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Arterial Must Be Deoressed Not-So-New Sack Style SoJeo/s


Elevation Deodly toCity's Future I

1040 mm. KWM Invasion of ForeignAutos
SYRACUSE has a wonderful future—if CUSP, is a major factor in Syracuse future
it meets the challenge of growth soundly. growth.
Ignored by U. S. Industry
That future does not include ele- It will make the city the crossroads of AMERICAN AUTOMOBILE INDUSTRY HAS GEN-
Upstate New Yorkt with all of the divi- erally taken the position that it required no tariff because it
vation of the S. Townsend St, arterial dends that come from a superlative high- had no competition from foreign cars. It so completely domi-
highway! way system. nated the American market, which is the
It calls for planning that will reject Syracuse will be the transportation _„ ^unwa. world's prime market tor automobiles, that
decisively and permanently any idea center of upstate with good highways feed- It required little more than advertising to be
successful, Nevertheless there have been
of another Chinese Wall for the city. ing the Thruway and north-south ex- over 100 automobile manufacturing com-
Elevation of the highway would stop pressway, forming a vast and efficient panies in-the United Statelet which only
Won povwll d******.
dead- the program of rehabilitating the network of roads for distributing goods of four or five remain.
near east side, which definitely can be all kinds or receiving- raw materials over I look at a list of the officers of the
a huge area, Association of Licensed Au torn bile Manufac-
transformed from, a seriously blighted area turers in 1911 and they represent the Fierce-
Into one of the finest parts of the city, *lt is a system of inestimable value Arrow, the Locomobile, the Pope—not one
It would hurt the whole city, as well. to Syracuse.
* We will * benefit immeas- of which remains in the business today. The
urably from it—but >ve cannot Packard, which was a fancy car, sold for as
* »
destroy the future of the city by high as $5,750. There were.plenty of cheap
THE SHODDY buildings which now permitting elevation of the stretch of cars to meet every pocketbock. The cheapest Sokolsky
occupy so much of the large near east side highway alon^ S. Townsend St. from
ADST£O and best-selling car was the Ford.
area would give way under modern James to Taylor St However, the American car is giving the appearance in 1953
planning to broad streets, attractive land- • •
of having outpriced itself even in the American market. A
scaping, spacious off-street parking areas If you iftirwit d«»ci*w*, commodity is outpriced not when accountants, statisticians and
FORTUNATELY, there is a sound and economists say that it is or it is not, but when the consumer
and handsome buildings. good alternative. The north-south ex- decides to look for something else.
It would bring together into closer and pressway can be depressed over this com- All sorts of European cars —
better relationship many of the most paratively short stretch of a route ex- are being brought into this
country, built in Europe by As • the principal cast in
important institutions^ of Syracuse. tending from the Pennsylvania border to European labor and using manufacturing an automobile
The business center, civic center, the St. Lawrence. European materials, - paying is the labor cost, cheaper
cultural center and Medical Center A depressed route is essential to European taxes, but some of wages can always defeat
would form a harmonious and ap- permit Syracuse to carry out its them employing American cap- higher wages, particularly if
pealing grouping tied together by vision and plans for a greater city. ital and, to a degree, American the quality and the styling are
management just as good or better. Walter 5
modern, tree-lined avenues assuring' It is essential to replacing slums Let us read the facts about Rculfcer recently came up with
quick and convenient accessability. with an area devoted to handsome and the advertisement of "The a gimmick program, not very
This is a program to'be proud of; the useful buildings. Unique Opel Car." It says that profound, to reduce the cost of I
city needs it; it is sound. It is essential to prevent the this is "From German Skills the American car, but he said
It would improve the city's appearance an elevated highway would spread for and German Ingenuity." This nothing about reducing wages
Incalculably. It would be an outstanding blocks along hs route, is "a General Motors car de- or abolishing some of the i
signed and built in Germany" costly union restrictions upon
factor in attracting new business, for it Syracuse has had experience with ele- and is "Sold and Serviced in automation which are charac-
would impress everyone with the fact that vated structures. It knows how deadly U. S. Only by Authorized teristic of this industry-
Syracuse is a city that believes in itself they are to a city's beauty and growth. It Buick: Dealers." The results are beginning to
and its future. knows how they depreciate nearby Danger Ignored show. Look at the cars roll
It would be a better place in which to property values. It knows how they There is nothing objection- by. Notice that one that looks
live. divide a city into sections, preventing able or wrong about any of different from any car you are
this, except that the automo- accustomed to. It's a" Volks-
sound and attractive growth. bile industry is one that has wagen, a German car, becom-
THE PENN-CAN highway, or Empire We cannot permit another one. The. fits, insurance and .best of ail been hardest hit by the cur-' i n g increasingly p o p u l a r
Siatev/ay, crossing the Thruway at Syra- S. Townsend St. route must be depressed. we have him home all the rent depression. Neither Wal- throughout the world because
ter Reuthcr, v/ho runs the in- it is cheap to buy and cheap
When ihe farmer comes to dustry from the iator unions, to run.
