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Yesterday l was going to the lake. It was the nice time for fishing because I had no work to

I wake earlier at the morning then I went to the market place to buy some shrimps which I
used for fishing bait. After that, I went to the lake to start fishing.


At that lake, I looked for the best point to fish. I went to the place under the big tree at the
bank of the lake.

I threw my hook as far as I can then I wait for the fish eating my bait. 30 minutes left and
finally there was a fish ate my bait. It was the first big enough fish that I got.

I got 10 big fish and 3 small fish at that day. I was so happy.

I would cook that fish at home and then I would call my friends to come to my home then we
would have a small party.

But I was not lucky enough because on the way home I saw a beggar. He was an old poor

I gave all of my fish to him and I wish he would be happy getting that fish. Perhaps he could
sell them at the market and get some money to buy some food.


Even I did not have any fish after that, I was so happy because I could help people.


Last year holiday of Lebaran I went to Surabaya visiting my grandmother and grandfather.

I had to go there because the previous holiday I wasn’t there.


I missed them so much because I lived with them when I was a child.

At that time both of my parents had to go to another city to earn money so they left me with
my grandma and grandpa.

After graduated from junior high school, I follow my parents living at Jakarta. Since that, I
had visited them only at holiday time.
Unfortunately, I didn’t have any ticket of either train and plane so that I went to Surabaya by
bus. It was so tiring because the traffic was too crowded and stagnant.

Normally, the trip needs around 24-28 hours but my trip at that time took 40 hours from
Jakarta to Surabaya. That made me mad.


The madness and tiredness during the trip had gone after I met my grandma and grandpa.
They were looked old. I was so happy knowing them in healthy condition.


That day was August 23, 2016. A week before that day I had been preparing everything.
Then, at that day i was ready for my holiday.

At 9 in the morning, I went to the station. The train would arrive at 10 a.m. It took 30 minutes
walking from my home to the station. At that station, I bought the ticket to go to Yogyakarta.


It took around 5 hour to go to Yogyakarta from Tulungagung by train.

I arrived in Tugu Station Yogyakarta at 3.15 pm. I had no fix idea about the places at which I
would visit. So, I was free to do anything in this city.

At first, I went walking around at Malioboro Street. I saw so many people in this street.
Perhaps, they did the same thing as I did, just walking and sometimes stopped at some street
marchandise sellers a long that road.

At 6 p.m, i was tired and hungry. I was at Alun-Alun Kidul, the south side of Yogyakarta

I looked around and find Angkringan, at that place I ordered for a glass of ice tea and ate
some Sego Kucing with Sate and also Gorengan.

After eating, I began to think of where I would get the cheap hotel to stay for several days in


That was my story which I always remember about my holiday at Yogyakarta.

The last holiday i went to my grandma’s home.

Her home is quite awesome, so far away from the city and close to the vegetables farm area.
My grandma and grandpa are farmers.

I spent two days there and I did so many interesting things in the farm, helping my grandpa
planted vegetables.


At the first day, I learned to plant spinach. What I did was moving out the young spinach
from the seeding area to the plantation area.

I thought it was easy, but in fact, it was tiring. I had to move those one by one under the sun. I
did that for several hours before launch and continued until afternoon.

In the night, i didn’t want anything except sleeping. I was really tired but it was fun.

I couldn’t wake up in the morning until my grandma knocked at my door. He laughed at me

because what I did was not hard actually if compared with the real farmer.

Then, before we went to the farm again, my grandma had prepared for breakfast. After eating
I follow my grandpa going to the next field.

We would do daily treatment for the 1 month age spinach. We had to give them enough water
and checked if there were any caterpillars and grasshoppers.


At the third day, I had to back home. I was sad to leave my grandma and grandpa. But, that’s
fine because the next holiday I would go there and see them again.


The last holiday, I went to the city of Pacitan with some of my friends.

We would stay some night at the unknown beach because we would like to try the experience
of being into the wild. We had prepared everything.


We went there by motorcycle. That vehicle was easier for us to pass any kind of road to go to
some of the unknown beach along the south side of Pacitan city.

We rode slowly and sometimes stopped for several minutes to enjoy the landscape.

Finally, we arrived at Pacitan. We continued to go to the south just to find any beach.
What we wanted to find was a beach with no tourist there and we found it. It was a beautiful
beach with nobody else except us.

We built our tents and prepared small branch for making small fire because we need it to

I loved this beach because I got not only a beautiful place but also a great beach for fishing. I
did fishing and got a lot of fishes. We roasted those fishes at the fire we’ve made.


We stayed at that beach for two nights. We had to get back home because we ran out of food.
We loved that journey and we would back at the beach next holiday.