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Roskam Leads Casten By Seven Points In Illinois Sixth Congressional District

July 26, 2018 For more information

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Incumbent Republican Congressman Peter Roskam leads Democratic challenger Sean Casten
by a margin of nearly seven points (44.2%-37.3%) on the eve of their first televised debate,
with 18.5% undecided.

The poll of 600 likely Illinois 6th Congressional District general election voters was conducted
July 23-25, 2018. The margin of error is 4.0%. The poll was conducted by live callers and
answered on both land lines (324) and cell phones (276).

Since 2001, Victory Research has conducted semi-monthly statewide polls and Congressional
polls in a series called The Illinois Poll. Victory Research does not have a client in this
Congressional race. Victory Research’s website is www.illinoispoliticsblog.com.

Roskam leads in all five counties in the Sixth Congressional District, with his largest lead of
more than eleven percent coming from his home county of DuPage County (45.2%-34.5%),
according to the poll.

Roskam also leads among all age groups. The poll does find a gender gap between the two
candidates. Among male voters, Roskam holds a twelve point advantage (47.9%-35.8%).
Among female voters however, the lead is only slightly more than two percentage points

Each candidate holds a substantial lead among their own party, but are virtually tied among
Independent voters, with Roskam holding a scant lead (39.6%-38.3%), according to the poll.

A six-term incumbent, Roskam is better known than Casten at this point, according to the poll.
Roskam has an overall favorable rating of 46.6%, and an unfavorable rating of 37.5%. Only
1.8% of voters have not heard of Roskam. Casten has a favorable rating of 32.0%, and an
unfavorable rating of 19%. Fully 21% of voters have not yet heard of Casten.

One obstacle for Roskam’s re-election potentially is that fellow Republicans President Donald
Trump and Governor Bruce Rauner have favorable ratings that are under water in the district,
according to the poll. District-wide Trump’s favorable rating is 39.2% and his unfavorable
rating is 56.0%. Governor Rauner’s favorable rating is 42.2% and his unfavorable rating is
49%. In addition, Governor Rauner trails Democratic challenger JB Pritzker slightly district-wide