bus driver tlje right to pass a his senses and can give a man nor American automobile man- Popular Auto
Red Star Over India? one per cent who disrupt school life and Clean Up East Side slopped school bus? some security he v.-on't have agement seems to care anything "When it first appeared in
hold back other students. Even if the driver knows the any trouble iinding good and about this danger of the for- America, it was said that it
Youngsters judged wayward may be To f/ie Editor o/ The Pcti-Slanaard: eign car invasion v/hich is v.-oald never get anywhere be-
"Is India going Communist?" This road, and the slops, how can dependable help. Also the
placed on probation for two years or sent The lower east side of the he tell if a child or children farmer hiring has to be as growing by leaps and bounds. cause it is too small lor the
Question is becoming increasingly perti- city should be completely might change their riind or honest and furnish just as Reuther is so busy being a American figure and personal-
nent in today's world scene as the Soviets to institutions for up to three years. They scoured and cleaned up. I statesman that he is missing ity. However, it is doing sur-
are not branded as criminals but they minds and run in front of the good references as the ones he
continue to chalk up propaganda victories am a housewife, and have stopped bus across the road is asking for. the fact that what his workers prisingly well in this market.
in Asia—iirst with Sputnik and the latest become subject to court action, which kept my nose clean. But this even if they never do so other I have read ihe help wanted need is work, not running the And now ihe Bolls Royce,
with their phony "halt the bomb test." is apparently the only way to deal with has not kept me from being days? many times. And if you will Democratic Party; m a n a g e - queen of cars, traditionally
them. afraid to live down here. Hope i£ the bus driver sees check you will see the same ment is set in its ways and un- only for millionaires, and also
While India's ruling Congress Party, It is high time educators were allowed The things that go on down this ho will stop and think it ads in about every three to doubtedly is in need of a man- traditionally looking like an.
with an absolute majority, has become to share such initiative with police, par- In this section of the city are over, Children are unpredict- six months. What is wrong'.' agerial revolution. ancient dowager gazing upon
power-drunk, decadent and corrupt in terrible. The murders, knif- able and do things on the spur It can't be the hired man's The large American auto- plebeians through her lorg-
ents or guardians. Here is a way to en- ings, robberies, etc.* arc far ol the moment, mobile companies, fncccl by the nette, is being made up in form
'the decade it has been in office, the Com- force discipline and it is sadly needed. fault all fiic time.
munist Party has steadily increased in from being stopped. Tougher MRS. WILLIAM F. BUCKLEY. FORMER FARMER'S WIFE. necessity of using blocked cur- and shape to look like an
These young delinquents are a disturb- action by the police force v/ill Syracuse, Ah no a. rencies abroad, naturally in- American car, lit for the pretty
strength and stature. ing influence. They need psychiatric be necc'sssry to maintain law vested their money in their girl who is dressed accord-
The high priest of neutralism, Pandit treatment. There is no reason why they and order, and to protect in- o w n European automobile ingly.
