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• What does (certain

• Where does the word) mean?

story take place? • What is another
• When does the name for…?
• Who are the key
story take place?
characters in the book?
• Tell me something that
has happened so far.

• Can you find a few

words/ phrases/
sentences that tell you
about … ? • Can you find me
(character, setting) three words that
AF2 Questions (character)?

• What happened
to…? • Why did that • Can you tell me
• What happened character act that what happened in
after… ? way? the story?

Key Questions
• What do you think
• Who would you like this story is going to
to meet in the story? be about?
Why? • Were you right?
• Is this a place you • Why did (character) say/
could visit? Why? do/think?
• What is your favourite
part of the story? Why?

• What do you think

might have happened
• What do you think • Why was
might happen next? (character) sad/
AF3 Questions

• What questions
would you ask this • What does this • What did you
character? page tell you enjoy?
about (character)? • What didn’t you like
about the book?
Key Questions
• Were you surprised
• What is the heading/ by the ending?
subheading for? • How did you think it
• How would I find out would end?
about…? •
• Can you find any
connectives (because, so,
also etc) on this page?

• Is there a contents
• What does a glossary
tell us? • How has the text
• Why do they have an been organised?
index? • What do the
AF4 Questions pictures tell us?

• How many
paragraphs are on • Why are some sen- • Why is the text
the page? tences shorter than organised in this
others? way?

Key Questions
• How does the
• Can you find any amaz- author make you
ing adjectives in the text? want to carry on
• What do they tell you reading the story?
about the character or • What effect has the
setting? author created?
• Would you like to be a
character in this story?

• Can you find any

astounding adverbs in
the text? • Can you find any
• Do these words help you powerful verbs in
get a better idea of the the text?
AF5 Questions

• Why did the • Are there any words

author choose this • Which part of the you don’t know the
title? story best describes meaning of?
the setting? • How could we work
out what this word
Key Questions
• Why do you think
• What makes this a
the author choose
successful story?
this setting?
• Have you read any
• Why is this book
other books by this • What was the most
author? exciting part of this

• Why does the author

begin with…
• How does this make you • How could this
want to read on? story be improved?
• How would you start
this story?
AF6 Questions

• Can you think of • Why did the author

another story that • Was there any part choose these words
is similar to this of the story you to describe this
one? did not like? Why? character/setting?

Key Questions
• How would you feel
• Have you read any
if you were treated
other poems by this
in the same way Where do you think
person? •
(character) was? this poem/story is
• What other stories
have you read by this set?
author? • What makes you
think that?

• Have you ever been in a

similar situation to the
• How would you
character in the book?
describe this story?
• How did it make you
(e.g. is it a traditional
AF7 Questions

• What else might • What would you

make (character) • What did the story have done
happy, sad, angry make you think? differently to this
etc? character?

Key Questions