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Corporate Care

FWD Life -
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FWD Life
Corporate Care

Corporate Care Team

Arlius Telaumbanua, AAAIJ
Head of Group Sales & Business Development
Arlius is responsible for FWD Life’s Group Sales & Business Development. Prior to FWD Life, Arlius
has been working for more than 22 years in multinational insurance companies, he is specialized in
sales and product design of employee benefits insurance solutions.


Head of Group Services & Account Management
Responsible for the Group Services & Account Management, Alfi brings more than 9 years
experience in managing healthcare services, with special expertise in customer services, client
relations and complaints management. Prior to joining FWD Life, Alfi was working as Head of Client
and Broker Relations of a multinational life insurance company which is a leading employee benefit
insurance provider in Indonesia.


Head of Group Operations & Underwriting
Rika is responsible for FWD Life’s Group Operations & Underwriting, managing the Underwriting,
Quotations, Policy and Member Administration, Claims and Provider Management. As former Head
of Employee Benefit Operations at several local and multinational insurance companies, Rika has
more than 16 years experience in the insurance industry.

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Corporate Care

Corporate Care Team

Chief of Corporate Care a.i.
Paul Setio Kartono
Head of Group Operations
Head of Group Sales Head of Group Services
& Underwriting
Arlius Telaumbanua Alfi Yani Rika Indriyani

Corporate Care Specialists Distribution Support UW & Quotations

Partnership & Referrals Client Relations Administration

Broker Relations Customer Excellence Claims

TPA & Provider Relations

Operations Excellence

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Corporate Care


 Bebas Hidup (Group Term Life)

An advanced group term life insurance with
comprehensive protection!
 Bebas Karya (Group Personal Accident)
An unique group personal accident insurance
including cover for high risk activities and challenges
in life!
 Bebas Dana (Group Inpatient)
A simple and affordable group inpatient insurance!
 Bebas Sehat (Group Medical)
An extremly flexible group medical insurance!

Materi Pelatihan-Bebas Karya FWD.CO.ID/CorporateCare 7

Corporate Care

Bebas Hidup (GTL)

One Basic Benefit
 Term Life - TL

Eight Additional Benefits (riders)

 Accelerated Total & Permanent Disability - Accelerated TPD
 Additional Total & Permanent Disability - Additional TPD
 Accelerated Critical Illness - Accelerated CI
 Additional Critical Illness - Additional CI
 Accelerated Terminal Illness - Accelerated TI
 Accidental Death - AD
 Accidental Permanent Disability - APD
 Reimbursement of Medical Expenses Due To Accident

One Additional Services

 Medical Advisory Services
Materi Pelatihan-Bebas Karya FWD.CO.ID/CorporateCare
Corporate Care

Bebas Karya (GPA)

One Basic Benefit
 Accidental Death

Two Additional Benefits (riders)

 Accidental Permanent Disability
 Reimbursement of Medical Expenses Due To Accident

Materi Pelatihan-Bebas Karya FWD.CO.ID/CorporateCare 9

Corporate Care

Bebas Dana (GIP)

One Simple Inpatient Package of

 Daily Cash Benefits for Room & Board and/or ICU
 Reimbursement of Miscellaneous, Ambulance and Surgery
 Sum Insured for HIV/AIDS due to Blood Transfusion while
working and for Accidental Death
 Very competitive premium
 Top up for BPJS Kesehatan
 For SMEs and large employers with limited budget

Materi Pelatihan-Bebas Karya FWD.CO.ID/CorporateCare 10

Corporate Care

Bebas Sehat (GMD)

 Five Types of Inpatient Benefits:
Inner Limits with surgical schedule
Inner Limits without surgical schedule
“As Charged” with “inner limits” for higher RB
“As Charged” with pro-rated benefits for higher RB
Family Limits
* optional additional benefits: Medical Evacuation and/or
Supplementary Major Medical
 Maternity Benefits
 Outpatient Benefits
 Dental Treatment Benefits
 Optical Benefits
 Preventive Care Benefits
 Prosthesis Benefits
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Corporate Care

Key Differentiators
 e-Precious: integrated and online proposal
system to simplify and speed up the
proposal process.
e-Precious  Automation & Paperless: administration
system that generates automated policy and
premium invoices and paperless claims
Wellness Automation
Digital system to ease checking claim status.
Program & Paperless
Services  Interactive Portals: e-Friend and iConnect for
passionate employees, HR and
FWD Care representatives to easily monitor benefits,
e-Friend claims and facilities of Corporate Care
iConnect programs.
 FWD Care: 24hours Customer Care at
1500390 and 24hours mobile phone number
(sms/whatsapp) at 08118003900 for
admission/discharge in hospitals.
 Wellness Program: to support preventive
care and clients who follow their passions.

Materi Pelatihan-Bebas Karya FWD.CO.ID/CorporateCare 12

Corporate Care

Sales Team
Standard Services
 e-Precious, web-based system for Proposals (1 working day for
Standard Quotation)
 Reliable and professional Corporate Care sales Specialists
 Consultancy for best and suitable benefits and how to align with
BPJS Kesehatan
 Separate team for Direct Sales and Broker Business

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Corporate Care

Services Team
Standard Services
 Interactive & comprehensive portals (e-Friend for insured person and
iConnect for HR/brokers)
 Socialization
 Complete welcome pack (flyer, membership book in flash disc,
membership cards)
 Tailor-made & comprehensive reports - real time reports at iConnect
 Wellness program to emphasize preventive care
 Health campaigns/health seminars
 Cooperation with Celebrity Fitness (10% discount)
 Passion Club
 Merchant discounts
 Regular contests with interesting prizes
 Complaints management
 24hours Customer Care (Call 1500390 and sms/whatsapp 08118003900)

Materi Pelatihan-Bebas Karya FWD.CO.ID/CorporateCare 14

Corporate Care

Services Team

Flash disc
Membership cards

Feel the Socialization Standard presentation

experience Presentation Customized based on TC

9 videos (Inpatient Cashless/

Video – Reimbursement, Outpatient
Death claims, CI/TI Claims, etc
Guidelines Put in e-Friend and iConnect,
Socializations presentation

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Corporate Care

Operations Team
 3-7 working days for Non-Standard Quotations
 1 working days for member terminations and member updates through
iConnect, 5 working days through email
 10 working days for card printing of alterations through iConnect, 14
working days if through email
 e-Policy and e-Premium Billing (automatic by email)
 e-Claim Submission through e-Friend and iConnect
 4 working days for claim reimbursement process for submission through
e-Friend and 7 working days for claim reimbursement process if manual
submission from receipt of the original docs by FWD Life
 Email and sms or claim notifications
 Fraud management
 24hours Case Monitoring
 Pre-Authorization
 Pre-Discharge
 Pro-Active Monitoring (Utilization Review)
 Excess Claims Monitoring
 Daily Hospitalization Reports

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Corporate Care



1 500 390
FWD Life
World Trade Centre 1, Lantai 11
Jl. Jend. Sudirman Kav. 29-31, Jakarta Selatan 12920, Indonesia.

FWD Customer Care Hotline

Phone : (+62) 1500 390 (24 jam)
E-mail : cs.cc@fwd.com
sms/whatsapp to 08118003900 for hospitalization services

Web portal e-Friend and iConnect

WWW.FWD.CO.ID/CorporateCare FWD.CO.ID/CorporateCare
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Corporate Care

Thank You

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