghold, 2.02 Castle defenses. Mobile Howitzer counters of any neutral
and no mobile defenses. The coalition dissolved, as every warlord color represent the island’s hardened gun emplacements. There are
sent a force to capture the AI core and probe its secrets. as many guns as there are players. These units should be evenly
distributed between hexes G1-2309 and S1-0209. If there are an
1.01 Overview. Competing factions seek to capture an AI.
odd number, place the last unit in G1-2309.
The mission is further complicated by the fact that hardened gun
emplacements defend the AI’s island stronghold. 2.03 Faction units. Each faction receives 12 GEVs.
1.02 Necessary materials. Storming the Castle requires only
the retail version of Ogre Designer’s Edition. Counters from some 3.0 Game Play
of the Sponsored Counter Sheets may be helpful, especially if this
scenario is to be played with more than four players. 3.01 Order of play. Determine the number of factions vying
to capture the AI, and then randomly determine the order of play
based on the number of factions. Use numbered markers or some
2.0 Setup other method (such as extra dice) to ensure that the order of play
is clear in a game with more than two factions (i.e., F1, F2, F3,
2.01 Maps. Use maps G1 and S1, with S1 placed to the east (i.e.,
F4), especially as the players may not necessarily be seated in a
to the right) of map G1.
clockwise fashion.
2.01.1 Overlays. Place one of the three-hex town overlays over
hexes G1-2309, G1-2310, and S1-0209. This overlay represents the

OGRE Scenario Book 2 7

3.02 Faction entry. Before the first turn of play, each faction (in desired), and they ignore “D” results as if they were Ogre weapons.
order) will choose one of the available sections of the map as their As they are in town hexes, their defense is doubled. Between each
entry point. That faction may only enter from those hexes, and must faction’s turn (after one faction’s second (GEV) movement phase
exit using those same hexes. The entry hex counts for movement. but prior to the next faction’s recovery phase) there is a “neutral
If a GEV enters on a road, rail, or river, it receives the movement fire phase” whereupon the island guns fire. During this phase, an
bonus. Once all factions have chosen their entry point, the first turn opposing player should control the island Mobile Howitzers, but
begins, using the same order of play. they may only fire at the units of the faction that just finished their
2 factions: E, W turn!

3 factions: NE, SE, W

4 factions: NE, NW, SE, SW
4.0 Endgame
4.01 Ending the scenario. The objective is to capture the
3.02.1 Map entry for additional factions. If additional counter AI and escape the map. Any faction that achieves this goal
sets of other colors are available, this scenario may be played with immediately wins the scenario. If something prevents all factions
up to six players. from achieving this goal (such as all the attackers being destroyed
5 factions: NE, NW, S, SE, SW or the only surviving unit becoming “Stuck”), then no one wins.
6 factions: E, NE, NW, SE, SW, W 4.02 Escape points. Each faction must escape with the AI
through one of the hexes in their entry area. Units that leave the
3.02.2 Map entry points.
map at any other location are considered destroyed.
E: Eastern entry hexes are S1-2308 through S1-2315 inclusive.
NE: Northeastern entry hexes are S1-1601 through S1-2301
5.0 Variant Scenarios
5.01 Variable Forces Scenario. If the players agree, they may
NW: Northwestern entry hexes are G1-0101 through G1-0801 assemble their own forces using 12 armor units (or their equivalent
inclusive. in victory points). One or more units may be exchanged for three
S: Southern entry hexes are G1-1923 through S1-0323 inclusive. squads of infantry per unit exchanged. Specialist infantry may be
chosen at the usual cost. All units must have at least M2. Cruise
SE: Southeastern entry hexes are S1-1622 through S1-2323
Missiles, Hovertrucks, and Trucks are not allowed.
5.02 Advanced Variable Forces Scenario. Alternatively,
SW: Southwestern entry hexes are G1-0123 through G1-0822
players may elect to use 18 armor units (or their equivalent in
victory points). In this scenario, add two Mobile Howitzers to the
W: Western entry hexes are G1-0108 through G1-0115 inclusive. castle’s defenses. Again, all units must have at least M2. Cruise
3.03 Special rules. The following rules should be used when Missiles, Hovertrucks, and Trucks are not allowed.
playing Storming the Castle. 5.03 Lord Black as a Player. Instead of being “on automatic,”
3.03.1 The Castle. The Admin building (“Castle”) may not be Lord Black may be represented by a player. In this case, the island
attacked as long as the AI is present in the same hex. If attacked, it defense is increased to any size that the players agree will be
has a SP value of 30. interesting. Possible options could include any of the following:
3.03.2 Capturing the AI. The goal of this scenario is to capture ►► Limit Lord Black’s forces to non-GEVs. These should be deployed
and escape the map with the AI. If the AI is in the castle, a manned on the map prior to the start of the game and be more than three
unit (or infantry squad) capable of reaching the island must spend hexes away from any entry point.
one full turn in the castle hex without moving. A disabled unit can ►► Allow Lord Black’s units to “rescue” the AI and return it to the
still capture the AI. Once captured, the AI marker is placed with the Castle.
unit. The AI can be transferred to another unit as long as both units
►► Treat Lord Black’s force the same as the other Warlords’ forces,
spend an entire turn in the same hex without moving.
with an entry/exit point. The difference here is the island guns
3.03.3 Combat while carrying the AI. While a unit is carrying won’t fire on the AI’s units and will protect them as a priority after
the AI, all “X” results against that unit are treated as “D” results protecting the AI itself. Lord Black’s force should be the last to
except during overrun combat. In order to capture the AI from an enter the map in this circumstance.
enemy unit, the attacker must destroy the enemy unit during an
Lord Black’s victory condition is to avoid being removed from
overrun. The attacker must spend the entire next turn in that hex
the map. (In the long run, someone will take the castle, but if the
in order to capture the AI. Note: This can occur in any terrain – even
AI can survive the initial assault, it hopes to negotiate a surrender
water – as Lord Black’s AI core can survive anything short of a very
to friendlier forces.)
near miss by a large nuke. The AI is not affected by combat results
and can be left alone in a hex if it is dropped and not successfully If Lord Black is not captured, the game ends when all enemy
picked up. units have left the map. The other players’ rankings are determined
by their surviving forces. A unit “survives” if it escapes through one
3.03.4 Castle defenses. The Mobile Howitzers (“hardened gun
of its entry hexes. The more units that survive the expedition, the
emplacements”) on the island are “neutral,” existing only to defend
better off that Warlord will be in the coming weeks.
the AI. They are immobile (place a “Stuck” marker on them, if

8 OGRE Scenario Book 2


by Karl Gallagher

1.0 Introduction one may have a road on it. Starting with the player closest to the NW
corner and moving clockwise, each may place one overlay anywhere
During the Factory States era, a freelancer decrypted a top- on the board. An overlay may not be placed adjacent to another
secret file with the location of several mini-reactor cores hidden player’s overlay or within six hexes of another player’s starting hex.
since the Collapse. He sold the file to every local warlord, and Sponsored sheet overlays may only be used if all players agree on
discreetly moved to another continent. Now all these warlords are their terrain effect.
converging on the sites at the same time . . .
2.01.2 Terrain damage. All bridges are destroyed. All roads
1.01 Overview. Salvage is a tribute to the classic microgames. through towns are cut. This does not apply to overlays placed by
This scenario will support up to nine players, for those with some of players.
the alternative counters and/or Sponsored Counter Sheets (Classic
2.01.3 Reactor markers. The “?” markers are used to designate
Counters, Barbarians at the Gate, and Nihon Empire). The basic
the location of the reactors. Check the starting tables below for
Ogre Designer’s Edition set will support four factions (Combine,
both the board configuration and number of players you have. The
Paneuropean, Third Force, and Black Rose). Two-player scenarios
reactor markers are placed in the designated hexes. If a reactor is in
are provided for completeness, but they tend to turn into “Ceasefire
a water hex, place a clear terrain overlay under it.
Collapse” and are not recommended. Three or more players are
ideal. 2.02 Entry points. Assign players randomly to the starting
positions. Each player’s units must enter from off the board within
1.02 Necessary materials. Salvage requires only the retail
two hexes of their designated starting hex. Units that start on
version of Ogre Designer’s Edition to be played, although some of
a road may receive the road bonus as applicable. (This applies to
the Sponsored Counter Sheets and/or the Classic Counters set are
infantry and GEVs for rail hexes, and GEVs for water hexes, as well).
required to play with more than four players.
2.03 Faction units. Each player may choose a starting force
consisting of 10 armor units or their equivalent. One or more units
2.0 Setup may be exchanged for three squads of infantry per unit. Specialist
2.01 Maps. The Ogre board may be used for two players. The infantry may be chosen at the usual cost. Each player also has three
GEV-type boards may be used for two to five players. A larger game Hovertrucks.
may be played on a four-map board with four to nine players. For the 2.04 Turn order. The first player is selected randomly. Play
four-map board, choose one board randomly to be the NW corner. proceeds clockwise.
Choose randomly between the two matching boards to be the NE
corner. Place the remaining two boards to fit. 2.05 Starting tables. The following tables are used to determine
both the location of the reactor markers as well as the entry point
2.01.1 Overlays. Each player takes three terrain overlays. One for the various players.
must be single-hex. Only one may be larger than two hexes. Only

OGRE Scenario Book 2 9


Ogre Map Single GEV-style Map

Players 2 Players 2 3 4 5
Core Hex 0811 Core Hex 1211 1512 1211 1312
Core Hex 0411 Core Hex 1713 1912 1812 0909
Core Hex 1212 Core Hex 0710 1117 0612 0915
Entry Point 1 North edge of map Core Hex - 1107 1205 1912
Entry Point 2 South edge of map Core Hex - - 1217 1505
Core Hex - - - 1519
Entry Point 1 North edge 0112 0101 2304
Entry Point 2 South edge 2001 2301 2320
Entry Point 3 - 2022 2323 0112
Entry Point 4 - - 0123 0923
Entry Point 5 - - - 0901

Four GEV-style Maps

Players 4 5 6 7 8 9
Core Hex NW2323 SW2303 NE0416 NE0816 NE0417 NE0715
Core Hex NW1212 NW1513 SE0408 SW2306 SE0803 SE0905
Core Hex NE1212 NE0913 NW1523 NW1616 SW2007 SW1505
Core Hex SW1212 SE1409 NW2308 NE0809 NW1720 NW1715
Core Hex SE1212 SW2318 NE1215 NE1617 NW2310 NE0708
Core Hex - SW1009 SE1209 SE1209 NE1014 NE1414
Core Hex - - SW2316 SW2316 NE1422 SE1603
Core Hex - - SW1209 SW1209 SE1010 SE1112
Core Hex - - NW1215 NW0817 SW2314 SW2316
Core Hex - - - NW1609 SW1410 SW1312
Core Hex - - - - NW1022 SW0803
Core Hex - - - - NW1414 NW1014
Core Hex - - - - - NW1708
Entry 1 NW2301 NW2301 NW1001 NW2301 NW1301 NW2301
Entry 2 NW0123 NE2319 NE1401 NE2302 NE1001 NE1801
Entry 3 NE2323 SE1523 NE2323 SE2304 NE2313 NE2317
Entry 4 SW2323 SW0923 SE1423 SE1222 SE2310 SE2313
Entry 5 - NW0119 SW1022 SW1123 SE1022 SE0923
Entry 6 - - NW0123 SW0104 SW1323 SW1422
Entry 7 - - - NW0102 SW0110 SW0113
Entry 8 - - - - NW0113 NW0117
Entry 9 - - - - - NW0501

10 OGRE Scenario Book 2


3.0 Game Play 4.0 Endgame

3.01 Reinforcements. On each player’s second turn, and every 4.01 Ending the scenario. The game ends when all reactor
other turn thereafter, reinforcements appear. Roll 1 die and consult cores have been removed from the map or only one player has units
the table. If a 6 is rolled, specialist infantry may be chosen at the still on the map.
usual cost. If a player has fewer than three Hovertrucks on the 4.02 Objectives. The objective is to collect and remove as many
board, one Hovertruck is received with the reinforcement. core as possible. If one player controls the map, all remaining cores
Reinforcements enter on the player’s starting hex. are counted toward that player’s score.
Players with no units on the board may not receive 4.03 Victory conditions. The player who carries the most cores
reinforcements. off the board through his entry hexes is the winner. In the case of
a tie in number of cores recovered, the player with the most units
1 Heavy Tank or GEV surviving (on board or escaped) wins. If a player destroys a core,
2 Missile Tank or GEV-PC all other factions will be angry over the destruction of pre-Collapse
gear. Each destroyed core reduces the player’s score by 1.
3 2 Light Tanks or 2 Light GEVs
4.03.1 Victory levels. If the winning player recovers two cores
4 GEV more than the second-place player, they achieve a decisive victory.
5 3 squads of Infantry Any player with more than two cores has a normal victory. Any
player who recovers two cores can claim a marginal victory.
6 Any unit or combination of units worth up to 6 VPs

