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Course Title: Basic Finance Course Title: FIN1

Credit Units: 3 units Course pre-requisites:
Course Description The course covering relevant topics regarding financial decision making. This course aims to introduce
to the tools and techniques of financial management and their use to managerial decision – making.
The course emphasizes the understanding of finance theory and working knowledge of the financial
environment in which the firm operates in order to develop appropriate business strategy.

Intended Learning Outcomes

At the end of the course, students must be able to:
1. Define Finance
2. Solve exercises and problems that require financial analysis.
3. Apply financial theories and concepts in daily life activities and
4. Demonstrate appreciation of Finance in business.


Essential Learning
Declarative Knowledge Functional Knowledge Intended Learning Outcome Suggested Teaching Learning Assessment Tasks
Week Content Standard (Theory) (Application) (ILO) Activities (TLAs) (Ats)
 Schools
Mission-Vision  Full understanding of
statement school mission-vision
1 Demonstrate full  College Review of the student statement Interactive Discusssion Interview / Oral
understanding of Objectives manual  Apply and observe of Recitation
the school mission,  Classroom student manual
vision and rules, rules and
regulation. regulation
Declarative Knowledge Functional Knowledge Intended Learning Outcome Suggested Teaching Learning Assessment Tasks
Week Content Standard (Theory) (Application) (ILO) Activities (TLAs) (Ats)
Demonstrate full
understanding on Define Money
2 the concept of The Concept and And discuss the The student must appreciate Lecture Discussion
money and its Development of concept of legal the importance of money Oral Recitation
origin Money tender

The learners Define finance

demonstrate an The Scope of Describe who are
3 understanding of Corporate Finance responsible for Explain the major role of Oral reports
the definition of An Introduction to financial financial management and the Focus group discussion
finance Basic Finance management different individuals involved.
within an
The activities of Introduction to Basic Describe the
the financial Finance primary activities Distinguish a financial
manager, and of the financial institution from financial Discussion- Question Quiz
financial manager instrument and financial
4 Describe how the market
financial manager
helps in achieving
the goal of the

Institutions and The role of Financial Describe the role Enumerate the varied
5 markets Markets and Financial of financial financial institutions and Lecture Discussion – Written Exam
Intermediaries institutions and their corresponding Questions
markets. services

Declarative Knowledge Functional Knowledge Intended Learning Outcome Suggested Teaching Learning Assessment Tasks
Week Content Standard (Theory) (Application) (ILO) Activities (TLAs) (Ats)

1 Review of Financial Lecture Discussion Board Work

Statement Prepare financial statements
Analysis, and
the process of
preparing financial
statements as well as
the methods or tools
of analysis of financial define the measurement levels, Discussion- Question Quiz
statements, including namely, liquidity, solvency,
2 horizontal analysis, stability, and profitability
vertical analysis, and
financial ratios to test
the level of liquidity, Lecture Discussion
solvency, profitability, perform vertical and horizontal Lecture Discussion
and stability of the analyses of financial statements
3 business of a single proprietorship

solve exercises and

problems that require
financial statement
compute, analyze, and interpret Lecture Discussion – Written Exam
preparation, analysis,
4 financial ratios such as current Questions
and interpretation
ratio, working capital, gross
using horizontal and
profit ratio, net profit ratio,
vertical analyses and
receivable turnover, inventory
various financial ratios
turnover, debtto- equity ratio,
and the like

Week Content Standard Declarative Knowledge Functional Knowledge Intended Learning Outcome Suggested Teaching Learning Assessment Tasks
(Theory) (Application) (ILO) Activities (TLAs) (Ats)
illustrate the financial identify the steps in the
1 planning process financial planning process Interactive Discusssion Oral Reports
Financial Planning
Tools and Concepts

2 prepare budgets such

as projected
collection, sales
budget, production illustrate the formula and
the financial planning budget, income format for the preparation of Board Work/ Oral
process, including projected statement budgets and projected financial Group Discussion Report
budget preparation, of comprehensive statement
cash management, income, projected of
and working capital financial position, and
management projected cash flow

describe concepts and explain tools in managing cash,

3 tools in working receivables, and inventory Lecture Discussion – Quiz
capital management Questions
distinguish debt and cite bank and nonbank
4 equity financing institutions in the locality that Lecture Discussion
Sources and uses would serve as possible sources Oral Recitation
of shortterm and of funds for business operations
long-term fund

5 the sources and uses identify the bank and

of shortterm and long- nonbank institutions compare and contrast the loan Lecture Discussion – Written and Oral
term funds , and the in the vicinity that are requirements of the different Questions Examination
requirements , possible sources of bank and nonbank institutions
procedure , obligation funds, and enumerate
to creditor, and their requirements
reportorial necessities and process for loan

Week Content Standard Declarative Knowledge Functional Knowledge Intended Learning Outcome Suggested Teaching Learning Assessment Tasks
(Theory) (Application) (ILO) Activities (TLAs) (Ats)
Introduction to the definition, identify the types of compare and contrast the
1 investment purpose, kinds, investments different types of investments Group Reporting Oral Report
advantages, and particularly bank
disadvantages and the deposits , insurance,
risks of investment real estate , hard
assets, mutual funds,
and stocks and bonds
indicate the classify investment according to
2 advantages and its type and features, and Interactive Discusssion Oral Recitation
disadvantages of each advantages and disadvantages
type of investment
explain the risks measure and list ways to
3 inherent in each type minimize or reduce investment Lecture Discussion Pen and Paper Test
of investment risks in simple case problems
Managing Personal the philosophy and identify money enumerate money management
4 Finance practices in personal management philosophies Small Group Discussion Oral Recitation
finance philosophy
apply basic personal illustrate the money
5 finance principles and management cycle and gives Lecture Discussion – Written and Oral
practices in earning, examples of sound practices in Questions Examination
spending, saving, and earning, spending, saving, and
investing money investing money

I. TEXTBOOKS/REFERENCES: Elements of Finance
REFERENCES Norma Dy Lopez-Mariano, Ph. D
Business Finance
CENGAGE Learning


1. Students must come to class on time, prepared and participate actively in the discussions; all requirements must be submitted on time. Late
submission will receive deductions.
2. No text messaging or entertaining of phone calls during class hours unless call is emergency. Using of headphones during class hour is also prohibited.
Please be courteous, turn off your cell phone while inside the classroom.
3. Students with 3 consecutive absences will automatically be dropped from the class roll.
4. Students who wished to drop the course must do so officially and not just stop coming to class.
5. Academic dishonesty: Any form of cheating or plagiarism in this course will result in zero on the exam, assignment or project. Allowing others access to
your work potentially involves you in cheating. Working with others to produce very similar reports is plagiarism regardless of intent.
6. Problems encountered with the subject must be discussed to the instructor. Such consultation may be made in person during designated time and at
designated place.

III. Grading System:

Examination 40%
Attendance 10%
Quizzes/Exercises 20%
Activities/Recitation 20%
Assignment 10%

IV. Consultation Period:

Friday 1:00 – 3:00 PM Faculty Room/ 09998124947

Course Title: SY/ Effective Term: Prepared by: Reviewed by: Approved by:

Basic Finance 1st SY 2018-2019

Mr. Reggie B. Malaque Prof. Ellen M. Cid Prof. Rowel M. Lowaton