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A number is divided in the ratio of

Cost of pen is twice that of pencil.
3 : 4 : 5 first and then in the ratio 1:
While preparing bill of few pens
2 : 4 : 5. Difference between the
and 16 pencils, prices got
smallest parts in the above two
interchanged. If as a result the
divisions is 40. What is the
customer had to pay 50% more
then no. of pens purchased is

A = 2B = 3C, where A, B and C are Ram divided a cake in the ratio 1 :

positive integers. What is the 2 : 5. He gave largest share to
minimum average of the three Shyam. Shyam divided his part in
numbers? the ratio 1 : 3 : 6 and gave smallest
(a) 11/6 (b) 11/3 part to Jadav. If Jadav gets 20 gm
(c) 2/3 (d) 5/7 then weight of whole cake is

Last year’s incomes of A, B, C are in the Out of a group of people, 28% are
ratio 4 : 3 : 5. A’s last year income and non-vegetarian. Of these non-
this year’s income is in the ratio 2 : 3.
vegetarians, 25% are females. If
B’s last year income and this year’s
income is in the ratio 3 : 4. C’s last year
total males were 66%, what
income and this year’s income is in the perecent of vegetarians are
ratio 4 : 5. Sum of incomes of A, B, C is females?
819000 then income in rupees of C (a) 25% (b) 37.5%
this year exceeds that of A by (c) 30% (d) 20%

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A dealer sells an item to a

Out of total votes, 10% of the middleman at a discount of 25%
voters did not vote. 10% of the whose list price is 3200. The
votes were in valid. If the winner middleman sold it to the retailer at
got 54% of the valid votes and wins a loss of 15% who sold it to a
by a margin of 1620, find total customer at a profit of 20% after
voters. giving a discount of 10%. Find the
marked price of the retailer.

Two containers A & B contain 6 ltrs

each of alcohol and water respectively.
Average marks of three sections Some alcohol from A is transferred in
A, B & C are 37, 23 & 41 to C (which is empty). This alcohol
respectively. If the average of from C is then transferred to B and
section A & B is 29 & that of B & C then the mixture from B is transferred
is 33, what is the average of all the to C which is transferred to A
three sections? thereafter. The ratio of alcohol to
water in A is now 4 : 1. Find the
capacity of C.

The shopkeeper purchases articles If a farmer sells 1/3rd of his

A, B, C. He purchased 1200 articles produce at a profit of 14%, 2/5th of
of A each priced at Rs 1000, 1600 his produce at a profit of 17.5%
of type B each at Rs 750 and 2400 and rest at a profit of 20%. His
of type C each at Rs 500. He sold A overall profit percentage is
& B at a profit of 30% & 40%
respectively & C at a loss of 10%. (a) 16% (b) 16.5%
What is his overall profit? (c) 17% (d) 18%

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There are two jars of same

capacity. One contains acid and
another water. Two liters of each Arithmetic mean of those integers
jar is taken and transport to which lie between 100 & 999 and
another jar. The process is have right most digit twice the left
repeated one more time. If they most is
now contain same amount of
acid, what is the capacity of the

Mean weight of A, B, C, D is 69.

A sum can pay P alone for 21 days
Mean weight of A, B, C, D, E is 66.
or Q alone for 28 days. For how
Weight of F is 3 kg more than that
many days the same sum can pay P
of E. Mean weight of B, C, D, E, F is
& Q both
64. The weight of A is

Pipes A & B can fill a tank in 3 & 2 Amit & Sumit moving along a circular
hrs respectively while C can empty track in opposite direction take, 12 &
it in 4 hrs. Pipe A is opened at 12 15 min respectively to complete one
pm, C at 1 pm & then B at 2 pm. At round. After what time will they be
what time will the tank be filled? diametrically opposite?
(a) 3 pm (b) 3 : 30 pm (a) 3 min (b) 3 min 20 sec
(c) 4 : 00 pm (d) 4 : 30 pm (c) 3 min 30 sec (d) 3 min 40 sec

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In a can of 3 litres glycerine if one litre is