3.02 Escape. Units may escape from any edge hex within two 5.0 Variant Scenarios
hexes of their starting hex. They may not re-enter the map once 5.01 Timed Variant. A time limit can be set. At the end of the
they have left. Units that leave the map elsewhere are considered game, players count non-disabled Hovertrucks carrying a core as
destroyed. half a core toward their score. Otherwise, game play and victory
3.03 Special rules. The following rules should be used when conditions are as described above.
playing Salvage. 5.02 Advanced Scenario. Each player starts with 20 armor
3.03.1 Salvage. If a Hovertruck begins the turn in a hex with units and three Hovertrucks. One or more armor units may be
a reactor marker, the core can be loaded onto the Hovertruck. exchanged for three squads of infantry per unit. Specialist infantry
Disabled Hovertrucks may not move or load cores. Disabled results may be chosen at the usual cost. Otherwise, game play and victory
have no effect on the cargo. If a Hovertruck is destroyed, the core conditions are as described above.
is destroyed as well. 5.03 Ogre Scenario. Ogres are available to oversee the removal
Cores are very heavy. A Hovertruck carrying one has movement of the cores. Each player may choose one of the following starting
M2/0. forces:
A Hovertruck can’t hold infantry if it has a core loaded. Cores Mark V, 10 armor units (exchangeable for
remain on the Hovertruck unless it loads an infantry unit, in which infantry), 3 Hovertrucks.
case the core is placed in the hex and may subsequently be loaded Mark IV, 10 armor units (exchangeable for
by any player. GEV-PCs may not carry cores. infantry), 3 Hovertrucks.
3.03.2 Set for stun. Players may make “spillover only” attacks Fencer, 13 armor units (exchangeable for
on units (see section 7.12 in the Ogre Designer’s Edition rulebook). infantry), 3 Hovertrucks.
The difference here is that there is no specific target of the attack
(i.e., no unit is attacked at normal strength). Apply the spillover Mark III, 18 armor units (exchangeable for
effect of the attack to all units in the hex. Section 13.01.2 in the infantry), 3 Hovertrucks.
Ogre Designer’s Edition rulebook may be used if damage to terrain Two Mark IIs, 19 armor units (exchangeable
is desired as well. for infantry), 3 Hovertrucks.
3.03.3 Hijacking. If infantry overrun a hex containing an More than one player may choose any specific Ogre force. Ogres
enemy Hovertruck, a friendly Hovertruck replaces the enemy one may perform “Blocking” as described above. Otherwise, game play
once the overrun is resolved. A squad can spare one member as a and victory conditions are as described above.
driver without losing combat effectiveness. Cargo is unaffected
5.04 Peaceful Countryside. Bridges and roads through towns
by the hijacking. Hijacked Hovertrucks cannot move until the
are intact. This will speed up the game but help some starting
new owner’s next turn. If a Hovertruck carrying infantry overruns
positions more than others. Otherwise, game play and victory
an enemy Hovertruck, the infantry may dismount and hijack the
conditions are as described above.
enemy Hovertruck after all other overrun combat is concluded.
5.05 Quick Getaway. Cores are less heavy. Hovertrucks carrying
3.03.4 Blocking. Armor units may overrun an enemy Hovertruck
cores have movement increased to M2/1. Otherwise, game play and
without destroying it. The enemy Hovertruck may not move until
victory conditions are as described above.
the overrunning units leave the hex.

OGRE Scenario Book 2 11


Battle for Sheffield

by Kevin Henson

1.0 Introduction 2.01.2 Markers. Place a “SP 30” marker on the bridge at hex G1-
2013. If the defender places a bridge on the southern half of map
Spring 2079: The Paneuropean High Command wishes G1, place a “SP 20” marker on that bridge.
to capture the Ogre Factory at Sheffield. The assault force is
2.01.3 Factory building. The defender places the Ogre Factory
composed primarily of new “Pikeman” Mark I cybertanks, led by
in one hex of the 11-hex town on map G1. This structure is a 60 SP
a “irregularly acquired” Mark II cybertank nicknamed “Burghut,”
target. A strongpoint structure should be used to indicate the plant.
with conventional support. The factory has a small, dedicated
defense force and is hurriedly preparing two additional Ogres that 2.02 Combine units. The defending force consists of the
are essentially complete at the factory. But time is running out . . . following units:
1.01 Overview. This scenario depicts an attack on a strategic One Mark II Ogre – BNJ-231 “Benji”
target that is defended by what is initially an overmatched force. Six armor units and 20 squads of infantry – 15th Sheffield Home
1.02 Necessary materials. Battle for Sheffield requires only Guards [Col. Richard Smyth]
the retail version of Ogre Designer’s Edition. Four Howitzers (any mix) – 122nd Artillery Battery [Cpt. Dave
2.0 Setup The Combine player may choose to exchange one or more of the
2.01 Maps. Use maps G1 and S1, with S1 placed to the west (i.e., Howitzers for other armor at the standard rate. Cruise Missiles and
to the left) of map G1. Crawlers are not available to the Combine force.
2.01.1 Overlays. Place a three-hex town overlay over hexes 2.02.1 Combine setup. The Combine units may be placed
G1-2116, G1-2215, and G1-2216. Place a two-hex road overlay to anywhere on map G1.
connect the road in G1-2016 to that in G1-2315. Additionally, the 2.03 Paneuropean units. The attacking Paneuropean force
defender (Combine player) gets 12 ridge hexsides and one river consists of the following units:
bridge that may be placed anywhere on the southern half of map
Eight “Pikeman” (Mark I) and one “Burghut” (Mark II) Ogres –
G1, if desired.
XII Landsknecht Cyber Assault Division

12 OGRE Scenario Book 2

20 armor units and 20 squads of infantry – 5th Hapsburg
Regiment [Gen. Karl Rinehart]
4.0 Endgame
4.01 Ending the scenario. The game ends after 40 turns, or
The Paneuropean force may not choose fixed Howitzers, and it
when the victory conditions are met, whichever comes first.
is limited to no more than two Mobile Howitzers. Additionally, it
may not choose Cruise Missiles or Crawlers. Any number of infantry 4.02 Objectives. The objective of the Paneuropean attacker is to
squads may be exchanged for Marines at the standard rate. capture the Ogre Factory as efficiently as possible. The objective of
Combine defender is to prevent the fall of the Ogre Factory.
2.03.1 Paneuropean setup. The attacker enters the map from
the west edge of map S1. Any units that enter on a road (or water/ 4.03 Victory levels.
rail for GEVs) may receive the movement bonus. The entrance hex Complete Combine Victory – The Factory is intact, all Paneuropean
counts toward their movement cost. infantry are destroyed, and at least one (1) Combine Ogre survives.
Marginal Combine Victory – The Factory is intact, but no Combine
3.0 Game Play Ogres survive.
3.01 Reinforcements. The technicians at the Ogre Factory are Draw – The Factory is destroyed.
working to bring a pair of completed Ogres online, to assist in the
Marginal Paneuropean Victory – The Factory is captured.
defense of the plant. On turn 3, a Mark III Ogre (SHP-153 “Shepard”)
is available to the Combine player. Additionally, on turn 5 a Mark V Complete Paneuropean Victory – The Factory is captured and
Ogre (BLD-062 “Bulldog”) is available to the defenders. Both Ogres 20 points of armor and/or the equivalent of Paneuropean Ogres
must start at the Ogre Factory hex. survive.
The Paneuropean force does not receive any reinforcements.
3.02 Escape. Units may escape on any traversable terrain on any 5.0 Variant Scenarios
map edge but may not re-enter the map, and should be considered 5.01 Overrun Variant. Instead of using the ramming rules from
destroyed as per 5.12 from Ogre Designer’s Edition. Ogre Designer’s Edition, use the overrun rules (section 8.00 in the
3.03 Ramming. The ramming rules from Ogre Designer’s Ogre Designer’s Edition rulebook). If this variant is being used,
Edition (6.00) should be used for this scenario. consider reducing the stacking limit for infantry in the Factory hex
to three squads.
3.04 Special rules. The following rules should be used when
playing Battle for Sheffield. 5.02 Spawning Ogres. There are more Ogres within the facility
that can be activated. It just takes precious time . . .
3.04.1 Stacking. Stacking is not allowed when playing the base
scenario with the following exception: limited stacking of infantry 5.02.1 Combine Reinforcements. After turn 16, the Combine
is allowed in the Factory hex. No more than six infantry squads can player may produce additional Ogres at a variable rate. The player
occupy the Factory hex. must write down what type of Ogre is being activated at any given
time; there can be no changing mid-activation. No additional Ogre
3.04.2 Capturing the Factory. Once the factory has taken 60 may start its activation sequence until the current one in process
SP of damage, Paneuropean forces may enter it. A Paneuropean is online. The additional time required for activation is as follows:
infantry squad may attempt to hack the factory mainframe during
the attack phase of its next turn after moving into the factory. Only 3 turns for a Mark I
one attempt may be made per turn, and success requires a 6 on 5 turns for a Mark II
1D6. For each additional consecutive turn a Paneuropean squad
occupies the factory, 1 is added to the die roll. Thus, after six 9 turns for a Mark III
consecutive turns, the factory mainframe is automatically hacked 11 turns for a Mark III-B
and the files stolen. This counts as that squad’s “attack” for that
13 turns for a Mark V
turn; it may not fire on another unit. If the Combine player retakes
the factory before a successful hack, the Paneuropean player would 5.02.2 Paneuropean Reinforcements. The attacker gets an
have to start over. additional “Pikeman” (Mark I), a single armor unit, and one infantry
squad entering on turns 14, 20, 26, 32, and 38. These units enter
on the road in hex G1-0401. They receive the movement bonus if
they stay on the road. Hex G1-0401 counts against their movement

6.0 Scenario Design Notes

6.01 Balancing the scenario. If the Paneuropean assault
force is winning too often, let the Combine deploy the larger (Mark
III & V) Ogres sooner. If the Combine player dominates, using
two Mark III-B Ogres instead of the Mark III and Mark V Ogres as
reinforcements could handicap the defending force.

OGRE Scenario Book 2 13


Luck of the Draw

by John-David Karnitz

1.0 Introduction Any enemy unit that is discovered will immediately attack the
closest friendly (player) unit, using a ranged attack on its turn if
Luck works both ways; only time will tell if it is good or bad. adjacent and overrun combat if the friendly unit enters the hex. See
This time it’s your luck that you have been ordered to take your section 3.03 below. Note that the discovery of Enemy Hotspots is
company and clear a route for supply convoys to push forward to done at the end of the player’s turn with the exception of overruns.
support the friendly salient extending into the enemy lines. Further There can be a second reveal after the player’s GEVs take their
complicating things is a mandate to protect the countryside as your second movement, if any additional Enemy Hotspots are traversed
force passes through. (initiating an overrun), or if a GEV finishes its move next to a
1.01 Overview. This is primarily a solitaire gauntlet scenario, dummy counter.
though it can be played with two or even more players. At its 3.02 Escape. Units may escape on any traversable terrain
core, it was designed as a way for beginning players to get a feel via any map edge but may not re-enter the map, and should be
for movement and combat while remaining interesting to more considered destroyed as per section 5.12 of the Ogre Designer’s
advanced players. Edition rulebook.
1.02 Necessary materials. Luck of the Draw requires only the 3.03 Special rules. The following rules should be used when
retail version of Ogre Designer’s Edition. playing Luck of the Draw.
3.03.1 Overrun combat. The player’s unit is considered the
2.0 Setup attacker against any discovered enemy units during an overrun.
Thus the revealed enemy units fire first and receive any terrain
2.01 Maps. Use Map G1. bonuses for defense.
2.01.1 Overlays. None are applicable for the basic scenario; see 3.03.2 Combat initiative. After all of the player’s units
5.01.1 in the Expanded Scenario below. have moved and any overruns have been resolved, but prior to
2.02 Enemy hotspot markers. The path the player’s force will the player’s combat phase, roll to determine initiative prior to
take to traverse the map must be determined beforehand. It must revealing the Enemy Hotspot. As a scenario-specific rule, if an
ultimately travel from the entrance edge to the opposite edge enemy unit conducts a ranged attack against the player’s adjacent
using one route. This route may be composed of any combination unit that uncovered it, the enemy unit will fire first on a further
of road or railroad hexes. Roll 2D6 and add 6 to the total; this is 1D6 roll of 1-3; this demonstrates that although the friendly units
the number of dummy counters that will represent potential enemy are actively searching for enemy holdouts  .  .  . the enemy is still
concentrations. Each is to be placed in a hex on or bordering the waiting in ambush. Therefore, if the die roll determines the player
route that will be taken, preferably in some type of obstructed has initiative, reveal the Enemy Hotspot as above and proceed with
terrain. the player’s fire phase. If the hidden unit acquires the initiative,
2.03 Player units. For the basic scenario, the player will control do not reveal the unit until the player’s turn is done. Any Enemy
a force of one Superheavy Tank, three Heavy Tanks, three GEVs, one Hotspots revealed after the player’s GEV second movement phase
GEV-PC carrying three squads of infantry, and four Light Tanks. automatically get initiative, as the player’s fire phase has already
occurred for that turn. The sequence of the player’s turn is as
2.03.1 Player start. The force enters on turn 1 from either the follows:
north or south edge of the map. Units that begin on a road may
receive the movement bonus if applicable. Player units must stay Recovery phase.
within three hexes of the route at all times. Movement phase. Player moves all units, revealing and resolving
any Enemy Hotspots that are overrun.
3.0 Game Play Disable check for any unit entering terrain that could cause a
3.01 Enemy hotspots. When one of the player’s units either
ends its movement adjacent to, or attempts to move through, a hex Initiative phase. Roll for initiative for any Enemy Hotspots that
containing a dummy counter, roll 1D6 and consult the following are adjacent to a player’s unit. The enemy unit wins initiative on a
table: 1-3 roll on 1D6; the player wins on 4-6. If the player wins, reveal the
1 All Clear
Fire phase. The player may target any revealed enemy units.
2 All Clear Enemy Hotspots that have yet to be revealed may not be targeted.
3 One Infantry Squad GEV second movement phase. Reveal and resolve any overruns
4 Two Infantry Squads as appropriate.
5 One Light Tank Reveal any Enemy Hotspots that won initiative during the
Initiative phase above. Also, reveal any Hotspots now adjacent to a
6 One Heavy Tank
GEV that has completed its second movement.