Nehru, who gives the impression of being should be allowed to infect a student nocent victims* Tax Defeat Praised Republicans Blamed companies. When labor costs Yes, they are all coming in
more neutral in favor ot Kussia, has para- I've sce:i things in this sec- or of The / J oji-5fdnc/crJ : and taxes oulpriccd the Amer- and the foreign cars have their
body. We enforce health laws for con- To the Edtirr of 77ic Poil-S Iandard: ican automobile in world mar- showrooms on Park Avenue
doxically abetted the Communist Party in tagious diseases. The law should apply tion lhal arc positively nsusc- In the April 7 mail I read a
at.irig. \Y 1:5 le \vomen i i ving Just R quick noic of apprecia- kets, it proved to be very good in New York, ready for Amer-
India by soft-pedalling the dangers of to students who are iV mentalh'. tion lo the brave and farsightcd letter written by a father of business to manufacture in ica n customers, in compete
v/ith Negroes. Young children four children, in which ho com*
Red expansion. Juvenile delinquency is a mounting f mold n £ an d swear i n R .1 i k c representatives of ihe people nf 1 n u- c r \va3e and lower tax v-'iih American wages and
Onondaga County who had the plained of Gov. Harriman's ap- countries for export purposes. American taxes, And some of
The notoriously ill-mannered, bad- problem. It is everybody's business. But parrots. Probably imitating proval of the no\v unemploy-
tempered Krishna Menon has been openly educators, barred from physical punish- their parents. fortitude to kill the county- Soviet Invasion these cars even have American
wide sales tax, Yos, it will ment insurance bill* The British Ford, Opel, and subsidies through foreign aid
hostile to the U.S. With this oblique ment by boards of education, have been Garbage strewn cui'bsidcs. This is precisely what the Re-
hallv.-ays, pop up again as long as « other European cars n:ade con- programs.
lead, India's left-of-center idealists and powerless to act Drunks lying i publican p a r t y wants, They
saying v u l g a r thinjzs to Long Island business man rules siderable progress in world WelJ, Barnum said it and
unemployed intellectual ballet dancers, The principal question is what happens tlip local roost. thrive on the ignorance of the markets, No\v, Russian cars aro there can be no doubt that he
women \vho happen it* pass working force. Was this father
who congregate in New Delhi's coffee to youths judged wayward minors? The From a small business man; coining in, priced according to knew what he was talking
by. thank you for keeping Onondaga of four a\vare of the fact that local market conditions.
houses to split hairs over the finer points state and the community need establish I r.rn afraid to 30 out after about.
County an island of "Business Gov. Harriman had vetoed Rr-
of the Dialectical Materialism, have made psychiatric centers where they can be dark to the car, or oven to the
Sanctuary'* i"or the already har- publican - sponsored bills throe
hay, treated and made into useful citizens. corner grocery. And let irse
During the 1956 general elections, Outdoor youth camps should be ex- tell you Tvc never b£en afraid
before- My husband raid I
ried housewife and the heavily
burdened homeowner. Thanks no " The Public Library Says:
panded to provide healthful work. Pro- to: Wiilard H. Forward, Gerald ter bill he finally signed it into
the Communists came to power in one of plan to muve in the fall, and law.
the Indian states, Kerala, constitutionally bationary terms are generally ineffective Ladd, Leo Sequin. Calvcn Ham-
HI never be happier in my ilton, James D. Gorham. Alan Frankly I have trouble inter-
—for the first time in the world without because the seat of the trouble has not life. But in the meantime, preting many legislators whom I
Flattery, Joseph Bcrndt. J.
subversion. been reached, and it would be folly to what kind of protection do v/e Paul King, Maurice E. Cox, lake pains to understand. Hope HERBERT HOOVER AND HARRY S. TRUMAN, ONLY
Now the latest disturbing news is the send them to institutions with hardened got? Just our own two hands Tom Davis, John AT u 1 r o y, I have gained a Harriman sup- living U.S. ex-Presidents, recently issued ihis joint statement:
criminals. and the \vill to live. George Savage, Harold S. Edin- porter. "The Bible tells us that Ihe truth shall make men free. We
election of a Communist as the mayor x We need a police patrol NOT A REPUBLICAN Americans know ihat if freedom means anything, it means
of Bombay, India's second largest and The schools can do a better job of main- gert George E. Hammond. Fred
down here day and night. P. K i e s. Ivan J. Stewart, the right to think. And the right to think means "the right to
most important city. taining classroom order under this new And if they must use their Georsc C. Talcott. Fay L. Cum- Center Plan Backed read—anything, written anywhere, by any man. at any lime.
