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Equality training should be made available for all CLP and Branch Officers and widely
available in the Party. This should include training to ensure an understanding of
discrimination based on social class and socio-economic disadvantage, gender, ethnicity,
religion, identity, sexuality, disability awareness and equality training and of
The Party nationally should undertake an equality audit of all Regional Executive
Committees, CLP Executive and branches Committees to find out how many positions
women, disabled members, BAME members and LGBT+ members are being elected to and
the results should be reported to the NEC Equalities Committee.
There should be an equality audit of Annual Conference, our Regional Conferences and all
other Conferences and relevant events
The composition of the electorate for equalities positions is a matter on which the Party is
currently taking advice however where lawful equalities positions should be elected by the
group they represent. Further guidance must be issued.
In the absence of the Government collecting data, Labour needs to collate details of how
many BAME and disabled councillors we have and provide a report to the NEC Equalities
BAME communities are some of Labour’s most loyal supporters. A mapping exercise needs
to be undertaken to identify where BAME communities are so that action plans can be
Labour should consider setting up a fund to enable individuals and organisations to donate
to support Labour giving additional support to candidates from under-represented groups
such as disabled candidates and BAME candidates
All Labour Groups will be expected to adopt a formal maternity, paternity and adoption
policy for Councillors.
All equality officers should have access to formal and informal networks and manual relating
to their specific role.
Many members, particularly women and disabled members have explained that it is often
easier for them to take on roles on a job share basis. The Review has been given many
examples of job shares working well in the Labour Party where individuals have decided to
stand together and put effort into making the relationship work. They share their vote and
abstain if they can’t agree. They are not allowed in some parts of the country.
It is recommended that the Rule Book is amended to allow formal job shares for CLP and
Branch officer positions. Strict protocols should be put in place as to how job shares would
work in practice.