14 OGRE Scenario Book 2

It is possible for an enemy unit to be revealed but no longer
be adjacent to the player’s unit due to GEV second movement. In
this case, if the revealed unit can move toward the revealing GEV to
engage immediately, it will do so. Otherwise, it will act as follows,
with this priority:
1 – If a different unit is adjacent to the revealed enemy, and
the enemy is capable of harming it (Combat Odds of at least
1-2), it will attack. If faced with more than one option, it
will attack the weakest unit. Equally attractive targets may
be resolved in a random manner.
2 – If none of the player’s units are adjacent, but there are units
in range (either directly, or after movement), the enemy unit
will attack the weakest option as long as it can generate at
least a 1-2 Combat Odds ratio. Equally attractive targets may
be resolved in a random manner. If the enemy unit needs to
move toward the player’s unit, it will use terrain as much as
possible for defense.
3 – If there are no player’s units within range at all, the revealed
enemy unit will withdraw toward the nearest unrevealed
Enemy Hotspot. Roll randomly if the enemy unit is
equidistant to more than one.
Any enemy unit that survives to a second turn will withdraw
toward the closest dummy counter and will attack any eligible
friendly units as laid out previously.
3.03.3 Terrain damage. Rules 13.01 and 13.02 from the Ogre
Designer’s Edition rulebook may be used, if desired. However, rule 5.0 Variant Scenarios
13.01.2 must be used if applicable. An unrevealed Enemy Hotspot 5.01 Expanded Scenario. Use the tables below in order to
is not subject to spillover fire if the hex it resides in is attacked. It is expand the game considerably. First, choose the Operational Tempo
considered to be dug-in and protected. Revealed units are subject that the player force must contend with: Low, Medium, or High.
to spillover fire as normal. This is the relative difficulty the player will face in clearing the
route for the following convoy. It is also a statement of the relative
4.0 Endgame importance that headquarters is placing on the route-clearance
operation, ranging from the “men over the mission” to the “mission
4.01 Ending the scenario. The game ends once the player’s over the men.”
force reaches the other side of the map. Some of the expanded
scenarios have a time limit (see below). 5.01.1 Map. Choose a map to play on and define a route to
be cleared; this route can be north/south for longer games or
4.02 Objective. The objective of the player’s force is to clear the east/west for comparatively shorter ones (though the potential
route with minimal loss of units. engagement areas will be more compact). Any map can be used;
4.03 Victory points (VP). The player gains victory points per even two disparate halves may be used with appropriate overlays to
the standard rules on p. 12 of the Ogre Designer’s Edition Scenario join them properly. Just clearly identify a road/route that crosses
Book for both the destruction of enemy units and the preservation from one end of the map to another.
of friendly units. In addition, clearing the chosen route of all Enemy 5.01.2 Player units. Devise a force to command as determined
Hotspots will give the player an additional 20 VPs. However, VPs by the choice of Operational Tempo using the rules laid out on p. 12
are lost per the standard rules for friendly units destroyed. Divide of the Ogre Designer’s Edition Scenario Book.
the total VPs gained by the total VPs lost and consult the schedule
below. 5.01.3 Enemy hotspots. Identify the number of Enemy Hotspots
that are needed as determined by the choice of Operational Tempo
4.03.1 Victory levels. and place them on the map per the stipulations laid out in the Basic
Decisive Victory 2.00+ Scenario (see section 2.02 above). The actual composition of the
Enemy Hotspots is determined by a roll of 2D6 and comparing the
Marginal Victory 1.00-1.99 result to the appropriate Operational Tempo on the Opposition
Draw 0.50-0.99 Force Matrix below. Section 13.04 (Mines) of the Ogre Designer’s
Edition rulebook will be used if a result per the Opposition Force
Marginal Defeat 0.25-0.49 Matrix warrants it. If mines are placed in a hex with a road, they are
Decisive Defeat 0.24 or less considered to be on the road on a roll of 1-5 on 1D6. Otherwise they
are adjacent to the road and follow the rules as per 13.04.
5.01.4 Endgame. Score victory points (or lose them) per the
Operational Tempo table in conjunction with the stipulations
described in the Basic Scenario. Note that there is a time limit for
the various choices of Operational Tempo.

OGRE Scenario Book 2 15

5.01.5 Tables.

Operational Tempo
Low Medium High
Player Force 8 armor units & 3 12 armor units & 3 16 armor units & 3
infantry squads infantry squads infantry squads
Enemy Hotspots 10+1D6 15+1D6 20+1D6
Time Limit 20 turns 20-(1D6/2) turns 20-1D6 turns
Victory Points Add 20 VP for complete route Add 20 VP for complete route Add 20 VP for complete route
clearance. Double the cost clearance. Use standard clearance. Halve the cost of all
of all friendly elements lost VP costs for friendly units friendly units lost (i.e., a Heavy
(i.e., a friendly Heavy Tank (i.e., a friendly Heavy Tank Tank destroyed counts as -3
destroyed counts as -12 VPs). destroyed counts as -6 VPs). VP); round normally (so, a Light
Tank lost will cost the player -2
VP [3⁄2 = 1.5, rounded up to 2]).

Opposition Force Matrix

2D6 Optempo: Low Optempo: Medium Optempo: High
2 1 Mine 2 Heavy Tanks 1 Superheavy Tank
3 1 Missile Tank 1 Mine 2 Mines
4 All Clear 1 GEV 1 Mine
5 1 Light Tank 1 Heavy Tank 2 Infantry Squads
6 All Clear All Clear All Clear
7 1 Infantry Squad 2 Infantry Squads 3 Infantry Squads
8 2 Infantry Squads 3 Infantry Squads 3 Light Tanks
9 1 Light GEV All Clear 1 Infantry Squad
10 All Clear 1 Missile Tank 1 Heavy Tank
11 1 Missile Tank 1 Mine 1 Superheavy Tank
12 1 Heavy Tank 1 Superheavy Tank 1 Ogre Mark I

5.02 Convoy Scenario. Further complexity may be added infantry squad that will then be eligible to be attacked by any of the
through the inclusion of an actual convoy (in which case, the player’s units in a conventional manner. Determine the target Truck
mission would change to convoy security/protection instead of randomly. The enemy infantry squad will be placed in an unoccupied
purely route clearance). hex adjacent to the Truck that has the highest defensive bonus for
the infantry (randomly determined if more than one hex qualifies).
5.02.1 Convoy details. The quantity and value of the Trucks is
If there are no empty adjacent hexes, place it in the hex with the
dependent upon the Operational Tempo level of the scenario. For
Truck and proceed with an overrun as if the Truck just moved into
a Low Operational Tempo, the convoy consists of four Trucks and
the hex.
each Truck is worth 3 VP if destroyed. For a Medium scenario, there
are eight Trucks valued at 6 VP each. Finally, for a High Operational 5.03 Ogre Map Scenario. The orange Ogre map may be used for
Tempo, add 12 Trucks to the player’s force, and each Truck is worth any of the non-convoy scenarios above. In this case no route needs
9 VP if destroyed. to be cleared; rather a sector of enemy holdouts must be eliminated.
All of the craters on the map should be replaced with rubble piles,
5.02.2 Targeting Trucks. When an enemy unit is revealed, if a
with corresponding movement and defense statistics. Place the
player’s Truck is within range of the revealed enemy unit, that unit
Enemy Hotspots in any manner on the map, including in rubble.
will preferentially attack the Truck. Otherwise combat is as above.
Whenever an Enemy Hotspot is revealed, any adjacent Hotspots are
5.02.3 Random Truck attacks. Prior to the start of each turn revealed at the beginning of the enemy’s turn and will engage the
for the player, roll an additional 1D6; on a result of 6 a single Truck player’s forces. Otherwise play as above.
element will suffer a ranged attack from an adjacent hex by a 1⁄1
Good luck to you and your troopers...!

16 OGRE Scenario Book 2


Wounded Company:
Ogre Rescue
by Frank Barberis

1.0 Introduction “It didn’t answer the Comm, sir. Are we going to follow it back to
the front?”
Combine Fort Lion, 0430 hours
The major lowered his binoculars and answered ponderously,
“Sorry to wake you, sir, but we have new orders from Command. “Sergeant . . . if I lose the fort, the general will understand. If I lose
Something went to hell at the front. General Keyes has ordered the the battalion, it will end my career. But if I lose the general’s Vulcan,
Mark V to cover for our immediate evac.” he will shoot me himself. Sometimes I truly hate Ogres.”
“I see . . . thank you, Sergeant.” The groggy major drew a slow 1.01 Overview. An impetuous Vulcan is determined to rescue
exasperated breath before he continued, “We mustn’t leave anything an immobilized Mark V. Despite the odds, and his orders, he intends
for the enemy. Your job is to encrypt and hard copy our computer to retrieve his comrade’s AI brain.
data. Bring that to me when you’re done. Order the infantry and tank
A Vulcan is too tempting a prize to ignore, forcing the
crews to bug out now and have the engineers rig the fort to blow in
Paneuropeans to re-engage. In return, the Combine force is drawn
three hours. Call in the patrols. I want them all back in two hours and
back into the conflict to protect their disobedient, but irreplaceable,
ready to evacuate.”
“Sir, about the tanks. We don’t have enough crew for them all.
1.02 Necessary materials. Wounded Company: Ogre Rescue
Should we blow them too?”
requires the Kickstarter version of Ogre Designer’s Edition. The
“Not so hasty, Sergeant. Just give command access to the Vulcan, scenario may be played with the retail version by substituting a
and let it handle it.” different Ogre mini for the Vulcan and other tokens or counters for
the Vulcan Drones.
Combine Fort Lion, 0620 hours
“Sir, our patrols are all in and Fire Cat platoon reports the Mark V
2.0 Setup
is holding the front, but it won’t last long.” 2.01 Maps. Players may select a map of their choice and begin
on opposite sides.
“All right then, time for us to go, Sergeant. But I don’t see the
Vulcan. Where is it?” 2.01.1 Overlays. Map overlays are optional, but if used are
determined by random die rolls. For each bridge, either large or
stream, roll one die and consult this table:
Paneuropean Striker Battalion Command, 0623 hours
“Sir, Striker Flank reports the Mark V is immobilized and that they Die Roll Overlay
are bypassing it now to attack the fort.” 1-3 None
“Fate favors us today! We’ll finish it off later, Lieutenant. It’s not 4-6 Destroyed
going anywhere.”
“Sir, Striker Flank’s scanners are reporting a new target vectoring For each city hex or group of adjacent city hexes, roll 1 die and
toward the Mark V. My God, sir . . . it’s a Vulcan!” consult this table:
“Lieutenant, send this Flash 2: All Striker forces to return to Mark
V locale and engage Vulcan, now designated as target: Opportunity. Die Roll Overlay
New primary mission goal – capture Opportunity at all costs!” 1-2 None
The battalion commander gave a relaxed sigh and continued, 3-4 Damaged, roads cut
“Lieutenant, I’m going to hang that thing’s ID plaque on my wall,
right next to the medal Central Command’s going to give me!” 5-6 Rubble, roads cut

The Paneuropean player rolls 1D6 for the number of crater

Combine Fort Lion, 0627 hours overlays available and places them anywhere on the map. They may
“What do you see, Sergeant?” not be placed adjacent to each other.
“Sir, it’s the Vulcan. It looks like it’s made its own platoon from 2.02 Combine forces. The Combine forces consist of four
the unmanned armor.” groups: the immobile Mark V Ogre, the Vulcan with its associated
units, and two mixed forces of armor and infantry. The Combine
“And why is it going the wrong way, Sergeant?” player moves first.