law. They should not hesitate to use it. clubs and gunp, I say let Prim is our passport to truth. It opens the richest empire man
These are the straws in the wind— * * mings, Jay J. Blanchard: also
them. This part of Vne city M. Leonard Shapiro, Martin S. 7"fl J/ir £J/Ior P/ The knows—ihe empire of the human heart and mind. Men die;
the thin end of the wedge. And it makes 3vi2g.t go! the full treciiiaent of devices change; success and lame run their course. But within
us wonder about the future of this an- Economic Plan of Russia tUc police force. Or it will
Aurr. Edward 0. Yackcl, Roy
A. Stewart, Harold E. Hoare.
This is an open letter to
Mayor Hermingcr frr^tt the the walls of even the smallest library in our land lie the
cient country. Is it going the way of be 1he same and C, board nf directors of ihs Syr- treasures, the wisdom and the wonder of man's greatest
Bed China? ventures on this earth."
Today it is still the largest democracy
Designed to Whip U. I hupp some day after we've
acuse Friends of Chamber Mu-
sir. Inc. Americans like to read about loi-s that led to secession and
in the world—and its loss to the free By ERNIE HILL
moved away mv husband ana
•* Ft
Farm Job Reply The directors ^f the Syra- the great events in their his- tnc Confederate conduct of
J can conic by this section of cuse Friends of Chamber Mu- tory. In recent years, the Civil H i t V i- J i *
world would be a staggering blow the LONDON, April 13 — Soviet Premier Nikita
town and say, "My, isn't it Tn the EJilvr o/ Th t. V«'nr has been a focal point of
1 (1 il Tl * *1 %•

S. Khrushchev claims 'now that war would bo sic regret that the discussion
impact of which cannot be foreseen. nice and quiet here. Remem- Here is an ansxvev *o t e has boon reopened concerning interest. Hundreds ol books SPIES FOR THE BLUE
foolish since he 'can defeat the United States in
It is time Pandit Nehru descended from a world economic struggle. ber how it USED to be?" ianv.ei''s wife in Home:'. ihe location of the Syracuse have been issued covering al- AND GRAY e sc
by Harnett T,
the clouds to the terra firma of harsh EAST SIDE BESIDE.NT. You ovenuuk ;i fe\v very Cultural Center foJlov;ing pas- most every battle, leader, in- • cret service, c i -
That means, he believes.
reality. It'll be a measure of Nehru's he can raise living standards Syracuse. important points. My husband sage of legislation authorizing cident and point of view of van spies and agents includ-
statesmanship if he can save freedom's in the Soviet Union and win was a farmer most of his life. use of pu blic lands, namely the great conflict between mg Allan Pinkerton and Rose
over uncommitted Asian, Mid- But we got sick and tired of part of Thornden Park. North and South. Among the orseal Greeahow are exam-
last bastion in Asia. The sands of time Bus Endangers Tots We arc convinced that ihe outstanding current books are ined by the popular novelist
dle East and African countries being told and promised that
are running out. with loans and gifts. a job was steady the year distinguished committee which the following, available in the WEB OF VICTORY bv Earl
Much of his 43 - minute To iht Rdiiar cf Tht
around. worked out the solution last Main Circulation Department S. Miers. The prelJde to
speech on his return io Mos- On the Amboy-Warners Rd, And then when the sum- winter explored the possibili- and branches of the Syracuse Grants victory at Vicksburg
I noticed something I think ties and problems with great Public Library: with background factors, per-
Weapon for Teachers cow from Hungary was de-
voted to this thesis. should be brought to your at-
mci-'s and fairs work was
done get told we would have care and honesty. We wish to T H I S H A L L O W E D sonalities and tactics vividly
"We must produce more tention as well as the public. to move as there wouldn't be go on record as respectfully GROUND by Bruce Cation. described.
