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Roger Cuaresma PI 100

2012-31810 Prof. Mangubat

4th, BA PhilArts

WHO: Jose Rizal : They published El Filibusterismo and when

WHEN/WHERE: Belgium they’re reading it, the English man warned
WHAT: He is writing an exposition of the him about the danger of his book.
: Andres with the anxious Filipino people
: Ibarra, Friar, a girl, and all the people in : Philippines, 1985
the church : The people were reading Rizal’s book and
: Church (Juxtaposition) become aware of the Spanish’s cruelty on
: The Friar is sexually abusing the girl then them and so they planned a revolt.
he had his sermon afterwards where he
seems to scold the people. : Andres, KKK
: Pugad Lawin
: Ibarra, Simoun, and Basilio : They tore their cedulas apart
: They were at the graveyard.
: Basilio invited Ibarra to start a revolution : Paciano, Colonel, Guardia Sibil
but Ibarra warned them instead of the : Below the church
negative effects that the revolution will : Paciano was being tortured to spill Rizal
bring. from being a traitor to the Spaniards. The
colonel said to Paciano that Rizal was
: Jose Rizal arrested that same day.
: His room
: He went to sleep. : Jose Rizal’s Family
: Calamba
: Jose Rizal, Englishman : Paciano and all the other Rizals left the
: Publication house house for they were being threatened to be
: Jose Rizal with the Colonel and Guardia : Calamba
Sibil : Jose Rizal was about to leave for school
: Fort Santiago
: Rizal was interrogated about his : Jose Rizal, Teacher, Classmates
involvement in the KKK/revolution. : School
: The teacher punishes Rizal because he only
: Paciano, Gomburza, people, and the Friars knows a little of Spanish, then his
: Plaza classmates bullied him
: The GomBurza were executed by garrote
and Paciano witnessed it. : Jose Rizal, His mom
: Calamba
: Family of Jose Rizal : His mom is telling the story of a dead
: Calamba ‘gamugamo’ due to his disobedience.
: Paciano opened Rizal’s eyes to the
injustice of the Spaniards while there were : Guardia sibil, all Rizals
eating dinner. : Calamba
: Their mom was arrested and accused of
: Jose Rizal, Katoto, a boy living in the poisoning her mother-in-law.
: Fort Santiago : Jose Rizal, Katoto
: Katoto brought Rizal a dinner and they had : Fort Santiago
a conversation about why Rizal is not : Rizal was telling all his stories from the
stopping to write expositions of the past. (flashback)

: Jose Rizal, His mom : Paciano, Jose Rizal,

: Calamba : Kalesa
: His mom was teaching him how to read : Paciano warned Jose not to use his last
Spanish name Rizal for his safety.

: Jose Rizal, His Dad, Paciano : Jose Rizal, Classmates and teacher
: Ateneo Municipal : Taviel and Rizal
: Rizal was praised by the teacher because : Fort Santiago
he is good in Spanish. : Taviel accuses Rizal of feeling superior
because of his experiences.
: Jose Rizal and His mom
: Calamba : Students of UST and Jose Rizal
: Jose Rizal was checking his mom’s eye : UST
and he performed a surgery of her eye. : Filipinos, led by Rizal, started to unite in
fighting against the Spaniards using peaceful
: Taviel and Jose Rizal ways.
: Fort Santiago
: His counsel told him that he should care : Rizal, Leonor, Uncle Antonio, and
about his image to other people. Students
: Casa Tomasina
: Jose, friar, and Fernando : Rizal was taken care of by Antonio after a
: University of Santo Tomas fight with the Spaniard students.
: Rizal and his classmates study Human
Anatomy then Fernando said that since he is : Maria Clara, Ibarra and visitors
taller than Filipinos, he is superior : Beside the river
: Ma. Clara was requested to sing.
: Two Filipinos
: Near the river : Taviel and Rizal
: Padre Damaso instructed these two people : Fort Santiago
to bury the dead body of another Filipino, : Taviel asked him if he didn’t had the
but instead, they throw it on the river. thought of marrying and used this to ask if
he’s part of the KKK.
: Padre Damaso and Ibarra
: Ibarra’s house : Paciano and Rizal
: While having a dinner, Ibarra threatened to : Calamba
kill Padre Damaso. : Paciano instructed Jose to study at Europe
to expose the Spaniards from their
corruption and malpractices in the : He was arrested for possessing Rizal’s
Philippines. book.