OGRE Scenario Book 2 17

2.02.1 Mark V Ogre. The Mark V Ogre has no tread units and is
missing all of its missiles and main batteries. The Combine player
3.0 Game Play
should roll 1D6 to determine how many functional secondary 3.01 Reinforcements. Reinforcements for both sides are
batteries exist and a second 1D6 for remaining AP weapons. The detailed above. See the table below depicting the turns each
Combine player places the Mark V as close to the center of the reinforcement group enters the map.
chosen map as possible, although not in water or a crater. During 3.02 Escape. Units may escape off their respective sides of the
play it may be useful to replace the Mark V with a flat Ogre counter map. Units that escape off any of the other edges of the map should
to allow easier unit stacking. be considered destroyed.
2.02.2 Vulcan force. The Vulcan has remote control of four 3.03 Stacking. Stacking is permitted. Players should use the
armor units, each of which is either a Vulcan Drone (see below), a stacking rules for G.E.V. map scenarios as detailed in the Ogre
Heavy Tank, or a Missile Tank (player’s choice). The Vulcan force Designer’s Edition rulebook (section 5.02.2). These rules should
enters the map from the Combine side at the start of the first turn. be used even if the scenario is played on the Ogre map. See below
2.02.3 Fort Lion forces. The remaining Combine forces are regarding stacking with the Vulcan.
divided into two groups. Lion A Force consists of six squads of 3.04 Overrun combat. Rules for overrun combat should be
infantry and six armor units. Lion B Force consists of a pair of GEV- used for this scenario as per the Ogre Designer’s Edition rulebook
PCs, each carrying three squads of infantry, and six armor units. (section 8.00). These rules should be used even if the scenario is
Lion A Force may enter the map from the Combine side at the start played on the Ogre map.
of turn 3 and/or 4. All units from this force may be deployed entirely
in either turn or split between the two turns as desired. Lion B Force 3.05 Special rules. The following rules should be used when
enters the map from the Combine side at the start of turn 5. playing Wounded Company: Ogre Rescue.
2.03 Paneuropean forces. The Paneuropean forces consist of 3.05.1 Ogre Vulcan. The Vulcan is a repair and recovery
three groups: the Striker Flank Force, the Striker Main Force, and cybertank built on the chassis of a Mark III-B with two huge three-
the Striker Point Force. The Paneuropean player moves second. fingered manipulator arms replacing the main batteries. It has two
secondary batteries and six AP guns. It has 48 treads, and moves
2.03.1 Striker Flank Force. The Striker Flank Force consists of up to 4 hexes per turn, with reductions in movement occurring at
six infantry squads and six armor units. They enter the map from intervals of 12. Each Vulcan arm has a defense strength of 2. During
the Paneuropean side on turn 1. each Recovery Phase, an operational Vulcan arm generates one
2.03.2 Striker Main Force. The Striker Main Force consists of Work Point (see below) for use within its hex.
a pair of GEV-PCs, each carrying three squads of infantry, and 12 A Vulcan has both internal storage space and an external cargo
armor units. The Striker Main Force may enter the map from the area. The Vulcan has enough internal cargo space to carry a dozen
Paneuropean side on turn 3 and/or 4. All of the units from this Ogre missiles, or two squads of infantry in battlesuits (if they’re not
force may be deployed entirely in either turn or split between the claustrophobic), a pair of Ogre AI brains, or an equivalent load. This
two turns as desired. storage space will survive as long as the Ogre does. The Vulcan’s top
2.03.3 Striker Point Force. The Striker Point Force consists cargo area can carry a unit or units totaling Size 4, or four battlesuit
of six infantry squads and six armor units. The Striker Point Force squads, or two dozen Ogre missiles, but these are exposed. Carried
enters the map from the Paneuropean side on turn 5. armor units will be exposed to spillover fire from anything that
hits the Vulcan. External cargo, missiles, and so on will simply be
2.04 Cruise Missiles. Cruise Missiles and Missile Crawlers are
destroyed if the Vulcan is hit.
not allowed for either player.
A Vulcan may remotely control up to four vehicles in any
2.05 Road movement bonus. Any unit entering the map on a
combination of heavy Drones and armor units to form a Vulcan
road hex is assumed to have been traveling on the road and gets a
platoon. Armor units within a Vulcan platoon move and fire
road bonus.
normally. If the Vulcan is destroyed (defined as all weapons and
all tread units destroyed) any remote armor units or Drones are
immobilized and unable to fire or act.

Turn Faction Reinforcements

1 Combine Vulcan Force: Vulcan & 4 armor units.
Paneuropean Striker Flank Force: 6 infantry & 6 armor units.
2 Combine None
Paneuropean None
3 Combine Fort Lion A Force: 6 infantry & 6 armor units.
Paneuropean Striker Main Force: 2 GEV-PCs with 6 infantry & 12 armor units.
4 Combine Any remaining Fort Lion A Force
Paneuropean Any remaining Striker Main Force
5 Combine Fort Lion B Force: 2 GEV-PCs with 6 infantry & 6 armor units.
Paneuropean Striker Point Force: 6 infantry & 6 armor units.
6+ None

18 OGRE Scenario Book 2

4.02 Combine objectives. The Vulcan must reach the Mark V,
retrieve its AI brain, and then escape off the Combine side of the
map. Since loss of the Vulcan is not acceptable, it may be forced to
escape without recovering the Mark V AI brain.
After the Ogre AI brain removal is completed, the Combine
player must designate which of the Vulcan’s arms (either left or
right) or one of the Vulcan Drones as the unit carrying the Ogre AI
brain. If this arm or unit is destroyed (also destroying the Ogre AI
brain) before escaping the map, the mission is at best a draw for the
Combine player.
4.03 Paneuropean objectives. The Paneuropean player must
“capture” the Vulcan. This is accomplished by destroying all of
its tread units, but not all of its weapons (which would constitute
destroying the Vulcan and is not the desired objective).
Note from the chronicler: It is assumed that “pinning” the Vulcan
to this locale allows overwhelming Paneuropean reinforcements to
complete the “capture,” driving any remaining Combine forces from
the battlefield.
The Paneuropean player may attack the Vulcan’s arms, but for
3.05.2 Vulcan Heavy Drone. A Vulcan Drone is treated as a each lost arm subtract 15 victory points from the player’s total.
Heavy Tank with movement 3 and defense 3. It has a single huge Drones are expendable, however!
arm, but no offensive capability. A Drone may be disabled. It is a 4.04 Victory levels.
size 3 vehicle for transport and ramming purposes. During each
Recovery Phase, an operational Vulcan Drone arm generates one Combine Total Victory – The Vulcan escapes with the Mark V’s AI
Work Point (see below) for use within its hex. As the Vulcan counter brain and less than 40 victory points worth of lost units.
covers two hexes, a Drone “riding” on the Vulcan can be considered Combine Victory – The Vulcan escapes with the Mark V’s AI brain.
to be stacked with the Vulcan itself. A Drone placed underneath the
Vulcan’s rear half is considered to occupy that hex and is not to be Draw – The Vulcan escapes without the Mark V’s AI brain.
actually on the Vulcan. Paneuropean Victory – The Vulcan is captured.
3.05.3 Vulcan platoon stacking. The rule regarding stacking Paneuropean Total Victory – The Vulcan is captured and 80
for G.E.V. map scenarios (see Ogre Designer’s Edition, section victory points worth of Combine forces are destroyed.
5.02.2), is increased to six for Vulcan platoons only. This allows an
entire Vulcan platoon (five vehicles: the Vulcan and its four Drones)
to occupy a hex already containing another vehicle, such as an Ogre 5.0 Variant Scenario
requiring repair or reloading. 5.01 Heavy Ordnance! The Vulcan and the Vulcan Drones may
3.05.4 Work Points. All Work Points generated by a Vulcan be used to resupply the Mark V with additional Ogre missiles. The
platoon can be applied toward completion of one or more tasks Vulcan can carry one missile in each arm, and each Vulcan Drone
within their respective hexes. Possible tasks include: can carry one missile.
Load or unload an item from the Vulcan’s internal storage - 1 Note from the chronicler: While a Vulcan can carry more Ogre
Work Point missiles internally, up to 12 at the time of this writing, our would-
be hero did not have time to pack that many!
Reload an Ogre’s external missile launcher with a missile - 2
Work Points While the Mark V has no missiles, it may have external missile
launchers that are still functional. The Combine player should roll
Ogre AI brain removal or installation - 16 Work Points each 1D6 to determine how many functional launchers remain.
Examples of Work Points & Tasks: A healthy Vulcan can 5.01.1 Targeting a carried missile. Both the missile and its
remove the AI brain from an Ogre that it is stacked with in eight carrier (arm or Drone) may be targeted. An Ogre missile (defense
turns. A Vulcan platoon (a healthy Vulcan and four Vulcan Drones, 3) and its carrier (Vulcan arm, defense 2, or Vulcan Drone, defense
generating 6 Work Points per Recovery Phase) can perform the same 3) should be treated as a single unit. If either of this combination
task in three turns (using 16 of the 18 generated Work Points). A receives a D result (from direct or spillover fire), the missile is
single Vulcan Drone can reload an external launcher of an Ogre that detonated. Immediately resolve a missile attack of 6 against the
it is stacked with in two turns. A healthy Vulcan can perform this carrying unit.
task in a single turn.
5.01.2 Attacking with a carried missile. After initiating
3.06 Optional rules. The optional rules “Damage to terrain an overrun attack and resolving the defender’s first fire round, a
and roads” and “Destruction of bridges” are encouraged, but not Vulcan Drone carrying a missile may ram the defender, generating a
required for play. See Ogre Designer’s Edition rulebook, sections “missile” attack against both the defender and itself. This is similar
13.01 and 13.02, respectively. to ramming by other units during overrun (see Ogre Designer’s
Edition rules 8.05.3).
4.0 Endgame Note from the chronicler: It would not be useful in this scenario
4.01 Ending the scenario. When the Vulcan is immobilized or for the Vulcan to attempt this maneuver with either of its arms – but
has escaped the map, the scenario ends. Drones are expendable!

OGRE Scenario Book 2 19


Two Nations, One War

by Tristan Koehler

1.0 Introduction 2.02 Blue Nation. The Blue Nation, the island in the northwest
corner, uses Paneuropean units and tactics. Use Paneuropean
A theoretical wargame, used by Combine commanders to counters to depict the Blue Nation on the map. Strong militarily,
train officer candidates, the scenario was played with the help of the Blue Nation is deficient in materials and resources, and has
sophisticated combat simulators, and the results were dissected begun a war of conquest to subjugate the peoples of the free world.
and studied. The victorious commander had to be a master of both
2.02.1 Blue Nation units. The Blue Nation starts the game with
tactics and strategy – planning the shape and layout of the battle
one Fencer cybertank, 18 armor units, 18 squads of infantry, and
was as important as the conduct of combat.
CP Alpha (D1, M0). These forces setup anywhere on the northwest
1.01 Overview. Players must destroy the opponent’s CP or island. Specialist infantry, if chosen, are picked with the additional
eliminate all opposition. By occupying towns on the map, players cost as per Ogre Designer’s Edition.
can influence the quantity and location of reinforcements during
2.03 Red Nation. The Red Nation, the island in the southeast
the game.
corner, uses Combine units and tactics. Use Combine counters to
1.02 Necessary materials. Two Nations, One War requires only depict the Red Nation on the map. The Red Nation must defend
the retail version of Ogre Designer’s Edition. itself against the aggressive plans of the Blue Nation. The Red
Nation starts the game with more resources at its disposal.
2.0 Setup 2.03.1 Red Nation units. The Red Nation starts the game with
one Ogre Mark III-B, 14 armor units, 18 squads of infantry, and CP
2.01 Maps. Use the G1 and S1 maps, both maps with north Beta (D1, M0). The Red forces set up anywhere on the southeast
facing up. Place the S1 map to the west of the G1 map. All towns are island. Specialist infantry may be taken at additional cost per Ogre
intact and all bridges are up. Designer’s Edition.
2.01.1 Overlays. Each river has a fordable hex – hex 1720 on 2.04 Scenario setup. Both sides should set up behind a screen.
map S1 and hex 1304 on map G1. Treat these hexes as forest, not Stacking limits must be observed. No Cruise Missiles are allowed.
river. Place a forest hex overlay on these two hexes to mark the ford Blue Nation moves first.
(see map).