A new state law permits teachers or goods and then we shall show Three school buses were enough \vork to keep two men urging you to talcc positive ac- This account of the Union CONFEDERATE AGENT br
principals to bring "wayward minor" pro- the Americans,'" he shouted at coming down the road toward tion, and follow the commit- side of the War carries on Janics D. Uoran. An account
busy for the winter months, tee's recommendations in the from the months of unrcsl and of the so-caJled Northwestern
ceedings against students 16 to 21 years *"" the Lenin arena. me. Although I was a distance Oh. yes! we have been told
"We shall sec who eats most and who has away I was preparing to come very near future. hysteria that led to Fort Sum- Conspiracy, engineered ' by
old who are wilfully disobedient, associate to a lull stop as I saw the first
that many times and 1 hate to Unfortunately Syracuse has tcr throuch the final victory, Captain T. H. Hines. to brin's
with dissolute persons or ^endanger the the most clothes. Soon the time will come, you move.
Americans, when we shall — as the saying goes school bus in line stop, all lagged in civic development THF, B L U E A T I D T H E about a revolution in Union
health or morals of others. lights working. I like to plant flowers, a in srvcrM fields. The cultural GRAY by Henry S. Com- ranks.
— cock a Russian snook at you." vegetable garden and ' even
It is a. powerful weapon to enforce dis- He ooened
% ihe door to let out center would be n major com- mager. The story of the great DECISIVE BATTLE OF
Usual Line Now have 50 or so baby chicks in rebellion as told by partici- THE CIVIL WAR by Joseph
cipline in the schools and get rid of hood- This is the tack that the Soviet leaders children, when, lo and behold, munity development vrhich we
the second school bus in line the spring. But whqn you trust ihe administration will pants.
lums. It should be used to weed out the have taken from time to time while they con- have to pick up and move B. Mitchell. The reader is
pulled out and passed the advance without delay. THE LAND THEY FOUGHT shown how ihe individual bat-
tinue to build up their war potential. twice a year it can't be done. For by Clifford Dowdey. A tles fit into the whole pattern
And it may be ihe policy pursued more stopped school bus. LOUISE S- ARMSTRONG,
We as drivers would get a Now for the past six years Si'racusc. Secretary, Southerner discusses the fac- of the war and what was hap-
THE POST-STANDARD vigorously since nuclear Warfare is almost cer-
tain to wreck much of the Soviets* new building
ticket plus heavy line and
maybe even a mark on our
my husband has had a good
job in the same place. He has THE REVEREND
pening at the same time in
all areas.
license under the new law. two weeks' paid v a c a t i o n
It is a policy the Soviets have long talked What gives another school every summer, hospital bene MR. LINCOLN'S NAVY by
4 Monday, April 14, 1958 about in case of an H-bomb standoff. Richard West A concise and
The Russians can certainly stand to have vigorous chronicle of the
more food, clothing and housing. achievements of the Union's
The Standard 1829 The Post ,1894 And the Soviets feel they can buy support fighting sailors.
The Post-Standard *• 1899
in the Middle East, Asia and Africa with liberal JULY. 1863 by Irving \Ver-
grants and loans. sicin. Gripping, day-by-day
Published Every Day in the Year by It is a distinct challenge to the western accounts of the draft in New
THE POST-STANDARD COMPANY There is a place for you in can be arranged at the volun- ^m H ^ ^* • T

world which now holds all of the advantages of York City.