Rahim & John start walking at 12 taken and then the can is again filled with
noon at constant but different water. This process is again repeated with
speeds. Rahim is walking from A to the mixture. What will be the ratio of
B. John is walking from B to A. They glycerine to water in the can?
cross each other at 3 pm. If Rahim 4:5 8:3 5:4 1:1
reaches his destination 2.5 hours
before John then John reaches A at

CAT 14 (M)

Ages of Three brothers are in the ratio of

In a class having two sections, the average
4 : 5 : 8. If age of Elder brother is two less
than nine times the difference of other two
weight is 55.8kg. If average weight of
brothers, then what is the sum of ages of section A is 56.4kg and of section B is 54.2
all of them? kg, then what will be the ratio of students
17 51 34 68 in section A and B?
3:8 8:3 5:7 1:4

CAT 14 (M) CAT 14 (M)

Subodh sold two watches, one to Neha at A contractor hires 150 workers for a project
profit of 25% and one to Seema at loss of to be completed in 180 days. If in 60
25%. If Neha sold it to Gautam at a loss of days, only one-fourth work is done. Then
20%, which of the following statements is how many extra workers are needed to
true? complete the project in time?
75 60 225 50
Gautam & Subodh bought the watch at same price.
Gautam spent 40% less than Seema.
Neha bought at 20% less than Gautam.
All of these.

CAT 14 (M) CAT 14 (M)

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X started from a point A towards B and

at the same time, Y started from B If arithmetic mean of ten numbers
towards X. X reached B in an hour and is 25 and none of them is less than
Y reached A in 84 minutes. In how
20, then the value of one of them
much time after they started did they
can be atmost
meet each other?
35 min 32 min 24 min 30 min 70 75 100 80

CAT 14 (M) CAT 14 (M)

Rimi travels from city A to city B and

then to city A. Her friend Mini travels Given a list of consecutive odd
from city B to city A on the same road integers, the first number denotes the
and then back again. They meet for total number of integers in the list. If
the first time at a distance of 60 m six times the first number exceeds the
from A and second time at a distance average of all the numbers by
of 30 m from B. what is the total 2013, then what is the total number of
distance between A and B? integers in the list?
150 m 120 m 180 m 200 m 503 501 505 507
CAT 14 (M) CAT 14 (M)

A man sell his goods at a discount of 48%

& still makes a profit of 20%. What would
If(3p + 6q + r + 2s) (3p – 6q – r + 2s)
be his profit percentage if he offers a
= (3p + 6q – r – 2s) (3p – 6q + r – discount of 25% instead?
then which of the following is true?
p:r=q:s p:q=s:r
p:r=s:q None of these

CAT 14 (M) CAT 14 (E)

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Two containers A & B contain oil. 60% of A can plough field in 3 hours, B can plough
content of container A was transferred to the some field in 4 hours. A, B alone with C
container B. Then 50% can plough the same field in just 1 hours. In
content of container B was transferred to what time will ‘C’ alone do it?
A. The quantity of oil in container A to that
of container B is now 11 : 7. What was the (a) 2 hours 24 min.
ratio of quantity of oil in containers A & B (b) 1 hours 20 min.
initially? (c) 3 hours
(d) 1 hours 24 min
CAT 14 (E) CAT 14 (E)

Sandhya &Nisha own land in the ratio 2 : 3. In a hospital, temporary staff of 500 people
The total land was divided between rice & was recruited in which 300 were employed
wheat cultivation in the ratio of 3:4. in nursing department while 200 were
Sandhya’s land was distributed between employed in cleaning department. The
rice & wheat in the ratio 2 : 5. Find the average salary of each temporary
ratio of rice and wheat on nisha’s land. employee is Rs. 300. If each employee in
nursing department earns Rs. 50 more
than that in cleaning department, what is
the salary of each employee in nursing
CAT 14 (E) CAT 14 (E)

Sum of ages of A, B & C is 21. A, B & C started travelling from the

Five year hence, average of A & C’s age B is same point x in the same direction. A
1.5 years more than B’s age & B started at 10:00 am. Then C
What is age of B 10 years hence? started at 12 : 00 pm. C overtook A at
2 : 00 pm and then doubled his speed.
C overtook B at 3 : 00 pm.
The ratio of speeds of A & B is.

CAT 14 (E) CAT 14 (E)

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