20 OGRE Scenario Book 2


3.0 Game Play 4.0 Endgame

3.01 Reinforcements. At the beginning of each turn, each 4.01 Ending the scenario. The scenario ends when one player
player earns 6 victory points (VPs) for every five town hexes under either eliminates all enemy units (or gains such superiority on the
his control. Six VPs may be exchanged for one armor unit or three field that his opponent surrenders), or destroys the opponent’s CP.
squads of infantry. Thus the Red Nation, provided he sets up with The CPs in this scenario are like kings in chess; if a CP is destroyed
at least one infantry squad per town hex, earns two reinforcements the game is instantly over.
at the beginning of his first turn (there are 10 town hexes on the 4.02 Objectives. The objective of the scenario is to control
island). the map. This is done through acquisition of reinforcements and,
Reinforcements are taken before the start of the player’s first ultimately, destroying the opponent’s CP.
movement phase, but players are not required to redeem their VPs 4.02.1 Strategy. Early on, speed is of the essence as both players
on any given turn. Reinforcements may be saved and redeemed try to capture as many towns as possible. The Blue Nation is assured
on a later turn, up to the total currently saved. For example, if a of the capture of the 12 town hexes south of its island, as well as the
player has 10 reinforcements saved, he may trade in any number of four-hex town just east of the ford. Blue should be able to ramp up
reinforcements between 0-10 units at the start of a turn. to three reinforcements per turn quite easily.
Players may also use reinforcements to trade for another Fencer The Red Nation starts the game with 10 town hexes, and is
(Paneuropean) or Ogre Mark III-B (Combine) at a cost of 72 VP per assured of the five-hex town in the northeast corner. Thereafter
Ogre. For example, a player could save 6 VPs each for 12 turns, and they will have to fight for more towns.
then acquire an Ogre by trading in 72 VP on the 13th turn.
Getting a foothold on the string of towns along the north-
Reinforcements can be placed in any town hex that the player south road is key, since reinforcements can be dumped into towns,
controls. Stacking limits must be observed. They can move and fire making towns farther along the road easier to capture. The towns
normally as soon as they are placed. The available units and armor along the road are in easy Howitzer range of each other, which is a
unit costs are outlined in section 3.01 from the Ogre Designer’s good way to decrease the enemy’s reinforcements.
Edition rulebook. Specialist infantry may be acquired at the usual
cost. Good use of reinforcements is vital. With patience, they can
place a sizeable force at just the right time and location to deliver a
3.02 Escape. Units may escape on any traversable terrain on any knockout blow. The most obvious example of this is taking an Ogre
map edge but may not re-enter the map, and should be considered and placing it right into the thick of the battle.
destroyed as per 5.12 from Ogre Designer’s Edition.
Over time, the player who can obtain the greatest number
3.03 Special rules. The following rules should be used when of reinforcements should win. The Ogres are a bargain at the
playing Two Nations, One War. equivalent of 12 armor units, and saving for a second or third Ogre
3.03.1 Town hexes. Towns play a key role in this scenario. They is a sound strategy.
represent wealth and materials, and both sides will want to control
as many town hexes as they can, as soon as possible. Towns cannot
be destroyed in this simulation. Towns provide defensive bonuses 5.0 Variant Scenario
as usual. Roads in towns can be targeted and destroyed as per 5.01 Ogre Upgrade. Substituting a Doppelsoldner for the
section 13.01 in the Ogre Designer’s Edition rulebook. Fencer and an Ogre Mark VI for the III-B in the initial forces is an
3.03.2 Occupation and control. Towns are considered under a obvious and sound choice, since these two cybertanks are balanced
player’s control when at least one squad of infantry occupies the against each other. Increase the starting forces for each side by 10
hex at the start of a player’s turn. Therefore every town hex in rear armor units and 12 squads of infantry with this variant. To maintain
areas tends to have a single squad of infantry. To be considered in balance, Ogres bought with VP should still be Fencers and III-Bs.
control of a town, infantry must be dismounted.

OGRE Scenario Book 2 21


The Dragon of Magdeburg

by Arianne Lapine

1.0 Introduction northwest corner (map edge hexes 0106 to 0801 inclusive) and the
southwest corner (map edge hexes 0118 to 0822 inclusive). The
The Dragon is a Doppelsoldner that controls the area around Red and Green players need not bring in all their forces on the first
Magdeburg. It has recently acquired the large Ogre manufacturing turn, but all forces must enter in their respective entry zones when
facility outside of Braunschweig, along with all of the highly trained they do enter the map. The entrance hex does count against their
engineers and artificers who live there. This dramatically changes movement allowance. Units that enter on the road (or rail, for GEVs)
the balance of power in the region. may receive the movement bonus as per section 5.07.1 of the Ogre
Two local warlords who lack this heavy industrial capability seek Designer’s Edition rulebook.
to take this area from the Dragon while its forces are concentrated 2.04 Cruise Missiles. Cruise Missiles are not permitted in this
to the east. What the warlords aren’t counting on is the Dragon scenario.
itself showing up! This is a time of scarce resources, so all of the
battling factions must try to preserve their hard-to-replace armies.
1.01 Overview. This is a three-player scenario where three
3.0 Game Play
factions fight over strategic resources on the map. 3.01 Reinforcements. Starting on turn 2, the Blue player rolls
a die at the beginning of his first movement phase every turn – on
1.02 Necessary materials. The Dragon of Magdeburg requires a roll of 1 or 2, the Dragon (a Doppelsoldner) enters from any hex
only the retail version of Ogre Designer’s Edition to be played, on the east edge of the map! Only one Doppelsoldner is available for
although the Kickstarter version may be helpful. reinforcements.
3.02 Escape. Any Blue unit can withdraw from the east edge of
2.0 Setup the map. Warlord units can exit from their respective entry zones.
2.01 Map. Use Map G1. Units that leave may not re-enter the map. Units that leave the map
are not counted as lost for victory point calculations (see below).
2.02 The Dragon forces. The Dragon’s garrison units are Blue
and are defending. The Blue player gets 48 VP of infantry plus 60 VP 3.03 Overrun combat. The overrun rules from Ogre Designer’s
worth of armor units that can set up anywhere on the map. The Blue Edition (section 8.00) should be used for this scenario.
player moves last. 3.04 Special rules. The following rules should be used when
2.02.1 The Dragon Doppelsoldner. The Blue player has a playing The Dragon of Magdeburg.
Doppelsoldner that enters the map at some point as a reinforcement 3.04.1 Control of town hexes. All unoccupied town hexes
force (see below). This unit also acts as the CP for the Blue player. are considered to be under the Dragon’s control. For a town to be
If the Dragon withdraws, it still acts as a functioning Blue CP, even considered controlled by one of the warlord factions, a minimum
though it may not re-enter the map. of one armor unit or squad of infantry must occupy it at the start of
2.03 Warlord forces. The warlord forces are Red and Green (or that player’s turn.
some other third force colors) and are attacking Blue and possibly 3.04.2 Overrun damage to terrain. Section 13.01 from Ogre
each other. (The Red and Green players are encouraged to think up Designer’s Edition (Damage to terrain and roads) is in effect for
suitably grandiose titles for themselves). The attacking warlords this scenario, but due to the sturdy construction of the factory
get 300 VP each, in any combination of armor and infantry, at the buildings, only vehicular overruns cause automatic damage to
standard cost per unit. town hexes.
2.03.1 Warlord Ogres. The Red and Green player may choose 3.04.3 Combat Engineers. Combat Engineers are available
Ogres as part of their respective 300 VP force. Only Mark I or Mark for purchase during the initial force selection. Armed with
II Ogres may be selected. A Mark I Ogre costs 24 VPs and a Mark II nasty close-in weapons like flamers, plasma guns, and explosive
Ogre costs 48 VPs. charges, these specialist troops have their attack strength tripled
2.03.2 Warlord Command Posts. The Red and Green players in overrun combat and receive a +1 bonus to their die roll on the
must each designate one unit as a Command Post (CP). This CP can Combat Results Table during overruns. Otherwise they act as normal
be either one of their Ogres or a mobile CP (a mobile CP has no VP infantry. They cost twice as much as normal infantry. If there are
cost). If more than one of the same Mark of Ogre is purchased by a no Combat Engineer counters (as per the retail edition of Ogre
faction, the CP identity should be kept secret and recorded in a side Designer’s Edition), Marine counters may be used to differentiate
note. the Combat Engineers from regular infantry, or some other token
(penny, etc.) may be placed upon the infantry counter to designate
2.03.3 Warlord entrance. The Red and Green players should it as a Combat Engineer.
each roll 1 die, and the player with the highest roll has the choice
of either moving first or picking which zone they wish to enter
the map. The entry zones for the Red and Green players are the

22 OGRE Scenario Book 2

3.04.4 Loss of CP. If a warlord faction loses its CP, the remaining 4.02 Objectives. The primary objective of this scenario is to
units suffer from the loss of the command and control offered by the control as many town hexes as possible. The secondary is the
CP. On every turn after the loss of the CP, each of that faction’s units destruction of opposing forces.
must roll 1 die prior to moving. On a 1, that unit does not move that 4.03 Victory points. Scoring is by victory points, except that
turn. This is to reflect indecision by the crews without the continual instead of getting points for the destruction of enemy units, VPs are
feed from the CP regarding the strategic and tactical situation. All subtracted from a faction’s total for units they lose (or for damage
units can still fire and defend as normal. to Ogres).
Each town hex is worth 50 VP undamaged, 25 VP damaged, and
4.0 Endgame nothing if destroyed. These VPs are added to a player’s total at the
4.01 Ending the scenario. The game ends immediately when end of the game.
one of the following conditions has been met: 4.04 Victory levels. If one faction controls all of the town
One of the three factions control all of the towns at the start of hexes, that faction wins an automatic decisive victory. Otherwise,
their turn after the Dragon has entered the map, (i.e., on turn 3 or the faction with the highest VP wins a standard victory if it has
later); scored twice as many victory points as the next highest faction, or a
marginal victory if they have 1.5 times the victory points. Any other
Both Warlord Command Posts have been destroyed; result is a draw.
The Dragon is destroyed.

The Hidden Lab

by Josh Megerman

1.0 Introduction of artillery set up on or within one hex (again, no more than one
unit per hex); they can all be dummy units or some of the additional
The Combine has discovered a Paneuropean bioweapons armor units may be used for real artillery to set up next to the
lab hidden in the jungles of Nova Brasilia. A Combine-backed decoy building(s) and the remaining dummy units may be placed
mercenary force is dispatched to destroy it while still allowing for elsewhere. The infantry and remaining armor units may be set up in
plausible deniability. or north of hexes S2-xx05. The defender also gets reinforcements
1.01 Overview. An attacking force must identify and destroy a (see below).
hidden target, while sustaining as minimal casualties as possible.
1.02 Necessary materials. The Hidden Lab requires only the
retail version of Ogre Designer’s Edition.