300 East Fayctte Street
superior food and consumer goods production. community service for what- teers' convenience. LINCOLN AND HIS GEiY-
Russia Below U.S. ever you have to give. A few help in the care of children ERALS. by Thomas H. Wil-
Stephen Rogers* ; Henry Keller, Russia's industrial production is now about of the opportunities for volun- 3 to 5 years of a^c. Reading liams. Lincoln as strategist and
Manager half that of the United States, Oil and power teer service arc listed below. to them, piny ing games and Commander-in-Chief of ihe
Robert L* Voorhees, Editor: J. Leonard Gorman, production is about one-third of ours. For further information call supervising their care. One or Union Army. • He discarded
Managing Editor; James M. Annan, Cily Editor Khrushchev has been saying for the last the Volunteer Center GR two afternoons a week Mon- McClellan, Burnside, Meade
two years that Soviet dairy and cattle produc- 1-9133, and ask lor Mrs. White day through Friday from 12:30 and others, f i n a l l y found
tion will soon reach the American figure, but or Mrs, Enches. to 2:30 p.m. Grant.
In advance. Remittance should be made pay- it is still considerably short. C o m m u n i t y Chest Red CLERICAL WORKERS are HISTORY OF THE CON-
able to Thft Post-Standard Company in United State* One of the most interesting statements the F E D E R A C Y by Clement
lundi _ Feather agencies in need of needed for the blood program
IN NEW YORE STATE Soviet Premier made was that he was firmly help include YWCA, St. Mary's to microfilm, check and rcfile Eaton. Fascinating account of
Year 5 Mos, 3 Mo«, 1 Mo, opposed to aerial inspection in any disarma- Maternity Hospital and Elm- medical history cards. The vol- the South in revolt which il-
{10.00 $6.00 14.00
moo 6.35 2,65
ment agreement. cr&st Children's Center. Also unteer to serve on a regular lustrates the devastating ef.
This vetoes President D w f g h t D. Eisen- in need of help are American basis, hours and days to be feet of war upon human so-
Xtell? and *»•!(#» $20,00 111.25 18.65 $2.40 hower's "open sky" policy. Red Cross, City of Syracuse arranged. ciety.
It makes disarmament agreement impossi- Municipal Research Depart- TYPIST with expert ability LIFE OF BILLY YANK by
OUTBIDS NEW YORK 8TATK ble. B. I. Wiley How the soldier
1 Year 6 Mos, 3 Moa. 1 MO. ment and City of Syracuse Is needed for a short term job.
Dallr o.t $15.00 18.00 $5.00 11.00 The President says he is prepared to dis- Bureau of Nursing. Any half day Monday through of the Union lived and fought.
Sunday » .,,,.*4,.. 12,00 e.ofl 3.00 1,00 continue nuclear tests and perhaps to ban the Kinds of service; Friday, ___ __ _ __ ^

Dally and Sunday „... $27.00 $14,00 la.OO $3.00 use of nuclear weapons at all — providing there LEADER for a Junior Y- DRIVER is heeded to piclc The Rev. Herbert J. Clancy,
is adequate inspection, Tcnm program, working with up and return a patient going S..T, will
review "Masters of
lnt«;«d M Second Class Matter Sept. 2.1817. at tin Deciet, ^ an account ol the
Poitotllc* at Syrtciue, N. Y,, under the act of But if Khrushchev is opposed to aerial in- a group ot 7th and 8th tfrade to a clinic fit the Syracuse
March 3, 1170. • spection, there can be no agreement on out- girls every Wednesday from Dispensary on April 17th at Communist menace to Amer-
ica, by J Edgar Hoover at
M *MtoMMu*p^

. MEMBER OF THE ASSOCIATED PRE8B lawing hydrogen bombs. 3:30 to 5:00- p,m, 45 p.m.
Tb« Anocitttd FrtM fs entitled exclu«lv«ly ttf th« CM So it would appear that the nuclear weapons SEWING, One 01- two women For alt the sbove jobs, call the Books Sandwiched In pro-
or rfr-publlcttioa of »u th« iacal n«w* printed in th« race is going .to continue for come time to nrc needed /or mending and ' the Volunteer Center, 107 gram on Wednesday at 12:20
a* vtU M all Associated Fret*
come. marking linen. Day and houn James St., GR1-9Z3I. p.m. in the Social Room*

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