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Beats and Pieces Music Studio

2018 Schedule (please read before making


Summer 3x a week
April 9 - May 19 First Semester (once a week)
Recital May 26 June 4 - October 13
Schedule: Late Enrollees - June 18
MWF - afternoon sessions Recital October 20
1:20-2:00 Schedule:
2:00-2:40 MWF - afternoon sessions
2:40-3:20 1:20-2:00
3:20-4:00 2:00-2:40
4:00-4:40 2:40-3:20
4:40-5:20 3:20-4:00
TThS - morning sessions & afternoon sessions 4:00-4:40
7:40-8:20 1:20-2:00 4:40-5:20
8:20-9:00 2:00-2:40 TThS - morning sessions & afternoon sessions
9:00-9:40 2:40-3:20 7:40-8:20 1:20-2:00
9:40-10:20 3:20-4:00 8:20-9:00 2:00-2:40
10:20-11:00 4:00-4:40 9:00-9:40 2:40-3:20
11:00-11:40 4:00-5:20 9:40-10:20 3:20-4:00
10:20-11:00 4:00-4:40
11:00-11:40 4:00-5:20
Second Semester (once a week)
November 5 - March 9
Late Enrollees - November 19
Recital March 16
MWF - afternoon sessions
TThS - morning sessions & afternoon sessions
7:40-8:20 1:20-2:00
8:20-9:00 2:00-2:40
9:00-9:40 2:40-3:20
9:40-10:20 3:20-4:00
10:20-11:00 4:00-4:40
11:00-11:40 4:00-5:20
Each semester has a total of 15 lessons (40 boost his/her confidence. Practice with them as
minutes each) which includes 3 days of group much as possible.
music theory lessons. 1.5 hours is given for 4. Be patient and considerate. No two children
group lessons. are alike in anyway. Don't ever think your child
Each semester has a fee of 4,000 for new is not progressing just because the other
students, which includes materials for the students are doing ahead of him/her. Different
lessons. (If additional books is necessary, materials and strategies will be given to each
parents will be advised) student. These are given according to a
For old students, a 10% discount is given upon student's skills.
enrollment if paid in full. 5. Be proud! Be proud of your kid for his/her
Lesson fees may be paid in 4 easy eagerness to learn to play an instrument. Be
installments, (4 consecutive months upon proud of their own progress. Be proud of what
enrollment). they can do. Focus on that. Be proud of
Recital fees varies on the amount of yourself for making this happen.
expenditures. Students and parents will be
advised long beforehand to give way for any Teacher's and Studio's Responsibilities
suggestions. 1. Inform students and parents/guardian of any
changes to be made on scheduled, materials,
and any related information.
Students' Responsibilities 2. Track the student's progress. Make sure the
1. Come in on time or earlier. If a student is students understand each lesson.
late. Lesson will proceed but ends still on the 3. Be punctual. Be effective. Be efficient.
scheduled time. Regardless of the minutes 4. Help the student achieve their dream to be
spent. the best they can be.
2. Practice everyday. A 10-minute practice Schedules may be changed if they overlap a
each day makes a lot of difference. National Holiday.
3. Take care of the materials procured. Thank You.
Replacement of lost or damaged materials will
be paid.
4. Be patient. Learning to play an instrument
can be boring and difficult at first. Don't rush
your way to success. You will get there with
proper attitude.
5. Have fun! Though learning to play an
instrument is not as easy as it looks, you can Joy de Leon-Gabriel
always have fun with what you do. Make sure Owner/Piano Teacher
you don't get grouchy over wrong notes. Beats and Pieces Music Studio
Remember, it is your passion which matters

Parents' / Guardian's Responsibilities

1. Inform the studio of the student's
shortcomings. If a student will be late, let us
know ASAP. However we cannot make up for
the lost minutes.
2. If a student will not come to his/her lesson,
inform us ahead of time. A make up lesson will
then be scheduled.
3. Track your child's progress. It is important
for the child to feel his/her parents' support to