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Topic / Title Metals and Non-metals

Grade Level Grade 7

Time Allotment 60 minutes
Learning Competency
Describe some properties of metals and non-metals such as luster, malleability, ductility, and
Code: S7MT-Ij-7
By the end of the class, students should be able to:
1.) define metal and non-metal
2.) classify metal from non-metal based on its physical appearance; and
3.) appreciate the uses of metals in our daily lives.

ELICIT (Access prior knowledge). Materials/Assessment Tool

Students are asked about the previous lesson and are

expected to answer the following questions:
1. The pH of rain is 5.6, what does this mean?
2. What do you mean by neutralization?

ENGAGE (Get the students’ minds focused on the topic (short; question or picture).

Finding objects:
Show a picture to the students and let them find the missing Different set of pictures that shows
things inside the picture. metals and nonmetals that is listed
on the screen.
The students will be asked with this question, “Where do you
usually see this pictures?” “Do you always use this in your
everyday life?”
“What did you observe with the images in the lower part of
the screen?”

EXPLORE (Provide students with a common experience).

To give the students the idea about metal and non-metal, the  Pictures of metal and non-
teacher will group them into 2 groups. Each group must metal
select a representative, secretary and a leader. The time  Scissor
allotted for this activity is 3 minutes.  Scotch tape

The teacher will assess students’ performance by group and

facilitate the activity.

EXPLAIN (Teach the concept. Should include interaction between teacher and students).

Each group will present their output. After the activity, the
teacher will give inputs on important concepts missed by the
students. She will also give feedback on their activity group

ELABORATE (Students apply the information learned in the Explain).

The students will identify different pictures if it is a metal or


Pictures of the different examples

of metal and non-metal.

EVALUATE (How will you know the students have learned the concept)?
EXTEND (Deepen conceptual understanding through use in new context).

The students will answer the question “what are the different
properties of metals?”


Grade 7 Science Teachers Module

Grade 7 Science Learners Module