2.0 Setup
2.01 Maps. Use maps G2 South and S2 North, with G2-S placed
on the north end of S2-N.
2.01.1 Overlays. The defender may choose up to 12 hexes of
overlays (any type) and place them anywhere in or north of hexes
S2-xx05. The overlays are placed before the attacker selects his
2.02 Buildings. The defender gets four buildings: one 80 SP
strongpoint (The Lab) and three 20 SP admin buildings (Decoys).
All four buildings are set up camouflaged (see section 11.06 in the
Ogre Designer’s Edition rulebook) and at least six hexes apart on
map G2-S.
2.03 Paneuropean units. The defending Paneuropean force
consists of six armor units of artillery (defined as Missile Tanks,
Mobile Howitzers and/or Howitzers), along with an additional
six armor units and 18 squads of infantry. The defender also has
18 armor units of dummy artillery (see section 13.06 in the Ogre
Designer’s Edition rulebook).
2.3.1 Paneuropean setup. The six armor units of artillery must
be set up on or within one hex of the Lab, no more than one unit
per hex. The remaining buildings must also have six armor units

OGRE Scenario Book 2 23

2.04 Combine units. The Combine attacker gets three waves together in hex G2-1612 or G2-2315 (defender’s choice). Armor
of forces: a fast-attack scout wave; a combination of armor and units may be exchanged for three squads of infantry per unit. All
infantry as an attack wave; and finally another mixed group as a infantry must be riding vehicles upon entry of the map, but may
cleanup wave that also has Cruise Missiles. dismount at any time thereafter (see section 5.11 in the Ogre
2.04.1 Scout wave. The scout wave consists of six armor units Designer’s Edition rulebook).
of GEVs and/or LGEVs. They enter the map from the south edge on 3.02 Escape. Defenders may escape from the north, east, or west
turn 1. Units that enter the map on a road or water hex are assumed sides, but only after the Lab is destroyed. Attackers may escape only
to have been traveling on the road/water, and may receive the from the south side. Units that leave the map may not re-enter it.
movement bonus if applicable. 3.03 Terrain damage. The optional rule “Damage to terrain and
2.04.2 Attack wave. The attack wave consists of 16 armor unit roads” should be used in this scenario. “Destruction of bridges” may
equivalents of armor and/or infantry, with three squads of infantry be used in this scenario as well. See the Ogre Designer’s Edition
being equivalent to one armor unit. This force may enter at any rulebook, sections 13.01 and 13.02, respectively.
time beginning on turn 2, but no later than turn 5. They enter the 3.04 Special rule. The following rule should be used when
map from the south edge. Units entering on a road or water hex are playing The Hidden Lab.
assumed to have been traveling on the road/water, and may receive
the movement bonus if applicable. 3.04.1 Destroying the Lab. The Lab can only be fully destroyed
by cratering it, either via Cruise Missile or via a self-destruct
2.04.3 Cleanup wave. The cleanup wave consists of eight armor mechanism (the strongpoint is just the surface entry). To cause the
units, 12 squads of infantry, and four Cruise Missiles. The missiles Lab to self-destruct, the attacker must do the following:
are fired from off-board unless armor units are spent for Crawlers (at
a cost of one armor unit per Crawler). The cleanup wave enters in its Eliminate any enemy units in the Lab hex itself.
entirety on the third turn after the Lab is identified (as per section Reduce the strongpoint to 60 SP or less.
11.06 in the Ogre Designer’s Edition rulebook), except for any off-
board Cruise Missiles, which may be saved indefinitely. This force Overrun the Lab hex with infantry. Instead of attacking the SP,
also enters the map from the south edge. Units entering on a road each infantry squad may make a 1-1 attack to enter the Lab itself on
or water hex are assumed to have been traveling on the road/water, an X result; like overrun attacks on buildings, they get two attacks
and may receive the movement bonus if applicable. per overrun. Each squad must make its own separate attempt to
bypass the strongpoint’s security and enter the complex. Once
2.04.4 Combine setup. The attacker does not have to reveal the inside, they are taken off the board and set aside, as units on the
nature of their forces to the defender until they enter the map, but board can no longer attack them until they leave.
all units must all be selected and put aside prior to the start of the
game. The attacker may see the defender’s setup before finalizing After the overrun is over, infantry squads may spend movement
their forces, but cannot change the composition of them once the points to attempt to override the Lab’s defenses (if they have any
first wave enters the map. The attacker moves first. left after the overrun, they may start immediately; otherwise they
start the next turn). For each movement point spent, each infantry
squad makes a 1-1 attack on the Lab; an X result indicates one
3.0 Game Play safety interlock has been bypassed.
3.01 Reinforcements. At the beginning of his movement phase Once four interlocks have been bypassed, one infantry squad
on turn 2 and every turn thereafter, the defender rolls 1 die for must remain to trigger the self-destruct on its next turn, but any
reinforcements and another die for the hex he enters (see table). remaining infantry may attempt to run away from the Lab hex to
If reinforcing units enter on a road hex, they are assumed to escape the destruction. It costs one movement point to exit the
have been on the road last turn, and they may take the road bonus Lab (i.e., be placed on the map in the Lab hex), at which point the
on the turn they enter. If the road in the entry hex is cut, they squads move normally.
cannot get the road bonus and must pay the regular movement cost On the defender’s turn, they get a 1-2 attack for every full 10 SP
to enter the terrain in that hex. If enemy units occupy their entry remaining on the strongpoint. Each attack may be made against a
hex, they may either overrun or enter on the nearest unoccupied single squad of infantry within the Lab hex or inside the Lab.
edge hex to either side. The defender may delay reinforcements for
The Lab gets one additional turn to attack any infantry that have
any number of turns – but if they come in, they must enter at the
not exited yet (if it has enough SP remaining). The Lab explodes at
hex originally determined. The defender may decline to bring in a
the end of the attacker’s next turn. When the Lab explodes, treat
unit, if he wishes.
it as a Cruise Missile explosion, except that everything outside
Additionally, on turn 6 the defender gets 12 armor unit the Lab’s hex is treated as being two hexes farther away (since the
equivalents of fast armor (M3 or better) and/or infantry entering detonation was smaller and underground).

Reinforcement Unit Entry Hex

1 Heavy Tank 1 2315 (east edge)
2 2 Light Tanks 2 2304 (east edge)
3 Missile Tank 3 1612 (north edge)
4 GEV 4 0115 (west edge)
5 3 Infantry Squads 5 0104 (west edge)
6 2 armor unit equivalents of player’s choice 6 Any hex on the north edge

24 OGRE Scenario Book 2


4.0 Endgame 5.0 Variant Scenarios

4.01 Ending the scenario. The game ends when there are no 5.01 Engineer Scenario. Instead of Cruise Missiles, the attacker
mobile Combine units left on the map. This occurs when both the gets four GEV-PCs and six Engineers. Each Engineer squad carries a
Lab is destroyed and the remaining units escape, or when they are suitcase nuke, which can destroy the Lab. To do so it must overrun
all destroyed. the Lab, as above, but instead of triggering the self-destruct, they
4.02 Objectives. The objective is determined by the survival must spend one turn in the Lab to plant the nuke. If they survive
of the Lab: if the Lab is destroyed, the attacker wins. If the Lab the defender’s turn, the nuke is placed on the attacker’s turn, and
survives, the defender wins. The level of victory is determined by will go off at the end of the attacker’s next turn. The Engineers may
comparing the number of victory points gained by each player. leave the Lab on the turn that the nuke goes off; they do not have to
remain behind. When the nuke explodes, treat it as a Cruise Missile
4.03 Victory points. Standard victory point rules apply to all explosion, except that everything outside the Lab’s hex is treated
units. The Admin buildings are worth 5 VP each; the Lab strongpoint as being 2 hexes further away.
is worth 20 VP by itself, or 50 VP if the Lab is cratered. Dummy units
are worth 1 VP each to the defender if they remain on the board at If the Engineers are killed before they can plant the nuke, the
the end of the game. Lab may still be self-destructed as above. One squad of Engineers is
worth 4 VP if killed. Otherwise, the game play and victory conditions
4.04 Victory levels. are as described above.
Combine Total Victory – Lab destroyed and Combine ahead by 5.02 Ogre Scenario. Instead of the attack wave forces, the
100+ points. attacker gets a single Ogre Mark VI, and the scout and cleanup
Combine Victory – Lab destroyed and Combine ahead by 25-99 waves each get an additional two armor units. The defender gets
points. eight additional armor units to spend on initial forces, and rolls for
reinforcements beginning on turn 1, rolling twice per turn on even-
Combine Marginal Victory – Lab destroyed and Combine ahead numbered turns. Use section 13.03 in the Ogre Designer’s Edition
by <25 points. rulebook for both initial forces and reinforcements to exchange
Paneuropean Marginal Victory – Lab survives and PE ahead by armor units for Ogres. Only double rolls of 6 (four armor units,
<25 points. player’s choice) on even-numbered turns’ reinforcement rolls may
be used for Ogres (an Ogre Mark I), and the Ogre rolls to determine
Paneuropean Victory – Lab survives and PE ahead by 25-99 the entry hex when it enters. Otherwise, the game play and victory
points. conditions are as described above.
Paneuropean Total Victory – Lab survives and PE ahead by 100+

OGRE Scenario Book 2 25


Uncivil Engineers
by Josh Megerman

1.0 Introduction 3.02 Escape. Attackers escaping the map can leave from either
the NE corner between hexes G1-1712 and G1-2315 or the lake in the
The Combine has captured a Paneuropean power plant intact, SW corner (though only the NE exit counts for victory conditions).
but not before it was sabotaged. A mechanized infantry company Defenders may escape from anywhere on the map except the two
is rushing a group of engineers to repair it, but they have to run a lakes.
Paneuropean gauntlet across a rear area to get there.
3.03 Terrain damage. The optional rules “Damage to terrain
1.01 Overview. Uncivil Engineers is a timed gauntlet scenario, and roads” and “Destruction of bridges” should be used in this
where the attacking force must break through a camouflaged scenario. See Ogre Designer’s Edition rulebook, sections 13.01
Paneuropean line as quickly as possible. and 13.02.
1.02 Necessary materials. Uncivil Engineers requires only 3.04 Special rules. The following rule should be used when
the retail version of Ogre Designer’s Edition, although the playing Uncivil Engineers.
Kickstarter edition is preferred.
3.04.1 Engineers. The Engineers have no opportunities for
engineering in this scenario – their job will come later. Other than
2.0 Setup being treated as special for victory conditions, the Engineers are
treated as normal infantry with no additional abilities.
2.01 Maps. Use maps G1 South and S1 North, with G1-S placed
on the north end of S1-N. All three bridges on the map start the
scenario intact. 4.0 Endgame
2.01.1 Overlays. The defender may choose up to four hexes 4.01 Ending the scenario. The game ends when all of the
to start the game as rubble. They must be placed north of the line Combine units either escape or are destroyed.
running from S1- 0101 to S1-2312. Additionally, they may not be
4.02 Objectives. The attacker’s objective is to get the Engineers
placed in a water hex nor may they be in adjoining hexes.
and at least one GEV-PC across the map and exiting the NE corner,
2.02 Paneuropean units. The defending Paneuropean player as quickly as possible. The attacker loses victory levels if it takes
gets 16 squads of infantry and six armor units, all placed north of the nine or more turns to get off the map. The defender’s objective is to
line running from S1-0101 to S1-2312. The units are camouflaged prevent this from occurring.
as per Section 13.05 of the Ogre Designer’s Edition rulebook.
4.03 Victory levels. The winner is determined by how many
2.02.1 Paneuropean setup. The defender sets up first. All Engineers make it off the board; whether at least one GEV-PC
defending units are revealed at the end of the attacker’s first makes it off the board; and how long it takes. Starting on turn 9,
movement phase. reduce the attacker’s victory by one level, and again every two turns
2.03 Combine units. The attacker gets three Engineers (use thereafter.
Marines if Engineer counters are unavailable), nine squads of Complete Paneuropean Victory – No Engineers escape.
regular infantry, four GEV-PCs, and eight armor units of additional
Paneuropean Victory – One Engineer and no GEV-PCs escape.
GEVs and/or LGEVs.
Marginal Paneuropean Victory – Two Engineers and no GEV-PCs
2.03.1 Combine setup. The attacker moves first, entering on
any hex or hexes on the lake in the SW corner of the map. The entry
hex counts for movement, and all GEV units are assumed to have Draw – Three Engineers and no GEV-PCs escape.
been on the lake and may take the water bonus if applicable (see Marginal Combine Victory – One Engineer and at least one
5.08.2 in the Ogre Designer’s Edition rulebook). The attacker does GEV-PC escapes.
not have to commit all of his forces on turn 1, but must commit the
remainder on turn 2. Combine Victory – Two Engineers and at least one GEV-PC

3.0 Game Play Complete Combine Victory – Three Engineers and at least one
GEV-PC escapes.
3.01 Reinforcements. There are no reinforcements in this
5.0 Variant Scenario
5.01 Ogre Variant. The defender and attacker each get an
additional four armor units, and may use section 13.03 of the Ogre
Designer’s Edition rulebook to trade units for Ogre Mark Is.

