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aut Lae Ld Xo) ety pats rig INVEST IN THE SS OF THIS GENERATION ® HL Bryan Project is a ministry that is named after Bryan Cunanan, a member of our church who died at 19 years old last Oct 8, 2010 of dengue. He was our “tech guy” who loved the Lord so much that he would spend most of his time in the church making sure that our lights and sounds are ready before each worship service. Because he didn’t have money, he would often just walk from his home or school to the church. He would sometimes save the little money that he has so he can give it to the Lord’s work, He also wanted to be a pastor someday. He loved to serve people. Everyone would feel encouraged everytime he would talk with them. He is a young man after God’s own heart. One day he got sick of dengue, We didn’t have enough money to bring him to a good hospital. In just a matter of days, he was dead. We mourned for him for many months. Even now some are still mourning for him. But we realized that the best way to honor his memory was to start a ministry that he himself would love to join and participate in. So we put up the Bryan Project. WHO WE ARE Project is a ministry of Real Life Christian Communities that develops the next generation leaders. e do this by providing scholarship grants and opportunities for leadership growth to financially challenged young people. Uae aes nded in 2011 + Celebrating 7 years of God nd faithfulness in the Bryan Project o date we have produced: eachers (a) IT Professional (1) Political Science Professional (1) Marketing Professional (1) Human Resource Professional One of them is now studying to be a pastor. = ‘ 4 a A ° ® 6 Pe) Coe | EES eres = f 5 tel es Pt a . ‘ ait 4 > e C)