: Friars, Ibarra, and Rizal

: In front of the church
: Friars burned Rizal’s books and La
: Taviel and Rizal Solidaridad with juxtapose of Ibarra being
: Fort Santiago called a traitor by the other Filipinos.
: Taviel and Rizal had an argument but Rizal
was hot headed. : Ponce, Rizal, other illustrados
: House of one illustrado
: Antonio, Jose, and Paciano : They gathered to elect a president and
: Kalesa Rizal walked out because of their difference
: On the way to Europe, Paciano gave his in their stand on La Solidaridad and he said
last instructions and Rizal asked about he’ll go back to the Philippines.
: Rizal, Illustrados, Andres
: Rizal, Luna, and Illustrados : Philippines
: House at Europe : Formation of La Liga Filipina and Andres
: They gathered and discussed the difference was a fan of Rizal then Rizal was arrested
of Philippines from Europe in terms of and exiled to Dapitan.
: Josephine, Rizal
: Jose, Elias, and Ibarra : Dapitan
: Espana : They met and became lovers.
: Rizal was writing El Filibusterismo with
juxtapose of Elias wanting a revolution but : Friar, Gobernador Heneral Blanco
Ibarra doesn’t want it. : Fort Santiago
: The friar wants Rizal to die
: Gobernardorcillo and Tenyente
: House of gobernadorcillo : Gobernador Heneral Blanco, Rizal
: Fort Santiago : Planned to bomb the house of Kapitan
: Blanco asked Rizal of how he is doing in Tiago during the celebration when the
the jail Spaniards are there.

: Andres, KKK : Taviel, Mestizos, friars

: They attack the Guardia Sibil and then : Malacanang
Rizal was accused of being the person : Taviel was accused of being a traitor for
behind this. being the lawyer of Rizal

: Friars : Taviel, Tribunal, Rizal, Friars

: Church : Korte
: Having dinner and saying that Blanco is : Trial of Rizal’s case
being so friendly to Rizal
: Pio, Rizal
: Polavieja, Blanco, Friars : Dapitan
: Office of Gob. Hen. : Invited Rizal to lead Katipunan but again
: Polavieja was appointed as the new Gob. he doesn’t want to join
Hen. By the friars without the knowledge of
Blanco : Taviel, Tribunal, Rizal, Friars
: Korte
: Taviel, Rizal and katoto : Had a flashback of Josephine helping Rizal
: Fort Santiago in his job as the doctor in Dapitan
: They drank wine for Christmas
: Taviel, Tribunal, Rizal, Friars
: Rizal : Korte
: Espanya : Rizal told his story to defend himself
: Received a letter from his brother that
Calamba has fallen under the Spaniards. : Rizal, Josephine
: Dapitan
: Simoun, Basilio : Josephine gave birth but the baby died and
so Rizal buried it
: Rizal was hallucinating and haunted by his
: Taviel, Tribunal, Rizal, Friars characters in the book. They had an
: Korte argument on what and how to end the book
: Rizal was pleaded guilty and was and then finally, Simoun and Rizal agreed
sentenced to death on one ending, the Spaniards died.

: Taviel, Rizal : Taviel, Guardia Sibil, Rizals, townsmen

: Fort Santiago : House of Rizals
: Taviel asked Rizal for an apology because : His family got the lantern he gave and
he wasn’t able to win the case found a poem under it entitled, Mi Ultimo
Adios. Then Rizal was executed. On the
: Mom of Rizal, Guardia Sibil, Polavieja way back of the Spaniards soldiers, they
: Office of Gob. Hen. were attacked by the KKK. They raised the
: His mom asked Polavieja to free his son flag of KKK in exchange to the Spain’s flag
but she was ignored as a sign of liberty and they executed the
: Andres, KKK, Paciano
: KKK’s hideout ---THE END---
: They are planning to get Rizal out of the
prison but Paciano didn’t agree because it
will only kill many of them and Jose Rizal
will not like it.

: Rizal, His mom and family

: Fort Santiago
: Rizal was writing a letter to Paciano when
his mom visited him and he told her his last

: Rizal, Simoun
: Fort Santiago

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