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Research Report : Newscast on the Little Rock Nine

Teacher Name: Mr. Sconone

Student Name: ________________________________________

CATEGORY 4 3 2 1
Internet Use Successfully uses Usually able to use Occasionally able to Needs assistance or
suggested internet links suggested internet use suggested internet supervision to use
to find information and links to find information links to find information suggested internet
navigates within these and navigates within and navigates within links and/or to navigate
sites easily without these sites easily these sites easily within these sites.
assistance. without assistance. without assistance.

Paragraph All paragraphs include Most paragraphs Paragraphs included Paragraphing structure
Construction introductory sentence, include introductory related information but was not clear and
explanations or details, sentence, explanations were typically not sentences were not
and concluding or details, and constructed well. typically related within
sentence. concluding sentence. the paragraphs.

Amount of All topics are addressed All topics are Most topics are One or more topics
Information and supported with at addressed and some addressed and were not addressed.
least 2 sentences about details are addressed. answered with 1
each. sentence about each.

Videography - Video did not Video did not Video had a little Problems with
Clarity rock/shake and the rock/shake and the rocking/shaking, but rocking/shaking AND
focus was excellent focus was excellent for the focus was focus.
throughout. the majority of the excellent throughout .

Length of Video Video was 1 minute to Video was 1 minute to Video was 30 seconds Video was less than 30
1:30 seconds long. 30 seconds long. long. seconds.

Interest and Video has a clear and Video is interesting but Video is not very Video is not interesting
Purpose interesting purpose. purpose is somewhat interesting and and has no
unclear. purpose is somewhat discernable purpose.