26 OGRE Scenario Book 2


by Mike Ptak

1.0 Introduction 3.0 Game Play

Following the successful assault against the CP, a Combine 3.01 Reinforcements. During the Paneuropean player’s first,
recovery team has reached the site to raid the CP for intelligence third, and fifth turns, the player may attempt to bring reinforcements
and rescue the Ogre. But they are too late to escape a counterattack! into play. These forces may enter from either the east or west edges
1.01 Overview. The Combine player must recover files and of the board in the central area of the map (as defined by the gray
material from the CP and escort an injured Ogre off the map. arrows on the Ogre map), but the individual units within each wave
must enter from the same map edge. At the beginning of each turn
1.02 Necessary materials. Counterattack! requires only the on which reinforcements could come in, the Paneuropean player
retail version of Ogre Designer’s Edition. rolls 1 die and consults the following table:

2.0 Setup Result Wave

2.01 Maps. The orange Ogre map is used for this scenario. 1-2 First wave activated.
2.02 Combine units. The Combine player is defending. They 3-4 Second wave activated.
begin the game with six armor units chosen only from types with 5-6 Third wave activated.
a movement value of 3 or higher. The defenders also have three
Hovertrucks and a damaged Mark III Ogre.
If the roll results in a wave that has already entered the map,
The defender places the Ogre three hexes south from the no wave is available this turn. However, reinforcements will then
northern border (i.e., any hex that ends in “03”). Other units are enter the next turn (turn 4 or 6, as appropriate). Randomly choose
placed no more than two hexes away from the Ogre. between remaining waves, as needed.
2.02.1 Ogre damage. The Ogre begins the game damaged from 3.02 Escape. The Combine units may only retreat off the
its prior attack on the CP. It has no missiles. For each other Ogre southern edge of the map. Paneuropean forces may retreat on any
weapon system, roll on the Combat Results Table as a 3-1 attack, other edge, but may not re-enter the map.
but it is not unarmed; if all rolls are X for the main and secondary
batteries, the Ogre player may choose either a surviving main 3.03 Stacking. The stacking prohibition from Ogre Designer’s
battery or two secondary batteries. Additionally, mark 2D6 damage Edition (section 5.02.1) should be used.
on the treads. The Combine player does not reveal the damage 3.04 Ramming. The ramming rules from Ogre Designer’s
status of the Ogre until its first move. Edition (section 6.00) should be used.
2.02.2 Intel packages. The strategic material recovered from
the wrecked CP has been divided into two “intel packages” which
are loaded onto Hovertrucks. Each Hovertruck has a numbered
4.0 Endgame
marker. The Combine player records which Truck(s) are carrying the 4.01 Ending the scenario. The scenario ends when the Combine
packages; the Paneuropean player does not know. Both packages forces have all left the map or been destroyed.
may be in one Hovertruck using the other two as decoys, or two 4.02 Objectives. The Combine player’s objective is to get the
different Hovertrucks may carry one package each. Ogre and the intel material off the southern edge of the map. The
2.03 Paneuropean units. The Paneuropean player is attacking. Paneuropean objective is to frustrate the Combine objectives.
During setup the player sets aside three waves of units, each with 4.03 Victory levels.
seven armor units worth of units. Every armor unit must have a
movement of 2 or higher. GEV-PCs with a full complement of troops Complete Combine Victory – The Ogre and both intel packages got
cost two armor units. away.
At the start of the game, these units start off-board and come Marginal Combine Victory – The Ogre and one package escaped.
in under the rules for Reinforcements (see 3.01 below). The Draw – Either the Ogre was destroyed but the intel got away, or
Paneuropean defender moves first. the intel was destroyed but the Ogre got away. Either way, no one
2.04 Cruise Missiles. Cruise Missiles and Missile Crawlers may is happy.
not be used. Marginal Paneuropean Victory – The Ogre was destroyed and only
one intel package was stolen.
Complete Paneuropean Victory – The Ogre was destroyed and
neither of the intel packages got away.

OGRE Scenario Book 2 27


by David Rock

1.0 Introduction to be a Mobile Howitzer umbrella supporting their infantry line, but
the latest intel says it’s moved to the western front. You might be
“I’m sorry, Captain. I don’t have any forces to spare.” The major able to get some trucks through. I can only give you a few squads in
looked back at the holodisplay. support. It will be tough enough without the Howitzers in place; if
“But sir,” the Captain implored, “people are dying. Without the they’re still there, it will be a bloodbath.”
vaccine we have, there won’t be anyone left. Even if we could get just The captain stared at the major. “We can get through. We must.”
one truck through the blockade, some will survive. A half-dozen could
1.01 Overview. Paneuropean forces are trying to run a convoy
save much of the city.”
of Trucks with supplies. The problem is they have only infantry to
Silence enveloped the two like a wool blanket as they stared at the escort the Trucks. On the plus side, the Combine forces have only
regional map. infantry as well, and not a lot of them. It’s a footrace to see how
“Perhaps . . .” The major pointed to a suburb on the southern many Trucks can get off the north side of the map.
aspect of the city. “There. These ruins are lightly defended, as most 1.02 Necessary materials. Footrace requires only the retail
armor would be destroyed trying to navigate that morass. There used version of Ogre Designer’s Edition.

28 OGRE Scenario Book 2


2.0 Setup 3.03 Terrain damage. The optional rule “Damage to terrain and
roads” should be used in this scenario. See the Ogre Designer’s
2.01 Maps. Footrace utilizes the north half of the Ogre Map. Edition rulebook, section 13.01.
2.01.1 Overlays. Both town and damaged town overlays are 3.04 Special rules. The following rules are to be used in
used. Town overlays are placed on the following hexes: Footrace. When applicable, the related rule from Ogre Designer’s
3-hex (x6): 0301-0302-0402, 0601-0602-0701, 0901-0902- Edition is noted.
1002, 1108-1208-1209, 1201-1202-1301, 1304-1404-1405 3.04.1 Stacking units. The stacking limit of 5 units per hex
2-hex (x6): 0502-0503, 0604-0605, 0609-0708, 0804-0903, (5.02.2) is enforced.
0908-1009, 1102-1203 3.04.2 Mounted infantry. Infantry may not ride in the Trucks;
1-hex (x1): 0104 the Trucks are already full with supplies.
Damaged town overlays are placed on the following hexes:
3-hex (x6): 0208-0307-0308, 0304-0404-0405, 0510-0610-
4.0 Endgame
0611, 0705-0805-0806, 1104-1204-1205, 1306-1307-1407 4.01 Ending the scenario. The game ends when the last
Paneuropean unit either escapes or is destroyed.
2-hex (x6): 0203-0204, 0309-0410, 0406-0407, 0807-0808,
1210-1211, 1505-1506 4.02 Objectives. Victory is based on the number of surviving
Trucks, not victory points, at the end of the scenario. Surviving
Tip for placing overlays: Place all of the three-hex overlays first,
infantry squads play a role in determining the level of victory for
especially the four 3-hex town that overlays across the north end of
each side.
the map. Place the single 1-hex town overlay at 0104 and then the
two-hex overlays will become fairly obvious as connecting pieces. 4.02.1 Combine objective. Destroy the Paneuropean Trucks.
2.01.2 Hexsides. Ridges partially covered by overlays are not 42.2 Paneuropean objective. Get as many Trucks off the north
ridges and do not affect movement. edge of the map as possible.
2.02 Combine units. The Combine force consists of 12 strength 4.03 Victory levels.
points of infantry. Place three squads each in hex 0301, 0601, 0901, Complete Paneuropean Victory – All Trucks exit the north edge
and 1201. of the map and at least nine Paneuropean squads escape and/or
2.03 Paneuropean units. The Paneuropean force consists of survive.
18 strength points of infantry and 10 Trucks. All units may enter Paneuropean Victory – Six to nine Trucks exit the north edge and
anywhere along the south edge of the map. The Paneuropean forces at least nine Paneuropean squads escape and/or survive.
move first.
Marginal Paneuropean Victory – Six or more Trucks exit the north
3.0 Game Play Marginal Combine Victory – Five or fewer Trucks exit the north
3.01 Reinforcements. Combine forces get an additional six edge.
squads of infantry – three entering from either hex 0601 or hex 0901
Combine Victory – One to five Trucks exit the north edge and at
on the north edge, and three from anywhere on the south edge.
least nine Combine squads survive.
These forces enter on the turn after any Paneuropean unit crosses
the crater row marked by the arrows on the side of the map (i.e., the Complete Combine Victory – All Trucks are destroyed and at least
line separating the north and central areas of the Ogre map). nine Combine squads survive.
3.02 Escape. Paneuropean squads exiting the north edge count
toward the total surviving squads for victory conditions. Squads or 5.0 Variant Scenario
Trucks that exit off any other map edge are considered destroyed.
5.01 Hovertruck Scenario. The Paneuropean forces may
replace any number of Trucks with Hovertrucks.

OGRE Scenario Book 2 29


Assault on Amsterdam
by Kevin Roust

1.0 Introduction obvious that this is no mere feint, but instead an attack directed at
Amsterdam’s lasers.
Although the first Combine attack on Amsterdam in August
As the Paneuropeans recognize the trick, can they restore
2092 was repulsed, the six weeks that followed saw swarms of
Amsterdam’s defenses before the Cruise Missiles start flying?
Cruise Missiles targeting the regional Paneuropean headquarters.
The network of Laser Towers did its job, however, and every missile 1.01 Overview. The Combine forces, led by an underwater
was destroyed harmlessly, far from anything of value. force of Superheavy Tanks and a land-based force of smaller tanks,
are attempting to bring down the laser network and begin the
In mid-September, Combine Ogres and GEVs were observed
destruction of Amsterdam. The GEV reinforcements, scrambling
organizing off Denmark, obviously preparing for another attack
from the (feint) assembly area, arrive to face the Paneuropean
on Amsterdam. Paneuropean forces were redeployed to meet this
reinforcements and continue the destruction. Finally, the missile
threat, leaving Amsterdam with only its lasers and home guard.
carriers enter to make a shorter-range launch against a defenseless
At dawn on 22 September, the woods around Amsterdam came Amsterdam.
alive with the sound of Combine tanks. Within minutes it was

30 OGRE Scenario Book 2

The Paneuropean forces are thin at the start, consisting only of 2.02 Paneuropean forces. The defending Paneuropean player
lasers and garrison infantry. The Ogres begin redeployment back to begins with a number of Ogres, some infantry, and an array of lasers.
Amsterdam, but will not arrive until after the conflict has started. The Paneuropean player deploys first but moves second.
Similarly, a group of GEVs redeploy to meet the Combine attack, 2.02.1 Amsterdam forces. The defender has 12 squads of
with a second group coming later to further bolster the Amsterdam infantry that must be placed within the city of Amsterdam.
defense. Between the Ogres and GEVs, Amsterdam should be
protected from Cruise Missiles (until the lasers can be rebuilt), 2.02.2 Laser forces. The defender has six Laser Towers (four
assuming that anything survives the initial assault. with 20 SP and two with 40 SP) and eight Laser Turrets (six with
20 SP and two with 40 SP). Use four or six blue and two gray Laser
1.02 Necessary materials. Assault on Amsterdam requires Towers/Turrets to represent the different SP values. The defender
only the retail version of Ogre Designer’s Edition. has 24 squads of infantry that must be placed with the Laser Turrets.
The Laser Towers must be deployed on any of the island hexes
2.0 Setup on map G2-N (i.e., hexes 1507-1508, 1606-1608, and 1907). Laser
2.01 Maps. Six map-halves are laid out as follows: Turrets may be deployed in any city hex on G2-N or S1-N, excluding
Amsterdam. Each individual Laser Turret must be placed with three
G1-S S1-S squads of infantry.
S2-N G2-N 2.02.3 Ogre forces. The defender has one Fencer, one Fencer-B,
S2-S S1-N upside down and one Doppelsoldner at the beginning of the game. The Ogre
forces may be deployed in any non-water hex on map S2-S with hex
2.01.1 Overlays. Additional alteration of the maps is required
number 1023 or less (i.e., hex rows 01xx – 10xx; or west of the red
to make the six halves mesh. These changes are detailed below:
line as shown on the map on page 30).
A clear overlay should be placed on hex 1508 of map G2-N.
2.03 Combine forces. The attacking Combine player has an
Town overlays should be placed on the following hexes of map armored force consisting of twelve Heavy Tanks, twelve Missile
G2-N: 1510, 1511, 1512, 1711, and 1712. Tanks, and eight Superheavy Tanks. The Combine player deploys
Town overlays should be placed on the following hexes of map second but moves first.
S1-N: 1206 and 1510. 2.03.1 Combine setup. Superheavy Tanks may be deployed in
A two-hex town overlay should be placed on hex 1611 of map any forest or town hex connected to edge 23xx of map S1-N or edge
G2-N (straight road in line with 1604-1610 road) and hex 0811 of 01xx of map G2-N; anywhere on maps G1-S or S2-N; or on maps S1-S
map S1-N (three-way road connecting to hexes 0711 and 0911 of or G2-N from the edge row of hexes 01xx to the road that runs from
map S1-N and hex 1611 of map G2-N). hex 0512 on S1-S to hex 0104 on G2-N (i.e., anywhere north and/
or west of the terrain encompassed by the orange line as shown on
Forest overlays should be placed on the following hexes of map the map on page 30).
S1-N: 0312, 0411, 1112, 1912, 2112, 2305, 2307, 2310, and 2311.
Heavy Tanks and Missile Tanks may be deployed in any forest or
Two-hex length straight road overlays should be placed on town hex connected to or north of row xx17 on map S1-S (i.e., any
hexes 2121, 2220, and 2320 of map S2-S, connecting hex 2121 of of the hexes encompassed by the yellow lines as shown on the map
map S2-S to hex 2304 of map S1-N. on page 30).
Two-hex length straight railroad overlays should be placed on In this scenario, “connected to” means that a continuous path
hexes 2123, 2222, and 2322 of map S2-S, connecting hex 2123 of of forest and/or town hexes connects the placement hex with the
map S2-S to hex 2302 of map S1-N. specified line of hexes. For example, a Superheavy may deploy in
2.01.2 Redefined terrain. On map S1-N, all hexes from the hex 0312 of map G2-N but may not deploy in hex 0512 on G2-N.
river (1501-0112) toward hex 0101 are considered open water. On
maps G1-S, S2-N, and S2-S, all hexes north and west from the river
that stretches from hex 2012 on map G1-S to hex 0114 on map S2-S
3.0 Game Play
(i.e., all hexes from the river toward hex row 01xx) are considered 3.01 Reinforcements. Both sides receive reinforcements
open water. The bridges crossing the two rivers do not exist; those during the game.
hexes are to be considered open water as well. 3.01.1 Paneuropean reinforcements. On turn 4, the
Any half-hexside streams occupy the entire hexside. This should Paneuropean player receives 12 GEVs. They enter the map in any of
affect only hex 2308 on S1-N (hex 2316 on S2-S). the water hexes on map S1-N from 0101 to 1501, inclusive. Again,
these are all open water hexes as per 2.01.2 above. On turn 9, the
2.01.3 Amsterdam. The city of Amsterdam is defined as the
defender receives an additional 12 GEVs entering map S1-N on any
following hexes:
of the same hexes. The entry hex counts for movement, and all
On map G2-N: 1510-1512, 1610-1611, and 1710-1712. GEV units are assumed to have been on the water and may take the
On map S1-N: 0710-0712, 0810-0811, and 0911-0912. water bonus if applicable (see 5.08.2 in the Ogre Designer’s Edition
Note: Hex 1712 on G2-N is the same hex as 0712 on S1-N, and
hex 1512 on G2-N is the same hex as 0912 on S1-N. 3.01.2 Combine reinforcements. The attacking Combine
player receives 12 Light GEVs and 12 GEV-PCs on turn 4. Each GEV-
2.01.4 Buildings. The Paneuropean player has six Admin PC carries three squads of standard infantry. These units enter the
buildings (four with 10 SP and two with 30 SP) and two Strongpoints maps from the river that stretches from hex 2012 on map G1-S to
(60 SP) that must be placed within the city of Amsterdam. Use four hex 0114 on map S2-S. These reinforcements are considered to be
blue and two gray Admin buildings to represent the different SP moving from the water’s edge, so may immediately move on land if
values. desired.

OGRE Scenario Book 2 31

Additionally, on turn 10 the Combine player receives four Missile Turn 4 reinforcements can only be GEVs (GEV, LGEV, GEV-PC) and
Crawlers. These units enter map S1-S from the north edge of the mounted infantry. Total armor units: 30.
map, anywhere from hex 0412 to 2312, inclusive. Reinforcements Three squads of infantry may be chosen for one armor unit each.
that enter on a road hex are assumed to be on the road and thus
gain the road movement bonus. The entry hex does count against Otherwise game play, including victory conditions, is as detailed
their movement allowance. above.
3.02 Escape. Units may escape on any traversable terrain on any 5.03 Bidding for Combine Force. To provide further balance,
map edge but may not re-enter the map, and should be considered players may bid to play Combine forces. This may be done in one
destroyed as per 5.12 from Ogre Designer’s Edition. of two ways: the players may bid on the total force (initial and
reinforcement); or they may bid on the initial force used, with a
3.03 Overrun combat. The overrun rules from Ogre Designer’s defined reinforcement force. Otherwise game play is as detailed
Edition (Section 8.00) should be used for this scenario. above.
3.04 Terrain damage. The optional rules “Damage to terrain 5.03.1 Total Combine force bid. Each player secretly writes
and roads” and “Destruction of bridges” should be used in this down the number of armor units they bid. This number is for both
scenario. See Ogre Designer’s Edition rulebook, sections 13.01 and the initial force and reinforcements. The lowest bid gets to play
13.02, respectively. Combine. The initial force units must comprise between 40% and
3.05 Special rules. The optional rules “Ogre Equivalents” and 60% of the low bid in armor units. Turn 4 reinforcements are the
“Partial Damage for Superheavies” have not been playtested for this remainder of the low bid in armor units.
scenario and are not recommended. 5.03.2 Initial Combine force bid. Each player secretly writes
down the number of armor units they bid. This number is for the
4.0 Endgame initial force only. The lowest bid gets to play Combine. Turn 4
reinforcements are limited to 30 armor units.
4.01 Ending the scenario. The game ends after turn 12, or
when a Paneuropean Ogre occupies Amsterdam while no Combine
forces are in Amsterdam, whichever comes first.
4.02 Objectives. The objective of the Combine attacker is to
destroy as much of Amsterdam as possible. The objective of the
Paneuropean defender is to prevent the fall of the Amsterdam.
4.03 Victory points. The Combine player earns victory points
through destruction of buildings and hexes within Amsterdam.
1 VP per SP destroyed in Amsterdam. (Maximum: 220 VP)
20 VP per city hex destroyed (but not cratered) in Amsterdam.
(Maximum: 260 VP)
40 VP per city hex cratered in Amsterdam. (Maximum: 80 VP)
Destruction of a city hex is equivalent to reducing it to rubble
(i.e., damaging a hex does not satisfy the victory conditions).
4.03.1 Victory levels.
Combine Victory – The Combine player earns 420 or more VPs.
Paneuropean Victory – The Combine player earns less than 420

5.0 Variant Scenarios

5.01 Limited Space. Remove maps G1-S, S2-N, and S2-S.
Combine Reinforcements enter edge 01xx of map S1-S, 01xx
edge of G2-N, or 23xx edge of S1-N at the start of the second
movement phase of the Combine player’s turn 4.
The Paneuropean Ogre force enters S1-N in hexes 2302-2304
inclusive (from railroad to road) on the Paneuropean player’s turn
Otherwise game play, including victory conditions, is as detailed
5.02 Customized Combine Forces. The Combine player may
choose their force, subject to the following constraints:
Initial units can only be tanks (SHVY, HVY, MSL, LT) and
mounted infantry. Total armor units: 40.

32 OGRE Scenario Book 2


by Corrado Zabetta

1.0 Introduction on the map (including the two half hexes in 1312 and 1512), the
defender rolls a die and consults the table below to determine what
A dead railroad branch, a forgotten Howitzer, a holiday (if any) force is in that hex:
interrupted . . .
1.01 Overview. A Combine unit, in the rear guard and late 1 Nothing
to retreat, decides to cut through a quiet strip of land to reunite 2 One Truck
with the main army. Hoping to shoot their way through a weak
point, these Combine troops are in for a holiday surprise. Many 3 One GEV-PC
Paneuropean infantrymen are spending time at home or friends’ 4 One infantry squad
homes, and most of them have their battlesuits and the transport 5 Two infantry squads
they arrived in. Alerting each other to the danger barreling down
on them, scratch units form up and move into position to protect 6 Three infantry squads
their homes . . .
1.02 Necessary materials. Holidays requires only the retail Note: If a defender’s unit appears in a town already occupied by
version of Ogre Designer’s Edition to be played. attacker units (it can happen for the westernmost cities in the first
turn), there is an immediate overrun combat (rule 8.00) with the
newly created defending unit firing first.
2.0 Setup
2.01 Maps. Use maps G1-North and S2-North. Place map S2-N 3.0 Game Play
east of map G1-N (i.e., to the right of map G1-N).
3.01 Reinforcements. The advance guard of the main
2.01.1 Overlays. The two half cities in 1312 and 1512 on map Paneuropean force is pursuing the Combine units. These
S2-N are treated as complete cities. Place a city overlay under these reinforcements begin to arrive on turn 6, at which time the
hexes to help remember this if necessary. All half hexes are legal defender gets one armor unit that enters anywhere on the west
and counted as full hexes of the dominant terrain type. edge of map G1-N. On turn 7, two armor units arrive from any hex on
2.01.2 Markers. The defender places five “?” counters along the west edge. Three more armor units arrive from the west on turn
the railroad and secretly chooses one, writing the location down. 8, followed by four more on turn 9. The Combine does not receive
This is the location of a railcar-mounted Howitzer (see section 3.04 reinforcements in this scenario.
below). 3.02 Escape. Attackers can only escape from the east side of
2.02 Combine units. The Combine attacker gets 12 armor units map S2-N. Leaving from any other edge would constitute a loss of
and moves first, entering from the west border of the map. Note the unit as per 5.12. Defenders are at home; they can leave the map
that no defending units are on the map during the attacker’s initial in any direction they choose without penalty. However, as per 5.12,
movement phase. units leaving the map may not re-enter later.
2.03 Paneuropean units. The composition and location of the 3.03 Terrain damage. The optional rules “Damage to terrain
Paneuropean defender’s units are determined after the attacker’s and roads” and “Destruction of bridges” should be used in this
force has entered the map, but before it fires. For each city hex scenario. See Ogre Designer’s Edition rulebook, sections 13.01 and
13.02 respectively.

OGRE Scenario Book 2 33

3.04 Special rules. The following rules should be used when Enemy units destroyed count as usual for both sides. Dora, the
playing Holidays. railcar Howitzer, is worth 12 points. Trucks are worth 1 VP to the
3.04.1 Dora. The defender has a railcar Howitzer named “Dora,” attacker when destroyed.
which is far from rusty. The National Guard keeps it in perfect 4.04 Victory levels. Victory levels are determined based upon
working order, like a Swiss watch. The artillery has normal static the attacker’s performance. Subtract the defender’s accumulated
Howitzer stats (6/8, D1), but can move one hex along the railroad VPs from the attacker’s to calculate the attacker’s final score.
after the firing phase, much like a GEV (i.e., M0/1, only on rail). Decisive Defender Victory – The attacker has 0 or fewer VPs.
3.04.2 Howitzer activation. The Howitzer must be activated to Marginal Defender Victory – The attacker has 1-25 VPs.
be functional. As soon as a squad of infantry reaches the Howitzer
and ends its movement for the rest of the turn, the Howitzer is Marginal Attacker Victory – The attacker has 26-50 VPs.
activated and will be fully operational at the start of the defender’s Decisive Attacker Victory – The attacker has more than 50 VPs.
next turn. The Howitzer can move after the defender’s firing phase
on the activation turn (i.e., during the GEV second movement
phase). On the next turn, the squad can leave the Howitzer to 5.0 Variant Scenarios
its fully automated operation and go defend elsewhere. As the 5.01 East Wind. Use the same map, but play the scenario with
Howitzer’s gun is powering up during initial activation, it is unable the attacker entering from the east side. Flip everything. Victory
to fire (but may move immediately) and thus is defenseless until the points and levels are determined as in the base scenario.
start of the defender’s next turn. If an enemy unit overruns it (or it
overruns an enemy unit) before it is fully activated, the Howitzer is 5.02 Gustav. The railcar Howitzer is a monster from an old
automatically destroyed. conflict. Replace Dora with Gustav. Gustav has a greater attack
strength and range than Dora (10/10, D1). Mechanics for Gustav
3.04.3 Dummy Howitzers. The defender can also “activate” the are the same as Dora for all other game play (M0/1, on rail only).
fake Howitzer counters and move them along the railway to confuse It is worth 24 victory points if destroyed. Otherwise, victory points
the attacker. The real cannon is revealed when it fires or an enemy and levels are the same as the base scenario.
unit reaches firing range. All Howitzers may pass each other on the
rail, as the fake Howitzers are electronic spoofs and don’t occupy 5.03 Snow. The terrain is covered by deep snow. All units except
real space. infantry have their movement reduced by 1 movement point each
turn, including the second movement phase of GEVs. Therefore,
If an attacker comes within its own firing range of a dummy, the GEVs have a movement that is 3/2 instead of 4/3. All units can
dummy is immediately removed. always move at least one hex as long as they are not moving into
totally prohibited terrain. Victory points and levels are determined
4.0 Endgame as in the base scenario.
4.01 Ending the scenario. The game ends when the last 5.04 Heavy Weapons Teams. All “One infantry squad” results
attacking unit either escapes or is destroyed. on the setup table are replaced with “One Heavy Weapons Team
squad.” Heavy Weapon Teams are worth 4 VPs to the attacker when
4.02 Objectives. The objective of the attacker is to cause as destroyed. Otherwise, victory points and levels are the same as the
much destruction as possible, while ultimately escaping off the east base scenario.
edge of map S2-N. The objective of the defender is to prevent this
and destroy the attacking units. 5.05 Ogre Scenario. The attacker can choose either a Mark I
and a Mark II or two Mark Is and four armor units instead of the
4.03 Victory points. The attacker gets 5 VP for each unit that 12 armor units of the base scenario. Victory points and levels are
crosses the east edge of map S2N. Additionally, the attacker gets 5 determined as in the base scenario.
VP for each city hex destroyed (turned to rubble as per rule 13.01).
For every damaged (not destroyed) city hex, the attacker gets 2
points. Stream bridges are worth 3 VPs, and river bridges are worth
5. If defenders destroy the bridges to slow down enemy movement,
the VPs are awarded to the attacker.

34 OGRE Scenario Book 2

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